AFI 2008 Top 10 List Has A Surprise

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iron man audi11 AFI 2008 Top 10 List Has A Surprise

It’s no surprise to find the likes of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon and the beloved The Dark Knight on the American Film Institute’s Top 10 of 2008. But what is startling to see is that Iron Man, the surprise kick-ass flick of Summer 08′, made the cut as well. In case you were wondering here is the full list:











Annoying to not be given in numbered order, I know, but that’s the AFI for ya’. It’s a surprisingly interesting list actually, with a mix of “the usual suspects” and a few curve balls thrown in there. And Iron Man is perhaps the biggest surprise, since it seems to not be mentioned in the same breath as “best of the year” outwith the fanboy neck of the woods. I don’t know if I would necessarily put it on such a list as this but it’s inclusion sure does inspire confidence in the fact that these AFI types watch some fun films every now and then.

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  1. Um, how is that a surprise? I think it’s a surprise it isn’t higher on the list. I would be surprised if it wasn’t on the list… But ok…

    I’m surprised Wall-E is on the list… ok, no I’m not, critics love its message, but the movie was really not that great…

  2. It’s a surprise because I would accept more “high brow” films to be on the list, not a crowd pleaser like Iron Man.


  3. Exactly, I mean look at the two films either side of Iron Man on the list. THAT’S what the AFI is usually all about.

  4. Yet another reason why Robert Downey, Jr. deserves an Oscar Nomination!


  5. Iron Man was loved by movie goers and critics alike (93% on Rottentomatoes is one of the highest ratings of the year). I am really not at all suprised by this…We all know that sooner or later they have to recognize films of this genre because some of them are destined to be remembered 50-100 years from now…Kudos to everyone who worked on Iron Man!! It was an awesome flick and truly deserving to be on that list..

    Vic, this must have put a big smile on that mug of yours… :)

  6. @greenknight

    Oh, what I’m happy about is that it turned out so great, not that it’s making it onto any end of year lists. :-)

    Actually while it has a high percentage at RT, the average rating is 7.6/10 which is very good, but not outstanding.


  7. @ Vic

    But it is nice to see it making these lists because it means the “high-brow” types at the AFI are taking this genre seriously and finally giving great movies of this genre their due.. like they do with arhouse films..

    I think it’s great news !!


  8. Wall-E?

    No thanks, I’ll take Bolt or Kung Fu Panda over that.

  9. I agree with some saying that a bigger surprise would be Iron Man not being included. I mean, I ‘made’ people who don’t care for comic-book movies per se, go see Iron Man and everyone of them loved it.

    The only surprise is how good the film was…

  10. @ Rob Keyes

    Bolt was awesome!

  11. I’m not surprised that it’s in the Top 10 at all. I personally thought it was the best movie of the year, or at least the best movie I saw all year (and yes, I did see TDK). I really want to see Gran Torino, though, and it’s not playing anywhere near me. Does anyone know if it’s going to be released nationwide or is this just a limited release for Oscar purposes?

  12. It’s not that it’s surpising to see it on “A” top 10 list just the AFI’s. As already mentioned they don’t usually hold this blockbuster stuff up very highly.

  13. any movie that convinces the audience its plausible that a billionaire weapons designer can make an armored suit out of scrap metal armed with energy weapons and flamethrowers deserves to be on that list.

  14. Well said Gary, well said!!!

  15. @Rob Keyes
    I am totally with you,i did find Wall-E enjoyable, however,enjoyed Kung Fu Panda far more, Which if you think about, Pixar is typically really good at making a Smart yet funny movie (The Incredibles, TS 1&2 and Monsters Inc.) and normally kicks the crap out of dreamworks, who seem to struggle if its not Shrek related (notable exceptions Flushed Away and Madagascar 1 & 2). King Fu Panda was the best animated flick this year if you ask me. Though i have as of yet. seen Bolt.

  16. I agree that it’s very surprising. I also find it some what disappointing. To means that the AFI is trying to reach out more and just throwing names on the list that would make it more appealing to everyone. Instead of what is actually great films. Ironman was very enjoyable I liked it I own it. It’s not a great film in the traditional sense. There wasn’t depth or some kind of point to get across. There wasn’t emotion or anything it was straight forward fun action. These types of lists have really never put movies like that on them for a reason. I’m a little sad to see it on there.

    However, the biggest disappointment is Wall-E being on it. That simply was not a good film. Sure it had a message , but it was awful.

  17. @ Daniel F

    Iron Man’s message was that we all have to accept responsibility for our actions..sooner or later everyone’s actions and deeds will come back to haunt you, either in a good way or a bad way…Making weapons for the purposes of war and killing came back to “blow-up” in Starks fate and what he witnessed in Afghanistan changed his life and made him want to make the world a better place instead of more violent..I think that is a great message for a movie..even the playboy billionaire leopard can change his spots…It was a fun movie too though

  18. Stark’s face I meant..geez I need to read it before I submit

  19. @ Daniel F

    ‘Sad’ to see Iron Man on the list?

    I don’t think AFI just threw Iron Man on the list — maybe somebody realized that it is a great film. Great for a multitude of purposes.

    There was depth, points and emotion. The director succeeded in the tone he wanted for the film, not getting to carried away with the message, or drama so that the end result could be a superhero action film suitable for family viewing with loads of fun.

    Wow… That seems like a great job to me. But, of course, that is my opinion.

    Iron Man was never meant to be like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, or ‘Citizen Kane’, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ or ‘Gladiator’ — I assume that’s what you mean by ‘traditional’?

    The film is pretty clear in the vibe it wants accomplish and I think it does a remarkable job at it.

    Good job AFI @ realizing that not only ‘traditional’ movies are great!

  20. I’m not surprised Wall-E is on the list, it’s a fine film, and very well made. I think what turns off most people is the message, which is easy to ignore.

  21. I did ignore the message, I already knew the message going in, so that wasn’t a surprise to me. I didn’t like Wall-E because it was pretty boring in my opinion. It had some funny things here and there, but basically the entire movie was this robot going around making funny noises…

    I enjoy animated films very much, but I would have to say I liked Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and other films like that a whole lot more…

  22. Another top 10 list that means nothing…

    There a dime a dozen this time a year… I couldn’t give a damn what AFI thinks myself…

  23. Im happy that some of the movies that did well this year got on the list but I could care less for these rankings.

  24. Don’t get TOO tired of lists – it’s the end of the year so we’ll probably be putting out a couple of “listy” posts ourselves. :-)


  25. I don’t mind ppls top 10 lists but its funny when ppl get upset reading them…

    Of course its not going to be what YOU want, its a subjective medium.
    Come on ppl,s. ;-)

  26. Vic, I would personally give more credit to any list you or other writers on this site put out than these lists made by these “academys” or any of these snobby organizations or groups that probably have other agendas. I come here often for a reason, I respect your opinions, even though I disagree with them sometimes.

  27. @Ken J

    Thanks, bud… it’s appreciated!