Iron Man 3: Kevin Feige & Shane Black Answer What’s Next for Tony Stark

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Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 3 Legion Iron Man 3: Kevin Feige & Shane Black Answer Whats Next for Tony Stark

Marvel’s Kevin Feige and new-the-to-franchise director Shane Black are proud of Iron Man 3—and they should be, it broke the international box office debut take of The Avengers and is on track to make a billion dollars as it opens domestically today.

It’s not a spoiler to say that one of the big questions of Iron Man 3 is Tony Stark wondering if he still needs the suit—and if the suit needs him. Does that mean Robert Downey Jr. is no longer essential to the franchise? We ask Feige and Black about the future of Iron Man, if Marvel will stick with this darker tone for Guardians of the Galaxy, and if in the wake of Iron Man 3‘s blockbuster success, Black has any other ideas for the franchise. (His answer might surprise you—look out, J.J. Abrams.)

Here you are, Iron Man 3, and you take the franchise’s first director and immediately stick him in a coma—did Jon Favreau have a sense of humor about that?

Kevin Feige: Yeah! Jon has a sense of humor about everything. At least we didn’t run over him with a truck.

When did come up with adding in this thread about propaganda, both for good in the case of War Machine turning into Iron Patriot, and for bad in the Mandarin?

Kevin Feige: You know, we always ask, ‘What’s the movie about?’ It’s gotta be about something, because too many action movies, you watch them and there’s occasional thrills, but they’re not really about anything. In this one, the idea of perception, of creating realities for people—especially on the level of Killian’s (Guy Pearce) think tank—and the way the media perceives things, it was very interesting to us. It felt real, and it felt like we could take a slightly satiric turn with it. That’s kind of what I really wanted out of the movie: something that felt like it had bite, and made it be about something more than good guy, bad guy.

It’s also interesting that here, Tony Stark is questioning who he is without the suit. In a way, the film almost says that the suit doesn’t need him.

Kevin Feige: It’s almost like a parting of a relationship. He walks away from this thing which has literally walked beside him, which has kept tabs on his relationship almost like a jealous lover. By the end, he’s able to divorce himself from it, and give credit to what it’s allowed him to become.

Shane Black: And you’re perceptive in that. I think all the suits need him because he invented them all. He programmed them. The question is: does he need to be in them? Does he need to constantly be in the suit? And that question is sort of answered over the course of the movie, and it ultimately he does a lot of good in it. But it’s an interesting question for the future of the franchise.

Kevin Feige: Will he inhabit the suit again? I think so.

I could see some fans interpreting that as a threat to Robert Downey Jr., like you’re saying you don’t even need him.

Kevin Feige: No, no. If he had a horrible facial accident at the end of the movie and it ended with wraps around his head and someone saying, ‘Don’t take them off—we can’t see what you look like yet!’ That might have been a good threat. [Laughs]

Robert Downey Jr.’s contract aside, does Tony Stark have a role to play in the future of the Avengers franchise?

 Kevin Feige: Yes. One-hundred percent yes.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Iron Man 3: Kevin Feige & Shane Black Answer Whats Next for Tony Stark

Tonally, this has some dark moments, as did Captain America and Thor. Is the tone of the Marvel universe going to shift into something lighter when you start making Guardians of the Galaxy?

Kevin Feige: It’s funny. A lot of the people think this is the funniest of the Iron Man movies—of the Marvel movies, some people have said. I love that the movie works on both of those levels. We’re not taking a darker turn on purpose, necessarily, in any of the upcoming movies. But some of the storylines require one to take something slightly more seriously. There are big stakes across the board in all of the upcoming Phase Two movies. Guardians has some very dark elements, and it also has some very broad elements. But there’s a raccoon and a tree as two of the main characters.

Looking ahead, will any other characters get their own film like Ant Man or Doctor Strange?

Kevin Feige: I think the answer to that is yes, but we’re not absolutely sure.

Shane Black: Is Doctor Strange really confirmed?

Kevin Feige: No, not necessarily. It’s something I talk about a lot because I want to do a Doctor Strange movie because it’s different than any other movie we’ve done. That’s what attracts me the most. But it’s all developing.

Ant Man Movie Costume Helmet 570x320 Iron Man 3: Kevin Feige & Shane Black Answer Whats Next for Tony Stark

What’s next for Tony Stark?

 Kevin Feige: Avengers 2. Joss is working on the first draft right now.

Shane, do you have specific ideas for Iron Man 4, or even another Marvel character’s story?

Shane Black: No, I’m more interested in seeing Marvel movies. I’m not a huge comic book fan, but I’m a closet fan of certain Marvel heroes, two of those being Iron Man, and the other being Guardians of the Galaxy, which I’m looking forward to. I have a notion that there’s a Star Wars out there waiting to be made, and I’m not sure it’s the next Star Wars. I think it’s something else that will be fresh and original.

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Stephanie Szostak, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.


Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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  1. I’d like to see Shane Black take a shot at the Han Solo origin movie. I reckon he could handle it really well.

    But I want to see his Death Note movie first.

  2. The big question I don’t think any interviewer has asked yet is if the Mandarin was a hoax what was up with the ten rings group in Iron Man 1 and the ten rings operative in Iron Man 2? Were they working for Killian?

    • After watching it a second time it got me wondering whether or not Mandarin is a hoax? Maybe there’s more to Mandarin than meets the eye.

      • That may be the case, because he’s also Doctor Strange’s nemesis, and they said they may make a dr. strange movie…

        • Baron Mordo is Dr. Strange’s nemesis, not the Mandarin… although I can see how you can get the two confused.

      • Uhh did you see the movie? The Mandarin IS a hoax.

        • But what if the hoax was a hoax?

          • What if you guys are in denial for what a bad idea that twist was so now you are grasping at straws?

            • except that it wasnt a bad idea, it was just not the same as the comic books, and thats just my opinion.

    • OH MY GOD THANK YOU!! I was wondering that too. It’s like they had it set up since the very beginning then make it a joke (Not cool on their part)

    • that was the one disappointment i had with the movie. they completly wasted Ben Kingsly. i applaud them for taking a different direction, but as a fan of the movies and comics i’m sort of sad thats how it went down.

      • Maybe theyll make it so that Trevor starts thinking and hears about the rings and finds them. As for the ten rings organization, maybe Aldrich founded it and named it after a myth he heard about.

        • Killian says he got the Mandarin-played-by-an-actor idea from the AIM think group.
          The real question is who is in that group?

    • Good question, Jacob. I was wondering that myself. About the only thing Marvel can do to redeem themselves, and it would be awkward and not totally successful damage control, is have a new Mandarin, Fu Manchu look and all (and to heck with Chinese political sensitivities!), with 10 zapping rings like in the comics, duke it out with Iron Man in #4. Of course we would need ome other villains as well, though, so it did not seem like warmed-over leftovers. I am not sure if this would rectify the tremendous screw-ups with the iron Man #3 mandarin (no rings, no Chinaman, in fact no real Mandarin!), but marvel almost needs to try. I do hope Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr,) is back for iron Man #4. Marvel, pay him anything! It sounds like he might be around for Avengers #2, so that is somewhat of a relief. I hope they don’t try to over-shadow him with Rhodey, either (as War Machine or Iron Patriot, although I am not knocking Rhodey or his costumes). At this point in time, I honestly have not seen the movie in it’s entirety, just trailers to get the flavor, as I am holding out until the DVD comes out, when I will be the first in line for it at the store (cheaper that way, at today’s theater prices). Howwever, my impression is it has alot of great action and special effects. However, numerous aspects of the film are a hacked up mish-mash, and alot of scenes should have been rewritten, especially but not just the “big reveal” twist. I think reviews will continue to be mixed, and while I am looking forward to owning this flick, Marvel could’ve done a much better job of doing itself proud.

      • goldilocks, watch the movie before you judge it off of other people’s opinions because compared to all of the phase one movies, this was one of the best.

        • I agree, many people here are putting the film down cause of the twist, i think people simply need to ask themselves weather the movie entertained them, who cares if mandarins not like he is in the comics, he was never gonna be in more than one movie.

          • 100% Agree, just got out of a showing loved every second of it and honestly, it’s on par and possibly better than Iron Man 1 for me I’ll have to revisit it and compare. The people who are upset about the twist, i get it, however not being a die hard comic book fan but loving the films, I thought it was great. Props to Shane Black for knocking it out of the park and RDJ for playing a perfect Stark.

      • Really goldilocks? watch the movie first. and actually, you’re wrong today’s theatre prices are bad, but WAY cheaper than buying a movie for 30 bucks on opening day that you’ll only watch a few times.

  3. new-the-to-franchise?
    Jesus man

  4. If Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin truly is The Mandarin and purposefully set up his capture for a good reason, that would make this movie even more brilliant. However, without a double twist like that, it leaves this movie very weak. Bringing Mandarin back in full form in Iron Man 5 would be the right way to do it, showing that the Ten Rings Terrorist Group still exists and The Mandarin’s rings really have powers.

    • He’s Iron Man’s number one villain, he has to come back. There’s no doubt about it.

      • No he doesnt, this is the movies and things are different, i really liked the twist because i didnt see it coming. Marvel has much bigger plans than the Mandarin, he’s just a petty criminal compared to Thanos, he’s not needed. Also it the ‘Ten Rings’ from the first iron man was just a nod to the fans, not actually run by the Mandarin himself.

        • They did use the same logo i believe for Iron Man 3. Maybe Aldrich set up the ten rings as a way to operate away from the public eye and named it after a myth he had heard and Trevor hears of this myth and searches for the rings and becomes a true threat in Iron Man 4 or 5

  5. I hope to see Tony Stark as RDJ in the future, but I definitely want to see War Machine involved with Avengers 2 or his own stand alone movie.

    It’s amazing how well Marvel and DC are doing with their movies. Yet we can’t even get a decent anime or videogame adaptation. Do I need to mention Silent Hill, DOOM, Dragonball, is anyone with me on this?

    I’d LOVE to start something similar to give us decent adaptations. But I don’t know who else would be interested. We saw how massive the fan response was when Dragonball Z Battle of Gods was announced so clearly there’s a fan base out there somewhere.

    • Dragonball Z is difficult to translate on the big screen & Video Game adaptations don’t work because the video game companies are never involved.

    • I hate M. Nighy Shymalan (can’t spell his name, just guessing) for THE LAST AIRBENDER!! >_<'
      I'm really hoping that Shane will make an awesome Death Note film.

    • War Machine as an Iron man supporting character, great. In Avengers #2, well, I would rather see them get Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath and Wasp in there. Stand-alone-naw, he is better off as a supporter.

  6. Extremis was probably an easy guess to follow up Iron Man 2. I’m really curious to how they’re gonna follow up this one.

    • Hopefully ‘Bleeding Edge’ :)

      • Frankly, I would like them to start creating Marvel Team-Ups.
        I could go for Hulk/Thor or Hulk/Iron Man, etc….
        For the studio it could mean a smaller paycheck for each actor and for the actor less time out if their lives plus it would bring in 2 fan bases to the movie which should increase attendance.

  7. They wont be getting any lighter because its alteady extremely light even ironman3. They need to go darker eventually

    • Avengers 2 is supposed to darker.

  8. Nothing but a BIG middle finger for u Mr. Black!!!

    • I second that motion Sir!

  9. Thats what really upset me about the Mandarin that he didnt even make well use of his 10 rings I mean wernt the rings suppose to have some sort of Special powers or something? we didnt even see any of that in the film I was hopping to see that from Ben Kinglsy

    • To be honest, while I didn’t really like the Mandarin twist, I’m very glad that they didn’t go the ‘Magical 10 Rings’ route. One of the problems with the 2nd film (which I don’t think was fantastic, but also don’t think it deserves the bad reputation it has) was that they tried to cram way too much into the movie and couldn’t resolve it all satisfyingly.

      Not to mention, we’ve had no real hint that magic exists in this universe, in the past, and considering the majority of Iron Man’s villains (that have appearer in the movie so far) have been technology based it would’ve felt really out of place.

      • the guy peirce character breathed FIRE! & the extremis soilders had meltt hands. They could have done SOMETHING with the rings

        • The extremis soldiers are still tech based enemies, they breath fire in the comics, having rings that shoot magic lasers would have been out of place compared to the enemies of the first 2 movies

          • the rings could have still been symbolic but the mandarin could have been injected with extremis and HE could have breathed fire. Atleast. I was hoping for an Iconic villainous performance from the great been kingsley but they made him a puppet just like bane in TDKR

            • We have seen ironman face tech based opponents twice. The ten rings would have been new and fresh

            • I too was expecting something iconic based on what people had been saying in previous articles. What he did was good but I was expecting Ledger/Joker good.

              Also I’ve always felt Bane was more of a partner than a puppet in TDKR and was iconic.

              • Bane is clearly not a puppet, though he wasn’t giving the big orders he was there giving orders to the people while Talia played her part as Miranda Tate. He was her guardian and will always be considered the person she loved, A partner is the correct word. I understand the complaint though. Though the twist wasn’t well performed (should have been earlier in the film like the mandarin twist, I adore the look on Tom Hardy’s face when she is telling Batman the story of their life. That tear rolling down his face is raw emotion that makes me forget the twist and care about their story together.

      • @ Rukaio101 wrote: “Not to mention, we’ve had no real hint that magic exists in this universe, in the past…”

        Hmmm. Really? So you must have skipped Thor, Captain America, and Avengers then I take it?

        • Maybe he is referring to magic not based on tech?
          After all if we can have make believe tech then we can have “real” magic.
          I don’t know how they are going to explain Dr. Strange without magic not based on tech.

  10. Last note they made the Mandarin look weak and Puny in the end what the hell happened there? He started off strong ok but all the sudden his whole character changed when Tony Stark went looking for him in the Mansion that was such a waste I was hoping to see Ben Kinglsy use his super power rings in the film and we didnt even get any of that in there I give the film a 3.5 rating it could have been better I was hoping for a better Iron Man film then 1 and 2 but till this day I rate Iron Man 1 the best because it was done at a more professional level, Iron Man 3 second best and Iron Man 2 last best

  11. I’d like to ask them why they felt the need to ruin Iron Man’s best bad guy.

    • Because they wanted to globally sell the product, which means you have to follow China rules of not portraying the Chinese in a negative light.

      • Agreed. They should have found a different producing partner (not a company from China) or left the Mandarin out (as it was shown in the movie).

  12. “I’m not a huge comic book fan.”

    Oh, really?

  13. There’s something Feige said that struck me in the movie and I made a note to mention it. This movie was deeper than just a comic book movie. They wanted to pass a message. There’s a part Tony said : “We as a people create our own monster” or something like that. It’s the perception Feige was talking about.. our own realities. We hype issues in the press, create scenarios, celebrate vices with much media attention that they grow and become more ominous- a real threat. That was what the Mandarin symbolised. What we all like- a symbol. Like Bin Laden symbolized for Islamist terrorism. Not necessarily making them the be all and end all. The symbol can influence others as we focus on them.

    That statement could be interpreted in so many angles and there’s a bit of that in the movie. I never was enthused to see Mandarin in Iron Man. A techno-mystic wizard against IM might be a fan boy’s dream but I don’t see it playing out any better than Whiplash in IM2 but I may be wrong. I, for one, liked the twist. Even more than that, I like that the movie wasn’t that creatively inept IMO as IM2 was. The first IM was good because it was also socially conscious and apt. It raised and addressed contemporary socio-political issues that we all could relate to. IM3 continues were the first left off.

    • Not even close bro.

    • Nice analysis. Everyone else is being way too shallow about this whole thing.

      • When you’re a dedicated comic book follower and they are making a movie based on it I can’t really say its shallow when you disagree with what was done.
        It could be considered shallow to diss a follower as the movie wouldn’t likely exist if the followers weren’t demanding it in the first place.

    • The first iron man is leagues ahead of IM3 in my opinion. Its a much tighter narrative, its not weighed down by to many character and offers incredible character development for everyone involved. Its not just a comic book movie its a great film. The comedy wasn’t to much it was nicely balanced and it was actually funny. IM3 for me took it a bit overboard and had a bunch of running jokes that didn’t stick (for me personally). The watch joke got old, Downton Abbey joke didn’t work for me cause I have no clue what it was. Its not a bad film nor do I believe anyone should. If you hate the film just because the twist I don’t understand that and feel that is wrong. If you have reasons to dislike it which I feel the film has then I think that’s perfectly fine.

      • IM3 was a catch all for everything RDJ wanted to get included before his contract ran out.

    • Could people not see this was Osama bin Laden? He scare us,looked menacing,but in the end he turned out to be weak and into porno movies. [HINT]

  14. I was hoping that this IM would redeem the garbage known as IM2. It would have given me a reason to buy all of them on Blu ray. Thats what happens when you piss off the fanboys Marvel! They dont buy your stuff!

    • IM3 has actually redeemed IM2 in my eyes.
      It had its flaws but I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than IM3.

  15. I was hoping that this IM would redeem the garbage known as IM2. It would have given me a reason to buy all of them on Blu ray. Thats what happens when you piss on the fanboys Marvel! They dont buy your stuff!

    • Damn phone internet

  16. Iron man 1 will always be my favorite marvel filn becausw it feels professional and unlike any other marvel film. Then they got all controlling, ive been waiting for them to release a film that is diffrent tone like and without as much jokes. IM3 trailer fooled me into thinking it was a dark revenge story. But who cares what i think they are rolling in the dough

    • Wow never type a comment on your phone folks.

    • I know people have gotten tired of comparisons between TDK trilogy and Marvel films but I too was hoping for something different and more in tone with TDK. Instead we got a film more like the Avengers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. IM3 was good but I feel like it could have been a lot better.

      • Yeah I understand why they don’t deviate from their tone and people may never get tired of it but I sure am. The Thor 2 trailers looks much darker than phase 1 but I am unsure after watching IM3 if that will happen. I am not saying they need to go by TDK standards cause they really don’t. I just want dramatic moments to be dramatic and draw some real powerful emotion. Watching Tony put the suit on pepper during the fight was extremely powerful and sweet but the rest of the film didn’t follow that. Don’t undercut the action and drama with comedy that is all I wish.

      • @Mike E to me DC tends to be more epic and Marvel tends to be more epic fun.
        When DC tried to be epic fun they got Green Lantern.
        Nuff Said!

  17. I see your point on the comedy, guys. I have kind of accepted that from IM after the sequel which took it overboard. RDJ is a wisecrack so I guess many directors tend to wanna exploit that in some ways e.g Sherlock Holmes (especially the sequel). I don’t think Cap America had that much humour in comparison. Marvel movies are a bit light hearted. The TDK style wouldn’t work. When you want to be taken seriously you might be faced with a more critical evaluation. I have once pointed out the super bowl scene in TDKR when the bomb went off and entire field was caving in… we see players going after the man with the ball even with all this mayhem, tremors and explosions around them. They end up consumed in the process? An attempt at humour no doubt but not in tandem with the seriousness of the movie as claimed. Having said that I still appreciate the fact that the humour in IM3 might be a bit superfluous for some. I think Black was constrained to be consistent with the style. Tony’s panic attacks were so real and human though. Many movies will take the NY crisis as all in a day’s work but Black brought the impact of the Avengers saga closer home. I always wondered how come the characters could absorb the shock of meeting weird individuals and fighting aliens all in a couple of days so easily. My explanation: limited time to explore that angle in movie and urgency of scenario couldn’t afford such luxury of time to our heroes. But it’s great to see Tony continue were Avengers left off and I’ll expect the SHIELD TV series to do same.

    • Whedon said Avengers was full of dry humor before its final edit.
      He took out that which did not “move the story along” or detracted from the story.

      IM3 should have been final edited by Whedon.

  18. Ironman 3 was average at best, I was bored halfway through and wanted to walk out, The Dark Knight trilogy blew this away sorry, and Man of Steel will do the same, Marvel are missing two things, Nolan and Snyder!

    • DC tends to do more “epic” stories and pulled it off pretty well in Batman and appears to have done it again in Man of Steel.
      Marvel tends to be more fun. I can’t say much in Nolan’s work has been fun and that’s fine as it still works.
      Both companies have had their ups and downs. Remember Mr. Freeze?
      Both can be highly profitable.
      I think there’s room for both.

  19. Questions I would have asked

    Why was the new iron man suit turned into a joke? It hardly does much without falling to pieces at the end of a scene to get a cheap laugh

    Why was the big payoff with the mandarin character a joke?
    I didn’t mind the twist at first, cos Kingsley does a brilliant job with his role. I was expecting another twist (thought they would make Trevor the trick not mandarin, but when there wasn’t one I was disappointed with how the character was treated. Especially since the mandarin of the first half of the film could have provided an even more memorable final battle, Killian was not an adequate substitute for me.

    I didn’t mind the comedy in the film for the most part, there were just a few times where it would’ve been better to maybe just take things a little more seriously in my opinion, it felt sometimes like things that could have been used more effectively were relegated to throw-a-away gags for a few cheap laughs or chuckles even, not all the jokes were that funny

    Also there didn’t seem to be much different about most of the suits at the end, they just looked different rather than having much unique functional difference (deep sea, heavy lifting, space, etc). Or if there was a functional difference between the suits why wasn’t it shown more, especially since they didn’t survive the film.

    • Also I didn’t think they needed quite so many references to the avengers, the story should’ve been good enough that you don’t notice that the avengers aren’t there insted of repeatidly reminding people that the others aren’t in this film, it distracts from the story

  20. I hope Robert comes back for The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3. Dream come true.

    • There’s a big dispute right now over future paychecks.
      Hopefully RDJ will not hold them by the ball$ while his fellow actors suffer and instead they can all find a happy medium.

  21. Kinda made sense that(even though it was irritating)Mandarin was a joke(the rings didn’t take place)
    It’s just sad that they had a great actor play him and end up being such a huge disappointment

  22. That brilliant personality switch from a terrifying Mandarin to a terrified British junkie could only have been pulled off so convincingly by a great actor, TonyC

    • But what a waste of talent…I can only suspect you not a fan…but those of us who are were sadly disappointed in the whole farce

      • I am a fan.
        I am disappointed in how Mandarin was portrayed but I also think Kingsley did a great job for what he was given.
        Kudos Sir Kingsley.

        • @Jon Agreed. I hated the idea of what they did to the Mandarin but I loved the drunken parody of the original.

  23. I said this before but if RDJ should ever retire from Iron Man after Avengers 2, they should just kill iron man and tony stark off because no one can replace him. I, however, wouldn’t mind War Machine becoming the new leader of the avengers.

    • Tony Stark/Iron man isn’t the leader of the avengers. & war machine is an iron man sidekick a solo film.maybe but full fledge avenger? He doesnt have the juice.

  24. Shane Black needs to hide. He will go down in Marvel fandom as the guy who killed Iron Man. Without a doubt Shane Black never read s single Iron Man story…if he did he wouldn’t has been so direspectful of the fans by putting out this steaming pile.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      With all of the hype and an awesome trailer,this might be one of the biggest CBM disappointments to date.

  25. @ScreenRant, I know you guys have some pull. Marvel can redeem themselves and make Iron Man 3’s twist still turn out better if they do this: Right after Thor:The Dark World, show a mid-credits screen with Ben Kingsley in jail, he’s getting escorted to his cell, looking all frail and weak, then the guards walk off. His new huge cell mate threatens him, telling Kingsly that he needs to sleep on the floor, even though there are two bunks, Kingsley looks scared at first but then suddenly grabs the inmate by his throat and lifts him by his throat, then a ring comes out of the skin on his finger and he shoots a beam at the inmate(the inmate is unable to scream), the inmate then turns into a cockroach, lands on Kingsley’s hand, Kingsley flicks him off then stomps on him. Kingsly goes to lay down on his bed with a smile on his face.

    • well that is just stupid. a laser turns someone into a cockroach? this isn’t harry potter. marvel doesnt have to redeem itself, because they have made another great film. you are in the minority of people who don’t like it.
      also, i don’t think screenrant has any “pull” with the screenwriters.

      • @jeffro, Wow! Some Screenrant writers get speak to Marvel at certain events like comicon. I never said I didn’t like Iron Man 3, it just had more potential and still has a chance to be a better movie if they add on the plot that Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin was in fact REAL, it would add MUCH more gravitas and make the whole “twist” even more worth it, then fans as well as regular movie goers would be both pleased on both sides, and it would allow Marvel to fill plot holes and bring in the the Mandarin in his true form later. Below is one of Mandarin’s rings powers.
        Matter Rearranger This ring can rearrange the atoms and molecules of a substance, or speed up or slow down their movement, so as to produce various effects. The ring has been used to condense water vapor in the air to liquid water, to solidify gasses, to create lethal poison gas from the air, to turn a group of men to stone, to turn a man into a beetle, to turn a mountain into a rock-monster, and to make a stone hand large enough to engulf Iron Man’s body erupt from the floor. The ring cannot transmute elements or rearrange the atoms and molecules of Iron Man’s magnetic-beam reinforced armor. The gem is shaped like a small purple circle.

        Jeffro………SHUT THE HELL UP!@Wraab, you too. And do some research before you post.

      • I wouldnt say he is in the minority this film is rather split

      • Screenrant may not have pull but the screenwriters do read these sites for ideas.
        Feige has said this himself.
        Favreau tweeted the thread about IM3 Easter eggs just in the last day.
        Instead of complaining about everything I wish we could more people posting how to address weaknesses in the stories / actors for the various roles and story lines.

        • @screenrant could you possibly start a new thread with it having a focus on how IM3 weaknesses could be addressed in future footage?
          I would suggest a dedicated “fix” thread for each new movie that comes out and also for any old story lines that are still alive from older movies.

    • And I thought I drank too much today. Lol

      • I had to get high just to read his posts. I’ll let the reader figure out which one.

    • Did you take into account.

      That Iron Man films are property of Paramount, and not Disney, and therefore why the Mandarin was not the Mandarin?

    • @Blastarr

      How would he explain his cellmate is no longer in a locked cell?

      Why not change places with the cellmate

      Go out, become one of the guards.

      Change guard back into cell mate

      Walk out.

      Problem with Matter rearranger, law of physics. The Same mass must occupy the same mass to quantify the change in mass.

    • @Blastaar I like your idea.
      Similar to how they sometimes give a little cameo at the end of what is to come in future movies they could do something similar at the beginning to a new movie that builds on the mythology of a previous movie. After all they are trying to build a cohesive universe.
      This could help to make IM2 or IM3 more solid to comic fans. Or Captain America, Thor, etc….
      I would say that as a “fix” for this movie Kingsley could be revived as the real Mandarin in a couple of ways:
      1. They basically explain he hasn’t found his rings yet but due to his inside knowledge he takes over Killian’s role and in subsequent movies we see him finding the rings one by one growing more powerful with each one. I actually like this idea. Finding rings one by one and showing what each can do.
      2. He was the Mandarin (non-superpowered) all along but wanted to get into a Supermax prison to gain allies or to discover the whereabouts of the first ring.
      Lets face it you turn out a movie quickly and it’s going to have some mistakes.
      This “post” fix could address those.

      • 3. Killian had said the idea for the Mandarin /Kingsley ruse came from the AIM think group.
        This think group could have the true Mandarin in it (which could be Kingsley or still a new actor).

        • 3. (continued) The AIM think group could be the people that were giving Fury orders in the Avengers. What a twist that would make.

  26. It sounds like the Iron Man armors are being set up as Ultron. They keep talking about not needing Stark in the suits, which means it may become an AI, thus Ultron. It would be very similar to the Avengers: EMH cartoon. Even the original comics if I remember correctly, but it has been a long time.

    • It’s likely Ultron is coming.
      If Wasp, Antman, and Black Panther are coming it would be similar to a storyline that played out in the Avengers animation movie. It may also be the same storyline that involves AIM and a Supermax orbiting prison where Ultron(s) serve as automated prison guards.

      • I like that idea, but didn’t Feige say that, if Ultron is introduced he will be built by Stark? I personally hope it is still Pym who creates him because that adds such a great cross for him to bare. The new comic series “Age of Ultron” has focused on Pym lately and it’s great. However, as I mentioned, having it be a remote Stark suit would be alright, but it would put too much attention on Stark going forward and I think RDJ has them by the balls enough already in his contracts.

  27. While Stark does a lot without the suit in the movie and the suit(s) without him, you have to consider that both were most effective when together. Even the big final battle Stark kept jumping from suit to suit and ultimately his ability to think through the problem is what saved the day. They still need each other.

    The big question I have is this, since it is obvious Stark doesn’t need the power supply in his chest to operate the suits (War Machine/Iron Patriot has it built into the suit itself) then why didn’t in the second movie with his life being threatened by the power supply didn’t they remove the shrapnel and power supply from his chest then.

    • BOOM!

      u kno as i watched this film i noticed that they make reference to the First iron man & the avengers but they NEVER EVER speak even an ounce aboyt the events of Iron man 2

  28. Anyone notice or realize that the villain set up in IM3 was almost exactly the same as in Batman Begins?

    Also,what was up with “Clean Slate”?

    Two things completely ripped off of the Batman movies,but done way worse.

    • Yes the madarin twist works far worse then ras al ghul. Because the trailers never teased that, and the persom we thought was ras didnt do much but watch bruce fight. Liam neeson always had a presence in the film even before the twist was revealed. Aldrich killian lacked development.

  29. Did anyone else think this movie was a joke? Especially after all the momentum it gained from being the followed up movie from the Avengers. It was inappropriate play around with the franchise like that.

    • @Dude

      Did you notice, before the movie started. Who Produced and distributed the film?

      Work around saying the Avengers, or the Krell, or Wormhole, or anything to do with The Avengers?

      Did you notice the comments from Happy to Stark “While you were out playing with your Superfriends?

      Why Stark had an anxiety attack anytime the mention of New York came up?

      Here is your 100% undeniable proof.

      Paramount Pictures produced, bankrolled and distrubited the movies, because they have the Rights to Iron Man, but not the right to The Avengers or anything related to that Movie, because it was Marvel Films/Disney.

      Now you understand “The Inappropriate play around”..Because it was the LEGAL Thing to do.

      • Sorta.
        They included clips from the Avengers when he has his New York flashback anxiety attack.
        Wouldn’t that be the same difference as mentioning a name?

        • Actually the kid said Avengers right before his panic attack too.