Shane Black Teases Robert Downey Jr.’s Return For Iron Man 4 & 5

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Iron Man 3 Trailer Official Shane Black Teases Robert Downey Jr.s Return For Iron Man 4 & 5

While Iron Man 3 represents the first chapter in Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, picking up from where last summer’s The Avengers left off, it also marks the last film on Robert Downey Jr.’s contract with the studio. It may be a while before Disney and RDJ announce a deal but you can rest assured, one is coming.

Tony Stark is integral to the future of the franchise and Disney knows full well that Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark and The Avengers what Johnny Depp is to Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s quite literally the face of the franchise, and responsible for helping launch it with the original Iron Man in 2008.

Iron Man kicked off Phase One and five years later, Iron Man 3 is set to launch Phase Two. For Phase Three however, a new character in Ant-Man will lead as the first Phase Three film, but that doesn’t mean Iron Man 4 can’t fit in there somewhere along with Doctor Strange after The Avengers 2. And when that happens, count on Robert Downey Jr. starring.

Due to the nature of the franchise where the studio, media and fans look so far ahead, the topic of re-signing with the studio or having Stark recast continues to be raised in interviews with Robert Downey Jr., director Shane Black, President Kevin Feige and others involved with the production. “Tony’s going to carry on. Avengers 2 already has a release date,” says Feige about the future of the character.

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 3 Legion Shane Black Teases Robert Downey Jr.s Return For Iron Man 4 & 5

In an interview with French magazine Premiere, Shane Black talked about the approach to tackling the third part of a trilogy and what it means for the future of the series and character arc.

“It is always complicated to deal with a third part. Your job is first to answer this question: what remains to tell this story? The challenge is that your film is not just a new episode of the adventures of Iron Man, but the continuation of something, a new chapter had to be told. This is the problem that I had felt with  Lethal Weapon 3 and 4. Happened in the fourth, one felt they had nothing to tell. The film was more like an episode of TV series. I have the feeling that the story that we have developed for Iron Man 3 actually concluded a trilogy. While leaving the door open to a fourth…”

With Downey’s contract over, would he do Iron Man 4? Roughly translated via Google, Black seems optimistic:

“There has been a lot of discussion about it: ‘Is this the last Iron Man for Robert?’ Something tells me that it will not be the case, and will be seen in a fourth, or fifth … But I can be a little excited…”

Robert Downey Jr. has joked an teased about how good of a position he and his agent are from a negotiations standpoint, how he loves the character, and appreciates what the fans want from him. A new contract would likely see more space in between starring appearances so RDJ can pursue other work, but include him in Avengers sequels. If Iron Man 4 is in the cards, it won’t be a for a while.

The trick is to do something new, keeping the stories unique and fresh. Iron Man 3 does that by reinventing the character, blending the line between “man and machine” as the official synopsis points out, thanks the Extremis virus he is injected with, granting him new abilities. He also leads his own small army of Iron Man suits, the Iron Legion, and if rumors, concept art and toy descriptions describing a space suit are of any indication, Stark my find himself flying into space and meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Stephanie Szostak, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

Source: Premiere (via CBM)

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  1. Great news RDJ IS ironman and personally I don’t think anyone can fill his iron alloy shoes

    • Agree with you,but thats mostly people talk now !

      Same happened with Spiderman,Evil Dead Ash,Batman and so on and on !
      Just in a couple of years time people have forgotten about him and will be ready to accept who ever is the new guy in a reboot or what so ever !
      Marvel did it with Norton,and they did it With Tony’s side kick Cuba Jr.
      It happens all the time ! Since the audience can’t just boycott a movie and they always get them with a new movie ! Sadly !

      • Batman needed a reboot and recasr after THAT one movie…

        • the movie that shall not be named

      • Tony’s “sidekick”, James Rhodes, was played by Terrence Howard, not by Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Marvel didn’t replace him or Norton to “get them with a new movie.” Both Howard and Norton had contractual issues with Marvel, and were replaced out of necessity, not by choice. And although I can see multiple superheroes replaced by other actors (Matt Bomer as a rebooted Batman, for example), it’s hard to find a young actor that has the look and skill set to play Iron Man the way RDJ does. Make no mistake, this is not an easy character to portray. The sarcastic sense of humor, the intense inner turmoil, the charming romantic aspect, all these are completely contradictory traits that an actor must simultaneously portray to be Tony Stark. Downey was the rare actor that hit the nail on the head the first try.

        • Just agree with you all the way !
          He is not easy to replace,and for sure I do not want him replaced.
          Its just something happens and people just accept it !
          Thats what bothers me !

          • LOL! Both of you guys got it wrong. Don Cheadle replaced Terrance Howard.

            • Neither one mentioned who replaced Terrance Howard -__-

              However, Logan merely stated that Mr. Gooding didn’t play James Rhodes, but Mr. Howard did.

              And I totally agree. RDJ is like the living persona of Tony Stark. I can’t think of someone at the moment that even comes close to his performances.

        • James Roday: he could play Stark

          • No.

        • Also Mark Rufflo said he was friends with Edward Norton and has said that Edward is cool with Mark taking the role of Bruce Banner.

      • Ha. That reminds me of election day where the reporter mistakenly called Will I Am, Wyclef Jean. TBH, if I never saw X-Men: Wolverine, I never would’ve known what he looks like. But I would have found out who he was before making that assumption. Good thing I’m not a reporter.

        You are right though, SR isn’t the place to start a race debate. So we can all cool our jets about it.

      • @Logand and broadway

        Sorry,I its been a while since I watched Iron Man,I should have looked it up ! It was Terrence Howard ,you guys are right of course !

        To point 1.

        Thats exactly what I am talking about,I like RDJ and I do not want them to replace him ! What I am talking about is ,that often studios still just do it..and PEOPLE STILL WALK INTO THE NEW MOVIE TO WATCH IT :(

        Thats what saddens me !

        point 2.

        Not talking about my self,for me Keaton was the best Batman,and for Spiderman I liked Tobey most :)Haven’t forgotten about them !
        Just many people around me give a damn who is in,they just go into the movie and don’t care much about them,for them Spiderman is Spiderman,or Batman is Batman..doesn’t matter who is playing the roll !

        Anyways,I get your points,and I know what u mean !
        Sorry if i articulate my self wrong,english isnt my first language !

        • ios, you are entitled to an honest mistake. I’m sorry you were bullied into apologizing for something as insignificant as that. I enjoy all these fun movies and the stories that go along with them. It’s sad some people take them to seriously and think they are art.

          Just to exemplify a point. Skyfall was the biggest Bond movie. And although Sean Connery was the best IMO, I wasn’t thinking about him during Skyfall. I FORGOT.

          • Try using a little of that “common sense”. Anyone who watches movies has mistakenly thought one actor was another before. Is an innocent common mistake. As a film student, i saw a lot of movies and could always keep everyone straight. It doesn’t require someone jumping down their throat to apply an “issue” to it.
            You know, once I mistook a woman I saw at Lowe’s for my wife, and I see her everyday. The nice young lady had a laugh with me and we acknowledge the simple mistake. I wonder why she so easily showed more manners. probably because she was a “grown up” and we had to look each other in the eye.

            • Whoops. I mean couldn’t always keep actors straight.

              • @Loomis

                First of all you should get off the high horse that you are obviously occupying, & stop telling people to have more of anything. I don’t recall anyone making you all mighty judge & knowledgable of everything.

                Secondly just because you can’t tell the difference between two people(mistaking someone else as your wife…………..really?!)doesn’t mean everyone else has to be known for making that mistake.

                Try being more observant so you can avoid making “innocent” mistakes like that in the future.

                • Just because you say you don’t want to start something doesn’t mean you can follow that with a statement that starts something. The point is you can’t to know what other people are thinking. And just because you believe something it isn’t the final word. You don’t know these people anymore than I do, so they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Everyone makes mistakes no matter how observant they are. And a tolerant person should be able to tolerate that.

                  I now claim immunity with these two words…No disrespect. Or does that only work if I state it in my first sentence?

                • @Loomis

                  HAHAHA!!! You’re a real funny guy my friend. Real funny indeed. It’s actually quite ammusing/surprising how much you think your irrelevent comments matter to me. Oh well………I guess that’s what happens when a swollen size head has an equal size ego to match it.

                  However, let me just briefly reply to what you just wrote, & hopefully(although I doubt it)I can finally get rid of you & end this meaningless conversation once & for all.

                  1. When I write down that I’m not in the mood to have a meaningless conversation(or something resembling that statement)it means exactly how it is written. I’m not someone who writes down something that I don’t mean just for the hell of it. Other people do that, & it always annoys the heck out of me.

                  2. Just because you can’t comprehend when someone has written a comment that confuses you don’t go hollering at that person like it’s his/her fault. It just shows your lack of fairness & intellect for that matter. Try asking first before writing something down that’s going to land you into hot water.

                  3. When it comes to “knowing what people are thinking” you’re absolutely write, & I acknowledge when I’m being wrong for assuming & accusing someone when they meant no harm or disrespect in the first place. However, I also know that as human beings we are all born the same when it comes to having a brain we can think with, & a mouth we can use to voice our displeasure about something. That’s why I found it baffling as to why every attack that was coming my way was from everyone except the person who I originally accused from the begining. I’m pretty sure he’s adult enough to speak on his own behalf about his displeasure on the way I came at him like that. Come to think of it he actually did explain himself more thoroughly in what he originally meant, & you know what………..I understood & moved passed it. Maybe you guys should follow his lead & not make yourselves look so bad all the time.

                  4. As far as me being “tolerant”……….yeah I’m just going to add that to the already long lists of ignorant things you already said to me………..soooooo whatever.

                  5. Good luck with your “immunity” or whatever the heck you claim you have. I just hope it keeps you from ever putting yourself in future discussions like this one. It doesn’t make you look good you know.

          • See, my fave Bond is Daniel Craig now but before that, I thought the best was Timothy Dalton.

            I love the theory about the different Bonds though.

            • That comment was to Loomis in a comment he made further up the page.

              • And RDJ may be like the Sean Connery of Iron Man. But someday the Daniel Craig of Iron Man will come around.

                • Similar to everyone claiming no one could beat Jack Nicholson’s Joker then Heath Ledger came along and pretty much set the benchmark.

        • See, for me, Keaton was the best Batman but Bale was the best Bruce Wayne, Norton was the better Bruce Banner and Garfield is the best Spiderman.

          RDJ is Tony Stark though so that’s why I hope that if he does decide to walk away, they could still bank on Don Cheadle so Iron Man can retire or something and we have War Machine replace him like in the comics briefly.

        • I care who’s playing the role, I’m just willing to give the new guy a chance. Don’t actors like Andrew Garfield, Christian Bale, Mark Ruffalo and eventually the new Iron Man actor deserve that chance to not be attacked for their performance before you’ve EVEN seen the movie.

      • @Logan

        Really had it in my head somehow it was him.
        It’s been a while !

        Thanks,and Cheers

      • I completely agree 1000%.

  2. I love the Iron Man movies and RDJ is perfect in the role. But i just wish they would turn the focus on newer heroes.

    Phase 2 only adds Guardian’s of the Galaxy, phase 3 should be really racking them up

    • And Ant-Man and the ton of other heros showing up as supporting characters in Captain America.

  3. 4 = Avengers 2
    5 = Avengers 3

    IMO leave the solo films to someone new.

  4. I hope Marvel doesn’t ride the avengers wave forever, bring some new blood to the table.

    • How about new blood in the form of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, The Wasp, and Goliath (Hank Pym) for the good guys, and Kang, Ultron, and Skrulls for the bad guys?

      • Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & The Skrulls belong to fox

        • @Norrin

          Don’t be so in a rush to see new characters. I mean Marvel just got started for goodness sakes. With an endless supply of characters at their disposal what makes you feel they’ll just keep recycling the same people over & over? They’re not FOX or SONY remember. Those two are only limited with what they have not Marvel.

        • @Norrin Rand: Actually, Marvel is allowed to use all the characters you mentioned (Feige said that there are special clauses in the contracts that give them the right to use certain characters – like Scarlet Witch, Quikcsilver and the Skrulls). In the case of the SW & QS, they’re just not allowed to mention back stories or anything mutant related because that will infringe with Fox’s character rights.

          Also, Scarlet Witch has already been hinted at in The Avengers (the cellist), although I think that it was more of an easter egg for the fans than an actual reference for the character’s future appearance.

          • Yeah I’m not sure I’d want those characters without their actual backstories.

  5. I really hope Shane Black is right!

  6. sweeet wonder what what story lines their gonna do for iron man 4 and 5 tho

  7. Yes, both RDJ and Hugh Jackman are similar ages, BUT it’s a lot easier for RDJ to keep playing Iron Man as he gets older, since his action scenes are all CGI. Jackman has to do the Wolverine physical fighting himself, stay in shape and so forth.

    • @Heustis

      I already knew all of that. The point I was making based on what that other person said had nothing to do with their physical capabilities. I was merely stating that if Rob continues to do a great job(which I’m positive he will)then why would Marvel replace him. That’s why I brought up Hugh. He’s been doing great as Wolverine not just from a physical stand point, but also in his acting abilities. That’s why FOX hasn’t replaced him yet.

      • Here’s some food for thought… Tony Stark isn’t immortal-ish like Wolverine is. Eventually, Jackman will grow too old for the role and HAVE to be recast because, lets face it, no one wants to see a Sean Connery fellow playing James “Logan” – Wolverine. But Tony Stark does age and can die. So RDJ can be a lifer, but Jackman can’t. Essentially, no one can play Wolverine forever….


        • @leather c.

          Actually no one can play any character forever. Someone will eventually get tired of it. Either the audience will get tired of seeing the same face over & over again, or the actors themselves will get tired of playing the character.

          P.S. What the hell does “hhhuuuummmm” mean?!

          • To emit a continuous low droning sound like that of the speech sound when prolonged.

            • OOOOOkay? Thanks for the definition…………I guess. Still don’t know how that’s relatable to the earlier conversation about Hugh & Rob, but whatever.

              • Similar to that of hhmnmm but I added a u. It had no reference to the characters, it was meant to add sound to the thought process.

        • hugh jackman definatly 100% needs to play wolverine forever! so that when he is really old they can do “old man logan” THE MOVIE! now that would be F***ING DOPE!!

  8. I personally hope that he stays on for iron man I just love him in the role so much he’s like a childhood hero to me, if he does leave however id prefer if they didn’t recast him up rather retire the character by making him give up the iron man suit for good or make him join the gaurdians of the galaxy like some people are talking about, if they recast him I can probably get used to it but I just love rob so much as iron man

  9. I’m sure he’ll be back. His appearences may not be as often like this article says, but I for one think he’ll remain as Iron Man. He’s just too darn good to give up the suit, lol.

  10. RDJ is irreplacable. Totally want to see him continue in the future, and besides is he was recast not many people will even bother to watch Iron Man anymore. RDJ is the key.

  11. Everyone is so engulfed in the presence that RDJ brings to the character, and he is noticeable. The movies combined made a pretty penny, and everyone seems optimistic about his reprise.

    I am, frankly.

    Looking forward to seeing IM3.

  12. RDJ is iron man.the character and him are one

    • For now anyway. Don’t forget………people eventually leave & move on for a multitude of reasons. Nothing lasts forever.

      • why do you have to be such a buzz kill?? JEEZ, ppl are just expressing HOW MUCH they love RDJ playing the IronMan role! and EVERY OTHER post is you stating the SAME THING, IF Marvel wants him to and IF he wants to he can play Iron Man for the next 10 yrs until they come up with a fitting way to partways with TS/Iron Man… stranger things have happened! and by the fan reaction the past 2 weeks I highly doubt RDJ or Marvel plan on parting ways anytime soon. 1 man can play a character till the end of his story and Marvel OWNS IM so they could VERY WELL decide not to RE-CAST him in fear of a NEGATIVE fan reaction.

        To me and MANY MANY PPL out there there CAN NEVER be another Iron Man, MARVEL NEEDS the Fans more than the Fans need Marvel!!

        • I think he was refering to me. In any case “Slappy” I think you need to calm down & have some common sense for once. Don’t let your “love” for Rob blind you of the inevitable fact I pointed out. Ever heard of a little thing called EVOLUTION. People eventually grow old, tired, then die. Just like performers, or in this case actors grow old, get bored, then move on. Don’t be naive & act as if Rob is immortal or something. He will stop being Iron Man at some point. Why couldn’t you figure that out on your own?

          • Immortal? Not yet *pulls cover off Lazarus pit* not yet…

          • Nice job blatantly misusing the word “EVOLUTION” as the main point of your post.

            • @Stiles

              Nice job explaining what you meant by that comment “GENIUS”.

              • Nice job on the comment. No really nice job there, you got it all worked out there! the sarcasm, the intent, the use of the word genius. That is really good.

                • I wasn’t really attacking you at all. Can’t one guy congratulate another on a good insult anymore?

                • Nope though I am dying on account of the death rabies.

          • Hey broadway the word your looking for is AGING. Evolution is the process that occurs through millions of year so that a species can adopt to it’s environment.

  13. For those that say “if stark must be recast at a point rdj is no longer interested in coming back they’ll have to reboot ironman” just remember ghis character is part of a much larger whole. One can’t reboot/retcon a character without having to more or less restart that entire universe. I known many will state the hulk or war machines as example were actors were simply recast but for a central character so intergral to the marvelU as rdj has made stark is not such a simke task. Personally if one day he dosent want to keep wearing the suit as there are no places to take the character (there always are in my opinion but people can see some things get repetitive), either stop with the solo films and only have the character appear in the avenger movies. If not then have the suit tech handed of to a succesor. There’s always the “have him killed off in an epic way” but avengers 1 already proved that he can be conpletely selfless and willing to give his life to save everyone, so that character progression is there and might seem like a rethread. In any case, down the line, difficult decisions will have to be made by marvel, theyve always treated the fans well so have faith that theyve most assuredly started considering all the options.. But as long as the money rolls in I’m sure tempting rdj to put on the armor wil never be too much of a hassle!

  14. I hate the entire bullsh*t revolving around the copyright of the Marvel films, 90% of the storylines can’t be shown since they need characters Marvel don’t own the copyrights to.

    It’s got to the point where the other guys are just making these movies so they can have the rights. Their like that kid who wants a certain toy and will start playing with it the instant the kid who owns the toy wants it back. For example aren’t Spider-Man and X-men the ONLY Non-Avengers movies making ANY cash at all? I mean you can’t tell me it’s worth anything having the rights to make Ghost Rider into a movie.

    Also shouldn’t Blade and Punisher gone to Marvel by now. I think Marvel Studios next project should be Heroes For Hire. It’d be great. Imagine it, you don’t need a set-up since people get the idea of heroes at this point.

    You could have Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Misty Knight with a few characters like Ghost Rider and Punisher making Cameo appearances. As well as Paladin at one point.

  15. I am really happy about this news. Even if there won’t be a solo Iron Man movie for a long while, Tony Stark PLAYED BY RDJ has to be in the Avengers movies at least. Or show up for a few cameo moments here and there.

    I am still very hopeful about him joining up with the Guardians. That would be epic. It would explain his absence in Phase 3, cause he’s in a galaxy far far away… XD

    (okay so not that far, but you get the idea)

  16. In truth I have been antagonizing you out of amusement. What you’ve been saying reminds me of my time teaching high school, and sometimes it’s just fun to challenge people. Not that I didn’t believe in the things I was saying. I don’t believe that other poster was making racial implications as was implied by other. I’m glad those “signs” proved to be untrue. Sadly, nap time is over in our house hold, so it time to return to the real world and get some errands run.
    Sorry about my high horse it’s part of the fun. Dr. Loomis is always right, but unfortunately no one listens to him… and then up pops Michael Myers. Peace.

  17. Well…..back to the subject of Iron Man. There’s still other characters from his rogues gallery and other characters that are worthy of live action versions such as Madame Masque, Count Nefaria, Ghost(my favorite), Living Laser, Wonder Man, Blizzard, Ultimo, and Fing Fang Foom.

  18. You never know, the next guy could be even better.

  19. I really dont want any more ironman solo films. A trilogy is enough

  20. If and when RDJ no longer wants to be tony starks/ironman they shouldn’t recast him but jus do like a passing the torch type concept that way they won’t have to do a complete reboot and they can keeping the avengers for however long and it’s not awkward looking and it feels a lil more realistic and that way they could bring in the second or third generation of avengers

  21. Thanks for the spoilers Screenrant!

    • @Greenlite – Wut? There are no spoilers in this article.


  22. Shane Black for “Heroes For Hire”.

  23. I’m only going to say this once. No more talk about race on an article that has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. I know who started it but I’m putting a stop to all of it now. I’ll be removing any comments not related to this article.

    Thank you
    Paul Young – Moderator

    • What about marathons?

  24. I think he should stick around for Avengers 2 and then we can say “goodbye” to Tony while other characters from the M.U. take over and lead the show. I mean it’ll be like 2020 before Avengers 3….we can’t really expect RDJ to keep doing it for that’d get slightly boring. Avenger 2 would be a good time to say goodbye to the characters that started this Marvel film universe, I think.

  25. Robert Downey Jr. is synonymous with Iron Man, and that is a blessing and a curse. We have all fallen head over heels for his creation of Tony Stark.

    With the prospect of more Avengers movies, I don’t believe they could get away with replacing RDJ. It also goes for any of the actors currently involved. If they want to change actors, they’d have to completely remake the entire universe. I don’t think it would work otherwise.

  26. I think this could be the best collection of work for Downey Jr and as Ironman nobody could do it better.

  27. This thread has devolved into insults and attacks. I’m shutting it down.

    Paul Young – Moderator