Rumor Patrol: Iron Man 3 To Introduce The Wasp?

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Stephanite Szostak Rumor Patrol: Iron Man 3 To Introduce The Wasp?

Not including Nick Fury or Agent Coulson, there were six core heroes that made up The Avengers roster, four with superpowers and two without. The only woman of the team (Black Widow) was one of the non-powered heroes, but that wasn’t always the plan for the epic team-up movie.

Before Joss Whedon and Scarlett Johansson were involved, earlier drafts of The Avengers script included the Wasp, one of the founding team members from Marvel Comics who, like Ant-Man, is still waiting for that big screen introduction. According to the latest rumors, Iron Man 3 might be where that happens.

Through casting, set photos, Comic-Con footage and most recently, the first official Iron Man 3 trailer, Marvel Studios has been steadily revealing what we can simply describe as a lot. We’ve seen new armor designs for Tony Stark and James “Rhodey” Rhodes’ War Machine suit, met the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and heard rumors about the film’s final battle.

iron man 3 trailer132 570x242 Rumor Patrol: Iron Man 3 To Introduce The Wasp?

These revelations beg the question of what surprises director Shane Black and co-writer Drew Pearce still have hidden away. One of those surprises coming attached to this first chapter of Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe could be an introduction of a character who may have a major role come time for The Avengers 2.

This rumor stems back to July, just before San Diego Comic-Con when it was quietly announced that Stephanie Szostak (Dinner for Schmucks, R.I.P.D.) had been cast into an unspecified role for Iron Man 3, news that’s never been followed up with details on who she’s playing until a tweet this week from the mysterious account of Roger Wardell.


When combined with‘s sketchy “tipster” claiming Stephanie Szostak is playing Janet van Dyne aka Wasp, it’s not a stretch to assume that’s who Wardell is teasing as well.

Both claims (and much of Wardell’s other recent tweets) are entirely unsubstantiated but in the case of Wardell, his previous sparse tweets have not been proven wrong either. It’s worth discussing since Wardell shared info on the Falcon showing up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before that news broke. I’d also like to point out that at least two Screen Rant readers (1, 2) suggested Szostak for the role of van Dyne two full years ago, long before she was ever (officially) signed by Marvel Studios.

Stephanie Szostak Iron Man 3 Trailer Rumor Patrol: Iron Man 3 To Introduce The Wasp?

Szostak was one of the top-billed cast members from the official Iron Man 3 synopsis which leads us to believe she may have a larger role than we first thought and she even appears briefly in the trailer for a split second, throwing Stark up against a wall (image above).

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Szostak, James Badge Dale with Jon Favreau and Ben Kingsley, “Iron Man 3″ is directed by Shane Black from a screenplay by Drew Pearce and Shane Black and is based on Marvel’s iconic Super Hero Iron Man, who first appeared on the pages of “Tales of Suspense” (#39) in 1963 and had his solo comic book debut with “The Invincible Iron Man” (#1) in May of 1968.

Another Stan Lee-Jack Kirby creation of the ’60s, Janet van Dyne (Wasp) has always been connected to Hank Pym (Ant-Man), first as partners, later as lovers. Wasp acquired the ability to shrink in size, fly and fire energy blasts through Pym’s research. Although if van Dyne is to be introduced in Iron Man 3, we don’t expect the origin of her abilities to appear until later in Phase Two.

It’s no surprise that a lot of foundation will be laid in this movie for the upcoming slate of films, including A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) which we’ve seen in set photos and at Comic-Con, worn on the Iron Man 3 shirts of Marvel employees. I mention that specifically since Wardell mentioned last month that A.I.M. is going to factor into Ant-Man so that may serve as the connecting thread.

Ant Man Wasp Movie Tease Rumor Patrol: Iron Man 3 To Introduce The Wasp?

Such an introduction may coincide with earlier rumors that Ant-Man may show up in the post-credits sequence. On that note, Wardell previously tweeted that like The AvengersIron Man 3 may hit theaters with both a mid-credits scene and a post-credits one.

Much of what we hear is rumor or speculation and the character Szostak is playing could be someone else entirely. Another theory is that she could play some incarnation of Whitney Frost (Madame Masque) from the comics who was at one point Stark’s secretary (see the running gag potential?) with a secret identity. She has ties to Stark Industries, S.H.I.E.L.D. and was a one-time love interest of Stark.

Is Stephanie Szostak a good pick for Wasp?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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Source: NY Daily News, ComicBook

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  1. I still wish that Ashley Green would be Janet, but Stephanie works too.

    • Noooooo twilight characters please

      • Umm… you mean Twilight ACTORS?

  2. Morena Baccarine (Inara from Firefly).

    • Ha, I only know her from Homeland. She’d look the part certainly with the short haircut she has in that show sometimes.

      I’m gonna take a guess that if she is Wasp, her powers will come into being during CA: TWS, she’ll have a role in Avengers 2 but she’ll actually BE The Wasp in the Ant-Man movie.

      Hope people understand what I’m trying to say cause I’m looking at what I wrote and can’t think of a better way to explain it.

      • Ms. Baccarine was actually rumored for the role at one point. Seeing how she has past experience working with Whedon I think it would be great personally. Stephanie I have only seen in Dinner for Schmucks ( which I thought was hilarious), so I can’t really say yay or nay on her possibly getting the role having only seen her in one movie. Marvel Studios has not let me down yet (IM2 not withstanding) so I expect great things.

        • Mila Kunis

  3. IM3 should set up all of the other Phase 2 movies very nicely.

  4. I think Ant Man should take place after Iron Man 3 but before Avengers 2.
    Because Ant Man and Wasp need to be in Avengers 2.

    • Agree whole heartedly Mr. Whedon :)

      • Like a guy above me said, I hope I’m explaining my idea well here:

        I think it would be good (well I think it would be awesome, but in general terms it could be ok or acceptable) for them to introduce Ant-man and Wasp as normal characters in a couple of the phase two movies and like the article says make their roles slightly greater than a cameo (or like Black Widow’s role in IM2) to establish them and possibly show them getting their powers in some form.

        Then it would be open to have them in the Avengers 2 as established characters with established powers without needing to completely go into their origins. But after the Avengers 2 they would be open to use the Ant-man movie to either go back and tell their origins or just continue their story from the end of Avengers 2.

        Kinda like when they have a character show up in a comic book with their identity and powers already present/established and, while they expand some on who the person is and what they’re about in the comic they show up in, later on they come out with a comic that actually explains the characters origins and personal story in more depth. If you follow what I’m saying.

        • If they approach the lesser known heroes with the strategy you mentioned, I hope they pull it off better than what Favreau did with Widow in IM2. She was hot n kicked ass there but she didn’t really have a purpose, whereas I thought the Hawkeye cameo in Thor was fine because he didn’t overstay his welcome. But done correctly I think the strategy you mentioned would work wonders.

        • Completely agree with you there! Especially considering the many comments on the fact that it “was a bad idea” to do a movie about Ant-Man (which I don’t think is), to introduce these characters and let the public actually get to know them before they acquire their powers seems like the best approach.

          I do agree also that BW was a bit just thrown there to please these gentlemen’s eyes more than to bring more depth to the story. Personally, she has never struck me as a critically needed character. Ok, she can kick asses, but apart from that? Eh…

          On another note, if it is really the Wasp (or soon-to-be Wasp) in the 1-second-image from the trailer posted above, I truly wonder what is going on in that scene. Stark looks sort of terrified, and the female looks sorta angry… maybe Stark knows her from her father, maybe he’s dissapeared, maybe he died (like in the comics), or maybe her boyfriend has been kidnapped by A.I.M or something… and Stark is somehow inavertently involved… what do you think? ;-)

          • Another thought maybe she is a scientist type character Stark knows and is being manipulated by the Mandarin’s version of the Extremis virus or maybe she is just being a lil rough with foreplay ;) won’t know for sure till May lol.

    • Avengers 3 will be with MOSTLY new Avengers, NO MORE IM (his contract runs out after A2) Pepper Potts will die in IM3, Stark will flip out in some fashion or die in A2!! so thats where AntMan and WASP will take over and even possibly Bucky Barnes as CA, with Steve Rodgers dying in CA3, Thor will be in all of the Avengers as will the HULK (fingers crossed) black widow may or may not be involved, Hawkerye will be with a better part, the GOTG will be in it (bigger role in A3 than A2) personally I dont think they will have a BIG part in A2 (important YES big NO) IT WOULD BE REALLY COOL IF THEY CAN INCLUDE SPIDERMAN in some capacity (even just a mention) but one would think that these BIG WARS in NY would have Spidey all over them at some point! I HOPE… EITHER WAY I THINK IM3 THE AVENGERS 2 and Phase 3 will be different and EPIC.. GO MARVEL SCREW WB/DC and JL (I do like the DC characters but WB/DC just dont know how to put together a GREAT superhero Movie)

      • His contract ends with Iron Man 3.

        • Nope. His contract was extended from 4 movies to 5 making Avengers 2 his (Robert Downey, Jr., that is. Not necessarily IM) final appearance.

          • Never mind my last comment. I must have gotten RDJ mixed up with someone else. Chalk it up to not enough sleep. Sorry, folks.

        • I thought all Marvels major players were signed on to 9 movie deals?

          • To my knowledge the only person who is actually signed on to do 9 movie deals is Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. But that deal includes major appearences and cameos so I think he’s already fulfilled 5 of those 9 commitments. But @Rob Keyes should be able to tell you for sure.

      • Sooooo, you’re saying that movie contracts are like 2 terms as president? Once you have finished with them contract you aren’t allowed to re-sign?

        Considering what RDJ made on Avengers, why the hell wouldn’t he want to sign back up for at least Avengers 2-3?

      • @slappy: You are forgetting Black Panther after all he was an avenger before spidey was. I don’t really need to see spidey in the avengers….he is not necessary, he has his own trilogy already.

  5. While Johansson as Widow I don’t think she really is useful.
    I mean I know she’s badass and all but I don’t think they’d include like a male counterpart of her character (Hawkeye at least had a bow and abnormal sight). So does that mean that her primarly superpower was being a woman?

    So it’s good if we’ll have The Wasp unless they think that they don’t need another character with basically the same powers as the Ant-Man.

    • Black Widow is a spy and pretty good in a fight. Nobody said she had any superpowers.

      • I suppose she’s better in a fight than other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. And what then?
        We know the reason she was included in the Avengers squad and takes part in the battle. Wasp actually has abilities that make her useful enough to make her stand out. If they wanted to include a female superhero (and of course I agree it’s a must) they should’ve gone with her from the beginning.

        • Too much too fast. Don’t want to overcrowd the roster. Wouldn’t want it to me like X-Men: The Last Stand. I’ll take character quality over quantity every time.

        • @andreu, Wasp WAS going to be in Avengers, Joss Whedon had her written in but had to drop her out due to Ant-Man not being done yet and other connective tissue issues. Black Widow has major ties with A.I.M & Hydra and is able to infiltrate just about anywhere. These skills haven’t been displayed in the movies yet but that is a MAJOR asset.

  6. Hey Rob, any update on RDJ’s contract status for IM4 and Avengers 2?

    • I’d like to know about Robert’s contract as well. I hope he renews!

    • Nothing as of yet, but I have a feeling he’ll be there for the long haul.

      • isn’t he getting old? I think he’ll go as far as Avengers 3 to complete the trilogy and then they’ll just James Bond the series.

      • RDJ IS signed on for Avengers 2 right? I thought his contract ran out After that! and I’m not so sure he will be in it after A2 I think they will move on with the new characters, PP is gonna die in IM3 and he will certainly flip out and blame himself and he will self destruct after that or he will Die in A2 to save the day (not the movie just the day) so he can be with pepper, his true love….. AWWWWW

        • His contract ends with Iron Man 3 from what they said on panel at Comic-Con.

          They’ll definitely aim to bring him back for The Avengers and cameos and such but I don’t know about Iron Man 4. RDJ wants time to make other movies between lengthy Marvel commitments.

          • Hopefully including Inherent Vice. God damn, he’d make a good Doc Sportello

        • @Slappy I don’t know who told you all of that about Pepper dying and RDJ but that sounds like bollocks(and I’m not even British) and makes absolutely no sense. A major character like Tony Stark won’t be killed off but whatever happens to Pepper or Happy, Tony WILL blame himself more than likely.

  7. he’ll do it, don’t worry

    • ye$$$$$ he will. (and who wouldn’t)

  8. @Rob

    awhile back Roger Wardell even said on his twitter page that Marvel have a eye on Aldis Hodge for the role of Black Panther. remember i mention him months ago for the same role.

    • @ mace,

      That’s right, he did mention Aldis Hodge and separately, said the Black Panther draft was done (which we knew about already).

      I’ve not watched Leverage, do you think he’d be good for the part?

      • well, I do, on the show hode plays a hacker, so he can play the intelligent part rather well, though seeing him in combat action as the black panther, I could not predict how that would turn out. also, him with a south african accent would be interesting

        • well he knows how to do parkour and he has done a african accent

      • imo Aldis Hodge is very good in Leverage. he would be good for the role of Black Panther cause he has played a African and he did a accent in Private Practice. also he is young and he knows parkour. a Black Panther movie needs great action, story and awesome parkour moves. heres some videos of him talking about how to do accents and a clip of him in Private Practice.

        Aldis Hodge on Speaking with Accents

        Aldis Hodge’s Scenes: Private Practice – Fear of Flying

        • I do have to admit it would be interesting to see him as black panther, I do think he might be able to pull the whole royal ruler thing off. you know while we are on a tangent with leverage, just a little left field thought, what if they decided to try casting timothy hutton(Nate) as Moon Knight? I could totaly see him playing a shadowy vigilanty with a personality disorder, the merc part would be a bit tougher but wouldnt put it past him, just a little thought… or maybe the actor who plays elliot, he does plenty of tough guy roles

        • Aldis is not bad, he could do T’challa, my vote is for David Oyellowo, he exudes intellect, charm, and confidence rather easily. He has been in Planet of the Apes, Red Tails, The Help, King of Scotland, and now Lincoln, and the new Tom Cruise flick Reacher. He looks young enough to be used for a trilogy as well.

          MAKE the MOVIE MARVEL!

  9. oh man this is awesome news

  10. If this is true I hope she gets the ultimate avengers backstory. That was the most disturbing superhero story I’ve ever read.

    • That was pretty dark. I’m not sure they’ll go that route and make Ant-Man that… unlikable.

    • Isn’t she a mutant in the Ultimates? I thought Marvel couldn’t use the mutant angle?

      • original story trumps ultimate wben it comes to movie rights, also she is part of the antman package(no way they would split the two up) also ultimates was after they split up the movie rights. also, I prefer the classic version

  11. She certainly looks the part of Janet van Dyne.
    It makes sense to introduce her as Janet first. In the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated, Tony knows her from social circles before her being Wasp.

    Maybe Janet is responsible for the redesign of War Machine?

  12. Actually, I don’t think it’s completely out of the question that IF indeed Wasp will appear in IM3 we WILL see her get her powers, but not through Pym’s research but through the EXTREMIS virus. Or some variation of it anyway. Just saying.

    • That would probably displease a lot of hardcore fans… Although it could be interesting, I would rather they stick more to the comics cannons. The 616 universe cannon, of course.

    • And anyway, I don’t see how the Extremis “virus” could make a woman srink size and grow wings on her back. Isn’t it supposed to work as a sort of “supersoldier virus”?

      • In the comics Extremis is a programable nano “virus” it makes changes to the hosts body depending on what changes it has been programed to make. In some cases it can just be used as a type of deus ex machina where as long as they have an explainable reason about how she is able to shirink (ie they could explain that it could integrate pym particles into her body) all they have to do is program the virus to give her the shrinking power and the wings.

        But unless they can “realistically” explain the shrinking part without involving/introducing pym particles I’d just assume stick completely to the comic book version.

        • Agreed. If they go all out of their way to try to find another explaination, and leave out the Pym Particles entirely, they might as well just plain say they don’t want Pym at all in the Phase Two…

          I think we are reading too much into this, I still think they will stick close to 616-Universe cannon (or at least I sincerely hope so!). Anyways, the way I see it… nanotech “virus” that can re-arrange someone down to the cellular level: who are you going to call if (ie “when”) something goes wrong? Gee, I don’t know, but I heard of this genius biochemist-nanotech expert who can shrink… maybe we should give him a call? ;-)

          Simple, elegant, fans would be pleased. Well, at least, I would :-D

  13. Well, Wikipedia has her listed in Iron Man 3 as Janet Van Dyne

    • But still nothing on IMDB

    • I wouldn’t really trust Wiki… cause people can edit them freely

    • YES THEY DO…..2013

      Iron Man 3

      Janet Van Dyne

      • on the Iron man 3 page it says unspecified but her Wikipedia page it shows all her roles and it says

        Iron Man 3

        Janet Van Dyne

    • Both wiki and IMDB anyone can edit. I can go in there now and say she’s playing Ms. Marvel and it’d probably stick for a while.

      • Do it!
        Just for the lolz :)

  14. Interesting. Certainly looks like Janet van Dyne. :)

  15. i Wish they would bring Spiderwoman :(

    • Second that wish as well.

  16. If true we can only hope they don’t then go with Lang as Ant-man which would be exponentially more lame if Wasp is a part of things. To leave out the only remaining founding member would be a huge smack in the face to Marvel/Avengers and Ant-Man fans.

    • Agreed!

  17. She looks the part, and I’m excited, but if that’s really her pushing Tony to the walls… then it couldn’t be Janet. At least, her character doesn’t seem likely to act aggressive like that… (as far as I know, feel free to correct me)

    • I think that if she would go to Tony for help on something REALLY important to her (like her father’s death, or something concerning a loved one) and that Tony didn’t take her seriously (hey, it IS Tony we’re talking about ;-)) then I think she could get mad enough to pin him to the wall.

      Of course, in the comics, Jan is like 5’4 and 110-some pounds, whereas Tony is a lot taller and bigger, so she wouldn’t be able to do much pushing around. In the pic, they look almost the same height. Somebody knows how tall that actress is?

      • Not the most reliable source, but Wiki says she’s 5’5″.

        • Jeez.. my brain isn’t working today (not that it ever works that well). My facts are all wrong- It was IMDB- not wiki- and her height is listed as 5’6″.

  18. ok, so again I would like to point out that a really good way to introduce a ‘new’ iron man is the time slip scenario, where they recruit a teenage tony stark/iron man from another time line due to mainstream tony being under mind control, but rather than having return he ends up getting stuck in our timeline.
    I also provide again one of my possible wasp theories, that she could be the estranged daughter of henry pym the original ant-man, and ends up teaming up with scott lang the new antman. admittedly, I would prefer the classic scenario, but just throwing out an alternitive

    • Interesting.

      Re-casting Tony Stark down the road will be a near-impossible task.

      • I completely agree with you, I don’t know how they could or would do it.

  19. alternate timelines sound really lame

    • I agree about the alternate timelines. I’d rather Stark found out he had a genius illegitimate son from a drunken fling in his past to take over the IM role or something like that. Anything but a stupid alternate timeline story.

  20. actualy, it usualy works out decently, and it is a bit cooler than you would think, also parallel timelines and alternate futures have been a staple of marvel’s for decades.

    also the possibility of the actor being madame mask could be rather likely.

  21. Not that I don’t want to see The Wasp but I don’t see fans “going crazy” over her inclusion. Ms. Marvel I could see if that were the announcement.

    • If I were in creative control of The Avengers 2, I’d have a hard time narrowing down a smaller roster, but Black Panther and Ms. Marvel, along with Ant-Man and Wasp would be the main four I’d want to add, with SHIELD support from Hawkeye/Black Widow again, boosted by Falcon.

      • Rob what do you think about A3 if there is one? all of the characters, maybe fighting a world wide battle? that way they would not all have to be on set together and it could be filmed at the same time by a 2nd unit director in another country so it has the world wide epic saga ending kind of feel to it, then maybe they could get RDJ to comeback for one last Avengers movie! you got me thinking what if pepper dies in IM3 and tony just disappears for the A2 so ppl think he is dead (maybe a crazy ending in IM3) and he comes back for that last teamk up with the old band to save the world not just NY or this country?
        WHAT DO YOU THINK? I would love to know

        • If I can just interject for a second on a side note. Why is it everyone keeps downplaying that last big fight in Avengers? It was a big freakin worm hole with countless alien soldiers on the other side, and while not nearly a total match for the Avengers even with advanced numbers, probably would have had the world’s military on the ropes by themselves.

          Why do you guys feel like only NY or America was threatened? Were they just gonna say “ok Avengers defeated, city somewhat trashed, citizens pissing themselves, I think we can go home now” or “well we got this one, kinda big, highly populated country. Why bother with the rest?”

          The Avengers CONTAINED the invasion to NY because they were already right there when it started. Its the same principal with a fire: unapposed it could burn down entire buildings but, if the fire department is near by they could contain the fire to just one room in a building and put it out. Unapposed, the invasion could have easily over powered the rest of earth’s defenses.

          So why all the down play? I agree that the army deffinatly seemed like no match at all for the Avengers, not even close in the end. But, the threat was still there and the stakes of the Avengers failing was always present. The gravity of the situation was always emphasised in the movie whether you listend to it or not. It might not have seemed as dire as a fireworks warehouse being set on fire. But no fire department and the fire could have still burned the world down. Give it some credit for what it was.

          • Dang that turned out longer than I thought. Sorry guys. But still why not give it credit for being something that, without the Avengers, had the potential to have been a bigger threat and more worth the Avengers time in facing it than you guys give it credit for?

          • I’ve never downplayed The Avengers final battle in terms of how threatening it was, but I will now because it wasn’t a global threat by any means.

            The film didn’t showcase any Chitauri weapons of mass destruction. They had soldiers riding speeders with rifles and space whales that bashed buildings. We saw at most, less then a dozen space whales (troop transports) and what, a few hundred speeders?

            If Stark didn’t redirect the nuke, goodbye Chitauri in NY.

            We didn’t even see Earth’s military in action (just one Humvee parked), outside of Hawkeye flying a SHIELD Quinjet too close to Loki, but I imagine if we saw squads of U.S. Airforce vehicles and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s soldiers/weapons, the Chitauri wouldn’t have lasted long.

            I’m not really sure what Loki’s end game was, because the portal couldn’t fit the Chitauri mothership in it and those space whales and speeders weren’t going to capture the planet. The end battle was badass and the movie wins out for its awesome factor, but if you think about what’s happening from a big picture perspective and how it ended with the Chitauri just shutting down (which Whedon even acknowledges is lame), it doesn’t make sense from what was shown.

            Ps. I just watched the final hour of The Avengers earlier today so this is (re)fresh in memory :)

            • I’ve often thought the same thing along the lines your thinking Rob but the part that counters the argument is Captain America’s plan. Contain them and or kill them if they pass several blocks. Also, Loki’s plan was never about really conquering, hence why Coulson said, “you lack conviction”, his plan was more of a scorned child who was hurt that Thor got the throne. If you look at Loki’s reaction when Coulson says it, it is a moment where he completely feels himself powerless. By the end of the movie his reaction when Thor confronts him is, “holy f*** what am I doing” but then at the same time still conflicted he stabs Thor. In the final scene he is like, “oops”

              Now as far as endgames go. If Loki is the trickster he is said to be and Thanos knows about the Infinity Gauntlet then what better way to retrieve it than using the trickster?

              And another note on Loki. He is also shown to completely under estimate the human race, especially with his Ant and boot analogy and Stark’s analogy that this guy wants attention.

              Another thing about the wormhole which they should’ve stated in the movie, is the energy it needed to open (Stark’s reactor). Meaning it takes time to fully mature, and right now it was just all about landing.

              But I do still agree with the fact that it should’ve been on a grander scale. Almost Idenpendence day level scale and also found the whole disable the army like the Borgs by killing it’s queen a cop out on the writer’s part, they could’ve easily still keep captured or escaped Chautaries in the MCU.

              As for Avengers 3 or phase 3. I think that it should just be one long drawn out battle of some sort that uses a combination all the movies.

              Especially with all the studios finally wisening up and wanting to work together.

              It could either be Galactus, Civil War (though I think Civil War should be used way down the line) and even Thanos himself.

              • by ID4 level scale I really just mean, that the army should’ve played a bigger role in fighting alongside the Avengers with War Machine serving as the liaison between the Avengers and the army…

    • Why would fans go more crazy about Ms Marvel than about the Wasp? Because she has big boobs? :-P

      The fans have been demanding – practically begging – for Ant-Man and the Wasp even way before The Avengers started shooting. That’s probably why the studios think that the fans would go crazy at the news.

  22. Whoever will play the role of the “wasp” will surely be expected to deliver and I do believe that on their pick wither Ashley or Stephanie they will surely deliver what was expected in them…

  23. I feel she should’ve already been established by now, since she was part of the original team and all. Same for Ant-Man

  24. I would love to see Summer Glau play Wasp

  25. Personally, I would love for Janet Van Dyne to be introduced because then it would assure me that it would be Hank Pym as Ant-Man.. not Scott Lang. Rumour has it that the Ant Movie being released in 2015 will feature two “Ant-Men” within flashbacks and such. Hank Pym in the 60′s and Scott Lang now (present day).
    I really don’t like this idea at all but it seems that’s what Marvel Studios and Edgar Write are going with.

    • While I see the straight forward logic in your comment, there is nothing that says they “have” to then have Pym in the correct role. I wish it were so but they could just as easily have Pym make the particles years ago and have Wasp take advantage of them through SHIELD or maybe IM in present day (along with Lang swiping the suit)

      • I understand your point. I just don’t like that possibility. I can’t see Janet Van Dyne without Pym, I find Pym just more of an interesting character than Lang.

  26. I said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    Cast Milla Jovovich as the Wasp!

    • No. Besides she’s probably already working on the next installment of sh***y Resident Evil schlock. That and she’s NOT HOT and hasn’t been in a good movie since The Fifth Element.

      • Besides, she’s a bit old to play the Wasp, who is supposed to be in her early twenties. Don’t get me wrong, I think Mila is a beautiful woman, but I don’t think she could pass for a college girl anymore

  27. On IMDb they have listed Aja Frary as her stunt double, so it’s obviously quite a meaty role if it necessitates the use of a stunt double, maybe. Obviously we won’t see her as Wasp in this film, I assume, but this is still quite intriguing.

  28. This guy Wardell sure has a funny idea about what drives the fans wild. This is not one of them.

  29. Why does there seem to be a belief out there that Pepper Ports is going to die