‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer Keeps It Serious

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It was only three weeks ago when Robert Downey Jr. returned to the set of Iron Man 3 after an injury and while principal photography resumes, so does the marketing campaign begin. We’ve known for three weeks that October 23rd would be the day the first Iron Man 3 trailer officially releases, offering a look at footage only seen so far behind-closed-doors at Comic-Con and certain trade and press events.

As a result of of fans joining the Iron Man Facebook page, a short preview of the trailer released on Sunday, followed by another earlier today to go along with the first Iron Man 3 poster and a set of photos from the film.

The media splash this week represents the first major marketing push for Iron Man 3 – and hence, the beginning of Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe – since Marvel Studios held a panel presentation for the film this summer at Comic-Con. At the presentation, director Shane Black, Marvel pres Kevin Feige and cast, shared several minutes of unfinished footage from the film.

Iron Man 3 Ben Kingsley Mandarin Close up 570x242 Iron Man 3 Trailer Keeps It Serious

In that sizzle reel, we got our very first look Ben Kingsley dressed up as the Mandarin to go along with his intimidating voiceover, a scene showcasing Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark suiting up in his new Extremis (Mark 47?) armor, and a mishmash of action bits including the destruction of Stark’s seaside mansion. While “darker in tone” has been the buzzword since Shane Black and Drew Pearce became in involved with the threequel, Iron Man 3 will not be without the series’ trademark character-driven comedic moments. In the Comic-Con footage, that was highlighted by a hilarious scene featuring Stark attempting to re-hire Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan as they reflect on the battle of New York from The Avengers.

The test trailers however – from the descriptions – focused strictly on the more intense, dramatic moments, and this trailer does exactly as described and includes the same voice over from the previous footage and the same scenes from the leaked descriptions. Watch the HD trailer on Apple.

Iron Man 3 Trailer Official Iron Man 3 Trailer Keeps It Serious

 Official Iron Man 3 synopsis:

Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man 3″ pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Does this first detailed look at Iron Man 3 offer a promising threequel that’ll make up for Iron Man 2? Does the style and tone match your expectations for the first chapter (read: first post-Avengers film) of Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe? How about Mandarin’s voice?

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Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

Check out our full Iron Man 3 image gallery, updated with 35 new hi-res, enhanced images from this trailer!


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  1. Bad*** Boyd and girls just f****** bad*** is all I have to say. I’m going to pull a doctor cox and try something I haven’t done since Highschool…BACKFLIP!!!!

    • Haha. I watched that episode last night.

  2. Great trailer. Liking the sense of urgency and gravity.

    Some take aways:

    1) shot of people’s forms burnt into the walls with makeshift funeral plot infront of them. To me seems like a giveaway for radioactive man. Radiation burns on the walls of the people he killed (by mistake?).

    2) stark controls his suit with his mind. Hence the scene in the bedroom where (stark dreaming/nightmare?) suit perceives Pepper as threat and removes her hand from touching him. Post assault on starks house, we see his suit throw him in the ground. Possibly just prior to then (the suit) sliding down and getting tangled in the wires from the falling house and presumably getting crushed at the bottom of the ocean.
    3) foot with torn pants at around 50secs might suggest bruce banner/hulk as some have suggested. Would be really cool for him to cameo unexpectedly.

    • I would be really stoked to see Radioactive Man. Would be a fantastic secondary villain for the movie.

  3. anybody else think that happy good get exposed to something and turn into the Freak?

  4. I don’t understand the appeal of all these ‘dark’ ‘gritty’ ‘edgy’ terms.. it seems like people want movies grounded in reality, and that I can totally get behind, but it worries me when they seem to be going the ‘hey in real life bad stuff happens and that’s just how it is’ route. That’s the cheap and easy way to evoke realism. Part of the reason Avengers was so good that while it was grounded in reality and some bad stuff happened it was about them overcoming it and the rush of achieving the impossible with all these well fleshed out interesting characters behaving believably. I think just expecting dark and gritty to be some magical bullet to make a good movie is blowing one important element all out of proportion.. I hope that while there are high stakes and serious struggle in this, that there is still a solid story, well crafted humor and triumph in this movie, and that I don’t leave feeling ill like some of the batman ones for my part. Remaining hopeful, though!

    • Could not agree more. Gritty is not what made Batman great. It’s just what all the unknowledgable gravitate toward. Compare how many people died in The Avengers and how many probably would have died in a real event. It’s the other things that make a movie great. But most people don’t recognize that.


  5. Does anybody know what the hell’s in the background at the 1:12 mark?
    It looks like a large stuffed animal with huge um… well… just see for yourselves.

    • I’m pretty sure those are his front legs, Avenger

      • Ah… well then, I apologize. It’s still pretty weird though.

        • I think I also noticed the stuffed animal… to the left of Tony right?

          • Right, on his left… right ;)

            • Correct. And it appears to be a giant stuffed bunny. I can’t watch the trailer anymore without noticing it.

  6. I was not a fan of Mandarins Voice at first but its not that bad, reminds me of philip seymour hoffmans voice in mission impossible 3, kind of a chilling deadpan

  7. Also – it appears the suit is the one who blew the hole in the plane. Check out around 1:00 – there is a shot from inside the plane down the hall, right as the hole implodes into the plane.

    That’s the suit’s fist punching through the fuselage.

    • Yeah, the fist punches through the fuselage and blasts somebody with a repulsor. Makes me think the suit grabbing Pepper isn’t just a dream.

  8. Thought that was Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash cocking the gun

  9. first off I do agree with the thought about radiactive man causing the shadows(something similar was reported from hiroshama.
    also another thought, what if the virus turns killian into Modok? just a thought, but conjecture of course.
    hmmmmmmm a crazy a thought, what if he doesnt become freak(though again its just conjecture that he could) what if he was to die, and possibly become the imprint for the vision(stark has the tech, and admit it, coulson’s personality does not fit at all), and tony does have LMDs. though like I said freak may be more likely ;)
    just spitballing a bit here

  10. Love the VoiceOver. Super-cool, can’t wait!

  11. Props (or not) to Jon Favreau for giving up the director’s chair…but staying on to play Happy.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it was a good thing.

  12. Anyone curious how they Will answer the question why not just call a fellow avengers? Its gonna get tougher on marvel cause it Will be a lingering question. obviously Starks pride could be the contributing factor.

    • Well, Thor is in Asgard, dealing with all sorts of issues, and it’s unclear if he can even return (although he somehow did before The Avengers).

      Hulk is probably in hiding again. He’s probably still afraid that he’ll let the beast out and not be able to control it. Don’t blame him.

      Cap is also probably dealing with some personal depression, and honestly, even if he was there, I doubt he’d be able to do much against helicopters armed with rockets. Same goes for Black Widow and Hawkeye.

      Also, I’d bet that Tony is now avoiding SHIELD. As it seems from the trailer, he’s VERY shaken up from the events of The Avengers, and dealing with a lot of personal/psychological issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s trying to ignore and avoid Fury and co.

  13. Those helicopters are way too cartoonish. Nice concept, poor execution. Just unnecessary, campy, and Michael Bay-ish. Argh.

  14. The trailer looks amazing, I’m looking forward to this whole-heartily.

  15. Since no one else has mentioned it, I’ll say that I *really* like the typeface used for the title splash that one sees before beginning the trailer.

  16. the trailer was cool butI saw no evidence of magic rings which actually makes this movie drop down in my polls. Who knows The Wolverine or MoS could end up sweeping the title

    • 1:05

  17. I installed quicktime on my dell pc with windows 7. It won’t play and it’s too much hassle going through apples web site to get customer support. Now I’m going to uninstall quicktime. If screenrant or yahoo wants me to watch it, then let me watch it without going through all the hassle.

  18. If that’s Mandarin who’s talking he kinda sounds like Ascher from Spartacus lol

  19. “It’s less about his specific ethnicity than the symbolism of various cultures and iconography that he perverts for his own end,” Feige explained. “From his samurai hair, to his royal robe, to his bin Laden-esque beard, and the AK-47 he keeps at his side, Kingsley’s interpretation is a hodgepodge of various warrior motifs.”

    For those wondering about Kingsleys voice…I dont know if we will ever find out where the character is from, but hes not supposed to be Chinese.

  20. Someone may already have pointed this out, but did anyone notice the Captain America tattoo Mandarin has on the back of his neck when he pulls down the hood. Its quick to miss, but pause it.

  21. spam, spam, spam, spam

    • spam-a-lot?

  22. I got a Rocky IV vibe from seeing Tony dragging his armor through the snow. That can only be a good thing. Eye of the Tiger, Tony.

  23. Regarding the scene where the rogue Iron Man is seen taking Potts etc…anyone else get the feeling that’s what Stark’s “nightmares” are and those scenes are just dream-sequences?

    Apologies if it was mentioned already…I haven’t had the chance to read all of the comments.

  24. ben kingsley is horrible as mandarin, for starters he isn’t asian and secondly, he looks nothing like the mandarin from any ironman arc. would it have been that hard to get a somewhat known asian actor for the role ?

    the overly dramatic (and annoyingly unorganised) ‘score’ also ruined the trailer. the only thing that got my slightly interested was the CG and that’s debatable for a 2012 movie. all these new game and movie trailers are doing nothing to inform the viewer of the story, characters involved etc, they’re boiling down to random scenes that the producers are hoping will get viewers amped up to watch the movie. i bet this trailer is made up of most the action scenes (just like the IM2 trailers) which once again ruins things.

    lastly, is it really necessary for marvel to throw in their logo every chance they get, we get it you own a popular movie franchise, no need ot throw your bland logo in every bloody scene possible for the sake of marketing.

    overall, i would give this chaotic mess of a trailer a 1.5/5 and that’s only b/c of the visual effects. let’s hope the movie is nothing like IM2 and is somewhat tolerable (by not having trashy romance in it).

    • you really are a negative person. i have yet to see you say anything positive about anything on here. how exactly was the score for the trailer “annoyingly unorganized”?
      then you said”the only thing that got my slightly interested was the CG and that’s debatable for a 2012 movie.” what exactly does the year have to do with the cg? and btw, the movie opens in 2013.
      this is just a teaser trailer, made up of random action scenes, with some minor plot points thrown in. a full length trailer will probably come out next year, and then you will have even more stuff to complain about :)
      what trashy romance are you talking about? it was trashy in the 1st film when he hooked up with that reporter. she was a ho. his relationship with pepper is hardly trashy. are you a prepubescent tween who gets embarrassed when people kiss in movies? my daughter used to…when she was 11!
      and lastly, ALL companies put there logo on ALL there commercials. i guess nike should stop using the swoosh? windows not use their 4 square window thingy…you get my point?
      try to have a better outlook on life. you may live longer. just sayin’!

      • by 2012 i mean present time – the visuals at present time are way better then what was shown in this preview (looks like the movie 1012′s visuals which where blatantly obvious CG and no where near believable).

        the trashy romance was unnecessary garbage between tony and pepper in IM2, which consumed a solid 15 minutes they could have used to further mickey rourkes character (since he was about the only cool thing to happen in that movie). the tony i know from the comics and old cartoons didnt have a long term relationship with anyone, he was a player not a love sick puppy.

        marvel has been shoving their logo on everything ever since IM2 (when they really got into the movie business), just look at avengers ‘marvel presents marvel’s the avengers’, why do they need to announce that it is their avengers and that they’re ‘presenting’ it when most people already know what franchise characters are from ?

        lastly, the sound track in the trailer tries to be suspenseful, somewhat emotional and ‘epic’ all at the same time, which makes it disorganised and weird. it’s like hans zimmer having only one ear to use to listen whilst a cat screams in the other ear (i use him as an example since i doubt he would have done the score for this).

        dont try and label me as negative when all i give is my honest opinion which in most cases stands its ground as a topic(s) worth debating over.

  25. ^^
    first of all… ben kingsley is of indian origin, so that answers your “asian” doubt, and for your info India is in Asia.
    And secondly, dark knight’s joker didnt look like any joker before. So don’t cast your doubts now.
    Though I would really love to see Hulk giving a cameo and saving Iron Man, coz c’mon he should come for it, and they both seemed to be better friends in avengers than any other superhero duo :)

    • dont play dumb, you know that by asian i mean oriental not asian in general. if you have read the comics you would know that the mandarin is oriental asian (chinese iirc) and not india, half asian or an american trying to be asian.

  26. Just an fyi to all… Radioactive Man is guaranteed to play a part in this film. Check out the the character name “Chen Lu” or the actor that is playing him, which is Xuegi Wang. If for some reason you doubt me, here is the straight skinny from Wikipedia:
    “A nuclear physicist and Communist agent in the People’s Republic of China, Chen Lu first appears in Journey into Mystery #93 (June 1963). Ordered to find a way to defeat Thor – who thwarts the Red Army’s invasion of India – the character exposes himself to small doses of radiation until he is able to endure a massive barrage, becoming a living “Radioactive Man.” He plans to eventually take over the world.”

    Now, can we move on to discussing something even better, such as whether or not any of The Avengers will also play a role? If not, I feel it would be huge mistake…

  27. So as I was watching the trailer for about the 20th time (sadly, that is probably not an exaggeration), I decided to slow down and pause every split second in the scene I found the most intriguing: the Iron Man armor attacking Pepper.

    What I discovered is that Tony is sleeping, seemingly not very well. His mouth is slightly open and it’s probably that he’s sleep talking. He also appears to be sweaty. All of which supports his monologue at the trailer’s beginning. Pepper notices this and reaches out and touches Tony on the arm. I think she says his name. But then, the Iron Man armor clamps down its arm on Pepper’s arm (which is resting on Tony’s shoulder) and very roughly removes it from Tony and shoves it aside to the other side of the bed.

    While all of this is happening, Pepper has a look of sheer terror on her face, the Iron Man armor is creepily staring into Pepper’s eyes, and most interestingly, TONY IS STILL SLEEPING. Seriously, keep on pausing starting from :44 and you’ll see what I’m talking about. When the armor attacks them, Tony is still sleeping (or at least has his eyes closed).

    I think this supports the theory that Tony is subconsciously controlling the suit with his mind. In his troubled sleeping state, he somehow summoned the armor to protect him, but all it does is scare the s*** out of Pepper. Or it’s just a dream. Either way, it’s pretty clear that this is not someone else in an Iron Man suit, or Mandarin controlling Tony’s suit, cuz then I’d assume Tony would wake up.

    • Maybe the Mandarin is trying to mind control Tony which is why he’s having the bad dreams…

      • I’m almost completely and utterly positive that it’s because of what happened in NYC, to the Chatari coming through the portal, to him being thrown off his own building almost falling to his death, to him almost dying when he puts the nuke into the portal.

        Those are the “nightmares”. I’m ASSUMING he gets the Extremist armour EARLY on in the film.

        I hope they RENEW his contract for at least 2-3 more films (non-Iron Man films) including:

        Guardians of the Galaxy (that’s a STRETCH)
        The Avengers 2 & 3
        Ant-Man (this is also a STRETCH)

    • it very well could be the extermis as well…tony doing it in his sleep and not realizing it until he gets woken up. You see later that he makes the glove jump from the table to his hand so have to see how they do it.

      • my thoughts exactly

    • Exactly my thoughts. It either is Tony controlling the suit with his mind or Jarvis. There is another scene where Tony is on the floor and the armor is looking down at him. Kinda creepy really. I kinda fancy Jarvis playing bigger role in Iron Man 3. His artificial intelligence pal will also need to be upgraded after all.