‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer Description: More ‘Dark Knight’ Than Marvel Movie

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Iron Man 3 Concept Art Iron Man 3 Trailer Description: More Dark Knight Than Marvel Movie

Comic book movie fans are looking forward to “Phase 2″ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all the new adventures that their favorite Marvel superheroes will embark on. The “Phase 2″ initiative will culminate with The Avengers 2 in May 2015, and will introduce new franchises/heroes such as The Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. However, the larger “Phase 2″ storyline will really kick off in 2013, starting with the Marvel movie threequel, Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 footage was shown at Comic-Con 2012, meaning that the trailer for director Shane Black’s (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) first superhero movie can’t be far behind. Well, someone has seen the Iron Man 3 trailer that Marvel will soon release, and has described it for fans everywhere who want to know in advance. Read on for the trailer description – MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW!

AICN reader “Dr. Evil” was the person who got a look at the Iron Man 3 trailer – check out what he had to say about it (NOTE: we’ve left it as originally printed, including all spelling/grammar mistakes):

It opens with a voice over of Tony Stark talking about how the events of New York (I’m assuming the Avenger Movie) changed him, and how he’s just not “into it” anymore. First scene is Iron Man with battle damage, laying down amid rubble and taking of his faceplate to show a bleeding Stark. Scenes of him arguing with Pepper Potts in the armory (cool shots of alternative Iron Man suits including the red white and blue one we’ve seen on your site already), press conferences, Tony looking solemn, Tony talking with someone who looks like a psychiatrist, and a short shot of Don Cheadle in military uniform (no War Machine in the preview). Also one scene of who I presume is the Mandarin, forcefully landing and cracking the ground. However, it looked like a silver Iron Man. I was unable to tell in the brief view who it was (maybe due to unfinished CGI).

We then get a voice over from Ben Kingsley, talking about how there there are no heroes and how he will teach everyone, especially Stark, a lesson. This is over scenes of the alternative Suits getting blown up, Stark going into surgery, and a fleet of helicopters launching missiles which blow Stark’s home up and apart (the CGI looked nearly finished) and sending Stark and Pepper into the sea below. Then a close up of Kingsley with no helmet in the Mandarin armor.

It ends with Iron man underwater swimming towards what looks like his “heart reactor thing”. Then the logo, then stark walking in the snow dragging a large bag, then the logo again.

All and all, a somber trailer, dark and humorless, which seemed more in tone with The Dark Knight Rises than with any of the other Iron Man movies or the Avengers.

 Iron Man 3 Trailer Description: More Dark Knight Than Marvel Movie

Our own Rob Keyes confirms that this description above is pretty much in step with the Iron Man 3 Comic-Con footage he saw. It also falls in line with the type of Iron Man movie that Shane Black has previously stated he intends to make: one that functions more like a grounded espionage thriller than a whimsical superhero film. Finally, the tone set in that Iron Man 3 trailer also falls in line with what we here at Screen Rant have speculated about at great length: that films like IM3 and Captain America 2 will present more grounded, real-world stories (and grittier tones), in order to balance out the wild sci-fi aspects of upcoming “Marvel Cosmic” movies like Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Of course, people are going to hear “Dr. Evil’s” comparison of IM3 to The Dark Knight and immediately start tossing around the usual “apples and oranges” and “Iron Man shouldn’t be like Batman” objections. While we are game to see Shane Black and Co. try something different with the franchise, we know others have enjoyed the more lighthearted tone of the Iron Man films, and Marvel movies in general. The good news is: no matter how you like your comic book films – Marvel or Nolan style – the two-pronged approach Marvel is taking in its “Phase 2″ run should be able to appease both camps.

The Iron Man 3 trailer should be online sometime soon. The film will be in theaters on May 3, 2013.

Source: AICN

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  1. Well this is good news, you cant have every movie with stark cracking jokes, sure its his personality but we need to see more sides to him. It would seem too repetitive for him to act the way he does in the other films and the critics are too critical half the time and would complain that its to similar to previous movies just by that.

    Plus Mandarin is his nemesis so that needs to come across by having Stark in as much pain and emotion as possible which makes us feel like Mandarin is his nemesis and wont be stopped by some guy that dresses in an iron suit. Cant wait to see the trailer for myself.

    • @Corey

      Uh, NOT good news. I don’t want Iron Man to be depressing and dark, I like the humor, I like the fact that I left The Avengers like I left the original Iron Man, with a big smile on my face and not feeling like I want to kill myself like after TDK…

      I agree that it can’t be exactly the same, but at the same time, I definitely don’t want them going the Nolan Batman route. It worked for Batman, but I love the character Iron Man for different reasons…

      • “not feeling like I want to kill myself like after TDK…” exaggeration much lol

        IM was actually quite gritty and dark, Tony just happens to take most thing with stride, atleast on the surface. IM3 would benefit much keeping it’s tone closer to IM then IM2

        • @Ingur

          It was a bit, but the difference is hat TDK was TRYING to be all dark and gloomy at the end, continuously reminding the audience about how Batman is making some great sacrifice and being the hero the city needs and blah blah blah. While Iron Man’s seriousness stemmed from the seriousness of his situation, so it was more a part of the plot and not something they tried hard to force upon you like they did at the end of TDK. At least in my opinion.

      • Nolan was a genius – dark and brooding works for Batman becuase THAT is his character, but morons in Hollywood want to fit a sphere into a square peg – it won’t work for other characters like Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman, etc

      • Sorry Corey. If you wanted to kill yourself after TDK you got issues man. Comic books are a varied medium just like books and movies, and the Iron Man comics dealt with some dark and serious stuff and… AND it worked. And was popular. And got good reviews. And people liked it.
        Lots of fans have been waiting to explore a darker side of Iron Man on film. And if you can’t accept anything but a happy go-lucky saturday action movie, then you have seriously got to broaden your horizons.
        Iron Man was doing kinds of dark that Batman never touched in the comics. Its about damn time we see it in the movies.

        This is GREAT news.

        • hahahahahaha, dude. read my comment.

          • I think he meant @ Ken J lol

        • yeah I totally meant it at Ken J. My bad.

        • @Joseph

          Uh, relax, obviously it was an exaggeration, don’t take everything so literally, geez…

  2. Iron Man 2 was HORRIBLE. A typical Marvel film taken to the tenth degree with it’s typical cheese factor. CHEESE.

    Damn shame because Iron Man is one of my fave

    • Iron Man 2 was not horrible.

      • Of course it was. It’s down there with the first two Fantastic Four movies.

        • No it wasnt.

        • No. WAY.

        • Down there with the first two Fantastic Four movies? Are you high?

          • Am I high?


            • BWWWHAHAHAHAHA

              • With a name like Kryp Tonic yeah,,,,high. Kryp Kronic would have been cooler though.

            • Great comeback… “Am I high? Yes” LMFAO!!!

              IM2 WAS bad I agree, but as bad as FF2? I don’t agree with that, it might be bad, but it was not THAT bad.

        • You’re confused. The primary fault with IM2 is that it wasn’t up to the IM1 quality. It was no where are bad as ether of the FF movies. A simple look up shows that the audience enjoyed IM2 but hated both FF movies.

          • Where we have a special type of troll, this one comes into a conversation when it is near its end and trys to make it get worse. With little to no success.

            This type of troll is a common sight in the internet, but not as common as the regular troll who lives with their mother and has no job. Although most likely, he shares those qualities.

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            The way to get rid of these kind of trolls is to avoid him, and if you ever wanted to draw “Late Bloomers” out to kick one in the butt, you should start with fresh pizza rolls while ringing a bell to let him know it is dinner time.

            • *Here we have a special type of troll…

              • Yep! I do watch porn. Not all day though. LOL

                • I was referring to Brian. But okay, to each his own.

            • You seem mad.

              Don’t feed the troll!

        • I never understood why so many people are complaining about Ironman 2, I’ve enjoyed it very much. There are really bad sequels out there, this one was good, not great, but pretty good, IMO.

        • IM2 had too much glitz and glamour. But horrible is a bad choice of word for describing it. Horrible it was NOT.

          • Too much glitz and glamour? Stark is a celebrity. That´s what he does. Just like in Iron Man 1 when he was a Ceasar´s Palace.

        • I actually like the two Fantastic Four movies WAY more than I liked IM2…

    • It’s not that bad.

    • IM2 was pretty far from horrible.

      • But even further from good! lol

        • lol

  3. I like this. I honestly felt the humor was already a bit stale halfway through Iron Man 2, although it was okay in the Avengers.

  4. If this is true, I’m intrigued…

    The movie will still have a lot of humor (with RDJ as the lead, that’s a given), but I think a darker tone might work very well for this: kinda going back to Iron Man 1 (which was still funny, but also took itself pretty seriously at times)
    Also, Stark has seen some messed up $#!t in TA and I’ve always thought this movie should show the aftermath of that – how it affects him in his world when all the aliens, monsters and soldiers went their separate ways (and with what this description teases, it sounds like that’s exactly what they’re going for)

    All in all, this description (if accurate) sounds pretty good to me. Definitely more excited for the movie now.
    (It’ll be nice to have a more serious Marvel movie again – to shut up all the haters ;))

    P.S. Does anybody have an idea what “Mandarin armor” might mean? I’m seriously hoping it isn’t actual, Iron Man-like armor :( – we’ve already gotten enough of that in IM1 & IM2.

    • Im also hoping they dont mean actual armor, doesnt the mandarin kid wear armor in the animated Iron Man??

    • they might indecate a timeline in which the story takes place. i wonder if they are going in depth with his alcoholism?

      • The story takes place right after the events of The Avengers, and at Comic Con they said they wouldn’t be dealing with Tony’s alcoholism in this movie.

  5. I like it. I mean we expect it to be somewhat light hearted but after all Iron Man is a fractured guy. Spiderman jokes all the time but he’s been through some rough stuff. Im glad they are taking this route to show that not only does being a superhero make you famous it also makes you more succeptible to attack. Im crossing my fingers this movie is amazing!

  6. Mandarin armor? /sigh

    So they are apparently borrowing this from the short lived Iron Man: Armored Adventures animated show? I’m not exactly “up” on my mandarin history and maybe this was introduced in the comics (aside from the Iron Man Mandarin Armor) but I thought he was supposed to be a superhuman martial artist and with the rings the equal of IM.

    Why does it always HAVE to be armored guy vs armored guy? I thought the little battle in Avengers with Thor proved this doesn’t have to be the case.

    • I think he is just confused about who it is, its probly just one of the ”cyborg” characters we’ve been hearing about.

      • Well, it’s pretty hard to confuse Sir Ben Kingsley with other actors. The description did say “Then a close up of Kingsley with no helmet in the Mandarin armor.” – so if it’s Kingsley he saw, then it’s definitely the Mandarin…

  7. This is good because Iron Man 2 was too light, it didn’t take anything seriously. Iron Man was light but it had a good story. If this can do what Iron Man “1” did with a darker tone, then I’m up for it. Andd I love Nolan’s films 😀

  8. Nolan’s Batman is not the best model for Ironman, in my very humble opinion.

    Sure, we all love and appreciate Nolan’s vision for Batman, but I see no reason why every superhero film should in turn be sapped of their colorfulness and humor.

    If they want to make a better movie than Ironman 2, they should look to Ironman 1, not ‘The Dark Knight’.

    • Iron Man took itself pretty seriously at some points, too.

      I think Shane is trying to show a new side of Stark. Character development is rarely colorful and humorous, I guess.

      • That’s a fair point. Characters need an opportunity to develop, and pain and suffering are an effective tool in that regard.

        However, I think that the first movie accomplished this without making sacrifices in the fun department.

        We do see Tony in a few pretty dark moments (watching his friend die before his escape in Afghanistan, getting furious while watching terrorists brutalize Afghani civilians on TV, etc.), but that didn’t prevent the film from being a lot of fun most of the time.

    • FYI Ironman1 took inspiration from Batman Begins in terms of story and tone. The original script is kuch different.

      • Which is okay, as far as I’m concerned. Batman Begins, after all, is a much lighter film than either of its sequels.

        • “Batman Begins, after all, is a much lighter film than either of its sequels.”

          And better film, I might add, IMO.

      • That’s pretty funny for those who loved Iron Man and hated BB.

  9. Dark and gritty is ok.

    Less humor is ok.

    But please, PLEASE, no clumsy, lengthy, philosophic exposition, which plagues all of Nolen’s Batman movies. I don’t need everything explained to me. Show me. Don’t tell me. I’m not an idiot.

    I’m begging you Marvel. I’m on my knees.

    Don’t go there.

  10. Wondering if the mandarin will have his rings?

  11. I agree with that Iron Man is not Batman. But He needs some character development. He can’t just make jokes in the heat of the battle for the end of time.

    I think those who loved the more light-hearted Marvel movies will be disappointed with this one if the movie is actually like that described above. I believe Shane Black can maintain the balance between humor and seriousness (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lethal Weapon).

    So, yeah I’m super excited for this right now. I’m looking forward to seeing Tony’s new side and of course because of Guy Pearce.

    I thought after TA’s scuccess the studio would rather not do a more serious superhero movie, looking at how much money TA made, but as it appears I could be wrong.

  12. Dark shouldn’t always mean that it’s like Batman. Tony has his own demons, and Marvel has plenty of dark stories. It’s all about balance. Too much of ether is bad.

  13. Not surprising. Shane Black himself, is a big fan of Nolan’s Batman and convinced Faverau to ground his IronMan and use Batman Begins as inspiration.

    Sounds good despite the inclusion off the horrible extremis arc and the bad taste IM2 I still have in my mouth. Such bad taste lol

    • Yeah, the whole Extremis thing is still pretty off putting IMO.
      I hope they don’t delve too deep into that story arc…

  14. I don’t think any marvel movie should aspire to be anything like the Batman movies, they wernt comic book movies, they were an exploration of human emotion wrapped in a symbol and blah blah blah soooo over that awful trilogy, can’t wait for a Batman reboot!!

    • “an exploration of human emotion wrapped in a symbol”

      So its a character study? Much like the comic books are study of a character’s growth of beliefs, skills and personality, through the most extreme of circumstances.

    • You just described why Nolan’s Batmans are so great. Because they weren’t just like any other regular superhero movies.

      • They were a character study as Ignur Rant also said.

        Please think before you write nonsense.

  15. The only reason why Iron Man 2 didnt come out as good as Iron Man 1 was because it seemed that it was rushed. Alot of the scenes sounded and looked stupid especially with the Whole Party Scene (STUPID it should have never been in the movie or Iron Man peeing in his Armor?)The Fight Scene between Tony Stark and Rhodey Was stupid as well should have never been in the movie but more of a cut scene. The Actors Hair do’s were all Fu###d Up especially Tony Starks (Robert Downey Jr) and Christine Everharts (Leslie Bibb) Looks like they got out of bed and decided “hey we have to film an Iron Man 2 Scene dont have time to fix our hairs lets just start filming” The Last Scene between Whiplash, War Machine and Iron Man was too Short and that should have been the longest scene in the movie

    • It seemed like it was rushed because it was rushed.
      If you take a look at all the production problems that movie had, you’d be impressed at how well they actually did with the amount of time they had to do it in (and IMO, while IM2 is the weakest of all the Marvel Studios movies, it was still an okay movie).

      They only had 2 years to produce the entire thing (Scripting, pre-prod, shooting and post-prod). They had script re-writes during the principal photography and Mickey Rourke didn’t make things easier for them either lol (at first there was going to be two villains, but then when Rourke came on board, being the diva that he is, the other villain was scrapped and replaced by… a parrot ;))

      • Im sorry 2 years is plenty time for production. It’s the unoffical time for pre-production. Good movies have been made in less time.

        IM2 suffered from too many heads in the kitchen creating a lack of direction, the forced SHIELD/Avenger tie-in, the want to sell more IronMan toys and Marvel punking Faverau out of the film he really wanted to make — Demon in the Bottle.

          • @Blaastar
            Justin Theroux was the main writer but he did not have free reign to write the story he wanted. Marvel Studios had him insert several other plot points. The main thing is that it was not the film Faverau wanted to make. Marvel Studios pushed him in a different direction he wanted to go in.

            I totally agree that the Mandarin is much more bad a** w/o the armor. I always loved the image of simple robed Mandarin beating up the IronMan with hand-to-hand combat and his ten rings.

    • With the exception of the peeing in the suit, I love that movie.

  16. Disney? Dark and gritty? I am not buying it.

    • :):):) LOL

    • Touchstone and Miramax (among others) are Disney subsidiary companies (just like Marvel Studios) and they’ve made quite a few “dark and gritty” movies – even a few R-rated films.

    • Maybe you should see “Brave”. Dark and gritty wrapped in a little humor and CGI animation. Excellent movie BTW.

  17. Ironman needs a great villian…. was bored with both whiplash and… idk his name Jeff bridges. either way ironman 1 was my fav marvel movies with ironman 2 tied for my least far with cap. ill see how this goes

  18. I think delving into tony’s darker emotions isnt exactly a bad thing. You to remember that just because he designed weapons and saves the world doesn’t mean he’s emotionally ready for the loss of life. We see that with the death of yin sid ( Can we get some acknowledgement for the co creator of the iron man suit?) And agent coulson in the avengers.

    At the end of the day he’s a rich guy with no training who has seen and dealt out death. Soldiers who are told from the jump that death is their business can crack if they see to much or just lose a guy they never had a chance to get to know better, likw agent coulson or yin sid.

    • I say kill ironman off in avengers 2. 3 Movies are enough for ironman solo movies. take a risk strike fear into the unbeatable team. RDJ is getting old, already injured himself. that would be a move that would shock me in the best way.

      • You kill RDJ you lose half your fanbase.

      • …yeah, they’re not killing off Stark. I can tell you that already.
        Even IF RDJ retires the role, Feige has already said they’re planning on going the Bond-route with the character (having other actors portray him).

        I agree with Ignur though, once RDJ is gone, they’ll lose a huge percentage of the fan-base. As much as I love these movies, I’m not even sure how interested I’d be in an IM movie without the REAL Tony Stark (RDJ) as the lead.

        • I always thought Leo DiCapdrio could do a more serious world-weary Tony Stark. The perfect actor to dive into the bottle so to speak.

          • DiCaprio as Tony Stark?
            No thanks 😉

            • kill off stark? i’d rather kill off that hipster chick in thor

    • sO lets expore the effects that war and death would have on a self made narccistic superhero. I would love to see RDJ secretly having post traumatic stress after the Avengers. In private his had is shaking from all te caranage but he covers it with humor and deflection.

      • i see the problem from a business standpoint but a marvel main character needs to die and not caulson. but I love your post traumatic stress idea

        • Killing of one of the main heroes would be a bold move. And i love bold moves. it would bring sime much needed suspense into the Marvel Universe.

          As dear little Arya Stark once said “Anyone can be killed.”

      • Yes, something must lead to his alcoholism. He could get fired from the Avengers in A2 and have Rhodes take his place.

  19. I seem to recall everyone said the first trailers for IM and IM2 were “too serious”. I’m willing to bet that IM3 will have some humor and light hearted moments.

  20. Oh yeah it was a character study, so what did we learn from this?

    Bruce Wayne was a moping Howard Hughes type who really hated his wealth and just wanted to get away from Gotham, give up his money and spend his days drinking coffee ignoring his only real family he ever had, riveting stuff – plus he defeated Bane and Talia, great, what about the thousand crooks that had been let loose? He retired from Gotham leaving it in a worse state then when he begun his mission, good job Batman you’ve achieved bugger all!

    Should never have been a trilogy, Nolan should have passed on director duties after dark knight, then they should have made it like Bond, a different episode each time, ah well, rant over

    • Worse state? Every criminal was in that fight and was shown being apprehended by SWAT members…. yeah scarecrow got away but is henchmen less besides the occasional criminal. Plus JGL is now there to attempt to protect. he may not be trained but he has time. no big threat would attack the city right away.

    • LOL, that’s what you see.

      What I see is something different.

    • “Should never have been a trilogy, Nolan should have passed on director duties after dark knight, then they should have made it like Bond, a different episode each time, ah well, rant over”

      LMAO!! This guy.

  21. I applaud the change in direction. It makes sense to have more movies that are gritty and fundamentally grounded. I’m sure the actors would like to have more to do than to simply “vogue” it.

    I’m still skeptical, though. I doubt we’ll ever see a Marvel film that approaches the Dark Knight in style/tone. but I’d love to be wrong.

  22. Did they all get apprehended? I thought there was still loads of nutters left on the loose from the first one, thought that was the point, so that there would a reason for all the crazy looking adversaries to look the way they did, and who is going to train JGL? Zorro? Rexquando? Do you think Batman could take a round house kick to the face from a guy wearing stars and stripes pants? I don’t think so!

    • well atleast some were apprehended . and how JGL gets trained is a completely different story. if wb decides to continue it someone Will make that as a decision. I don’t see how you can judge a movie by future consequences. cause a new writer could answer your ?s

    • I understand your points I really do and I’m not trying to bash them or anything. but in my opinion we are led to believe JGL is the new protector of Gotham. how is he qualified? Idk nor does anyone. but we are just suppose to believe it and I do. he is a good brawler a smart detective and doesn’t fear death aka the bridge scene. Yeah I’d love to know who trains him but the trilogies job isn’t to do so. its a whole other story to tell. its like saying oh man how did they get rid if 10000 alien bodies in the avengers? And did the government do test on them? Idk

    • “Training is nothing. The will is everything. The will to act”

      -. Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins

      And hit the reply button. Stop starting new threads.

      • exactly…Blake believed that he could take over as Batman, and with his experiences in life that will be enough. seems like not everyone realized that was one of the major themes of the trilogy

    • lol @ round house kick/stars & stripes pants!!!

  23. Slightly off topic, but do you see RDJ doing any more IM movies after IM3?

    He’s only contracted for IM3 (out of a 3 picture deal, I think). After that, they’ll have to renegotiate his contract (which I’m sure will be very expensive, and assumes he wants to continue on doing it).

    RDJ is such a great improv talent. He made the first IM film better because of it. If this is his last film, they’ll need to find someone of similar caliber to replace him.

    • RDJ said he’s willing to keep doing it for as long as he can. I’m sure he wants to though. He’s stated how much this character means to him and how much respect he has for him: it revived his career after all… and it’s the role he’ll be most widely remembered for in his entire career (most likely).

      Feige said that once RDJ steps down, they’ll do the Bond thing by getting other actors to continue on (i.e no reboot), but for all we know that could be a long ways down the road.
      I also remember reading an interview where they said Stark is a character that can age and that they’d be willing to have an older Stark in their universe.

      Personally, I think Marvel will extend his contract for a few more movies. And I think RDJ will accept…

    • Didn´t they all sign a 9 picture deal?

      • from what i remember reqading around this and other similar sights, RDJ signed a 4 pic deal, they paid him extra for the cameo in TIH, SLJ had the 9 pic deal, CE signed a 6 pic deal, as well as cobie smulders. not sure about chris hemsworth, and apparently MR signed a 6 pic deal, dont know if that included TA, as the 6 pic deal was anounced well after production on TA. of all that group, the only one i won’t be sad to see replaced is chris evans, as he just seems like he doesnt really want to be there. i base that off his demeanor in some of the comic-con footage from pre-avengers, and his performance in TA, plus in some interviews, he’s stated he really didn’t want to do this, but apparently the buckets of cash caused a change of heart.
        speaking of cap, netflix now has IM2, thor, and CA:TFA on streaming.

  24. guys if you read the comics… the extremis story arc is an origin story which includes the mandarin… i think this is some sort of character re-rebuilding for tony… a subtle reboot of tony’s character but not in a major way… i saw an extremis motion comic and its pretty good.. ofcourse they are only going to borrow concepts from the comic… let’s just wait and see what will happen, i dont think they are going to risk things after the avengers success

    • That’s a shame. Mandarin should tie into IM1,s Ten Ring Terrorist Orginization. Bring the story full circle like TDKRises.

  25. Cool. Ironman 3 would benefit by a defeated Tony Stark. He can courageously build himself back up. Highlighting the heart of a hero that the Ironman has lacked imo.

    -Idk what anyone says the drunken dancing/showboating scene in IM:2 was equivalent to Reed Richard’s bachelor party in FF4:2 and Peter Parker’s emo crap in SM:3

    • Nothing is as bad as emo peter parker musical hour atleast we learned the answer to an age old question in IM2 “How does h he pee?”

    • Are you kidding me that scene was f****** hilarious

      and nothing, I repeat nothing is as bad as dancing emo Peter Parker.

  26. *FF:2*^^

  27. I want to see Tony Stark bearded, and ragged, homeless in the street and people looking at him like, “I know that guy, he sorta looks like, naah, can’t be”. Loses Stark Industries everything and avoids his friends while they search for him, is homeless meets Namor Mcckenzie in a homeless shelter in Belize or some other country, gets advice from Namor, springs back and gets his company back while becoming Iron Man again and overcomes his demons. Unfortunately this will never happen. sigh*

    • ^^Like.

      The Ironed Man Rises lol

    • emo peter was not sam raimis and tobey’s fault … it was all sony’s doing …. love tobey’s pete <3 please dont hate guys 😉