‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer Screens Again; When Might Theater Audiences See It?

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Iron Man 3 Trailer Screns Again Iron Man 3 Trailer Screens Again; When Might Theater Audiences See It?

At this year’s Comic-Con, Marvel Studios introduced fans to “Phase Two,” several years worth of cinematic experiences based on previously established and new Marvel film properties. Among the films titles confirmed were Captain America: The Winter Solider, Thor: The Dark World, Ant-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy, most of which were teased either by a logo, some test footage, or, in the case of Guardians, a piece of concept art.

But amidst the major announcements of future Marvel Studios films there was a more immediate release to be addressed: Iron Man 3. While fans had piled into Hall H knowing that the panel wasn’t going to focus solely on Tony Stark’s latest adventure (with director Shane Black now at the helm), it was the promise of a first look at Iron Man 3 footage that initially drew fans in – and the panel did not disappoint.

As with any “exclusive” Comic-Con footage, fans unable to attend instantly began inquiring when they might see the screened video content. Marvel has already addressed the possibility of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man footage being shown, but talk of an Iron Man 3 trailer release has been kept relatively quiet.

However, according to ComicBook.com, an Iron Man 3 trailer was shown at a UK event for the release of The Avengers on Blu-Ray, which leads us to believe a theatrical release can’t be far off. Attendees of the event were enticed with the promise of closer looks at Avengers behind-the-scenes footage – like the Blooper reel and additional Captain America scene that were released late last month – but most went in unaware they were about to see a trailer for Iron Man 3.

There are, unfortunately, very slim details about the trailer — only that it featured shots of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, Tony Stark’s mansion being destroyed, and the new Extremis Iron Man suit. No talk of the tone Black is hoping to deliver, or maybe a confirmation of the Iron Man 3 suit spoilers we heard about earlier this week were relayed.

Iron Man 3 Comic Con 2012 Art 570x282 Iron Man 3 Trailer Screens Again; When Might Theater Audiences See It?

Furthermore, whoever ComicBook’s source is claims the trailer doesn’t align with the Iron Man 3 trailer description that was released about 4 weeks ago, one that our Rob Keyes verified included several of the same scenes and voiceover bits to what he saw at Comic-Con. That same description claimed the trailer was closer in tone to The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer than previous Iron Man films’, or even The Avengers’. We still don’t know when or with which film the Iron Man 3 trailer might premiere, but with a ton of major holiday releases right around the corner, there are plenty of worthy candidates.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, and The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.

Source: ComicBook.com


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  1. Longshot “Frankenweenie” based on it’s trailer appeared on the Avenegers Blu Ray. Otherwise dunno, anything but Skyfall really i guess.

  2. cool. hopefully its released soon!

  3. I find it odd that if Hulk is going to be in the second Avengers (obviously he will be) then why is he not going to have his own sequel. Am i really suppose to believe that nothing at all goes on with him and that he just joins the avengers again. All the other big names are getting a sequel why cant he.

    • because they dont see the hulk as being bankable enough, but i think after how good he was in avengers they would change there minds. Hopefully we will see a sequel right after the avengers 2 comes out. because i dont see room for a hulk 2 during phase 2.

      • You mean Hulk 3?

        • No…Hulk 2. That Ang Lee adaptation has been erased from our memory banks.

          • Technically it would be 3. The edward Norton film picks up right where the ang Lee movie ended.

            • Umm no. The ang lee movie has nothing to do with the Edward Norton movie.

              • why do people still think ang lees is part of this franchise? it was a different company that made that one. and the reason for the mantage at the beginning of TIH is because the filmakers figured everyone already knew the origin story and they just wanted to jump right into the plot.

                • Some people don’t follow it like most of us on here do. I think the Lee version was an atrocity. He ruined the image up until Avengers 2 even though it had nothing to do with the franchise. Possibly since they skip the transformation ppl still think the two are connected.

                  • I don’t think one really needs to “follow” these movies to see that Ang Lee’s Hulk had nothing to do with the Marvel movie universe.

                    That montage at the start of TIH clearly showed a different origin than that of Lee’s version, but I guess some people just don’t pay attention…

    • Cuz on his own–forgive me for saying so–he is kind of bbbooorrriiinnnggg!!!

      • They just have never done him right. If you read Peter David or anything after Incredible Hulk volume 1, especially vol. 2, his stories are as good if not better than anyone’s.

  4. I can’t wait for this, Iron Man is still my favorite cbm movie…

  5. Studios don’t generally don’t cross one another when it comes to a debut/teaser trailer, meaning that “Skyfall” – while one of the most anticipated fall/winter releases – probably won’t debut the “Iron Man 3″ trailer. It will most likely be Disney, meaning that it will land in front of either “Frankenweenie” or “Wreck-It Ralph.” My money is on “Ralph,” and that they will announce it in advance, because they will want to get butts in the seats. “Frankenweenie” is a Tim Burton film, who already has an established enough fanbase that it doesn’t necessarily need the “Iron Man 3″ boost.

    • Dunno the “Frankenweenie” trailer on the Bluray seemed like a bit of a give away to me, there was only 2 trailers, some Avengers game and “Frankenweenie”. Thats why i consider it the safest bet so far.

    • Burton is a Frankenweenie, and so is his buddie Depp. Neither one are worth squataroonie!

  6. What if Disney did something radical and debut the trailer on the Avengers DVD.

    • That would be sweet. Break a few more records. I can’t wait for this or the other 2013 films. Especially Man of Steel.

    • Doubt it, then it could easily be uploaded to YT. They’d put it in front of a new movie to entice people further.

      • It’s going on YouTube before it debuts in theatres anyway, just like most Hollywood trailers.

        • the trailer for evil dead is on the pavillion galashiels cinema website and does not play it just says “this is a private video”!
          yet i was able to watch the same trailer on the odeon website under the dundee odeon which is currently showing this film
          considering that the pavillion is also showing this film cant understand why it isnt running the trailer i tried emailing them twice about it and got a mailer dameon rejection

    • I remember the Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray disc came with a hidden behind the scenes clip of THOR, so what you’re suggesting doesn’t sound too far fetched IMO.

      But, I already have Avengers on Blu-Ray, and there’s no trailer… Then again, the international (region B) version is missing a lot of special features listed on the US version, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel/Disney screwed us “foreign” fans over with that bonus as well.

      • Better phrasing:
        “if Marvel/Disney screwed us “foreign” fans OUT OF that bonus as well.”

  7. It’ll either be in front a huge winter film, or the Superbowl. I’m hoping we get a Man of Steel trailer by then, too.

  8. I would agree on Skyfall. Although I would not rule out Breaking Dawn either. I would be shocked if we make it to January without a Iron Man 3 trailer.

  9. I too would love a hulk sequel and answer a few question as to what ever happened to The Leader, and Hulk is my favorite in the Avengers. I think if he was not in the A vengers i would not have enjoyed it as much as i did.

  10. “A trailer for ‘Iron Man 3′ has once again screened for the public”…. This seems more for the PRIVATE really… as I am part of the public and am unable to see it.

    • I’d love to see another Hulk film personally, since I enjoyed the previous two films and want to find out what happened to both, The Leader and Abomination (who was just left there on the street dazed but definitely not dead).

      I guess a solo Hulk film wasn’t factored in for Phase 2, so here’s hoping the jolly green giant and/or his alter ego, Bruce Banner, at least get cameos in the planned films, leading to an appearance in The Avengers 2 plus a solo film right afterwards.

      • I couldn’t agree more… especially since Mark Ruffalo is the perfect Banner for me, I really want to see him more, on a movie on his own. The whole setting up for The Leader is also a nice sign that a sequel will bound to happen.

        Then again, I also believe that Hulk, and his menacing antics will work better as part of a team movie, instead of his own. Even Ruffalo said that as well, so a cameo here or there will be awesome anyway. For example, he could show up to fulfill an invitation by Stark in Iron Man. Tony did tell him to come to his R&D floor XD

      • If you want to know what happened to The Leader and the Abomination, read ‘Marvel’s The Avengers: Fury’s Big Week’.

  11. It would be great to see a Hulk follow up. The Ang Lee movie could be marketed as a sleep aid. The Ed Norton follow up was much better. It didn’t do the box office because people were still influenced by the lousy first movie. The same thing happened with Batman Begins. Good movie, good box office, but many people didn’t see it because they still remember the Schumacher debacle, “Batman and Robin.”
    After the Avengers, and the reaction from fans and some of the critics reviews I think a Hulk movie makes sense. As long as Marvel controls the movie rights I’m confident they can get a competent director and good script. Mark Ruffalo is already signed on anyway. Third time should be a charm.

  12. it’s amazing how the subject changed from iron man 3 trailer to a hulk sequel, and since it has, i also would like a new hulk film. and hopefully they(marvel)will do the title the same as the new cap/thor films; doing away with the numbering titles. i’m surprised they didn’t do that with the new iron man movie, but i guess since it’s sequel was IM2 they decided to stick with that format. hope they do the same witht he next avangers,i.e. The Avengers: insert title here.

    • Yeah like The Avengers:Rise of the Machines

  13. Can RDJ charm his way through another sequel or will it all run a bit thin next time? The first two and Avengers have left him a little one dimensional..

    • Agree totally with this!! RDJ is funny with the rest of the Avengers and in IM but he fell on his ass in IM2 which is the weakest movie in the Box Set I just ordered :)

  14. I want to see this trailer, especially because I’m really curious to Sir Kingsley’s interpretation of Mandarin.

  15. Awwww even Iron Man’s new suit in that picture looks sad and hates his new color scheme

    • lol

  16. Anyone tell me what a Winter SOLIDER is please?