‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer Available Online October 23rd & What You Should Expect to See

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Iron Man 3 Extremis Hall of Armor Iron Man 3 Trailer Available Online October 23rd & What You Should Expect to See

Ever since Marvel debuted Iron Man 3 footage at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, fans that weren’t able to attend the Hall H panel have been wondering when they might get their first look at the highly-anticipated threequel. Then, two weeks ago, we reported that Marvel Studios co-president, Louis D’Esposito, was giving a more specific timeframe for the first public Iron Man 3 trailer – “mid to late October.”

As it turns out, D’Esposito was dead-on – given that the trailer will actually debut right in the center of mid to late October, specifically, 12:01 am on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Previously, we reported that, following an on-set Iron Man 3 injury, star Robert Downey, Jr. was back at work in the Iron Man suit but Yahoo! Movies dropped one additional detail into the mix – confirmation of the trailer release date and time.

So what can audiences expect from the footage?

One month ago, a lengthy Iron Man 3 trailer description leaked online – breaking down the video’s visuals and voiceovers in great detail. The outline also confirmed, much like we’ve been saying on the site, that Iron Man 3 will likely be darker in tone than prior Marvel efforts – with the description drawing comparisons to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. While some moviegoers might dismiss the description as little more than fan-made fun, the outline does include several sequences and shots that were shown in the Comic-Con panel. Of course, that could mean one of two things a) the author saw the Comic-Con footage and incorporated the respective details into their write-up or b) that Marvel intends to show the public certain pieces of the exclusive Comic-Con sneak peek material.

Iron Man 3 production delay Robert Downey Jr injured Iron Man 3 Trailer Available Online October 23rd & What You Should Expect to See

Despite those authentic details, the validity of the trailer description was further called into question when, a few weeks ago, Marvel showed a very different version of the Iron Man 3 “trailer” at an Avengers Blu-Ray release event in the UK. Sadly, few of the attendees knew they’d be seeing Iron Man 3 footage ahead of time and, as a result, very little is known about the video. However, a couple of the known details were teased in the trailer outline and as a result, it’s unclear whether the UK footage is actually the official trailer or just sizzle reel video.

We won’t know for sure which report actually lines up with the official Iron Man 3 trailer until October 23rd (assuming either of them do). Either way, we’d expect Marvel’s official trailer to feature certain key pieces of footage featured in the UK teaser: the new Extremis Iron Man suit, the destruction of Tony Stark’s mansion, as well as the reveal of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin – while at the same time presenting the “darker” tone referenced in the trailer description. Director Shane Black has repeatedly described his Iron Man installment as more of a grounded espionage story, not an over-the-top superhero adventure, and that approach will likely be a major focus in the first full-length trailer.

However, the trailer will still need to dazzle audiences a bit with slick visuals and cool Iron Man suit action – especially after we’re still calming down from the excitement of Marvel’s superhero summer mashup, The Avengers. As a result, expect to see at least one tease of how the Extremis suit differs from prior Iron Man armor – specifically Tony Stark’s ability to control the armor with his mind.

Iron Man 3 Mark VIII Armor Iron Man 3 Trailer Available Online October 23rd & What You Should Expect to See

Unfortunately, the Iron Man 3 trailer release date info did not come with any updates regarding when the Comic-Con Ant-Man test footage will be made available to the public – so, for the time being, fans will have to settle for the fan-made storyboard breakdown.

We’ll be sure to post the Iron Man 3 trailer, along with a detailed analysis, when it arrives online October 23rd.


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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. i won`t be posting a single comment until then. Thanks ben

    • I too will refrain from posting any comments until the aforementioned time.

  2. Available at 2am for me. They say nothing good happens after 2 am. Ruh-roh!!!!

  3. Bring it on, Marvel!

  4. Dark comedy/ action film from the director of kiss kiss bang bang, whats not to like?

    • totally agree! KKBB was an amazing piece of film, and I enjoy Shane Black’s directing skills. This is going to be fantastic.

  5. cant wait !

  6. Nice! My calendar shall be marked. Hopefully sometime soon they will release the Ant Man phootage.

  7. Oh my god I am so sick of the Nolan comparisons BE MORE ORIGINAL! Iron Man is not like Batman and he shouldn’t be. The next time I hear another Nolan comparison I’m going to loose it.

    • It’s just overall tone being compared. I think it’s because Nolan set such a benchmark for grounded superhero movies that told stories instead of being pointless fluff with setpieces.

      Would you rather it be compared in tone to Batman & Robin?

    • I hear phase two will be like Nolan’s batman films… *waits*

      • NOOOOOOO Avengers is Pepsi!!! Nolan’s Batman is Coca Cola!!!! NO!!!!!!
        you’re comparing slippers and sandals!!! Slippers are lame!
        sandals are more deep and realistic!!
        they’re both totally different, not even used for the same thing!
        I’m soooo tired of talking about Sasquatch!

        • Avengers is RC Cola and a Moon Pie. Nolans Batman is Tab. Slippers and sandals are both feminine.

      • AHHH MEIN SCOTTS!!!!!!

        -leaves room-

    • The dark and gritty tone in your comment is very much like a darker reboot to most Nolan-comparison dissenting comments, in such a manner that one might compare as being especially akin to the tone of Nolan’s Dark Knight series!

      • once more Sir, this time in the english language if you would oblige us?

        • He is speaking English. Didn’t you ever go to school? Go get a dictionary if it’s that hard. :>

        • don´t talk bulls..t,please. it goes on my nerves if i do read your comments and -jersey schindler´s-comments. you are bringing a negative rivaltry atmosphere into the conversations,because you throw again the warner vs dc or nolanites vs marvel-directors in the round.

    • Did they forget that Batman Returns was already a dark and gritty take on Batman before Nolan even got the job?

      • @ MovieGoers

        Apparently so. It’s just one fact Burton used sets, not shoot on location like Chicago for Gotham.

    • I Agree With You A 100% ,Make A Grounded Iron Man Original.

    • I agree, Iron Man and Batman are totally different…. NOT!

  8. I hope it’s not a one minute teaser. Two minutes at the least! :)

  9. Wow… I’m excited to see The Mandarin! XD
    October 23rd can’t come any sooner…

  10. I expect armor and a man in said armor.

  11. Can’t wait for Oct 23 looking forward to the iron man 3 trailer.

  12. My boss (Gm of a Carmike Cinemas) got to watch a sneek peek of this film a couple weeks ago at their GM retreat. It was an 8 minute clip from the film that as my boss put it “consisted of ironman flying around and cracking jokes, along with him fighting bad guys”. My boss didnt remember who the bad guys were… Fail.

  13. I can’t wait for this trailer! It will be worth staying up past my bed time. I don’t think Joss will let the marvel movies become dark like Nolan’s, he true to the comics, and they aren’t as dark as batman. Bats is a whole different element and taking his tone into the marvel universe just doesn’t work, but I think they know that,

  14. Well that’s gonna be my birthday present to myself

  15. Just post the link as soon as it comes out.

  16. Really hope this franchise, or any MCU franchise for that matter, doesn’t go the route of nolanisation. Grounded in reality is sooooooo stale and boring. When you go that route instead of an epic Batman vs Bane fight you get a lame arthritic-Batman vs mini-Bane brawl.

    The MCU is about real comicbook superhero movies. Let’s keep it that way.

    • ^This

  17. Pepper Potts will be critically injured, causing Stark to create a Suit for Pepper Keeping her alive. Pepper will be known as rescue will not be a combatant, so she won’t have the firepower that Tony has. Meanwhile, War Machine will again be downplayed and where the hell was he during the avengers or is he just a domestic hero?

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  20. I want to watch (iron man 3) now :-D

  21. I want to watch (iron man 3) now :-

  22. So far i have seen all of the Marvel films, last saturday i went to the cinema and watched The Avengers which was just pure awesome. Looking at the release date for Iron Man 3, i can barely wait :)