New ‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer May Showcase The Iron Legion

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Iron Man 3 XLVII Falling Poster Sideways New Iron Man 3 Trailer May Showcase The Iron Legion

Did you read the two-part Iron Man 3 prelude comic series by Marvel Comics? It’s primary purpose was to explain the absence of James “Rhodey” Rhodes AKA War Machine (Don Cheadle) during the events of The Avengers, which saw Earth’s Mightiest fend off an alien invasion in the heart of Manhattan. The two issues are considered canon material by Marvel Studios and serve to bridge the story gap for Cheadle’s character in between Iron Man 2 & 3.

It’s conclusion – released two weeks ago – did more than that though, also confirming a major rumor surrounding Tony Stark’s abilities and new suits (yes, plural) that will appear in the first “Phase Two” Marvel Studios production, and it may also be something fans will get a glimpse at in the upcoming second Iron Man 3 trailer.

In September we found out some potential rumors about Tony Stark’s armor in Iron Man 3, stemming from reports that Tony Stark’s main armor in the threequel, the one first unveiled at last summer’s Comic-Con, would carry the designation of Mark XLVII. Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige confirmed that the next armor wouldn’t be the Mark VIII, that it wouldn’t follow the numbered order of introductions of his armors in the series, and images of toy packaging added more credence to the idea that Stark will have many suits of armor under his control in his next adventure. What exactly does that mean?

Iron Man 2 Still War Machine Mark V 570x320 New Iron Man 3 Trailer May Showcase The Iron Legion

Be warned, what’s written ahead can be considered spoilers for Iron Man 3
















Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Prelude – part 2 has two ending pages that will excite fans of the films. One’s an epilogue page of sorts teasing the introduction of the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) in the actual Iron Man 3 movie, and the other, features Stark in the R&D level of his mansion with Rhodey beside him as a pile of Mark VII suits emerge from the floor. Stark says:

“Iron Man’s not enough. Not even with a War Machine watching his back.

For what’s coming, we’re gonna need an Iron Legion.”

This partly confirms the rumor that there are dozens of armors (between VII and XLVII) that Stark will control in Iron Man 3, mixing and matching components and weapons systems as some of the toy lines suggest. With the Extremis virus, Stark not only gains the ability to interface with his armor and other tech around him, but of a set of suits he builds. This could explain some of the scenes in the trailer where we see the new golden armor on top of him and at one point scaring Pepper Potts while they’re sleeping.

Iron Man 3 trailer Still Stark Mark XLVII copy 570x236 New Iron Man 3 Trailer May Showcase The Iron Legion

In two weeks fans may have a chance to see the Iron Legion (army?) in action when the second official Iron Man 3 trailer hits theaters, attached to Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful on March 8th. The new trailer was officially classified PG last week with a run-length of 2:25. According to sources of Bleeding Cool who’ve seen the new trailer, it features the following (summarized in bullet form):

  • U.S. President declares war on The Ten Rings and Mandarin
  • Multiple shots of The Mandarin, threatening Tony Stark
  • Stark upset, tells Mandarin it’s personal and that he’s coming for him
  • Stark and Rhodey flying together into battle, along with the Iron Legion
  • There are “dozens” of Iron Man suits flying with them and Stark refers to them as “his boys”
  • The additional armors all look different (more evidence on those rumors of mixing and matching), many with never-before-seen designs
  • There’s a final shot of a large armor suit bashing through a wall and although unconfirmed, it might be the Hulkbuster or some variation of it

In addition to leaked toy images and concept art fueling the rumors about Tony Stark flying to space and meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy in the post-credits sequence of the film, another piece of recently uncovered art hinted at a new variation of what could be the Hulkbuster armor, or at least some massive, special armor Stark could wear, if it is in fact, art for the film.

Iron Man 3 Space Hulkbuster Armors Concept Art 570x450 New Iron Man 3 Trailer May Showcase The Iron Legion

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Sounds great, just hope it doesn’t come off as cheesy.

  2. Looking forward to it, dont disappoint me now Marvel

  3. I can’t wait.

    I’m also looking at that Hulkbuster armour again and wondering whether that concept art just shows Tony leaning forwards slightly and that’s why it looks stooped over like a hunchback?

    • I would think so. It looks like in the picture he is poised for an attack.

    • I’m not sure about that. If you look at the way the helmet is attached, it comes from the back of the helmet instead of below.

    • Considering the Iron Man armor is rigid, there would be no physical way for the back piece to warp & bend over the way it is in that illustration. It can’t possibly be Iron Man’s pose or posture creating that stance, it’s the suit itself built that way.

  4. Put Hulk in the Hulkbuster Armor.

    Holy s***!


  5. The more i hear about the large amounts of armour and interactions with Rhodey – the more cheesy it sounds.

    Not looking forward to it – especially if the Mandarin is as stupid looking as his poster.

    • Cool. Don’t watch it then.

  6. I can’t wait!

    I hope so.

  7. This should be awesome, I can’t wait… and it’ll hopefully help erase the memory of Iron Man 2 from my mind! ;)

  8. As a not Comic book reader I have no idea what this Army or Legions is !
    Are these U.S Marines in suits or what ?

    • AI presumably, however I have a feeling this may all lead into an Ultron sentient suit scenario….

    • It seems that he controls them with his mind/consciousness, the same way he will learn to be able to control individual parts of the main armor he wears.

      • I seem to remember reading in the letters section of Iron Man when he just got his own solo comic book someone asking why he doesn’t control his suit with his mind and the writers jokingly said Pym would sue him if he did that. –I know that in later comics Stark does it anyhow, but maybe Mando’s on to something with an Ultron/Pym connection, there’s still that could-be Wasp lady in the trailer too.

        • Hmmm, well thats an interesting fact, but for some reason I think its proably true, and I think he only got away with it later by either working with pym or doing something revelutionary.

          On another note Pym was the expert in mental cybernetics along with being the top biochemist at the time of his introduction(and for the next several decades), even when he was having growing problems he was looking for help, but nobody could help him but himself.
          On another note though, it is true he is the first hero in the comics to use tech related mind control tech, its never heavily elaborated on, he was able to grow and shrink himself by thinking about it, and after a while made a device that allowed him to do the same to any other being(though that disappeared after the end of his solo run)
          Also he is the leader in AI, albiet through a method of mind pattern printing, he also would be the expert in making a device it could go on, so I could see stark needing his help, as Jarvis, though complicated isnt a dynamic AI like Ultron, or Homer…. for that matter Pym is helpful in the Biochemistry area, why didnt they call them in during the power core crisis in IM2, he would have been perfect for that, and has helped many a hero with trouble.

          and of course he is the master of shrinking and growing tech in general, not just his own, even mister fantasic has come for his help in that area

          • Right, exactly. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Pym was somehow, even indirectly, involved with machines controlled by one’s mind.
            As to why they didn’t bring him in earlier, I’m hoping they’ll take a cue from EMH and have Pym be more interested in research than fame or super-villain pummeling, so he’s just off their radar for now. (Though hopefully able to rise to the occasion if the action came to his doorstep.) ;)

    • the Iron Legion would be the suits controlled by JARVIS or copies of JARVIS.

  9. I like this possible scenario. Many suits and there must somekind of teaser and hint for GOTG in the post or middle credits. Stark testing the spacesuit or something like that would be best and easiest way to introduce or even to make hints for GOTG story.

  10. Makes sense, in the comics after he was forced to destroy all his suits to stop them from being captured, he decided to make a bunch of new specialized ones like say the Hydro armor. And for some reason this is making me think modular armor. anyone else hoping for a classic armor and silver centurion appearance?

  11. Rhodey : “Where did you get the idea for that huge Armor (Hulkbuster)?”
    Tony : “From my new buddy who has anger management issue… *smirk*”
    Rhodey : “…*jealous*”

  12. I think you guys answered your own questions regarding the Hulkbuster’s hunchback appearance and how it wouldn’t be comfortable for him to be in it… You did say that he controls a lot of these new suits without actually being inside of them right??

    In case you haven’t figured out where I’m getting at with that, perhaps instead of being a suit he wears, he makes that as kind of a Hulk replacement since he liked having the Hulk fight along side him in The Avengers. So it’s actually one of the remotely controlled suits…

    • Yeap. That or he’s in his normal suit inside of that.

      Although I’m not sure I believe this is the design from IM3 quite yet.

    • That’s a pretty good working theory. Makes a bit more sense than Tony trying to work comfortably in that suit.

  13. What made the first iron man cool was the way he forged the first suit, and later refining it – but having tons of these suits takes away from it’s uniqueness. I watched the 60′s iron man cartoons and never read a comic book so the direction here seems to be the usual hollywood approach that bigger and flashier is better. (side gripe: I remember Stark’s missteps while learning how to use his own creation, yet Rhodes just hops inside one of them and is a pro right off the bat.)
    I didnt like the second iron man at all. Wasnt even half as good as the first one, and I have a sinking feeling the 3rd one will be all slick shiny transformer-esque cgi and Downey making wise crack after wise crack (I dont remember him acting like in the old cartoons) and none of the coolness or originality of the first movie. I do hope Im wrong, but my gut says this is going to be shiny and shallow like the total recall remake.

    • They said this IM3′s gonna take a more dark/serious tone. Stark kicking IM suit production into overdrive after the events of the Avengers makes sense. I guess an alien invasion could do that to a guy.

  14. That giant FINAL SPOILER warning is kinda cute, considering that you blurted out he spoiler in the title of the article. ;)

    • Preach!

    • Blah,

      I didn’t want to spoil the end of the Prelude comics (literally the final two pages), what happens in the trailer, and detail the previous rumors about the tech without a spoiler warning. Give me some love, Winchester!

      Sam and Dean approved.

  15. There is a difference between Iron Man joining the Guardians in the comics from him joining them (maybe) in the MCU. In the Comic, the Guardians have already been to Earth and met the Avengers. In the MCU, the Guardians will be starting off in another Galaxy, as confirmed.

    • Absolutely. Stark is not a main player in the Guardians film. I think in Marvel Studios fashion, there’s going to be a little crossover to help market the next big investment.

      • The origins of Star-Lord is coming out on 27th in Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1, that should give us clues.

      • Rob, What is the name of the prelude comics? I have not been in a comic store since i was a kid and I wold like to go n “acting” like I know what im talking about!!PLEASE

  16. This sound very cool. I can’t wait for this movie. I think Marvel learned from IM2, and this movie will be a big improvement.

  17. sounds cool, are both comics out now? and is there a “name” to them so I can just go in and ask for them by name?

    • Yah, so much cooler for a guy that just is invincible and can fool everyone simply by taking off his glasses… Real creative…

  18. “Concept art”, my @r$e! Have you guys SEEN this new trailer?!?















    …BOTH of these are in there, PLUS the “Heartbreaker” featured in another “art” link!

    • HAHA dude…. you realize you’re posting on an article that came out a week ago? OBVIOUSLY Screen Rant has seen the trailer by now. Didn’t you notice the other article? The one about the trailer?

      • [blushing profusely]: Uhhh… no. No I did not. I apologise for my faux-pas…