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Iron Man 3 Trailer AnalysisIt was a long wait for the first official Iron Man 3 trailer - and, upon release, some intriguing details have left fans scrambling. The brief trailer is packed with easter eggs and suspicious tidbits, causing the a lot of debate among commenters in our prior trailer write-ups, so we thought it would be a good idea to clear up a few of the things we know would be useful to readers.That doesn't mean there aren't aspects of Iron Man 3 that may still surprise. But, given that there's still a lot we don't know, we thought it best to weigh in on a few of the wilder theories. For those who've been keeping close attention to IM3 rumors, the trailer did much to confirm more than a few spoilers already.The trailer proves that this chapter of Tony Stark's life will be much darker and more serious than before but fans can still expect plenty of fun one-liners and big action scenes, sometime without our hero inside the suit.

The Mandarin's Tattoo

Iron Man 3 Mandarin Tattoo

There's no mistaking the tattoo adorning the back of Sir Ben Kingsley's neck as the Mandarin, Tony Stark's new nemesis: that's a Captain America logo with an 'A' reminiscent of the one atop Stark Tower (or the iconic 'A' used by anarchists), last seen in The Avengers. We're going to bet that the Mandarin isn't the head of the Steve Rogers fan club, so the exact meaning of the mark has caused an uproar among fans.But Marvel studio head Kevin Feige provided clues to its meaning when the decision was first made to cast a non-Asian actor as the new antagonist:"It's less about his specific ethnicity than the symbolism of various cultures and iconography that he perverts for his own end."It's not much to go on, but it seems far more likely that the Mandarin has adopted the symbol of Earth's Mightiest Heroes as yet another opportunity to co-opt a cultural icon for his own twisted purpose.

The Weight of Genius

Iron Man 3 Extremis Obsession

The first time it was revealed that Warren Ellis' Extremis story line would be used for the plot and conflicts of Iron Man 3, we were elated. Hailed as one of the best Iron Man stories to date, its emphasis on Tony Stark's evolving perception of what his powers really are, and how a human being so inextricably linked to technology can develop a sense of identity. From the trailer, the journey looks every bit as trying and addictive as it was in the comics.Tony fusing his body with the Extremis nanovirus (he is seen going in for the procedure in the trailer as well) will obviously be an important element of the film, even if Guy Pearce maintains his role as Aldrich Killian is simply "cameo stuff." Clearly the procedure will work its way into Tony's personal life.Whether the armor components next to the bed are a sign that Tony can't feel at ease without his armor close enough to immediately suit up, or that he's obsessed with perfecting his creation, expect to see a more frayed and fragile Stark this time around.

Air Force One Attack

Iron Man 3 Air Force One Attack

The attack on the airplane depicted in the trailer was one action sequence recently spoiled by a Marvel insider (lending credence to the rest of his claims), but requires further inspection. At first glance the image of Iron Man's hand tearing into the plane and attacking a gunman, and the Iron Patriot-armored Colonel Rhodes attacking yet another seems treasonous. Many are already citing the scene as proof of the Mandarin's ability to take over Stark's arsenal of flying suits.There's plenty of reason to suspect sabotage when it comes to the forty other Iron Man suits rumored to appear, but that doesn't seem the case here. For starters, Iron Man is seen rescuing the passengers of the aircraft - likely Air Force One - moments after they begin falling. And the unnamed individual at the receiving end of Iron Man's opening salvo? He's sporting a black t-shirt and Kevlar vest, which doesn't seem like a Secret Service uniform.What's most likely depicted here is Iron Man and War Machine foiling an attack by the Mandarin on the President, and if the rumors hold true, the action sequence ends with some incredible aerial problem-solving on Tony's part.


Iron Man 3 Tony vs Armor

Two of the shots featured in the trailer that left us stunned were those featuring a moving Iron Man suit clearly not being operated by Tony Stark. But the context and nature of the Extremis virus offer an explanation that could be incredibly inspired.On a broad level, the Extremis 'virus' heightens brain activity and cognitive speed, making Tony Stark's subconscious far more active than a normal person's. Add the telekinetic connection with his armor, and Tony's subconscious suddenly has a physical form to take, and a means to manifest itself.The suit is first seen pulling Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) off of a sleeping Tony, having possibly assembled itself in his sleep to defend him (is the ensuing fight that leaves the armor scattered at the bedside?). Following the destruction of his Malibu home and Pepper being placed in danger, Tony is shocked to see the armor looming over him, prepared to fight.If this really is the relationship being hinted at - between Tony and the parts of himself he won't acknowledge - then the possibility for character development and confronting demons is truly exciting. 

The Ten Rings

Iron Man 3 Trailer Ten Rings

Ever since the terrorist organization that kidnapped Stark in the first Iron Man was shown to bear the name 'The Ten Rings,' an appearance of the Mandarin has been expected. We've gone into depth on the reasons for and against the Mandarin relying on the magical rings he utilizes in the comic books, with the grounded approach to this facet of the Marvel universe shedding off most sources of mysticism.We're still going to suspect that the rings are merely a sign of wealth and power (as they usually are), since the Mandarin doesn't even wear them in every shot of the trailer. Most likely included as a nod to fans.The rumors so far have Mandarin incorporating the same Extremis virus into his own body, granting him strength akin to Stark. But with growing reports claiming the final showdown will involve armies, not a one-on-one fight, we'd bet that the Mandarin's powers will mostly be seen through weaponry, not magic or cybernetic enhancements.


Iron Man 3 Trailer AnalysisWhile we'd like to believe that some massive plot twists and diabolical double-crosses are what the trailer showcases, for the most part it's all story beats and themes that fit with speculating from the outset.That doesn't mean there isn't room for further speculation. The roles that Coldblood (James Badge Dale) and Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) will play in the story, for instance, but how influential they are to the larger story is still up for debate.That's our take on what questions (and answers) the first trailer brought into the open, but we'd love to hear your insights. What stood out the most for you? Think there is an aspect of the trailer that's been overlooked? Sound off in the comments.Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2013.-Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. I think Pepper’s gonna die. IMHO

    • but then we wont get rescue….

      • I think she’ll come close to death, and then be given the Rescue armor in the middle or near the end of the film.

        • That would be pretty cool if she were to be wearing the Resue armor, in the middle or near the end of Iron Man 3. I would like to see that in Iron Man 3 !

    • i think Happy Hogan is going to die…no way Pepepr is. (Lets be honest its Gweneth Paltrow).

      Ifs its Happy biting the bullet, that’s kind of a cool nod (4th dimension) as to Jon F stepping down as director of the IronMan films…haha

      • Well it’s in keeping with the comic books too. I was sad to see it happen then as well, but it made sense. Of course, Happy and Pepper were also together so it was sad for a different reason.

        Well, we saw how much a death can matter in ‘The Avengers’ so it might work. I don’t know that Happy has really been featured enough in the previous two films to make his death really land, though.

      • did you think that perhaps happy could become his alter ego freak because of the accident? or perhaps he could even become the vision? tony has the tech to perserve him

        • If you notice there is a quick shot of Happy beaten on the ground with what looks like an arc reactor in his chest…

    • I wouldn’t be suprised. Gwenth Paltrov has expressed her wishes to be done with IronMan & Marvel Studios in her latest interviews.

    • I dont think shell die. I think it would be worse if he lost her in the sense that his “closeness” to his armor due to his connection to it via the extremis nanovirus causes a rift between them that cant be bridged. Clearly shes not save around him (suit atacks her/mandarin blow up their house). She leaves him. Stark csnt protect her from himself. She finds comfort in Happy. Think that would be worst for a guy’s ego.. Esp a guy like stark if he lost the woman he loves because hes his own worst enemy.

  2. Why has the mkIV armour missing it’s head? I’ve only just noticed it, and no-one else seems to have touched upon it.

    • In the trailer, it showed the walls behind all of his suits exploding during the attack on his mansion. The suits are not vulnerable to explosions but Im sure they took some damage.

      • If you look at the display case you can see there is a big break/hole in the glass. Then if you look closely at the Mark IV’s left sholder (and where the end of that robot arm things’s “hand” is)there is a red/gold blur type thing that could be the helmet.

        • The extremis armor or mark 47 armor flies at him to all assemble itself on his person. That scene is the first time he tries it on. Posiinle the whole and armor decapitation resulted either during this event as the armor comes together but he looses momentary control of some of the peices or that its from a prior test (thinking like the various test phases he had in IM1 when he was first testing propulsion).

  3. Pepper’s death would be unnecessary.

    • It would actually bring some much needed tension and suspense to the MCU.

    • We keep hearing it’s grounded in tech and reality. If they are going with alien tech, then that’s the BIG twist and say hello to Fin Fang Foom!

      Dragon aliens!

      • Thumbs up!

      • I was really hoping that his rings were magic. It would make him an awesome villain for Tony. Science vs Magic. Especially considering Tony is so arrogant that he would not believe it is magic. A villain he cannot truly understand.

        But i’m glad they decided to give him a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after dealing with the events of The Avenger’s. It brings a sense of continuity and real emotions despite the invasion being so lackluster and easily defeated.

        • Lackluster? Without Hulk it would have been a bad day for the Avengers.

          • False, with out the brainwashed de selvig conveniently making a solution to the portal, the avenger would have spent hours fighting the attack of the clone droids….

            • +1 Trey

        • Well put! I think Mandarin has trouble controlling the rings, and they ultimately control him, so that would explain him not wearing them all the time.

          I think the rings were magic and alien tech, so I’m sure he would be able to control Stark’s suits with them. There are so many ways they could go that it really makes this movie more relevant to me. Can’t wait!

      • Could be a mix of both. Aliens artifacts (that he fashions into rings) that madarin only learn to control AFTER he gets the extremis nanovirus.

      • They could be alien tech without showing FFF it wouldn’t be that hard to do. Plus Iron Man just teamed up with an Asgardian and a green rage monster to stop an alien invasion. So the rings could easily be alien technology.

  4. The armor moving on its own will be interesting.

  5. I think it would be cool if they had an Iron man 4 deal with an aging stark. how would he handle his body betraying him? If they released iron man 4 after the avengers 2 Robert downey jr would be over 50. and being in that suit for all those battles has to be taking a tool on his body so it would be interesting to see him try to overcome being all crippled up.

    • id love to see an ironman 4 its all up to rdj to decide if he wants to make another one tho

      • Old Man Iron!? The Ironed Avenger Returns!? Yes. It would be awesome. I would love for more comicbooks to plot out trilogies that document the beginning and end of hero’s journey. It’s so satisfying watching the whole thing.

      • I would like to see an Iron Man 4 with Robert Downey Jr returning obviously.

  6. What about the giant bunny rabbit? 😛

    • His name is Frank. I might use him as an ally for the TMNT, but in my movie he will be called “Rabbit person alien” and he will be a ninja like the tortoises.

      Dan will be a computer geek/engineer.
      Lee will be the Captain
      Ralph will be the demolitions/weapons expert
      Mick will be the navagator (he gets the alien tortoises lost and stranded on earth)
      Spitter will be a rat for some reason (but he is only a computer hologram like Cortana from Halo)
      Shedder will be a guy who thinks they abducted him as a child and forms a militia of ninjas somehow.

      Then, pink goo guy comes out of no where for some reason, and everything goes BOOOOOOM! FIRE EXPLOSION! WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE! But then at the last second, they are all saved. Cue Linkin Park for the credits, my work here is done.

      Where is my check?

      • Navigator*

      • You got their names wrong, but what else should I expect from you, Mr Bay? 😀

      • LOL.

    • He’s Agent Coulson in disguise! 😮

      • Agent Coulson’s brain/personality will be brought back to life (by Hank Pym) as The Vision in Avengers III.

        • That would be a nice twist wouldn’t it?

          Ultron would be Pym’s and Ultron using Coulson’s as the vision, but he turns against Ultron due to his “man crush” on Captain America right before he delivers the killing blow 😀

          Maybe they made Coulson have the man crush JUST for that reason? After all, he is not in any comics (at least none made before Iron Man (his first appearance).

          • did you think that perhaps maybe happy would fit the vision’s personality better? or they could introduce the actual wonderman?

            • They created Coulson JUST FOR THE MOVIE, I think that they made him have his “man crush” on Captain America so when he become the Vision, that feeling comes over him allowing him to over ride Ultron’s programming.

              Just a guess though. I don’t think Happy would become vision, they never really fleshed him out like they did Coulson (in the movies I should say).

              My bet, Coulson becomes Vision (because of Ultron, maybe he fits a profile, because he is loyal, mental toughness, training, etc…) but betrays his creator when he is about to kill Cap and he remembers that Steve Rodgers is his hero, so he re-programs himself and joins (at least fights along with side by side with) the Avengers.

              If there was a betting pool in Vegas, I would bet on that. But Marvel might shine light on it in the years to come, I might be wrong, I might be right, but knowing what I know now about the movies, I would guess this. 😀

        • How do you know that?

          • Tony’s house is blown up, he doesn’t want to lose Jarvis so he transfers his data into a body in Hank Pyms lab and viola instant Ultron!

            • um, no. you have obviously been playing the iron man 2 game. Ultron’s identity is created by an imprint of Pym’s own brain patterns, not jarvis

              • I know that but they always tweak stuff in Hollywood so it could be a possibilty. You know they don’t follow everything to a T

        • Didnt any of u guys hear about Whedon bringing Agent Coulson back alive?!? He is coming back to life somehow in the new SHIELD show. which could possibly come back to the movies. Most likely

          • Well what was the point of killing him off in the first place!? smh

            • To make the “Avengers” avenge his death.

              • That’s a really long and funny name but you misspelled “afar” with your giantheadofwisdom.

              • So they killed him off so they could incorporate the title into the theme of the movie. smh. Saving the NYC and seeking justice for those 80 some people Loki killed in Germany was an after thought to avenging Agent Coulson i guess. lol

  7. Maybe The Mandarin used to be a fan of Captain America and maybe he is mad at Tony’s dad (or EVERYONE with the last name Stark) for not finding Cap after WWII? Maybe he thinks that Cap could have helped him back in the day, and if Tonys dad found him in time, he could have helped his country (save his family, wife, kids maybe?)?

    But he would have no reason to be mad at Cap for being a Capsicle for 70 years, it was not his fault, instead he’s mad at the Stark family.

    I would bet it’s something like that.

    • Think it. Will be along the lines of mandarin being originally american (child immigrant?)getting the tattoo during more optimistic times. Perhaps following something like weve seen in a few cases when an american that returned to their original country and became taliban/terrorist. An individual regecting the idea of democracy/heroes etc whatever he was describing in the trailer.

      • Something like that. If I had to guess, he would not be American, but maybe? You had some good points. Like that tattoo in an optimistic time. I like that idea. 😀

        But what I was saying is that he lives in (enter name of country here) and something bad happens to him/his family, and he thinks that if Starks found Cap before, he would have been saved? IDK, just a guess.

        Maybe someone he knows got killed in friendly fire by accident, and he thinks that “If only Stark never gave up on looking for Captain America my (friend, wife, family member) would still be alive.”

        Just a guess, maybe?

        • Your right. Not american but from a country where america occupied/attempted to liberate from terrorists or tyrant (afganistan, Irak type scenario). Maybe was optimistic (and got tattoo as capt A is a symbol of justice/freedom) when US arrived but then during the course of the war like u say his friends/fam all died. He became disillusioned and came to regect the ideals he onced had concerning heroes etc.

          Otheriwse, for the marvel movies, the Red skull is the hitler archetype of supervillains, while the Madarin is the bin laden archetype of supervillains for the marvelverse.

          • Like u say, also interesting to see if he has a personal connection to the stark family. Could be personal or more on the level where stark industries made all the bombs that the US used during various wars etc. (could be whats echoed in starks comments where he says in the trailer, lots of mistakes where made or something to that effect) idk as great as stark is, heroes can only be as good as their villains, hopefully the mandarin is developed as the ultimate nemesis for stark on film and brings the ironman franchise to a whole new level.

            • Tony said in the trailer that he has a lot of apologies to make maybe him and his family has a huge debt with mandarin.

              • Tony was talking about IM2.

                • Maybe? Hard to tell in a trailer though.

                  Even if he was talking about IM2, maybe he was foreshadowing? 😉

  8. I hope the next trailer they release touches more on the ‘Extremis’ element of the story rather than just make out how dark and high-stakes it is. I think the general audience might just assume Stark’s remote summoning of the armor is an extension of the tech he used in Avengers.

  9. Pepper will be the new Javits.

  10. Fin Fang Foom should be in this as an alien that ultimately helps Stark.

    The trailer looked really good. Nice analysis.

    • I am not fond of it either. But it looks like we are the minority. Hopefully they will convince us Avenger!

    • Mandarin gets the extremis nanovirus to be able to interface and gain control of the alien artifacts (now made into rings). Boom. Lol

      • I’ve never read the comic books, but it seems may people dislike the story line, yet this article praises it.

        • The Extremis arc has a love/hate thing with the fans/readers… there are many fans who love the story, and many fans who hate it, but very little who thinks it’s “meh” or “okay”.

  11. Anybody else notice that in the last pic, the robotic arm that Tony constantly picks on is wearing a dunce cap?

    • LMFAO!!!

      • Haha i had not! That immediately doubled my anticipation for this movie.

        “I’ll donate you to an inner-city school.”

        • I think he said community college but it was still funny.

  12. I think that this story will follow the arc of Dark Knight Rises, to where Mandarin brings Tony Stark to a near common nothing. (Captain America “What are you with out the Armor” Stark “A billionaire playboy philanthropist”) Mandarin will take Stark’s wealth and James Badge Dale will take Stark’s Armor and his government support. I think the Iron Patriot will be a nemesis and have the governments support with James Rhodes being banned from War Machine by the government, probably because of the role in Iron Man 2 and destroying that city. This banning of War Machine and government support of Iron Patriot will be because of the mess the Avenger’s made in New York. Iron man will not be a hero to the government starting the movie, and they will be more than happy when Stark in crushed to nothing and allow a person they support to wear his armor. This could be why avengers do not show up. Because the government isn’t overly happy of the mess they made.

  13. That isn’t The Mandarin in that Tattoo pic. If you look closely the haircut is different and that tattoo guy is wearing glasses.

    • Glasses? Maybe it’s the eye piece Stark was wearing in the beginning of the trailer??

    • It could be the Mandarin. I know from the comics he is obsessed with the Aliens from whom the rings came from. I also know that Guardians of the Galaxy had a story “Quest for the Shield” I believe it was, that has something to do with time travel. I never read Guardians so I don’t know, but there may be a connection. Someone who has read Quest for the Shield might offer more insight.

  14. I DONT think that this story will follow the arc of Dark Knight Rises, to where Mandarin brings Tony Stark to a near common nothing. (Captain America “What are you with out the Armor” Stark “A billionaire playboy philanthropist”) Mandarin WONT take Stark’s wealth and James Badge Dale WONT take Stark’s Armor and WILL GIVE him government support. I think the Iron Patriot WONT be a DROID and have the governments support with James Rhodes being banned from War Machine by the government, probably because of the role in Iron Man 2 and destroying that city. This banning of War Machine and government support of Iron Patriot WONT be because of the mess the Avenger’s made in New York. Iron man WILL be a hero to the government starting the movie, and they will be more than happy when Stark in crushed to nothing and allow a person they support to wear his armor. This could be why avengers show up. Because the government is a mess because of me.

    • WoW That was (1) Wierd and (2) Unnecessary!

      • Yeah. Weird and Unnecessary. lol.

        • Weird and Unnecessary?

          I’m loving that expression!

    • Iron Patriot will be James Badge Dale, I promise this, and he will take the Armor and the trophy girl from Stark.

    • I agree about the bed scene. Matter fact I think Tony’s obsession over saving Pepper drives her away into James Badges arms. It will help get Tony ran out of his company and the start of his protagonist down fall. The scene we hear about Happy Hogan asking for his job back is after The Dark Knight Iron Man Rises up against his antagonists and once again gathers help from his friends. I think SHIELD will send Black Widow to help pick Stark up off of his feet at the bottom of his fall. Badge may end up with the Air Force Armor, but one way or the other my guess is he replaces War Machine until Tony picks himself back up. Iron Man has always been my favorite comic even though I purchased the first forty or so War Machines years ago lol. I wish I would have bought Iron Man #1 20 years ago lol.

  15. I always preferred the sixties animation characterization of the Mandarin!
    He came across as a strong malevolent adversary in opposition to Stark’s Iron Man playboy hero!
    The Mandarin’s character was altered because it supposedly was seen as a
    racist stereotype which may offend some sections of the community.
    This I find nonsense as bad guys in the real world come from all different ethnic backgrounds such is the diversity of the human race!

  16. “when the decision was first made to cast a non-Asian actor as the new antagonist:”

    I think you mean his nationality is non-Asian, being born in England, but part of his heritage is certainly Asian.

    From IMDB- His father, Rahimtulla Harji Bhanji, was of Gujrati descent. (That’s in Pakistan)
    From Wikipedia; “Pakistan- Is a sovereign country in South Asia.”

    some would like to know that I’m sure and it keeps the confusion down in the comments..

    • also, I remember in the comics that his father(the mandarins) was a british ambassador, and it ended up with his mother being crushed by a statue on the night of his birth because of it

  17. I can’t wait for this. Still a bit stumped on the Mandarins tattoo but I think this will beat both Iron Man movies.

    • Think its possible he once saw heroe in a positive light and got it during that time and for whatever reason has come to reject the symbolism and ideas of heroes as something that truly exist( as echoed in trailer). have a longer post on here somewhere about it. Could be completelly wrong of course.

  18. Ok. If War Machine is made up of Mark II, then how is Mark II seen in the poster and I think it is on the trailer?

    • I think Tony Stark built another just to display it with his other armors.

      • Seems like a waste of time though

        • But then were tslking about stark here. A man with his ego, he would build another one just for him to see it in his “wall of fame”. Hehe could always be that the military build war machine a completely new suit and gave the original back. Or its just a place holder (shell).

          • Yeah. same goes for mark I also, since all the peices were left in the desert.

            • Actually, Stane had the Mark I transferred to Stark Industries in IM1 – you can see the armor near the end of the movie.

              • Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that! thanks

    • I think the droids make his armor, and each armor have specific tech. He would also have to run replacement parts for any of the ones that he used for what ever period of time. I am sure he had enough to parts to place one on display, but that makes a bigger question. does he really end up with nothing after his house is attacked?

  19. So with that production association in China and Marvel approach to more ” realism” is unlikely that the Mandarin would use some kind of magic powers?

  20. Quick question: Does anyone think SHIELD will play some sort of role in this film? I’d think a powerful terrorist organization such as The Mandarins’ Ten Rings would probably be big on SHIELD’s’ radar. I just think if SHIELD doesn’t play some kind of role that wouldn’t be very realistic. If the writing is good (which it looks to be) they shouldn’t have the same problem Iron Man 2 had with SHIELD being part of it.

    • There’s rumors that Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) will have a small role in the movie, but even if that isn’t true, I still think SHIELD will have some presence in the movie.

  21. I just have to say that not that do i mind the new mark armor. I just prefer the Red/Yellow armor over Yellow/Red Marked Armor suit is all.

  22. this was a very interesting and well written article ,really enjoyed reading it

  23. Please no Rescue! No more War Machine! Just Iron Man!
    Not liking the new armor color at all.

  24. Heres what I think will happen. I think The Manderin will make Tony look like a villian. So people come after him. The Manderin saying “…. Heroes. There are none.” makes me think that he will turn America against Iron Man. So then Iron Patriot would have to come after him b/c Rhodey is in the Air Force or something like that. I know I am most likey wrong. Probably 90% wrong.

  25. Another thing , what if the Iron Man suit that we are thinking is a robot, what if its now Jarvis can control it, and Tony finally gave Jarvis a form. that would be so awesome!!!

    • Yehbut Jarvis and Stark have been the best of friends so far.

      intresting point though, jarvis has become more self-awair over the films.

      at first he just gave stats for starks armor but by the avengers, he is holding a conversation w/ Stark.

      • Well, I mean. Like we dont know for sure that the suit is evil, it could be a body guard like thing. So what im saying is what if Jarvis could control the suit and act sort of like a servant body gaurd thing.

        • Ah gotcha! I actually dont hold with ths theory that the suit is attacking Stark.

          no proof

          • Yeah. I could be wrong, but that idea just sounds stupid for it to be evil. When the auit comes and grabs Pepper, It hardly crossed my mind that it was evil, it looked like something was happening and it came to wake them up.

            • Even if I’m wrong (which I hope im not) I really want to see Jarvis have a form sometime in the future. I mean, its not like it would be any more work for Paul B.