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Late last night, Marvel Studios debuted the first official Iron Man 3 trailer – teasing, as we’ve previously reported, a much darker tone for this Tony Stark chapter. The full length Iron Man 3 trailer packs a lot of action, character reveals, and larger Marvel Movie Universe threads into a tight 2:05 video led by voiceovers from Robert Downey, Jr. and Ben Kingsley, playing “terrorist” The Mandarin, as well as shots of nearly every single hero character in peril – including “Rhodey” aka War Machine (Don Cheadle) and Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow).

There’s plenty of crowd-pleasing action and the new Extremis Armor looks great in motion; however, for many, the most-talked about trailer moment is the notably somber finish – showing Tony Stark dragging the Iron Man armor through a snowy wilderness.

Screen Rant editor (and SR Underground Podcast host), Ben Kendrick, had a chance to sit down with fellow entertainment writers, Silas Lesnick (ComingSoon), our own Roth Cornet (representing AMC Theatres this time), and Mike Sampson (ScreenCrush) in a video panel hosted by AMC Theaters’ John Campea to talk about our impressions of the trailer – as well as how the various out of context scenes might provide hints about what to expect from the final film.

You can check out the video discussion at the top of the page. Be warned, we do get into some speculation that could turn out to be SPOILERY (depending on the final film).

iron man 3 trailer132 570x242 Iron Man 3 Trailer Video Discussion with AMC Theaters

Even though many fans were underwhelmed by Iron Man 2, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be taking a wait and see approach to the upcoming third film – as the core Iron Man storyline (and accompanying armor action) still has plenty of potential. That said, as we discuss in the video, Iron Man 3 is in a tricky spot. It’s saddled with following-up the biggest, and for many most entertaining, superhero movie of all time, as the first post-Avengers solo-outing. Most filmgoers have pointed to all the pre-Avengers build-up as a reason for Iron Man 2‘s shortcomings, so it’ll be very interesting to see how director Shane Black balances the larger hero universe with this intimate Tony Stark story. The trailer seems to indicate that while humanity has moved on from Loki’s alien invasion, The Battle for New York left Iron Man more anxious and obsessive than ever – especially when it comes to protecting girlfriend Pepper Potts.

In addition, we also touch on Ben Kingsley’s version of The Mandarin – which has been a source of debate ever since the actor was announced for the role. Reactions continue to be mixed, and while the trailer does offer an intriguing introduction to the fan-favorite villain, we’re definitely looking forward to more footage of The Mandarin in subsequent Iron Man 3 marketing materials to get a better idea of Kingsley’s portrayal.

Iron Man 3 Ben Kingsley Mandarin Close up 570x242 Iron Man 3 Trailer Video Discussion with AMC Theaters

Join the discussion by letting us know what you thought of the trailer (as well as whether you agree or disagree with the various points raised in the video blog).


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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013.

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  1. iron man biggest mistake was revealing himself. im happy, mandarin is the nemesis of stark and so he should be treated as such. he should be the biggest threat he has faced and thats the felling i got from the trailer. he seems depressed and thats good for the movies sake.

    when he falls into the water that could just be the suit? the suits seem to have a mind of their own and its emphasized by the scenes. suit waking them up in bed and the suit leaning over stark with alot of debris (half a sec clip @ 1:00 and thats my basis for it being a suit without a host).

    cant wait XD

    • The impression I got from the “autonomous” suits is that those are the nightmares Stark says he’s having–one where the suit controls how he has to live his life (and how his Iron Man persona threatens people like Pepper). It’s interesting because it seems to be related to his conversation with Banner in Avengers where he’s trying to tell him how the reactor/Iron-Man thing saved his life, when he’s just realizing the danger it could really pose.
      That’s just how I read it.

    • I like that Stark revealed himself as Iron Man.

  2. I noticed that Mandarin has the ten rings. I wonder if they will be used as magic rings OR seeing that they are going the Nolan route, are the rings going to have a realistic approach with symbolism attached for what each ring represents? Example: Iron Man is seen in a snow setting, could that represent Mandarin’s ring of ice?

  3. I think Silas Lesnick may have a point there about the Mandarin character possibly creating a “character” when he’s giving his speech (to what I’m assuming is a large audience) – it would explain the incredibly over-the-top American accent.

    I mean, how more theatrical can it get than being a middle-eastern terrorist making his big, villain speech in an American accent – there’s kinda this sick irony to it… and I’d think a character like the Mandarin would have that mindset.

    So maybe that voice over is just him putting on a show and in actuality, he’ll have a different accent throughout the rest of the movie?

    • theatricality and deception are powerful agents…

  4. IMO, Mike @ ScreenCrush has perception of “other Ben Kingsley’s roles” and already “judge too much based on what little we saw here” on Mandarin. We should keep an open mind, wait and see. ;-)

  5. My only problem with the Mandarin is in that shot he looks like he could be on of the Dwarves from the Hobbit.

  6. ok, since we are moving over here and I am curious of what will come of it I am restating some of my thoughts, but first something new.
    In relation to the mandarin’s ‘american’ accent, a lot of foreigners come over here for a college education and gain the accent, so its possible he is harvard trained, now for my other thoughts
    first off I do agree with the thought about radiactive man causing the shadows(something similar was reported from hiroshama.
    also another thought, what if the virus turns killian into Modok? just a thought, but conjecture of course.
    hmmmmmmm a crazy a thought, what if he doesnt become freak(though again its just conjecture that he could) what if he was to die, and possibly become the imprint for the vision(stark has the tech, and admit it, coulson’s personality does not fit at all), and tony does have LMDs. though like I said freak may be more likely
    just spitballing a bit here

  7. I still need to watch the video entry, but regarding the article…doesn’t Roth Cornet write for Screenrant.

    • Roth freelances for us (and a few other sites). In this video, she was introduced as part of AMC Theaters – so that’s how I handled her introduction here.

    • she must work for a couple different sites, maybe? i thought the same thing.

    • Yes, I am all over the interwebz! But AMC Theatres and Screen Rant are the two main sites that I write, podcast, editorialize or otherwise pundit and do video and written interviews for.



    • Thanks Ben and Roth for taking the time to explain. I appreciate it.

      • Thanks for noticing that I write for Screen Rant too! I appreciate that :)! Really.

  8. Has anyone here noticed in the trailer that Mandarin has a tattoo of Captain Americas shield on the back of his neck when takes off his hood.

    • I’ve noticed it, and am still looking for answers regarding it.

      • Yeah it is really got me puzzled. I have no theory on it.

      • that is NOT the caps shield! if you look close it kind of looks like it but it is NOT, it looks more like the TARGET logo than caps shield, there is red circle, white circle, and red filled in the center but I DO NOT see the star! I could be wrong here but I dont really think that the mandarin secretly has a man crush on cap

        • Hate to break it to you Dale M but it IS Captain’s symbol on the back of his neck. You can see it if you pause it and various websites have zoomed in confirming its his shield. Why does the Mandarin have it on him and why is it in a teaser trailer? Let the guessing begin!

      • According to Kevin Feige “the Mandarin uses symbolism of various cultures and iconography that he perverts for his own end”… so his Cap shield (with an anarchy symbol instead of the star) tattoo is probably one of the things that Feige is referencing – if I’m right, that could also tie in perfectly with my comment above about his accent.

  9. I agree with the Empire Strikes Back analogy. This does feel like it has the potential to be a better sequel than Iron Man 2. I hope it’s a great movie on par with the first Iron Man.

    • At this point anything has the potential to be a better sequel than Iron Man 2. Which, I really liked Iron Man 2 a lot. Was it as good as the first one, of course not. Except for action, I thought Iron Man 2 had better fighting.

      • its funny, i consider Iron man 2 to be the worst MCU film. and yet it is actually a pretty good film and is a lot better than a lot of other superhero films. We just hold Marvel at a higher standard now since they keep pumping out awesome films that when they come out with just a good film, its considered a disappointment.

  10. I like Stark’s new Garrus headpiece :)

  11. on mandarin’s accent. i thought his parents were asian and british. maybe the accent is some weird english/asian hybrid. i’m not a comic book purist, and his accent really doesnt concern me at aqll. i just hope he’s more menacing in the film than what the trailer shows.
    on mandarin’s beard. maybe he was stuck somewhere, maybe prison, and hasn’t shaved yet. we only have the one shot of him from the front. we don’t know what he looks like for the rest of the film.
    just my 2 cents.

    • Yeah, was thinking similarly.

  12. After watching the trailer I feel confident about IM3, except for Kingsley. He worries me…… I haven’t liked anything he’s done since Gandhi, and that includes Hugo. I think he’s a ham.

    RDJ on the other hand is great. He can do the funny bits….. physical action roles, he can do serious drama, and improvise on the spot. A complete actor.

    I can see thematically why they would have to kill off Pepper. But I will miss Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s good in the role. Nice chemistry between her and RDJ.

    • So you thought he was a ham in Schindler’s List, Sexy Beast and Shutter Island? Hmmm….

  13. Does this mean now that Tony Stark will have to live in Avengers Mansion at Manhattan now!?

    • IF you SLOW MO the end of the avengers when he and pepper are looking at rebuilding STARK TOWER there are 6 “cards” lying there and Tony pulls up Caps! in the bottom right hand corner it says “SLEEPING QUARTERS” so that will eventually be the Avengers HQ like in the comics! also if you look at the floorplan of the Tower rebuild there is a jet parked inside a lower level and around the 8th floor from the top (give or take a few) I cant remember exact numbers one of the floor heights is HUGE, I’m assumming that will be Banner/HULKs sleeping quarters!!
      THAT was ONE of my favorite parts of the movie, something prolly not many ppl caught because you could ONLY see it in SLOW Frame by Frame Motion! that is the kind of hidden EE’s that I LOVE to find in these movies

      • cool guys, thanks for the heads up.

  14. The villain MUST be as appealing as the hero. I like what I’m hearing from the Mandarin so far. Lets give it some time.

  15. What issue does Tony fight Alan Moore? “No heroes”? Look out Iron Man, he’s using Revisionism! And he has MAGIC RINGS!
    The thing about ‘Iron Man 2′ is whether you think it’s good/extraneous/whatever it has to form an arc with this movie. There will be a structure to this series that people will take away from it.
    RE Tony after the Avengers, it’s the only way I can think of to justify the Extremis weirdness: it’s like Nick Fury said, a whole new world weaponswise.
    BTW this Mandarin will probably not be some Yellow Peril villain, but he will no doubt be more complex than Jar Jar Binks. The latter’s problem is that he resembles racist characters, not that he is one. Jar Jar is a lizard. We still haven’t seen much of the Mandarin of IM3.

  16. I think when All is said and done SIR ben kingsley will own this role!! we DO NOT need an asian mandarin, DO WE? I think a terrorist is a terrorist, color or race does not matter, again, DOES IT? these movies DO NOT follow EVERY LITTLE ASPECT from the comics! and who would you guys choose to play the mandarin? Jackie Chan, Jet LI, Sammo Hung Kam-bo, Ha Ling Chun???/ Cmon ppl please they wanted someone that could kill the role and someone that is WELL known! Now Im sure there are MANY other actors that could have done the job but you mark my words Kingsley will OWN the mandarin

    • Weren’t you listening Dale? He’s not a terrorist. He’s a teacher.

    • Kingsley may be an excellent actor, but as a traditionalist i would prefer the mandarin character to be a typical “Fu Manchu” style oriental warlord. I seem to recall an asian actor in a number of movies who usually plays an ultra-tough baddie (I am tempted to say he was in Bloodsport or Mortal Combat, but I could be wrong about that). Sorry, but whether fiction or non-fiction, let’s stick to the source material. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King would be played by no one who was not black. Same with Black Panther or Luke Cage. In Thor, we had an excellent black actor who was playing a non-black part, and I did have a bit of diiscomforture with that; same with a black Nick Fury. Sorry, not to take anything away from these fine actors who did an excellent job, but a black is a black, a white is a white, an asian is an asian, etc. This is not racial discrimination or bias at all. In fact, to go outside the original source material is kind of a politically-correct reverse-discrimnination, and it is just wrong in my book. And why is it everyone except the whites that always cry racial discrimination? No, let’s just keep the playing field level for all! I am Danish, Welsh, English, and Scottish, a white male born in the USA, and you would never here me yelling racial discrimination, nor trying to be some kind of convoluted politically-correct liberal, either.

      • The key difference between having white people play POC roles compared to POC taking white roles is that most roles in films already GO to white people. So when you start taking away Asian roles from Asians, who else are they going to play? They sure as hell don’t get many other chances at big roles.

        As long as the actor is good, nobody should care. Period.

      • Also: white people don’t “cry racial discrimination” because white people don’t suffer racism. Really, come on now.

        a white person.

        • Hasn’t Fury been portrayed both ways in the comics? I am sure i played a video game featuring such an incarnation long before IM came out.

        • I know this is irrelevant to the topic, but I would just like to say that even though I don’t know how things are like in the USA, I can honestly tell you that there are countries where white people get discriminated against.

        • wow, just wow. The ignorance in your comment is astounding. If you are really white, then you must suffer from “white guilt.”

      • Fury was portrayed as white for many years in the main Marvel universe. Later he was re imagined as the likeness for Sam Jackson(with his permission) in the Ultimate universe.

  17. Did anyone bring up why Mandarin was loading a gun? Anyone else get a little put off by that? He has so much power at his disposal and equipping him with a glock seems tedious.

    • [Raises hand] I thought it was a little anti-climactic as well.

      • My thoughts is that it is to make a point. Possibly to kill someone with his/her own weapon?

        • Yes, remember the movie “Phone Booth”?

          “You know, just like in the movies, when the good guy is about to kill the bad guy, he cocks his gun. Now, why didn’t he have it cocked? Because, that sound is scary.”

          The Mandarin was probably making a point or “teaching a lesson” as he is a “teacher”.

  18. If pepper dies, wow, that would be a real serious plot twist.

    • There is actually tons of talk of Pepper having an arc reactor installed in her by Tony himself. Also, she may even get her own suit like in the comics. If you watch in the full trailer, the scene with the house exploding is theoried to send shrapnel into pepper and Tony saves her with another reactor. These are not confirmed theories though, but there has been lots of talk about it.

  19. I think that this trailer is very much like the Avengers. Eg, in the Avengers they give us the impression that it’s one Asgardian snake they fight against and once you’re watching it, it’s more than just that one. I believe that the trailer is only the beginning

  20. I am also very very interested how the extremis serum is gonna change Tony’s personality. So we see that the Battle of New York has affected him, now the things that happen in IM3 also gonna affect him.

    We saw extremis bits in the trailer, Tony lying on the operation table, calling the one glove to him.

    You didn’t talk about his suit moving on his own! My theory is that Tony is maybe post-extremis and having a nightmare and the suit reacts to his brain or something. I don’t know, it’s hard to believe that someone else might control it from the outside, but who knows.

    The mansion! I know JARVIS will be fine, since he’s an AI and is installed in Stark Tower, but damn what about DUM-E and U? I love Tony’s robots, it’d be a shame if they got destroyed.

    I am more excited about the extremis part of the storyline (with the serum, the changes is does in Tony, and Maya and Aldrich Killian) than I am in Mandarin, but I’m sure the two will be connected.

    The movie indeed promises to be dark and angsty, so I am very much looking forward to it. I was already, but the trailer made me even more excited!

  21. PEPPER CAN’T DIE! She is much to big of a character and she really is all that Tony has as far as a family. If Tony is feeling troubled and a little depressed after the avengers, imagine what he would be like if the only person he truly cared about and loved was dead? i understand they are trying to set the tone dark but going that dark is going much to far in my perspective. Gwyneth Paltrow adds so much to these movies and I personally think that her and RDJ work perfectly for those roles.

  22. First scene where tony fall in the snow is fight with guy pears

  23. Iron Man movies, are one of the greatest movies ever.

  24. I’m not sure why but this site is loading incredibly slow for
    me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my
    end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.