‘Iron Man 3′ Trailer: Tony Stark’s Iron Legion vs The Mandarin [Updated]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated March 12th, 2013 at 5:43 am,

[UPDATE: Scroll down for the newly-released Chinese trailer and Japanese poster.]

The new Iron Man 3 trailer reveals much more of the storyline behind Tony Stark’s latest adventure – much of which we’ve already dug up in our posts on the Iron Man 3 armor guide and Iron Legion poster breakdown.

Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is in a bit of a funk following his near-death experience in space at the climax of The Avengers – and despite new technologies that let him control his armor remotely by command, he’s still not ready for the assault by The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), a nefarious terrorist leader whose Machevellian schemes trace back to Tony’s initial near-death ordeal, as seen in Iron Man.

Iron Man 3 Trailer 2 Iron Legion Army Iron Man 3 Trailer: Tony Starks Iron Legion vs The Mandarin [Updated]

As viewed above, there is a going to be some major action in this threequel film – and seemingly a much better (and epic) story arc than we got in the lukewarm Iron Man 2. For fans who were not that impressed by the Iron Man 3 teaser trailer: the sight of Tony and Rhodey (Don Cheadle) summoning that Iron Man army – including the unofficial Hulk Buster design(!) – is probably going to be a better motivator to get you in the theater seats, no?

UPDATE: Check out the Chinese trailer below (via Comic Book Movie), which briefly highlights the roles played by Chinese actors Wang Xueqi and Fan Bingbing:

And the Japanese poster:


Japanese Iron Man 3 Poster 280x170 Iron Man 3 Trailer: Tony Starks Iron Legion vs The Mandarin [Updated]

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

Source: Yahoo, MTime, & Comic Book Movie

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  1. One word.

  2. At 1:48 in the trailer, is that Guy Pearce fighting hand-to-hand with War Machine?

    • Somebody was.. how do you hand to hand fight a machine? Lol

      • One word. Extremis.

        • another word, word

          • Gouda… As in “That’s a Gouda cheesecake.”

            • Chedda. As in, “that trailer was chedda !!”

              • I like your style.

    • Yae thats crazy. I kept rewinding back to make sure.

  3. It was good, but showed to much of the movie imo. It seems to me that the interesting arcs like why he cant sleep may get lost in the background of action. We will see

    • Remember everyone was complaining that The Avengers trailers and TV spots (all 300 of them) showed too much of the movie, but I was still presently surprised at how much they held back after I saw the movie. I agree Marvel shows a lot in their previews, but I think they have been much more reserved with Iron Man 3. So I still have high hopes that their is a lot of footage and plot yet to be revealed.

      • buuuuut… the suspense was ruined at the end when Iron Man fell back to the ground… we all knew the Hulk was going to save him.
        this [sadly] was spoiled by the trailers…

        I’m not complaining though.. I enjoy trailers, and teasers.

        • Yeah that was prettt dissapointing but oh well still cool

      • I disagree, the avengers trailers showed most of the movie, i went in and was only suprised by hawkeye getting captured and all the hulk comedy

        • I was surprised when Hawkeye seemed to be falling to his death and firing an arrow at someone but in the movie it turned out to be a grappling hook to escape an onslaught.

          There were other surprises too for me.

        • I guess that depends on how many trailers you watched.
          For example, I only saw the first two and avoided all the tv spots and shorter trailers that were released closer to the movie’s release.
          Result was, about 80% of the movie was completely new to me (which made it even more awesome, as opposed to Thor or Cap where I walked in having seen every trailer that was released).

          If you don’t want the movie to be spoiled, don’t watch the trailers! It’s not their fault you saw everything beforehand, it’s yours! 😉

          • Thats not the point, there was a time the trailers teased a movie not showed it. Look at star trek into darkness. The movie comes out im 2 months and i know nothing.

      • OMG great point i want to defeat my bad habit of spoiling movies for myself i guess this trailer makes it easy for me in a way. This looks fantastic i can’t wait.

      • This is true, but I will always say Marvel shot themselves in the foot by showing Hulk catching Iron Man in the trailers. The emotion that would have stirred…
        I really believe that bit should have been saved, not that it mattered in the end… but that one was epic “wow” moment that got spoiled.

        • yeah but think about the extra 100,000 people that single shoot brought to the theater. Marvel knew that made every body geeked. Their spacing of the movies time wise is only for merchandising purposes. I do agree though, woulda been kool seeing that in the theater for the first time

          • To be honest, that shot of Hulk saving Iron Man surprised me because although it was shown repeatedly on TV in the week of promos before release, I was still waiting for it to happen throughout the movie and then when it did, I smiled a little.

            Compared to TDKR where I spent 13 months following every nugget of info, every leaked piece of footage as they were filming certain scenes then religiously watched all trailers several times, by the time I saw the finished product, it was still full of surprises.

            Same with Dredd’s trailers actually, they showed a scene of him filmed through slow motion broken glass and never revealed that the shot happens right at the climax and that’s when recognition set in.

            Guess it depends on how a trailer is put together about how much is spoiled.

            I don’t mind anyway because Cloverfield released in the US before it did in the UK and I still read the plot on wikipedia before rushing to the cinema on release day to watch it (then saw it again, then a third time then waited until it was on DVD and saw it several times on that medium and about 12 times on television).

  4. That trailer looked pretty good. Looking forward to this movie. Big fan of all the Marvel Movies.

  5. It looks amazing. I didn’t care for Iron Man 2, and thought the first film was okay at best. This looks like it will be the best of the three. I wonder how much the Extremis virus is going to play into this movie though.

  6. oh man I cant view the trailer does anyone have a different link to it? Thank you!

  7. O.K. guys & gals. The line forms BEHIND ME!!

  8. Man! this is gonna b an awesome movie!! Marvel is killing it!

  9. Didn’t look all that special to me, relax fanboys.

    • I can’t wait for the avengers thing to be over, so we can finally move on.

      • Don’t watch them then. Guess Avengers isn’t as cool as Green Lantern was, huh?

        • HEY-O!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Notice the irony of someone named after a Marvel superhero telling the fanboys to relax?

  10. AWESOME. saw some good ones, and cant wait to see the rest of them! also they still havent shown coldblood and firepower, and those guys are going to be pretty important to the plot!

    • You guys I just realized, IT HAD THE SILVER CENTURION ARMOR! yes!

      • just realized they will proably have a special feature that will allow you to walk through the hall and see the other armors XD

  11. Trailer was wow but getting sick of this site taking cheap shots at Iron Man 2. It was really good and if you didnt like it keep it to youself. Otherwise learn some new material cause i see that in every Iron Man article on this site

    • Site is relatively neutral,all comments are embraced [as far as I can tell].
      IMO IM2 had its moments, The dancing guy at the convention, the scenes with SJo, but there were too many lame scenes and the “villain” was weaker than Bane.. [and I liked Bane,but he was no Joker]
      too much fluff, and didn’t have the charm of IM1.
      maybe it suffered from Matrix 1 & Matrix 2 expectations theory…
      but I don’t think the writing was as tight.

      [again, just my opinion, we’re allowed to debate & exchange healthy opinions]

      • No. People didn’t like Matrix 2 because they were too stupid to understand it. People didn’t like Iron Man 2 because it sucked.

        • I understood “Matrix 2″ quite well…I simply did not find it to be a particularly good film (still better than the third one, however). As for the second part of your response, I agree.

        • wow. thanks for calling me stupid. i understood all 3 matrix films, and i’m of the same opinion for 2 & 3 that peter griffin has for the godfather,”it insists upon itself.” matrix 2 and 3 suffered from piss poor writing and just fell apart. IM2 also suffered from poor writing, but it was vastly better than matrix 2 & 3 combined.

          • You understood ALL 3 Matrix movies and you didn’t even like them? You must be some kind of genious then because I don’t know anyone who can honestly claim to fully understand the director’s intentions in the notoriously ambiguous 3rd installment- even after several viewings. I’d love to pick your brain about Holy Motors or Mulholland Drive some time.

    • @digimass

      Um, It’s our site, we’ll say what we want.

      ….and as far as insults go, “Lukewarm” is a pretty mild one.

      • lol 😉

  12. For me… that final scene in the trailer alone, is already a PERFECT reason to watch this in cinema, especially in IMAX or 3D!

    • seen the movie it was awesome

  13. @Cave-ish Man How did GL come into this? I didn’t even like GL. Everyone is d*ck riding the IM3 trailer, but like i said before it doesn’t look all that special. Why did you catch feelings? Men aren’t suppose to catch feelings bro.

    • So, men have no feelings after all?
      Then maybe I should teach my daughters that it’s alright to hurt a man since they don’t get hurt. -__-

    • @ Norrin Radd

      Why are you here?

      Don’t you have some place else to be or to go?

      If not, go anyway, bro.

      • …same reason you come into DC-centered threads to complain, I’d imagine.

        • @Archaon

          I go there to complain because I’m disappointed with WB/DC and their lack of progress, not because I hate them. Big difference there.

          • Well, then…see? You’ve answered your own question. 😉

  14. Wow what a terrific trailer

  15. Anyone else get the feeling Pepper won’t survive this one?

  16. Is Pepper Potts going to become Rescue?

    • I was wondering the same thing

  17. Who is that flipping Iron Man at 1:47- 1:48, needs to be super human to be able to pull that off.

  18. I must say I’m getting excited by this. I wasn’t very interested in the Mandarin at first. I thought he’d be a boring Ra’s al Ghul spinoff. But his voice and style are starting to give me the chilly willies. Now I can’t wait to see him.I neverrrrrrrrr saw that coming!

  19. Why so many protoarmors… where is S.H.I.E.L.D in all of this? LOL!

  20. SPECTACULAR!!!!!!

    Wow, what an awesome trailer!!! This very well could be shaping up to be the best stand alone Marvel movie yet. If its as good as advertised, look out!!

  21. This looked awesome. Definitely excited now. Can’t wait for April 26th.

  22. Move along everyone – nothing to see here. We all know that Iron Man isn’t going to die or undergo any major changes in status quo because Whedon needs him for Avengers 2 and 3. No possibility for real suspense or character development. Nowhere for the director to go besides sleepwalking through another generic bad-guy-shows-up-threatens-love-interest/hero-saves-the-day “plot”.

    • well thanks for saving me lots of time & money. can u also give me tonights winning lotto numbers, since you apparently know everything. also, i cant find my black reeboks…any ideas?

    • ‘sleepwalking through another generic bad-guy-shows-up-threatens-love-interest/hero-saves-the-day “plot”.’

      I will gladly pay money to see any of my beloved comic characters do this, over and over again. Especially when it’s a new story, new villain, will wink at different Marvel Universe s**t, will possible link to Guardians of the Galaxy…

  23. I just peed a little… 😐
    Hahaha, this trailer was awesome. Best I’ve seen all year!!

    I already stopped reading IM3 spoiler-news and after seeing this, I’m content with footage as well. It’s gonna be tough to try and ignore all the tv spots to come, but from now on I’m sticking it out and avoiding anything spoiler-related around IM3 till the movie hits – it’ll make the viewing experience feel all the more awesome.

  24. Does anyone know when advanced tickets become available?

  25. Wow! I was expecting the Iron Legion to be between eight and ten “boys”. But in that trailer, after Tony Stark stops in mid-air, they keep coming and coming, whoooshing like iron rocket-fuelled wasps! In-TENSE!

  26. Awesome trailer! My only nitpick would be how they are making the Mandarin. This interpretation of the character just doesn’t work for me yet, nothing has won me over so far with this terrorist version. Then again, I loved that angle with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, so I’ll just wait to really judge until I see the film itself.

    But other than that, this is still a great trailer. I wouldn’t say I got the same “epic” feeling I got with the first trailer, but still, great trailer.

  27. This is going to be amazing. This movie takes place a few months after the Avengers, I think. So how did Tony Stark build all these awesome armors since then? Oh well, who cares, this is going to be epic.

  28. I think this looks like it can match the first one I’ll say it again with pride and enthusiasm i can’t wait this trailer rocks.