Rumor Patrol: ‘Iron Man 3′ & ‘Thor 2′ Plot Spoilers, Character Deaths & More

Published 2 years ago by , Updated October 29th, 2012 at 8:26 pm,

Iron Man 3 Thor 2 Story Spoilers Rumor Patrol: Iron Man 3 & Thor 2 Plot Spoilers, Character Deaths & More

Rumors are something that Marvel will have to get used to from here on out, as speculation has run rampant about how the ‘Phase Two’ films like Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World will raise the stakes after The Avengers. Now, we may have a much better idea of how they plan to do it. Those averse to SPOILERS will want to move along.

English stuntman/actor and current Marvel employee Andrew Lawden (Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace) recently spoke quite candidly about the plot twists and proposed action scenes for both films. Lawden’s information comes from scenes witnessed first-hand, and through colleagues working on the set of Thor 2. We’d recommend taking these RUMORS with a grain of salt, but that might be easier said than done.


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  1. Ooooh, this sounds very intersting. Even though its all rumors all of it sounds completely plausible. Can’t wait for the Iron Man 3 trailer tomorrow.

  2. Sounds nuts with all those suits…….I know that some of the suits like Stealth were leaked from some of the toys. But if its Tony suped up with extremis controlling 40+ suits at once it could be very cool with Iron Patriot rebranded War Machine by his side.

    Can’t wait for the trailer

    • The new trailer drops tonight….

      • WHAT TIME??????? is the IM3 trailer coming out????

      • Hey I live in SEA and it’s already tuesday here the time is 11:35am so I’m wondering what time the trailer will be released in our timezone.

    • I’ve heard the 40 suits thing before, which I think is a awesome concept, to have him control more than one at once. But 40 just seems like too much no matter how big the threat may be (unless they have to face conflicts on war fronts in like 10 different countries at one time) seems a little like overkill. If it was maybe tem or twenty other Irom Man suits it would seem a bit more feasible or practical.

      In my mind I would settle for a group of five Iron Men at one time, each vastly different. One that was signifigantly larger and built like the Hulk-buster, one that was a stealth armor that can turn invisible, a hypervelocity aromor that was built to move faster than all the others in the air and on foot, I’ll admit when I started writing this I didn’t and still don’t have an idea for a fourth, but i’m sure they can come up with something awesome, and of course the fifth would be Tony Stark in the extreamis armor.

      That just seems like an awesome Idea to me. But whatever the movie does will probably still seem great to me anyway.

      • The beginning of your second paragraph sounds really g@y, dude.

  3. sounds like they are going for some major drama/character development in these films, and to that i give 2 big thumbs up!
    does anyone know if the new IM3 trailer will be available online after midnight EST tonight? i’m almost as excited for this film as i was for The Avengers

    • me too!

    • From those spoilers which contained character development? All it was us spoilers regarding action sequences.

      • sorry, i guess it was mostly about the thor film, with all the possible deaths. thats where i get the possible character development angle from.

  4. that guy Lawden is sooo fired lol…

    • Thats exactly what I was thinking. haha

  5. Yeah I was an extra in the avengers and they were very serious about leaking info or pics….he may face some legal ramifications if not his job.

    • HELL yeah I was an extra on Thor… in Asgard and there was wayyy tooo much travel involved so when I asked for mileage pay they SH*T canned me


  6. Wow! Both sound great! Can’t wait! :D

  7. So the only thing I got out of all that is, that there is no confirmation on whether Doctor Strange will make an appearance in Thor 2.

  8. Guessing it right now
    Loki steals the blank in the blank and gives it to blank
    or something like that, who knows maybe he learned his lesson.

  9. That’ll do, Pig. . . That’ll do, Pig

  10. can’t wait…they both sound excellent

  11. Ironman 3, not super excited about it maybe that will change after seeing the trailer….

    For Thor I am a bit more anxious BUT two things I DON’T want to see:

    1) I don’t care for the love story between Jane Foster and Thor
    2) Loki as a villain again, how many times do we have to watch him get his a$$ kicked. Hulk said it best, “Puny god”.

    Two things I DO want to see in Thor 2:

    1) More bada$$ery, The best scene in Thor was the attack on the Frost Giants
    2) Beta Ray Bill, he could be the Han Solo to Thor’s Luke Skywalker

    This message paid for by a card carrying member of the Black Panther fellow avenger club. BTW MAKE THE MOVIE MARVEL! Wakandan Kings rule!!!

    • sounds like loki is just the guy that gets him there and may be forced along, who knows if he’ll actually participate or be allowed to.

  12. Holy crap I can’t wait till tomorrow! And Thor is gonna be awesome!!! And iron man is gonna be sick! Jesus I can’t wait.

  13. Well im still a little upset that they(Marvel) did not at least use the Leader from Incredible Hulk in the films.

    • They haven’t YET. They have still yet to make an Incredible Hulk 2, which is most likely when that character would make an appearance again over anything else.

  14. I’m going to be mad if Frigga dies just so Thor can go on a rampage of revenge. Isn’t Makeleith destroying part of Asgard enough motivation, without fridging her, too? If it’s true, that’s totally pathetic and disappointing.

  15. I certainly hope we see Surtur (fire demon). For someone who read the comics in the 80s, and read Walt Simonsons classic run, I’m really really hoping we see the start of Walt’s classic run on film. I can see how Loki’s redemption would play out if they follow the comic, but even though Loki gets redeemed, he still the bad guy. If you haven’t read these comics, i fully recommend them.

  16. wheres the trailer its oct 23 1h39am still no trailer

    • I hear ya lets get it on.

  17. okay its the 23rd…..

  18. The Thor snyopsis is pretty meh especially the part concerning the posessed “Jane Foster” which sounds stupid. IM3 trailer looks good but i’m not to keen about 40 Iron Men fighitng togethe.

    • Also not too thrilled by what I read. What we were all imagining based on what little we knew sounded better than a battle with the Dark Elves. /yawn

      I mean what about the items in dear ol’ Dad’s vault and Thanos? What about Surtur? What about the already confirmed Kurse?! If they are going to do this battle AND the Kurse story arc it’s going to get muddled.

  19. Damn, why did I read this!.

    Everything sounds great, except for (like Ignur Rant pointed out) Jane Foster being possessed – that does indeed sound pretty stupid.
    … Hopefully they’ll make it good. Alan Taylor rocks.

    I can’t believe the stunt guy was allowed to say all of this though… Marvel’s usually pretty strict about this type of info leaking.

  20. I had a huge feeling Jane Foster was going to be possessed, brought to Hel, or kidnapped in order for them to bring her into all the Nine Realms.

  21. Good news on both films!

  22. did they not learn their lesson with possessing hawkeye in The Avengers??? I read somewhere where Natalie Portman dint want to come back but Marvel held her to it due to contractual obligations…maybe thats why theyre giving her a “smaller role.”???

  23. super pumped for iron man 3 and thor 2

  24. This guy is so fired. Nothing new really on the ironman front but lots of interesting details for thor. Suggest that the other realms will more or less only make cameo appearances, the focus being Asgard, Earth and where the dark elves live. Kinda wish i wadnt read it but seriously if someone can resist the temptation you are a muh better person than I

  25. very glad to know Loki’s got something to do besides pace around in prison. Loki & Thor together would be very cool. But where’s Darcy?

  26. Omg, those are the shocking spoilers to Iron Man 3?! He just described the Iron Man 3 trailer!

  27. livin’ la vida loki…!

  28. 1. “jane gets possessed” – really?
    2. don’t care for her anyway.
    3. “frigga gets killed” – seriously?
    4. sif, i hate her.

    so what da hell happened to loki’s association w/ thanos & his “poisonous dreams” that thor spoke of in the avengers? what of the great power loki was supposedly shown & the tesseract – are they just gonna ignored the events that happened in the avengers?? besides locking him up for what he’s done, is that all they’re gonna do about it? end of discussion? oh no, the dark elves! let’s focus on that now! (?????)

    • Geez, it’s a few (possible, but likely true) spoilers from a stunt guy, were you expecting him to talk about every single detail and story line about the movie?
      Relax… they won’t ignore what happened in The Avengers – I can guarantee you that.

  29. Frigga being killed off could end up being a good lead into him discovering his real mother.

    • real mother?? what r u talking about?