‘Iron Man 3′: Stan Lee’s Cameo Revealed

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Ever since Marvel’s theatrical releases first gained steam with 2000’s X-Men, fans have been treated to a series of blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em cameos from longtime Marvel icon Stan Lee. Lee is, of course, best known for his work on the original Spider-man comics and appeared most recently in The Amazing Spider-man. Now, we have the lowdown on his part in Marvel’s next tentpole release.

According to Latino Review, Lee reported to the set of next summer’s Iron Man 3 earlier this week and will appear in the film in another trademark cameo. Scroll down if you want to know more, but it should be considered a MILD SPOILER.

In Iron Man 3, Lee will play the host of a beauty pageant, but the site didn’t offer any further details about the size of Lee’s role, or any indication of how, exactly, Tony Stark and company end up at a beauty pageant in the first place. With its plot reportedly centered on the Extremis storyline and Ben Kingsley long-rumored to play The MandarinIron Man 3 will already have a lot of ground to cover and won’t emerge as cluttered plot-wise as Iron Man 2.

stan lee iron man 3 2 Iron Man 3: Stan Lee’s Cameo Revealed

Whether or not fans are still clamoring for Lee’s cameos, Marvel seems bound and determined to involve him in as many of their productions as possible. While his appearances typically serve to offer fun moments of comic relief, they could be considered superfluous, especially since Marvel has done a remarkable job of crafting an interconnected big-screen universe for its heroes. Still, Lee has established himself as a terrific spokesperson for Marvel’s films, and with the record-breaking success of The Avengers, Marvel has proven that it has a firm grasp on what fans want.

Expect the studio to shed some light on Iron Man 3 with their presence at Comic-Con this weekend. Word is that we’ll also get a clearer picture on how Phase Two of the studio’s Avengers initiative will play out. Anyone else hoping for official updates on Ant-Man and Black Panther?

Check back here for the latest Marvel scoop direct from Comic-Con.

Iron Man 3 is currently in production and is slated for release on May 3, 2013.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. iDon’t really care for Ant Man, but I’m really hoping for Black Panther

    • I’m very much looking forward to a Black Panther movie.

      • I think you should do a “Captain America Goes to Wakanda” film. That way Black Panther won’t have to try and carry a movie on his own and they could do some flashback scenes and show a couple generations of the Black Panther.

  2. The Stan Lee cameos take you outside the
    film momentarily and have worn a little thin.

    Hitchcock was the master at these things like
    a lot of other things and he would routinely
    appear in his films inconspicuously and
    quickly and never uttered a word.

    It was an appearance not a cameo.
    It was a wink to the audience rather
    than a loud hello and here I am again.

    • Robert

      I agree about the cameos, especially the part on Hitchcock.

      On the other hand, its not like Marvel Studios is placing any true drama in their films post IM2. The are fun, light hearted, action-comedies. I dont think I have ever been that invested to get taken out the movies personally lol

      IMO They shld continue to let the man Stan have his fun for how ever long life allows.

      • I agree. The man practically invented Marvel. His signature was literally on the front page of many of the comics I grew up reading. And when he narrated the Marvel cartoons in the Eighties, when I was a kid, I remember feeling as if he was a grandfather reading me a story every week. For those reasons alone, I’m glad to see his thumb print on all these films. I don’t care that the cameos aren’t surprising and usually aren’t all that clever, I just enjoy them for the nostalgia factor.

      • no true drama??? Have you seen Amazing Spider Man yet?? It’s really hard not to cry at a couple of scenes on there.

      • I take your point Ignur Rant
        and your point is well taken.

    • What? Are you kidding me? Stan Lee’s cameos are awesome, and I look forward to seeing him in Marvel movies. I can’t believe you’re complaining that him playing as various characters “has worn a little thin,” it’s a split second of fun seeing the guy that basically MADE Marvel pop in and make you laugh.

    • No. The Stan Lee cameos are fun, The Amazing Spider-Man was the best one yet. He created all of these characters, he deserves his cameos, most people love them.

      • Agreed Doc

      • Well, he didn’t create Captain America.
        Personally I can’t make up my mind… his latest cameo in TASM was very funny, but it did take me out of the movie a bit. The scene didn’t really fit in with the rest of the movie.
        Still, I love the guy and I think he deserves his cameos. They just shouldn’t be so completely obvious all of the time I think…

        • That is kind of what I was driving at, Avenger.
          A little more understated would be more effective.
          But this is Stan Lee and I can forgive most excesses.

          And excellent point on Captain America too.
          That cameo did bother me and did not belong.

        • The Captain America cameo was really the only one that took me out of the movie. The Amazing Spider-Man cameo was a little out-of-place too but it was VERY funny so I can forgive that. But pretty much every cameo he’s had has been cool.

    • Well, there is a lot more room for this sort of thing
      for these sorts of films and the Lee cameos are all
      meant in good fun and should be taken that way.
      Maybe they are a little overdone but so what.

  3. i wish stan lee cameo deadpool movie 2014. when does 20 fox make marvel excalibur movie.

    • Stan Lee nothing to do with creation Deadpool.

      • LoL i don’t think that matters, if its MARVEL Stan Lee should cameo his awesome!!

        • Nah, it kind of matters. It’s why he wasn’t in the Punisher or the Ghost Rider movies.

          • Or Blade and Swamp-Thing…

            • Swamp-Thing was DC. Man-Thing is Marvel.

  4. Man`s got to eat

  5. i’ll never grow tired of stan lee cameos, he’s old guys, who knows how much longer he’ll be around. let him have his cameos. they’re not hurting nobody and i thought the amazing spiderman cameo was hilarious

    • Yeah, that one was awesome!! :D

      • Um dude. Swamp thing isn’t marvel it is DC

  6. Now that Coulson is gone, Stan Lee’s cameos are all i have left lol. I could watch an 2 hours of those 10 min Coulson shorts.

    • Way to just spoil that for the cheap/poor/busy people that haven’t seen it yet (yes, there are still a ton of people that fall in that category, plus it just came out last month).

    • Way to just spoil that for the cheap/poor/busy people that haven’t seen it yet (plus it just came out last month).

      • Sorry for the multipost, iDevice is giving me issues, made me think it was too long, again sorry.

      • No, there is a statute of limitations on spoilers, the film came out twelve weeks ago. You’re on a thread, reading comments that have spoilers for Iron Man 3 on them and you’re complaining that someone spoiled a film thats been out for three months?

        Come on.

        • Wait, 12… crap, I forgot it’s July already. Sorry, that’s what I get for commenting after being awake for almost an entire day. Also the Iron Man (minor) spoiler thing has a warning way ahead, unlike this comment which just starts by dropping a major bombshell, and I would totally check this out even if I hadn’t seen the Avengers already.

  7. Nobody’s ever been going to Marvel movies for the sole purpose of watching Stan Lee cameos. Nobody cares if they’re there or gone. But I say, get rid of them. They’re so g****** distracting and never quite done with the subtlety that they should be done.

    • So you guys added the stars to censor bad words. Good idea actually, I can live with that.

    • I saw every Marvel film because of Stan The Man Lee. He created the universe which these films are based on, so I think most people love is cameo’s. It will be a sad day when he dies… I don’t think Marvel would be the same without him.

    • I think that his came are cute.

    • I’m with Tobi, if it weren’t for Lee you wouldn’t have these movies, besides, they’re actually good and I would care if they were gone because that’d mean he was DEAD!

  8. After that cameo in TASM, I can’t wait to see what they cook up next. That cameo was absolutely hilarious.

    • Agreed! I loved that cameo!!

  9. Stan can cameo as much a he wants…as for phase two, Black Panther is the logical choice. I want some type of mention in Cap 2 of wakanda about the place where the vibranium used in his shield is from….something, since we won’t see BP on screen for about another 3yrs!

    • What does logic say about the BET Black Panther series?

      • I enjoyed it. But ready for the silver screen adaptation now.

  10. I love Stan Lee. It just makes me smile everytime i see him. He created, with the help of Jack Kirby, some of the greatest characters of all time. He deserves to have alittle fun and alot of fans love seeing him in the movies.

    It will be a sad day when he is gone.

  11. I say keep Stan the Man in, we don’t know how mush longer his ticker will keep ticking (even though he SEEMS healthy we have no idea *cough* Llalane *cough*) and they never detract from the movie, besides, without him we wouldn’t have these movies anyway.

    As far as the movies go, Ant-Man I can do without (Pym is a douche), although I wish they’d hurry up and make Black Panther already (c’mon, just get the guy who played the Operitave from Serenity to play the Panther).

  12. Without Stan Lee, you wouldn’t be seeing these movies at all. By all means, keep the cameos in.

    • ^ This! It’s ungrateful to say his cameos shouldn’t be there.

      Without him, there’d be none of these movies to cameo in, since the characters wouldn’t exist, at all.

      • Exactly.

  13. I agree, keep the cameos in. It will TRULY be a sad day when Stan Lee is gone. There is not another human being quite like him.

  14. I don’t get the hate for the cameos, it’s not like he detracts from the storylines or anything and most of the time he doesn’t say more than like five words if any at all. They’re fun, light-hearted little easter eggs for the fans and a sign of respect towards the man that essentially created Marvel. Keep ‘em coming, Mr. Lee.

  15. Love the cameos. I preferred them when then were more subtle eg the first two spiderman movies or the x men ones.

  16. I think the Stan Lee cameos are witty. Pretty cool to give one of the original original artists/creators a little limelight. I mean he did make all of these movies we all so adore possible in the first place.

    I thought his cameo in Thor with the truck and the Amazing-Spiderman cameo’s were best. The ASM cameo reminded me of a old silent film. So cool to see The Lizard and Spidey tumbling in the background as well.

    BTW the Pizza Restaurant in the Incredible Hulk where Banner hides out is named “Stanley’s = Stan Lee’s” haha…

  17. I guess I’m alone but I loved Iron Man 2

  18. His cameo in amazingspiderman was awesome hope this one is just as funny

  19. If you don’t wanna see Stan Lee in a Cameo appearance, watch the Blade & Punisher films over & over. I for one don’t mind Stan’s cameos as the guy loves the characters as alot of people do over the years. How many comic book creators took pride by being in a film of character/characters they created or helped? Let Stan Lee do what he loves is what i say.

    • What a thing to say.

  20. If you take out Stan Lee you might as well take out all the other easter eggs and winks to the audience. In fact, kill the fandom and make these art pieces! YES! BRILLIANT!


    • These people are worse than terrorists, aren’t they Sarah? They may as well bomb the Marvel Comics building and burn all the comic books. You either love these cameos or you might as well hate babies and puppies.

  21. Let the cameos continue. the man wrote and invented all these characters for christ sake. how would you feel if you weren’t allowed to be in the movie of something you wrote? slap in face. let them continue

  22. I don’t go to movies to see end credits. They should remove that junk. But they should also make them funny and diverting. Hitchcock knew what was up.

  23. Stan isnt gettin any younger. Just stop complaining n let him live his dreams rite now. Guaranteed u guysvr gunna miss him once hes not in a marvel movie. I kno i will.

  24. Stan isnt gettin any younger. Just stop complaining n let him live his dreams rite now. Ima miss him wen he goes.

  25. I Think screen rant should do a list… The Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos!! I really don’t get why theres some people complaining.. Stan is like in the film for like 5 seconds… does that really spoil the film?!?! I for one always look forward to his cameos!!

  26. I am looking forward to Ant-Man details as long as they do NOT involve the words “Scott” and “Lang”.

    • Yeah, how could they make a non-pym antman movie? Maybe bring in lang at the end or if there’s a sequel but in the first ANTMAN? Yes, it’s ridiculous.

  27. I wish they could digitally insert a cameo of Jack Kirby in these films too to give his estate some $$$ and pay the man some respect.

  28. I love Stan’s cameos (they can be a little “in your face” at times though), but you guys need to remember that he didn’t create every character.

    He had nothing to do with the creation of Captain America (in fact, when he was a kid he read Cap comics), but he still got a cameo in that movie.

    I say keep his cameos coming, but maybe some of them should be a bit less obvious (not all of them, but just some).

    • Well, Jack Kirby created Cap and he helped create all the others so may e it was like an appearance on his behalf or something.
      Also, Stan Lee was almost in his twenties when Captain America first appeared.

      • Jack Kirby did such great work himself. “Long Live The King” RIP Jack Kirby.

  29. Stan The Man’s cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man was one of the greatest things ever. Definitely his best cameo and so unexpected jaja.

    And wow, sometimes it seems like people have to find a way to complain about something no matter what. The cameos take you out of the movie? I’ve never once been taken out of a movie by a 5 second cameo. Keep ‘em coming.