‘Iron Man 3′ Spoilers Discussion

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Iron Man 3 Spoilers Iron Man 3 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Iron Man 3 review, this is the place where you can discuss Iron Man 3 spoilers without worrying about ruining the film for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Iron Man 3 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Iron Man 3 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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  1. I’m a little upset about a few things, I give it overall an 8/10 or 4 out of 5 stars.

    The main being Tony removing the shrapnel from his body and throwing away the arc reactor. To me, that’s what symbolizes why he is more than Iron Man: it was his creation that started it all. And while I get that Tony wants to start over, I feel he should’ve at least kept it. That moment also comes across as “If we don’t work things out with RDJ’s contract, this is our goodbye gift.” We all know he’ll be back in some way.

    I liked that Aldrich Killian turned out to be the Mandarin. What I did not like is the twist that led to the reveal. It’s sort of funny, but I would’ve preferred Killian just hiding in the shadows and waiting to reveal his identity. Or at least have Ben Kingsley’s character be a little more mature. I know this might start something, but it reminds me so much of the Henri Ducard and Ra’s Al Ghul thing only taken a little less seriously.

    • You need to find the Extremis series or motion comic. Tony altered the Extremis virus for his own ends and became Iron Man even more than he was before. He literally says this as the last line of IM3.

  2. I think Shane/Marvel really missed a great story arc / comedic element with Pepper and Extremis.
    If all the previous Extremis subjects were male and Pepper was the first female they could have done the following.
    Pepper gets injected but it does not seem to take effect, no glowing change, no internal fire visible. Killian is disappointed and writes it off to her being female and the difference in male/female genetics.
    Pepper is put in harms way and drops into the fire.
    She reappears at the appropriate “I saved you moment” and has fire in her eyes.
    Killian is happy she is “one of them” and proceeds to approach and embrace her.
    Pepper goes to put her hands around his face and kiss him back (seeming to give the appearance of embracing the new her and him love).
    Her hands go fiery and crushes and burns out his skull simultaneously. Up until this point no other Extremis subject would have been able to “regulate” the heat into a weapon. They are only super strong, fast, and can regrow limbs.
    While he’s stills standing she executes with super speed to lower her hand, heat it, and pull out his heart at which point Killian falls to the ground and goes cold. She says to his dropping body “only one man has my heart Killian” which brings us full circle reminding us of when she recognized Tony had a heart in IM1.
    After Killian is down and she drops the heart which has gone cold she turns to Tony with still fire in her eyes.
    Tony is stunned and speechless. Pepper goes and says “leave it to a man to not understand a woman can regulate heat better than them”. And then she goes off on a little funny rant about “after all we have heat flashes, menopause, and we carrying around you little testosterone sacks for nine months”.

    • I guess they could say that the one female Extremis subject was a someone that had PTSD and having a gender change was his way of attempting to deal with it.
      At least that would explain why she was so butch.

      • Pepper wasn’t the first female Extremis. You forgot about the fake Homeland Security chick play by that Stephanie whatever that everyone thought was going to be Wasp.

        • I was suggesting it would cool if Pepper was the only woman up until that point. There was actually at least 3 Extremis women besides Pepper.
          One took down iron patriot.
          One was in the dock fight.
          The other attacked Tony at the restaurant.

    • The only thing i didn’t like is that the actual Madarian didn’t appear.

      • yah same here. I was expecting the mandarin to be this bad ass evil dude and yet we got some actor pretending to be a bad guy…

        • Comic book realistically, would it be that impossible, given the Mandarin’s rings of power, for him to actually have made Killian believe he (Killian) conceived the idea and hired an actor, when in fact Kingsley’s character really WAS the Mandarin, pulling a double blind? Let’s be real, it would fit the Mandarin’s character very well. Power plays, mayhem, and shoving it to Stark twice.

  3. I know that Marvel Studios has stated they want to keep the individual films separate from The Avengers so questions such as “If Tony was in so much trouble why did’t he just call the Hulk or Captain America?” I agree completely with that idea, but I do have a hard time believing that once Air Force One is destroyed and the President of the United States is being held captive by terrorist that if nothing else Shield would step in. That is kind of their job isn’t it? And really with the after credits scene being what it was, why didn’t the Hulk get involved he was obviously at Start Tower.

    • Bruce Banner does not enjoy turning into The Hulk. If he really feels it’s worth the transformation, Bruce will surrender himself to the anger.

      Plus, that whole movie was a flashback story told to Banner. No one knows where Bruce was prior to that, nor the time span between IM3 and the present day

      • Actually I. His final iteration of the Hulk where he is actually embracing it I think he does enjoy it. Per the Tony/Bruce banter sequence in the Heli-Carrier lab… “You might not like that. (Banner).. And you just might (Stark)”

        • Can someone please say or describe how the sfter-creditsscene was? I’ve seen the movie but I and my friends had to as soon as the movie was finished

        • Can someone please say or describe how the sfter-creditsscene was? I’ve seen the movie but I and my friends had to as soon as the movie was finished.

        • Can someone please say or describe how the sfter-creditsscene was? I’ve seen the movie but I and my friends had to as soon as the movie was

      • I can’t say the whole movie was a flashback. I think he was retelling it to Banner after the fact.

    • Actually it is not Shield directly,they are own organisation. Not part of US army. President commands the army, so naturally army investigates and protects president and + Iron Patriot 😉

    • My son made me leave before the after the credits scene. What happened?

      • Turns out the whole movie is Tony recollecting the incident to Bruce Banner as some form of therapy/catharsis but Bruce had fell asleep and heard nothing (ho ho ho, comedic gold… NOT!!)

    • you could say that same exact thing about every single superhero character in comics. think of each movie as an individual comic title. from F.F.,the X-MEN,SPIDEY,SUPES,BATS,the JLA and countless other characters. this is the same formula that has been going on for decades. if you can suspend disbelief for a comic book, or a politician, then surely you can suspend disbelief for a live action version of a comic book.

  4. The movie was terrible, and not worth a re-watch. Don’t waste your money on seeing it at the theatre, esp not post converted 3d. Generic fire powers do not make for an interesting adversary, esp not when closing a trilogy. And I’m not even a (comic) Iron man fan and I felt that the mandarin reveal was a huge slap in the face. It’s false advertising. I didn’t pay to see Iron man vs Guy pierce…

    • Agreed. I am happy I only paid for the regular, 2D version. Otherwise, I would have been frothing at the mouth.

  5. I loved the intro with that song from Eifel 65 “Blue”. I think it was really cool that Yinsen was in the flashback to 1999, since in the first Iron Man, Yinsen did mention that him and Tony Stark have met before but that Tony was so drunk he probably didnt remember. I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man 3 throughout. Some of the scenes were a lil repetitve though, like Tony’s Mark 42 armor always falling apart or that it was always assembling to his body in the nick of time. The finale was pretty amazing, especially when the Iron Legion showing up and Pepper saving Tony from Aldrich using her extremis powers after she was presumed dead. On a side note, the post credits scene was pretty disappointed with Bruce Banner. All in all, a good movie.

  6. How could I forget the reveal of “The Mandarin”. Though it was a bit funny that The Mandarin was just a drunken, hired actor, I was a bit disappointed that he wasnt the real protagonis. Not saying that Aldrich Killian didnt make up for that . He was great, but all the marketing and campaigns for the movie made you believe that Ben Kingsley was the main villain, and i feel the way they handled the reveal was cheap and overly comical.

  7. Okay…so, here are my reasons for calling IM3 a piece of crap (repeatedly and deservedly):

    Explosions and humor were overblown (pun intended) and FAR outweighed actual story and character development. The ONLY redeeming quality I found in this entire film was RDJ’s acting as Stark. Others acted their parts fine but held little real meaning or significance in the film as a whole.

    The Mandarin, Aldrich, and the exploding Extremis soldiers were stupidly designed, weak, often pointless villains. Considering that both literature and film require conflict of some sort to allow for and bring about plot and character development, the weakness of the antagonists made for a MAJOR flaw in the movie. Some might say, “Well, the REAL antagonist was Tony against himself.” Ummm, no. Tony’s issues, while interesting to a point, provided the meat for perhaps a five-minute journal entry or a two-minute soliloquy, NOT an hour+/2-hour movie…

    The movie was “Iron Man THREE” but merely lightly referenced, in a truly uninspired manner, the three films that preceded it that included Tony experiencing some major trauma and life-changing events. As for the “Ten Rings” organization…IM and IM2 were almost completely ignored in this movie in terms of organizational threats. Wasn’t Nolan criticized by many on this site for “making the Batman story his own”, but when Black did the EXACT same thing with IM3 vs. the other two IM films, he is being praised for his brilliance??? Really?

    People have been praising the Marvel films for existing successfully in a shared universe. THIS movie pointedly ignored that outside universe. An internationally-threatening terrorist BLOWS up people and takes over television airtime to make his threats, but NOBODY outside of the American military and Iron Man forcefully responds? Captain America would respond. Hulk might very well respond. SHIELD WOULD DEFINITELY RESPOND. Oh, but Archaeon, according to some prequel comic, everyone was otherwise occupied AND this was Tony’s personal dragon to slay ( metaphoric pun intended) AND the U.S. military thought they were capable of handling this threat without “outside” intervention. Nope…not good enough, because SHIELD, by its nature AND by its very existence in the Marvel universal WOULD have become overtly involved. Captain America, short of being literally tied up (as in ON A POLE) on the Moon, WOULD become involved. Also, that credit button showed that Tony was, at least somewhat, in intimate contact with people who could have done something about the Mandarin’s forces, if not the man himself. This was simply poor and sloppy writing and plotting.

    NOW, for that “twist”. Truth be told, I couldn’t care less WHO turned out to be the Mandarin. The HOW of the reveal was the irritating, poorly done part. When Ras’ al Ghul revealed himself as having been Ducard all along, THAT revelation maintained the sinister aura of gravitas important to the character AND to the theme of effective use of deception in “Batman Begins”. Further, even after the reveal much later in the film, the earlier decoy did not cease to be an imposing figure because the deception had been played so well against Bruce. THAT “bait-and-switch” was not done for mere shock value…either for Bruce OR for the audience. The Mandarin, with regard to these points? Not even close. The main villain of “Iron Man 3″, a villain that had been substantially hinted at in previous IM films turned out to be a JOKE.

    This movie was CRAP.

    • I so agree with you. Never mind that Tony Stark has removed the arc reactor AND destroyed the suits thereby ending Iron Man. Never mind that this ‘ultimate’ villain turns out to be some bullied nerd! The worst part of this fiasco was the complete lack of SHIELD! There is no way that Captain America, the ultimate soldier, the guy with the AMERICAN flag on his chest, would sit by and watch from the sidelines! Rogers may not have liked Stark in the beginning but Iron Man saved New York, they fought together, this bloody thing doesn’t make any sense. Among the many many things that don’t make sense in this movie.

  8. Anyone else notice that there are clues that Killian’s the mandarin? Whenever you see him he’s got a ton of rings on…

    • But then again they showed Kingsley wearing them in the trailers…

  9. Even if you don’t know anything about the Iron Man comics, this movie was a complete slap in the face to commercial Iron Man fans. The only way to explain would be to spoil the movie for those that haven’t seen it….I will say that the ‘plot’ does not make me feel confident that they (producers, directors) won’t try to do the same thing with the other Marvel titles. Its really a shame because, although they don’t have to go with a comic characters comic history and story lines – why wouldn’t they? Iron Man has been around since the 60’s (?), and although he is not my favorite character, I know enough about him to know that he’s had some good storylines and villains. They took one of his oldest and…..literally made him ‘nonexistent’. Hard to explain, but yeah…..Only stuck around, because my partner was into it. Thank God it was dark in there and no one noticed my eye rolling….

    • Please explain what you need to. This thread is specifically to talk about spoilers. They are throughout this thread.

  10. When he reveals he is the Mandarin he kinda does it in this over the top, amateurish way. Not like some cool criminal mastermind. It reminded me of how he was sorta psychotic when Tony met him in Sweden.

    Possible reason number one…
    It could be that he was being directed by someone that was never revealed and the fact that he himself had not heard from that individual in some time led him to believe he must have been killed and now he can replace him. It’s interesting that they showed Kingsley going to jail when it no longer had relevance to the story.

    A second theory…
    Much like how a son who oversees an elderly father starts taking credit for now being “the man in charge” this could be the same relationship Pearce had to Kingsley. He believes Kingsley to be a doddering fool when in fact he is quietly working his magic in the background. Why keep up appearances leading into his compound and being announced as “The Master” and then be a doddering fool inside? His own henchmen go in and out of the same area and would know if he is a doddering fool. I am hoping that doddering fool act was specifically for Tony. As the Mandarin says “you’ll never see me coming”. He pulls it off right in front of his arch enemy, IM, making him think he a simple buffoon.

    Being off Tony’s radar now he can get involved in all kinds of stuff including looking for discarded IM tech or leftover alien tech from the Avengers battle.

    And if you think Marvel wouldn’t try to pull one over on us like this then think again. Colton died in the Avengers right?
    Nope, Joss says he is in the TV show and Fury had pulled a fast one on the team to get them to unite. Fury had the death faked.

  11. “Then Shane Black had an idea of making him somebody whose background is unknown; we don’t know where he’s from at first, but he seems to be some kind of military officer that has gone off the reservation. He is starting to pull all of this iconography and symbolism from other cultures to his own ends to use them as symbols to pervert the symbol of the United States. He utilizes the moniker of the Mandarin and robes with dragons on them and uses South American sort of guerrilla tactics to create this aura of fear of his terror organization. The Mandarin is sort of a very frightening, modern-day terrorist who has taken terror motifs from all over the world to use to his own ends. It was a very cool and relevant and scary idea.”

    That does sounds like a cool and relevant and scary idea! Throw in Ben Kingsley doing a quirky performance and I’m sold. I can’t…..oh, wait. It’s just another corporate guy like Hammer from IM2 except he got left on a roof or something.

    Anyone else have a problem with how arbitrary it was how exactly the Extremis soldiers could be dispatched? I mean…they blow up Killian once….and he’s not dead…but then Pepper blows him up…and he is dead. I guess…she’s just such a badass? Or something.

    • The first time he was in faulty Mark 47 armor. The second time Pepper uses an actual weapon designed to kill against him.

      • I fail to see the difference between these two things. They both still involve being exploded.

        I think the real thing that finally destroyed Killian was the screenplay suddenly deciding he should be dead. In other words, bad writing.

        • Yep. Precisely.

        • I would see it as a difference between a firecracker and an m80.
          The suit is designed blow itself up (at least it’s key components) whereas the weapon Pepper uses is designed to blow something major up.

    • Personally I really enjoyed the movie. Although I did have a friend ask me a question that I couldn’t seem to answer.

      If he could call the Iron Legion to help at the end of the movie, why couldn’t he call one of them to replace 42 when it was damaged and he was stranded in Tennessee?

      • he could’t call them because jarvis went off line

        • Jarvis was offline and the “wine cellar” where they were housed was covered by rubble right up until the finale.

  12. Personally I really enjoyed the movie. I did have a friend ask me a question that I couldn’t seem to answer. If he could call the Iron Legion to help at the end of the movie, why couldn’t he call one of them to replace 42 when it was damaged and he was stranded in Tennessee?

    • I think the order he gave was “House Party” – party meaning, bring all of them. Maybe he could have called only one… why the heck not? But possibly his only card was “House Party” as a last hoorah, so to speak. Good catch though.

      • Yeah, I was a bit stumped when he pointed that out to me. It’s possible that he could only call all of them at once. If I was him I still would have called them all, then just sent the rest back. Haha.
        My only answer was that maybe it was a program that Jarvis was writing and it took time, or maybe Mk 42 had to be powered up all the way for it to function. I’m not sure.

        • Actually I just read that the suits were buried under the rubble after the house was destroyed, that Jarvis even mentioned it in the movie. Once the rubble was clear, open season. At least they seemed to have covered that base.

          • Hmmmm. Good point. I think you may be correct. As a matter of fact, I do remember seeing cranes & people working when they showed the basement opening for the suits to fly off. Very likely. Good point. Problem solved.

            • True, but as How it Should Have Ended so creatively did it in their YouTube video; after he threatened the Mandarin why not just have the suits available to protect the house in the first place. Arrogance maybe…

      • Lets face it he has all the designs in his computers.
        He could build them again all in a few weeks if he wanted to.

        • I have another couple of questions actually. The big suit, the one he calls Igor holds up the crane that was tipping…so in operation ‘clean slate’ it should have blown up too…meaning Tony and Pepper should have been crushed by the crane and the container…how come they didn’t?
          Also if Pepper could come back from the ‘dead’ after falling into a raging inferno…how come Killian could be blown up?
          And where the heck did Pepper get moves like that from? Were they side effects of Extremis? She’s a CEO, when did she learn to kick ass? It’s cool and all, but just senseless you know!

  13. I’ve watched IM3 for a second time yesterday. Still love this movie. Its a fun summer movie. Anyways, pointing out to the “why didnt he call the other armors to help him”.

    There is a scene where Jarvis told him that the cranes have arrived. This scene was meant that the rubble from the house attacks are blocking the Suit Vault. Preventing it to be opened for the other suits to come out.

    After you see Stark asking Jarvis if the rubble is removed then he asks to initiate the Hour Party Protocol. Then they jump to the scene where the cranes are removing huge rubble away from the vault door.

    That is why the other Armors couldn’t be summoned to help Stark out. Watching the movie for a second time allows me to capture these small things. haha

    • Now that it has been pointed out to me, it seems very obvious, and I do remember it. Sounds like a good reason to make a second trip to the theater, and I probably would if there weren’t so many more great movies coming out so soon.

  14. I will say this, seeing it the first time I was pretty pissed off.
    – Certain aspects got more coverage in the trailers or like the suits in the wine cellar were illuminated better.
    – it’s not what the trailers make it to be.
    – it’s not Favreau.
    – I wanted a real worldly villain. Not the equivalent of a guy that got stood up for 1.5 hrs by stark 14 years prior.
    – I wanted more action
    – I wanted more suits
    – I wanted more buddy action.
    – I wanted a rockin soundtrack.

    Seeing it the second time it was more enjoyable and I could forgive ALL that but some CG special effects that were horrible.
    – Specifically when they get out of these suits (like in his house with Maya) or when the suits are going up or down stairs. It reminded me of Lucas’ CG stormtroopers getting off dewbacks on Tatooine.
    – Also the last bit of flying just above the water after rescuing everyone had a feel of something false pasted in front of a real background.
    – Flying around fighting bad guys with 1 shoe and 1 gauntlet was horrible.
    I have to wonder if ILM did these special effects or someone else.
    You would hope ILM did as Disney owns them now too.

    PS: I hate these “zipper” suits that fold around you. They should have left the briefcase armor and the armor from Avengers as the only ones that had that function.

    It makes me wonder if they plan on having all these character stories as trilogies.
    I will say one thing I am excited about.
    RDJ did a recent interview and he was wearing a West Coast Avengers T-shirt.
    I could go for him in a trilogy of WCA.

    • Um ILM has been doing disney effects for DECADES. Disney has been in bed with Lucasfilm for DECADES they just put a ring on it. Star Tours? Indiana Jones Stunt Show?!? yeah people act like Disney buying Lucasfilm was the worst thing ever when all they did is make it facebook offical.

      • Yes I understand that but the original iron man had various pieces of the movie farmed out to various special effects houses. ILM was only 1 of them. I imagine that tradition continued in this movie.

      • Specifically, SEVENTEEN studios did the effects for Iron Man 3, namely..

        Weta Digital, Digital Domain, Scanline VFX, Trixter, Framestore, Luma Pictures, Fuel VFX, Cantina Creative, Cinesite, The Embassy Visual Effects, Lola, Capital T, Prologue and Rise FX

        • 17? That has to guarantee lost continuity between the effects. Unreal. The (most likely) reason is that this movie had to come out quick (as Marvel has a schedule to keep) and the only way to speed it up is to speed up post FX.

  15. He was able to take the shrapnel out of his chest thanks to the extremis program. I just wish they explained the wormhole more, and shown the Gemini Armor.

    • There was no reference to Extremis in relation to taking the metal away from his heart.
      I’ve seen it twice now and paid particular attention to these many questionable areas.
      Dr. Wu is like the best heart surgeon there is. That and Pepper’s insistence on distancing him from his tech is why Tony had it removed at this time.

  16. Okay seen this yesterday and it left me a bit cold…. indifferent would be a better word.
    I wasn’t hyper excited to see this so I didn’t have an expectation level for the film to meet (All my expectations are on Pacific Rim, MOS and Star Trek).
    It’s not a bad film not is it wonderful, it’s on par with IM2, IM1 is still the jewel of the IM series.

    Problems with the movie, I confess to struggling to articulate them but I’ll take a punt.

    1. Tony Stark. All the pre-release talk was about putting Tony back in the cave, making him work with his intelligence, turn a box of scraps into something awesome, if a little rudimentory as well as going on this “journey” after the events in Avengers.

    I was really looking forward to this aspect as I find Tony more interesting than the suits.

    So what do we get, a five-ten minute montage of Tony cobbling together some jury-rig weapons, 3 anxiety attacks and that’s it. Where was the payoff, where was the resolve of the New York issues.

    Only thing i can think of is when the kid tells him to build stuff and at the end when Tony again re-firms that HE is Iron Man (therefore not the suits). If that was it then that’s a bit poor as he spends the WHOLE movie obsessing about the Mk42, either calling it to him or waiting for it to arrive or it malfunctioning. Too Much Mk42. Boring and not funny zzzzzz

    There’s been a few threads regarding the shrapnel removal, having now seen it I’ve got no problem with it. I would say regardless of talk about tech and the difficulty of the operation it’s more about timing.

    He didn’t NEED to have the operation before, he’d got the new element so wasn’t dying of Paladium poisoning and was in no danger from the shrapnel it’s self but now with the “Clean Slate” protocol ans as Tony says himself… why not.

    The throwing of the arc reactor, again symbolic of the clean slate, the reactor was powered down so the element was most likely removed and stored away for re-use come Avengers 2.

    2. Iron Legion. Big build up in the pre-release promotions, big enterance on film then it decended into Transformer-esq chaos and confusion where the action is that frenetic and CG’d that you can’t decern what’s actually going on, only the Igor suit actually had a specific payoff.

    3. Mya Hanssen & James Rhodes. Too very underused characters and could of been cut out completely with only a few minor changes to the scrips (killian himself creates extremis and a extremis soldier kidnaps the president… see done)

    4. The Mandarin. The reveal/twist. Bit of a slap in the face on that one. Ever since the announcement of the Mandarin in IM3 geekdom has been awash with chatter and theories connecting to the first film (Ten Rings) and the character himself (magic or science etc.) which is what the studio wanted. But to then spin that it’s actually smackhead actor… that’s not a nice thing to do to fans and it doesn’t really leave the door open for a more accurate portral in any (if there are any) follow ups.

    5. Tone. The tone felt… wrong. IM1 had a nice balance of humor and action and seriousness. IM2 was a bit boring but still had a nice comedic balance on the whole (Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer was a touch on the wrong side of the comedic scale). This one, for me, too much tongue in cheek. Also with all the talk of this being RDJ’s last contracted movie it felt like a goodbye, not only to the actor but also to the character.

    The whole, “Clean Slate” protocol, the shrapnel removal and disposal of the arc reactor was a bit TDKR. Tony and Pepper can now go to the south of france and sit at a nice cafe no wait that’s the other billionaire fella.

    I think that Tony Stark and RDJ’s involvment in the on going MCU is going to be reserved to cameo’s and Avengers 2 only. If IM4 does happen I fell it’s going to be a re-boot of some form.

    *** 3 stars, Good, not great.

    • Good points, agree with most. You nailed it with points 1and 2

      Overall rating is more like 2 or 2.5 stars to me

  17. Very disappointing film for me. I saw Avengers 3 times in the theater but don’t plan to see this again. What a let down.

    Biggest problems for me:

    1. Too much of Tony solo without a suit. One scene would have driven the point home that them man makes the suit. We didn’t need to do it the whole movie
    2. The gold prototype suit was sloppy writing. When there is a moment of crisis, the boot jets or some other function fails to to work or it falls apart easily. Wrier’s way of introducing instant drama. Then why wear it when you have a terrorist threat on your head. It was his kryptonite.
    3. He could have used his own arc reactor to power the suit up instantly
    4. He could have called up on of the 40 reserve suits at any time instead of trying to fix and power up the cr@ppy gold one. So then he didn’t have to go James Bond either. Sloppy
    5. It is not as much fun when Tony is controlling suits as opposed to being in it. The airplane rescue scene was great except that it wasn’t really Tony. Totally ruined a great scene. I don’t want remote control ironman, I want the real thing
    6. Mandarin plot twist was a poor choice IMO
    7. Extremis Pepper saves the day was another poor choice
    8. Anxiety attack stuff got silly after a while. You just say “new York” and Tony freaks
    9. What did Tony pull out of his sleeve to save himself in the small town fight against buzz cut dude? Why didn’t he use it against when she was trying to kill him?
    10. Why did Tony continue to hide after the fight in the small town? His enemies know he is still alive at that point. Go to New York and get another suit
    11. Getting rid of the arc reactor in his body was a bad move for the character. I liked it and I think it makes Tony less interesting without it
    12. More sloppy writing in removing the shrapnel. I don’t buy that extremes suddenly made this possible. If it was possible, he would have done it in IM2 when he was DYING from the palladium blood infection. Sloppy
    13. Silly that SHIELD would not be called in on a attack on the President
    14. Why was War Machine taken down so easily by the Extremis chick holding his hand?
    15. Having the armor components fly across the country seemed hard to believe
    16. I am not sure why getting to Tennesee was so important
    17. Too many armors. Really does not make them seem special anymore at all
    18. Why do the armors break and melt so easily?
    19. The kid idea seemed forced and Disney driven. Why not call your buddy Rhodey when you are in trouble?
    20. Climactic final scene was hard to follow. Still not sure what happened at the end. Pepper had one sleeve of armor on? The constant jumping in and out of armor was a bit much

    What I liked:
    1. Flashback to early days of “fun Tony”
    2. Robert Downey Jr was great again and kept it fun
    3. Montage at the end

    • 1. Are you serious? That’s like saying we don’t need three batman movies to tell us the importance of symbols.
      2. The mark 42 is the easiest to assemble when your freakin hous is falling into the ocean so yes he would use it
      3. He was rebooting JARVIS.
      4. The suits were underneath rubble. He also needed JARVIS to initiat the house party protocol.
      8. I’m pretty sure it’s justified All Tony’s ever dealt with is armor knockoffs and suddenly he has to fight gods and aliens and fly through wormholes? Yep completely justified.
      9. It was a makeshift repulsor. It was warming up.
      10. He was waiting for The Mandarins location after he got it he did go.
      11. I agree but I don’t think it makes him less interesting.
      12. Not sloppy medical science finally advanced enough for him to remove the shrapnel.
      13. SHIELD protects the world not just America.
      14. The heat shutdown his systems.
      16. So he could find out what exactly was causing te explosions.
      18. They were all prototypes that had been thrown together during sleepless nights.
      19. He told pepper he was staying off the grid.
      20. She ripped of the armours arm then put it on.

    • We think alike. I agree with everything you listed ‘disappointed’. I really don’t see how others can not agree with all that you said. This movie was trash!

  18. Thanks for the reply. Couple things I do disagree on.

    1. Not sure I understand the batman analogy. I just want to see Tony use the suit a bit more.
    2. I understand your point. But Stark should have had some early detection systems that would have given him time to get in one of the better zipper suits. They literally take 2 seconds to jump into. The shoddy armor was a convenient plot device to create more drama
    3. He was also powering it up very slowly for some reason when he has an arc reactor built into his chest. Powr it up faster and Jarvis reboots faster
    4. He has suits in other locations like New York he could have used
    9. I think you are guessing here. They did not show him warm the repulsor up. Convenient plot device
    12. You are guessing here again I think. What was the leap forward in technology that suddenly made this possible?
    13. I don’t see your point. They are too busy to rescue a major world leader?
    14. That was fast. Just from touching his hand? Hammer tech anyone? The systems worked well enough for Stark when his armor was heated up on the airplane. And Rhodey was able to eject
    19. Sure but he could connect with Rhodey on the secure channel

    Anyway, we are both fans and I think we would both like to see another one. Legs hope they bring back RDJ and Favreau

  19. suit falling apart when hit by a semi when it took direct hits from Thor’s hammer (yes, not the same suit.. but still a suit). Dumb.

    The arch reactor in his chest is/was the power. No need to recharge the suit on an external power source.

    Jarvis isn’t just IN the suit. It’s a program that is in the house, his cars, the other suits, his phone… He doesn’t have to download Jarvis into anything. But I guess you can assume Jarvis went offline in totality after the attack.

    Heat causing the suits to power down and eject the person inside. The EMP from the nuke in Avengers didn’t, so… um, yah.

    Can someone explain why the armor filled up with water because the gauntlet separated?

    Radioactive man?? hahahahah.

    • The M47 wasn’t designed to be waterproof, with its detachable parts and all.

      All suits have individual arc reactors, remember the multiple glowing balls when the armor cellar was opened after the rubble was cleared?

      The ‘remote control ‘ suit was designed to detach easily, as he did when in the nightmare scene where it called upon it in his dream?

      The nuke in avengers wasn’t an EMP. it’s a nuclear bomb/H-bomb..

    • The M47 wasn’t designed to be waterproof, with its detachable parts and all.
      All suits have individual arc reactors, remember the multiple glowing balls when the armor cellar was opened after the rubble was cleared?
      The ‘remote control ‘ suit was designed to detach easily, as he did when in the nightmare scene where it called upon it in his dream?
      The nuke in avengers wasn’t an EMP. it’s a nuclear bomb/H-bomb..

  20. i feel really disappointed that the Mandarin wasn’t the Mandarin…. although i don’t know how they could’ve had Killian (powered by Extremis) being a subordinate to crazy terrorist Mandarin. I liked the movie, but i just feel like i’d enjoy it more if i just didn’t think too much about it.

  21. I thought the movie had its ups and downs, I was slighlt upset that Ben Kingsley wasnt the Madarin, but mostly because i thought he was a better actor and countered RDJ much better
    But my main complaint about the movie was that it was more childish, mainly I disliked the tired Christmas movie parts. The movie gets released in MAy and its a Christmas movie, I really didn’t like that. And the whole “little kid sidekick” part got old before it started. I could’ve done without that entire character.
    Also I felt the movie just took on a whole different tone from the first two. Hard to really explain whats different, but I’m sure most of you know what i mean.

  22. is it possible in avengers 2, we will see the marvel-now iron man armor?
    i love the black-yellow bee suit 😀

  23. I just lost a few IQ points reading some of these complaints….nit-picky and stupid for the most part…most people complaining obviously didn’t get the movie…everyone fell for it thinking that the trailers were leading up to the actual movie plot. That was a welcome and pleasant surprise! Talking about surprises; the Mandarin twist – get over it!!
    One point that kept me thinking was about not calling the others for assistance when he clearly could use some help. Then it hit me: he’s Tony Stark, he’s got a huge ego and the means to do whatever he pleases. Why call for help if he can figure it out on his own and then take all the glory?!
    And for those of you who think panic-attacks are tiresome and boring and repetitive, just ask anybody who suffers from them to see just how boring and tiresome and repetitive they really are.
    Think about what you’re gonna post before posting, and think thoroughly before complaining (the answer is usually right in front of you). You may not necessarily like the answer or agree with the solution provided, but it’s all there!
    This movie was great!

    • Well, you have your opinion…those of us who felt disappointed by this trilogy closer have ours…and for just as legitimate reasons.

      Remember that. I remain hopeful that you retained enough I.Q. points to do so…

      • Legitimacy does not make opinions more correct or truer…not even any smarter for that matter (myself included).

        Even I (with reduced IQ) can see that! Also, there’s no point in arguing over opinions bc there is never gonna be consensus, except maybe agreeing to disagree (or vice-versa).

        You didn’t like it, I did, not even Jesus managed to please everyone, so life goes on! (I think my remaining IQ points just left the building!)

        • Yes, exactly. A fair response…

  24. Hey. Could someone tell me why the extremis gang went to Tennessee to pick up the Eyes Only file from Mrs Davis? Why did they wait so long after the explosion in Tennessee to do something… And the timing was just right that Tony was there to intercept it?

    • It was just a piss poor movie. What more can you say…

      • no Iron Man 3 Was AMAZING HATER!!!!!

  25. Iron Man 3 was a garbage movie and Shane Black should stay away from any superhero movies from this point forward. Does anyone here wonder how Iron Man can keep up with Thor in Avengers but has his suits ripped to pieces by Extremis agents? Does anyone here wonder why Tony Stark has downgraded from who he became in The Avengers? Why his tech is terrible and malfunctions constantly? Tony Stark IN the Iron Man suit is what makes him IRON MAN! We don’t want to see him control his suit from a freaking van… which was by far the coolest IRON MAN scene and he wasn’t even present in the suit. Shane Black set things up for Jarvis to take over! At some point you would think the AI would become aware like Skynet and say the hell with Tony. This movie was garbage and I don’t see how a true superhero fan could have enjoyed it.

    What a shameful start to phase 2… I couldn’t be more disappointed. How is this new recreation of Iron Man supposed to go up against Thanos????

  26. Great Movie but I would’ve rather they closed up ends with the Extremis plot in the movie, after Maya Hansen got shot tony should have saved her from dying, maybe she had an improved version of Extremis for scenarios like that hidden in the room and he injected it in her. I would have liked to see a scene where the both of them work on the nanotech that eventually heals pepper and him, she should have been the one to help take out those metal shards out his chest not some random asians.

  27. I LOVED IT how can you say you guys didn’t haters if Robert downey jr. starred in at least 2 more movies I would go see and go buy them both I LOVE Robert Downey Jr. BEST ACTOR EVER hey robert please don’t stop doing iron man movies you are what make them great don’t let pepper take your spot YOU ARE IRON MAN!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    • RDJ was great, yes. It was just about EVERYTHING ELSE that sucked in the movie.

  28. Why Iron Man 3 sucks:

    1) Pepper Potts has to save Iron Man from the villain with her super powers-give me a break- That is like Lois Lane saving Superman

    2) He, despite being wealthy and famous, has no contacts and has to turn to a little kid who he doesn’t know for help.

    3) The Mandarin wasn’t the main villain after all and the real villain was some little know character.

    4) He only calls in the back up Iron men at the end of the movie. What was he saving them for?