‘Iron Man 3′ Spoilers Discussion

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Iron Man 3 Spoilers Iron Man 3 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Iron Man 3 review, this is the place where you can discuss Iron Man 3 spoilers without worrying about ruining the film for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Iron Man 3 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Iron Man 3 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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  1. This movie was very good. It wasn’t IM1, but then again what is? Personally, I like the Tony Stark from IM1 better. I think RDJ got it right when he said the he’s never played Stark better than he did in the first IM.

    The “Tony Stark will return” at the end reminded me of James Bond. I didn’t like that. In other words, he’ll be back, in some form or another. Different actor or not he will be back.

    I didn’t like the blowing up of all the suits at the end. What does that mean? Where does it go from there? What’s next? Rebuild all the suits? Start over?

    Removing the shrapnel from Tony’s chest didn’t make sense to me either. Why didn’t he just do that at the end of IM1? Now he doesn’t need the arc reactor in his chest? I don’t understand why they did that. It seemed like they were wrapping it up.

    At the end I felt like I was watching Lethal Weapon 2 with Iron Man mixed in.

    I’m also curious why Shield and Cap weren’t involved. It was terrioist attacks against the U.S., Tony was allegedly killed, the president was captured, Air Force One was destroyed. Shield does even make an apperence in all of that?

    Over all it was very good. Lots of things I didn’t like, and didn’t understand, lots of questions that I have no answers for. It felt like they were wrapping up the whole series by the way it ended.
    What’s next for the franchise, I have no idea what’s nex for the franchise or for Tony.
    The button scene was very funny and enjoyable. It was good to see Banner again.

    • I think the blowing up of the suits is a symbol that he is giving up the suit for awhile. He is starting over fresh with his “beginnings” (a screwdriver and his little robot he salvaged from wreckage) I think we will see less IM in Avengers 2 and more Stark.

      As for the Shrapnel I think it was one of those things that either he couldn’t figure out how to do before and because of Killians research he was able to OR through the course of the series that we’ve seen he hasn’t had the opportunity or thought to. After the “New York” incident I think he has had PTSD and not the clear mind to do it. At the end his head and heart were of clear conscience finally.

      As for Cap, I’m guessing we will find that answer in upcoming movies. I just assume that he is out of country dealing with world terror. Im assuming that Cap 2 and Thor 2 will do the same as IM 2. It will pick up right after New York events which will explain why all characters are in different places.

      • I think he always had the opportunity to remove the metal outside his heart once outside the cave but he kept it there as a way to have a reason why HE was iron man and no one else. It also keeps the reactor handily available.

    • No Shield or Cap? Simple, this was solofilm, no setup for other movie like before. Iron man movie, period. There still was lots of ref to Avengers etc. Like in comics, sometimes our heroes take on powerful enemies alone and sometimes it’s just time to assemble 😉

    • I think that Tony was able to remove the shrapnel from his chest thanks to an injection of some form of the Extremis virus. It should have been explained better, but seems logical.
      And Kevin Feige has also stated that we’ll understand why SHIELD doesn’t get involved in the events of IM3 after we see Cap 2. Again, should have been addressed, but at least there’s an explanation.

  2. I only collected comics until the very early 80’s, and I recall nothing of 10 metaphorical rings (of gangs or terrorism or whatever). I know that there are very clearly, 10 custom rings on the Kingsley’s character’s hands. I didn’t think Kingsley looked or sounded like what I imagined of the Mandarin supervillian. In the commercials, his dialog had an idiotic “Agent Smith” overenunciated tone that made my skin crawl. In fact, I don’t think the line “there are no heroes” from the earliest teasers, made it to the movie.

    So….I’m wondering why the outrage from the Mandarin ripoff is not even higher? Since the ton of pre-released footage, clips, photos, and featurettes came out prior to Iron Man (I), I make it a point to avoid even reading Screen Rant headlines. So this Mandarin ripoff took me by surprise. Did the movie makers broadcast with code words or try to downplay specific expectations?

    I’ve not watched IM (I) since it first came out. Wasn’t there a glimpse of a cased set of 10 rings? Will we have to wait for an IM Reboot, like “The Amazing Spider-Man,” in order to get the long-hinted-after bad guy to FINALLY appear?

  3. Overall I loved the movie despite a few disappointing plot elements.

    There is one gripe I can’t get over…why in the hell did the screenwriters choose to remove the arc reactor in Tony’s chest!?!

    Removing the arc reactor because Tony finally had the surgery to remove the shrapnel in his heart completely negates the central conflict of IM2 AND Tony’s inspirational “suit up” discussion with Banner in The Avengers.

    It would have been different if the script hinted at some new medical tech or a variant of the Extremis virus to help the procedure, but the chest reactor was KILLING Tony in IM2, so why didn’t he just have the surgery that got 10 seconds of screen-time? C’mon now.

    • The biggest cop-out and let down of the film was the reveal that the Mandarin was merely an actor pretending to be the Mandarin for Khillian as a distraction to the public. Shane Black basically dumped on a main villain of Iron Man.
      The Mandarin was genuinely terrifying because of the videos claiming responsibility for the attacks was very reminiscent of the actual day of 9-11 itself and when he said that noone would see him coming.
      This feeling was immediately ruined when Tony confronts the Mandarin and he is revealed to just be an actor working for someone else who is working on a virus, all that character buildup and terror thrown away by a cheap ploy to advance the plot by Shane Black.

      • Maybe they’re hinting at Osama Bin Laden … ever seen that image of him on Time Magazine? where he is kind of looking into the future .. the lighting is near perfect!

      • Good to see these movies changing things up and dodging your expectations to give you a new experience. Love what they did with the Mandarin and love what they did with the extremis story line. Much better than just following a movie based on a story i already knew. One of the best Marvel movies so far.

        • I’m sorry, but that’s stupid. It was an okay movie, but to just ruin one of Iron Man’s main villains like that? They missed so many opportunities to make this movie great. Really disappointing.

          I think that the first IM film was the best, then the 3rd, then the 2nd, but it was a close call between the 3rd and 2nd.

          • Not for me; I still say the seond was better than this one.

            • I wholeheartedly agree, Kahless.

          • I was thoroughly disappointed with this movie. I cannot fully articulate my displeasure at this time but I could not wait to post something. I would appreciate if someone could help me out. I’ll try to post another once I fully thought it through. I will say this– overall, it was a fun movie but it lacked an edgy feel. The first Iron Man was all around solid movie, I absolutely loved it. The tone of the first movie was much different than 2 and 3. Also, I felt there was a significant lack of high quality action sequences. I only action sequence I really liked was when Stark saved the people from Air Force One, and look, I’m having a hard time calling that an action sequence. Anyway, I’ll try to post another once I thought this out more. Please help me out if you feel like. Fun movie but they could have done SOOO much better. My expectations were squashed.

    • Couldn’t agree more!!

      That was always the premise in the comics anyway but maybe this was the only way to end the trilogy given his relationship with Pepper- now he can be a “complete man” and “devote more of his time to her” … :(

      I always thought Extremis would free him up from his suit seeing as what Capt America said to him in Avengers: “Take away your suit and what are you?”

      • @ Joshua Sterling you are so right! I don’t know what they were thinking. I felt like it was more of a romantic comedy movie than an action one. Do you know why it was Christmas in the movie? That made no sense to me. I left the theater trying to figure out why he blew up all the suits. He could have just given them to the military to defend the earth with or kept them in storage or something instead of blowing them all up. I mean what is he going to do if someone attacks him. And then the whole thing with the arc reactor ahhhhh!!!! that just made me mad. that made no sense. and then pepper killing the bad guy I mean really that was so predictable and what would Tony have done if pepper really had died, have another mental break down? seriously can you explain the Christmas thing, it’s driving me nuts.

        • Katie,
          The Director, Shane Black has some strange fascination with Christmas! In an interview he said that he likes Xmas and it is a time that brings ppl together!!


          • Its a shane black thing..its his own lil signature he puts in his movies…

        • Its a shane black thing..its his own lil signature he puts in his movies…

    • I have to say that I had high expectations for Iron Man. I walked in to to the theater and watched the intro and I felt it had a great start. Two main objections are as follows: the Mandarin turns out to be some kind of joke hoax, and actor with a drug problem, and Pepper Potts kills the bad guy at the end. Now to state my qualms. The Mandarin is Iron Man’s nemesis, A main ruthless and power hungry, he relies on arcane powers to achieve his ends, while Iron Man’s abilities quantified by science. This makes the Mandarin the perfect foil for Tony Stark, who in contrast is all about what he can explain and see from an empirical perspective. The Mandarin makes him face an enemy that he cannot quantify, but is forced to face. Someone who can use magic and calls on forces Tony does not understand but has to face anyway. This creates a depth that is so great between the characters that now can never be seen on film. It would be like Joker turning out to be a fake villain and Two Face just decided too make him up just to throw Batman off the trail+ some lame plot device allows it to unfold as such. This is the main reason I cant stand what they have done, Joss Whedon was pretty upset with what they did with this last film.
      Qualm two: Many of the epic portions, where traded for humor throughout the film, Stark spends the majority of the time without the suite even being on and many of the scene loose momentum in the serious department accordingly. Pepper Pots was yet again well played except that at the end she gets super powers and kills the bad dude. Another sub issue is that they take two of Iron Man’s villains and put them together, the glowing burning dude…cant remember his name….in this film he invents the Mandarin too throw off everybody from his true aims…which where lame= increase the industrial war complex by basically controlling terrorism, and then convincing the private sector and governments to buy his super soldiers….we have heard this before. Did I manage to tell you that the Mandarin Does Not Have any POWERS?MIND BLOWN They take the time to show the rings on his hand and give him a great persona equal to Bane and then….surprise I am a junkie actor being paid to be a terrorist to throw off the real bad guy’s movements…utterly lame. I mean all the pieces where there, they just failed to move them on the board properly, and that pretty much makes it even more upsetting. Now there is no direct villain to challenge Stark and his belief in science, no direct antithesis. I feel as though so much depth was lost and what makes me upset as well is they took the time to flesh out other villains and make them real and they treat the biggest baddest villain that Iron Man meats on an individuals scale and turns it into a joke for laughs, I mean the gravity of the film just disappears half way through. I have to say that if you see it and agree that something was lost, :::::::::::::Them to make it all worse Stark takes out the ARC Reactor and destroys ALL the suits what the crap. Potts and Stark end up together and that s the end……..my opinion is stated and or if you disagree and think it was the best movie ever made, comment and lets have a discussion, because everybody got out of the theater and we where all literally talking on the sidewalk all upset about the turn of evens , complete strangers where agreeing with these problems.

  4. @ Jeremy Spoken,

    I would absolutely LOVE to hear where you read or heard this “RUMOR” about ANY OF what you wrote about (Kingsley with a 2 movie deal, or this extra scene that was not filmed)

    It would change a lot of this speculation about IM3 THATS FOR SURE!!!

  5. IM3 was garbage. Plain and simple.

    • I agree

    • @Mr31220


  6. I just posted a capsule review to my blog. Basically, I found it disappointing.

    • Why bother reading it then?

      I thought IM3 was VERY GOOD… 4 stars.

      • I thought it was very bad…2 stars.

  7. I thought that the Mandarin twist was great. Just my two cents. For everyone who is saying that the Extremis were too powerful- in the comics, they were actually really powerful. One guy almost killed Tony while he was in the suit, and I’m pretty sure that they were able to breathe fire. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • You are correct, the extremis people in the movie were incredibly weaker than in the comic. And yeah, the first time he runs into a guy with it he comes with in inches of killing him basicly with his bares hands while Iron Man is in his best suit. Tony ends up taking a version of Extremis that he tweaks to save him self from dieing and to be able to connect to his suit so it can act as fast as he thinks.

    • So these guys in the comic are stronger than Thor? In Avengers, Thor hit IM with Mjolnir and it did not destroy his armor; were these guys stronger than that?

      • Mjolnir basically puts a dent in his armor and physics wise that makes sense as Tony had somewhere to bounce off to after having been hit.
        If he had been up against a wall or an immovable object Mjolnir would have done far greater damage.

        • As far as being hit by Thor’s lightning and surviving that also makes sense as his suit runs on electricity and he basically absorbs it like a giant capacitor. I think Jarvis showed on the HUD that the suit maxed out at 575% of normal power after absorbing the lightning. It actually supercharged his suit making him even more capable of battling Thor.

      • @Kahless the Unforgettable: First, it seems like you are comparing the power mentioned in the comics to Thor’s power in the movie. that’s apples and oranges buddy.

  8. jon favreaus blueprints are all over this mandarin being a fake debacle.
    its downright pathetic how much hatred he has for the character. man i had this movie at an A until that lame revelation. C- and i wont watch it at theaters again.

  9. What is the point of using the name ‘Mandarin’ on a character that has nothing in common with the Mandarin from Iron Man Comics? They could have come up with an entirely different name and avoided antagonizing comic book fans…and it would have made no difference to the other moviegoers.

    I have a suspicion that some arrogant little twit got a kick out of the idea that it would piss some people off.

    • I think the main problem with using the Madrin is that he is an incredibly racist character and just would not have worked in a modern movie as he is portrait in the comics.

      • The fact that this movie was partially shot in China and got heavy financial backing from them also came into play as far as how Asiatic this Mandarin would be.

  10. Wow, don’t go see the movie opening day and end up with your comment on the back page! Ah well……

    I enjoyed the film on a certain level(and it was definitely a step above IM2) but I absolutely hated so many individual pieces:

    – Taking the Extremis concept and not only turning them into super soldiers but capable of seeming invulnerability AND the ability to rip IM’s armor to shreds and achieve temperatures approaching 3000 degrees? WTF? Not even Thor’s Hammer or Hulk could manage this level of damage but this could? Really jumping the shark there.

    I would have much preferred they had stuck to the original storyline, THAT would have at least made sense.

    – Basically gutting the Mandarin, “villain” and turning him into a joke pawn. Don’t get me wrong, Kingsley was great in the role and highly entertaining, but on a comicbook canon level this was wrong on so many levels.

    – Turning Potts into and Extremis soldier. While this might have seemed like a good idea on paper (and her saving Stark was fun in a sort of way) It just felt unnecessary and more like a demand to her character to be more active.

    So do we get to see Potts as a “fixed” super soldier in future installments that will put Cap. America, shield agents (and even Iron Man apparently) to shame. Did I mention this was REALLY jumping the shark??!

    – Removing Tony’s arc reactor. While logically, the removal of the shrapnel should have been an easy process (something we just never talk about). To remove his need for it provides closure to something we don’t want. I also thought it helped his now damaged heart but I guess not.

    – So Killian couldn’t be destroyed with the Mark 42 armor self destructing (you know, exploding an arc reactor)but yet a single shell detonated point blank WILL do the job? /rolls eyes.

    – I did however love the IronMen army but they really should have been doing much more than punching the soldiers. I expected a lot of chest/hand beam frying but instead we just got a bunch of punching.

    So we get to see them all briefly and then he orders them to ALL self terminate. /sigh.

    This felt a lot like XMFC, I enjoyed both as encapsulated movies but when examined in the larger picture, as part of the shared universe, they are both terrible and basically ruin the established canon.

    • I agree with you on everything except on the XMFC comment. You’ve saved me a lot of typing and ranting lol

    • -Mongoose, have you read the extremis story by Warren Ellis? Because what they do in the comics was way more than anything shown in the movie. “turning them into super soldiers but capable of seeming invulnerability AND the ability to rip IM’s armor to shreds and achieve temperatures approaching 3000 degrees” are all things the happen in the comics, if you like I could go pull my trade paperback of it off the shelf and give you page numbers.

      -So what if the Mandarin was far separate from comic cannon, has there been anything in any of the Marvel Cinematic movies that follows actual comic cannon?

      -I don’t think you actually see Killian dead that final time, and with that line near the end of him saying something like “I AM THE MANDARIN, I always was” I felt they were maybe leaving an open for him to return as the Mandarin in the furure.

      • – It has been quite some time since I read the story so if that happened I obviously didn’t remember those parts. If those things did indeed happen in the comics then they failed by copying something that was flawed from the get go. That is WAY too powerful imho.

        – Yeah a LOT follows the canon. This however was turning IM’s most iconic adversary into a farce, a complete and utter joke. It was a slap in the face to comicbook fans.

        – And no, we didn’t which is another flaw in the story…..if the guy came back from being suit imploded, why the HELL would they suddenly be content with it working a second time?

        But the thing is….the Mandarin is not some white guy with nanobots that can heal and melt things. He is an Asian no body that found 10 alien artifacts and turned them into powerful objects that he now wields to dominate the world. If they are hinting at a return I would much prefer him stay gone.

        • Well you have to remember the suit he exploded in was the one Tony recharged with a 12v car battery.

    • Your part about Pepper being a “fixed super soldier make no sense, in Tony’s monologue at the end of the movie he talks about doing some “tinkering” and being able to remove the virus out of her body during the removal of the arc reactor scene.

      • Maybe I wasn’t paying careful attention to the exact wording but I thought I heard them say they had fixed the problem, not removed the nanobots. Fixing the problem was what he alluded to near the end (that being one of overheating and exploding)

      • No, actually I watched it a second time for exactly this sound bite.
        Tony’s last words on the subject are and I quote “I got Pepper sorted out. It took some tinkering.”
        By no means does that specifically mean he removed Extremis from her.
        In fact, since he doesn’t specifically say he removed it one could surmise he “fixed” it or altered it within her.
        He never says “remove”. See it again if you don’t believe me.

    • Actually Extremis in the comic goes further than the movie. Tony modifies it specifically for himself to not only fix him but to incorporate iron man tech within the hollows of the bones in his body. He can then bring it to the surface any time he wants.

  11. Great movie overall but beginning was terrible, also half the suits he battled with if not all of them were uncompleted props and the end left tons of confusion but the good part was it was funny, action packed, and very suspenseful

  12. Remember in Iron Man 2 when his chest piece was basically killing him? If it was so easy for him to get the shrapnel removed at the end of Iron Man 3, why didn’t he just do that at the beginning of Iron Man 2? Also, the Mandarin twist was a giant disappointment. They took Iron Man’s arch enemy and basically made him out to be a big joke. The movie started with great potential, then the twist wasted all of if as a cheap gimmick. Too bad.

  13. Most of you guys hit the nail on the head. Solid “3 Star” grade Iron Man movie at best.

    -The Mandarin twist was terrible in my opinion.
    -The gave away FAR TOO MUCH in the trailers. I thought seeing all the suits come to the rescue would have been an epic scene but because they show the whole movie in the trailers now a days sucks.
    -Pepper as an Extremis soldier would have worked if she didn’t do any actual combat. Being that she fought back made Tony’s rage minimized to a degree. His urge and determination to save her could have driven his plight more but since she basically could save herself took away to me.
    -Too much time out of suit.
    -Would have been nice to see the Mark 42 working properly for a sec :-/
    -Why remove the Arc reactor from his chest? If you were gonna do that it could have been done in IM1.
    -The Iron Patriot basically did nothing of substance the whole film.

    I like Iron Man but sheesh…this last film was very anti climatic to me.

    • Not only was too visuals given away in the trailers but in some trailers/spots the soundtrack rocked as well and we didn’t actually get that in the movie either.
      There was 24 TV spots, several commercials, a B roll of behind the scenes and many featurettes.
      Check out TheSkyWalkingKnights collection on YouTube for most of them.
      Someone could have taken several of those tv spots and made an awesome movie from it.

  14. Another sad aspect was the whole idea of a great Shane buddy cop movie and then giving us two guys that should kick a$$ but don’t. When Stark wields a gun he can’t even take out the intended target (light). It makes him look inept and not worthy of wearing the suit.

  15. 3 stars……

  16. TV spot # 6 has good rockin audio on TheSkyWalkingKnight YouTube channel.
    I wish the movie was like that.

  17. This was my least favorite of the three. I thought I’d see more Iron Man action, Iron Patriot action and more “Hulk Buster” action. I didn’t..Yawn.. Oh and the self destruct of all of the armor at the end was pretty lame. How about they fly back home and land in the encasements til the next emergency. I did like the film, I just did not love it like the first two..
    I did like the post credit scene. That was hilarious..

  18. Definitely not enough Rhodey action.

  19. This just hit me.

    They referenced the Iron Man Stealth Armor, when Tony was talking to the kid in the mechanic shop.

    What does that mean?

    Well, remember in Iron Man One, when Rhodes looked at the Mark 2 suit and said, “Maybe next time.”? Then spawning from that tiny hint, we saw in Iron Man Two, Rhodes as War Machine. They could be using that same tactic again.

    Further explanation: In the Capt 2 news, they leaked out what suit Capt will be wearing. He will be wearing the Secret Avengers suit. See the theme here?

    Iron Man ‘Stealth’ Armor
    Captain America’s ‘Secret’ Avengers Uniform

    Makes you wonder why the Avengers 2 movie isn’t titled yet. In Marvel NOW!, Iron Patriot is in the Secret Avengers. There is a rumor Nova will be in Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova was too in the Secret Avengers at one point. The Avengers 2 movie will very well be called, “Secret Avengers”.

    Now you say, what about Thanos? Well, they did say he will be kept for more in the long run. They say it is possible he won’t confront the heroes in Avengers 2 but confront them in Avengers 3. This further leaves the opening possibility that we will be getting a Secret Avengers movie come 2015.

  20. As a fan of the movies who was not very familiar with The Mandarin storyline, you might think the plot twist to make him a nothing character might not bother me so much, but yeah, it did. I really didn’t care for the little envious weasel, juiced up on extremis becoming the main antagonist, and his motivation was… desperation? Because Tony wouldn’t meet him on a roof-top to talk about, ya’know, stuff? Blah. Before the reveal, Mandarin’s plot-line was very interesting – he was reminding me of the nemesis in “Act of Valor” until then… BIG let-down.
    And, I dunno, but I thought the Arc Reactor was – part of him? He could have taken it out whenever he wanted? Hmmmm.
    And someone else made a great point about the Extremis soldiers being too powerful – able to melt through Iron Man’s armor? What? And by the looks of it, the stuff was unstable, so how in the heck could they get that hot and not go critical?
    And another comment I agreed with – the Killian survived the explosion inside Tony’s suit (with an exploding arc reactor), but was taken out by a single shell?
    All the suits were cool!! All couple of seconds we could see them here and there, then – you know – he’s got so much damn money he can just blow up 42 of those suits just to – i dunno, impress Pepper? B.S. Would have been nice to see more of the suits, or at least see the suits working optimally at some point.

    • One of the things the Extremis people kept asking of their members was whether they could “regulate” the reaction.
      I suppose people that regulate the Extremis heat can direct it using it as a weapon and those that can’t go BOOM.
      The interesting thing is at the end of the movie Tony saying he believes he can fix the Extremis in Pepper.
      What does “fix” mean we can only guess.
      Does that mean Pepper can repair herself but not create heat? Does it mean he simply is removing it from her? Does it mean he will inject the “fixed” version in himself and possible enhance it like he did in the comics?
      He doesn’t need suits if the suit can be contained within him similar to what the comics depicted.

      • It would be cool if Tony is himself and not IM in whatever next movie he appears and then he is attacked. We think he is down for the count and then then he repairs himself from the injury via his modified Extremis at the same time the suit emerges from within him so he can take down the bad guy.
        This would a “wow” scene like when Banner called up the Hulk on demand in the Avengers when Tony “brought the party to them”.
        I’m all for War Machine defending earth while Extremis enhanced Tony and Pepper go into space to help in Guardians and Asgard. I think Paltrow getting into battle and bantering with RDJ would be awesome working as a close knit team. Because of their relationship i think they would cover each other’s back in a way War Machine / IM never did on the big screen.

  21. Well the poll above indicates that most people who visit the site think IM3 is awesome. I think it’s easily the best one so far and the twist is the most interesting thing about it. It’s funny and genuinely surprising but a tad remnicient of the Liam Neeson Ras Al Ghul swap.. Killian is the Mandarin, what’s the problem?

    • I think the difference will be repeat viewing by fans. Instead of being a 1 billion dollar movie it could easily be a 1.5 like Avengers.

    • Y! When did the Mandarin become so popular!!?? He’s not Doom,Dr. Ock,Thanos,etc. So far,only 1% are the complainers. Even on this board IM3 is getting mostly 8/9.

  22. GI Joe: Retaliation was originally slated for release in 2012. They held it back because, by the time it was ready for theaters, it turns out that one of the actors, whose character was killed off early in the story, had now become a major heart-throb and fan fave. Test marketing showed that the public would basically not forgive such a move. So they went back and apparently retooled the story.

    Question: While Marvel’s test marketing may have been with the general public, did they not um, run the whole Mandarin-is-not-the-Mandarin idea past people at a Comicon or something? Did they have no hint of the level to which their fanbase would bet pissed? I really anticipated an after-credit scene with Kingsley grinning devilishly, polishing one of his rings….

  23. did anyone catch the ending cameo(s)??? i missed them -_-
    i heard tony is talking to bruce about what had happened or happens during the movie.. anyone?

    • Yes, he’s basically talking to him as though he’s a shrink. his narration throughout the movie is him telling this story to who turns out to be Banner, who has actually slept through it all. Once Tony notices and wakes him up Banner responds, “I’m not actually that kind of doctor”

  24. It amazes me how much of the film the haters apparently didn’t see.

    “The Mandarin wasn’t real!” Uh, yes he was. He was Killian. Killian says as much in the movie. He even has dragon tattoos and is pretty good in a hand-to-hand fight. Ben Kingsley’s “Mandarin” wasn’t real, but he wasn’t the character. Whether you like the fact that Killian was the Mandarin is another issue, but stop acting like the character didn’t exist at all.

    “The Extremis soldiers were too strong! They can destroy the armor when even Thor couldn’t!” Did you miss the part where JARVIS said every suit at the final battle was an untested prototype? Tony Stark built 35 different suits in 6 months. Of course they’re not going to be up to par with the one’s he spent months working on.

    “Pepper Pots is now gonna be a super soldier in the sequels!” No she’s not. Tony outright says he cured her of the extremis serum during the little recap at the end. It’s slightly more forgivable that you missed this one, since it’s basically just one line.

    “Where were all those suits during the rest of the movie?” Under the rubble. JARVIS says that. They even show the rubble being cleared away. “They’re strong enough to move the rubble!” Yes, if they weren’t buried under it. They still have to be able to move to pull themselves free. Tony got stuck under rubble during the attack, too, and was only able to free himself because the suit had a detachable arm to pull himself out.

    Come on, people, get you facts straight. If you didn’t like the movie, fine, but it just makes you come across as a blithering fool to complain about things that movie actually explains.

    • Exactly man, it feels like most of the people complaining didn’t actually pay attention to the movie.

    • I’m sure the heavy duty armor could move the rubble. I love all the people defending the film. It’s weak accept it.

    • Well said, you cleared up everything before I did lol.

      How convenient that all of those suits were under the rubble. Tony Stark has a workshop within a workshop within a workshop 😉

    • I don’t believe Tony says he cures Pepper of the Extremis. He basically says he can “fix it”.
      On the back of the card Maya had from years ago there was a formula Tony wrote on it. It was his basic thoughts on fixing her formula. That doesn’t mean deactivating it, that means making it stable.
      If he “fixed” Pepper she could basically now have a fixed version of Extremis in her.

      • Watch it again. He clearly says he cured her of it.

      • Yeah. As previously said, he CLEARLY states that he cured her of it, why are so many people missing this part?

        • I did watch it again. And he clearly does not say that. I quoted his exact words elsewhere in this thread because I wrote them down in the theater.
          “I got Pepper sorted out. It took some tinkering”
          These are his last words on the subject.

    • FINALLY, Jbrose23…. someone that gets it!! I was pissed at first but the more I think about it the more I love it!!
      the movie does explain MOST of the things ppl a mad about, and I got the same thing from the scene where Killian said that he was the Mandarin,

      My biggest thing was that stark took the Arc Reactor out of his chest and that it felt like the end of the Iron Man movies but I guess that was their plan all along A TRILOGY and nothing more,
      I DO NOT THINK RDJ WILL BE BACK FOR MORE IM films but he will be in the Avengers and possibly not as IM but just as Tony Stark!!!

  25. This movie is good enjoy. Writer/director focus mostly on comedy and place to put some action.

    Movie have so many unanswered question.

    When missiles are fired on Tony’s house why Jarvis don’t alert Tony or take necessary step to oppose attack?

    If Mark42 have it’s own arc reactor then why it power down after some time?

    Tony required his suit but Mark 42 not ready. Then why not tony give order to Jarvis for other Suit.?

    I think Black is not able to handle mega budget superhero movie.

    Tony stark/Ironman is my fav hero from Marvel. I hate twist in IM3 because I like only that twist which put the whole movie on higher level.

  26. I think that the twist was ingenious. Now don’t get me wrong at first I was kinda angry then the next day me and my friends where discussing it and we relised people are so blinded by butthurt that they don’t think. Nobody is thinking about the message the movie gives us. When it comes to a movie like TDK trilogy everyone says that its a smart in depth movie that gives us lessons such as Symbols living forever. Well I’m saying that IM3 sends a psychological message to us all. Nobody saw The Mandarin twist coming and for one reason, we simply didn’t expect one. We bought into this Bin Laden esque villian being the bad guy because its what we expect. In fact it’s what some people want. People are afraid of what’s different so imagine the shock that everyone has (including Tony) that the villian was a handsome, wealthy, white American pioneer of science. It’s Pychology 101, give the people something to fear and you can get away with Anything. Aldrich created the Mandarin to distract an already shell shocked America (after the Alien invasion the country is probably extremely vulnerable) while AIM which is a perfectly legal company in the governments eyes (they rebranded War Machine) get away with everything. You don’t believe me? This is displayed multiple times in the movie e.g. when Rhodey goes to the Middle East to look for the Mandarin instead of anywhere else and Tony telling JARVIS to double check the location when he said The Mandrin was located in Maimi. So basically what I’m trying to say is Killian is probably the smartest superhero movie villian ever. His plan was sound and if it wasn’t for Tony I don’t think anyone could have stopped him. It’s not like the Chitauri where you can just nuke them. You can’t stop him because you can’t find him you’ll be on a wild goose chase forever. you will literally never see The Mandarin coming because he doesn’t exist the way we think of him. Killian played the whole world and nearly won.

  27. Also points that negate Plot holes.
    -Thor holds back on Mortals so comparing him to the Extremis soldiers doesn’t work.
    – The War Machine rebrand into Iron Patriot was never specifically programmed for Rhodes which is why others could wear It. Same goes for the Mark 42.
    – The other Iron Man armours couldn’t get to Tony earlier in the film because they where trapped under the rubble JARVIS even states this. He also needs JARVIS to activate the suits but JARVIS was offline and faulty for a majority of the movie.
    – In the comics modern science finally advanced enough for him to get the shrapnel out, so no he couldn’t just do it whenever he liked.
    – The reason Tony blew up the suits is because he is most likely retiring as Iron Man so he can be with Pepper. He basically says that.
    -The Extremis soldiers are able to rip the suits apart because they are basically fighting against drones (think about how easily the drones in IM2 were destroyed) and the suits are all prototypes that are built for specific reasons while the plain old Iron Man armour is built for fighting.

    • War Machine was reprogrammed by AIM which is a military contractor.
      AIM, Killians’s company, set up War Machine so the president or his Extremis soldiers could be in it.

  28. Jebus, from what people are saying here you’d think this is a total mistep for Marvel. Saw it last night and as with any movie, of course its not perfect but it’s a pretty good film none the less. A minor caveat is that for some reason it’s starting to feel like the marvel movies are like tv episodes (ridiculously high budget obviously) on the way the an actual “event” movie (the next avengers).

    Still I thought everything was slick, the kid wasnt too anoying though not the best actor. The extremis soldiers where cool looking though how the whole process works and how their bodies don’t melt/cells die from the heat is well.. Turn brain off. Lot’s have been said that they were grossly overpowered and the example given was Thor’s mele vs ironman in Avengers. I’m pretty sure Thor could have ripped the suit appart had he truly wanted to and might have done so had Capt not inteviened. Secondly, the extremis operated on heat, yes they were somewhat stronger but the fact they could generate massive amounts of heat enough to melt steel easily is why I beleive they posed such a threat to Ironman. Killian peobably ran “hotter” than the rest being able to spew fire and as such the fact he and pepper could punch through or ahred a suit in half is not due to strenght but rather the ability to melt and basically vaporise any material on contact. Anyways, just my two cents on that. Would extremis have any chance against Thor or hulk? No of course not. These two dont really seem affected by high temps, just annoyed.

    As for the Mandarin, and this is why it seems so many dislike the film in general because of how he was portrayed. Well the comic book version anyways. The Mandarin does exist, and his name is Killian. Is he truly dead? Doubtful. The “comic” book version to me has always been odd to me. Yes hes an important villain to the ironman mythos but to say he’s anything as recognisable to what the joker is to batman, is kinda a far reaching statement. Unless you’ve read the ironman comics the genral audience have no clue who the mandarin is.

    Lastly, i like the intro of AIM but wish that had been explored a little more. How big are they, what other stuff are they into etc. if killian is dead (doubtdul) what happens to the organisation. Wasnt expecting answers but its certainly fun to speculate. Kinda wish during those video playbacks that one of the scientists would have been wearing those beekeeper suits lol. As a side make sense other could wear iron patriot since AIM basically redid the entire sustems of the suit so people saying why could an savic or the president wear it.. Werent paying anough attention. Same goes for why pepper could wear mark42… Because stark commanded the suit to do so duh.

  29. I thought the movie was good not great I really didnt like the manderin suprise and tony not being in the armor most the time I also missed shields pressence i know some people didnt like it from other films but i really like the crossovers betwee. movies also end credit scene was funny but I wanted to see some story building like the other movies thAt makes you cant wait to see whats next