‘Iron Man 3′ Spoilers Discussion

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Iron Man 3 Spoilers Iron Man 3 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Iron Man 3 review, this is the place where you can discuss Iron Man 3 spoilers without worrying about ruining the film for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Iron Man 3 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Iron Man 3 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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  1. Oh. And one more thing. THE MANDERIN WAS A LIE!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHat a way to ruin a charactor.

      • The Iron Patriot was never coded to anyone, allowing the extremis guy and president to use it. The prototype suit given to pepper probably wasn’t coded yet as it was a prototype.

      • the Iron Patriot suit was re-done by AIM, hence why the bad guys are able to use it. Also his first anxiety attack wasn’t really meant to be hilarious, but ok

    • Um, we DID get to see Pepper in a suit briefly. What’s wrong with mentioning the other films? It’s not like they took up the majority of the film. Your view on the story is your opinion but in my opinion, I actually felt it could be trimmed a bit.

  2. I didn’t read many of the previous posts, so please forgive me if I repeat anything. The movie was OK, but Kingsley not being the Mandarin, Pearce being the Mandarin, and the Mandarin not being Asiatic was not good for me. The Mandarin is IM’s arch nemesis and to treat him like this, for me, is unforgivable.

    Also, what was up with these Extremis guys being stronger than Thor? In Avengers, when IM and Thor fought, Thor hit IM with Mjolnir, and IM got up, yet these Extremis guys seemed to tear through the armor like it was paper.

    In IM2, Black Widow said that there were safeguards built into the armor software to prevent unauthorized use; where were these safeguards here?

    The button at the end, I felt, was pretty lame. Are they telling us that the next IM movie will feature the Hulk?

    The movie wasn’t horrible but I felt this movie was a little below IM2. Please bring back Favreau as director if there will be an IM4.

    • Like I said in the post, the reason why you see the president and the extremis guy inside the iron patriot is because it wasn’t coded to anyone in particular, allowing others to use it. The prototype suit wasn’t coded yet, also allowing Pepper to use it briefly.

      As for Thor and extremis comparisons, I just think that Thor’s powers and the extremis powers were different.

      I do agree about the post stinger. I hear rumors before the release that antman was going to appear, would probably be better.

      As for the Mandarian, I consider the films to be in their own universe, allowing deviations. I personally wasn’t bothered like you were although it may be because I never read the comics.

      Definitely has flaws but I would say its better than iron man 2 but not as good as iron man 1.

      • The Iron Patriot armor was the Mark 2 armor (War Machine) correct? In IM2, Fury wondered how Roadie could take the armor and Black Widow said it had safeguards to prevent unauthorized use (which meant Stark gave Roadie access). The only armor that didn’t have this safeguard was the Mark 1.

        • Keep in mind the War Machine armor has been tinkered with now twice by the villain groups of IM2 (Hammer) and IM3 (AIM). I think it is safe to say that any safeguards that Tony put into it have been removed. Quite frankly if I was Rhodey, I don’t think I’d step in that suit ever again.

          As for Pepper operating the suit, I’m going to guess that was actually Jarvis doing it.

      • Being able to melt a Stark made super alloy that previously could withstand blows from Hulk, Thor, Lightning strikes from a god and arc reactor whip attacks goes beyond, “different” and crosses over into the realm of silly sensationalism.

        Let’s put things into context shall we?:

        – Steel alloys melt at between 2.5-3k degrees.
        – I would expect a genius who could create a new element, would be able create something stronger than a mere steel alloy (you know that stopped all the above mentioned stuff).
        – The SUN (big yellow ball in the sky) burns at about 5.5k, the hottest known naturally occurring phenomenon.
        – There is a difference between “melting” and instantly turning from a solid to a liquid (which is what the exttemis subjects did)

        So to be able to instantly melt Stark’s super alloy (we will say it has a modest melting point of 3.5k?) The Extremis subjects would pretty much have the ability to burn as hot as the sun……what a load of over powered crap.

        • Thor’s hammer did not involve fire. It was only able to knock Iron Man backwards.

          • Not sure what your point is but mine was that the IM armor is supposed to be tough. If it can withstand all of the above mentioned, then it should have been able to deal with a heat source.

            I would even concede that given time they could burn through but Killian was cutting through it like hot butter….I call BS just on a logical level.

  3. Why did his armor run out of power when he got to Tennessee?
    he had to recharge his armor like it was a cell phone?

    last time I checked, I thought that the arc reactor in Tony’s chest powered his armor …..
    did I miss something where that no longer applied?

    • I totally agree; why would Tony need to recharge his armor Mark 42 like a cell phone with a car battery. His arc reactor in his chest was the source of power in the last two Iron Man movies. I loved the witty banter back and forth with the characters; especially the two henchmen who were guarding Tony. Under played actress was Maya Hansen who was just there and really nothing else. I was glad that Tony got to fight a new villain with a new ability instead of someone in a armor also. My biggest regret would be that Tony removed his arc chest piece and threw it away. How will this work in the Avengers 2, and will his if he makes more Iron Man suits need to be recharged all the time! So many people were booing in the theater when the Mandarin was revealed to be just a drugged out british actor! I laughed but my best friend who is a huge fan of Iron Man comics was furious and has been telling me how important the Ten Rings should have been.

      • The arc reactor in his chest only powered the mark 1, the very first suit that he uses to get out of the cave, all the following suits had their own power source

        • That’s not true. In IM1, after Stane took his reactor, Tony used his first reactor to power the Mark 3, but the first reactor was inferior to his newer reactor, so his armor couldn’t be powered at full levels.

    • I agree that they could have explained it better, but here’s my understanding:

      First, the armor was an unfinished prototype. So there’s bound to be some problems.

      Second, the armor can disassemble and reassemble at will. That means that each individual piece must have it’s own power source. There can’t be a dozen arc reactors all over the suit. So for the suit to work properly, it must be charged.

    • Perhaps you noticed that the suit operated without Tony in it, thus using its own power supply (in fact all the armors did). It would seem that Tony no longer uses the chest reactor to power the armors.

  4. Don’t understand all that struggle when he had all those soldiers.. And Mandarine dude? that’s one of the biggest fraud in the movie history.

    • oh yEAH. movie was just average.. Looked like they use same special effects from iron man 2. That’s a freaking shame.

  5. They surely have one of the smartest people making these movies in terms of marketing and timing. This is being touted as follow up to avengers.. NOT really. Review is correct. How do you do a follow up movie without explaining where other super heroes are? Really? I never felt real danger in this movie.

  6. People that are hating on this movie need to relax. I know its their opinion but the movie gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. I thought it was almost as good as, if not as good as, IM 1. Im 32 and have been following Marvel since I was around 7 years old. I am a bit peeved about the whole mandarin thing but I have an explanation. Read below for my thoughts over all about the movie.
    1. It was really funny.
    2. Regardless of what others say, I think the Extremis plot was well explained
    3. people say “whats up with the kid?” I think the role of the kid is to emulate Tony’s issues with his own childhood and father. He is almost trying to be the father his father couldn’t be but with a little tough love.
    4. The Mandarin Twist: IMO the point was that the Mandarin is not one individual but an idea of Terrorism. My thought was Mandarin represents terror. If that’s not enough, it was explained that physically Killian was the Mandarin, he says so. I know he didn’t have the 10 rings and he didn’t look like him but he was a powerful badass. He can regenerate which I believe means he is not dead. He was Iron Mans most power nemesis in the movie as was in the comics.
    5. Who cares what is going on with all the other Avengers. They are obviously busy with their own issues. People are complaining that we don’t know where they are. Well in the comics each character has their own issues but at times come together. We have to remember that Phase 2 is like a second chapter with each character with their own arc that will meet together.
    6. This movie opens up to the possibility of Man-thing and Dr. Strange
    7. Killian- I think the writers were going for a mix of Fin Fang Foom and Mandarin from the comics. He was a really powerful villain who technically beat Iron Man in the movie. Plus, Fin Fan Foom breathes fire so did Killian. Killian had a dragon tattoo on chest. Lastly, the fact he regenerates means he possibly is still alive. Also, if you look closely killian had like 4 rings on his fingers. Obviously not powered but he wore rings giving credence to him as Mandarin.

  7. Completely inappropriate. After the huge momentum it got from Avengers’ success, followed by all the awesome trailers and superbowl advertising, this was a huge let down. A good movie but not even worthy of being called a marvel film. Thor 2 should have got that spot.

    • Yes, so far, Thor 2 looks epic.. Lets hope

      • IMO I can’t say that Thor looks epic but it looks better than this.

  8. Just got back from seeing it.
    It was ok. I can’t say I will see it again like I did the Avengers. It didn’t leave me in a “hell yeah” attitude at the end. It was very anticlimactic.
    I think Fav… got short changed on IM2 and it would have been nice to have him back in the chair for this one.
    Disney, please have him go back and do a directors cut of IM2.

    There were comments made that the IM3 script writers wanted to get back to what we fell in love with in IM1 and i think they completely missed the mark.
    Things like Tony reclaiming his fathers company or going in as iron man and taking out corruption in a foreign land. These are but two of the elements we would love to see more of. His company isn’t even discussed anymore. Basically he “privatized world peace” and now we never see him defending liberty anymore. That’s a sad let down. We want a feel good movie defending freedom.

    It was far more interesting to have tension with Pepper than to simply HAVE Pepper.

    We don’t need to see Tony being McGuyver because we know he is McGuyver.. In IM2 just seeing the suitcase armor work was enough to show he is a genius that builds things for all occasions. The same is true of the Avengers with his suit change while taking on Loki.

    If you are going to allude to specialized suits then please give them their needed screen time.
    Was that even a battle at the end? Half the time robotized suits and Extremis soldiers are fighting in the background. We can’t even tell what suit is doing what.
    There was even stuff revealed in teasers leading up to the movie that got no screen time at all. That’s false advertising and a cheap shot at fan loyalty by Marvel/Disney.

    Didn’t care for the strange song used in the beginning and I don’t think it enhanced anything.
    Didn’t care for the multiple iron man movie montage at the end or the music there either. Felt very 70s. This ain’t Die Hard.

    I don’t mind what happened to Pepper but again it deserves more that 5-10 minutes on the screen.
    If you can’t give the proper time something needs then leave it out.

    Frankly many set pieces had no “life” in them. The house no longer seemed like a home it just seemed like a set prop.
    Him getting out of the suit when Hansen first arrives is poor special effects.

    There was a certain practical real-life take on how the suits were placed on him until now. These zipper suits just don’t cut it for me. The suitcase armor had a bit of a zipper feel to it but it came with the understanding that it was missing certain IM basic elements due to this. Now apparently any level of suit can be a zipper suit.

    I don’t mind that no other Avengers appeared. This is true of most iron man stories in the comics.
    I am hoping that this take on the Mandarin is fixed in a future movie by Kingsley finding that the rings are real or that they are knockoffs of real rings and he goes on a MAD search for them.

    Frankly when you are not making the movie nostalgic to how people remember the character’s origin or making it true to the comics in general it makes it hard for it to find a strong audience bond. This is what brings in the repeat customers.

    Give RDJ his needed downtime and then put Favreau back in to helm the next one and REDEEM the franchise.

    Hopefully Marvel/Disney doesn’t FU Thor or Captain in this manner.
    Quite frankly this had the right elements to be better than IM2 but IM2 was a MUCH better movie (even with Faveau being short changed on it).

    That’s enough for now as I am sure I will have paragraphs more to write later.

    • I TOO did not like the music AND I HATED THE FACT THERE WAS NO AC/DC.
      I did not mind the montage at the end of the movie but it honestly felt like the final movie in a trilogy! I think maybe this was due to the fact that RDJ’s contract is up and they wanted to make sure if he is not back for any more movies this movie “tied things up” and brought the character “Full Circle” although it left A MILLION MORE QUESTIONS… I DO NOT think they are planning on fixing “the mandarin” Either S. Black made Killian “the real mandarin” like he said or this was just a sad attempt at humor! I dont think they were trying to PI** off the Comic Book readers by portraying the mandarin as they did, But I also dont think they cared how you felt either!!

      When a movie comes close to $500million in its first 2 weeks Worldwide THE STUDIO WILL BELIEVE that there is NOTHING TO FIX and that the movie was great.

      From the first scene you could tell the difference in Favreau’s filming style and Blacks style and BY FAR I THOUGHT Favreau’s style just worked a lot better than blacks for the Iron Man movies, I also felt that the writing in this movie was TOO different from the Tony Stark that we have all grown to like in the past 5 yrs, It just felt a bit forced at times!
      The story itself felt too rushed at times as well, I wished I had known that the trailers I watched showed ALL the footage of the different suits in the whole movie!
      I also did not like that stupid Mk 42 suit… WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK That thing was! For as much of a genius as TS is, he sure did build a big steamy pile with that suit.

      HEY, ROB KEYES< what did you think of the movie? Give us your true opinion as a fan and not as an employee of SR….. AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN of course! Im really interested in what you think about it!

      • They could not have let it be known that it was a Mark 42 PROTOTYPE.

        • Agree, since we only got to see about half a dozen new suits for a few seconds maybe they could have called it the mark 12 or 15 and left the other suits out of it.
          I can see how it was presented as not finished and then immediately put into use for other than what was intended. For that I will accept artistic license that it was junky.

      • I agree. It needed badly some AC/DC to liven it up. When IM rocks we get to rock too.
        That has become iconic in the movie version of Iron Man and to leave it out is a mistake.

        Yes Killian says he is the Mandarin but I like the idea that Killian has planted the idea of a real Mandarin in Kingsley’s brain and Kingsley pursues that to maniacal ends.

        Yes I can understand the montage as a wrap up but it sends the wrong message after only BEGINNING Phase 2.

        What I do like is that Tony fixed the Extremis in Potts and god only knows what he is going to do with that knowledge.
        To get an edge on aliens and gods I can see him using that knowledge firsthand.
        I am glad he took his shop robots with him at the end and the screwdriver. We know he has at least his tower in New York and his house in Dubai to conduct further work. Of course he’s rich so he can really do it anywhere.

      • I don’t think Disney ever thought a standalone character could have pulled in this much $ this fast.
        But given how bad it is compared to 1 and 2 I hope Disney has the brains to understand from all of our feedback that it could have pulled in as much $ as Avengers or more.
        If they are smart they should recognize there is a formula to these movies and stick with it.
        It’s not who directs it as much as how the audience feels during and after it and how much respect is given to the source material.
        Never crap on the source material.
        In this case Favreau created the movie version of IM and he is one of the source materials that now must be honored.

    • The song at the beginning of the movie was a huge hit in the late 90’s, which is when that particular scene was taking place. Not to mention it fit the tone of the party perfectly which seemed to be blue.

  9. The amount of character interaction and personal sacrifice that occurred makes me what to still see the Avengers over and over. This movie had none of that.
    When Tony puts it all on the line in the Avengers going into space with a nuke in direct response to Cap and his words that “you’re nothing without your suit” is the kind of awesomeness we want.
    The Avengers had so many character to character challenges and tie ins. This movie had none.
    I still watch the Avengers more than all the other movies combined.
    PS: Marvel/Disney if you want help writing the next one I am available.

    • I saw Avengers in the theater about 7 times; that’s just how entertained I was. I saw Thor 3 times. I will buy IM3 when it comes out because I have the other 2 but I have no want to see it again in the theater.

  10. If it has already been said sorry, don’t want to read through all these comments. But why did we never find out about that weird Captain America tattoo on the “Mandarin’s” neck? It seems like they put that shot in the trailer SO DELIBERATELY… Man. I loved the movie despite the nasty twist (which was upsetting the first time but by 2nd viewing I was okay knowing what was coming) but they could have gone in much better directions. Anyway about that tattoo…

    • Don’t know about the tattoo but hopefully something about it will be on the DVD.

  11. Dear RDJ,

    If you have pull on this franchise then get Favreau back in the directors chair. He created something unique and very loved by geeks and audiences alike and it should not be twisted into Lethal Weapon or any other existing franchises style.
    Bring in a 2nd hero and their director for a Marvel Team Up to create a mini Avengers quality movie.

    • He also made Iron Man 2. He let it be known he was pretty spent with directing this franchise did he not?

      • I think he was spent because of how heavy handed Disney was to him.
        Change that factor and I am sure he’ll come back.

      • Paltrow also said she was spent but has also said just the opposite recently.

  12. Disney if you want to make some guaranteed BANK put Favreau back on IM2 for a director’s recut and then re-release it in theaters.

  13. I hate to say the following but it s true…

    Dear Marvel,
    I enjoyed the TV spots, trailers, B roll, and featurettes more than the movie.

  14. There is one thing I found very funny in the movie that was not intended.
    When Killian is on the roof, crippled with stringy hair in Sweden he looks just like a character Val Kilmer played in The Saint.
    It could have been a Kiss Kiss reunion if he was cast instead of Pearce.

  15. One sad aspect of the movie is in the final battle.
    Tony isn’t controlling all the suits it’s actually Jarvis controlling all the Iron men.
    Tony’s only controlling the one he’s flying at the time and when he does actually get one it is being pulled off or cut off him shortly thereafter.

    • Agreed… I felt like.. Why do we need Tony????

      The other thing is can we have some money shots that actually matters? Lot of these money shots for the trailers are just shots for the sake of advertisement and has no real importance to the movies…

      • What would have been awesome is if there was a roll call of suits during their initial reveal when they first power up and leave the wine cellar. They didn’t even turn the lights on in the wine cellar.

        Unfortunately, with no real explanation to the suit’s purpose you start having suits show up with funny arm attachments and you think to yourself “WTF is this the Monday morning sanitation pickup suit?”

  16. My biggest problem with this film, and i am forgiving the twist, and the fire breathing, etc etc. My biggest problem is how the link between the Mandarin and the Ten Rings gang wasn’t explored in this film AT ALL.

    So we are left to assume Killian organised the ten rings to capture Tony in the first film? Was Obadiah technically selling weapons to Killian then? Cause’ clearly the Mandarin isn’t at the head of any of this. Wtf.

    • Agreed. Fire breathing is in the motion comic on YouTube but it still has no explanation.
      Because the previous actions of the Ten Rings is so poorly explained I am hoping there is much more than meets the eye and it is explored in later movies.

  17. Pretty much been said already, but it was a major letdown for me that Kingsley was merely an actor. I liked the idea of that, and I never even read the comics, but I know that The Mandarin was not just some puppet and an extremely powerful nemesis. I liked the bravado he used in this up until the reveal, he looked the part too. I don’t see why they couldn’t have just continued with him as the head boss and Killian being an underling for which he uses his technology. Ben Kingsley is TOO good of an actor to not have him be a great baddie. My hope is that if they do Iron Man 4 that it was all a ruse and The Mandarin comes out as being him all along, and he totally played Stark and the media. Maybe he intended to get locked up. Would be a hell of a way to start a movie with him breaking out of jail and really showing his true colors.

    Extremis was WAY overpowered and didn’t function the same way the “nano-bots” did that I read about. It was all organic energy produced by ‘hacking’ the genetic code? Extremis ended up being “extremely” lame. Plus, Maya has it inside her right and she’s merely shot with a bullet. Then Rhodes pops a whole clip into 2 of these guys with no effects. It’s just so unrealistic and impossible in life for anything to be ALL-POWERFUL like that. There’s always a weakness to exploit or a lack of TOTAL omnipotence. I really thought they dropped a ball here too.

    The kid was good, but he got a little annoying at times, partly due to some really terrible unnecessary dialogue and some bad acting. I don’t like when I can perceive someone as “acting” on screen. I want them to fade into the screen and be transparent to what’s going on. Still, those scenes weren’t terrible.

    Still wish we could have seen War Machine finally inflict some real damage on the bad guys, it always seems as if his suit is being taken over by everyone BUT Rhodey! Like, what the hell? Iron Man 2, HE’S the one trying to shoot Tony down because Vanko is controlling his suit. Then it’s the Extremis guy and the President? I mean, come on. Give the suit it’s proper screen time.

    All in all, this one was still better than Iron Man 2, which wasn’t too horrible. Iron Man takes the cake though.

    Props for getting the scientist from the cave in the beginning! Great throwback, that might have been the coolest part of the movie.

    • I am hoping Kingsley is the real Mandarin and that Killian who was always a bit of a nut was delusional.
      I am hoping Kingsley is hoping to get placed in a supermax facility because he knows one of the rings is under its construction. He would then proceed to get himself moved from cell to cell through coincidental bad events happening to his roommates until he is eventually placed in a cell over the ring.

  18. I thought the Mandarin twist was inspired and brilliant. My two cents, you are all entitled to yours.

  19. …And Im not buying that his arc reactor only powered the MK I. Whered anyone get that from? I thought his chest was supposed to be the power source of ALL his suits.

    So in the future, there will be no need for his suits to have the customary chest feature? I liked the way all of his suits utilized that into their design.

    And as for the finale of the movie, they REALLY dropped the ball. Killian was chopping all of Ironman’s suits down one by one, but there should have been a suit that Stark finally gets into that gave Killian a run for his money. All the time spent advertising these suits was wasted, we didnt even get to see any of them featured, other than the UGLY MK 42 (or whatever # the gold one was). Ugly suit, overused. Let the final battle be with Tony in the space suit or the hulk buster, or the heartbreaker… I dunno, give us a suit that is truly bada**. It still could have gotten destroyed, but at least give us that treat.

    Missed opportunity.

    • Agreed.

    • the chest feature in the suits was the power source for each suit. the arc reactor in tony stark only powered the first one for a few minutes. if the suits were dependent in the arc reactor in his chest, then all of the suits up until when he makes the vibranium element would be out of power in minutes

      • I see. So All the suits after the first had their own arc reactor sitting on top of his own chest reactor… I was under the impression that when he was in the suit, the glow from his chest was his actual chest reactor shining…

        • Ya got me. It would seem when you assemble an arc reactor it just runs and does not shut down.
          But now to think of it in IM2 they showed a spent cartridge of palladium being removed from the reactor. It wasn’t in the design of the mark 1 but it was in later designs. It has no power without this.
          With the reactor made from his new element does it still have some sort of removable element that allows it to power up?
          He also refers to in IM1 “diverting power to the chest RT”. Could it be what we perceive in the front of each suit is actually a Repulsor Tech weapon that must be powered by his personal chest AR (arc reactor)?
          So if I can make sense of this he has RT in his hands, feet, chest, and add on back packs all being powered by his Personal AR. And the suits cannot power themselves unless Jarvis installs an AR in them. Maybe??

      • Then why did the Mark 3 loose power when Tony used the old reactor? If the Mark 3 had its own power, that should not have happened.

    • Agreed. They have never fully explained whether the reactor is in each suit or if they are powered from his.
      I am going to assume they each have a reactor and that they boot up and light up when mated to his unless he has them boot up remotely via Jarvis.
      And WTF with dumping his reactor in the ocean. Assuming the suits were fully blown up there should be no intact reactors at the dock but his was intact.
      Won’t this lead to the same event that happened with the Tessaract? Someone finding it and using it to no good.
      Tony is more responsible than that.

      • I assumed he removed the new element from the reactor. Remember, it wasn’t glowing.

    • In IM2, Black Widow said all his suits (except the Mark 1) had safeguards in them.

      Please get Favreau back!

      • Actually I think Black Widow was quoting Stark when she said that. She had not actually verified it.

    • actually Pepper wears the R.E.S.C.U.E. suit which is HER SUIT! but I do get what your saying, WHY TF did the bad guy get in Rhodeys suit and it worked perfectly fine for him??
      In IM2 the scene where fury, tony and black widow are in the donut shop and fury asks tony how his BFF could steal his suit and kick his a** and BW says something about the suits having security protocol so NOT JUST ANYONE can get in and run the suits BUT THIS CLOWN IN IM3 wears it and kicks some a** in it!! the suit should have either shut down or killed him while he was inside!! THAT KIND OF PI$$ED ME OFF, I dont think SHAME BLACK watched the other 2 movies or HE watched them and did not take very good notes!!
      Tony has security Protocol that only certain ppl are able to wear the suits, and they completely IGNORED CERTAIN ASPECTS from the first 2 movies, DID they (the writers) think the fans are stupid? or did they think that we just dont pay attention to our fav. super hero movies? I HATE IT WHEN A WRITER AND DIRECTOR JUST IGNORES THE FANS and what we know!

  20. Hey guys… i think some of you are overlooking keywords that were used when explaining the creation of kingsley’s “mandarin actor” character.. in the movie he said “i had a lot of plastic surgery done” or something around those lines… it is possible that the Mandarin still played by Kingsley could show up later and reveal himself as the true Mandarin… i just take certain lines in movie’s and think there has to be a reason that was said… just my 2 cents… but i think Kingsley will be back but not as the actor but the true Mandarin..

    • I thought it was Pearce’s character that said that, the real Mandarin.

      • yes but consider the movie being about an idea or persona of Mandarin not an actual person. The idea that with Terrorists and their beliefs you never know who is who. If you cut off one head then 2 more show up in its place cause terrorism follows a set of beliefs and ideals. Could be revealed that Kingsley was in fact Mandarin all along as the Puppeteer, or could be Killian like Killian says, or could be non of them. Could be a hidden behind the scenes character we haven’t seen.

        • HAIL HYDRA!!! 😀

      • I believe Kingsley is the one that talked about the surgery.

        The quote “you’ll never see me coming” could in fact be that Tony was face to face with Kingsley and was duped into thinking he was not the Mandarin when the whole time he was.

        • I honetly think you are putting WAYYY too much thought into nothing!
          There will not be anymore Iron Man movies, I really believe that this WAS the end for solo IM films! I HOPE NOT, but even my kids felt that this was the end of this part of the MCU,

          I DO NOT think ben Kingsley will return as a character in the Marvel universe, They really made this as the end of the trilogy and it seems they will move on to different characters, Iron Man/Tony Stark started this Universe with IM 1 and I think RDJ will sign on for the Avengers 2 and that will be his last film with Marvel!
          I just feel that Marvel wants to move on, IM was always meant to be a trilogy and I dont think Marvel wants to wear out IM’s story so they will end it with the fans wanting more instead of the fans getting sick of the IM character…. Think about how many ppl will want to see the Avengers 2 if they know that will be RDJ’s final run as Iron Man! IT WILL BE HUGE, afterall Marvel is ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$ and NOT about what the fans want, Because if they were they would not have made The Mandarin a dummy drunk with NO CLUE what was happening around him!

        • The film is supposed to stand on its own two feet. It does not need to redeem this poor storyline through other films. You already ruined the character and duped audience members through advertisement. To come back in a later film and reveal Trevor was the real Mandarin or that the real Mandarin is still out there or whatever will be a poor contrived attempt to to fool people or fix things when the filmmakers could have just done it in the beginning.

          • I agree it is a poor attempt to fix things but I prefer it over a series of poorly written trilogies needing reboots.

  21. The storyline the trailers hinted at was much better than the actual movie, I hated the twist, the movie took two potentially wonderful ideas (extremis and the mandarin) and destroyed them. The comic DVD of extremis was far better than this movie and it shocks me how they could take the most important villain and make a mockery of him…who the hell sat at marvel loooked at this movie and said “great work!” iron man 1 is still the best,

  22. I was thinking the same as Crumbs said above. Kingsley kept saying he is but is not Mandarin. He was also kinda crazy. It is possible that he really was the Mandarin and he was acting to get out of the situation when he was caught by Stark.

    I know Killian admits he was the Mandarin though but what a weird turn of events that would be to find out that Kingsley really is Mandarin. The only problem with my thinking was he walked out of restroom talking British with the 2 girls.

    Another possibility is that maybe Kingsley becomes the actual Mandarin in later movies because that acting persona takes over after discovering some cool power source (10 rings)

    If not all of that, I am happy with Killian being the actual Mandarin. He did end up being IM’s most powerful foe to date. Stark could not take him down with multiple suits. In fact he was about to die till Pepper saves him. I do believe we will see Mandarin reappear in Avengers. I really do. There was an interview with RDJ (I believe I read through SR) where, towards the end of filming, RDJ says to Kevin Feige something to the effect,”What does this mean for the future movies?” Feige replies, “That is for Joss Whedon to figure out.” So maybe RDJ is referring to Mandarin twist. Maybe Joss had plans for Mandarin to appear as a villain in Avengers. Maybe the GOTG crash land and the 10 rings were on their ship along with some cosmic Gems that Thanos is after.

    • Oh yeah. The kid does say, “Are the aliens coming back?” Stark- “I don’t know.” Maybe reference to GOTG crash landing and stark helps them get off the planet!

  23. How dare they show us an armor that looks like its Hulk-buster armor just to blow it up.

  24. yes but consider the movie being about an idea or persona of Mandarin not an actual person. The idea that with Terrorists and their beliefs you never know who is who. If you cut off one head then 2 more show up in its place cause terrorism follows a set of beliefs and ideals. Could be revealed that Kingsley was in fact Mandarin all along as the Puppeteer, or could be Killian like Killian says, or could be non of them. Could be a hidden behind the scenes character we haven’t seen.

  25. I think some people are overestimating the negative response to this. Granted, I only know about a dozen people who have seen the movie so far, but all of us loved it. It had a different feel than the first two, but that was what they wanted. It wasn’t perfect, but I thought the twist was one of the more surprising ones I’ve seen and I actually thought it worked for the movie. It did feel like the end of a trilogy, but I thought they made it obvious that they intend to keep the character going. Now the next movie can go in a totally new direction and tell its own story or pick up on one of the stories that 3 brought up (was there someone controlling Killian? was Kingsley playing dumb to take Iron Man’s measure? etc.).

    And as far as the scene at the end…yes, we have gotten used to seeing new characters or something that hinted at a future storyline, but what is wrong with just having a short scene that is meant to be funny? I liked seeing that Stark and Banner still saw each other and it was just nice to see Ruffalo in the role again. Just my opinions.

  26. “Meh” That’s all I gotta say after watching this overrated mess.

  27. It would have been nice that all the things we have discussed and started to sort out on this forum were in some way brought up in the movie so we could have come to these conclusions DURING the movie. If that would have occurred we would have felt good (maybe even great) about the movie and frankly it would have drove me back to see it again. Isn’t that what Marvel wants? Satisfied movie goers and big (or even bigger BANK).
    Without those little explanatory clues in the movie we can’t really tell if Marvel s thinking this stuff out fully or cares what we think.

  28. How cool would it be if Mandarin (Killian) or another terrorist who picks up the mantle, discovers the technology for the 10 rings in one of the upcoming Phase 2 movies and ends up as a villain for Avengers 2 or 3. Lets imagine in Captain America that Cap is fighting a surge of terrorism related to IM3 (or not).

    What if Guardians of Galaxy ship crashes on earth as result of something in Thor 2, Capt. Amer. 2., or in its own movies. The ship is carrying the tech for the 10 rings and fall into hands of Mandarin. Stark helps fix their ship. We saw Stark pick up a screwdriver and salvaging his robot assistant at the end of IM 3 implying he will still be around at least as a mechanic/engineer/inventor/genius.

    Even credits of IM3 say “Tony Stark will” return. Didn’t say Iron Man will return or Tony stark as Iron man will return. So what if Stark serves as the mechanic on fixing GOTG crashed ship.