‘Iron Man 3′ Spoilers Discussion

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Iron Man 3 Spoilers Iron Man 3 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Iron Man 3 review, this is the place where you can discuss Iron Man 3 spoilers without worrying about ruining the film for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Iron Man 3 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Iron Man 3 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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  1. 2nd paragraph (on web page 2), wear not were, otherwise a good insight to IM3.

    • Fixed!

      • hey Rob……

        Any update on RDJ’s contract negotiations with Marvel? Will there be a Iron Man 4?

        • I feel like he already signed another contract and they are just waiting a little bit to announce it to keep the suspense up.

          • @Rob, wouldn’t it be SO AWESOME if Ben Kingsley ACTUALLY WAS The Mandarin all along and allowed himself to be captured for a reason and let Killian to all of the dirty work, and letting Killian think he was REALLY in control then we see The Mandarin’s true return and that the ten rings actually DO work. Man that would a awesome twist, that would make Iron Man 3′s twist well worth it.

            • **ten rings actually o have power.

            • Yeah. How about ANY twist where Mandarin actually IS a VILLAIN and not a Sasha Baron Cohen caricature.

              Anything, rings or not, magic or not, just a really nasty guy. Nope. Tony Stark’s biggest enemies are people who want his money and fame. Kinda boring.

            • I really did think at one point it would be a double bluff, but alas not. :(

              • Don’t rule it out for the sequel. There’s a rumour going around that kingsly signed for two films and that a scene was written but not shot with Kinsgly escaping and it revealed that he was the real mandarin, but Marvel was worried that if either RDJ wasn’t coming back or they wanted to take the character in a different direction after avengers 2 then they would be forced to tie up loose ends. Marvel decided not to shoot the scene and added Killian saying he was always the mandariin. But Kingsly escaping and revealing his identity would make for a great start to iron man 4 and marvel knows it

    • really!? just go…

      • Eh? “one month ago”??? What’s up with that?!

  2. Can’t wait to see this film! Especially the scene where Tony has no armor but has to use his gauntlet and mind to beat his attackers!

  3. Id like to see pepper have a suit for protection purposes. I wouldnt like to see here all tough and taking down people like she is tony. It cheapens him if anyone can do it

    • Agreed. I alse hope this is not their way of bringing more female characters in the cast leading to Avengers 2 or 3. There are already a ton of female characters to choose from to be Avengers in the future, please no Pepper… I’d rather see Wasp, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch (even if I’m not very fond of the character, but she was an Avenger for a long time).

      Having said that, I have nothing against the character of Pepper ;-)

      • I don’t think they will bring Pepper to Avengers 2… or at least Gwyneth. She didn’t have a ‘nice’ working relationship with Scarlet Johansson during the filming of the 2nd movie. Well, thing might’ve settled down between them, but I doubt we’re going to see Black Widow and Rescue in the same team (probably in the same movie, but not together)

  4. I’m a huge pepper fan and always have been haha can’t wait to see her in the suit!

    This movie is gonna be sick! IMAX midnight for sure!

  5. On a somewhat unrelated subject, I’m surprised that no thread has been done on SR about the leaked footage from Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man… it was all over the net yesterday. Did Disney ask SR to be quiet about it while they systematically took the demo down? ;-)

    Sorry, I know it had close to nothing to do with IM3, but the newest thread about Ant-Man is several months old ;-)

    • Nope. As a policy we do not post or encourage bootlegged footage or scanned/stolen images.

      I saw it in full at SDCC last summer and wrote a description of it. We won’t share until it’s actually released.

      • I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by your commitment. It’s very honorable of you. Despite a lot of people’s (including me!) wish to see the real footage, I actually admire your position on this :-)

        • It’ll be in the Avengers box set.

        • I seen it and I was really impressed. His mask kind of left a hint on Ultron. :-)

  6. Cool article but now I think I have to stop reading IM3 news since it’s a month away now. Won’t allow myself to ruin it for me.

    Keep up the good work though guys. Shame you won’t see it until May.

    • The amount of news is definitely making the wait more difficult!

      Two more IM3 posts on the way by the way… lol

      • Well, in that case I’ll enjoy avoiding your next two IM3 articles lol

      • sheesh you guys are busy, anything on coldblood or Firepower yet?

  7. With how Fiege was talking about Stark’s near death experience, the Chitauri, other heroes and all that, the Demon In a Bottle storyline can easily be adapted. Have him lose his company, wealth, Pepper, introduce someone that can outsmart him, maybe lose his suits, it’ll be great.

    • Like I said before, it’d be a great way to remove RDJ from The Avengers 2 and the entirety of Phase 3 then bring him back to show him recovering from alcoholism in time to help save the day.

      • Booooorrrrriiiing.

        • Yep, your replies usually are, what of it?

      • I think that would be a mistake for fans and the studio both.

    • Demon in bottle WONT happen. Marvel/Disney cut his alcoholism in shane blacks script.

      • They took the alcohol away and gave him anxiety issues from what happened to him in the Avengers. More kid friendly probably. Just saw the 3D version yesterday and going to regular version this afternoon.

  8. What about cold blood and firepower

    • Stay tuned! ;)

  9. ROB YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I love your Iron Man articles, they are toly true insight we really get MAYBE it is because you were a real fan Before all these movies? LOL maybe your just good at what you do (which you are BTW)
    but I know when I read a marvel article that you write I actually feel like it is the real deal unlike some writers and some ss that ARE NEVER TRUE!!
    THANKS!!!! from a real fan of yours!!

  10. I really hope thatthis is NOT the last Iron Man movie, I feel like they are FINALLY truely gettin into this character and IM is by far the most interesting of the solo Avengers! There are SO many stories that can be told and now with Pepper suiting up I just feel that we can really get so much more out of IronMan and RDJ

    • I don’t think it will be. Marvel won’t allow it since, like you said, there’s so much left to tell.

    • it won’t be, but will Robert return? That’s what got me thinking.

  11. It’ll be interesting to see where the Movie-verse Rescue goes. I don’t remember Pepper putting the suit on all that much. So I wonder if they’ll make her a full fledged hero for future films or if she’ll remain a supporting character that does her job but will occasionally suit up and kick ass (like in the comics).

    • Oh, puhleeze! “Zombie” Pepper? Sorry, hon, but you need to brush up on your research skills. That particular photo was from a fashion photo shoot a few years ago and has NOTHING to do with the plot of Iron Man 3.

    • Yeah…That article (from the link) seemed to be a bit behind the curve.

  12. Great article

  13. RDJ is one of my favorite actors , sounds like a real down to earth actor and that’s what hollywood needs now adays.

    Hope he signs on for another wave with Disney for more ironman instalments. If not maybe use him in small cameo roles. I like that they are starting phase 3 off with new characters though.

  14. Pepper’s gonna die in IM3.

  15. if you are looking for a first of a kind the Avengers beat it.. it was a sequel for 4 movies Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: First Avenger and Thor

  16. I liked it just fine. Its a good movie.

    2 things that I think are happening. I hear some have complaining about removing the arc reactor. The last line of the movie is “I AM Iron Man”. To me, that means that Stark Industries perfected the Extremis that AIM did. So maybe he could actually BE Iron Man.

    Second thing, people are upset that they didn’t tease Guardians. Why and what for? Thor is way more cosmic than Iron Man and you could tease Guardians in that, in the fall. Relax people. Everything has a plan. Why should they show all their cards on the first hand?

    • You forgot number 3 the Mandarin twist

  17. Thought it was good and it seems the next phase for tony/iron is gonna be a new direction. It seemed to me that this movie closed one chapter in his life and now a new chapter will begin possibly in avengers 2 I am guessing. I do agree that he may have injected himself with the serum.

  18. I have been wondering how they were able to pull the shrapnel out of Tony, and take out yhe arc reactor. Wasnt this too dangerous to do? I didnt catch anything explaining this…

    • It wasn’t outright stated, but it was heavily implied, as Tony was talking about innovation and new technology during the surgery, that the technology to remove the shrapnel had been invented some time after the second movie. Tony just hadn’t bothered to go through with it since he was kinda busy being Iron Man and all that.

      • probably “HYDRA” technology. LOL

  19. I saw Iron Man 3 last night and I’m still can’t shake the feeling of holding my breathe in hopes that there’s a better explanation for how they portrayed the Mandarin. The realistic terrorist approach was fine but though entertaining there is such a thing as too real.

  20. Since this is spoilers discussion, we’re inevitably going to have to talk about the Mandarin twist.

    Personally, I absolutely loved the movie (although I can’t 100% decide whether I prefer it to Iron Man 1), but that twist wasn’t a good move. I don’t have any problem with it deviating from canon, since I don’t read Iron Man comics and, even if I did, I still wouldn’t really care. I don’t even think it was handled that poorly. It made sense, didn’t cause any major plot holes and Killian was a good enough villain to carry the rest of the movie on his own. My problem with the twist was that Ben Kingsley was really good as the Mandarin. I mean, really good. Much better than Guy Pearce, who was a threatening enough villain on his own. And finding out he was a fake felt like a pretty big disappointment. Personally, I was hoping for a post-credits scene where it turned out to be a double bluff and he really was the Mandarin, simply using Killian.

    Aside from that, though, the movie was still really good. There were plenty of funny Shane Black quips, like I was hoping for and the final battle more than made up for the weak climaxes of the last two movies. Not to mention, there were plenty of great action scenes before that. It slightly sagged in the middle, after Tony’s mansion was blown up, but it was still entertaining enough and Harley, who could’ve been a really annoying kid character, was handled pretty well.

    Overall, I’d rank it on the same level as the Dark Knight Rises (Come at me, Nolanites!). A very fun and entertaining movie, with a couple of big, noticeable flaws, none of which are bad enough to seriously temper my enjoyment of the film.

    • how dare you.. its not on the same level with TDKR more like the old fantastic four

      • Don’t you mean TDKFTRTTO? (The Dark Knight Fails To Rise To The Occasion)

    • I agree with your comparison to The Dark Knight Rises. Both can be entertaining in the moment films but when looked at a whole the films do not carry much weight where it needed to go and made some poor execution. Although to be honest I would take TDKR than IM3. There is actually no favoritism or anything, it a rather slight choice.

      IM3 for me was 3-3.5/5 film, while TDKR was 3.5-4/5 film.
      It is a narrow difference very narrow difference. People complain about Bane’s death but I at least got to see Bane at some capacity in the film whereas I felt cheated out of Ben Kingsly’s Mandarin. There other issues in the film too.

    • While I was originally thrown off by ‘The Mandarins’ portrayal also, I’ll be THE FIRST TO ADMIT that I’m not a comic book junkie. I just REALLY REALLY enjoy good movie fiction, a good storyline and excitement when I see any movie (whether it be a comic book movie, or an original screenplay).

      Now, again, back to the Mandarin …. I really believe that we have only been introduced to Ben Kingsley’s character that will be IMPLEMENTED FURTHER in these story-lines moving FORWARD. “We’re part of a bigger universe, & we just don’t know it yet”. << Sam Jackson

      I mean come on, The Mandarin was apprehended at the end of IM3, and taken off screen to where we'll MORE THAN LIKELY SEE HIM AGAIN. He is the leader of the 10 rings; and Tony wasn't just captured in the Afghan desert in IM1 for nothing. Tony's arch nemeses' [enemies] see him as a threat. And they'll do whatever necessary to mess up his life & everyone around him. IE: Tony's allies, friends, 'Avengers' — both domestically and foreign (Thor, Guardians).

      These movies have continued to progress since 2008, and they'll continue moving forward ALMOST INDEFINITELY. Marvel has published story-lines for 70+ years in the comics, and they'll do the same as long as people continue to spend billions of dollars at the theatres world-wide, while eating their popcorn.

    • IM3 is TREMENDOUSLY better than TDKR, imo.

      • Both films suffer from very similar details (or lack therof), but I enjoyed Iron Man 3 more while watching it but multiple views gets it stale and there is no dramatic weight in the film while TDKR barely gets there. It is a real fine difference for me.

      • Disagree, TDKR s TREMENDOUSLY better than IM3, IM3 was pretty bad, imo.

    • The Dark Knight Rises was MUCH more dissapointing of a finale to a trilogy than Iron Man 3, which had it’s flaws, namely a lack of Iron Man action and wasting a terrifying Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin.

      “you’ll never see me coming”


  21. Wasted the character of The Mandarin…Its like having The Joker in batman turn out to be just a Clown…

    On the whole, good movie though.

    • “Wasted the character of The Mandarin…Its like having The Joker in batman turn out to be just a Clown…”
      That’s probably the most apt description of the big “twist” I’ve read yet!
      If you don’t mind, I’ll be stealing that line to use myself ;)

      • Except the Joker is the Joker. I’m shocked at all these supposed hard-core Mandarin fans that seem to be coming out of the wood-work.

        I’ve been reading Marvel comics weekly for more than 20 years now and I can’t remember a single time where any story involving the Mandarin was considered essential reading.

        He’s hardly iconic. Iron Man has always had a VERY weak rogues gallery in contrast to other Marvel heroes.

        Excluding his place on the Avengers you could argue that he was a ‘B’ list hero prior to CIVIL WAR (which boosted his overall importance to the MU MASSIVELY).

        I LOVE Iron Man, but nobody can really argue against the fact that Robert Downey Jr has contributed more to the personality and profile of Stark than anyone else.

        The Mandarin was never an important villain. In the case of Iron Man he’s memorable simply for being the best of a bad bunch.

        • Which is all the more reason to portray him iconically in the movies bc most ppl dont realize, once they are in a movie, Marvel portrays them as that in the comics. Its real simple, The Mandarin is IM’s joker. It doesnt matter if you found him likable or not. He is the only Marvel villain or character for that matter who has been trampled on, which id completely wrong. Hollywood has already screwed up Deadpool, The X-Men, DareDevil, etc. There is no reason we should stand around and let them continue to do it! Take notes from the upcoming TMNT movie and the fans who didnt like the changes to their upcoming movie. Even Michael Bay… listened to their cries and now made sure he changed his comments and possibly his story bc the fans werent happy watching a movie about characters that werent what they grew up with!

          • I too was very disappointed with the twist. I was so excited about The Mandarin, Ben Kingsley really brought life to him. I mean, it was a very effective twist, I really didn’t see it coming but it didn’t add at all to the movie for me. It took away from it, it was such a waste. Otherwise I liked the movie a lot, this one seemed the closest in tone to Iron Man 1 to me, which is where I liked Tony the best. I liked the cameo in the beginning, liked Killian a lot too.

            • I saw it coming but couldn’t believe they were really doing it. Such a waste. I was really looking forward to seeing Ben Kingsley portray a cool villian and not hamm it up like he has in other movies playing other bad guys.

              I kept wishing it was going to be a double bluff.

          • There are no truly classic Mandarin stories. As far as I’m concerned that leaves him as fair game for a different take. Do you really want EVERY comic book movie bad guy to be like the Joker or Bane? This was a truly surprising subversion of my expectations and I applaud them for going there… besides, Killian was more than satisfying in his own right and easily the most compelling antagonist of the three films so far.

            • exactly this! ^

  22. i really didn’t like it , as an iron man fan i feel they wasted ben kingsley and the mandarin character and the overdid the extremis thing, would have been nice to have a villain with an aura and menace like bane or the joker, but no marvel decides to stick to the canpy formula that always works.

  23. Agreed. I didnt like the mandarin twist at all. Action scenes were good. But my overall opinion of the movie was a simple ‘meh’. I would have also thought as the first ‘phase 2′ movie there would be some sort of set up for any future movies.

  24. @Rukaio101, I agree with everything you said. I do think though, that Marvel might end up doing the double bluff after all and have The Mandarin come out of his shell. Since the Mandarin was an “actor” in this movie, who’s not to say that the real Mandarin is out there and had a double? If RDJ signs up for Iron Man 4, I know Marvel is gonna spin this to bring back the Mandarin…

    • Not if Shane Black directs. Plus now we have to wait even longer to see hoim done properly!

      • if Shane directs, Marvel needs to tighten the reigns a bit more the second time around..

    • Not if Shane Black directs. Plus now we have to wait even longer to see him done properly!

  25. Yeah to me I didn’t like how they pretty much just threw away the Mandarin character. There was so much they could have done with him and tie him back to the Ten Rings group in the first movie. The movie was good but left me wanting more. I know why they did the end the way they did, one just in case this was the end and two I think with the arc reactor removed he will now develop the organic metal or whatever it is that he has been using in the comics.

    I also felt that this kind of suffered the same way IM2 did. IM2 was trying to tie into Avengers, while IM3 was trying to tie into the aftermath of Avengers.

    Also I know this was a standalone movie but they could have had at least some S.H.I.E.L.D agents on the field trying to help him out or something.

  26. My expectations were too high after the Avengers. Probably the reason why I was disappointed.
    Can somebody please explain to me why the extremis soldiers destroy so easily the iron man armors? When Iron man receives a hit from Thor’s hammer he only gets a little dent.

    • While I did have pretty high expectations for the movie, I wasn’t expecting it to be good as The Avengers, so I managed to enjoy it on its own terms, instead.

      As for the Iron Man suits being destroyed, it’s stated at the beginning, by JARVIS, that most of the newer suits were constructed without much testing and without Tony having much sleep, so it’s not too surprising that some of them are subpar. Also, when Tony got hit by Thor’s hammer, most of the energy from the blow sent him flying backwards, instead of seriously damaging his suit. An Extremis guy ripping a suit’s head off? Not so much.

      • Thats b.s lol tonys suits got shredded like paper in this film. When he took hits from thor and a lightning bolt.

        • Did you miss the whole ‘most of the newer suits were constructed without much testing and without Tony having much sleep’ bit? The suit he was using in ‘The Avengers’ was much more battle ready.

          Also, I should point out that the Extremis users had superheated bodies and extreme heat tends to melt/warp metal, making it easier to break. If Thor could superheat his body, I suspect it would’ve been a much more one-sided battle. It was also implied, when Iron Patriot was captured, that they were strong enough to break the suits, they just didn’t want to, since they needed the Iron Patriot suit.

          • using a lines of dialogue to cover-up noticeable flaws doesn’t work. Oh he was tired that’s why the suits aren’t as good, that’s just a what if possibility. it was implied that he was talking about new technology. Show it in the story don’t throw in last minute dialogue to try and convey something. Not to mention they didn’t explain the extremis very well at all, people could just do things and you had to be like oh now they can regenerate that’s cool I guess. Oh now there is fire… oh now it does this and that.

            • Uh, using a line of dialogue that explains what’s caused a flaw does in fact cover the flaw. And, yes, it’s a ‘what if’ possibility. On the other hand, it’s a good enough explanation for anyone who really cares that much, and there’s nothing that outright denies it. Not to mention, it’s not like the Iron Man suits were noticeably weaker. They won remember? And if they all took down the Extremis mooks without any casualties, you’d be complaining about how weak the Extremis mooks were. Speaking of, Extremis mooks had superheated bodies that could melt metal, remember? It’s not hard to imagine that they could tear apart a suit.

              As for the Extremis point, are you seriously complaining about the lack of science in a SUPERHERO MOVIE?! And, to be honest, even if they did all the research and created an ingenious explanation for how Extremis works, which would work perfectly in real life, would anybody care and/or understand it?

            • LOL

              “using dialogue to talk about a plot point doesn’t mean that plot point exists!”

              Oh really? That’s how stories work. Things that are part of the story are put into the story.
              You didn’t know?

          • Every post you have stated against me as use the word implied, which to me means it wasn’t stated and is an assumption made to try and cover up a problem.

            • Well, I’m certain the writers are very sorry for assuming that people don’t need everything spelt out for them like a pre-schooler. If they provide a satisfying explanation, even without outright stating it to be true, then I’m okay with that.

            • Let me guess, Nolan fan?

              • What’s wrong with being a Nolan fan? I’m a Nolan fan. He’s a really good director, albeit a little overrated. Nolan fanboys on the other hand…

                Anyway, considering Trey hasn’t mentioned Nolan a single time, since we’ve been arguing/debating and he’s given perfectly reasonable explanations as to why he dislikes the movie (even if I disagree with some of them), so I don’t think he’s a Nolan fanboy.

                • I in no ways disliked the movie I found it to be a solid film all around just like a good debate and opinions are opinions we both know that.

        • those Extremis enhanciles (henchmen injected with Extremis) have superhuman strength. that’s why.
          and i see you’re also ranting on why tony’s armor managed to survive after he got hit by lightning…you know, tony’s armor have this ability to absorb electrical energy. that’s why when thor blasted him with lightning, iron man managed to absorb it and used that same energy level to blast thor.
          if you’re a comic book fan, you’ll know the answers to your questions.

          • So the aromr has the ability to absorb a phenomenal amount electricity (I’ve seen Thor level entire city blocks with his ability to call lightning) and also withstood Arc Reactor whips (that were cutting other things to ribbons) but can’t manage to dissipate and absorb mere heat? Please.

            IM’a armor is listed as one of the highest strength classes (listed at the 90-100 ton range), so giving the extremis virus the ability to defeat that is just plain silly and ridiculously over powered.

            “superhuman” strength is one thing and I could buy maybe 10 tons (what SpiderMan can lift). IM also took hits from Hulk, the strongest being in existence (arguably) but yet Killian cut through the armor like it was butter (Including I believe the Hulkbuster armor). Really a load of BS to artificially enhance the danger and “wow” factor.

            So yeah, I’m a comicbook fan and I don’t get it either. Trey’s questions were valid.

            • don’t you get the point of “Marvel Cinematic Universe”?

              it was created to have its own plots/stories derived from the Marvel Universe [comics]. you get the point.

              and besides, don’t you remember that Mk.42 armor is still a prototype? sheeesh…

              • Yeah but you have to keep a certain amount of continuity or it starts to not be even based on the comics. If it stops being that then it stops being Iron Man.

                And Killian/extremis soldiers were tearing apart ALL of the IM armors, not just the MK42.

            • Hm, I get what you’re trying to say but the logic doesn’t follow through. Stark’s armor being able to absorb electrical energy doesn’t automatically mean he should be able to absorb extreme heat just as easily. Heat would weaken or even go right through metal, and heat’s a different sort of critter from EM energy anyway. Go research “heat death.” Just because a chunk of equipment can handle electricity doesn’t mean it can handle very much heat.

              Stark’s suits being 90-100 tons strength has no bearing on whether someone would be able to rip into it, I think you’re conflating durability with strength, where a character being strong enough to lift 90 tons does not mean a character lifting 10 tons wouldn’t be able to punch into the armor of the first character. My car could go faster than your car, but if you hit me my car is still going to get crunched.

      • and also, those henchmen who were upgraded by the Extremis virus gained superhuman strength…just like in the comics. kinda awesome seeing Killian breath fire. :D

  27. I actually love this more than The Avengers.

    • RE: Amazon …. @leathercheerio It says “This title has not yet been released.
      You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives”.

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