‘Iron Man 3′ Facebook App Unveils Silver Centurion & Shotgun Armors

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Vast toy lines, epic trailers, spoilery TV spots, and insurmountable amounts of rumors and leaks have revealed much about Iron Man 3 but despite there being seemingly so much info out there, Marvel Studios is still holding back on revealing key plot points, character arcs and special appearances that comic book fans are only beginning to piece together.

Last year we shared the rumor that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) would command not only a new suit or two (or more) himself in Iron Man 3, but that he would lead an army of armored suits. The official Iron Man 3 prelude comics dubbed his expanded Hall of Armor the “Iron Legion” and it wasn’t long before Stark’s minions found their way into the official marketing.

The latest set of Iron Man 3 posters offered the first official tease of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Iron Legion and they were spotlighted in force, albeit briefly, in the new Iron Man 3 trailer. The imagery confirmed many of the rumors and proved the leaked concept art of the Deep Space, Brute and Heartbreaker armors as legit. But even having a list of Stark’s suits with descriptions, we learned today that our unofficial Iron Man 3 armor guide still is only scratching the surface and may have the designation numbers in the wrong places.

Iron Man 3 Armor Unlock Facebook App 570x303 Iron Man 3 Facebook App Unveils Silver Centurion & Shotgun Armors

This morning on the official Iron Man Facebook page, Marvel launched a contest where lucky winners (in North America) will be flown out to the LA Premiere of Iron Man 3 on April 24th. To enter, fans have to use the ‘Iron Man 3: Armor Unlock’ app to send in backup to help Stark in his battle against The Mandarin, and they do this by answering movie trivia questions which in turn will unlock Stark’s arsenal of Hall of Armor suits.

The regions with the most winners today received an awesome new image, only visible to Facebook users living in that region. Canada unlocked an image of the Hyper Velocity Suit (Mark 40) dubbed the “Shotgun” and California residents earned a look at the Enhanced Energy Suit (Mark 33), also known to Iron Man comics fans as the “Silver Centurion.”

This marks our first look at both suits and the contest opens up tomorrow for participants to enter if they missed out or re-enter if they participated on the first day. The silhouettes and titles for the next two armor unlocks indicate that tomorrow Marvel will unveil another look at the Hulkbuster/Brute (Mark 38) armor as well as the Mark 17, a suit with a unique head and shoulder design that resembles the Heartbreaker concept art.

Iron Man 3 Shotgun Silver Centurion Armors 570x302 Iron Man 3 Facebook App Unveils Silver Centurion & Shotgun Armors

With Stark’s new gold-plated armor once thought to be the Extremis armor (it’s not) being designated the “Mark XLII” (42) there’s going to be a plethora of unique Iron Man armor variants making their debut in Iron Man 3, meaning many of the more abstract armors from Marvel Comics will  make their way into the MCU. This strategy by Marvel and director Shane Black is genius since it not only addresses every fan wishlist of armors they wanted to see in the movies, and not only does it give them an inordinate amount of materials to market, but it also allows for the largest potential toy line of any Marvel Studios production to date.

It doesn’t however, leave much for the future should Robert Downey Jr. sign a contract extension and one day do an Iron Man 4. How do you top having every armor in one movie? Since Iron Man 3 is (currently) the last movie RDJ is signed for, the studio is sure making his version of Stark go out with a bang. Don’t worry, we’re confidence he’s going to be back for The Avengers 2 (and more).

Hungry for spoilers and details?

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Stephanie Szostak, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes which armor design you like the best!

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  1. Hurry up and be May already!

  2. Iron Man Is The Best

  3. Is it may yet?

    Jesus I can’t wait for this movie!

  4. It’s not even coming out in may :)

    • It is in North America. It’s a week earlier in the UK.

      • Hey Rob….

        Any update on RDJ’s contract negotiations with Marvel?

        • There’s no info on that and there won’t be until they agree to make it public for PR reasons. It won’t be until after the movie releases.

  5. May, May….. MAWAHAHAHAHAHA (Evil Laugh) Who needs May.

    25th of April on this side of the pond fellas

    • hahahaha! we brits get it good XD

      • The only negative would be if Marvel added an extra post-credits scene like they did with The Avengers. I think they filmed that days after the movie released in the UK so we had to wait until it was online to see it (not that there was much to see but it was a cool little nod to RDJ’s line).

        Anyway, April’s gonna be good for us in the UK. Oblivion on the 10th, Evil Dead on the 17th and IM3 on the 25th.

        • i can honestly skip a schwarma scene XD

  6. with iron 3 exposing pretty much all the iron man armors, I’d say there is indeed not much left for the future. In terms of suits that is.
    Tony Stark now has an army of iron men, suits that can be used by anyone, which promotes Stark from not only a super hero, but to a super leader.
    And with all the other super heros flying around in the next few movies, Stark may not like having only a ‘small’ part in the avengers assumed succes in beating the next villains.
    So if Joss Whedon says the second avengers movie is going to be darker, smaller, more intimate and (most importantly) about death, Nick Fury may has to give up life in order to grant Stark the next step in personal growth. Iron Man may not outrank superheros like the Hulk, Thor, Dr. Strange or Ms. Marvel in raw power, but he can outrank them as a leader.

    Such a development of course would cast aside captain america as the unformal strategic leader of the first avengers. This, and yes I’m speculating more and more, would drive a wedge between Captain america and Iron man. Iron Man wants all information to be known to him, Captain america just doesn’t like men with too much power and people following them as slaves. This could be a theme throughout avengers 3 (a theme which is supressed by the need to stay focussed and deal with ultimate badguy Thanos) and follow into the supreme climax of the marvel comicbook movies: The Civil War.

    • “suits that can be used by anyone” Bull S**t.

      “which promotes Stark from not only a super hero, but to a super leader” Which would in turn also make that a pipe dream.

      • @Stiles. No reason to get so bent out of shape, man. It’s only his opinion.

      • @Stiles, we have seen that Tony isn’t the only one capable of succesfully wearing a suit. Adding Pepper further proves that point. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love Tony Stark and hate the fact that wearing a suit seems so easy. Extremis is the answer to restore the hierarchy of course. Still, I would simply love for Iron Man to develop a more respected role in the new and expanding super hero world.

    • Tony Stark is, while an effective inventor/engineer, he is not that solid as leader. He’s too logical about topics and can sometimes think he’s doing things for the greater good, which, a lot of the time, clouds his vision. He’s not a very good combat strategist/tactician either making him a poor field leader and Steve Rogers the ideal team leader.

      Iron Man in the comics is currently in the Illuminati and has already betrayed the trust of a very close friend of his for the greater good.

      • Nice, I never thought of that.

        Jackson had a 9 picture deal, already he’s been in 5 of them so Avengers 2 could be his last and Stark takes over SHIELD like in the comics. That way, I guess if they can’t lock RDJ down to a proper contract, he could have a per-appearance fee while Rhodes becomes his replacement in the team.

      • I think what you’re saying makes absolute sense. Captain America would be the ideal and more strategic leader. However, Iron Man may still find his way into Fury’s position despite his incompatibilities and thanks to his arrogance and wit. This might even make a possible clash between Captain America and Iron Man MORE interesting.

        • Could all this lead to the Hero Registration Act or whatever it was called, Stark with SHIELD on one side, Cap and the Avengers on other.

          With other Marvel characters tied with other studios (X-Men = Fox, Spidy, err Sony I think, who’s got the FF?) it can’t be as wide ranging as the full Civil War story line but it’s a deffinate direction (especially if Marvel / Disney can buy back their property)

          Be also cool if they tie in Thor and maybe head towards the Fear Itself storyline, trying to track down collected volumes as i hear it’s pretty awesome and again is a full universe crossover event.

          • Movie-verse, it doesn’t make sense if Tony supports the act since he’s such a wild maverick already considering he was pretty much anti-government and anti-Avengers for much of Phase 1. Steve makes way more sense as the supporter of the superhuman registration act and director of SHIELD considering how much SHIELD has done for him (saved his life and gave him purpose in a world he was alien to).

          • I dont think we’ll be seeing Civil War anytime soon at all. I’d love to see it, but it would require a lot more build up and a lot more heroes involved to get the full impact.
            Also, I’m reading Fear Itself at the moment and its nowhere near as good as previous cross overs like civil war, Secret Invasion and Dark Reign

  7. YES I knew it, the Silver Centurion Armor!!!!!

    • Also Designation makes perfect sense, in the comics it had an en energy Cameo effect, disengration power photon beams(that can also gain power further they go), and more energy weapons than you can shake a stick at(and a couple additional tricks to), it has enough energy weapons to slag the suits we saw in the previous armor. it also has nice altered shoulder pads

      • Cameo effect?

        I’m looking forward to the Pulse Bolts (the weapon that gains power as it gains distance) and the other energy effects. Marvel knows how to bring that great stuff to life.

          • Oh yeah, Camo. I was tired & distracted so when you said “cameo” I didn’t realize what you meant in the moment.

            I know IM’s armors pretty well but I still love the Iron Man Armory site.

  8. This is awesome. Yeah disney must be salivating right now at the potential windfall for all those toys.

  9. SWEET!!!!!!

  10. I thought the suitcase suit was silver centurion

    • No, the suitcase suit is the suitcase suit, just like the same mark 5 suit from the comics. It just has a similar color scheme.

  11. Do we even know the extent that these armors will be used? I know the trailer showed a ton of them helping Stark and Rhodes, but I can’t imagine too much will be spent on any number of them. It’s an action movie, not a Discovery Channel special on Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors (even thought I’d watch the crap out of that).

  12. Looking good, and I think people need to stop calling the “Hulk Inspired” armor “Hulkbuster” until it’s confirmed that that’s what it’s actually being called. I doubt that will be it’s name besides the fact that it’s bulky, it does not look like the the Hulkbuster armor.

  13. Check out the Kids Choice Award (KCA) video clip of RDJ in IM3.
    Its stuff you may not have seen.

  14. They can only out do Iron man 3 by actually having Tony Stark using some of these armors himself and spending more time on some of them!
    Because it is obvious that we are only gonna be able to ee these suits for a cpl minutes a piece at most, or maybe some of them are just gonna be background noise!
    SURE we might see them all in a final battle, but is that really gonna satisfy everyone? because it is only gonna make me want more. I think they are puting WAYYYYYY too much in this film for ppl to absorb. It is gonna be great but 2 hours is just NOT enough time to sort all of these suits out!!

  15. Thor goes bonkers at end of Thor2 so IM4 = THORBUSTER :)

    After all it’s the only armour not mentioned so far and it was feeling all lonesome and forgotten.

    Bad people make Thorbuster cry lol

  16. Eh… I’m not crazy about the design.

    That being said, at least they are using it for a second, it’s my favorite armor from the entire series. It just doesn’t look right.

    I bought Iron Man#200 off of the newsstands, and it’s why I got into the character. After that I combed back issues and put together a pretty decent run, with only a few holes, from maybe 1975-1995 or so, over the years. My favorite run is still everything form Demon in a Bottle through Armor Wars 1, abouts. STILL waiting for a Demon in a Bottle movie, but with how safe the MCU really is, I bet we’ll never see it. It would be a challenge for RDJ to pull off, and I’d bet he’d be into it. If Pepper dies in this movie, it would be the perfect time to introduce the idea.

    Tony lets go completely and SHIELD buys controlling interest in his company. Rhodey then has to basically fill in as Iron Man in general, since Tony can’t get a grip. The only thing we are missing is Stane, but he was in the first movie already and is dead now. This could also lead into a true Armor Wars.

    I’m looking forward to the movie, regardless.