S.H.I.E.L.D. Absence in ‘Iron Man 3′ Will Be Explained; Extremis Will Return

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SHIELD in Iron Man 3  S.H.I.E.L.D. Absence in Iron Man 3 Will Be Explained; Extremis Will Return

If you’ve read our Iron Man 3 review or listend to the IM3 episode of our SR Underground podcast, you know that – while it was a fun opening to summer 2013 – Tony Stark’s third solo film was not without its share of problems.

One of the biggest criticisms shared by hardcore fanboys and casual moviegoers alike was the absence of any characters from the Avengers shared universe in Iron Man 3. While most people accepted that Tony Stark wouldn’t be able (or willing) to call on his powerful allies for help against the Mandarin, it was much harder to accept that S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn’t at all involved in combating the villain’s super-powered campaign of terrorism against America.

agents of shield stark cameo coulson hill S.H.I.E.L.D. Absence in Iron Man 3 Will Be Explained; Extremis Will Return

“Should we help Stark out with this Mandarin problem?”
“Nah, he’s got it covered.”

It was a point of definite nagging question why a global peacekeeping force that specializes in metahuman activity wouldn’t be on hand to investigate something like Extremis, which had former U.S. military personnel exploding in populated areas, or committing small acts of aggression like kidnapping the U.S. president. S.H.I.E.L.D. was all over every aspect of Marvel Phase 1 (Iron Man and Hulk’s respective debuts; Thor and Cap’s arrival in modern day) – so what, did they take a vacation after the Chitauri attack on NYC in Avengers?

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is out doing further promotion, assuring fans that even though Iron Man 3‘s standalone story left a lot of the shared universe unmentioned, future Marvel projects will fill in the blanks. Feige recently took to Twitter to engage with fans, touching upon S.H.I.E.L.D.’s absence in IM3, amongst other things:




Iron Man 3 Interviews The Mandarin Movie Comic Book Differences S.H.I.E.L.D. Absence in Iron Man 3 Will Be Explained; Extremis Will Return

It’s hard to tell from that tweet whether there was a plan from the start for this ‘revelation’ about S.H.I.E.L.D.’s absence, or whether Feige and Co. are now doing damage control to appease the many fans who were none too pleased about the narrative island IM3 seemed to be living on. Given the amount of misleading info that Feige himself dropped while promoting the film (things like Ben Kingsley’s ‘chilling’ performance as The Mandarin), it may not be all that wise to tow the old “In Marvel We Trust” company line.

Even now, the filmmaking architects could very well be scrambling to retrofit other projects like the S.H.I.E.L.D.-centric Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show with Iron Man 3 tie-ins, which would make the agency’s absence seem totally logical (in hindsight, of course). But no matter what “fix” they put in place, as far as IM3 goes (you know, as a “standalone” piece) the misstep is still a glaring one. Because really, there’s no explanation for why Tony or Pepper didn’t even think to mention S.H.I.E.L.D…


Return of Extremis

Iron Man 3 Extremis Soldier 570x302 S.H.I.E.L.D. Absence in Iron Man 3 Will Be Explained; Extremis Will Return

Moving on, though: Hardcore fans were also less than enthused by Iron Man 3‘s  use of the Extremis virus (in the comics, it’s more impressive than glowing hands and fire-breathing).  Our Iron Man 3 spoilers discussion has revealed that fans’ speculation regarding Extremis didn’t end with the movie: they believe that the technology could end up playing a much bigger role in the Marvel Movie Universe – and one fan went so far as to ask Feige about it directly. His response?



The entire idea of taking a normal human being (like Pepper Potts) and transforming them into something greater than human has been a motif of these Marvel movies from day 1 (Super Soldier Serum research that created Captain America, Hulk and Abomination, for example), and Extremis is the natural evolution of that process (human augmentation mixed with technology). There are any number of heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe whose origin could be explained in that matter – hopefully Feige and company have better things in mind than what we saw in Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 Pepper Extremis S.H.I.E.L.D. Absence in Iron Man 3 Will Be Explained; Extremis Will Return

Despite my own (clear) bias towards the film, even I am open to the idea that Iron Man 3 could – by the end of Phase 2 or beyond – turn out to be the basis for much more than it initially seemed. Then again: I won’t believe it until I actually see it happen.


Iron Man 3 is now playing in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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  1. I dont see the big deal in SHIELD being absent, as far as everyone knew The Mandarin was just a terrorist, SHIELD has bigger things to deal with than terrorism, as of The Avengers they’re dealin with bigger things so it makes sense that The Mandarin was just left to the military…tho i do think they need to explain why they didnt get involved when Tony was apparently killed in his home

    • SHIELD has a track record of keeping an eye on all of these characters. They easily could have known that Tony did not die in his house.

      • How would they know that Tony Stark didn’t die?

        • Theres a satellite that is locked on to Tony. He flies away, they see it.

          They have some sort of device that can track the arc reactor in Tonys chest.

          Honestly, a bigger flaw in that situation is how did no one see Iron Man popping out of the ocean and flying into the sky?

          • Was that mentioned in one of the previous Iron Man movies or in the Avengers? Even if that’s the case, it would have made sense for at least one SHIELD agent to investigate the wreckage.

            Ha, add that flaw to the list of flaws!!

            • It’s S.H.I.E.L.D. man. Nick Fury doesn’t always have to explain his motives.

              • Heck, he rarely does, but that’s not the point. Justin, I seem to remember a line about SHIELD constantly monitoring every camera on the planet. Now you might say I’m speculating again but if they monitor the gazillions of cameras worldwide, they undoubtedly also monitor radars and satellites.

                • That’s plausible.

    • The President was kidnapped by super powered men using Iron Patriot’s armor. If that doesn’t warrant SHIELD getting involved, I don’t know what does.

  2. “One of the biggest criticisms shared by hardcore fanboys and casual moviegoers alike was…”

    Really? I have not heard any other person wonder about the lack of SHIELD in IM3 at all.
    I hadn’t thought about it either, and thinking about it now it seems Tony simply beat them to it because the bad guy went and got him personally involved. Otherwise, no one have had any idea what was going on.

    • There have been a number of people that complained about it. But, read my MANY (and I didn’t even list all of them) problems with IM III.

    • dud it was all over the news, I guess Shield and The Avengers are living in a cave somewhere after the New York event.

      • the lack of S.H.E.I.L.D was NOT all over the news. Only “news” Internet sites talked about it.

        • I think he meant the news in the actual movie – the “Mandarin” highjacked television network broadcasts and “shot” a man. The news agencies broadcasted reports on the bombings, SHIELD couldn’t have not known sh*t was happening.

          • Indeed

          • …but they didn’t know the sh*t was due to superhuman activity. Terrorism is a bit mundane for SHIELD, so they first let the authorities handle the situation and then Iron Man stepped in very publicly. Simple as ABC.

            • That’s just your opinion that terrorism is too mundane for Shield. It’s not canon that Shield only with superhuman activities. And, if it weren’t for Pwoper, Tony could have lost to the Mandarin. So, having some help from Shield, or at least Iron Patriot, makes sense to me and many others.

              • I didn’t say SHIELD only deals with superhuman activity but you have to admit it is their main concern. Superpowers are a much bigger threat to the world than regular terrorists. And yes, Tony could have lost but ultimately he didn’t, so SHIELD’s help wasn’t necessary after all. I’m sure if things really went south, they would have tried something. If they were able to, that is, and this remains to be seen.

                • Just because it ultimately worked out, due to Pepper’s help, doesn’t mean that Shield (or Iron Patriot) couldn’t have helped him out.

                  • Sure, but SHIELD doesn’t get involved in every Iron Man adventure and it was about time that the MCU reflected that. The title is Iron Man after all, not Iron Man + SHIELD.
                    If you have read the Iron Man 3 comic prequel, you know that Rhodey has already been shown unable to help Tony because his orders sent him elsewhere, so it’s not hard to imagine that was the case after he rescued the Prez.

            • SHIELD knows everything. How could they not have heard about strange explosions where there were no signs of explosive materials around? That sounds like something that SHIELD would have been called in for immediately. And the President being kidnapped? Where the hell was Captain America? That sounds like something that could have warranted a cameo.

    • I agree, I never even thought about SHIELD not being in the movie until I saw this article. Everyone hated how involved in Ironman 2 SHIELD was…. maybe Marvel thought it would be best to give us a break this time. Also it could easily be explained away in that Tony just left SHIELD out of the story he was telling to Hulk. I also vaguely recall seing the SHIELD logo on the computers in a couple scenes on Iron Man 3, but I have only seen it once so I might be wrong… I’m pretty sure Tony hacked into their system from the news van.

      • I’m going to chastise you like I did others in the thread who did the same thing: don’t write that everyone thought that SHIELD was too involved in Iron Man. I surely didn’t. There were a lot more flaws to Iron Man II, in my opinion, than SHIELD.

        • I thought SHIELD was a high point of IM2. But honestly, I liked 2 better than 3, so what the hell do I know?

          • Hahaha, you know that you like IM II better than IM III. And, obviously, that’s okay ;)

            • I hope so, bc I keep hearing how stupid it was. haha

              • Ha, well, I liked IM III slightly better than IM II, but I wouldn’t call you stupid for your preference. That would be rude

                • Thank you, sir. You are a gentlemen and a scholar.

                  • Haha, that’s nice of you to write.

        • Same as a lot of people think that IM3 have a lot more flaws in it that the lack of SHIELD.

          SHIELD, oh the pain you cause us lol

          • Hahahahaha. In my opinion, I think that IM III has a lot bigger flaws than the lack of Shiekd. I’ve written that numerous times, bit some people on those site fail to grasp that. My main criticism of IM III is that I wasn’t entertained nearly as much as I was when I watched IM I.

        • Don’t go nitpicking on a poor choice of words. Maybe you didn’t feel this way but you have to admit it was one of the major complaints about IM2. I for one was getting a little tired of seeing SHIELD pop up in every single Marvel movie up until now and it’s actually a relief not to see the shadow of an eyepatch in this one.

          • It’s not nitpicking. I think that you need to learn the difference between expressing an opinion and a fact. To me, you come across as really obnoxious. Get over yourself.

            • And you need to learn the difference between making a generalization and speaking literally. I reckon he should’ve said “many people” instead of “everyone” but that’s no reason for derailing the debate by going against the guy. THAT is being obnoxious in my book, hence me saying you were nitpicking.

              • I think that writing “everyone thinks that” “everyone believes” that for subjective stuff is the epitome of obnoxiousness. I have seen it too much on this site. It’s not being obnoxious to call out people for obnoxious behavior. I don’t think that I once wrote that “everyone thinks that the shield’s absence was odd” or “everyone thinks Iron Patriot should have helped Tony.” If I had, then I would have been obnoxious.

                • Well, I hardly see stating a mere generalization as the epitome of obnoxiousness. Surely there are way more loathsome behaviors than that. Anyway, regardless of this unfortunate detail, Eddie made some valid points and I think that pointing the finger at said detail casts a shadow over the essence of the discussion.

                  • Why does everyone care about shield.. im more upset at the fact that they totally screwed ip extremis and gave it to pepper instead of Tony.. noone wants to see her have powers, they should have just gave it to stark and let him blow up the guys head like he did in the comic..

    • Everyone walking out of the theatre in my town was saying, “Where the hell was Nick fury? The president gets kidnapped and they don’t think that requires their attention?”

      I wondered the entire movie why SHIELD made zero appearance. They could have at least sent a few operatives. They could have had Maria Hill make an appearance at least, to tell Tony that he was on his own because SHIELD is currently dealing with something that needs their full attention.

  3. It shouldn’t have to be explained, now that I think about it. Wasn’t that part of Tony’s personal vendetta? He didn’t want anyone to get involved once Mandarin got Happy caught in the crossfire: “just good old-fashioned revenge.”

    • It doesnt matter if he doesnt want SHIELD to get involved. Like they would care what he wanted anyway. The Mandarin is bombing the US reguarly and kidnapped the US president. Every shield agent should be on this case lol.

      • where was the S.H.I.E.L.D presence when Abomination and the Hulk tore apart NYC? Not there. They left it to the military to contain.

      • Yet you have no complaints about them not helping to deal with Iron Monger or Abomination

        • Coulson and a team were there to arrest Stane and gave Tony a cover story for the fight with the Iron Monger. But you are correct about Abomination.

        • It could be argued that at the time of Iron Monger and Abomination, they weren’t prepared for that. If you notice, the first super person in the Marvel Movies of the shared universe was Iron Man. So they started keeping tabs on him. They had weapons that could attack the Hulk, so you can’t blame them for not showing up for Abomination because they weren’t prepared.

          Coulson even says in Avengers that after the Destroyer armor attacked in “Thor”, they started developing better weapons.

      • *Spoilers* Seems to me (and this is my opinion) that the Mandarin was a cover up for the Soldiers exploding all over the country because they couldn’t regulate themselves. I think at least a few of the explosions were accidents and Killian needed a cover so he created the Mandarin character to say “It was all me, I am responsible!!!”, when it was actually Extremis misfiring.

        • @Docleo-Thank you! IM3 was a good film and “fanboys” couldn’t seem to put that together towards why they had a fake mandarin and they let that ruin the film for them. Finally someone writes a smart post.

      • Good post, Bob.

      • Terrorist threats are handled by national security, not a global organization.

        • That’s not entirely true. INTERPOL, for example, DOES help investigate terrorist attacks.

          • Because most of the time, terrorists are from another country, or have ties with foreigners, which makes it an international matter. In a similar way, SHIELD deal mostly with superhuman threats, and before Iron Man puts his metallic foot forward, no-one could suspect a superhuman issue.

            • So, admit that your blanket statement about global organizations not handling terrorist attacks.
              Are you this obnoxious in real life too?

              • You calling me obnoxious is the pot calling the kettle black: I’m not the one who goes around insulting people when I disagree with them.

      • SHIELD is international, not an american agency. Why do you expect them to stick their nose in every american situation? I know many americans think their beloved country is the world’s shining beacon of civilization but that’s not a reason to expect the United Nations to act as its lapdog.

        • Why do you resort to hyperbole? Again, you’re wrong. I never wrote that Shield should be involved in every American situation. So, stop projecting your anti-American bias. It’s a damn movie.

          • Yet again, you’re nitpicking over a generalization. It should be pretty obvious to anyone that “every” was a figure of speech. But noooo, you feel the urge to hassle over it instead of presenting reasoned counter-arguments. So tell me, who’s wrong again? Anyway, my comment was in response to Bob, not you, so who’s projecting something here?

            Oh, by the way, I have no anti-american bias. You can’t deny the fact that many Americans (but thankfully not all of them, far from it) are somewhat overzealous in their patriotism and see nothing wrong in their sense of entitlement to act as rulers of the world. Bob seemed to forget that SHIELD answers to the UN, not the USA, that’s all I was saying.

            • So the Chinese being willing to die for their country isn’t overzealous? Muslims blowing themselves up to fight “the evils of democracy” isn’t overzealous? Every country has overzealous people who worship their country. It’s just only America that people whine about.

              It’s such a bad place, that’s why we’re flooded with people running here from their socialist governments, or running from their tyrant leaders. yes, you’re right. We’re such a bad place.

              • ???

  4. I don’t see why people are bitching so much about IM3. I loved it. Can’t please everybody I guess. I’m a geek my self , but I guess it’s the hard core ones that are the hardest to please.

    • I agree 100%!! I loved it from start to finish. It wasn’t called Iron Man, The Avengers and the Agents of Shield. My one complaint was *SPOILER*……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..having the vice pres be an inside man. That kind of plot device was worn out years ago.

    • It’s really sad that you dare to call this piece of sh*t great. This movie is just as overrated, sh*tty and had just as many issues as the Avengers film contained. I guess comedy in a super hero movie actually blinds the audience and distracts them from all the plotholes, lazy writing, and bullsh*t the Marvel/Disney crew lazily presented. I mean, stupid poor kid randomly knowing how to fix iron suits, a bad-ass wanna-be Osama bin Laden who killed innocent civilians and a guy live on TV being portrayed as some pimp, Heather falling 200 feet to the ground and rises back up alive to save Tony’s ass in under 3 minutes, lots of pointless characters and scenes, lack of Avengers/Shield prescence, 20 plus suits randomly appear to without IM 3 was another disappointment to the Marvel franchise. Only thing I loved from that movie was that rescue scene sky high where IM saved 11 lives, but it was all ruined when Tony treated this super hero crap as some videogame and was too pussy to customly save them himself.

      I hope Thor 2 and CA:WS makes up for IM3′s mistakes and rescues Phase 2.

      • If you’re so disappointed in Marvel movies, why don’t you stop watching them? Better yet, you should write one of your own so that the world can witness just how awesome you are…

        • The better ones, that is. Man, I’d really be curious about what kind of story you could possibly come up with.

          • Better is in the eye’s of the beholder. I think that the best MCU movie, so far, is Thor.

            • Ha ha, yeah sure, Thor’s the best MCU movie! It’s just the second more ridiculous after Captain America.

              • Wow, as evidenced by your replies to me and some others, you are definitely a troll. Is your life so pathetic that you have to try to start stuff online? Do you act this way in person too. Just because you think that Thor is ridiculous, doesn’t make it so. Just about everyone else who has disagreed with me had done so with civility and class. It seems clear that you lack both. Are you a teenager? That might explain it. .

                • All of you are so funny. Most action hero movies offer some mistakes, bloopers, content holes, poor performances, and the like. I would thoroughly enjoy reading all of your critiques for movies that are subpar. All the negative comments are interesting and I find Justin J. Poppiti’s responses a little bit arrogant and insulting in some cases. But he clearly has more wisdom than some who included themselves in the discussion. Thanks for those commentators who ask “Why So Serious”.

                  • See, Justin? I’m not the only one saying it. But I would refrain on the “wisdom” part. Intelligent and educated? Sure. Wise? Not so much.

                • I’m way past my teens, thank you, but you certainly come across as a quite uptight and arrogant person who is prone to throw insults around. Relax, pal, you don’t have to jump at other people’s throats on a regular basis.

                  Now, can we please go back to the meat of the matter? Yes, Thor is a ridiculous film. Why? Ummm, let’s see… Asgardians talking to each other in english instead of some Norse dialect? Check. Weapons and costumes that look like plastic toys? Check. Corny dialogue and calamitous humor? Check. Thor looking and behaving like Dumb-O the Supermodel? Check (this last point has been amended in the Avengers movie and from what I saw of Thor 2, it seems to be gone for good, thankfully). These are my major complaints but there are many other details that make me dislike this movie. One good thing though: I’m glad they dropped Thor’s way of speaking from the comics, that would’ve really been over the top.

      • Who is is this Heather you speak of? lol

        • She sounds like a BAMF :)

      • I think that those points are mostly good ones. Btw, you meant Pepper, not Heather.

      • Was A Great Film.
        Mate you realise that the kid had Jarvis to help with the repairs.
        “a bad-ass wanna-be Osama bin Laden who killed innocent civilians and a guy live on TV being portrayed as some pimp” PLZ tell me what movie you pulled that from cause its defiantly not IM3.
        “Heather falling 200 feet to the ground and rises back up alive to save Tony’s ass in under 3 minutes” well see when infected the body had the ability to heal unless you overheated.
        The lack of SHIELD would that not be cause the took a huge hit in the avengers and are repairing and feel someone who took on an alien race could handle himself.
        The 40 suits The man was suffering from PTSD and confessed all he could do was tinker in his workshop.
        “but it was all ruined when Tony treated this super hero crap as some videogame and was too pussy to customly save them himself.” This represents Tony’s growth from the Narcissistic loner to a more Humble teamworker.

        PLZ tell me you actually watched the movie as from your views it show you didn’t or at most didn’t understand or listen most of this was stated in the movie in general conversations

    • I know right? why do people always try to find even the smallest mistakes just to say that the movie is bad. Its a very very well done movie and some people who wanted it to be bad are just squeezing out the smallest issues and making them into big plot holes.

      • Dude, I didn’t want it to be bad. What ruins it for me is the black hole sized plot hole that swallows the entire movie:

        Tony can call on all of his suits? Why the hell didn’t he do that when his mansion was being attacked? Why not call on just a couple? Perhaps just one? Nope, gonna rely on my untested, unfinished prototype stuff.

        It’s poor story telling bro, no way around it.

        • Thank-you, Doc Mind Bend. You saved me the trouble of typing that.

          Much like “Dark Knight Rises”, the weight of trying to outsmart itself and out maneuver the previous films really drug down a fun, well acted, well paced movie. While I HATED the Mandarin swerve, Guy Pierce’s performance and character made up for it. So… why make it the Mandarin at all? Why build up the Iron Patriot, then NEVER let the armor do anything? I liked the “call the armor” to me, control it from far away… the first 2 or 3 times. After that, it just seemed- as you said- lazy. Too much Tony Stark…. not enough Iron Man. I get he was struggling with the dual identity thing. But…. this ain’t “Sherlock Holmes”, it is freaking Iron Man.

          Not a bad performance in the movie. Fun action scenes, and great one liners. But it is almost like they threw so many ideas together, after a while they just decided to wing it.

        • Let me put it this way imagine trying to put change clothes while your house is falling of a cliff into the ocean. Would you chose to attempt to use the clothes that fly right to you and assemble them selves onto your body or the stationary armour that’s underneath the wreck of your in the process of being demolished house? I understand what you mean but it isn’t that big of a plot hole all his suits beyond the Mark 7 are untested prototypes plus it isn’t avert smart idea to open that hatch where his suits are while his house is being destroyed because as we find out later its been completely covered in rubble. Imagine how many suits would have been destroyed attempting to get to him during the mansion scene?

          • That’s a really weak argument man. I’m going to put myself in Tony’s shoes…

            … my mansion is being assaulted with missles… hmmm…. what to do… oh yeah… I have an IRON LEGION at my disposal… yo Jarvis…

            I hate to be the one that points this out, but at the end of the movie it’s revealed that Jarvis can remotely control each and every suit Tony has made. The fact that he can do this completely negates each and every scene that previously happens in the movie-

            - the mansion being destroyed scene

            - Tony spends time making “home-depot black-ops” gear instead of just repairing his line to Jarvis

            - the “black ops” scene becomes point-less and an unnecessary risk taken by someone who is supposed to be a genius

            - it goes directly against the closing narrative about how “TONY IS IRON MAN” when through-out the movie the Iron Man suits were hollow shells controlled from afar or by someone else entirely.

            And that’s the other huge problem with the movie, it destroys any continuity from the other films… such as:

            - Tony Stark was a rock-star and one of the most recognizable faces on the planet BEFORE he became Iron Man. In the present MCU, Tony would have to go somewhere deep into rural Asia to meet someone who doesn’t know who he is. If he crash landed in the middle of Asia, perhaps we can go along with the “fish out of water without his resources” angle. But he doesn’t crash in Asia, he lands in Tennessee, USA… and by a highway no less. All Tony has to do is stand on the side of the road and hitch a ride. Tony is still in America, all he needs to do is make a phone call to get himself back to his resources, but instead he does this “I’m all by myself” angle which is nothing short of confusing, considering WHO he is and WHERE he is.

            - And finally, he’s able to just have a procedure and remove the Arc reactor… when in the previous IM movie his only hope was to become god and create a new element.

            These factors aren’t a reach from someone trying to find things wrong with the movie. If there is a refutation for any of the points I listed, I would love to hear it.

            • I actually agree with the majority of your criticisms.

            • He removes the arc reactor to start over. Searching to create the element was just to keep him alive, Tony gets rid of the reactor to begin a new life with Pepper. If Iron Man is to return remains uncertain

              • Well, apparently he is, according to Joss Whedon.

      • Very, very, very well done???? Really???

  5. They could off just filmed a scene with Tony sending Shield and the Avengers a message, like he did with Potts, that he was alive and was going to take care of the situation.

    • Indeed. I think that would have been better than making no mention of it.

    • What’s going to end up happening is that:

      This film (and every Phase 2 Movie besides GotG and and The Avengers 2, is set a year after the attack in NYC.
      SHEILD, is busy with Cap in CA2, and there’s nothing they could have done, as well as not being able to help out Thor in his Sequel.

      Also, there is a direct mention in IM3 of SHEILD when stark is searching for information about the Mandrian.

      Good enough for you hard core fans?

      We all reeves that Hulk and IM2 were set in the same month/year, right?

      • We shall see.

        Even if Feige isn’t lying about Shirld’s absence being mentioned in a future film, I think that it should have been mentioned in IM III.

        • Boo hoo, wah wah. You paid to see Iron Man and thats what you got.

          Not trying to start something or offend you in any way, but complaining about S.H.I.E.L.D.’s absence is ridiculous.

          Remember what Coulson commented about in “The Avengers”?

          “We’re sweeping every wirelessly accessible camera on the planet.”

          Did you ever think that they actually had faith in Stark and what he was doing, that they knew exactly where he was?

          • Don’t act like a troll. I’m not going to rehash my reasons for thinking that Shield’s absence should have been mentioned. Regardless, the lack of a mention had extremely little to do with the fact that I was not very entertained by the movie.

            • So why continue to bicker? Take your groaning over to the review or spoilers discussion.

              No, I’m not acting like a troll. You’re just being hard-headed. We all get like that sometimes. I gave my reasons, you gave me useless backlash. It’s done

              • If you actually went through the thread, you would have seen my arguments in favor of my position.

                And, if I don’t like your, or anyone else’s attitude, I am going to call you out on it. And, I do so under my real name.

                • Thing is, your arguments are moot whereas there are irrefutable ones in favor of SHIELD’s absence. Insulting your contradictors isn’t gonna make you more right, under your real name or not.

                  • Are you obsessed with me? It’s seems to be the case. As I chastised you about before, your arguments aren’t irrefutable. Who the hell do you think that you are? I think that you really need an attitude adjustment.

                    • No, I just can’t stand rigid minds who aren’t able to suffer any reasoned contradiction and resort to insulting their detractors when they have exhausted their few weak arguments. You’ve done it with me several times and you did it again with ACW here. Who needs an attitude adjustment again?

                  • And, he was acting like a troll by writing his first sentence. Only you and acw have demonstrated such poor character when disagreeing with me.

                    • No, he was not. You need to learn the difference between mild mockery and trolling. He did not insult you and neither did I. You, on the other hand, have insulted us both without reason. Talk about poor character.

              • Also, the first half of the title and the article specifically about the absence if Shield.. So, it makes perfect sense why I, and others, commented on it.

  6. maybe, just maybe, their was no mention of their whereabouts on purpose. each film in this phase, just like last one, is a chapter leading to the next Avengers film, so wait until the next chapter, i’m sure we;ll get some answers, with even more questions.

    • Agreed. If understand if it was a standalone movie, but all these movies are connected. If something isn’t answered now it will be. Same deal with Loki suddenly being back on earth at the end of Thor. It was eventually answered in The Avengers.

  7. Of all my many, many, MANY, complaints about that movie, a lack of shield presence isn’t one of them. It’s an Iron Man movie, of course he’s going to handle it himself.

    • I know what you mean, he’s a superhero who took down Whiplash and Iron Monger, let him do his thing. He doesn’t have to call other Avengers (who are most likely busy with their own problems) or SHIELD every time there is a new threat, he’s still Iron Man and can fight evil by himself too.

  8. One thing bugged me. The phrase is “toe the line” not “tow the line”. *grumble grumble grumble*

  9. Why are world politics being discussed on Screenrant??. How is any of this even remotely on topic?

    • Don’t ask a dumb question. Open your eyes and read flamingo’s original post.

      • Well you come across as a real prick don’t you?

        • Haha, just looking at my response to you in a vacuum, I probably do. Do I care? No.

          Also, even if you take issue with my curt response, the substance of what I wrote is correct. If you had bothered to take a minute or two to read the prior posts, then you certainly would have understood how the conversation started.

        • if only there was a like feature. so 100 Thumbs up

    Movie was great!

    I assume SHIELD are busy with Cap in Cap 2. Or some how they are involved with a situation more extreme and felt Tony could handled it and would have stepped in if too crazy.

    Plus, this is a comic story. There are plenty of comic books that had characters fighting crazy villains yet no other hero shows up even though they are in same city. How many times has Spidey fought villains threatening city and we see no Luke Cage, no Daredevil, no Ghost Rider, no X-Men, so on…

    As for his robot army….They were under rubble buried. They show the scene of people cleaning the disaster area of Tony’s house. Tony even asks Jarvis something like “How is the cleaning of the wreckage?” Jarvis says something like “Almost cleared sir.” Im not imaging that dialogue it was there… I think….LOL.

    As far as Mandarin. Cool twist. We didn’t get the Mandarin that looked like the comics are that had 10 rings. But we got one that was powerful and worked on the big screen related to elements of the times we live in. Yes Kingsley was dressed more like the comic version but he was controlled by Killian so (ipso-facto) Kingsley was a representation of Killian or what Killian wanted.

  11. Next time they want to avoid fanboy rage, simple cgi in(if it’s too much to get an actor) Thor for example flying overhead in an hurry to an unknown threat(it seems), and Iron Man shouting for help but at the heroes speed he was far gone to hear or just too far away or just show a scene on the SHIELD hellicarrier with hell breaking loose before, in between or after the movie, it’s called:MEANWHILE…

    • yeah but then fanboys would be crying out…Why was SHIELD fighting? Why can’t we know? OR….Where was Thor going? How come he couldn’t hear Tony? We need more…

      I am a fanboy but I understand that no matter what you do there where always be those crying out to have more. Cant satisfy everyone.

      • Exactly.

        Superheroes don’t just sit around waiting to be called; they’re extremely busy. Take Peter Parker for example: he never gets a break in his entire life, Peter knows being Spider-Man will always be his responsibility.

        For all we know, something even bigger than Killian was happening elsewhere and it took more than just S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop it. Tony was so busy making suits to shake off his haunting memories that he probably can’t focus on anything other than what was going on in his life at that point.

  12. they are probably fully involved with the captain who is a “team player” and a worthy frontman compared to the selfish egotistical stark.

  13. The SHIELD thing would be nice have cleared up a bit. The other “unanswered” questions fom the movies didn’t take away from it, but I think they will be explained in the future. IM3 was a great standalone movi and story withe the blanks to be filled in later. It would be very cool to see Extermis show up later in another story! It’s still “In Marvel we trust”!!

  14. To me the SHIELD absence was a minor thing. The complete change to the Extremis virus was what kind of ruined the movie to me. Well, it didn’t ruin it, but it was what made it not nearly as exciting. (And I’m easily amused.)

    Those who haven’t read the Extremis story don’t realize how completely it changed Tony. He was able to link into satellites and his strength was insane. He was basically a super-strong super-computer. I wish I hadn’t have known about it before seeing the movie. It may not have been so lame.

  15. So someone was saying Phil was kept alive with the Extremis?? I think Scarlet Witch brings him back. I hope. Nobody has told me whether or not that idea is stupid or not. So I guess it is.

  16. No offense Kofi, I understand in all things film you’re the man to trust but… stop bad mouthing a film just because you didn’t enjoy it.

    Your faults are as flawed as the film (slightly and easily explained).


    No shield – It was Terrorism, if Shield got involved with every piece terrorism that happened they’d never have time for anything else. The reason they didn’t involve themselves was because they never knew it was anything other than suicide bombing, which is what Killian wanted!

    Stark didn’t call it in – He’s impulsive and took it as a personal attack before he knew anything of what was actually happening. IF Loki had only attacked Stark then he would have never called in Shield either, it’s not in his personality.

    Extremis – It was MUCH more than glowing hands and firebreathing (which only 1 character did and it was a shock to others). It was about the next stage in superhuman syrum. It regenerated missing limbs! It removed crippling diseases, it regenerated even some of the more lethal attacks. There was multiple levels and facets to the power depending on how long and how deep the therapy had gone. For some it was just super strength, speed, healing and an increase in body heat. For some of the main ‘baddies’ it was possible for them to melt steel (glowing hands). For others regenerate faster and more consistantly than other superheroes like for instance Wolverine. It was impressive.

    In my eyes the ‘Glaring Mistep’ was not dumbing it down enough for some viewers and not having a scene with Ms Hill of Shield saying to Fury “This Mandarin guy is getting worse.” and him replying “That’s a domestic US situation, not our department. If they start using spaceships or breathing fire then we’ll get involved” – Cut to Firebreathing scene.

    In my eyes the main flaw of the film was lack of Iron Man suit usage. It was a good fun film but I missed the suit.

    For any nay sayers of the film I suggest you look at the film with an unhindered sight and really try to actually see the content on film.

    • Don’t start that dumbing down b.s, It isn’t a sign of wanting something dunes down when one wants an explanation from Marvel, not speculation from fan boys, about what Shield was up to.

      As for the suit, that is a much bigger gripe from me too.

      • If you really need to be spoonfed an explanation to something that doesn’t even need one, then yes, it is dumbing it down.

        • Are you just combing through the thread for my posts and responding to most of them? Jeez.

          I don’t need an explanation. I want an explanation. Words matter. Once again, get over yourself.

          • Funny, that’s what I thought you were doing with my posts… I just checked the followup comments notification checkbox.

            So, you don’t NEED but still WANT an explanation? Sure, and I want a faster-than-light spaceship to travel the universe. You’re an intelligent man, you don’t have to be so whimsical like a baby. Oh, and I don’t need to get over myself, I’m not the one with the inflated ego here.

  17. I think another one of the biggest issues with IM3 was there was no mention or hints to any new characters or heroes for the Phase 2 films needed to deal with Thanos.

    Why not mention Hank Pym or wasp, Ms Marvel, Dr Strange or anyone else needed for this film. This film was more like the end of Iron Man as we know him. It brought closure to who he is as the Man in the Iron suit and left us with just the man. And after all of that, still no shield presence or cameos. This film was a fail as the first film of the phase 2 franchise

    • Exactly. Feige specifically said that IM III would be the first movie in Phase II. Yet, as Kofi pointed out in the podcast, it seemed more like an epilogue to Phase I. I was disappointed that none if the characters you listed were mentioned.

      • We don’t even know yet for certain what Phase 2 will be about, or who will be in the team for Avengers 2, so it might just be a little early to feel disappointed on this matter, don’t you think?

        • Well, we do know what movies are going to comprise Phase II. Obviously, we don’t know for certain the nitty gritty about the movies. I still would have preferred a different scene.

          • IM3 might be the first in Phase II, but it was also announced as a stand-alone movie. In this regard, you shouldn’t have expected any mention of new characters. I reckon a little cameo would’ve been nice, but it didn’t happen and I don’t hold it against them. Get over it, we’ll know more soon anyway.

  18. I have no problem with S.H.I.E.L.D not being present, but as people have pointed out, there should have been an explanation as to why within the movie, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about this HUGE plot hole. Of course ALL movies have stuff that can be dissected but this now creates more unnecessary work for Marvel to do that could have been avoided, and it makes it look like someone did a bad job filling in the gaps and AS THOUGH THEY DIDN’T THOROUGHLY REVIEW THE PREVIOUS IRON MAN MOVIES FOR CONTINUITY’S SAKE.

    The problem I DO have is with the Mandarin twist, if it’s a DOUBLE TWIST, it would make for a BETTER story and all worth it, otherwise if not, it horribly taints Iron Man’s LONG AWAITED arch-nemesis and even destroys Sir Ben Kingsley’s great performance. I’m looking forward to the Mandarin’s return in his true form. Marvel make it happen, and please, no more irrelevant post credit scenes. That was a waste of time and film that could have been used for A.N.T-Man or another up and coming Marvel character, story arch or movie. I love Marvel but let’s not start getting sloppy and taking things for granted because of the Avengers’s success.

  19. Bring the REAL Mandarin back, and soon, that’s all I ask….that’s all I ask.

  20. If you guys remember the end of the avengers, Fury said he was no longer tracking the where a bouts of the avengers. He said they deserved a break. Now we don’t know how long Iron man 3 takes place after the avengers so its possible shield were still not tracking the avengers. Hence why they were not involved and as mentioned above numerous times fury could of thought that stark would deal with it anyway.

    • Thank you. I had forgotten about this statement by Fury. It strengthens my point of view. Justin and the other antis, any counter-argument?

  21. Did anyone ever think they were gonna explain the SHIELD absence in Cap 2? Instead all you guys do is complain how it was explained now. Well maybe they don’t want to tell you NOW? Hmm ever think of that? They’re making Cap 2 right now. How much you want to bet it’s already being explained in that movie, and they’re gonna do it justice, but you have to wait for this movie to figure it out?

    Iron Man 3 was supposed to be his adventure. Not SHIELD’s. I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation that didn’t have to be in IM3 to be explained well in Cap2. So untwist your panties and just understand you’ll have to wait.

    Feign isn’t doing any damage control. The SHIELD explanation has already been planned to be explained in Cap2 but you all wanted the explanation now, or IM3 automatically falls apart, which simply isn’t true.

    Why can’t most of you figure out that the whole POINT is that Cap2 is going to explain it? It doesn’t HAVE to be explained NOW in IM3 because it WILL be explained well in Cap2 and they already planned it that way?

  22. Personally, I don’t really care whether or not Shield was involved. I just went along for the ride. I think some movies are meant to be seen that way. I could pick it apart and point out all the flaws but frankly, that’s a waste of time and it’s just not who I am. Iron Man 3 was a fun movie. The extremis soldiers were intimidating. It was cool to see Rhodey come into his own. Killian was finally a villain who could challenge Tony. Jarvis had a lot more character to him in this one. Trevor Slattery was a great character and I know people are going to argue with me about that and probably insult me but I don’t really care. ENJOY THE MOVIE FOR WHAT IT IS!

    • Aaaand one round of applause for Jack here! That’s the spirit. ‘Nuff said.

  23. When the president got kidnapped not only i wondered where Sheild was but also where was Steve Rogers at.Lets be real i`d think Cap would sit back and allow the leader of the freeworld go missing and didn`t try to help. Thats not Cap`s style or Fury`s either.

    • I’m sure you’re aware by now that we’ll know about that when The Winter Soldier comes out.

  24. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but SHIELD was mentioned, by JARVIS. ‘Extracts from CIA, FBI, and SHIELD databases’

  25. Hmmmmmm. There were bombings left and right. The mandarin is calling out america and shooting people. And the freeing president was kidnapped. How the hell are they busy? And how are you gonna explain this?

  26. Fury could care less about the president. In the comics he’s turned his back to him multiple times. He doesn’t care. He worries about global issues not America issues.

  27. their absence will be explained in Captain America 2. everything will make sense after watching it. believe me.

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