‘Runaways’ Scriber To Pen ‘Iron Man 3′

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When Shane Black officially signed up to helm Iron Man 3, it was generally assumed he would be scripting Tony Stark’s third cinematic venture as well. The Lethal Weapon franchise scriber confirmed as much just over three weeks ago, revealing his plans to structure the threequel more along the lines of a Tom Clancy thriller.

Now there’s word that Black will be very much involved in the development of the Iron Man 3 screenplay, but Drew Pearce – who penned the current draft of the script for Marvel’s Runaways movie – will be the fellow who actually writes it.

Deadline confirmed the news about Pearce, who fittingly has a background in writing about superheroes prone to drinking problems, being the creator of the UK comedy series No Heroics. While Marvel put the Runaways adaptation on indefinite hold last fall, it seems the comic book studio was impressed enough with Pearce’s efforts on the super-powered adolescent project to give him additional work. So that bodes well for both Runaways and the third Iron Man flick.

This move on Marvel’s part may come as a bit of a disappointment for fans who are familiar with Black’s approach to screenwriting and were excited to see the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang helmer give his own unique spin on the Iron Man character. Iron Man 3 presumably still aims to have an overall different and more grounded feel than director Jon Favreau’s first two entries in the franchise.

iron man 3 Runaways Scriber To Pen Iron Man 3

Recent reports pegged Marvel as beingĀ “not happy with the direction ‘Iron Man 2′ took,” and there have long been rumors aboutĀ behind the scenes drama between Favreau and studio heads on the second Iron Man pic. Many of the thematic issues that plagued Iron Man 2 are believed to have been (ironically enough) the result of studio interference, so the recruitment of Pearce – a screenwriter who’s already proven himself in Marvel’s eye – to pen Iron Man 3 instead of Black looks less appealing in that light.

Black’s sole previous directorial effort was Kiss Kiss with (appropriately) Robert Downey Jr. – and although that was an overall entertaining and darkly witty flick, it was by no stretch of the imagination a big-budget undertaking. So the decision to hire Black solely as director and not as a screenwriter for Iron Man 3 becomes all the more curious from that perspective as well.

There’s a simple explanation for all that, though: Marvel wants a filmmaker to inject their own creative flavor into Iron Man 3, but not so much that it ends up lacking the mainstream appeal that the studio is hoping for. So a compromise that sees Pearce write the movie, with Black heavily influencing the design of the project, will hopefully satisfy both those desires.

iron man reviews1 Runaways Scriber To Pen Iron Man 3

All post-Avengers releases – Iron Man 3 included – are being developed as “self-contained, single-character stories” and Tony Stark will purportedly be battling “real world villains” in his next film as well. With that in mind, what are you expecting/hoping to see go down in the threequel?


Iron Man 3 is scheduled for theatrical release on May 3rd, 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. What kind of real-world villains? What i mean is, how would pull off a villain like The Mandarin?

  2. I don’t like this “self contained” nonsense. You can’t introduce The Avengers and plan sequels to the ensemble movie, but then expect fans to believe that if Iron Man was struggling he couldn’t call upon say Hawkeye to help him out of a jam.

    It is totally unrealistic. We have crossover all the time on the page, so why not on the silver screen too? There must be room for the odd cameo from time to time.

    What do you think?

    • Of course Iron Man can have a sequel after the Avengers. Remember, in the real world some fights are meant to be fought alone. When a 21 year old gets beat up in a bar… does he call his mom for backup? OF COURSE NOT.

      Besides, that’s what writers are for. To work around these obstacles.

  3. @ MK

    I don’t see how they plan to make villains like Mandarin, Gray Gargoyle or Blizzard etc as “real world villains”.

  4. i think there will be cameos in these movies, despite them being self contained movies. I think they mean self contained in the sense that it will be movies that will stand with the main characters and not share the spotlight with other super heroes.

    The Mandarian needs to be the villain in part three.. come on.. every Ironman fan sees the inclusion of Mandarian refferences in the first two.. its like a serious tease. Mandarian is the joker to iron man, the green goblin to tony stark.. Dont screw us Marvel. He needs to be there.

    You introduced Thor, you have Hulk, you have Skrulls possibly. you have the destroyer, going to tell me with a straight face that a man that utilizes an ancient magic is too much to deal with? Going to tell me Mandarian is not realistic enough?? KIdding me?? this is a COMIC BOOK movie. everyone knows this is fake.. You just gotta make it cool thats all.

    • Right on man, right on!


    • I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  5. I have the solution to this problem, Just make Iron Man 3′s story a prequel to the avengers….and in the Avengers Tony mentions what he did in his third movie.

    • No, just… no.

      What you say makes no sense man!

      Iron Man 3 should and will play after the Avengers. Iron Man 2 already ended with the Avengers on the role. Trying to squeeze another movie between that small gap will ruin it.

      Iron Man 3 SHOULD AND MUST have the Mandarin in the movie. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

      • I 100% agree with you man… Who better villian for iron man AND warmachine? crimson dynamo would be cool, but mandarin? no one would be better then that… they already had the terrorists called the 10 rings, marvel… dont dissapoint again…

        • The mandarin seriously, everyone will be upset if the magical asian sterotype is not jammed into a series thats only connection to magic so far was the introduction of thor’s fallen hammer. I love the Iron Man comics and I don’t even like seeing him included in those even if they have updated him from something you would have seen on propaganda posters during world war II. They should use ezekial Stane his bastardized use of stark technology to create human bombs would fit perfectly with the first two films and with our current culture.

          • THAT is a GREAT idea

          • Huh?

          • Is everyone basing their knowledge of the Mandarin off the cartoon from a couple years ago? His 10 rings are pieces of alien tech he found on a crashed ship.
            If we have Skrulls in Avengers, there could be lots of crashed ships.
            When the 10 rings were introduced in the 1st IM, it looked like Mandarin would be set up as some kind of international terrorist/arms dealer. That’s how I go. He is a guy that has influence around the globe and gets his hands on lots of cutting edge tech that Tony has to track down and stop. More of a Bond villain sort of thing.

            • I agree, that is an awesome plot.

              MARVEL TAKE NOTE!

          • That storyline was awesome and would work well.

  6. i have a question about the runaways. why is it on hold? and what are they going to do about the character molly. whos a mutant…

    • Marvel wants to concentrate on their bigger projects such as IM3 and The Avengers.

  7. Mandarin’s rings can be uber-technology, and he could have a gigantic automated body-armor-style robot called fin fang foom! A whole rise of china as a world power angle should work well.

    • People would be enraged if fin fang foom was turned into robotic armor. Don’t try to update him just leave him out. But if you really feel the need to jam him in there just make him a behind the scenes string pulling, check writing kind of villain.

    • No, no, no! Have you no brain! That would never work!

  8. Here we go again. Once again Marvel is placing one of it’s iconic franchises in the hands of writers and directors who are oblivious to the genre. Shane Black has directed ONE freaking movie, Drew Pearce has written little to nothing. Might as well toss these Marvel films to the Twilight people. Pathetic.
    -On the bright side, IM3 can’t be any worst than IM2.

    • Don’t be so negative man.
      I have hopes for Iron Man 3… sigh… just really hope they can do the mandarin (even if it is only a cameo or like browndog101 said: make him pull the strings and be the beneficiary)

  9. Welcome to Hollywood.

    • =0

  10. The villain absolutely has to be the Mandarin. But having said that, I could see an Iron Man 4 and 5 where he fights villains like The Grey Gargoyle, Blizzard, Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man…there is alot of material out there and villains who need a good thumping, so let’s keep this franchise going a long time!

    • I don’t think there will be that many Iron Man movies. (Though, I would love it.)
      I can only see Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man – no one can do a better job than him as Tony Stark.
      So if there is avengers, iron man 3, avengers 2… he isn’t getting any younger… and making one movie takes about half a year to shoot. So there will come a point where he won’t be able to do such physical stuff.

      But still, if there are many more Iron Man films they have to include Robert.

      With the reboot of Spider Man… they got a new actor (and that’s fine – I never liked the other one – he was too depressing.) but if they decide to reboot Iron Man… I don’t know if they will be able to get a guy who can fill Robert’s shoes…

  11. I got REALLY nervous when I read the title of this article because I thought it meant the writer of that AWFUL, HORRIFIC piece of garbage film “THE Runaways” was writing IM3! The Runaways was one of the worst pieces of trash ever to be released. Couldn’t even finish the piece of garbage.

  12. Who ever the villain is just it be better than Whiplash, I was hoping a lot with Mickey Rourke in the part. All we got was ” my bird, I want my bird”.

    • Rourke wasnt the problem with Whiplash. his problem was he was only in 2 fights, and the rest of the time he was just sitting around. They couldve done so much with whiplash. I mean, they had an excuse to under use Iron Monger, but Whipelash really needed twice the screen time

      • I agree, that’s what I’m talking about.

  13. dont Mandarins rings come from a crashed alien ship? sp if IM3 happens after the Avengers, provided that the Avengers does follow the Kree Skrull war, that would probably be where the Mandarin gets his rings.

    as for Fin Fang Foom, the only way I see him happening is if he’s an alien, a mech suit for the Mandarin, or some kind of Dragon from Thors realm.

  14. Can’t be as lame as IM2.




  16. I have a great idea! Make IM3 about a guy who steals TS tech and makes a killer robot (or better yet a bunch of them!) to pit against Iron Man….oh wait…..why does that sound so familiar????

    Seriously though, unless IM’s next villain starts with a “The” and ends with a “Mandarin”, I’m not interested. First time was forgivable because the story worked. Second time you are thinking, wtf? So not using his greatest foe in the 3rd installment would be a travesty bordering on stupidity.

    It would be like Superman without and Batman without the Joker. DC managed to use Supes and Bats nemesis in each reboot so why is this so damn difficult?

    The Mandarin or bust baby!

    • Superman without Lex :D

  17. If they were to have Fin Fang Foom in IM3,think they’d make him look somthin like the dragons looked like in Reign Of Fire?

  18. With the inclusion of Thor the Space Alien God i feel this gives marvel a little more room to move. Personally I would have Fin Fang Foom a dragon esque alien that crash landed on earth years ago influencing the chinese fascination with the Dragon. The mandarin wld have been trained from birth as too bring about the resurection of some age old dynasty that worshiped Fin fAng Foom. I think the magical aspect of the ten rings wld fit perfect if played correctly. You have to make the idea of magic just as ludacris to the user as it is to tony stark. tony scientific and logical mind would be his biggest hill in defeating the Mandarin as he keeps trying to reason that it is only high tech (which cld be the truth in the end). this wld also be an awesome time for a small dr strang cameo.

  19. dun dun dunn

    • what is webbie ?

  20. what is webbie?