New ‘Iron Man 3′ Rumors Point at Mandarin Villain & Other Plot Details

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iron man 3 New Iron Man 3 Rumors Point at Mandarin Villain & Other Plot Details

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 is the first entry in phase 2 of The Avengers movie universe, and after the success of The Avengers, it’s safe to say that Marvel movie mania is at an all-time high. Iron Man 3 casting announcements and plot rumors have been circulating like wildfire on the Blackwater, but as production on the film kicks off in Wilmington, North Carolina, details from the set are being leaked to the Internet.

Read on for some unconfirmed rumors from various “sources” who claim to have knowledge of the Iron Man 3 storyline.

Latino Review is dropping a big exclusive, in which they claim to have some better sources than the “crew members on the set” that other sites are sourcing. Here’s the deal with the Iron Man 3 villain situation, according to LR:

  • Ben Kingsley IS playing The Mandarin. However, Kingsley’s Mandarin is a background mastermind, while Guy Pearce’s scientist character, Aldrich Killian, is the more direct threat.
  • Pearce’s character will invent the Extremis nanotechnology, and use it to transform multiple people into (literal) killing machines.
  • Minor villains Firepower (played by Ashley Hamilton) and Coldblood-7 (played by James Badge Dale) will not be the same as their obscure comic book counterparts, but will rather be generic cyborg types created by Killian’s Extremis technology.
  • Actor William Sadler (Die Hard 2) is in the cast of Iron Man 3 for some yet-to-be-revealed role.
Iron Man 3 Ben Kingsley New Iron Man 3 Rumors Point at Mandarin Villain & Other Plot Details

Do you believe Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin?

Meanwhile, reports from the actual set conflict with some of LR‘s assessments. As reported by and CBM:

The film’s security had things pretty well barricaded up so it was impossible to get any photos of the filming inside. Those that did get a glimpse inside reported seeing extras dressed in military uniforms and suits. The extras in suits were described as looking like Secret Service men.

While talking to some Wilmington locals, we had one source involved with the production tell us that Mandarin was definitely the villain. He said Mandarin had a set of twins that did most of his dirty work for him. Another source who had visited EUE/Screen Gems Studios told us that the sets they were building included Chinese storefronts.

Probably, the biggest piece of information we learned, which we reported earlier is that part of the story for Iron Man 3 will be set in Miami, Florida. A source close to the production revealed that he had seen vehicles emblazoned with logos for the city of Miami and Miami Police Department being unloaded on one of the sets.

Specifically, it’s the part about the Mandarin’s “evil twin” henchmen that Latino Review is refuting; they figure somebody unfamiliar with the production is confusing some of the details. We’ll see how it shakes out, and who is correct, soon enough.

Iron Man Extremis Suit New Iron Man 3 Rumors Point at Mandarin Villain & Other Plot Details

All in all, most of the information provided fits in accordance with our assessment that Iron Man 3 will borrow elements the “Extremis” storyline(s). For those unfamiliar: basically, rogue scientists (later backed by the Mandarin) create and unleash a nanotechnological virus that transforms people into organic cyborgs (or something like that). These opponents are faster and stronger than Tony Stark’s Iron Man tech, forcing Tony himself to become a cyborg-type person (even more so than he arguably is) in order to save the day.

In larger scope, the technological arms race kicked off by Extremis, and Tony’s life-altering decisions to use it, had far-reaching effects on the Marvel universe, both terrestrially and cosmically (see: Secret Invasion). It also transformed Iron Man into something more than a guy in a suit of armor (as Captain America famously stated in The Avengers). If Marvel is taking their movie universe down a similar path (as has been speculated), this would be a logical starting point.

We’ll find out more, we’re sure, as Iron Man 3 continues production to make it’s May 3, 2013 release date.

Sources: CBM, CB, LR

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  1. All those great Chinese actors out there and they get Kingsley to play the Mandarin? That’s stupid.

    • You think that’s stupid, what about an Australian playing an Asgardian Thunder God Alien!!!

      Damn you Hollywood…

      • hemsworth was the perfect choice for Thor. He is the god of thunder!

        • Agreed.
          It just goes to show, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. We should wait to see the actor’s performance before we start to judge him.

        • Actually, Alexander Skarsgård would’ve been the perfect choice as Thor, but that’s spilt milk. I thought Hemsworth was a little campy in Thor, for my taste, but I hope I’m proved wrong in Avengers.

          • You haven’t seen The Avengers yet?! :o

          • Granted he has the Norse background, and practice playing an immortal coking type guy, but he is WAY too skinny.

            • Stupid auto correct. * VIKING

      • @Manowar
        I’m guessing you’re being sarcastic but what’s wrong with an Austrailian playing Thor?
        It’s a character from a fictional world. So they can’t cast someone actually from Asgard…

        • Wasn’t Hannibal Lecter from Lithuania? But was played from a guy that was born and raised in Wales?

          I had no problem with Chris playing a FICTIONAL character.

          If you are mad about that, thats kinda like being mad because the guy playing Superman isn’t from another planet.

          • Sorry, that comment was for manowar.

            • you all should be thinking of iron man 3 it is the best eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

          • Yes, but the name of the character is “Mandarin.”

      • i’m sorry but Hemspworth was a good Thor, he was an even better one in the Avengers. He earned his title as Thor…

      • I got to say this is an absurd comment, so you mean to tell me Hugh Jackman wasn’t the right choice for (Wolverine)? …how about Heath Ledger as (Joker)? there both Australians. I can go on and on

        • How about the guy they chose to play Heimdall? he was not a bad actor, but Heimdall was not originally black (nor was anyone else in Asgard, the myth or the comic). And Nick Fury was not black, originally, either. So should we have a white guy play Luke cCage or Black Panther?
          Just sayin’….!

          • Luke Cage maybe, white people can be from the ghetto, but Black Panther is an African prince. That kinda locks him into his race.

          • nick fury’s black AND modeled after samuel l jackson in the ultimate comics.

      • What? You were expecting it to be played by a real Asgardian Thunder God?

    • Haven’t you learned by now, after time and time again. When it’s something that is deemed extremely bankable for Hollywood; studios always going w/ the white wash….

      • ben kingsley is half asian. in fact ben kingsley isn’t even his real name.

        • Ben Kingsley is half Indian, not Asiatic. The Mandarin on the other hand is a Mandarin claiming Mongolian decent. There’s a clear ethnic and anthropological difference here.

          • Joshua,

            Asian does not mean Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese…
            That continent is called Asia which includes India, China, Georgia, Jordan and Afganistan. In total 48 countries.

            • Marc,

              I was pretty exact in my meaning when using the anthropological term “Asiatic” to describe the particular ethnic and racial subgroups that pertain to eastern Asia. Someone of Chinese and Mongolian decent is not interchangeable with a person of Indian heritage. They don’t look the same, nor share a great deal of cultural similarities. Kinglsey playing the Mandarin akin to casting Antonio Banderas as Captain America.

              • so true. we have so very few asian characters (heroes, villains, movie/tv roles) and when we get a chance to shine america white washes them. the whole thing about the character of mandarin (if anyone would do their research hollywood) is his chinese heritage. he is a very proud chinese man, his culture is very much a part of his motivations. he wants to rule asia and from there the world and have everyone adopt the values and beliefs of china. ben kingsley maybe half asian but he is half indian not chinese and the mandarin is FULL chinese. ben is a great actor but he cant pass as chinese. to have a white man running around calling himsself mandarin is like having a black man running around calling himself saxon. its ridiculous and racist. first the last airbender then dragon ball. wake up hollywood. asian actors for asian characters, not a hard casting choice.

    • I agree

    • Kingsley is an incredibly talented ACADEMY AWARD WINNIG actor.

    • Seriously, i hope youre kidding. Ben Kingsley is an amazing actor. Youre gonna get a good show. I promise you that!

  2. Hmmm, interesting.

  3. ooh I really hope they’re not using Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. I can tell already they’re going to twist the origin, backstory and look of the Mandarin which is not good! … and if they do make Kingsley somewhat look like the Mandarin can you imagine Kingsley with long black hair…

    • Too late he`s cast as Mandarin but I careless about the looks, performance is what I want and that’s what Sir Ben Kingsley is well known for

  4. i agree TheMan about them having to change the origin story if they go with kingsley, plus i think kingsley is to old/small to play mandarin

  5. God damnit, i wish i could just jump in a time machine and watch the films. i hate waiting.

    • Dude – that’s exactly what I was thinking!!!

  6. Glad the author mentions that the information contained herein is just “unconfirmed rumors”. I am pretty sure I remember reading an article or two here, or perhaps elsewhere, that purported, with certainty, that Khan was going to be the villain in the Star Trek reboot sequel, and we now know that to be untrue…

  7. The reason they are going with Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin plays more with the sterotype Chinese old man from the comics that while fine in the old days is quite offensive to contemporary society…
    Also, if it is tied into the Middle Eastern origin of Tony Stark and the Five Rings from Iron Man, then Kingsley is perfect to continue this storyline…
    Plus, watch him in House of Sand and Fog to see how deep a villain he can be.

    • “Also, if it is tied into the Middle Eastern origin of Tony Stark and the Five Rings from Iron Man, then Kingsley is perfect to continue this storyline…
      Plus, watch him in House of Sand and Fog to see how deep a villain he can be.”

      ^ This.

    • It’s the Ten Rings, not Five… but I agree, Kinsley is the perfect choice if they’re planning on going the route I think they’re going (tying everything back to the Ten Rings and IM1)

    • It is the 10 rings meaning the 10 rings that belong to Mandarin! One for each finger..

  8. Im just glad this thing is finally getting rolling. Im going to lay off my usual rant about the Extremis storyline. I want to see where Shane Black and co take this storyline when it comes to Tony.

  9. Excuse my obnoxiousness ;) but OBVIOUSLY Kinsley is playing The Mandarin! It’s been confirmed that he’s playing a villain (the mastermind pulling the strings) and it’s been confirmed that China will play a major part in the movie.
    Sure, Kinsley doesn’t look Chinese, but he does look Asian (middle eastern) and who’s to say the movie-verse’s Mandarin is a born Chinese citizen? Maybe his parents are middle eastern and they moved to China when he was a baby – he grew up in a wealth environment becoming a successful businessman. In his quest for more power he created/financed the group called the Ten Rings, along the way Tony Stark starts to get in his way and Mandarin decides enough is enough (a fair response if you continuously have Tony Stark messing with your groove ;)).

    At this point, Kingsley playing The Mandarin is one of the few things that I’m actually looking forward to in IM3.

    • @TheAvenger
      I have to say quite often I’m impressed with your knowledge of Marvels world and usually after I read a article here I scroll down to look for your comments.
      You know your stuff and base your comments accordingly. That’s often rare on the Internet.
      A tip of the cap to you sir…

      • And a tip of the cap to you for acknowledging my brilliance! ;)
        But in all seriousness, thanks mate.

        • @The Avenger
          You have such knowledge concerning the CBM Universe that I always scroll down to your comment as well. Keep It up my Screenrant Brother!!! :)

    • I think Kingsley is a good choice as well, he is, afterall, half Caucasian and half Indian. As far as many half Caucasian, half Chinese males go, a good percentage of them don’t necessarily look very traditional Chinese. The original Mandarin didn’t have long hair drawn as the more contemporary depictions, as well.

      Personally, I believe the change in his character was due to artists attempting to draw him away from the old-school Fu Manchu design and make him more unique. Portraying his race as something “just as realistic” with a mixed heritage actor as Kingsley, but in a form more like the original Mandarin, might just be another way of doing what comic artists tried to do.

  10. Sounds intriguing.

  11. We OBVIOUSLY have some non-comic readers commenting! The real Mandarin and his orgin story in the Comics (i.e. “COMICS” which is what all these movies are based on) is way more interesting than what you just put forth and way more interesting than some half sewn together half middle eastern guy story line with SIR BEN KINGSLEY which come on is a joke he’s almost the same guy in every role and walks around like a robot. Someone should start a movement for “NO TO BEN KINGSLEY as the Mandarin!”

    • House Of Sand and Fog…base his character off this kind of role and you got a great Mandarin..

      • Umm did he have long black hair 10 super power rings and an awesome fo man chu in that ridiculus movie? Yah I didn’t think so! No Kingsley Mandarin fa you!!

        • (voice of Javier Bardem) “You don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?”

  12. I don’t see what’s wrong with Kingsley as Mandarin. Hasn’t he played Chinese, Jewish, Indian (he was Ghandi ferchrissakes!) and Middle Eastern in movies for decades?

    Besides, I still feel that he’s playing Mandarin but the real Mandarin will be hidden away with Ben as a false version (think the real Mandarin acting as Kingsley’s “right hand man” until he’s revealed) or that Kingsley’s Mandarin will undergo some kind of change to “become” another actor as far aslooks.

    Anything’s possible, right?

    I mean, come on, Sir Sean Connery has played Russians and Spaniards in his career, all while still using his Scottish accent and not looking Russian or Spanish so at least Kingsley can pass off as a Chinese guy for a lot of people a la Ming the Merciless.

  13. Wait if it takes place in Miami, does that mean he has to fight face-eating, naked, zombie, drug addicts? (Too soon?)

    • LOL!

    • Comment of the day! Lol

  14. I think the Mandarin is more of an exact character more so than Sean Connery playing a Russian were all the Russians spoke english so they didn’t have to subtitle the whole movie in Hunt for Red October, besides that role came from a book with nor picture of the character.

    The Mandarin is a main Marvel Character and the main Adversary to Iron Man. He’s pretty important in the Iron Man universe and so is his look and origin story.

    Kingsley doesn’t look anything like the Mandarin and for me doesn’t encapsulate the character at all, it might be funny to see Ben Kingsly in a long hair wig but thats about it.

    I think the movies makers on Iron Man 3 are going for Prince of Persia good when they should be going for Iron Man 1 or Avengers good as far as quality and movie goodness mmmmm!!!!

  15. sweet great news

  16. Kingsley could easily pull off the Mandarin. He already has some aisiatic features that could be enhanced with make-up. Besides the Mandarin is only half Chinese so he doesn’t have to look overtly Chinese. Look at the late great Brandon Lee, he was half Chinese and hardly looked Asian at all.

    • Agreed. With a litle prosthetics Kingley could BE The Mandarin. He is a tremendous character actor, one of the best ever. He himself is half Indian although you probably wouldn’t guess it.

    • The Mandarin is Half Chinese / Half White his look is pretty recognizable he’s not middle eastern or indian or mexican or east indian with his eyes taped closed and if you read the comics and get a sense of who the Mandarin is he is not at all like Sir Ben Kingsley.

      Ben Kingsley would be better served to be a #2 or like a head of a company with the Mandarin in the background pulling the strings not the Mandarin himself.

      Plus Ben Kingsley is 68 years old the Mandarin in the Comics is around the same age as Tony Stark and more youthful able to fight vigorously with Iron Man. I don’t see Sir Ben doing raw energetic action scenes like Robert Downey Jr etc.

      Ben Kingsley is and will be a let down to all comic book and comic movie fans if he is the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, a slow old weird looking non-mandarin not up to par with the Mandarin in the comics.

  17. I watched the The Avengers and it was FREAKING AWESOME! I like them all but the Hulk/Bruce Banner STANDOUT among the rest. Mark Ruffalo did an AMAZING job and he gave JUSTICE to Hulk/Bruce Banner compared to the other 2 Hulk movies. Marvel and Disney made an EXCELLENT decision for giving the role to Mark Ruffalo. We NEED a new Hulk movie of Mark Ruffalo! WE NEED MORE!

  18. To TheAvenger: One Marvel fan to the next, I appreciate your handling of Kingsley as the Mandarin. Also, the way you describe the reworking of the character himself is interesting and quite logical. But also as a Ben Kingsley fan, I would have wanted him for the role anyways. He is an amazing actor, who can play great villain characters. Truly, the role of the Mandarin is one that is suited for him.

  19. I think Jet LI would be better as the Mandarin in today’s action packed movies. However, Kingsley is probably closer in “character to the old Tales of Suspense Mandarin.

  20. I wonder if they’ll tape his eyes to make him look the part. Like how they did it in the old days, wouldn’t that be sweet?

    • No.

  21. Most people won’t mind a race switch if the chosen actor plays the part well enough (like Heimdall in the Thor movie). However there are still a few that will never be pleased.

    • Heimdall is not a main character or one anyone really cares about and I like Idris Elba in that part but Heimdall is not the Mandarin or as important as the Mandarin is in the Iron Man story. It would be like making Red Skull mexican but he’s a good actor or Loki part chinese or hey lets make Dr Octopus in the next Spiderman a black guy how about Denzel Washington he’s a good actor so it’s all good. …and Yes I know Laurence Fishburne is going to be Perry White in Superman Man of Steel but that is again not a main character and not a superhero or villain or really someone anyone cares about.

      • Well I don’t mind the race switch in this case, LOL. As long as he plays the part well ;) I do understand your point though.

      • “It would be like making Red Skull mexican” No it’s not. It would be like having the Red Skull played by a Mexican actor. Kind of like the late great Ricardo Montalban, a Mexican actor, playing an Indian Khan. Or Yul Brynner, a Russian, playing a Siamese King, an American Cowboy or an Egyptian Pharaoh (among many others). Just because Kingsley does not necessarily fit into your ethnic stereotyping, doesn’t mean he won’t portray a great HALF Chinese comic book super-villain.

  22. I don’t gt all the secrecy anyway. Why not say who the villain is? It’s makes it more interesting to know and makes people wanna see the movie more.

  23. I’d rather see Crimson Dynamo as the villain in this flick than the boring Mandarin.

    • “boring Mandarin”?
      I think Iron Man fighting yet ANOTHER guy in a suit (for the third time FYI) would be a lot more boring than seeing something new for a change…
      The Mandarin is THE Iron Man villain. It’s his arch nemesis… not having him in (possibly) the last IM movie would just be wrong in my mind.

      • Hey, Avenger, I heard Kingsley was playing Spiderman (or Wolverine) in the movie!

  24. Im going to wilmington in late june, i really wanna get a pic of something anything while im there. anf no im not just going gor this, just a happy coincidence

  25. Sir Ben Kingsley can play anything he wants. He IS Sir Ben Kingsley!

    • Sir Ben Kinsley sucks!!! Some of his movies are ahh ok but do you really want Nizam from Prince of Persia as the Mandarin? Ben will ruin the Mandarin Part but I guess if you haven’t read the comics and don’t know who the Mandarin is or could be then you could be lazy and just accept him in that part but not this guy…

      • In YOUR opinion…

        • In alot of peoples opinion…

      • Good dont watch it then. Its just gonna succeed anyway.

  26. The great thing about actors is that they can play a variety of roles. They play different characters, with different names, looks, personalities, and even backgrounds. Someone who is American doesn’t have to play an American. Someone who is British doesn’t have to play a Brit. Just look at Hugh Laurie from House. He’s British, but nobody would have guessed it. Or does anyone hear Heath Ledger’s Australian accent in The Dark Knight?

    Ben Kingsley is an excellent actor of mixed heritage. The mixed heritage bit is actually a good thing, because he could pass as Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and Asian (meaning Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) IMO. It’s not only a person’s looks that defines how he is perceived regarding race, but also (and especially) his mannerisms. Now of course, this can only be true to an extent. You can’t have a white guy trying to pass as a black guy, no matter what his mannerisms are (insert Eminem joke here). But I believe that Kingsley can pass as a Chinese man, especially if you change his facial hair to a fu man chu (or whatever they’re called), and when you add a little prosthetics, movie magic, and his incredible acting, VOILA, you have a chinese man, AKA the Mandarin.

    What I’m trying to say here is that I believe Kingsley can pass here as Chinese, and any doubts will certainly be assuaged by his superb acting.

    This is all in my opinion. Feel free to attack me.

    • Ben Kingsley doesn’t look Chinese and a stylized goatee isn’t going to gloss over the fact that people who watch movies have eyes. Who ever he’s playing, it isn’t going to be the Mandarin.

      • I think theyre are more than enought Asian actors who can play the Mandarin and to use Kingsley is a slap in the face to everyone

        • I’m sure there are plenty, and I’m sure there are plenty Chinese/Asian actors that would do an excellent job. But I’m sure that Kingsley would be great, too. To call it a “slap in the face” seems a bit excessive.

          @Joshua: I respectfully disagree.

          • With what? There is no way in hell a film partially financed by the Peoples Republic of China will allow Ben Kingsley to play a role that is slated as one of their countrymen. I also seriously doubt they would allow a Chinese character to be the main villain (also explains the inclusion of the strange Iron Patriot interpretation in the film). Shane Black has also stated that he dislikes the character.

            • Exactly my point

              A film with Chinese backing and film location supportis not going to bite the hand that feeds it by then portraying the villain as being Chinese. A bit self-defeating.
              Also again, Shane Black feels the orgininal Mandarin has no place in the 21st century, seeing it as a racist caricature.
              So we will have a Mandarin of non-Mandarin origin, so to speak.
              Don’t be too precious about it all. Try and get past that and focus on the film.

              • Ben Kingsley will be a villain, but it wont be the Mandarin. Thats all I’m saying. These movies have thus far taken massive liberties with Iron Man’s rogues gallery – a practice that is still occurring in this movie, as the Iron Patriot is Norman Osbourne (aka Green Goblin of Spider-Man fame) in the source material. Definitely not the case here. Also in previous movies the Ten Rings of the Mandarin has been established as an organization, not a person or the literal weapons they are in the comics.

                There will be no character named the Mandarin in this movie.

                • If there is a Mandarin-style character, he won’t have special powers coming from 10 rings on his fingers, nor be a master martial artist like in the comics.

                  They will stray as far away from the origins as possible.

                  What nobody seems to be curious about is – as this will prob be the final RDJ movie, will Tony die/be seriously hurt?
                  There has to be a bane-type villain who pushes Tony to the brink.

                  • He’s got another Avengers movie under contract and Kevin Feige has already stated that the films will go the Bond route with the leads so they wont have to reboot all of the franchises every time an actor wants to piss their career away over an ego trip. Only thing that’s ever taken Tony Stark out of the game in the comics was a case of scotch.

                    • “Only thing that’s ever taken Tony Stark out of the game in the comics was a case of scotch.”


                      Tony Stark not even getting a near-death experience???

                      At least DC have some dramatic story endings with Superman’s death and Bane braking Batman’s back (dare I say, even Nuclear man gave Superman a run for his money), yet even against his greatest enemy, it seems after bit of wrestling around/fireball-shooting, Tony will fly off into the sunset without so much as a scratch!

            • Sorry if it wasn’t clear. I respectfully disagree with your statement that Ben Kingsley will not be the Mandarin. I believe he will be the Mandarin in some form. I believe he will either (a) be the classic Mandarin character with Chinese heritage, (b) be the Mandarin character with a different heritage, or (c) be a character similar to and in the “spirit” of the Mandarin but maybe not called The Mandarin and/or not from China

              • the spirit of the character is a Chinese mage bent on emulating Genghis Khan and global conquest. So a and b are probably out. I don’t really see how you can have a character called the Mandarin and not have Mandarin heritage.

                • I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

                • Shane Black might not even give Kingsley’s character the title of ‘The Mandarin’. Based on what I wrote previously about his dislike for the racial charactaterisation, Kingsley might head an organisation called Mandarin Global or have some past history with China (maybe raised there but of Middle Eastern heritage)

                  I remember the remake of the The Manchurian Candidate changed the story from being about the capture of an American platoon, later taken to Manchuria in Communist China (in the 1962 film) to being about the promotion of a Gulf War hero under the control of a corporation called ‘Manchurian Global’. Political Correctness? I don’t know, but who’s to say the same won’t be done for IM3?

                  • That I see as far more likely.

                  • Hmm. Very interesting. I could definitely see that happening.

  27. What ‘The Man’ and others are forgetting in their ranting is that director Shane Black called the Mandarin “A Racist Caricature” and intends to move away from the Fu Manchu-style supervillain depicted in the early comicbook editions.
    Also, the film is being co-financed and partially filmed in China. Therefore, no matter how much others hissy fit about Sir Ben, the fact is there will almost certainly NOT be a Mandarin character of Chinese/East Asian origin. That rules out Jet-Li or anyone like that.

    Like it or not, Sir Ben will be The Mandarin

  28. I think the part that says Mandarin has a “set of twins” may mean he has a set of twin children. Two sons, two daughters, or a son & daughter combo that carry out daddy’s bidding. Three Ben Kingsley’s running around would turn this into a comedy, which I’m sure is not the intent.

    “I’m the real Ben Kingsley!”
    “No, I am!”
    “Aren’t we playing the Mandarin?”
    “Oh, right… I’m the real Mandarin!”

    • Or Sir Ben could have 2 Chinese adopted twins in the form of ‘Odd Job’ from James Bond films who have to use their steel flying hats against Tony.

      Now that might be comedic

      • I am throwing money at my screen but that movie is not happening yet. What am I doing wrong?

  29. Chow-Yun-Fat, now that would have been perfect casting for Mandarin.

    • that is true. or andy lau. lets start a petition for chow yun fat as the mandarin!!