‘Iron Man 3′: Robert Downey Jr. Talks Tone and Villain; New Tony Stark Image

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Iron Man 3 Thor 2 Story Spoilers Iron Man 3: Robert Downey Jr. Talks Tone and Villain; New Tony Stark Image

Marvel overloaded the masses with marketing for The Avengers, but the reason that tactic paid off (beyond opening weekend) is because Joss Whedon’s superhero blockbuster possesses the zest and spirit of gusto comic book adventures. Now the ball’s in Shane Black’s court, as he must likewise disprove skepticism – from those who claim superhero titles are just hype and fan-pandering – with Iron Man 3.

Of course, that doesn’t mean no anticipation-building in the meantime. Star Robert Downey Jr. is doing his part to help, now that principal photography has wrapped on schedule (following a short period of shooting in China). The actor hit a handful of familiar talking points concerning the movie’s tone and villain, while addressing the conclusion of filming on the Iron Man threequel.

Downey spoke recently with the UK magazine Nuts (WARNING: NSFW Link!), where the actor talked about performing his own stunts whenever possible and how that contributed to his ankle injury temporarily halting production on Iron Man 3. That segued into a discussion of the project’s more extravagant set pieces and dangerous nature in general, as teased in the initial Iron Man 3 trailer.

To quote Downey:

“I think Shane’s gone for a dark feel in this movie. It’s a lot grittier and goes back to its comic-book roots. It’s shaped into a really special movie – and Shane [has] been instrument in that.”

The term “grittier” inevitably seems to circle the conversation back to “the Chris Nolan influence,” when it concerns superhero movies. However, as we saw with this past summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man, its meaning is flexible; after all, the existential dread of Nolan’s Dark Knight film trilogy is worlds apart from Marc Webb’s modern update of the Peter Parker mythos. Iron Man 3 is shaping up more serious relative to previous installments (ie. similar to its “Extremis” comic story influence), but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘a serious movie’ in a general meaning of the phrase.

Iron Man 3 Trailer Breakdown Analysis Iron Man 3: Robert Downey Jr. Talks Tone and Villain; New Tony Stark Image

Case in point: this image

Black’s film has the advantage of a personal revenge storyline, when it comes to delivering a more complicated and nuanced portrait of the Tony Stark character and his world. That goes double for bringing on definitive IM baddie Mandarin as the antagonist, with both Downey and Marvel head Kevin Feige showering praise on Ben Kingsley’s performance as the villain:

“I always think there’s something more terrifying about a villain who’s a genius, as opposed to just relying on strength or ability. We all know what a fantastic actor Ben Kingsley is, and he pulls off the evil genius with real terrifying results.”

Iron Man 2 antagonist Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) was likewise a genius, but he ended up spending a good chunk of the sequel as Justin Hammer’s (treacherous) lapdog; as opposed to, presenting a constant threat to Tony and the world, as Mandarin seemingly does in Black’s film. That aspect alone should be a refreshing spin on prior installments – which culminated with a battle between Stark and an armored opponent who presented a less-than-legitimate threat.

Lastly, to make this a full meal, Marvel has released a new Iron Man 3 image to tie into the Winter Holiday season:


iron man 3 holiday greetings 570x594 Iron Man 3: Robert Downey Jr. Talks Tone and Villain; New Tony Stark Image


Stark’s not exactly in a Winter Wonderland here, is he? Moving on…

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off a screenplay he co-wrote with Drew Pearce. It stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale, Wang Xueqi and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015.

Source: Nuts UK [via Comic Book Movie], Marvel

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  1. Sounds good to me. But I am rather tired of everything being compared to Nolan. Can it please stop? Yes, he has his own style and tone which is in all his film but Nolan simply copied what had been done before. So let’s step away from the “Nolan influence” stuff shall we?

    • Well if the studios quit using Nolan as a reference point then the conversation might stop.

      • yeah its just a reference point. Cuz the concept of a darker tone and filmaking style wasnt created by Mr. Nolan now was it? Im sure they reference him for a wider audience to understand what a “dark” film is. Not everybody that reads this interview stuff is a film geek, some wont know what “dark” is. So they say “its like nolan’s batmans” then everybody gets it.

        • I think the Nolan influence is more of taking a realistic approach to a character. The approach of what would this person do if they lived in our world?

          Plus I’m enjoying the push for less CGI. Build the set and then enhance it with CGI if needed. I feel Nolan has brought that element back to film making and the studios noticed it works better then having a guy swinging at nothing in a green screen studio.

          • Is Nolan’s batman the only realistic approach we’ve had to a superhero film? I seem to remember Bryan SInger’s X-Men 1 and 2 have a very realistic approach, same with Richard Donner’s Superman. Both of which weren’t reliant on CGI and built sets. I can’t agree that it was Nolan who brought this back, though I agree that he did make good use of it, just like others before him did.

            • Yeah the first two X-Men were great but nobody sites them as game changers. That is because they were kinda typical for that era of movies.

              • @Shiny

                “they were kinda typical for that era of movies.” What “era” are you referring to specifically? The 21st century which is when those movies came out just like every other one after it? I’m not defending the X-Men films because honestly I didn’t even enjoy any of them, but at least I’m willing to give credit where it is due. Bryan Singer already did with his mutants what Nolan accomplished with his version of the dark knight. The only reason why he doesn’t get credit for it is because his films were simply not as successful as Nolans’ trilogy was plane & simple.

                • I’ve always credited Singer’s Xmen films partially for the current popularity of super hero films. The original Xmen in 2000 was pretty ambitious, Spiderman in 2002 proved the genre was extremely lucrative, but the original Xmen proved that super hero movies could be dark and serious in the 21st century. I love Xmen and X2.

                  I prefer Nolans batmans if I had to choose between the two but as @Broadway says you gotta “give credit where its due” props to Singer for doing it first. Nolan just did it better so he gets the credit.

                  • @movieDude

                    Thank you M.D. for pointing that out. I really appreciate it when someone who is as level headed as you are can acknowledge “The Truth” about certain things without going off the deep end just to show some kind of shallow loyalty towards someone that means little or nothing in regards to your personal life. I hope more people like you understand & pass along what you & many others have been saying & trying to get across all this time.

              • Oh god, now it’s “that era”. Thanks for making a 90′s kid feel REALLY old when the early 2000′s are now getting called “that era”.

            • Robo-Cop beat everyone to ‘dark’ superhero over 2 decades ago – Long before The Dark Hype !

    • Amen To That But These Nolan nites Are Going To Blast Every Superhero Movies That Dosen’nt Follow The Nolan Formula

    • Nolan changed hollywod as you can see, in a good way. His films are all great and since “The Dark knight” everything has been compared to dark and gritty, that film is what truly put him on the spotlight.

      • His films are good, but not all great. I personally hated TDKR. It was Batman Begins repackaged. But Nolan didn’t change everything. There were Dark/Grittier films before him just like they are after him. I’m not saying he didn’t contribute to modern film making. What I am saying is just because the work ‘darker’ is used does not automatically mean ‘NOLAN.’ He does not need to be the absolute reference point, because he’s simply not. It’s gone completely overboard now in my opinion. Let a film be itself without comparing it. I mean was Toy Story 3 inspired by TDK because it had a ‘darker tone?’ I like Nolan and I like most of his films, but this referencing stuff needs to stop.

      • Nolan’s good but he’s certainly not the best. There are other guys out there who are just as(maybe even more)talented as he is. Two very special names comes to mind(Whedon & Snyder).

        • But Whedon hasn’t mastered cinematography and Snyder still has a lot to prove.

            • Your basing your Weldon comment on two movies? The Avengers and Serenity? The only reason we have so much to pick on with Nolan is because he has made 6 movies in the past 10 years. When Weldon is able to make 5 movies in a 10 year span and they are all exciting from beginning to end then we can have a reasonable debate or call one Weldon one of the best.

              As for Snyder. I’ve watched 300 and if I need to go bed I pop in Watchman. Great movies however they were not his original stories. Here’s a better question, have you seen Sucker Punch?

              • @Shiny

                Instead of asking me what I’ve seen why don’t you go over & read my response comments directed towards Rickster down below. That should sum up what my thoughts are based on all these director comparisons.

            • The Avengers was great. But I have to say it is the only thing of Whedon’s that I have liked.

              (I know the Whedon nites will tear me a new one for this, it’s ok, I’m married to one)

              I was very nervous and I have to say a little angry when announced that he would be directing The Avengers. At that point, I considered him a one trick pony in writing predictable one-liners. And Serenity is to this day the only movie I have fallen asleep in the theater watching. I have more confidence in him now.

              But to the point. Any and all directors have hits and misses. As far as CBMs, the style that should be use will always depend on the CB roots. I said a bit of this yesterday in OD, Nolans style was perfect for Batman and vise versa. Black could be put in the same category as Nolan but his talent for a little over the top action is very well suited for Iron Man.

              However no movie can ever please everyone. And no movie should ever try and be the same as another. I am as well getting tired of the Nolan comparison.

              Sorry to get a little long winded.

              • @Aaron

                What pray tell do you think is possibly a reason for you to be sorry about? You’re just speaking what you feel needs to be said which I also agree with by the way. My personal beef is that so many are holding ONE guy who did a great job(mostly but not completely anyway)on such a high pedestal as if he’s the only one who can & did deliver a great comic book series. I just feel that this shallow worshipping over one trilogy & its’ director needs to calm down if not stop altogether.

                • So true. But this is the beginning of an endless debate on the level of Star Wars vs Star Trek.

                  • @Aaron


                    Let the battle of the DIRECTORS(Nolan vs. everyone else) continue!!

                    • What about Nolan VS Speilburg? :p

                  • @Aaron

                    Funnily enough, there IS a star wars vs. star trek debate going on right now, on the JJ Abrams Star Wars article.

                    • Trek won…

                  • You didn’t just compare Star Trek to Star Wars did you?

                    Your blood shall pave the way to the future!!!

                    Oh drat! Who let Kahless out? :-D

        • Uh Whedon and Snyder over Nolan? Come on now… Avengers wasnt nearly as good as TDKR, and Snyder films are all bad- Sucker Punch, 300, Watchmen. So Man of Steel will be intresting, I dont like the director but I love the producer… hopefully Nolan contributes alot. We will see!

            • Your statement:

              “There are other guys out there who are just as(maybe even more)talented as he is. Two very special names comes to mind(Whedon & Snyder).”

              Your statement was not reduced down to comic book movies. But… Snyder has two, Weldon has one and Nolan has three. Of the three Nolan is the only one that has made a “successful” trilogy. When either Weldon or Snyder do the same I’ll be happy to spread the love. I’m also not saying they are not talented but when you rank the three Nolan would come out on top.

                • So it takes JOSS WHEDON (feel better) and Snyder combined to beat Nolan? Well that makes me feel better.

                  • @Shiny

                    No, I never said anything about “feeling better” so making that suggestion means nothing to me. However, I am pretty confident that Whedons’ trilogy(The Avengers) & Zacks’ trilogy(Man of Steel I hope, but I’m just guessing for now)will make the trilogy you hold so close & so dear to your heart look even more crappier than it already has.

                    • Whoops. I meant to say already is, my bad.

                    • While I do enjoy the TDK trilogy I can’t logically say who is better at this point. Ever heard of one hit wonders? Saying that the unmade movies of Whedon and Snyder are better is a fan boy talking.

                      And as I said before, I’ll be happy to spread the love to both of them when you can truly compare/review their work.

                    • @Shiny

                      Why yes I have heard of such a phrase being used for many specific reasons my whole life. However, using it in regards to putting a “label” on someone who clearly has years to go before he retires, or officially put his stamp on a legacy he might achieve down the road is pretty premature on your part. You have absolutely no clue whatsoever how Whedons’ & Snyders’ careers will end up so your “one hit wonder” question holds no merit & once again means nothing as far as I’m concerned.

                      When it comes to you “labeling” me as a “fanboy”. Again, your comment holds no merit simply because I don’t remember ever saying I HATE Nolan just because I LOVE the other guys. Which means you or no one else even knows where my loyalties lie if at all with anyone. I never implied it either for that matter.

                      As far as me “comparing/reviewing anyones’ work. Don’t worry about that. It will come soon enough. Especially after you realize everything I’ve said to you today is, was, & always will be true. So prepare to spread the love my friend……all of it.

                    • Broadway,

                      You have no clue how this will play out either. While I enjoy theory conversations I’m not one to assume.

                      But what I do know is that the Dark Knight was a better movie then the Avengers, Watchman or 300. So until somebody does better I won’t spread that love.

                    • For clarity;

                      I found the Avengers enjoyable, a great solid movie. IMO the made for TV format and the lack of a noticeable soundtrack was its weakness. Then when I purchased the movie, as I also purchase movies I enjoyed in the theater, I found it less and less entertaining. Still a great party movie.

                      The Dark Knight was an outstanding sequel. The Joker was epic and the supporting cast really came through. The action was over the top, they did blow up a parking garage. The story was long and I start to phase out towards the end but Gordon’s speech is very powerful. Also I still don’t know what happened to the Batman Begins Batman voice Bale had.

                      As for Watchman and 300, epic slo mo action, great overall action, visually stimulating. But only the end of Watchman is something Snyder changed from the novels. Plus the Watchman really puts me to sleep. And in 300 could he have given those poor guys more than leather tighty whities?

                      I will not speculate on the future work of these directors but for a fact I will be supporting them at least once in the movie theater.

                      However for the current work they have performed Nolan is better. Plus, he’s the only one so far to have created a solid trilogy and influenced other movie makers no matter how much people love/hate that.

                • Did you just apologize on the internet?! Are you trying to break it?!

                  • @Aaron

                    Apologize!? Who me? Neveeeeeer!!!

            • Hey! I liked sucker punch! It was all girl-power bad-ass-chickery stuff…so, no bad mouthing sucker punch or we would be coming after you with our flaxen locks and stylized pitch-forks!
              and Cheers.

              • Yeah. It got a sequel just like so many other films, because enough people(large or small)asked for it. Do you honestly think movie studios have money to waste on franchises they know aren’t successful. Obviously the first film was regardless of what you thought about it.

                • True enough, but using the fact a film is getting a sequel (or prequel) as a point to help your arguement means nothing. Transformers 2 got a sequel, and that was not a good film. There’s many bad films that get sequels (too many to list).

                    • But you’re trying to use to box-office revenue as means to “prove” a movie is good (here’s the quote from one of your comments above):

                      “Lastly, if 300 & Watchmen were so bad as you naively put it then answer this question for me if you will. Why were neither films huge flops(especially 300 which more than doubled their profit margin compared to how much they spent making the film), & why is that film getting a prequel(possibly sequel also)later down the road. As I said before films that are critically & commercially successful(which both of Snyders’ films were & obviously Whedons’ also)are never considered “BAD” movies despite your loyalty to whatever director you admire.”

                      Just b/c a movie makes bank at the box-office (and therefore gets a sequel), it doesn’t make it “good”. Case in point: Transformers 2 (just one of many I could cite). They’re are many “bad” films that make money and get sequels. Heck, I could name you several “good” movies that were flops, but actually deserved a sequel a lot more than say Transformers 2 (or any number of films).

        • No I’m not. I love the Dark Knight trilogy but not because it was a good comic book movie because it really wasn’t. I mean if you didn’t have a character named BATMAN in it then these might as well be crime dramas.

    • @luke

      Whether you enjoyed his movies or not, and whether his style was original or not, Nolan’s batman films (and specifically the Dark Knight) were a gamechanger for superhero movies and for blockbuster movies in general. And whether it’s for better or for worse, studios are going to try to mimic it.

    • There wouldn’t be so many comparisons if this version of The Mandarin didn’t come off as a Ra’s al Ghul template from the TDK trilogy. He is more like Ra’s than his comicbook counterpart.

      • @Ignur Rant,

        I honestly don’t recall Mandarin being compared to Ra’s al Ghul. I certainly didn’t see any similarities in the trailer or images. Was it in an interview or something?

      • Honestly Ignur, on Screen Rant, you’re the only one who seems to be bringing up that particular point the whole time.
        No one else has mentioned The Mandarin or Ra’s Al Ghul besides you.

        The comparisons are being made because of the tone (darker and grittier) and story (the hero falls and has to rise with little to no resources at his disposal) that the movie is rumored to have.

    • Realize that it is constantly referenced because of the money. Singer/X-Men made CBM cool again, but Nolan/TDK took it to the bank. The most lucrative trilogy domestically to date. Just the facts…

      • well, that may be a skewed fact. the fact is, america is not the only country to show films, so, to look at the BIG picture:
        2,917,506,956 LOTR trilogy worldwide
        2,391,891,117 batman trilogy worldwide

        …just the facts.
        and we will see what the hobbit trilogy does.

    • But Christopher Nolan is one of the world’s leading director. There’s a reason why so many people make these claims. Shane Black is a minor screenwriting talent and just a follower. Having “The Mandarin” be an actor is a lame & blatant rip-off of the Batman films.

  2. jesus christ!

    they keep throwing us off. first we thought exactly what RDJ said then they came out and said that not it, stark is the same then RDJ hits us with what we thought in the first place XD

    thats it… im just waiting for the movie and the next trailer to make my own opinion, well saying that all i know is that it looks awesome. that my only opinion about this movie

    • i am confused by your statement.

  3. Ok, so on an analytical point, does anybody else think that the snow scene might be him walking away from a severe trashing by Firepower? Because Firepower was one of the few to take down his armor(he destroyed the silver centurion armor :( ). I think that may be a posibility, also wouldn’t it be awesome if the silver centurion armor, or modular armor(yes the suit from the ’90s tv show and the comics) showed up? or perhaps a retro style armor, just a thought

    • I`m with you on that one I like that editors are not showing FIREPOWER yet. Also Eric Savin a.k.a. COLD BLOOD is in it

      • And I keep getting this big suspicion that we are getting a big surprise armor-wise, that we might get something new and awesome for iron man by the end of the movie(silver Centurion maybe, I mean he is going through a big change, everything has been destroyed. He built originaly when Stane had destroyed his companies and was after him again, and was the first suit I believe he wore when returing to the iron man gig after rhodey had been doing it for a while. just a thought

  4. Yay! Another Dark Knight debate on an Iron Man pic!

    But in all seriousness (no pun intended) I am super excited (still no pun intended) for Iron Man 3. It looks fantastic!

      • @Broadway,

        Ha thanks for the clarification. And I don’t really feel like getting into this debate again, you know? I think I’m gonna let it go this time.

  5. It must be something in Screenrant’s mission statement that any article on a superhero movie must mention either the Dark Knight or Nolan…preferably both.

    • Ha, no, the only reason I brought up Nolan was to point out that gritty superhero film doesn’t have to mean Dark Knight-esque, but that idea seems to have gotten lost in the fray…

      • Yeah, I swear that half the people who comment here just skim the article and don’t actually read it.

        • I read the entire article, and I just ignore the comments on that sort of stuff and try to make a decent analysis of the movie info we are given, but rarely does anyone want to talk about theories sadly

        • What ? Im meant to read the articles now before commenting ? Thats crazy!


  6. Cannot wait for this movie. Love all the iron man movies the only thing I would prefer is if they don’t show us all the goodies(suits and villans) until the actual movie. I like having a little mystery of what I am going to get before I watch something. Hopefully there are cameos to ramp up other marvel movies

    • I actully stopped watching trailer for years because it got to the point where every action scene was shown in them.

  7. Where is he when he is in the snow? Russia? Maybe a Winter Soldier reference somewhere in the movie so we get more excited for Captain America 2?

  8. Okay cool.

    The picture was kind of anti-climatic. But I appreciate the NSFW link. :)

  9. Albeit The Dark Knight Rises was a great film, I still thought that the writing was all over the place and kinda meh.

  10. I am almost too psyched now… I don’t know how I am going to wait 5 more months.
    The Man of iron doth teaseth too much…

  11. I hope Iron Man 3 is good, hopefully like M:I 3, pick itself up from the last one – although me myself enjoyed the second one, just thought it was a little short and a bit too “original” in a way – I hope IM3 begins to end the saga, or be the end. Nolan is inspiring this too much, he is great and incredible and legendary to the film industries, but IM3 will be successful – even if it sucks – and will lead Marvel to make all their movies this way – I heard Cap America 2 is getting darker, too – and just ruin their whole “phase saga” of the avengers. My opinion, I have it set to where I WILL NOT GET EMAILS BACK, so do not expect me to reply IF YOU DO. Sorry but I don’t like getting emails all the time and have a history of getting slightly mad at comments sometimes.

  12. LOL. This movie is going through a major identity crisis. First it’s going to be darker and grittier, then there is an intervkew that it will be and then there is an interview that it is. Back and forth, back and forth. lol

  13. To me this film is like whatever I`m gonna enjoy this film no matter what happens either “DARK,LIGHT, SAD or GRITTIER”. Not comparing it to another film at all just a unique Comic Book Movie with other characters.

  14. I don’t see what all the hooplah is about. Both Ironman 1, and Ironman 2 SUCKED!!!!! We don’t need another one.

    • And if you feel this way then you don’t have to watch or comment on another one either. So what has our point here been?

  15. Ironman does nothing for me, Tony Stark is very irritating, this Manderin dude is ripping off “Ra’s al ghul”, another villian they copy from DC, If that kiddies flick Avengers was so wonderful then why are they trying to copy “The Dark Knight” for?? because that was the game changer not Avengers! with all the cash it brought in, its now forgotton! And whether you loved it or hated it, TDK Trilogy is still one of the most talked about films, just mention “Dark” now and threads descend into the Nolan and TDK debate, and sorry but a team of Superheros without Superman and Batman sucks, Captain America is lame, Superman is the biggest Superhero film coming out next year by far, MOS could be the “new” game changer going off how epic it looks, Man of Steel easily my most anticipated film for 2013..

    • More personal problems… And its for people like you with this attitude that these threads decend into TDK debates in the first place. We’re just pandering to how strongly you feel about these things to make you feel more self righteous. Its really just one big birthday present to all you guys cuz we know you need to feel better about yourselves to make it through the day.

    • I’ve noticed that Marvel does take ideas from DC, and makes them better.

  16. Another TDK debate on another IM3 page huh? …wow.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing IM3. I still have my reservations (read: protest) about the Extremis arc and I’m still not sold on the Mandarin’s look and accent, but aside from that, IM3 is shaping to something special – if not different, to say the least.

    • /Sigh “IM3 is shaping UP to BE something special”

    • I’m on the same boat. Same as all CBM’s. No content is ever going to be true to origin so I’m willing to go into the theater with hope and if I get denied a good time, then so be it.

      • @Kahless: Couldn’t agree more man. The bashing and hate needs to stop.
        And welcome back buddy! It’s been a while since I saw any of your comments on SR.

        • Haven’t been doing very well lately. I hope some of you are prayer warriors because I need some serious help; kidneys are not doing well and I can barely walk a 100 yards without feeling like I ran a couple of miles.

          • Sorry to hear that Kah. I will keep you in my prayers.

  17. Anybody noticed the Iron Man pieces strewn and covered in snow in that picture? Looks like the suit is capable of just falling off of him at will now..

  18. The thing that annoys me the most about IM3 is how they keep going back and forth about being “dark and gritty,” then you see the above image of IM posing for a calander. If this identity confusion wasn’t occuring, these TDKR vs. (insert Marvel movie) most likely wouldn’t be happening.

    Also, in regards to the previous IM3 article where I was (barely) involved in; I feel as though I was treated with more hostility than necessary, compared to a couple others involved. But hopefully we can let bygones be bygones, let others live with their personal opinions on said movies, and enjoy what’s to come.

  19. GlaD the Swingers guy is not involved. The only difference in Tony and Jon’s narcissism is Tony’s ability to make things that work. The first 2 Iron Mans look like Made-for-TV movies. Until Rescue shows up, who gives a damn? Iron Man was always hard to read for 2 reasons. Who Cares? and So What? Tony Stark is Marvel’s Bruce Wayne, hence the Nolan (YAWN!) references, or the fact that nobody has seen Sin City and read the original. It takes a good story to be notable in comics or anything, Marvel is good to pull one slant a year, not a full concept but a piece of one. The rest is summed up next year and the year after, during summer time. These movies, no matter how hard they try, no matter what company the come from, will always be the gold foil variants of colored toilet paper we remember as comics in the 90′s, the sad truth is, that’s the reference most of these “Lords of the pen” reference from. Use wikipedia at least.

    • I agree. When I saw Iron Man months ago for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the Bruce Wayne similarities with Stark. Add in the fact that The Dark Knight was out at the time, and it made me not care about the character at all; he was a badly-timed reharsh. Except he was basically unlikeable, and made snarky comments to everyone, because he could. Then the whole movie was pretty much about his suit; while it looks cool, it can’t carry a 2 hour movie.

      When I went to the movies when this was out (before TDK) I had a choice between seeing IM or Speed Racer. I’m honestly glad I chose Speed Racer, it was a fun, campy, rewatchable movie that got me hooked on the old TV show, comics, and merch all around!

      • *When I said “at the time” I meant when IM was out in theaters.

  20. There is some interesting commentary here. Too bad it is sandwiched between the normal crap. The constant accusations against “Nolanites” sucks. The “Nolan vs. other directors”feud sucks. The dark and gritty debate sucks. These stupid fights have dimmed the appeal of SR, and that’s not SR’s fault. I cant wait for the next Bond film, or the next Indiana Jones movie or the next Conan movie so I can measure them up against Nolan and The bleeeeeeep Dark Knight trilogy!