Will Radioactive Man Be Introduced in ‘Iron Man 3′?

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Xueqi Wang Will Radioactive Man Be Introduced in Iron Man 3?
Guy Pearce describes his role as Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3 as a cameo-type appearance, and while we won’t know until next summer if that’s true, he may not be the only notable character from Marvel Comics popping up on screen in a limited capacity.

A few weeks before Comic-Con we shared rumored details about characters and the post-credits scene of Iron Man 3, rumors that indicated fans would be introduced to two super-powered characters from the books, both of whom would have a larger part to play in Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe. One of those characters was going to be played by Andy Lau who dropped out of the project, but we know who might be replacing him.

Before passing on the blockbuster role to spend time with his newborn daughter, we found out that Lau might have been playing the non-villainous version of Chen Lu (Radioactive Man) from the books, who would be introduced in Iron Man 3 and would (according to rumors) become a reoccurring character in the other upcoming films. Mtime caught Chinese actor Xueqi Wang meeting with Iron Man 3 executive producer Dan Mintz at a Beijing restaurant for tea last week, where they were overheard discussing the Chen Lu character, later confirmed by Wang’s studio.

Radioactive Man 570x525 Will Radioactive Man Be Introduced in Iron Man 3?

From our previous discussion on Radioactive Man: In Marvel Comics, Chen Lu is a nuclear physicist for the People’s Republic of China and a villain of Iron Man who works for The Mandarin. His abilities from exposure to radiation give him green-colored skin and the abilities to control radiation in various ways. We don’t expect much of those attributes to show up in Iron Man 3.

In the books, there’s an interesting relationship between Radioactive Man and Ant-Man where they once fought each other and later worked together – and that’s a potential plot thread that could be teased in a post-credits scene for Iron Man 3 should rumors about Edgar Wright shooting that scene as a lead-in to Ant-Man prove true.

The fact that this meeting only took place now, this late in production, lends some credence to at least one detail about the character, in that Chen Lu – should he be the character Wang plays – will only appear very briefly. According to the Chinese trades, the casting will be confirmed soon and Wang would be shooting this month. With the seemingly small part Chen Lu will play in the film, we’re curious as to how the character will be utilized. When Lau was up for the role, the part was described as a “good guy” scientist who helps Tony Stark develop  tech to fight against the Mandarin. Would we see him working for the Mandarin before that? Is he or does he become a scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Rumor has it Chen Lu won’t be referred to as “Radioactive Man” in the film but that could change down the road in another film.

Radioactive Man Chen Lu Will Radioactive Man Be Introduced in Iron Man 3?

With each report it’s becoming more clear that Marvel Studios is planning to attain the same level of scope and scale as The Avengers by not only exploring a major character redefining story from the books in Extremis, but by upping the ante on action and characters, potentially laying the groundwork for many stories to come.

Stay tuned into Screen Rant for more on this as develops.

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, Cobie Smulders, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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Source: Mtime (hat tip Smitty)

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  1. I’m interested in seeing what they are going to do with this character because his current form doesn’t necessarily fit with what they have been doing with the MCU but Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man sounds like it’s going to be Marvels first true comedy so maybe it will work given the style….

  2. UP AND AT THEM!!!

    • No, it’s “Up and ATOM!” LOL!!

      • lol

      • Haha, I was thinking the same thing.

  3. Zee goggles! Zey do nothing!

  4. “Phase 2″ will be so awesome!

  5. I just hope this movie doesn’t become Spider-Man 3. Too many villains. But if they do it right it will be epic

  6. I just hope this movie doesn’t become Spider-Man 3. Too many villains. But if they do it right it will be epic.

  7. Look out Radioactive Man!

  8. This sounds like its turning into the “reverse” of IronMan 2, in that, Tony and Rhodey will be using drones to fight 2-3 super armored villains. Which a final battle scene that is more like an epic large scale battle scene (think Mandarin Army vs Iron Man Army) could be super cool if done correctly…

    can’t wait regardless!

  9. Imagine if they killed of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.

    • Why?

    • I would imagine he’d make prior plans to basically revive himself in some pseudo-scientific way. Tony Stark dying doesn’t exactly sound that far-fetched, because he’s died (in one way or another) countless times over the years (latest being self-imposed brain death, basically). It kind of goes hand-in-hand with have a heart that basically runs on batteries. The guy’s got more lives than Tigra and the Black Panther combined.

      That said, I don’t think we’ll be seeing that here.

  10. If Radioactive Man is indeed going to be in this movie and he helps Stark make something to fight the Mandaran, could be that he BECOMES the Radioactive Man while making whatever it is…

    I would want to see him be a villain and not a good guy though, maybe blames Stark (Pym? If he has a more active role not post credits) for an accident that led him to becoming the Radioactive Man?

    (Remember fanboys and girls, this is not the comics, new universe, so the origins are a bit different, so don’t tell me how horrible of an idea it is.)

  11. As a Chinese person (by way of Taiwan) I’m interested to see how the various Chinese characters are portrayed in the new movie. I’m sure that the portrayals will be a bit more nuanced than in the old comics where they played typical stock foreign villains. They fit the bill for being Communist (hence anti-West) and Asian (hence not white). Obviously, the Chinese government doesn’t object to the portrayals otherwise they would not have allowed filming to take place there. I suppose it’s ok with them because the Mandarin will be portrayed as only half-Chinese and I assume his villainous ambitions are not motivated or endorsed by the Chinese government. Or perhaps they got enough reassurances from the producers that there will be a sufficient representation of Chinese good guys to offset the Mandarin.

  12. A simpsons character in Iron Man 3? What the hell?

  13. Awesome article Rob.

    I consider myself to know quite a bit about the Marvel U, but even I didn’t know about most of this stuff (especially all the connections that Radioactive-man has to other marvel heroes and villains).

  14. Andy Lau or Tony Leung (either one) would have been some awesome

  15. I would love to see an evil and fully-active radioactive man villain in Iron Man 3!

  16. Would rather have a Mandrin arc. Never exactly enjoyed reading anything about Radioactive-Man because of how powerful he’s portrayed at times (like vision) yet he surprisingly gets his ass kicked each and every time (of course he does have his moments like when he’s with the MOE and Thunderbolts).

    Definitely not a character I would consider exploring in the Marvel movie universe, at least not until we’re already introduced to characters that considerably shape how Tony Stark acts. I do not consider Radioactive Man one of those people.

  17. “In the books, there’s an interesting relationship between Radioactive Man and Ant-Man where they once fought each other and later worked together – and that’s a potential plot thread that could be teased in a post-credits scene for Iron Man 3 should rumors about Edgar Wright shooting that scene as a lead-in to Ant-Man prove true.”

    This might sound great until we examine it a bit closer. Unless something has changed dramatically that I am unaware of, Wright will be using Scott Lang as Ant-Man but Radioactive Man had ties with the Hank Pym version. Do you not see the problem?

    If they start just assigning all of Pym’s relationships to the Scott Lang version (just because Wright had the desire to bring that one issue of Ant-Man to life) I will be royally ticked off. If you want all of Pym’s ties and relationships then USE HIM DAMMIT. If you are going to use Lang then accept the limitations of the lame version you chose.

    • It’s important to remember a basic fact here… just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s a “lame version.” You not personally liking something has almost nothing to do with whether it’s objectively “bad.”

  18. If Marvel is introducing this guy then I would like to see the Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes origin for Wonder Man. For anyone that doesn’t know, William’s company is bought out by Stark and he goes through the ionic transformation process in order to get “payback.” It could be cool, seeing a kind of regular guy becoming a villain, losing control of his powers and then being saved by Stark. Also, this would provide a “new” kind of villain for the movie. Marvel has already established the arc reactor in Stark Tower (that’s featured in the episode) so they could expand the story to cover the possible formation of the Masters of Evil, maybe expand A.I.M., and introduce MODOK?

    Just musing.

  19. I say, aren’t there too many villains associated with this movie already? Spider-man 3? Batman & Robin? Eaaasy does it now

    • Maybe he will only be introduced in this movie and he will only become a villain in “Ant-Man”? No idea. If the role is described as a “good guy scientist”, than it is possible that we will get said good guy and he will only later turn into a villain. This will just give us a brief backstory on the guy.

      The role definitely will be small if they’re only just bringing him in this late.
      So I don’ think he will be an active villain in IM3.

    • radioactive man wont actually be in the movie, only his alter ego Chen Lu will and he will have a very minor roll. from what Ive heard the Mandarin will be the only spot light villain. all others are basically cannon fodder

  20. Looks like they’re doing something similar to Samuel Sterns in the Hulk movie: he’ll show up as a helpful secondary character and transform into a villain in future appearances.

  21. I’d like to see the development of Radioactive Man in some way or another. I see him only appearing in the post-credit scene, I don’t see him “helping” Stark at all and I see the Extremist virus being complied by the scientists at A.I.M., with A.I.M. being over-run by Mandarins forces.

  22. ALSO, if they’re introducing the “Masters of Evil” in The Avengers 2, I think that Radioactive Man will be apart of that and not a “good guy scientist”. The reason I bring this up is because Crossbones’ actor Frank Grillo in CA2 is signed to a three picture deal and is said to be apart of the Masters of Evil, alongside Thanos.

    But as this is all but speculation and internet chatter, I’ll leave it at this and let you guys try to piece together this, until then I’ll wait until the films get released.