New ‘Iron Man 3′ Artwork Released; Jarvis Actor Paul Bettany Hasn’t Seen Marvel’s Films

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Paul Bettany JARVIS Avengers New Iron Man 3 Artwork Released; Jarvis Actor Paul Bettany Hasnt Seen Marvels Films

Ever since Marvel launched its Cinematic Universe with Iron Man in 2008, millions upon millions of moviegoers have flocked to theaters, waiting with bated breath for the next adventure featuring the company’s heroes. The record-breaking success of The Avengers is testament enough to the kind of widespread fandom the films have inspired, from both fanboys and those unfamiliar with the comic book exploits of these characters.

However, word has landed that one of the film’s actors does not count himself among the Iron Man fanbase: Paul Bettany, the voice of Iron Man’s A.I. sidekick, Jarvis.

 Speaking with Digital Spy, Bettany was asked about his involvement with the Marvel films. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve never seen one of them. It’s not because of any snobbishness, it’s just not my thing. I’m plagued by fanboys who love Jarvis… They come up and I’ve got no idea what they’re talking about. I’ve got no idea about Iron Man – I don’t get sent the whole script.”

Since Bettany’s role is limited strictly to his voice, it’s not entirely surprising to hear that he’s not as active with the films’ production as, say, Robert Downey Jr. In fact, Bettany confessed that the studio brings him in to record his lines during post-production, describing his involvement as “robbery.”

“I get brought in right at the last moment, where if they’ve worked out that they have a clarity issue or whatever, they can always add it to [my] dialogue. I feel like a pirate. This is robbery. I walk in, I say some lines on a piece of paper for two hours, and then they give me a bag of money and I leave and I go about my day. I sort of feel guilty, because at least acting can be exhausting, with long hours… but I do nothing!”

So while us fans are able to enjoy Bettany’s role as Stark’s computer/butler, it seems the actor has little interest in the comic book genre in general. This is, of course, a matter of taste, and one can’t help but admire Bettany’s candor regarding the films. The actor will once again voice Jarvis in next year’s Iron Man 3.

For fans, that film has the unenviable task of keeping the momentum going and kicking off Marvel’s “Phase Two,” culminating in the 2015 release of The Avengers 2. We’ve already gotten a look at the new Extremis suit that the hero will wear. However, courtesy of Comic Book Movie, we now have our first look at a stunning new piece of promotional artwork featuring the new suit.


Iron Man 3 Promo Art MACH XLVII Extremis Armor 570x337 New Iron Man 3 Artwork Released; Jarvis Actor Paul Bettany Hasnt Seen Marvels Films

We’ve already reported on a potential spoiler regarding the technological upgrades Stark achieves in Iron Man 3, and the model number on this particular suit appears to confirm that (It’s not the “Mark 8,” it’s actually the “Mark 47″). That being said, it’s quite likely that the suit pictured is then featured in the film’s climax.

We’ll undoubtedly get a better idea of what to expect in writer/director Shane Black’s take on the franchise, when the film’s first trailer is released next week.

Are you excited to see the Extremis armor in the upcoming film? Or do you prefer one of Stark’s earlier designs? Let us know in the comments.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2013.

Sources: Marvel,  Comic Book Movie & Digital Spy

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  1. the gold/bronze colouring will take sometime to get used to (at least for me) since every form of ironman has red with yellowish trimmings etc instead of having both 50/50.

    at this stage anything is better then IM2, which was terrible across the board (except visuals). all i want is for them to properly portray mandarin and not turn him into cheeseball cliché.

    • Just based on the casting of Sir Ben Kingsley I can already tell the Mandarin is not gonna be like he is in the comics. I have a really bad feeling about how the Mandarin will end up. Unless Sir Ben is just and old version on the Mandarin that turns into a different guy like the Evil Emporer in Big Trouble in Little China Town.

        • Yes, Sir Ben Kingsley is an incredible actor. But that incredible actor was also the villian in such epics as Prince of Persia and Bloodrayne. (/sarcasm off) An actor does not make a great movie if the story/director/etc. are junk.

          • and -sound of thunder- and – species-, he did made some bad movies. and i´m curious how uwe boll did catched him for – bloodrayne-.

            • Just try and tell me as a 15 year old that species sucked… I would have defended that movie to the DEATH.

              • let´s say it so for an sir who played -ghandi- and did won an oscar for his acting, it´s weird that he takes roles for b-movie actors.

        • To be fair Mickey Rourke was a good actor too and the director of Iron Man 2 made the dumb choice to ignore the talented actor and have him play a two-dimensional super villain.

          • Well this time we have a different director. So optimistically all hopes looking up.

            • i have a big respect for favreau, because if his – iron man- movie wouldn´t be so good at the critics and the box-office we maybe wouldn´t have the marvel shared universe movies so successfull .

  2. hmmm…..i dont like him after reading this, replace jarvis with wheatley or glados or even hal 9000.

    • Why? He said its just not his thing…not like he was bashing it.

      • I think Cody meant that it just doesn’t make sense for an actor to not see the movies that he starred in, even if it’s short.
        I’m just thinking why would he spend his time in a movie that he won’t see. Isn’t that the point of being an actor? :-/

        • Well, neither Johnny Depp nor Helena B. Carter see their movies.

        • Johnny Depp hasn’t seen most of his movies. And hes great. Of course thats because he believes he is a terrible actor so…

          • I’ve always believed that actors who don’t watch their own movies are kinda pretentious… but I guess that’s an unfair stereotype… even though it’s true most of the time 😉

            • I think about it this way: You lived the movie, you were there the whole time, day in and day out for sometimes over a year! Why would you not want to at least see the finished product of all your creative efforts? See what came of all that time.

              • If it were me, I wouldn’t be hung up about MY performance, but I’d at least want to show respect to the people I worked with… the writers, director, cast, cinematographers, set and costume designers, VFX-guys, etc. etc. were all a part of the movie and the least that can be done is to watch and applaud THEIR efforts in making the final product.

              • i couldn´t wait to see my finished movie, i find the argument very snobby. but, if you have so much millions of dollars, then it´s just about the money and the jet set life which they are living. not all actors,but some don´t care about their movies.

        • “it just doesn’t make sense for an actor to not see the movies that he starred in, even if it’s short.
          I’m just thinking why would he spend his time in a movie that he won’t see. Isn’t that the point of being an actor?”

          Nope. Many prominent actors refuse to watch themselves on screen, it’s unsettling for them, or they don’t want to spot every flaw they might find, any number of reasons.

          The reason you become an actor is to discover yourself and contribute to the art of film (pssst oh yeah they get paid too but whatevs). The idea that people would be come actors ONLY so they can see themselves on screen seems odd to me.

          • I didnt mean to say it should the ONLY thing of being an actor, I’m just saying that it’s weird to me.

          • to be honest, wouldn´t that be a dream. your face on a great movie poster, many people are your fans and you are walking over the red carpet for the premiere of your movie. i´d rather think that it is at the beginning exciting and after some years it gets to the routine. but, damn i would watch my movies with proud. and say what you want, they are getting all on a high ross.

        • Harrison Ford didn’t watch the Indiana Jones movies when they came out, he watched one of them only recently.

          A lot of actors don’t watch their stuff, nothing weird about it. Plus Paul really only gives his voice. Like he said, he’s not there working hard with the rest of the cast, doing long hours of shooting etc., so he doesn’t feel like he’s actually a part of it.

          But he voices JARVIS perfectly and even if he’s not into comic book movies, he’s still giving us a great dry snarky AI.

          And the point of being an actor is to act, and secondly to entertain the audience, not to watch yourself.
          Actors in theatre never see themselves, but that doesn’t mean there’s no point in it for them.

          • but i find it unfair . a hard working house-builder gets ,let´s say 2500 dollar per month,and if he likes his work then he is proud about the house that he build with his worker buddies. his bag hurts after the work and just 2500 dollar where you must pay bills,food,car and so on. so, now a snobby actor says -ah f..k that , i get just 2 million dollar for the voice work, but i don´t like that movie and the character,who cares(it´s enough for my next masserati or ferrari). that´s why i like directors or actors like -quentin tarantino- or – robert rodriguez- they are passionated and the actors in their movies too. they deserve the millions.

        • Also, William Shatner, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Meryl Streep don’t watch their own performances. Shatner said that he had to watch his performance in Star Trek V because he was the director and he hated it.

          • they probably have seen some of their movies. I’ve seen them in talk shows an interviews, they can’t just go out and lie to that the film is great or they liked it when they haven’t seen it.

        • Did he not say several times that it was easy money? Two hours of his time to read what is probably lines on a single 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper(maybe front and back) in a mostly emotionless robotic version of his own sweet voice and they throw him a big sack of cash and say thanks, see you next time. He’s right thats basically highway robery.

      • Exactly. Everybody are not fans of comics or superheromovies. He is just actor, who does his job and i think he has been great as Jarvis. Rourke never watches any of his movies.

  3. “a bag of money” …I wonder how many he gets for his voice

    • A bag usually means one… I just wonder how MUCH he gets for two hours of work 😉

    • It’s a variable measurement, hard to standardize. For instance my bag is bigger than yours.

  4. I’m glad to see a variation in the armor besides small details. I still wish they would bring in something completely different like the Hulkbuster armor, Stealth armor or the Silver Centurian armor. Oh well. But I can’t wait for this. Iron Man 3 already sounds like it will top both Iron Man 1 and 2. But probably not the Avengers. Right now I’m just hoping that Robert Downey Jr. will sign another huge contract after this to play Iron Man like six more times.

    • I just hope that for avengers 2 stark gets to make an armor with Uru. I mean if its the whole infity gauntlet storyline, why not. Personally as much as a stark/banner/pym dialogue I want stark to chat it up with Odin. They’vve got some classic convos in the comics. Would be fun to see.

    • yeah man robert downey jr is a beast as iron man

    • i couldn’t agree more. What’s the scoop on RDJ resigning with marvel Screen Rant? You guys usually have the inside on this kind of information. I want him resigned for another six movies.

  5. You know, I wish Paul would actually watch this because his voice brings some great levity to Stark’s contrasting persona. I really think he’s a great actor, did awesome in movies like DaVinci Code and surprisingly a great job in a “A Knight’s Tale”. Most people scoff at that movie, but it’s fun and well-acted for being kind of cheesy. He’s earned the right to enjoy Iron Man and his part in it, I hope he gets the respect he deserves from the other actors.

  6. I wouldn’t say he’s not interested in comic book movies since he starred in the movie adaptation of the comic book Priest (which flopped and even though I like him as an actor, that film was all kinds of suck even with him and Karl Urban in it).

    I liked him in The Da Vinci Code but my favourite movie with him is Legion even though the dialog is quiet compared to the soundtrack so you can barely hear what they’re saying to one another.

    Who was that big name actor who also said years ago that he never saw something that he provided his voice for? De Niro? I just know Bettany isn’t the first to admit he never watches what he records lines for.

    • I actually liked Priest. It wasn’t great or amazing or anything; I just found it to be a lot of fun. I suppose it could be concidered a guilty pleasure.

    • bettany´s takes what he can get at that moment,some directors give him always the chance to play in a blockbuster,but the last movies from last 6-7 years were all flops. he was a big hope at the beginning and he is an good actor,but at this time he is out. he even was in the talks to play the joker in dark knight,i think he had could give us if the choice wasn´t heath ledger also a good joker. because he has got a thinner face and the chin was longer and he had the better teeth. good heath couldn´t just do the real -joker- smile,his make up was great but his head was too big for joker. the best joker was jack nicholson,because he looks like joker from the comics. it had been even worked without prosthetics.

  7. I’m fine with him not watching these movies, it’s none of my buisness. I love the “character” of Jarvis, but if it’s not his thing that’s just fine.

    • Exactly.

      Look how much work he could get by providing his voice to a successful series of movies. Not bad for a few hours work. You don’t have to watch or enjoy it as many an actor and actress would tell you.

  8. I’m kind of insulted by this. Smh. He doesn’t even watch these movies. That’s upsetting

    • LOL why?
      You realize many film and TV actors won’t watch themselves on screen? It’s not that weird or upsetting. Many actors are unsettled by watching themselves, known millions of people idolize them in that moment.

  9. I’m kind of mad by this. He doesn’t even watch these movies. That’s upsetting

  10. I don’t like the armor. Leave it out

    • What was that, Brady? Hm alright folks, Brady doesn’t like it! Take it out n let’s wrap it up!

  11. Wow I cant believe all the negativity towards Bettany. He is an actor and has a right to his taste in movies and everything else, most of us are “comic book geeks” and now its cool to be a comic book fan. Think about before you judge a guy for his taste and respect him for the enjoyment and life he brings to an AI, that very easily could have been just an after thought, but has managed to become a major character in the franchise.

  12. Bettany Doesnt “Star” in these movie, he gvery gracefully provides cameos in them.
    He ceertainly isnt treated like a member of the cast.
    Perhaps he would feel more motivated to see the films if somebody
    actually gave him a full script .

  13. I must be the only person here who honestly believes iron man 2 is as good as iron man 1. It loses its way in the middle but it’s the funnier of the 2 movies IMO. Sam Rockwell and Gary shandling are hilarious. Justin hammer’s little dance before the start of his stark expo presentation only is worth the ticket. C’mon, before you judge it too harshly remember we’re looking at a scale that includes green lantern, batman and robin and the spirit. Time for a critical reassessment! Marvel hasn’t missed one yet and I can’t wait for iron man 3 and the trailer next week.

    • no you’re not alone. while i don’t thinkit’s “as good” as 1, i do like it and have watched it about as many times as 1. mikey rourk just seems awful. maybe it’s how he was edited, or maybe he just sucks, but he was, for me, the worst part of IM2. i thought he sucked in the immortals as well.

    • I don’t agree that it’s as good as Iron Man 1 (very few CBMs are – Avengers, TDK and TDKR being the only ones I’d rank above it), but I agree that the movie has kinda become the scapegoat as Marvel Studios’ worst movie (and therefore, gets a lot more criticism than it should).

      Movies like Catwoman, Elektra, GL, Daredevil and Ghost Rider 1 & 2, X3, etc. are by far worse than IM2 (which has a solid 3.5-out-of-5-star average rating on sites like IMDB and RT – I would hardly call that terrible)

      • Yeah, Iron Man 2 is not as bad as most people put it out to be. Is it as good as the first one? Of course not. Though I did think the Iron Man action was better in the second one. I think of Iron Man 2 to be about on the same level as Spider-Man 3, enjoyable film but not a great one. But like you said, there are dozens of superhero films far worst than Iron Man 2. Blade Trinity, both Punisher films, Fantastic Four 1 and 2 and all the ones you named. Dare I mention Joel Schumacher Batman films?

        • IMO IM2 is much better than SM3 as well, but yeah, opinions differ I guess. Plus, I’m really not a fan of Raimi’s SM trilogy so that could have something to do with it as well.

          • I deffinatly rank IM2 above SM3 and I actually liked SM3 pretty well when it first came out (would have done sooo much better to just focus on the black suit/Venom and Peter’s conflict with Harry/New Goblin and left sandman out completely)

            For Iron Man 2 I think it was just as good as the first. Lots more Iron Man action, fairly good story with the arc reactor poisoning him thing, and rhody becoming war machine. I just think it fell flat having been the movie choosen to bear the burden and weight of having to set up shield, Nick Fury, and Black Widow for their appearances in the Avengers.

            • For me, iron man 2 has a greater number of memorable scenes despite it being an overall less coherent movie than IM1

  14. Paul Bettany is a wise man. He chose very wisely to NOT SEE the horrible Iron Man 2.

  15. That’s a bit of a d*•k move.

  16. hahahahaha… hes a thief. his words XD

  17. It doesn’t really matter to me if he watches them but it comes off as a little ignorant on his part not to know anything about it. He doesn’t have to be a fan or watch, or know everything about super heroes because he’s in that roll, but you would think it would peak his interest enough to atleast do a little research into the characters and history so that he knows what he is a part of…even if the end result is that he still doesn’t care. I would at least read Wikipedia one night!

  18. The guy that voices jarvis should do the voice for apple iPhone like male surrey but it would be a Jarvis for your phone

    • Or he could voice GPS too! Jarvis as a navigator.

      • I would buy that just to have the interface. It’d be awsome if they came out with a AI that was just like Jarvis from the movie (implied sarcastic remarks and everything)

  19. I can respect that these types of movies aren’t his thing, but if he really feels so guilty for “robbing” Marvel for a few hours of voice work, and doesn’t like these types of movies, then why doesn’t he stop voicing the character?

    And if the fans “plague” him with questions he doesn’t know the answer to, you’d think he might put in the time and actually watch an IM movie or Avengers to get a better idea of what HIS FANS are praising him for…

    I just think it’s kinda snobbish for him to complain about these things if there’s an easy way to solve it…watch the movies (everybody else has) or quit the job (although I wouldn’t be happy with that since his voice is awesome for JARVIS ;)).

    • Yes, it IS snobbery, unprofessional, lazy and arrogant. I love JARVIS–but I find his attitude offensive. For one thing, I’d think twice before hiring him, knowing his cavalier attitude about doing even the SMALLEST amount of research into his part. I mean, if you can’t be bothered to commit two hours of your life to watching a film b/4 signing on to the sequel, or reporting for work–what ARE you prepared to do? Oh, that’s right, show up. And we all know that showing up for work is such a high bar. His attitude is disrespectful to fans of the character, and he’s swimming in our cash. Jerk, jerk, jerk.

  20. I respect his opinion and honesty. After all it’s just a job and there shouldn’t be any obligation to be crazy about the subject matter as long as his work is decent. Which it is.

  21. Admire his candor? I’d prefer a modest display of professionalism. It is robbery, what he describes, and it’s nothing to be proud of. A serious actor could admit that his work would be better to have a sense of what is going on in the context of the whole. He admits he’s got “no idea what they’re talking about.” In a time where average folks struggle to rub two cents together and work hard in “real” jobs, this chump wants to show off his colossal laziness (while insisting it isn’t snobbery), and for what? What’s his point? What a jerk.

    • It’s an artifial intelligense with just a few lines in these movies, most of which are nothing but status reports. Do you really expect him to explore his “character” in depth and to look for deeper meanings in the percentage of the suit’s energy level?

      And why should he be ashamed about it. Marvel decided how much they were willing to pay for that job. He’d be pretty stupid not to take it. But it seems honesty isn’t rewarded these days. You would have prefered him to lie to you about how awesome it was to work with Marvel and what a wonderful experience it was. So basically all the stuff that other actors say when they are being asked about their work, even though they only mean it half of the time. If that.

      • Make no mistake: This isn’t about rewarding honesty or candor. It’s about the quality of a person who says, “Gee, I feel bad taking all that money. No, I’m not a snob, I just can’t be bothered to try.”

        Explore deeper meaning in his artificial intelligence? Well, no. Comport himself honorably when doing PR stuff? I’d say that’s part of his job. When he says he can’t be bothered to watch a very popular film, he’s throwing his boss under the bus. Marvel’s got a problem now. They’ve got to hire the loser for continuity and for the fans, who said loser apparently finds unworthy of two and half hours of his time.

        Here’s some honesty, perhaps you’ll reward it: A jerk is a jerk. You can’t repackage him. He’s still a jerk.

  22. LOL. SO many Marvel fan boys getting their little feelings hurt simply because Paul Bettany doesn’t drool over watching these movies.

    It’s not in Bettany’s contract that he has to be a fan of these flicks. He does his job and gets paid for it. Nothing more is required.

    It’s a job. Paul Bettany’s resume’ speaks for itself. I doubt Marvel gives a sh*t whether Paul Bettany watches these flicks. As long as the work is done.

    How many of you Marvel boys who do have a job, how often do YOU revisit your job? Probably never.

    Bettany isn’t a snob because he doesn’t like these kinds of movies. He’s simply an excellent actor. Bottom line. End Of Story.

  23. I hope Cap gets back at Tony for that line about wearing spangles when some of this fabulous new armor gets paraded around in battle.

  24. He wasn’t “complaining” about doing the movie. He was asked a question and answered it honestly. What’s the problem? Would you have preferred a b******* answer where he says he loves something he’s never even read (like so many other actors/directors seem to do)? I have no problem with this…

    He doesn’t come across as snobbish, but the fanboys are reacting like a bunch of entitled brats over the fact that an actor (this is how he makes a living folks) doesn’t share their enthusiasm. Get over yourselves. You’re reacting as if this actually mattered.

    • You’re giving me a lot to think about.

    • The guy can like or dislike whatever the hell he wants as far as I’m concerned (I frankly couldn’t care less about his taste in films – his voice is perfect for JARVIS and that’s all I care about), but why complain about something if there’s an easy solution?
      If he doesn’t want to feel guilty for “robbing” the studio, and if he doesn’t want his fans plaguing him with questions he knows nothing about, there’s an easy fix.

      If you haven’t seen the video interview, you might want to give it a watch… everything isn’t always that clear when it’s just words on paper/screen.

  25. Jarvis is my best friend. Back Off! ~Stark

  26. Paul Bettan doesn’t have time to watch comic book movies. He’s too busy trying to get his wife Jennifer Connelly to eat a sammich.

  27. I’m sorry what was his role again in the movie?! An A.I sidekick?! And it is not his thing?! I think the producer needs to reconsider replacing him not that his is that bad on a “voice over actor” but to give a lot of opportunity to others that are interested in his place.

  28. I think after Iron Man 3, they should reboot the franchise and bring in younger talent. Zac Efron would make a great Tony Stark and I can picture him with a goatee. RDJ is too old, pushing 50. I just cant buy him as a superhero

  29. Zac Efron? Really? You actually want Zac Efron to play Tony Stark? what Shwarma have you been sniffing? I honestly think Marvel should keep RDJ, after all, how old is Tony Stark supposed to be?

    • This made me laugh! However, I’m calling it now, in 10 years Zac efron will be a respected actor. He’s the current gen Leo dicaprio. I’m disagreeing with myself as I type this…. No, I stand by that statement

      • I’m sure he’s had a lot of offers to headline dumb teenage movies or rom coms that would have utilized his physique more so than his talent and which would have made him a richer man but he’s thankfully steered clear of such b*******. He can’t help being gorgeous. And so he starred in the High School Musical movies but remember, Ryan Gosling started out in the Mickey Mouse Club

        • Two words, 17 again.

      • Speaking of Ryan Gosling, he’d make a great Ant Man.

    • Yes, Zac Efron for Iron Man. And Channing Tatum for HULK!!!

      • And a psych evaluation for you

      • And a psych evaluation for you. Zac frikkin Efron

      • While we’re at it Justin Bieber for Captain America. Sheesh some people :\