‘Iron Man 3′ Begins Production; Secures Increased Budget

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iron man 3 starts production budget Iron Man 3 Begins Production; Secures Increased Budget

Even as the massive critical and financial success of The Avengers has us looking back at the history of Marvel’s shared movie universe, the studio has its gaze fixed firmly on the future – beginning with Iron Man 3.

Principal photography on the Iron Man threequel has reportedly gotten underway at the sound stages in Wilmington, North Carolina. As many reading this article are already well-aware: seasoned action filmmaker Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) is calling the shots.

This announcement comes courtesy of Latino Review, which is also the same site responsible for breaking the news about the storyline for Iron Man 3 being heavily influenced by Warren Ellis’ “Extremis” comic book mini-series. That scoop has since been all but officially confirmed.

As Screen Rant has continuously reported over the past two months: the third Iron Man film looks to pit Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) against a nanotechnology virus unleashed upon the world by a sociopathic geneticist (Guy Pearce). Said tech apparently gives rise to a vicious cyborg (James Badge Dale), who is thought to be the mere puppet of a craftier, more intellectual terrorist (Ben Kingsley). The latter character is also heavily speculated as being iconic Iron Man villain The Mandarin in spirit, if not also in name.

Aiding Tony on his latest venture is his ever-loyal assistant/girlfriend Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), along with a fellow scientist (Andy Lau) and Tony’s old colleague/former love interest (Rebecca Hall).

Iron Man Battles Chitauri Leviathan in The Avengers Iron Man 3 Begins Production; Secures Increased Budget

Iron Man Battles a Chitauri Leviathan in 'The Avengers'

Furthermore, Latino Review is also claiming that Iron Man 3‘s budget has been bumped up from $140 million (similar to that of Thor and Captain America) to $200 million (on a par with Iron Man 2). The logic behind the inflated cost is simple: now that Avengers has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide and picked up lots of critical accolades, Marvel wants Black to deliver not only “a better Iron Man movie but THE BEST Marvel movie, hands down.”

Armed with a terrific cast and (in this writer’s opinion) perhaps the most engaging storyline for an Iron Man movie to date, Black seems positioned to meet Marvel’s challenge head-on. While the writer/director is a newcomer to big-budget, effects-heavy fare, a similar challenge didn’t deter Joss Whedon, whose background was primarily in television prior to The Avengers (save for the $39 million Serenity). Black not only has more experience with big-screen fare – he’s also proven himself to be a killer screenwriter (like Whedon).

That’s all to say: as tough an act as The Avengers is to follow, Iron Man 3 is in a good position to keep Marvel’s win streak alive.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters in the U.S. on May 3rd, 2013.


Source: Latino Review

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  1. Wow. That’s really awesome.

  2. Marvel only wanted to give Iron Man 3 $140 million? That’s a little… low.

    I hope this doesn’t become a trend, as Marvel is seemingly fixated on making lower-budget movies. Give your films a good amount of cash, especially blockbusters like this. You had made over a billion on just one film, I mean…

    • well that change since the success of The Avengers.

    • Give ‘em a big budget, the sky’s the limit, but for that we the fanboys want a gooder than good flick: great script, great plot, great acting, great special effects. And one little favor: a man-to-man fight of Iron Man versus Mandarin, magic/high-tech rings and all. If you want a little more frosting on the cake, why not introduce Hank Pym as Goliath as a prelude to putting him in Avengers #2? After all, this nanotechnology is very science-based, and involves little tiny transistory things, etc. (Ant-man is little, but can grow big, too, as the beloved Goliath! And he’s a great scientist!). Opportunity knocks!

        • Hank Pym was Goliath for a while. I think he has more superhero names than any other Marvel character.

  3. Movies. You’re doing it right.

  4. i seriously hope iron man 3 is a good film in general iron man 2 was a big disappointment it was not a good film at all

    • Well, look at the cast, look at the director, and look at the source material…I think it’s going to take a lot of effort on everyone’s part for this to go wrong. I don’t know if it can top the Avengers in terms of box office, but the story should be better, and the writing should be just as good, if not better, than Ironman.

      • Not everyone likes the source material they’re using though…
        If they turn Tony Stark into some cyborg guy with superpowers, I can guarantee the movie franchise will lose a few fans.

        • /raises hand

          I know I don’t personally want a cyborg Stark/IM.

          The only robot-esque character I want on the Avengers is Vision

          • No Ultron??

            • Not IN an Avengers movie but ON the team itself. ;)

              Of course if you have read some of my recent comments on Ant-Man you would know I am now against the rumored script because it pretty much destroys our wish to have Pym as the creator of Ultron and thus having him in Avengers 2.

              And having Stark as a cyborg might also further sabotage that concept. This whole extremis plot thing could really toss a monkey wrench into the works.

  5. If Black uses a no powers Mandarin he better set him up to get the rings. I dont see how he could be misconstrued as racist, and if Marvel wants to expand their cinematic universe I cant think of a better way than adding Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom. I also dont get the whole rings being magic, in the comics they are Makluan power rings they don’t use magic.

    • Wait what? Whats racist? Are you tring to say its wrong to be an Asian.

      • No, some people claim that the Mandarin persona is an unfair stereotype (i.e. that using the word Mandarin is a derogatory term in this day and age and the Chinese are all somehow megalomaniacs hell bent on world domination). Personally I just don’t see it and think those few people are being overly sensitive.

        • None of that would matter! They’re saying it’s gonna be Ben Kingsley, so the race card would be avoided. Even though Mandarin NOT being Asian is kinda goofy, in my opinion. Still, both Iron Man movies have been strong enough that we shouldn’t worry. Then again “part 3′s” of anything have a bad history.

  6. and. here. we. go.

    • Shame on you….

  7. I personally thought Iron Man 2 was a pretty decent movie. It was definitely the weakest of the lead-up movies and it was way too comedic, but I thought the acting was good. Don Cheadle made a better Rhodey than Howard, and I thought Rourke and Rockwell both did great (especially Rockwell, who improvised that whole “this gun does this” scene). The action was also better and War Machine was cool, even if it was anti-climatic.

    Anybody else feel the same way?

    • Yes, but Thor was the weakest for me :D

    • I personally like Iron Man 2 the best out of all the first 5 movies. The rest in order would be Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America last. I do not care about climax or that a movie fits into what a typical movie is formatted like. If a movie can accomplish its goal, that is telling its full story, then a sequence, plot, nor climax makes no difference to me. I love book and movie critic NAZI’s who insist that we do not live in America and something can not be written in any form they want to write it in. This isn’t high school literature class, it is the big screen. While I did not fully enjoy Captain America alone, I thought his interaction with Nick Fury was great in Avengers. Thor only gets forth because Iron Man was always my favorite comic book.

      • Obviously not English class….

        • lol

    • @ Jakob997, IM2 was good but not great, agreed the actors were great but too much of the movie tried to tie in to The Avengers. The first fight scene between IM and Whiplash was far better than the last. I was expecting more from IM2.

      • Iron Man 2 did lack in areas but its still enjoyable after several viewings. IMO, the movies, best to least, go Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2.

        • Well, I’m with you on Thor, though I have to put it second behind Iron Man 1. Kat Dennings held it back.


        • Iron Man,Thor,Iron Man 2,Incredible Hulk/Captain America that’s my best to least favorite.I guess IM2 wasn’t so bad after all,I will re-watch it over Cap and Incredible Hulk any day.

        • Wow, see, I’m a huge Thor fan, 30 years in fact, and I was just shy of hating the Thor movie! The others were done well enough, but I thought Thor was missing way to much.

    • He didn’t improvise. Shane Black was in his ear making up the lines as he went along as the script for that scene was done on the fly.

      My concern is that the increased budget has come too close the the start of filming where you would think the completed pre-production planning and costing for the original budget has been done. To change things that much could mean on the fly script changes and a patchy story line to work in the budget. I hope they use the money carefully.

      • Wait, you’re telling me that the director of Iron Man 3 was, for no reason, on the set of Iron Man 2 whispering the lines into Rockwell’s ear? What?

      • It wasn’t Shane Black dude.
        There was a guy that fed all the “tech specs” to the actor, but Rockwell still improvised most of it “puff the magic dragon”; “the widow maker”; “you’re like a sphinx, I can’t read you”; etc.

    • IM2 was okay (not as “terrible” as everyone makes it out to be).
      I agree that the acting was pretty good, but the script, plot – ESPECIALLY the plot – felt very detached and colvulted.

      There were two things that I LOVED about the movie though: the Japanese Garden scene where Iron Man and War Machine fought off the Hammerdrones (I think that fight sequence is HUGELY underrated and doesn’t receive the credit it deserves… maybe if it was longer…), so yeah, that and the fact that every time I re-watch IM2, I find yet another reference to something (that movie was so many easter eggs and references, it isn’t even funny :P).

    • Agreed. I liked IM2 for all the reasons mentioned. Especially liked Don better than Terrence. (And Thor rocked btw.)

  8. This better not suck like ‘Iron Man 2′ did.

  9. I loved them all, but probably Iron Man 2 or equally Captain America the least. I loved every single thing about Captain America, except the special effects which put a considerable bummer on the film for me. I loved everything about Iron Man 2 except for the story. But other than that, good films. No Don Cheadle, Rhodey/War Machine?

  10. I predict AC/DC to be on the soundtrack. You heard it here first!

    • God I hope not.


      • Booo!!!
        I say bring on more AC/DC!!!
        They’ve played during EVERY movie that Iron Man has been in so it’s basically a tradition by now

  11. It’s one thing if Ben Kingsley is a Mandarin-esque character, but they better not doll him up to look Chinese. We should be way beyond casting people like David Carradine, or Yul Brenner, to play Chinese or Siamese roles. What’s wrong with casting a perfectly good Chinese actor like Chow Yun Fat, John Lone, or any number of excellent Chinese actors with excellent English?
    I highly doubt Ben Kingsley is going to play the The Mandarin. I have more faith than that. The Mandarin is a stupid villain anyway.


      • Yeah, seriously. Ken, not Chow! Who cares if Ken’s Japanese? He would rule at it.


  12. I think cinematically the extremis will work. And RDJ will love the extra face time without the armor. And although I love the MAGIC vs. SCIENCE theme of Mandarin and Tony Stark battles, IM3 was intended to be a solo grounded story, magic is Thor’s realm right now. I’m guessing they’ll set up Kingsley to become Mandarin at the end for IRON MAN 4.

    And why the cyborg? where’s Mallen?

    • So the heroes are doomed to only fight against what they embody? Talk about boring and stifling to growth. Also seems artificially and unnecessarily limiting to me considering what the Avengers just did.

  13. Is Rebecca Hall playing Bethany Cabe or a character inspired by her perhaps?


    • I would guess Maya Hansen

      • I don’t know the character. Time to find extremis! I’m from the Gruenwald/Layton Iron Man era.


  14. I just hope they dont screw this one like Iron Man 2.. Everytime I watch thr 1st one I realize how great the movie was….

  15. Phase 2 is moving forward. Marvel’s current strategy is almost like a war campaign, and I think we’re in for some surprises. Even with Iron Man 3, they aren’t just trying to make a good movie, they’re attempting to facilitate cultural exchange with the world’s most populous nation. The money, it would seem, is only one part of this story.

  16. “Marvel wants Black to deliver not only “a better Iron Man movie but THE BEST Marvel movie, hands down.””

    Too bad they have already committed to making a movie about the same things we have seen in the previous two IM movies. More high tech villains is getting redundant.

  17. Sounds very promising, will be interesting to see how it develops online before its release. Go Tony..

    • Have a feeling that Marvel, Black and RDJ and company are determined to make the best IM movie they can, perhaps because IM2 was such a disappointment.
      Looks like they are moving into an entirely new direction. Tony Stark’s source of powers ( and even his appearance in terms of tech/armour ) will be radically different due to the Extremis plot.
      And even though Kingsley will play the string pulling villain ( Mandarin or not) I’m getting the impression Guy Pierce will be Stark’s physical villain, maybe even taking on the guise of MALLEN.

  18. Hope Iron Man 3 is better than 2-this film was dissapoiting.

  19. Hmmm… Thor, Captain America and The Hulk were also in the highly successful Avengers, as well.

    Will THEIR next, respective sequels also be given a 200 million dollar budget?

  20. A budget is of zero consequence unless the script is up to scratch.

    • Most often than not, it’s the scope and ambition of a well written script and the project’s “talent” that dictates the budget of a film.

      And in this case, the studio as well.

      • True but after Iron Man 2, I don’t think $140 million would have been bad. $200 million suggests an over excess in a film that needs to be smaller and smarter than its predecessor.

        • hope the extra 60 mil wasnt just to line RDJ’s pockets.

          • No! Line the man’s pockets! Maybe he’ll keep delivering!!!

  21. Keep Justin Theroux as far away from this as possible. That psuedo-intellectual pretty boy is so…. annoying.

  22. “THE BEST Marvel movie, hands down.”

    That’s a bold statement considering how good the avengers movie was

  23. The Extremis motion comic is available on Netflix instant if anyone’s looking for it.

  24. Hmm more money doesnt always mean a better movie but still this looks like its gonna be the best of iron man movies

  25. Can’t wait to ‘let me off the chain’! ~ Stark

  26. When you think about it this is a big test for Marvel and the universe they have created.
    The Avengers will likely finish as the 3rd biggest movie of all time when the final numbers in so the world will be waiting for and expecting nothing less than great when it comes to Iron Man 3.
    I have faith in it as most of us do. Marvel has selected a solid director and a top notch cast but if somehow the ball gets dropped those who are hoping for it will be overjoyed. Because let’s face it, now that The Avengers was so huge there are many that will talk smack and knock it just because it’s popular. I never understand that to be honest. Why can’t something be great and popular? But that’s what happens now a days.

    • The internet has given everyone a voice. That in itself can be a problem. :)

  27. As many have metioned , the big worry with IM3 is that post Avengers – Marvel throw everything and the kitchen sink in , to try and make it on the same scale as Avengers. There is such a risk that IM3 could become an over bloated mess.

    I too agree that having Mandarin as the main villain could’e opened up many possibilites, the film could have a technology vs supernatural feel to it. It would just give a fresh direction that the franchise would need.