‘Iron Man 3′ Poster Reveals Tony’s New Powers & The Iron Legion [Updated]

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Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 3 Legion Iron Man 3 Poster Reveals Tonys New Powers & The Iron Legion [Updated]

As Marvel ramps up its big promotional campaign for Iron Man 3, we’re beginning to see more and more details of Tony Stark’s latest adventure leak to the Internet.

The Iron Man 3 teaser trailer and Super Bowl trailer framed a story in which Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is busy dealing with the ramifications of The Avengers when he is ambushed on his very doorstep by the forces of the maniacal Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). We’re left with an image of Tony, bruised and battered, trying to make his way through a dark, frozen terrain with armor in tow.

In the weeks since that initial bleak picture was painted, we’ve learned more and more unconfirmed details of the film’s plot – which means at this point you should be aware that POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR IRON MAN 3 FOLLOW!!!

Iron Man 3 Promo Art MACH XLVII Extremis Armor 570x337 Iron Man 3 Poster Reveals Tonys New Powers & The Iron Legion [Updated]

Since the beginning, it has been assumed that director Shane Black and co-writer Drew Pearce would be drawing from the “Extremis” storylines featured in mid-to-late 2000s Iron Man comics, in which Tony Stark is transformed by a weaponized nano-tech virus into a sort of living computer, able to mentally control (and later manifest) his armor. At one point the Mandarin attempted to unleash this high-fatality-rate virus on an unsuspecting world populace, only to be thwarted by Iron Man.

Characters derived from the comics – like Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) – are definite clues that “Extremis” DNA exists in Iron Man 3, but the film (being a Marvel blockbuster and all) needed some bigger pieces to work with – and for some time now word has been that the big finish would involve Tony using his new Extremis abilities and Mark 47 armor to control his own army of Iron Man suits – now dubbed “The Iron Legion.”

Well, this new Iron Man 3 poster – snapped at an unknown location and posted to I Heart Cupcakes – reveals that the Iron Legion is indeed real, and that the big showdown between Tony and the Mandarin is definitely more than just idle speculation. Check out a snapshot of the poster:


Iron Man 3 Iron Legion Poster Unofficial Iron Man 3 Poster Reveals Tonys New Powers & The Iron Legion [Updated]

Looks pretty official, no?


Iron Man 3 Poster Iron Legion Iron Man Armors 570x844 Iron Man 3 Poster Reveals Tonys New Powers & The Iron Legion [Updated]

There’s a long list of Iron Man armors we want to see in these Marvel movies, and if the jump from the Mark 7 armor in Avengers to the Mark 47 armor we’ll see in IM3 is any indication, we’ll probably see quite a few of our favorites (and some other iconic designs) included in this “Iron Legion.” (By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, check out concept art for the Hulkbuster and Deep-Space armors we may see in the film.)

We know this unofficial version of the one-sheet above is hard to dissect – but any guesses which armors are featured in the poster? And how do you like the look of Tony’s “Extremis effect?”


Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3, 2013.

Source: I Heart Cupcakes (via Bleeding Cool), Yahoo! Movies

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  1. I was hoping for a better quality pic but this looks awesome enough! that movie can’t come soon enough!!!

    • Marvel will probably release an official, high-res version later this week.

    • Armors Pictured:
      Mark 47 (the one hes wearing)
      Mark 7 (triangle chest piece from Iron Man 2)
      Heart-breaker Armor (possibly from the final battle with Mandarin)
      Mark 6 (Suitcase Armor from Iron Man 2)
      Mark 8 (from The Avengers)
      Pepper Potts Armor (top right, look how feminine the silhouette is)
      ??? deep Space Armor (looks to be white and black)
      Mark 2 (silver armor that Rhodey originally stole…must be another version?)

      • the one top left kinnda of looks like the Destroyer Armor with the spikes on the shoulders too…

        • The suitcase armor is the Mark 5, the triangle chest piece is the Mark 6, the Mark 7 is the one from the last act of The Avengers.

        • I read the one that looks like the Destroyer actually is called the “Asgardian Destroyer Armor”!

  2. Love where this is going… especially love the idea of an Iron Man movie where the villain isn’t just a larger version of himself.

    • +1000

  3. Nicolas Cage for the next Iron Man


      • Well, at least nobody’s said Nathan Fillion yet…. Yet.

        • Now you said it!!! everyone will b all over it…. DAMN YOU CAVE-MANNNN…lol j/k

      • Nathan Fillion

        • Maybe as AntMan

    • your kidding me right?

  4. I think this is the best IM3 poster so far. Can’t wait for a high-res version.

  5. Nicolas? Cage?

  6. Nic Cage? Maybe with the The Sorcerer’s Apprentice look.

    • What’s wrong with you? The definite choice for an Iron Man Reboot would be Michael Fassbender. I admit that Cage could have the attitude but he would be like my third pick.

      • The guy from ‘Psych’?

      • I’d still rather see Fassbender as The Riddler while continuing his role as Magneto. Do a dual role thing like Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Wade Wilson.

      • WHAT!? Fassbender should be Batman! leave Nic Cage on IronMan.. or .. Tom Cruise?

      • Except that he’s already Magneto… Yeah I know, Human torch is Cap… Blah blah, and that was dumb too.

      • Michael Fassbender! Yes!

        • Richard Armitage should be the next Batman and David Tennant should be the riddler if they did recast iron man id pick Tom Cruise over Cage. Cage isent really a great actor

      • Cage would be like my 500th pick (really even lower than the guy from Harry Potter, Anthony Hopkins and Anne Hathaway). Use Bradley Cooper

        • Hopkins eh? Interesting.

  7. I think this movie will help make it seem like Iron Man 2 never happened. It and Thor were the only two lackluster movies in Phase 1 IMO.

      • obviously incredible hulk was the weakest as its actor got replaced.

    • Your clueless,IMO.

      • Not only he,me too !

    • Im gonna have to disagree with you there. I felt that Thor, though on the short side, was a pretty good movie.

  8. Updated with official high(er) res versions!

    Looks like we all saw this coming quite a while ago :)

  9. nicolas cage has fallen off the last few years nd has lost alot of respect from critics and fans……BUT i must admit if downey quit

    he would be perfect for the role it fits his personality dead on.

    he would be a perfect tony stark, plus he has been campaigining for the role for years

    he almost was superman, he wanted iron man so did tom cruise

    he just took ghost rider cause its the only comic book movie he could get at the time

    • It would be interesting, he looks the part.

      • I have to disagree with you there. I think he could pull off the personality of Tony Stark, but I think his look is all wrong.

    • Not sure… Trying to imagine his face in this poster. He could look cool but not entirely convinced.

    • To old.

    • Too crazy

    • Too Cage

      • Well played, Scorpio. Well played.

    • Anyone but Cage at this point. The guy turns in a decent performance from time to time, but lately it’s just been cheese on top of more cheese. I don’t want that for Iron Man.

      How about Jim Caviezel instead? I used to think he was the best choice for Iron Man/Tony Stark before Downey nailed it. Honestly, I would think he’s too old, but since Cage is 5 years older than him, I’ll get back on that bandwagon. Just not Cage…

    • Bradley Cooper over Cage any day.

  10. WHOA!!

    what a poster… definitely gonna get that on my wall!

  11. Is it just me, or are Stark’s eyes glowing ever so subtlety?

    • Reflecting off the reactor light…. But that’d be cool if they were due to the extremis in him

      • If he wasn’t leaning forward like he is, I would agree with you (unless the artist doesn’t understand light sourcing).

  12. This just looks awesome. This movie is going to rock!!

  13. As much as I’ve been loving the designs for most of the posters released so far, I can’t help but feel that some look like they’ve got way too much CGI. I mean, obviously some CG/Photoshop work is needed in any case, but the IM and IM2 posters at least like they had the actual actors get their pictures taken before post-processing. This poster looks like RDJ may not even have had to be there for the photo session.

    (Most of the other character posters don’t seem to have this problem, oddly enough I’m just perceiving this from the Stark ones)

    • What’s your point? The poster has what to do with the content of the movie?

      • Nah, seeing as we’re commenting on the posters as well as the movie itself, I just thought I’d give my two cents and see if anyone else thought so. This has always been one of my most anticipated movies of the year and the posters don’t change that (in fact they’ve only helped).

  14. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be IM2.

    • A decent movie let down by a horrendous final battle?

  15. I don’t want the actor being changed but if they do that after RDJ’s contract ends then I could see an IM4 with Nic Cage on it. But keep Platrow there.

    • Johnny Depp > Nic Cage

      • Johnny Depp sounds like a good option, haven’t think about it before. Nic Cage can play Batman instead

  16. There’s no need to reboot, just move forward with the story arcs,James Rhodes step in for one or two movies before recasting to get people used to seen someone elf in the Armor Suits.

    • There are no elves in Iron Man, bruh.

      • It is a shared Universe, Thor can let Tony have some elves.

      • i actually did laugh out loud.

  17. The movie is still not out and you are already talking about a reboot! I’m sure that RDJ will sign for more movies he is needed there. If he doesn’t then leave Tony Stark in the background for a while, he is the Iron Man we want to see. About Nicolas Cage there are still some role available like Ant-Man.

    • Nicolas Cage as a scientist? Are you sure?

  18. I don’t see how Guy Pearce can be just a “cameo” if his name is on the poster. He’s got to have a bigger role in this…

  19. I just performed a Manti Te’o and hugged myself… talk about a comic book feel. Can’t freakin wait dudes and dudettes!

  20. Awesome poster, I hope its available soon need to put one up in my room!! 😀

  21. [i]And how do you like the look of Tony’s “Extremis effect?”[/i]
    where is the extremist effect? All I see is water running off of tony….

    • Extremis effect = controlling the armors without actually wearing them.

      • I get that…. but I think he was trying to say that the armor was forming around him…. jmo…

  22. This looks EPIC.

  23. RDJ will always be Tony Stark/Iron Man to me. Idc if he’s 60 years old and still playing him. Will still watch it. Just like Sam Jackson as Nick Fury.

  24. Notice! Some semi confirmation of leaked concept art. Clockwise, I’m not sure what that suit is, looks like the Space Suit from leaked toys and concept art, possibly a stealth suit?, maybe a camouflage suit based on the hammer drone from IM2, looks like the Iron Legion Suit concept art, that appears to be Mark VI, that looks like Thorbuster armor or something made out of bones…

  25. Looking good, still hoping for my favs. However for replacing RDJ I still call a Time-Slip(if you dont know what that is ask), I am getting more and more excited

  26. anyone know were and when i can get this poster?

  27. Definitely my favourite IM3 poster so far! It looks really badass and amazing. I LOVE the idea of the “Iron Legion”. Long before I heard any solid news abut IM3 I wads thinking that if I was Tony Stark I would build a whole team of suits I can control.

    Marvel is really doing a pretty damn good job at keeping me excited!! I cannot wait this movie!

  28. I can see this Iron Legion becoming the basis of Ultron’s army in Avengers 3…