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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and special guest Vic Holtreman as we review Iron Man 3, the first entry in Marvel Studios Phase Two, and discuss the movie’s connection to The Avengers shared universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 90 - ‘Iron Man 3′

We review Iron Man 3, the first entry in Marvel Studios Phase Two, and discuss the movie’s connection to The Avengers shared universe.

[0:00] Review: Iron Man 3 (read our full written review)

[42:52] Iron Man 3 SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion)

[2:00:02] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Vic Holtreman.



Next Week’s Review: The Great Gatsby

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Pain and Gain opening): Sal reports that several people tied for second-place with scores of 11 but RealChadSchultz came out victorious with a perfect score of 15!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • The Great Gatsby (2013) – 3,350+
  • Tyler Perry Presents Peeples – 2,000

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  1. Box office battle

    1. Iron man 3
    2. The great gatsby
    3. Tyler perry peeples
    4. Pain and gain
    5. 42
    10. Oz the great and powerful

  2. Am I really the only one that didnt like Iron Man 3??

    • Did you not listen to thr podcast?

    • NO! you are NOT alone…it was extraordinarily disappointing! what a pathetic excuse for the trilogy end! this is really Iron Man 4 (because of the Avengers ahahaha) and it was nowhere near the same level of the Avengers and did not continue the awesomeness in any way! how do you acknowledge the Avengers happening and then not use anything from it. The Bad @$$ness of it the friends (a.k.a THOR, HULK, etc), SHIELD???? come on??????

    • You will soon find that you are not alone. ;-)

    • You are not alone. This movie was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Terrible plot, jokes all around, action was MEH and the ending was just terrible.

    • Nope… But you are in the minority here. A very VOCAL minority at that.

  3. Here’s a question for Ben, Kofi, Rob, Ant, and Vic:

    Was the fact that there was no real “Phase 2″ setup the biggest disappointment for you guys? If it was just a regular standalone movie like Amazing Spider-Man would you have enjoyed it more?

    • Not at all, there didn’t need to be a phase 2 set up. It just needed to be a GOOD movie, lol. It failed miserably, for the folks who haven’t seen it: wait for it on dvd, honestly you’re not missing out on anything.

    • Nope, not for me anyway. I do think there are obvious issues with going fully standalone because it breaks certain logic (espec when it comes to the President and exploding house stuff) when S.H.I.E.L.D. has invested so much in Tony Stark.

      For me, the disappointments were in how Stark completes his journey. The final set piece was weak for as well and the villains/supporting characters (outside of Cheadle and Paltrow) were mishandled or wasted in some respects.

      I think there’s a happy medium to taking liberties from the books to tell a more original story, but not at the expense of key stories or elements of the Stark character and the shared universe.

    • I think my biggest problem was the it used the shared universe only when it wanted to – and then didn’t really do a very good job of covering its Phase 2 bases. That makes it seem more like a marketing ploy than this unique and interconnected experience.

    • Chris, I read your article on “Should Agent Coulson Live?” it was a good read, keep up the good work.

      • Thanks, Cash! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Eiffel 65 intro for the win!

    • Nice touch, right? Glad you liked it!

      • Between it showing up in Iron Man 3, the podcast, and that one Blake Griffin Kia commercial, it is permanently in my head for the next few weeks at least.

        Glad I think it’s catchy…

  5. I really don’t get all the hate for this movie. People complaining about too much Tony Stark and no Iron Man, its a Tony Stark story not an Iron Man story. Nobody complained about lack of Batman in Dark Knight Rises when that was supposed to be a Bruce Wayne story.
    The only big problem I had was the lack of references to Shield and the shared universe. The post credits scene was cool and funny but a little dissappointing because it did not lead to nothing. Yeah the Rebecca Hall character was waisted and Guy Pearce was not all that interesting. I got used to the Mandarin thing but its a movie. I don’t understand when people are saying this is nothing like the comic books. How many comic book movies this past decade has based itself soley on the books or a certain story arc without differenciating? The Dark Knight trilogy is little to nothing like the majority of the comic books. The Spider-Man trilogy did its own thing and was 2/3 amazing. Its a movie, its different than the books. This film is far superior than Iron Man 2. I dare say its ALMOST on par with Iron Man 1. This is definitely, in my humble opinion of course, the best third installment to any Marvel trilogy. Blade Trinity= Terrible, X-Men: The Last Stand= Terrible, Spider-Man 3= Terrible.
    I agree with you Ben, Iron Man 3, 3.5 out of 5.
    Box Office Battle
    1. Iron Man 3
    2. The Great Gatsby
    3. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples
    4. Pain and Gain
    5. 42
    10. Scary Movie 5

    • I definitely think 3.5 is fitting for the film – it’s a good enough movie and a LOT of viewers are enjoying it. That said, I do understand why people are disappointed but some of the outrage is a tad inflated, in my opinion.

  6. I fell in love with the person in this podcast that kept bashing the movie, he was so pissed about this movie, as am I. He’s completely spot on with everything he bashed.

    • I think you may be referring to Kofi.

    • Yeah, that was probably Kofi this time ;)

  7. Now that I’ve heard a good portion of the episode (got 30 minutes left at the time of this post), I have to agree with just about everything Kofi said. Especially the “films are not like comic books” bit near the end. Great points all around by everyone in this episode.

  8. Not sure who said it, but yeah ever since the fan backlash of IM3 all I’ve been hearing and reading is how Man of Steel is going to be so much better. I don’t think true fans of the Superman comics will be upset with the change in mythos that the film has as much as IM Comic fans were with IM3, because like Kofi said, this really wasn’t a story about Iron Man, it was about RDJ having fun and making jokes as Tony Stark. Man of Steel may change some plot threads, but at the heart of that movie it looks like it will be all about Superman and understanding the character from the comics.

    I’m kind of bummed that IM3 is going to rake in so much money cause it will validate Marvel and Disney churning out similar movies that have little to no heart from the comics for the sake of creating family friendly popcorn movies. My hope is that if MOS does justice to the character and what he represents in the source material, it will beat IM3 at the box office based off wom and critic reviews. I’m seriously hoping for a Dark Knight level movie here.

    • I’m VERY excited for ‘Man of Steel’ and, like you, am really hoping it lives up to expectations. That said, I’m worried that I’ll be disappointed – simply because my anticipation is so high. Seems like that burned a lot of Iron Man fans last week.

  9. I liked the movie. But there are problems.

    The action was good. The comedy was fine. Plot holes? Many.

    I wanted this to fit in with the MMU and kick off phase 2, but apparently Shane Black really wanted IM3 to be a stand alone movie……. and damn the continuity.

    I would have preferred more MMU references and solid continuity with the rest of the movies and the comics.

    The biggest plot hole for me was created by the “House Party” protocol that Tony used at the end where he called all his armors together to battle the extremis soldiers. That was all very exciting…… But if he could do that all along, then why didn’t he tell Jarvis to initiate the House Party during the helicopter attack when the Mandarin took out Stark’s house in Malibu?


    • I walked out of the movie feeling like it was pretty solid – and then the plot holes definitely started to eat away at me. Moment to moment I think it’s good but, agreed, problems for sure.

    • That’s a good point. Also, what happens afterward doesn’t make sense by any logic except for force some emotional closure which doesn’t quite make sense at the time.

  10. I’m with you, Ben. I really like Thor as well. I skipped it in the theater, because I never really liked the character, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally saw it at home and just for completeness’ sake. Now it’s in my Top 3 of Marvel movies (the other two being The Avengers and the first Iron Man, of course).

    I haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet, and I might wait for the home release again, because unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a 2D release and I absolutely will not watch it in 3D.

    • I saw thor 3 times in theaters was my gem of that year i loved it

      • Yeah, in hindsight I kina regret not having seen it in the theater. With its fish-out-of-water elements, the very comicbooky feel (I love Dutch Angles) and its light-hearted adventure story it had a really nice old-school vibe going on. You know, in the vein of 80s gems like The Last Starfighter or Starman, for example.

        • I like Thor much better on blu-ray or streaming than in the theater. I think mostly my bad theater experience stems from the fact that I used wear glasses so I had to wear the 3D glasses clumsily over them. Or maybe the 3D in Thor really was terrible in the first place. Anyway, I enjoy Thor much better at home and in 2D.

          • Oh it was thor’s 3d is one of the worst post conversions ive ever seen

    • There are some big action sequences that do look great on theater screen – but, based on your favorite Marvel films so far, I doubt this one will break your top 3.

  11. I’m with Ben on this one. The script is not as tight as it could have been and there are quite a few flaws if you examine the some of the logic or character motivation but honestly as a movie it was a pretty good fun movie. I don’t know what you are looking for in a Marvel movie, this isn’t The Godfather. For the record I think this is the best Iron man movie.

    • The action in this one is definitely pretty epic – and it’s a good story for sure. Though, as some of the other guys pointed out, there was probably a “better” Extremis/Mandarin story that could have been told.

      That said, I do think it was fun – as evidenced by the positive reception from a lot of casual filmgoers.

  12. Also regarding the kid, do you really want Tony Stark to have this cliche come to jesus meaning of Christmas Scrooge McDuck moment? He acted exactly like I expected him to, and was glad he did.

    • Exactly, I really enjoyed the kid interactions – it was very true to this version of the character. I liked that they didn’t hold back there.

  13. Oh man, I scared my roommates when the podcast started cause I was laughing so hard when the opening music started.

    • I wouldn’t allow the podcast to go up without that music!

    • Nailed it, right? I was pretty pleased with how that came out.

  14. I felt as disappointed with ‘Ironman 3′ as I did with ‘The Amazing Spiderman’. I agree 100% with Kofi Outlaw, I now can’t trust anything Marvel says going forward.
    “missed opportunities”, “plot holes”, “throw away characters”, “underwhelming” and those last comments about movies that you want to be awesome and end up not living up to the potential.-Listening to the podcast I’m puzzled at how this movie got a 3.5 rating.

    -2.0 at best!

    • they rip on every movie in the podcast, even if it gets good reviews. The point is that no movie is perfect.

      • They didn’t rip on the avengers they loved that movie.

        • Well mist movies, at least from when I started listening to the podcast.

          • They definently dont treat any film like perfection lol

        • Yes they loved the Avengers, but they definitely called out the flaws on that movie too. No movie is without sin.

          • Except the shawshank redemption…lol

            • Umm… except the Godfather II haha ;-)

      • It’s easy to find and discuss flaws because like you guys, we want every movie to be as best as possible and when they’re not or their are glaring issues, it’s easy to call them out :)

    • In fairness, the 3.5 is MY personal score, selected for the written review on the site – not the overall consensus of the rest of the podcast crew. My guess is that our average scores would put it at around a 3.

      Personally, I think 3.5 is still the right number and while people were disappointed with the choices that Marvel and Black made, overall it’s still an entertaining movie. It’s not perfect, not excellent, but I’d say as a summer blockbuster designed to be fun, it still good/very good.

      Still, I understand why others disagree. Just my opinion on this one.

  15. 1. Ironman 3
    2. Great gatsby
    3. Pain gain
    4. Tyler perry
    5. 42
    10. Oz

  16. I’m with Ben on the fact that I enjoyed the movie, but it had a lot of problems.

    Here are my problems with what they were saying in the podcast:

    1. People should automatically understand why the Avengers and Shield aren’t available. They all have separate missions to deal with. That may be cheap storytelling to some but it is what it is.

    2. People was sick of all of the setup to the Avengers in Iron Man 2 yet they wanted this movie to setup Phase II? Very hypocritical people!!

    3. I feel if you let marketing / promotion determine the tone for a movie, then you deserve to be disappointed.

    4. I’m kinda getting sick of people believing Nolan invented this story plot that the villain is not who we think he is, because he is not the only person to do that. Stop acting like that’s an original Nolan idea.

    What I do agree with the reviewers about:

    1. There was too much comedy in it. They definitely need to go just a bit darker in future Marvel movies.

    2. I personally didn’t like the twist, but it is not as bad as most hardcore fans are making it out to be. Sure it wasn’t super effective, and The Mandarin was wasted opportunity, but he can easily be brought back so I’m not as angry as most people are.

    3. I agree with Kofi saying that they treated the Extremis story-line terribly. Maya Hansen was wasted, and the virus was the reason why Tony was able to call the armor to him in the first place was missed dramatic opportunity.

    • It wasnt nolan’s idea but its the most frequent and effective use of that trick.

    • I definitely think the Extremis storyline is actually the worst misfire of the film – far worse than the Mandarin twist. I’m not sure the Mandarin twist was particularly effective but it was an admirable attempt. That said, the Extremis stuff just didn’t develop into anything particularly interesting – and was a MUCH cooler idea and richer evolution of the character in the comics.

  17. See I disagree with you completely with some of the criticism. I loved the movie.

    In the sense of a comic book movie, it is a one-off. It is a way for the character of Tony Stark to really develop more as a character and get into a place where the studio can leave him for awhile (or change actors) and have him come back in avengers without any additional character development. Tony needs to deal with the fact that he almost died fighting an alien invasion and that someone, like phil, he knew and had spent time with died(?).

    I really enjoyed how they let him breath a little bit. It didn’t need to jam a bunch of set up for the Avengers into it like Iron man 2. They gave better insight into Tony as a character, his relationship with Pepper and Rhode. They are the core of this film and it rightly focused on them and their relationships.

    As a super hero film, I would put this up with some of the Donner Superman films. When you boil down the story to it’s bare essentials, it is just a good old fashioned Saturday morning cartoon episode.

    My biggest problem with the last two films has to be Favreau and his style. I do not understand why people like him as a director or as an actor. The editing in the last two films is sloppy and really pulls me out of the films. I could never tell what anyone ever said, whereas with Avengers and Iron Man 3 I knew exactly what was said and the point behind it.

    I also think is says something about Favreau as a person (or any director for that matter) when he inserts himself into the film in a significant way. Normally when a director is in a film, it is normally just a passing shot or cameo. Outside of Tarentino, they never have lines (especially in a SUMMER BLOCK BUSTER) that really effect the course of the film.

    I do agree with you about the marketing, it was bullsh*t. It gave too much away. Shane Black and the producers, unlike JJ Abrams, don’t have the ability to push back against the people cutting the trailers. It shows that it is not in the end, their product. It is Marvel’s and they want to show as much as possible to draw in every person to see this film.

    • it shows in the end, that is is not their product but Marvel’s. And marvel wants as many people in as many seats as possible.*

    • I agree with a lot of your points for sure – and definitely do think this was a good attempt at a more personal journey for Tony Stark. Though, it is true that, as a superhero film, I can understand why people expected more of the superhero character (not just the man) to be featured in the film. In the written review, I actually address that point specifically, that digging into Tony is welcome but, at times, it steals a bit from Iron Man.

      As for the standalone point. I mentioned it before on here but, I don’t disagree, we should be able to separate it from The Avengers and follow one character BUT the film constantly reminds you of the shared universe without really developing those ideas or making them. The “panic attacks” are the worst part of the film and really don’t go anywhere – they’re shoe-horned in to make the audience sympathetic to what Stark experienced in The Avengers but they don’t really develop that idea to make it anything more than Phase One fallout.

  18. I think you guys need to rewatch ironman and avengers if you thought this was too comedic…

    • The first half of IM1 was pretty serious compared to the tone of this film.

      • Id agree, the avengers was equally as comedic in my opinion.

    • I think the reason the comedy stood out here was because they kept stressing the darker tone. So it made for some very awkward shifts in tone. In that way, the comedy bits stood out more than in The Avengers, to me.

  19. Hey, I could be totally wrong on this but was the guy from the first film who was in the cave with Tony in the 1999 part of the movie? For a sexond it looked like he made a brief cameo… Great podcast as usual guys, keep up the good work.

    • I noticed that guy too, I thought it might have been tied to the ten rings thing initially but it went nowhere

    • Good eye. I’d need to see it again to be sure. Didn’t catch that the first time.

  20. I got so excited when I heard the blue song play during the marvel studios screen. Nice change from acdc lol

    I mean I’m with Ben. I really enjoyed thought it was a good film though it had its flaws for sure but I mean like every film. The mandarin twist was a little weak for me. But I didn’t grow reading iron man I grew up reading Thor spiderman and superman and xmen but I’m a huge iron man movie fan an of course of comic book movies in general and in particular the MCU.

    I mean everyone else has pretty much said all there is to say but

    The COOLEST scene in the movie was every scene pepper was in. She really got to shine this time and I would hope if there is a 4th or she shows up in avenges 2 she dons the RESCUE suit. Buy the house scene with her awesome.

    Cheadle is always a. Joy to watch he loves his roles and it shows. Hopefully he gets a chance to be in a avengers film.

    • I’d actually love to see Cheadle take over for a bit. I know it’s probably blasphemy to a lot of readers but I wouldn’t even mind having him take a prominent role in The Avengers 2. Especially if they can’t get RDJ’s contract sorted out.

  21. Kofi comment that if fox released a film like this then people will go crazy. But the marvel name is a powerful name. Many directors or companies get away with mediocre films

    • Definitely, I think that’s Kofi’s point. It’s going to be interesting to see how people feel about Marvel Studios 5 years from now – will fans still think they can do no wrong? Especially now that Ghost Rider, Punisher, etc. are back with them.

  22. Absolutely loved it. Tied with the Avengers but still not as good as IM1. Loved the twist. Absolutely loved it. I’ve always been a Mandarin-hater since his introduction. He was a ridiculously lame “arc-villain” in my opinion so I was just delighted to see him portrayed as the joke that he really was in the comics. Besides, Killian (in this movie at least) was quite a menacing bad ass villain who actually f–ked Tony’s world up. Loved the humor. Loved the buddy-cop moments. Loved the McGuyver moments. Loved the twist. Loved Pepper kickin ass at the end. Just LOVED it!

    • I thought it was pretty good as well. Then again, I’m not a huge fan of the Ironman comics, and I didn’t go into the film expecting with high expectations. I do agree that the film has flaws, but they weren’t enough to ruin the film for me.

      • Haha yeah exactly. Funny thing is I was noticing the flaws as they were happening before my eyes, but I was like “oh well f–k it! I’m havin’ a blast!” Haha.

    • Glad you had so much fun Al! This is why I think some people are being a little too hard on the film. It’s divisive for sure but there’s a lot to enjoy – even if some elements didn’t work for everyone.

      • Thanks Ben. I do understand how this movie was very polarizing and divisive in many ways, but it all just “worked” for me for some reason. I don’t recall who said it at the end (Rob or Vic), but yeah, I found it harder to re-watch The Avengers (an I LOOOVED The Avengers) than it was to re-watch Thor or IM2 even. I dunno it was just wierd that way and I can see myself having more fun re-watching IM3 over Avengers as well. Just can’t explain why. Hmm…

  23. Only half way threw the podcast and Kofi is killing me. lol

  24. What I found disappointing was Guy Pearce’s lack of fire breathing! After that initial scene I completely expected that power to come back again in the final battle.

    • Right? We totally forgot to talk about that on the podcast. So weird. Just… so weird.

  25. 1 – Iron Man 3
    2 – The Great Gatsby
    3 – Tyler Perry Presents Peeples
    4 – 42
    5 – Pain & Gain
    10 – The Big Wedding

  26. In a way, I compare Iron Man 3 to the Star Wars prequels. Sure there are gaping plot-holes and multiple other problems with the prequel movies, but the things I love about Star Wars can still be found in them. I can plop in any of those movies in and still enjoy them. Iron Man 3 also got rid of some of the problems people had with the earlier Marvel movies, namely that it’s not another origin story and the hero doesn’t just fight an evil version of himself at the end.

    • Yep. That was my reasoning too. I never expected this one to be Dark Knight-caliber in terms of story but I do think it’s fun. And, like you, I was relieved that it wasn’t just suit vs. suit brawls throughout.

  27. I think I’m with Ben in that I was “Entertained” but the plot holes aren’t easily ignored. I believe it was Rob that said that this movie does a great job of entertaining you with what are suppose to be set pieces & comedy bits but when you make a mess out of the story for cheap laughs, their can be no suspension of disbelief. To borrow a phrase from the Usual Suspects, “The greatest trick Marvel ever pulled was making making me think I was going to an Iron Man Movie”.

    I guess as a fan of the comics the thing that really bothers me is the complete bastardization of the Extremis story line for the sake of some laughs & blowing stuff up(MICHAEL BAY does it better). They didn’t really have to change the source material to make a fun movie it would’ve been a good to great movie if they kept some of the Extremis Virus story line intact. I still don’t really like Don Cheadle as Rhodey & I agree with Kofi he is the worst wingman ever.

    SIDE NOTE: What about the fact that Air Force 1 is crashing down in the background but theirs no possible way that it could crash and kill other people?

    I think Thor & Cap 2 are safe as far as getting the Iron Man 3 treatment because they brought in the Russo Brother & Alan Taylor, they come from the TV side of things and what they know how to do is mimic a style because when you work on TV episodes so many people are coming in & out of directing they know how to keep continuity. So they know how to keep the same elements of a previously told story, which I hope is true because the first Thor & Cap I enjoyed.

    • I had the same thought about Air Force 1? Did the plane stabilize though? I can’t remember if Air Force 1 was still capable of flight – and the issue was the people got sucked out if it.

      I’m really hoping Thor 2 delivers. As mentioned, it’s my favorite Phase One film – and, now that the character is established, it could be really fun to jump back in that world.

      • I remember specifically seeing Air Force 1 continue to go down and there’s even an explosion from it while it’s crashing down I thought Iron Man was going to circle back to do something about it but I guess he was too busy playing Barrel of Monkeys.

        I enjoy re-watching Thor more than any other Phase 1 film & I think it’s because of Chris Hemsworth portrayal of Thor and I hope that Alan Taylor brings some special to Thor 2. Here’s hoping Jane bites it more Warriors Three, and way more of Lady Sif.

        I’m surprised Tony wouldn’t bag on Rhodey’s Iron Patriot paint job and basically say that he stole it from Cap, that’s totally something Tony would do but I guess a fun reference from Tony about the Avengers might elicit a “Panic”.

  28. While I liked the film and feel you guys had your own expectations for the film you didnt get, I do understand the “twist” is very divisive and will split people and fans. The “twist” makes the film very logical and believable whilst fans probably wanted more from the mandarin and his powers. I also wanted a bigger fight in the finale with the armors, but I also know there is a budget and limiting the armors couldve helped.

    Also I feel there is and will be an arms race between all superhero films now in who is willing to delve deeper into their comic roots and make them realistic. Those who make them more real and believable and those that are more comic but still believable.
    But if you go too far in either direction, you could get a movie thats too realistic, or a movie that just nonsense.

    • It’s an interesting point about the balance between superhero films and how they have to be careful about hitting either extreme. I think that’s definitely true with the Marvel characters – since they are a bit lighter (not a bad thing) in tone that something like Batman. It’s tricky for sure.

  29. Great podcast, nice to hear vic’s input. I kind of agree with everyone, if that’s possible.

    spoiler, sort of.
    I kept waiting for the final battle of Iron man vs mandarin, Tony having to switch suits to adapt to the different power of each ring, going from flame to ice to dark matter beams to hypnobeams, it would be like the comics… a mad evil asian megalomaniac with cosmic power, (hello? cosmic? like in, mandarin watched the new york battle and salvaged some cosmic device which he used to fashion the rings maybe?)

    and he was cool, eastern garb, discipline, and those rings were impressive… heck, this is the guy who arraged for the hand to brainwash betsy braddock and turned her into the assassin ninja version of psylocke! Mandarin doesn’t mess around, he has a deeprooted hatred of the west and of tony stark as the symbol of that.

    we got none of that, and even after the twist I kept waiting for the double twist. Nope.

    • I think youd like ironman armored adventures if you want that.

    • I would have even liked for him to actually have to use different suits for different purposes in the final battle. I.e. my example with the Igor suit. It would have been cooler if he actually had ownership in some of those moments, calling the RIGHT suit for a specific job and then hopping out of it. That would have also allowed us to see more of the suits – and how each one of them was specialized.