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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and special guest Vic Holtreman as we review Iron Man 3, the first entry in Marvel Studios Phase Two, and discuss the movie’s connection to The Avengers shared universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 90 – ‘Iron Man 3′

We review Iron Man 3, the first entry in Marvel Studios Phase Two, and discuss the movie’s connection to The Avengers shared universe.

[0:00] Review: Iron Man 3 (read our full written review)

[42:52] Iron Man 3 SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion)

[2:00:02] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Vic Holtreman.

Next Week’s Review: The Great Gatsby

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Pain and Gain opening): Sal reports that several people tied for second-place with scores of 11 but RealChadSchultz came out victorious with a perfect score of 15!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • The Great Gatsby (2013) – 3,350+
  • Tyler Perry Presents Peeples – 2,000

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  1. I thought the movie was okay when I was watching it but the the more I think of it now, the more I realize it really isn’t a good movie. Everything Kofi said was spot on. Also, after seeing the movie, I decided to relook at all the marketing of the film, it’s hilarious ! IT IS COMPLET BS !!

    • That was how I felt (to a lesser degree). I really enjoyed it in the theater but afterwards the holes started to jump out at me – and I had trouble connecting all the dots or feeling like key elements delivered their intended payoff.

    • Whats even more hilarious is how in the real worldso many are unable to see this same kind of con game play out right in front of them. The IM3 marketing was brillliant because it showed how thru the proper marketing of something its possible to make the majority of the public believe something that isn’t real. After all why would we question the truthfulness of the movies trailers/marketing right? We assume that the movie studio is not going to outright BS us so why would we supsect anything. Same thing in reality. So long as most believe something and are unwilling to take a second look its easy to make the masses believe something that is totally fabricated.

      As far as the villians motivation goes, its money and power. This too is halrioous to me because not only is the movie showing you blantant lying but its giving you the real motivation and so many still don’t get it.

  2. I don’t understand the need to see cap or shield in the film the bombs all over the world wasn’t that big to need the avengers so them not showing up made since to me

    • I didn’t NEED to see them – and frankly I didn’t want to see them. I did want to focus on Tony Stark. That said, I don’t think the film does a very good job of explaining why they’re not there. The shared universe is tricky and, right now, it feels more like a marketing gimmick than something that Marvel can successfully manage/justify.

      Still, it’s a learning curve for them I’m sure. Finding the right balance can’t be easy – especially since ‘Iron Man 2′ got so much flack for having too much Avengers build up.

    • They don’t need to be in it, but there’s a logic gap to it not being explained when his house is totaled and he’s thought dead.

      • On the other hand; Shield knew about “the circumstances of [Tony’s] escape” as quoted by agent coulson in the first movie. So if they can spot an iron man suit in the middle east they can certainly identify one flying towards tenessee.

        Also I think shield might have figured out fairly fast who the manderin was or deemed him unworthy of active attention. Especially since I expect Cap 2 to happen around the same period of time. Who knows, maybe a week before christmas Peter Quill arrived, timetraveling from 2045.

  3. I think something isn’t right with the mobile version of Screenrant. Today I just wanted to check on some comments for the podcast when I realized that something just gobbled up 50MB of my monthly 300MB data volume limit. I reckon the podcast must have begun downloading to my phone even though I didn’t press the play button.

    A similar issue happens with trailers like the one for Ender’s Game, which just start playing automatically, needlessly wasting bandwith and data volume. It’s certainly a bit of a nuisance when you like to go back to topics to check on new comments without wanting to watch or listen to all the content again. This happens with the Desktop version as well.

    • That’s a good point. I’m SURE that it’s because the podcast starts loading in the background before you click play. As for the trailers, they do autostart.

      I’ll pass that info on to the developer though – you raise a good point. I can see why that would be a problem.

      • Thank you. That would be great.

  4. kofi… booooooo on you

    • Haha! Kofi said he was ready to take the heat for his opinion on this one. He earned his stripes with his Green Lantern review!

  5. Interesting

  6. i agree extremis wasnt handled amazing, i disagree with rebecca hall, she created extremis, that was her purpose, i think its nice to have an epilogue for phase one, i honestly was expecting that. i didnt like the fact sheild wasnt apart of it it literally makes no sense. i also hated the christmas aspect, but thats shane black for you. but tonys story was a really good journey, and the action was pretty sweet. i liked the mandarin twist, the performances were pretty good. pepper was awesome, don cheadle was awesome when they used him, def underused, but all in all i liked it, not my favorite, but i liked it. and tony out of the suit for most of the movie was awesome.

    inthe comic leading up to iron man 3 ten rings got hold of his suit for a bit, and a.i.m redisigned the war machine suit into iron patriot

    he is a genius! thats tony thats his power his brain, not his suits, the fact that he can build the suits with a box of scraps in a cave!

  7. IM3 is definitely an…in-the-moment movie, I should say. The first time you watch it, all of IM3 comes off as good but not great.

    Then you take the time for things to sink in and you start to think, “Hey, maybe this isn’t as good as I think it is”

  8. In Man of Steel I trust, haven’t seen IM3 yet but after IM2, come on. Anyway Star Trek was my go to movie of the month.
    Imo I think Thor2 and CAmerica2 will be better than IM3, it’s that obvious.

  9. It’s very interesting to me that the movie reviewers on two other movie/geek sites that I follow really love Iron Man 3 and they go through the movie beat by beat in their podcasts giving legitimate reasons why they enjoyed most parts of the movie. I think the differences between their views and the guys’ views on Screen Rant are highly representative of how this movie has polarized fans of the comics and comicbook movies. Like with the Star Trek reboot, I don’t think the general moviegoing public will care that much about the criticisms coming from a small minority of fans and the controversy might even help IM’s box office take.

    I think that some of the hate for IM3 stems from people who have created a Marvel vs. DC competition in their minds and this already assures them that Man of Steel is going to win out. They are going to be naturally overcritical of Iron Man so that Man of Steel can seem better already.

  10. You guys nailed it. The movie was enjoyable, but they sacrificed what could have been exceptional storytelling for cheap gags that made everything smaller. Excellent podcast

  11. Great podcast. I enjoyed the movie as a standalone action film, and as the end of the Iron Man trilogy. It was fun watch, but the more I think about the connection to the shared Avengers universe, the worse I would rank it. In the theater, I loved it. It had great pacing with the action, funny moments, and kept my interest piqued.
    But then I left the theater and my brain turned back on. I can only hope that Tony’s remote controlled suits lead to something bigger in the Marvel universe…maybe Hank Pym uses that tech as a basis for Ultron. And they better explain that Nick Fury and Captain America were on a critical mission when Stark’s mansion was destroyed.
    I have to believe that Marvel has a long term plan…otherwise, why spend the boatload of money on Whedon to shepherd this universe? Check with me at the end of phase 2 to see if this movie improves in it’s ranking. But as of now, it is on the lower end of the Marvel movies…which is still higher than a lot of other movies out there.

    And thanks Vic for saying “Extremis” correctly!!

    1) Iron Man 3
    2) The Great Gatsby
    3) Peeples
    4) Pain and Gain
    5) Mud
    10) The Big Wedding

    • I was actually thinking the same thing maybe all the other movies will explain why Iron Man was so all alone but I think it’s kinda weird they would do that, it works in the comics tho, so why not just do it in the movies the makers may be thinking.
      The IM movies always have a way of been a prelude o sort.

  12. Box Office Battle

    1-Iron Man 3
    2- Great Gatsby
    3- Tyler Perry
    4- Pain and Gain
    5- 42

    10- Jurassic Park 3d

  13. im3 was pure B.S the action was ok the story was 100% crap i want my money bac it made all that money cuz of hype an it fell wayyyyy short it had so many holes the storyline was jus bad and the mandarin come on now really they made him so lame it was a horrible movie

  14. Really enjoyed watching IM3 but, even during the film and esp. with the post-cred scene, I was also disappointed by it’s lack of real connections to the marvel universe and teases for what’s to come.

    #1 Iron Man 3
    #2 The Great Gatsby
    #3 Peeples
    #4 Pain and Gain
    #5 42
    #10 Scary Movie 5

  15. 1 Iron Man 3
    2 The Great Gatsby
    3 Tyler Perry Peeples
    4 Pain and Gain
    5 42
    10 Oz

  16. I liked it a lot. I thought it really made it seem like Tony is “Iron Man,” including being the best in the suit. IMO there’s too much other people in the suit, but at least this made a case that his intelligence and ability to think on his feet makes him unique.

    I definitely don’t have high expectations for these films.

    Everyone is complaining about the non-connection to Phase 2 and the end credits scene doesn’t do much. It is fine. It kept us trained to keep watching.



    The movie’s production and filming started before the release (or around) of Avengers. They didn’t know that Avengers was going to be so popular. There’s no way they could have started with a script that assumed that it was following a 1.5 Billion hit.

    • Oh they 100% knew Avengers was their biggest movie :)

      • With a big helping of hindsight. Yes.

        I think everyone assumed it would be very successful, at least 500 million. As it turned out, it was so successful and widely viewed (even by people who had never seen any of the other movies), that they could easily build on that. But while they were hammering out the script and preparing to start filming, they couldn’t have known this. Once they did, there was only so much they could do. I agree that SHIELD was a mainstay of the first two movies, but I really didn’t care. If the Marvel Universe actually existed, I figure the planet would be destroyed in less than a week, so I’m willing to suspend my disbelief.

        I was not disappointed, but I didn’t have high expectations either. I was also expecting it to be more of an “Iron Man” movie, which were previously more “realityish” based. I think they managed to make a James Bond kind of movie, and also throw in some over-the-top fantastical stuff.

        What do we want? A series of movies that are essentially Avengers movies except in name? Like the comics might focus on only a few characters at a time, but they’re still under the Avengers title.

  17. MCU we hardly knew ye…..

  18. 1) Iron Man 3
    2) The Great Gatsby
    3) Peeples
    4) Pain and Gain
    5) 42
    10) The Big Wedding

    I loved Iron Man 3 , and if RDJ, and the end of IM3 kinda lends a great way too introduce the cinematic version of Civil War story line..

  19. 1. Iron man 3
    2. Gatsby
    3. Pain and Gain
    4. Peeps
    5. 42
    10. Scary movie 5

  20. is it me or does kofi and rob sound sound pretty similar???

  21. Thank you for your review, You saved me some money. Iron man 3 is now a rental.

    I hope they don’t mess up Captain America, He’s my favorite Marvel Character.

  22. You guys covered everything but why didn’t Pepper’s arm blow up when stark says clean slate? Her arm should have blown up…. plus the movie sucked so that would have made me laugh

  23. I’m a big fanboy of Robert Downey Jr and the IM movies …. I must say the movie didn’t reach up to my expectations in terms of Storyline /Plot .. New Characthers eg. Uhmm Sally.. Weak Villian Plot . Mandarin. I didn’t get it,That moment when he reached Tenesse . felt like I missed 10 -15 minutes, Felt like the movie ended too soon 130 mins.. a little bit of too much stuff blowing up .. …. Seeing the emotional side of Tony was good… and the action was pretty amazing . Every scene with Jarvis and the Suits were Awesome.. Tony out of the suit fighting was cool,I liked Rhody role in the movie…. Overall as a Big Fanboy of RDjr and IM franchise … It was a pretty cool Blockbuster …. my fave scene was with all the suits fighting Extremis uhh soliders…

    I must say the movie didn’t reach up to my expectations in terms of Storyline /Plot .. New Characthers eg. Uhmm Sally.Weak Villian Plot, Mandarin. I didn’t get it,That moment when he reached Tenesse . felt like I missed 10 -15 minutes, Felt like the movie ended too soon 130 mins. a little bit of too much stuff blowing up (Over the top) .. …. Seeing the emotional side of Tony was good… and the action was pretty amazing . Every scene with Jarvis and the Suits were Awesome.. Tony out of the suit fighting was cool,I liked Rhody role in the movie but he was still underused . Overall as a Big Fanboy of RDjr and IM franchise . It was a pretty cool Blockbuster (In the Moment experience) my fave scene was with all the suits fighting Extremis soliders
    ps.. Shane black didn’t do this movie justice.. wonder if Jon Fraveau directed with a little bit of the script what would’ve been the outcome “

  24. “I need a horse!” is a better joke than any joke from IM3 :/

  25. Iron Man 3 was a disgrace, they turned the main villain into CLOWN, just for the sake of comedy! I’m not even an Iron Man fan.
    I walked out of the theater angry for the first time ever