‘Iron Man 3′ TV Spots Reveal Pepper Potts in Action

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Most of the Iron Man 3 trailers and clips emphasize one scene where Tony Stark says he needs to protect “the one he cannot live without,” referring to the love of his life, Pepper Potts. In the latest Iron Man TV spot, we get two clear examples of what Stark is willing to do to protect Pepper.

Up until now, we’ve kept details surrounding Gwyneth Paltrow’s role in Iron Man 3 behind spoiler warnings, but Marvel Studios has now made an effort to show the world when Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige meant in saying Iron Man 3 is all about Pepper Potts.

A fan at Comic-Con last summer asked Feige, director Shane Black and the stars of Iron Man 3 if moviegoers would ever get to see Paltrow wear the RESCUE armor from Marvel Comics and the panel responded by saying everyone would love to see Pepper “kick a little ass” in her own suit. Now we know that the whole time they managed to keep straight-faced on the subject, knowing full well that Potts will be suiting up in the threequel.

The first of the two new TV spots feature Stark summoning the golden Mark XLII armor to Pepper as the house falls apart, and we get a shot of Pepper from inside the helmet. Lastly, the image we’ve seen for months of the armor crouching over Tony is not the sentient armor many speculated, but Pepper protecting him. Good of Marvel for keeping fans guessing all this time.

For fans following the marketing materials and our coverage of Iron Man 3 closely, Pepper’s armor has been common knowledge for quite some time. Her suiting up during the attack on Stark’s seaside mansion was revealed in the LEGO toy sets and leaked armor descriptions, later confirmed officially by Paltrow herself.








Paltrow also revealed that she’s involved in the final battle, an action sequence Feige claims is bigger than The Avengers.

Iron Man 3 Pepper Potts Mark 42 Armor Iron Man 3 TV Spots Reveal Pepper Potts in Action

For more details on new armor Pepper may get herself, read our unofficial Iron Man 3 armor guide.

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Stephanie Szostak, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

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  1. That’s the first time I’ve seen that #4 trailer. Watching the armor cover Pepper gave me goosebumps.
    I can’t wait for this movie..

    • I second that. I have voiced on this site several time that I was not a fan of Extremis. I take it back. I am now a fan. Goosebumps.

  2. was checking front page when i saw this, can you start making your iron man 3 article headers more spoiler free on the main page please, would’ve liked to be surprised to see her in a suit… thanks for that.

    • Is it a spoiler if it’s in the trailer?? You could’ve seen it on TV.

      • I didn’t see it on TV either. But why is this being spoiled by Marvel anyway?

    • Does it say: ” Pepper fighting in the armor”. Stop whining. Besides, this is a TV spot so you would probably see it soon.

    • We toyed with it for an hour, and have hidden all spoilers for months. We even opted to not mention it in the title, but this is a public aired TV commercial so it’s no longer in spoiler territory, as much as we know Mandarin is the villain.

      • And if we’re being extremely spoiler-conscious, the context for this first suit-up is NOT going to be spoiling her character’s arc in the film.

    • I didnt see it on tv either, is a spoiler for me as well.

  3. THanks for the spoiler pick

    • What spoiler? Are you on another planet? Even if you managed to miss a national TV ad, it’s been talked about all over the internet since the interviews last week.

      • WOW you consider The Kids Choice Awards NATIONAL TV??? OOOK then, well we all know what Ken spent his sunday MAXIN and RELAXIN too!!
        I always assumed you were an adult Ken but now I will make sure I treat you with a more childish attitude…. LOL

        • Don’t be such a little turd. Just because a TV ad played during some teen award show doesn’t mean it never played at any other time on TV. It’s a TV spot, they tend to play those all over.

          Seems like you’re the one who likes to be childish, not me. Try to talk like an adult & people might pay attention. You’ll have to stick with it to repair your reputation so be diligent.

          • much anger I sense in you!

            “Fear leads to anger..
            Anger leads to hate…
            Hate leads to suffering…..”

            • Helping him out by putting him in his place doesn’t mean I’m angry. I’m actually having fun watching some reruns on netfrix.

  4. Aw, come on Rob! That title-header pic was totally a spoiler!
    One of reasons I love SR is because you guys usually make sure to avoid spoiling things like this :(

    • Nah, it’s in the commercial so we agreed to go with it, since Marvel lifted the veil last week in interviews and over the weekend in TV ads.

  5. oh god no

  6. Look at Gweneth being all badass. I don’t know why, but I’m anticipating Thor II more than this. I guess it’s because Thor II is a little more mysterious than this movie. We knew what story was going to be told before they started shooting, but we only know a little about Thor II.

    • Its more mysterious now, after this is released thor news will come daily

  7. I’m starting to wonder if all of this info that has been coming out will spoil the overall movie I feel like I’ve have seen too much and I want to start covering my eyes to this day I think the biggest over share was from the last hulk movie the fight with blonsky was shown way in advance and it ended up being the best fight in that movie I felt like I watched the movie before it premiered.

    • That’s what Marvel is really smart about. Even at Comic-Con it felt like they unveiled a ton, but since then we’ve been blown away multiple times with unveils. Even now, with this being public knowledge, we haven’t even seen Savin yet, let alone Szostak’s character, etc.

      • True. But I am more concered about this one, since all of the action scenes…’connections’ and pacing seem to be foregone conclusions. Even the epic Air Force One scene has been detailed from beginning to end by now. :(

      • Marvel isn’t going to give away everything, or even the best stuff, they are way to smart for that. Just think, if this is what they have shown us, imagine what they haven’t!!!!!!

        Nice job Rob!
        Nice job Screen Rant!!!
        Keep up the good work!!

        • :)

  8. ’nuff said!

  9. Hmm now in the first trailer a suit (whom until now we assumed was sentient) definitely falls into the ocean (ensnared by cables) and then crushed (presumably) by the falling masion on the ocean floor. Does this mean she potentially dies?

    • Not at that moment, since she has revealed that she is in the final fight scene…

      • Interesting. Think i need to stop reading IM3 news. Wanna still be surprised when I actually watch thr movie lol

    • Stark sends the armor to her in the house, she rescues him, he then summons the armor to himself & after some action he gets pulled down into the water. It’s not Potts in the suit when we see it get yanked down by cables.

  10. In the end of the film, The Mandarin is revealed to be a pawn of his mentor. In steps Ra’s al Ghul

    “There are many forms of immortality”

    • maybe he Thano’s pawn or Loki’s???

    • Ra’s al Ghul is from the DC universe buddy. The Mandarin is Marvel, two completely seperate comic book companies and universes.

  11. And the tv spot nr.4 is blocked, I hate this s**t!

    • Try now!

  12. Regarding everyone talking spoilers, this is very comparable with the Helicarrier reveal for Avengers. If you watch any TV in the next month, you are going to be seeing this.

  13. Looks like Marvel messed up this morning and didn’t mean to release the first initial trailer. I watched it enough to be satisfied, but now everyone’s talking about Pepper Potts officially seen donning Iron Man armor and the reveal came as a mistake on Marvel’s part. Obviously, those familiar with the comics already know such a thing, and the actors themselves have already spoke on it. Seems as if Marvel wanted to build up to that hype closer to the release of the film.

    • That’s what it seems like from the YouTube takedowns but it’s WAY too late now to hide the knowledge.

      We’ve hidden the spoiler image for now, but like you said, in the next few weeks everyone will know that is coming.

      • Rob,
        Are you guys talking about the scene were Pepper is in the suit? that youtube took down? because if you search for iron man 3 tv spot “save” it pops up!!!
        If not then sorry just tryin to help, but it is there

        • WOW the “save” one is gone I was watching it just b4 I posted that…

          but i think they are coming down FAST NOW
          Who would have that info to release Rob???

          • We have another embed in there that’s working so shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know what’s with YouTube but a lot of the #4 ones were taken down. I don’t know if that’s because of Disney or because of YouTubers trying to monetize them.

            • eveytime I find one it isgone within 2 hours or so! I think marvel made some kind of error and are making them take the vids down…

              Rob, who would have this to elease? it is Marvels property I just assumed if it is released they wanted it to be, that is obviously not the case! But WHO gets that property early?

  14. Good ol’ screenrant, bazinga!

  15. What if the armor covered Batman? This is ponderous man, really ponderous!

    • It would only be good if it covered him for good……..

    • I played Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on Wii U. Unfortunately that armor didn’t let him fly :(

      • Was it any different on the Wii U? I lost everything when my brother deleted his account on my ps3 and i have the U but im still contemplating getting it

  16. I love it BUT WHRE CAN I FIND IT SO I CAN SEE IT????

  17. OMG that was amazing. I’m never been more excited to see a movie in my entirely life!!!

  18. This is like the nerd’s “awwww, that’s so sweet!!” moment… When the house is blowing up, instead of calling the suit to protect himself he calls it to protect Pepper Potts… :’)

  19. It would make sense if War Machine does not want to help or is busy Tony Stark will need all the help he can get if Iron Man is to defeat The Mandrin maybe she will be on the job to help with Thanos as well.

  20. this movies a rental AT BEST… i practically know the whole film now.

    • LOL …I know right !

  21. The armor covering up not Tony Stark but… Pepper Potts?? Now this is getting interesting. I haven’t seen a girl in a power-armor suit since the Anime “Iczelion” and found I was missing that.
    First the Iron Legion, and now this. This started off as a “Wait ’till it’s on the Movie Network” to a “Definitely a good rental” to a “maybe in theaters if finance permit” This is shaping up to be one kick*ss summer!!

  22. Just hope one of Mandarin’s rings is not a can-opener! I will say, however, that I would prefer a mandarin flying around zapping everything in sight with his magical or tech rings (whichever), and duking it out man to man against Iron Man. Still, this looks great, and I will be first in line as usual I am sure to buy the DVD! One guaranteed sale already, Marvel!!

  23. Why complain about spoilers, If you come to a website like this, your going to get them if you click on the link or even if you read the title. If you dont want to know, then dont come to a website that has info on a movie you want to watch. Just saying.

  24. Looks like when Tony’s sending the armor he’s in the dark outside, but when it’s encasing Pepper she’s in the exploding mansion in the sunlight…I wonder how she really gets into it? Looks like more misdirection there on Marvel’s part to hide something…or else they just didn’t have a good shot from that scene to show what was going on quickly I suppose. ^_^;

  25. thanks for ruining it for people who don’t watch tv

  26. I hate when movies give this much away before hand. It is annoying. Save the surprises for the movie.

    • Patrick and Ethan if your gonna whine about it WHY READ IT? you know if your at a site like screenrant your gonna get these kind of spoilers DONT POST IF ALL YOUR GONNA DO IS WHAAAAAAAAAA!!! about it!!

      maybe we can call 9Whaa Whaa to get you a Whambulance for cryin out loud