Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 5 2013

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May 5 Box Office Iron Man 3 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 5 2013

It’s the first box office wrap up of the summer movie season, and we already have a new 2nd highest grossing film of 2013.

No surprise here: Iron Man 3 (read our review) takes the number 1 spot with $175 million. It’s not as high as The Avengers‘ $207 million record-breaking opening weekend, but Iron Man 3‘s 3-day total is good enough for the number 2 spot.

Despite a substantial amount of fan backlash over the film’s many surprises (feel free to sound off on those in our Iron Man 3 spoilers discussion), the power of Tony Stark continues to shine. Marvel upped the film’s budget in an effort to make a “bigger” film, and they have been justly rewarded with a very big box office return.

Iron Man 3 has also been killing it overseas – the film opened last weekend in select international markets – and is up to $504 million in foreign grosses, which brings its worldwide total up to $680 million. As of right now, the film is looking at somewhere in the vicinity of $1.3 billion worldwide when all is said and done.

Pain & Gain comes in at number 2 with $7 million. Michael Bay’s first low budget film in…forever has grossed $33 million over two weeks, which puts it on track to be one of the director’s weakest performing films.

In at number 3 is 42 with $6 million. The Jackie Robinson biopic continues to hold a spot in the top 3 after four weeks, and has grossed $78 million in the process.

Oblivion is the number 4 film this weekend with $5 million. Though the film has grossed a very respectable $75 million over three weeks, it has raked in a whopping $146 million overseas.

Rounding out the top 5 is The Croods with $4.2 million. At one point, The Croods was this year’s number 2 highest grossing film with $168 million, but all that changed in one fell swoop thanks to Iron Man 3. Still, number 3 isn’t bad.

Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 5 2013

The Big Wedding takes the number 6 spot this weekend with $3.8 million. The R rated ensemble comedy has made $14 million in its first two weeks, which isn’t bad considering it had very little marketing. Unfortunately, the film cost $35 million to make.

The coming-of-age film Mud was able to crack the top 10 this weekend, coming in at number 7 with $2.1 million. The film, which stars Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon, had a higher per screen average ($3,733) than every other film in the top 10 except Iron Man 3. Mud’s domestic total is now up to $5 million.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Oz the Great and Powerful jumps up to the number 8 spot with $1.8 million, which is small potatoes considering the film has already banked $228 million domestically, and $484 million worldwide.

Scary Movie 5 comes in at number 9 with $1.4 million, which brings its domestic total up to $29 million. The future of this once very profitable franchise is obviously in question, especially considering this particular entry cost $20 million to make.

And rounding out the top 10 is The Place Beyond the Pines with $1.29 million. The film has finally surpassed its $15 million budget and is now up to $18 million in domestic grosses.

Outside the top 10: The Iceman (read our review) opened with $93,000 on only 4 screens for a per screen average of $23,275. Here’s a chance to see Michael Shannon in a villainous role prior to Man of Steel.

[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates – based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, May 6th – at which time we’ll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. a shame IM3 did so well b/c they’ll just keep on making s****y hero movies and think money = good movie >:(

    thor 2 looks like a pile of melodramatic bs as well and one can only hope that cap2 is more consistent then #1.

    hopefully superman is what the trailer makes it out to be (unlike im3).

    • DC Fanboy much?

      • No I think you mean tell the truth much. Obviously your reaction is one of a marvel fanboi. IM3 sucked end of story.

        • Jwalka and Cyborg6971 suck. End of story.

      • It’s true though, these Marvel movies have had some great action scenes but nothing really beyond that except some cheap laughs.

    • I agree, IM3 is a shame and I will forever regret seeing it in theaters.

      • And I will forever regret reading you whiny post.

        • *your

          • Why’d you bother replying back to it if it was whiny lol it’s my OPINION kid, move along.

            • See, I’m STILL regretting it! :p

              • Too Bad 😉

                • No one cares about your opinion.

                  • No one cares about you, end of story. Anyone has a right to speak their opinions, I don’t care if you don’t agree with it. It’s mine. If you have your own opinion I won’t be childish and tell you “no one cares about your opinion” that’s being immature.

                    • Everyone has a right to their opinion but not everyone will care for it, especially when you just say “IM3 is a shame.” I’m just stating a fact that 95% of the voices on the Internet (including mine) don’t matter because 85%-90% of those voices just complain about everything.

    • oh, so this is how its turning out. marvel universe is going to get haters cause it blew DCs batman and will destroy man of steel…

      im3 was a great movie and the best im movie…

      oh look, its you. the biggest hater of anything on this site. -_- get a life guy…

      • JESUS CHRIST. Iron Man 3 was a great movie, because it had substance and depth. The only reason why people are complaining is because of the Madarin’s depiction in this film. People need to understand that the Madarin is one of the most stereotypical and racist villians in comic book history. They just flat out couldn’t get that across in the movie in today’s politically correct world. Marvel did a amazing job changing the way the Mandarin’s potrayal. Tony was barely in any suits in this installment. Which made it great, RDJ was able to give off his best performance as a battle damamged Tony Stark. This was a great film, and as soon as this thing breaks a billion worldwide, all the haters need to shut up.

        • That is b.s go to the spoiler discussion many people bring up logical reasons why IM3 wasnt for them. IMO the last half of the fim lost heart and was incoherent with its predecessors.

          • In IM3, the character of Tony Stark grew and moved on from the first two movies… you should try to do the same.

            • Ok..

            • Did he grow? Cause he seems like the exact same narcasistic man. I mean pepper fell to her presumable death and 2 seconds later he eas cracking jokes in the killion fight. I wont deny its an entertaining movie but i cant say its as great as IM1 or Thor

              • It was far better than Thor, the worst Phase 1 movie. I’d say it was equal to the first Iron Man.

                He grew in that he doesn’t need his suit as a crutch anymore and he grew in regards to his relationship with Pepper. He also moved on from his crippling heart injury thanks to a modified Extremis virus.

                • That has yet to be shown. Everything you described was thrown in at the last 5 minutes like a last minute tie lose ends. He didnt grow past his PTS it dissapeared which was a missed oppertunity. It was fun imo but thor to me was fun and a tighter narritive. Imo

                  • He grew past his PTSD when he was without his suit and he had to make due with gadgets and guile.

                    I shouldn’t have said Thor was “the worst”, I should’ve said “the weakest”. I liked Thor, especially after a second viewing, but it wasn’t a very good movie. The second will be much better I think.

                    • I just dont feel it would go that fast. Id lovd to see him have anxiety attacks when tied to the bed or in the final fight while someone talks him down like pepper. I felt thr ptsd was a throw away. I do think thor 2 looks great tho

              • I hated that in the movie. Tony thinks Pepper died in that fall into a giant fireball. Then literally the next moment his armour falls apart before it reaches him for a cheap laugh and he makes a quip about it. There was nothing realistic or any sign of Stark’s character “growing” in the whole movie.

                His flipping suits fell apart at the slightest collision with anything etc… They wasted soooo many oppurtunities in this movie it is unreal.

                If the film really was THAT good, then I wouldn’t have been disappointed.

          • My biggest problem with the film is that there were no connections made to the ten rings terrorist group that played a part in IM1 and
            IM2. Part of me wonders if Shane Black even did research to see what he could connect to those movies.

            • I don’t remember a 10 rings reference in IM2.

              Black connected it when Aldrich Killian said he was the Mandarin the “whole time”. Which means it was him who was behind the kidnapping of Stark in the first IM.

              • Ultimately… the one thing that REALLY bothered me about the Mandarin twist wasn’t the twist itself, just the fact that this globally promoted film made sure that he was taking sips of a Budweiser during the “big reveal.”

                • Yeah, I can see how that can be annoying… especially since that is one of the worst beers made.

                  But Marvel is in the business of making money, and I suppose it’s a necessary evil in today’s ultra-corporate environment. Even in the past, I mean look at Blade Runner!

      • @Daffy
        Only because more people will agree with youroopinion doesnt make it a fact, kid. And please; speak for yourself don’t mind what other people think. If you don’t like my OPINION and bash on it I’m pretty sure that makes a you Troll.

        • @Statler
          First off, please show me when and where I said a movie sucked? If you don’t know what you’re talking about please make sure you don’t make a fool out of yourself by making assumptions.

          • “IM3 is a shame and I will forever regret seeing it in theaters.”

            There you go fool.

    • The superman movie looks like crap. Not a big surprise tho since Zack Snyder is directing it.

  2. Wow, i was surprised at how well IM3 did. I expected it to do better than IM2 but not by this much. Though, i guess this is really considered a follow up to the Avenger and not IM2 so that is why. But it also looks like it could beat The Avengers international take which is quite surprising.

    • I was surprised too, I was searching Iron Man 3 on Wikipedia earlier today and it said it already made 600 million, figured it was just a mistake but guess it’s true! It’s great though, from what I’ve been hearing it’s a good film.

      Been dying to see Place Beyond the Pines and really interested in Iceman, just started watching some films Michael Shannon is involved with. Started with Premium Rush and found he was superb in it!

  3. Ironman 3 was a big disappointment from a comic book adaptation perspective but as general movie it was okay.I agree with all the fanboy bash, the reason why anybody got exited for the film is because of the comics and animations that created such beloved characters and stories. To be honest BANE, come to think about is a far much better adaptation that this joke called the MANDARIN!. Marvel got corky because of the AVENGERS success and thought they could do wtf they wanted. If everyone in the world was a comic book fan this movie wouldn’t have made so much money. Unfortunately MAN OF STEEL which i think would be a correct adaptation of the comics with a few liberties taken, it still wont make as much money as this sh*tty movie

    • MOS won’t make as much, it’ll make more. IM3 will taper off with the word of mouth. And if MOS is as good as the trailers make it out to be that will be the do not miss blockbuster IM3 should have been.

      • cause they re imagined a character… ultimate mandarin in a computer!… i guess nolans trilogy is a massive slap in the face too, it has nothing to do ith the comics.

        go read a comic…

        • I’ve been reading comics since the mid eighties what does that have to do with a mediocre im3 film. Which judging by your screen name is about a decade longer than you’ve been in this rock.

      • MOS looks stupid from the trailers they have shown.

    • +1

      • -1

    • cause they re imagined a character… FFS! ultimate mandarin in a computer!… i guess nolans trilogy is a massive slap in the face too, it has nothing to do ith the comics.

    • Hey I agree with everything you just said. The movie was weak and I’m a fanboy big time Marvel and DC so I look forward to seeing their movies. It barely held my interest the first half of the movie and the twist I almost walked out the theater but I remembered how much I paid for my tickets and food lol all that being said. Yes Bane was far better than the Mandarin, that shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion and I feel as though MOS will surprise a lot of people and be good it won’t make the money but it will have substance to their story and good action. I’m excited for it….I was for IM3 as well but damn Marvel drops the ball on all their 3rd movies Spidey 3, X-Men 3, now Iron Man. Movie was some cut lol

    • @movystar

      maybe Man of Steel won’t make a lot of money because it looks like a crap film.

  4. I swear most of the people on these forums hate fun. I can’t remember a time when general negativity was so high. Iron Man 3 is great. I think a lot of people hype themselves up to a point where they can’t possibly be satisfied.

    This supposed Marvel vs DC thing is getting on my nerves too. Don’t most people love both?
    Prometheus, that was a gorgeous looking, fun scary time yeah?

    • THe hate is filtering down from politics into everyday life, unfortunately.

  5. Iron Man 3 was a good film. What is everyone complaining about?
    If they’d made a straight up shot for shot film of the Extremis storyline in the 6 part comic all you nerds would complain that there was nothing new.

    The films are their own entity set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which means they can shake things up, change things, not just churn out remakes like Man of Steel or ST Into Darkness.

    • MOS is a reboot to set up the DC cinematic universe. So it was needed. And IM3 wasn’t that good. My expectations didn’t ruin it, the film ruined it. I didn’t care about the twist, it was trying too hard to be serious and a humor ruined that.
      All the people defending this film and trying to explain how good it was are the ones who need to get over it. It’s all opinion. And it seems that more people’s opinion of the film was it wasn’t good. And the one’s screaming the loudest are the defenders of it. Saying stuff like “didn’t you pay attention” or “wasn’t it obvious”. Those types of remarks are insulting and if the filmmakers did they’re job they shouldn’t be uttered.

      • 5500 people polled on the spoilers thread. +60% gave it 4 or 5 stars. That puts you in the vocal minority. But you are entitled to your opinion. Please be clear though that it is mostly well received, contrary to your claim above. 77% on rotten tomatoes also says it’s sitting well with critics

        • Go see the user reviews on IMBD. And rotten tomatoes means jack squat.

          • You mean the user reviews which, on average, rank the film at 7.8/10?

            You really should’ve checked that before hand…

          • No it doesn’t.

              • sorry I was replying to cyborg! i’m on your side!

              • Thats a C+ which is good but my mother wouldnt be happy of it was my grade lol its not a top tier film but its well above average and a solid phase 2 start

                • I think whoever started applying the grade school lettering system to movies is a dumb @$$ (not you). IMO movies just don’t work by the same system.

                • @Mark Bartlett: Sorry, this comments system makes things confusing…

                  @Trey: Uh… considering the 250th highest rated film on IMDB only has 7.9/10, I’d say that it ranks slightly higher than a C+.

        • Oh, and while your at it go to any comic site. Comicvine or ing. If you dare.

          • I regularly visit those sites. You’re just further proving my point. Comics readers (myself among them) are the passionate vocal minority. The vast vast majority of people who will see this film have zero familiarity with the source material. Fans moaning on a comic website? That’s such a huge shock! I usually find most comics ‘fans’ on forums hate most comics as much as they hate movies! This film is going to earn 1.3 billion box office so deal with it

            • I’ll deal with it making money if you, and all with type opinion can deal with the fact this is a sub par film. The venom spewed by the lovers of this film is ridiculous. And this to me had nothing to do about DC vs marvel, cause I like both. And yes I read comic. I’ve been reading them since the mid eighties. The maderian twist doesn’t bother me, what does is people who think they’re opinion is truth. So stop trying to convince us that this was a good film that lived up to its hype. It’s just as disappointing as dark Knight rises, just not done as well.

              • But the Dark Knight Rises was excellent. How can somebody be spitting venom in defensive admiration? That doesn’t make any sense. All I’m saying is that you’re entitled to your opinion, but please respect the following and understand that you DO NOT speak for the majority:-

                IMDB has rated it 7.8 from 86,000 users
                Rotten Tomatoes has it scored at 77% Fresh (this covers the major critic consensus)
                It has a B cinescore
                Of Screenrant’s poll of 5500 users, +60% graded the film either 4 or 5 stars, with a further +10% at 3 stars (still good).

                I don’t have an issue with you not liking the film. It’s a free country, but you have absolutely no basis to claim that it’s been poorly received. Genre fans posting their opinions on forums (myself included) do not represent a significant percentage of the movie going public. As well as that the more passionate fans tend to have the most to say (right or wrong).

                It’s ok to consider IRON MAN 3 a disappointment or a failure based on your personal tastes but at least admit that it has been well received by most.

                What did you want from this film? What recent blockbusters have you enjoyed? I’m genuinely curious to know

                • The last blockbusters for me was dkr, avengers. I was a little disappointed with dkr but not as much as im3. I hope mos and Thor make up for it.
                  I can’t argue the scores given but they’ve don’t add up to what the reviewers are saying, at least in imbd. I went through over ten pages and they were ripping it apart

                  • Cyborg6971, shut up. People can say IM3, Avengers, DKR etc. are great movies. Since you and others like to bash so much then it’s ok for others to talk how great the movies are.

      • @cyborg6971

        “All the people defending this film and trying to explain how good it was are the ones who need to get over it. It’s all opinion.”

        Yet your bashing the movie and saying it sucks to anyone who likes it. I thought it’s a matter of opinion. You should get over it, hypocrite.

      • missiles could have been stealthy, also, there were loads of news helecopters around so he may not have been able to pick up on it. also, how could jarvis know what is happening? you dont know if jarvis could do that.

        mark 42 is a prototype, it was said numerous times during the film

        dont understand what youre saying.

        he used them all cause he saw all the emtremis soldiers begin their attack. really… -_-

        shane is a fantastic director and this is the best iron man movie… seriously there is nothing wrong with it. i bet you say TDKR is perfect -_-

      • And you have ruined the English language.

        • I know my English not only bad, it is worst . English is not my language.

          But I think u target my English because u have no answer of these question.

          Without answer of these question more then half movie is meaning less.

          • Grewal, one could pick apart any and all comic book movies as they’re known to have gaping plot holes. IM3 is no different. One has to go into a comic book movie knowing that.

            BTW, Black handled the $h!t out of that blockbuster movie, just look at the numbers (ask Jeff if you need help with the numbers).

            • I know plot hole for CBM is common.

              I am IM fan . I not read any IM comic before IM3, not familiar with any villain. But I like Iron man movies.
              I watch Avenger only because IM is in this movie.

              IM3 and MOS are my most anticipated movie. I know making perfect movie is almost impossible. But plot hole of this movie make all things meaning less.

              It sound right ,cool and put more depth to story if he call for back up when his home is attacked and Jarvis replied “Sir, all suit are offline. They take 15 minute to come online”. Or any thing which look great.

              killien show that Pepper is inject with extrimes and after few minute Tony crack joke about suit arriving. Everything for Tony fight is near to death and he cracking joke?

              In avengers Conversation of Tony and banner or Tony and Cap put so much depth in character.
              But conversation of Maya and Tony is lack that depth.
              It is good movie but I Expecting great movie. A movie with comedy , action and some emotions.
              Because Tony have heart.

              • Fair points, and I will apologize for making the crack about your English.

                My only comment will be about Stark making jokes. I think he does that because, much like Spider-Man, that’s how he handles stressful situations. Not exactly in-line with the comics, but that characteristic has been on display consistently throughout the trilogy and The Avengers.

    • As someone who doesn’t read comic books, I really disliked the movie. For me, it didn’t have anything to do with how faithful it was to the comics…It just didn’t really go anywhere, or do anything for me. It felt forced, convoluted, and empty.

      However, I’m willing to admit that I’m not really the film’s target audience. I knew from the first trailer (and really, from the moment I walked out of The Avengers thinking “That was really good, but I don’t really care where any of these characters go from here”) that it wasn’t going to be my thing. As such, I don’t really want to take away from anyone else’s enjoyment of the movie, and understand that others felt differently than I did.

      • goes to say how he doesnt read comics them complains about how its not like the comics -_-

        mate, read extremis, its like the comics. marvel at least tries to do it as much like the comics as possible unlike DC… nolan batman is nothing like the comic and tony does more detective work in im3 than bruce does in the whole movie.

        explain how this feels forced, empty and convoluted cause youre talking outta you *** if you think it does

        • Way to attack someone without properly reading his comment. “For me, it didnt have anything to do with how faithful it was to the comics” key word didnt. He wasnt at all saying it was the reason he didnt like it. He gave his reasons

  6. Does everybody enjoy spitting this much venom? Whether you agree with some of the more controversial plot elements or not, it’s difficult to argue against it being a competently made and entertaining blockbuster.

    People need to try to start celebrating the things they love instead of just relentlessly trashing everything all the time. It’s exhausting

  7. Iron Man 3 was weird, crazy, and completely not what I expected and I loved it :)

  8. Here, is how I sum up Iron Man 3.

    If a Movie, despite it flaws, makes my son smile, laugh and enjoy a good time. Then it is a good movie.

    Auggie is a tough critic for a 9 year old. He loved Iron Man 3. Good enough for me. I enjoyed Iron Man 3 myself.

    • what flaws?

      • The Mandarin thing.

        Was a flaw.

        • Maybe to you, but not to the other BILLION or so people who enjoyed it. I’ve been reading comics for 30 years and I really liked it, probably because I couldn’t give a $h!t about the Mandarin as a character and therefore didn’t get all butt-hurt over the bait and switch.

          Bring on Thor.

          • @FilthPig

            What part of Iron Man 3 that I enjoyed did you not understand?

            The Flaw was the Mandarin.

            And to the other Billion other people?

            Think about that. Movie made 175 Million in its opening weekend. So I doubt a Billion people saw it.

          • @FILTHpig

            You have been reading Comic Books for over 30 years. Yet you cannot read a post where I clearly stated.


            So something has to be amiss here?

            Want me to blow the BILLION People who enjoyed it out of the water for you, because I am part of that “Billion” people.

            So lets go with the average price of a ticket at 9.00 a pop, that about 19.4 Million people, which would translate to about little less than 2% of a billion people.

            • Jesus Jeff, obviously a “billion” people was an exaggeration, which is why it was all caps, lol.

              My point being that while the biggest complaint was the Mandarin not being similar to his comic book origin, it wasn’t a comic book, it was a movie and people need to see and embrace the difference.

                • It wasn’t a flaw to me, and I enjoyed the movie. Like you, I also gave it 4/5 stars… not sure how we have the same rating but then again I’m not as good at math as you 😉

                  • Because you only read 3/4 of a post!


          • Lol @Filthpig yess finally, Mandarin is a terrible villain in the comics. Just a brutal caricature of every negative stereotype you can use. I’m amazed alot of people are so offended about how he was “portrayed”. i thought it was great.

          • iron man 3 sucked big time

        • Definately a flaw for me. There were other continuity problems I had as well. But even though I was disappointed, I would still give the movie 3/5, which isn’t bad.

          • @Kahless.

            I said, I enjoyed the movie, despite the inherent flaws with the Mandarin.

            I gave it 4 out 5 stars personally.

        • how was it a flaw? the mandarin was a computer in ultimates… the mandarin was great, he was not the villain. did you watch TDKR? i guess you hate bane too huh, he nothing like the comics.

          this film was never intended to have mandarin as the villain. the extremis and aldrich were the villain.

          the mandarin was a figure, he was not a man. but a phenomenon. they wanted to make people fear him. aldrich wanted to have a way out.

          • by having him as an actor

            • Why are you bringing up TDKR in every comment? Do you have issues with that film? Is it a personal thing? Cause your comments are getting thrown away from every discussion because you arent discussing what happened your living in last years films

              • its called comparing you dumb ****

                • But you bring it up when nobody else did. Nobody said i love the dkr bane but hate the manderin you just assume since he didnt like the manderim portratal he loved banes.

                  • actually, i never said he liked bane. i said i guess… there is a difference.

  9. It’s just a movie, get over it. I enjoyed it for the action, the humor and a great story. It outshined the second Ironman by far. Just sit back and enjoy a movie and not over anylize it. Comic book movies are never going to be 100% the same as the comic books. It would cost a fortune to make them as the books portray them.

  10. I couldn’t stop yawning through the last half an hour of the Dark Knight Rises and yet I love long, paced films like the Godfather, the Deer Hunter, Apocalyse Now and the Assassination of Jesse James. I enjoyed the Avengers because it made me laugh and I have never read a comic in my life. I have yet to see IM3 but nothing here has deterred me. I may go and see Superman if the reviews are very good, but the rest of my non-filmgeek family have no interest in a comic book film that takes itself too seriously – that is why Marvel rules the boxoffice.

  11. IM3 was a very good movie, go see it with (or without) the kids.

    People need to get over the fact that it doesn’t follow the comics precisely. This is the Marvel MOVIE universe, which is different than the comic universe. If you don’t like it, don’t watch movies and read the comics instead. I, on the other hand, can separate the two will continue to enjoy both.

    • Exactly!

    • +100000

  12. IM3s opening weeknd is truly amazing when all things considered. I was expecting around 130 -140 mil tops. Like everyone has pointed out, it latched on to the great reaction and goodwill generated from The Avengers, but in all fairness it still would’ve been a huge hit especially with the boost in 3D sales and the fact that the franchise is prrety much now crticproof.

    It now looks like it will get to a billion worldwide gross probably in the next 2-3 weeks time is incredible. It’s another great sign of Marvel’s continually shrewd strategy in term of move release schedules and marketing.

    Stil we will need to see how Thor performs later in November to show how great the Marvel cinematic universe is and if Phase 2 is truly a success. IM3 was always going to be big, but if The Dark World is massive as well, then it will confim that Marvel are light years ahead of DC in terms of movie translations. It just makes one imagine how colossal Avengers 2 will be in a couple of years time.

    Man of Steel may be big, but certainly no where as big as this.

    • I thinks Thor TDW will continue Marvel’s dominance and as a result trolls will continue trollin’… I can’t wait for November!

      • Y’know this statement makes YOU a troll, right?

        • By pointing out that when Thor does well, the trolls will respond by doing what they do best? Nope, that wasn’t inflammatory in any way. Just a fact.

    • Even the first Thor movie did very good internationally, only the US reception was a little tentative, but now that the Avengers helped people to get to know Thor and the fact that the TDW trailer is playing right before IM3 is a very good start for marketing.

      We’ll see, but I’m pretty sure TDW will do well in November :)

      Marvel is very smart about marketing, so I’m sure the trailers and everything will get people hyped for the new Thor movie. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  13. Oh god, I knew people would complain, I just knew it.

    Here’s my two cents: MCU is Earth-199999, it is based upon the comics, but it’s not exactly the same. It’s not even based on Earth-616, the main continuity, but the Ultimate comics.

    Everyone should accept that they WILL change events/characters/plotlines in order to not just repeat what everyone already read in the comics.

    It’s considered a parallel reality from the comics, a separate dimension. It doesn’t have to follow everything to the latter and it won’t. Some like it some don’t.

    Hating on a movie because you think it changed too much from the comic version is not a good enough reason for hissing poison at everyone who liked it.

    If you have other reasons for no liking the movie, then you have your right for your opinion. But you still shouldn’t go around calling people names ust because they disagree with you.

    And for the love of god, stop with the DC vs Marvel wank, you sound like five-year-olds arguing about who has the better shovel and bucket in the sandbox. It’s so damn ridiculous.

    We all love comic book movies, we love one or both, it doesn’t matter. It’s subjective taste. Grow up and agree to disagree, jeez.

    • +1

      People are weird.

  14. I’m not surprised that Pain & Gain doesn’t do well. By now almost everbody must be familiar with what passes for humor in Michael Bay movies these days. The only thing that made his type of humor bearable were long bouts of incredible and absolutely spectacular action (I call it Military & Destruction porn). Enter Pain & Gain, a movie that is stripped of all that mindblowing action and that is reduced to what Bay is worst at: characters and humor. Who’s supposed to watch that?

    • @TheLostWinchester

      Ladies Movie Night was Saturday.

      My Wife,My Mom, 3 Daughters, 5 Sisters went and saw Pain and Gain.

      For Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie in spandex lifting weights and flexing muscle.


      • I bet that movie moistened a BILLION panties 😉

        • You couldn’t be more wrong. That movie will appeal to gay men and straight wannabes. Women are far more subtle – give us Mr Darcy in a wet shirt anyday of the week. The reason Black Widow nd Hawkeye got nominations for best couple, despite minimal screen time and no touching, was because women tend to find subtlty and suggestion a huge turn on; our minds are far sexier than what generally appears on screen.

          • I would hope so. People don’t get sarcasm on the internet, it was a joke.

            • Sorry, I didn’t read the first posting carefully enough. Also I am so used to being told that Mark Whalberg and Dwayne Johnson are sexy that I was beginning to think I was the only one going urgh? Anthony Mackie gets a pass.

              • :)

          • Seriously, you galls are all nuts.

            I was working on a female brainwash video that showed images of me working out and lifting really heavy Cobra stuff… yet when I tried to show the brainwash material all female attention was directed at Zartan trying to fix the photo-copier.

            • @Dr Mindbender


              But what is Zartan fixed the copier as you?

        • @FILTHpig

          I good, I only need to worry about wife. Mom, Daughters and Sisters I could care less about their panties!

  15. Wow people are getting hostile. 60% Plus percent you are in the minority grr….. if you hated the twist your a nerd, if you love it your a marvel fan boy. Seriously people? Both sides are rediculous you either liked it or you didnt. No other names are needed

  16. Also anyone who is still brining up nolans batman should really rethink their comments. Saying that if you liked nolans batman that is the reason you hated ironman 3. They have nothing to do with each other besides the genre. People need to accept that IM3 is an extremely split film. Imdb isnt a good representation nor is rotten tomato. Read comments in various places its split. Obvioisly
    People were going to see it the first week. Lets
    see if it holds number 1 over gatsby

    • +1

  17. If it gets 1.3 billion it would only be because of the huge momentum it got from Avengers and the powerful marketing, including the super bowl trailer. This movie was a joke, a parody of the real iron man franchise.

    The only thing awesome about this movie was the trailers. I don’t see why Marvel changed the style and lost repeat viewers and DVD sales.

    Thor 2 should have gotten the May spot since it looks to be promising.

    • Ill be interested to see how it does next weekend. Marvel films usually dont have huge dropoffs this may due to its spliy nature and the release of gatsby. Leo sells tickets.

    • Not a parody, a retelling. Just like the Ultimate version was a different take on the original, and the Marvel Now version is different again.

      You went into the movie expecting everything to stay the same, and you were wrong. My advice would be to get over your misconceptions and just enjoy the ride.

      • The trailer only dissapointed me with itste it looked to be an emotionally gripping tale that tone backed the comedy. Which was sucked when i got into the film. I enjoyed the comedy but i never felt sad/worried or tense. Even when pepper fell cause i knew she wouldnt die due to the virus

    • I think Dude’s post was a joke.

  18. I considered Iron Man 2 to be the worst phase one movie of the series. Iron Man 3 is better than that but not as good as other phase one films (I never saw The Incredible Hulk).

  19. @ COREY_1993

    You keep asking for examples of flaws. I for one don’t think the Mandarin twist was a flaw, not compared to the ACTUAL STORY-TELLING FLAWS.

    – the kid hands Tony a paper and proclaim’s “You’re dead.” A few minutes later, the kid asks Tony what his name is??? How the *@^# did editing not catch that?

    – Tony calls out the Mandarin with home address and everything and is somehow completely unprepared and can only defend himself with prototype stuff.

    – he’s tony freaking stark, the most recognized face on the planet, but we have to buy into the “fish out of water without his resources” schtick which all can be resolved by a simple phone-call.

    – Tony goes “black ops” when it turns out in the end sequence that he had access to his suits the entire time.

    – The biggest “continuity” flaw- Tony gets the shrapnel out by a guy with pliers. Whatever “advanced technology” gets hinted at, in the end, it’s still just a guy with pliers. This completely spits in the face of the previous movie, where Tony’s only hope is to CREATE A NEW ELEMENT.

    Look, I’m not saying this kind of stuff makes the movie bad, but it does keep me from calling it great. The good stuff does balance the bad, and in the end it is a fun movie… but nothing more. I hope the rest of phase 2 doesn’t focus on marketing before story telling.

  20. After IM3 first trailer and 40 suit rumor. I imagine a scene in my mind.

    I think all suit is like mark 42. And all get destroyed in final fight. Tony have no suit left but villain is alive and stand at front of Tony.
    Then a different part of different suit is assemble on Tony and make a new suit. Look odd and cool at same time.

    I know this thought is childish. But until I see mark 42 is unique during the movie, I have strong feeling that it going to happen in movie.

  21. Can people be objective please!!! IM3 was descent! nothing mind-blowing! I am tired of all the DC or Marvel Biases! The objective viewer without any bias will realize that the movie was ok, a solid B- in my opinion!