‘Iron Man 3′ to Start Filming in North Carolina in June 2012

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iron man 3 shooting location Iron Man 3 to Start Filming in North Carolina in June 2012

Iron Man will join the ranks of the superhero team The Avengers next summer, but the Old Shellhead isn’t giving up his role as a solo star just yet. According to new reports, just a month after The Avengers hits theaters, filming is set to begin on Iron Man 3.

The movie, which will be helmed by Shane Black, is reportedly scheduled to begin filming in June of next year in Wilmington, North Carolina. North Carolina beat out Michigan to attract the multimillion dollar production to several sound stages at Wilmington’s Screen Gems Studios.

Latino Review originally shared the scoop on the filming location, with the Detroit Free Press confirming the news in its own report. According to the Detroit Free Press, Marvel decided to film in North Carolina after the state made a better offer, giving up $20 million in tax incentives to land the high-profile project.

Michigan originally offered $13 million in incentives, before provisionally raising the bid to $20 million pending legislative approval. Marvel, not interested in waiting for approval that might not have come, moved forward with Wilmington.

For a while, Michigan was Hollywood’s go-to location for filming thanks to the state’s impressive tax incentive program. Under the direction of new legislators and a new governor, however, the state recently scaled back on offering these incentives, making it much less attractive to Hollywood studios.

'Iron Man 3' director Shane Black

In fact, this is the second time that the state of Michigan has lost out on a high-profile Marvel project thanks to the state’s policy changes. The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan also had a chance to play host to The Avengers, but lost the project to Ohio (making it a double slap in the face to Michigan citizens).

While the state, which currently has the third-highest unemployment in the country, lost a chance to add some jobs with the two Marvel projects, not all is lost. Currently, Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful is filming in Michigan.

Source: Latino Review and Detroit Free Press

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  1. Sucks that John Farvou wont be the Director for Iron Man 3..I heard rumors that he would reprise his role as Happy in Iron man 3, as well as the Mangeron forgot his name as the villian with the 5 rings

    • Lol @ “The Mangeron”. Nice!!!

    • He will reprise his role as Hogan, that wasn´t a rumor.

  2. I believe that’s the Mandarin and he has 10 rings.

    • He does have 10, from ice to fire, to black energy to white, he has it all… if done right, he would be the best bad guy in Iron Man movies, since whiplash basicly only got in one fight with stark and it was in the middle of the movie, if done correctly (i can only hope), the mandarin would be the best villian in marvel movies imo…

  3. Please excuse the last post I mean John Favreau wont be the Director for Iron Man 3 =( and the Villian’s name is The Mandarin and actually has 10 rings not 5 as I mentioned before..I just hope the movie turns out better than the last one..I thought Iron Man 2 was kind of Rushed maybe thats why John Favreau turned down the part for Iron Man 3 but i herd he would reprise his role as Happy

    • “I thought Iron Man 2 was kind of Rushed” — it wasn’t rushed, it was filled with nonsense, and if they had removed the nonsense it would have had more time for plot development…

      But it wasn’t rushed (most people said it was boring).

  4. The mandarin

    • hi now as film raone shahrukh khan king khan hiiiiiii Rahul sharma agra

  5. That wud be cool of favreau if he did reprise his role….

  6. Practically in my neighborhood… well, 450 miles or so lol.

  7. I’m very excited for this film. I loved “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and so I have full confidence that Shane Black can bring something unique and fun to the franchise. To be honest, I kinda hope they don’t use The Mandarin as the villain because I just can’t see him being translated well to film. Having said that, I thought “Thor” would be disappointing – ended up being my favourite of the Marvel Universe films (I have yet to see “Captain America: The First Avenger”).

    On a different topic: @ScreenRant – I’m kinda finding these photo galleries lame to be honest. It seems to be like you basically browsed the internet and found a couple of random pictures relating to the topic. With the “Transformers” gallery you have some photos on there twice and even three times. That’s just my opinion, I’m sure there are plenty of people who are enjoying them :)

    • Where did you hear RDJ was signed on for 4 movies?
      As far as I know, it’s the standard 9 picture deal contract…

      • Ive actually heard somethinh similar. I read an interview with RDJ awhile back where he said hes doing Avengers and then IM3, then after that he has to re-negotiate his contract to continue.

        • Well, this is very distressing indeed… :(
          I hope RDJ will sign on for more movies if this is the case.
          Marvel can’t afford to let him go — one of the main reasons why I’m exited about the Avengers is because I want to see Tony Stark again (he’s such an awesome character and RDJ plays the part perfectly)

            • Wouldn’t that mean his contract runs out after “The Avengers”? Remember he has appeared in three films already – “Iron Man”, “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man 2″ and Samuel L. Jackson is quoted as saying that those small cameos do in fact count towards their contracts. I’m not saying your source is wrong or anything, but I distinctly remember reading that Downey Jr. was signed on for nine films (and this was before the release of “Iron Man”), as is Samuel L. Jackson (of which he has already done four), Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth both signed a six picture deal. Not too sure about the rest of the cast.

              • That’s what I thought as well…
                I was actually just about to comment on the fact that RDJ appeared in TIH.
                Maybe he wasn’t contracted for that cameo though? (It could have been a “freelance” cameo or something 😉 — I dunno).

                But this doesn’t really matter anyways: knowing RDJ, I’m sure he’ll be game for more Marvel movies. He KNOWS that Iron Man changed his life, and he has said (multiple times) how grateful he is to be a part of these projects.
                So even if he was only signed on for 4 films, I’m 99% sure he’s as AWESOME as we all think he is and that he won’t disappoint us.

                • Yeah, I definitely think Downey Jr. will be the main source of comedy in “The Avengers”. I can see some sort of jealousy coming from him towards Captain America and Thor since they are a war hero and a god respectively. I’m interested to see if War Machine will be in “The Avengers”, does anyone know anything on that? If not, how will they explain his absence in “Iron Man 3″? I can also see Tony Stark making some smart remarks about he is the only member with a real girlfriend.

                  • Kevin Feige said that Stark has some issues with Cap, because his father told him what a great guy Cap was for the better half of Tony´s youth. So he´s kinda annoyed by him. I´m looking forward how that´s gonna play out.

                  • War Machine won’t be in the Avengers.

                    He’s a military guy, so he’s probably off somewhere in the Middle East stopping terrorists.

                    Remember, War Machine was almost never in the (premier) Avengers team.
                    I don’t get why people are expecting to see him in the movie…

          • I agree, it would suck pretty bad… Im confident tho, that hell continue you on and do at least a couple more movies. Like you said Marvel cant afford to lose him, especially so far into the series. At this point im pretty sure they would and should give him whatever he wants

  8. Ehhh…I’ll wait to see it on basic cable.

  9. Shane Black directing this makes me excited. The second film was disappointing but on DVD I find much in there to enjoy.

    • I know, the IM2 Blu-Ray disc is packed full of goodies.

      The “SHIELD data vault”,
      All the behind the scenes features,
      the director’s commentary,
      plus all the hidden Howard Stark clips…


  10. Okay… I don’t live in the States, so can you guys tell me what’s going on in North Carolina that makes it a good place to shoot?
    I.e. is it a desert area or more of a “woodland” area? (Or will they just be shooting in a studio)

    The reason I ask is because when a movie is shot on location, it usually gives an indication towards where the movie takes place (for instance: when they shot Iron Man in New Mexico – which is a desert area – it appeared to be like Afghanistan)

    • no deserts. woods and mountains and beaches.

    • “so can you guys tell me what’s going on in North Carolina that makes it a good place to shoot?”

      About a 7 million dollar difference.


      They both have large cities and ‘woods’ so there is nothing really different from a 100 mile above fly by. So it would really be difficult to say other then 7 million dollars.

    • Generally, the reason for shooting in any place (unless it has a climate or other geographical things that don’t exist in another practical location) is money. That’s the case here as well.

      That said, I’m a North Carolinian and the state has mountains in the west, hills and plains in the middle, and a beautiful coastal area in the east.

  11. I think they already HAD a version of the Mandarin in the first Iron Man movie. Because he is a character that would be hard to translate to film, it looks to me like the terrorist leader that captured Tony Stark was a watered-down version of the Mandarin. No, he wasn’t Asian, but how can it be coincidental that his organization was called “Ten Rings”?

    • If that was there version of the Mandarin then FAIL

    • Dude, that wasn’t the Mandarin 😉
      Yes, there was a guy in charge of a DIVISION of the Ten Rings, but that doesn’t mean that that guy was the Mandarin…

      • But he did have one of those rings that the mandarin uses, you can see him with it on thoughout the movie, so if hes not the mandarin (marvel may change his origin for this movie) mandarin still needs that one ring, I believe it was the red one that shoots fire…

        • Yes, the guy had a ring, but it looked nothing like the Mandarin’s rings IMO…

          • Im almost positive that it was the ring of fire. Not because I kno by looking lol but because I read somewhere that Faverau was hinting at it. Originally he wanted Mandarin in Iron Man but was inspired by Batman Brgins and coincidentally Shane Black to make it more realistic. This was all suppose to gradually lead into the Mandarin but The Avengers came into the fold.

          • In one of the deleted scenes of Iron Man 1, Jarvis acts as Stark´s mailbox, telling him that he missed a call by the Mandarin. So I guess Favreau planned to portray the Mandarin as a business rival, comparable to Justin Hammer.

  12. So with the Mandarin can we expect Fin Fang Foom?

    How ridiculous would that be? – a 2000ft tall green dragon vs tiny tiny Iron Man.

    Well, I take it back it would be less ridiculous than that horrible Iron Man 2.

  13. Just hope that this will be better then iron man 2

  14. So will Don Cheadle return as War Machine? He doesn’t seem to be in the Avengers.

    If Iron Man has to face Mandarin and possibly Fin Fang Foom as well, Rhodey would be a big help.

    all in all, I’m looking forward to IM3 and it redeeming the franchise after the inconsistant IM2.

    • Don Cheadle isn’t going to be in The Avengers (which is good since the War Machine was almost never part of the team in the comics), but he will return for IM3 (it’s been confirmed).
      Whether or not he will have a big part in the movie or only a cameo, is still unknown.

      I’m like 90% sure Fin Fang Foom won’t be in IM3 since Black said that IM3 will deal with more “real world villains” (I believe Splinter Cell was used as an example?), plus, Fin Fang Foom is such a ridiculous character (not just the name), but the entire idea of a dragon in a franchise (the IM franchise) that’s mainly about tech? It would never work.

      • War Machine was a Westcoast Avenger, wasn´t he?

        • For a while I think, but we’re talking about the PREMIER Avengers team (the main team/the one being made into a movie).

          • Well, maybe War Machine wasn´t an Avenger, but Rhodey was when he acted as Iron Man. But that´s just nitpicking. :)

  15. @TheAvenger

    I tried replying to your earlier post but it wouldnt let me for some reason

    But ive actually heard something similar regarding RDJ contract with Marvel. I read an interview with him awhile back where he said hes doing Avengers and then IM3, then after that he has to re-negotiate his contract to continue.

  16. Nm I guess it did post… And now its there twice…

  17. I really hope 3 deals with his more inner turmoil, I feel like they have just been making stark a funny guy but dude…he is messed. up! Hopefully shield and cap will be involved and that could later turn into The Avengers 2: Civil War! My fanboy brain just exploded.

    • Your fanboy brain will be very disappointed after my next sentence. Civil War will never be adapted as a movie (at least not live action).

  18. After how Thor was handled from a non magical and rather technological perspective I just don’t see why it would be hard to translate the mandarin to screen. If people can buy to Infinity gautlet and its gems, how are mandarin’s rings really any different? Whther the Mandarin himself thinks of thrm as magic or not is fairly imaterial, he did find the rings in a crashed alien spaceship. Being ultra advanced tech and using the often used “any technology sufficiently advanced would be indistiguishable from magic” type line would be enough for me. Update the Mandarin’s look maybe, dont have him wear gaudy looking rings like hes a regect from a rap video and its would be cool.

    • Dude, I couldn’t agree with you more…

      If Marvel had the film rights to Dr. Doom, I would say “screw the Mandarin, give us Iron Man Vs. Doom!”

      • Ya this would make for such a good movie. The more I think about it the more i could see how well it could tie in with other properties and thr marvel movieverse as a whole. Mandarin is pretty much isolated to being an Iron Man villain. Doom is so much more

    • Fox no longer owns the rights to the FF franchise.

      • Really? wow, I had not hear of that. Last i heard Fox was talking a reboot of sorts to retain the rights. FF4 have never really been my thing but they to bring in alot of stuff that could easily be shared with the Avengers and the growing Marvel movieverse as a whole.

      • Actually Scapegoat, they still do.
        You must have heard/read incorrectly (or from an old source) because Fox is still planning a reboot.

        If the reboot doesn’t happen in the next 3 or 4 years though, THEN the rights revert back to Marvel. (But at this moment, Fox is still in control).

        Although, I’ll tell you, I can not WAIT for the day when Kevin Feige says “The rights to the Fantastic Four have finally reverted back to Marvel”

        • You´re right. I just did a quick research and found out that Marvel regained the rights for the Punisher. But what you said about 3-4 years isn´t true either. They have about one year until they get the rights back. Unless Fox releases another FF movie, which is highly doubtable in such a shor time.

          • Well… that is terrific news!

            • That is pretty great. I’m no insider by any means but can FoX prevent te rights to revert to Marvel provided they have a movie using the licences that is in “active development”. Believe I’ve read this in the past, so they don’t have to have a movir out by next year, they just have to greenlight the project into active dev. Have any of u ever heard of this or am I way off?

            • That is pretty great. I’m no insider by any means but can FoX prevent te rights to revert to Marvel provided they have a movie using the licences that is in “active development”. Believe I’ve read this in the past, so they don’t have to have a movie out by next year, they just have to greenlight the project into active dev. Have any of u ever heard of this or am I way off?

        • War machine won’t be in the Avengers.

          He’s a military guy, so he’s probably off somewhere in the Middle East stopping terrorists.

          Remember, War Machine was almost never in the (premier) Avengers team.
          I don’t get why people are expecting to see him in the movie…

          • Disregard this comment, it was supposed to be a reply to Maynard James comment further up on the comments page…

  19. Whoa!!! Its filming in my home town!!!! Too cool

  20. “Michigan originally offered $13 million in incentives, before provisionally raising the bid to $20 million pending legislative approval.”

    But, but…. I thought tax breaks and incentives for corporations were BAD. Oh, wait, it’s only bad if it’s for OTHER people and companies.

    A little something to keep in mind the next time some Hollywood gazillionaire like James Cameron or big bucks actor speaks out about taxes and fair share and all that crap.


    • !!!!!clapclapclapclapclapclap!!!!!

    • @ Vic

      I’m pretty sure most Hollywood celebrities are talking about individual taxes, and not tax incentives for businesses (e.g. corporate welfare). Those two are actually radically different concerns.

  21. Want to be a part of it… Any openings???

  22. I hear Hip hop legend Common will be taking Don Cheadle place as Rhodes.

  23. Hey! so i was wondering if there were possibly any minor parts i could play in the movie this summer. I dont know mabey just a line, that would be awsome! I am a 15 year old female and i love these movies, and i live conveniently to where this will be filmed.

  24. After witness easing the second Avengers trailer this morning, I think that Iron Man 3 is really gonna have to bring it. I don’t foresee how a fourth appearance in five years time, this time without his fellow Avengers, is going to arouse the same type of awe that it did back in 2008. That is, unless Marvel continues to open up their universe with new heroes and villains.

    Black Panther joining forces with Tony to battle a siege upon Wakanda by Klaw, Radioactive Man, and Hydra’s Baron Strucker would be visually stunning in a third chapter of this franchise. It would give T’Challa an instant invite into Avengers 2, opening the door for Giant Man and the Wasp as well.

    Since this may very well be Robert Downey, Jr.’s last time up at bat, he may as well knock it out of the park. We can just see Iron Man (mask on) interacting with the newest members of the group in Avengers 2. It’s an easy way to segue way into a new actor by the third film in 2018 or thereabouts.

  25. Hooray! I’m in North Carolina!