New ‘Iron Man 3′ Image Shows Battle-Damaged Tony Stark

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iron man main New Iron Man 3 Image Shows Battle Damaged Tony Stark

It looks like tough times are ahead for genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in his third solo adventure. We’ve been hearing for quite some time that writer/director Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 would include Stark’s greatest personal crisis since his kidnapping in Iron Man. Add to that the inclusion of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin (leader of the Ten Rings group alluded to in the first film), and our hero is in for his greatest challenge yet.

The latest Iron Man 3 image released by Marvel only serves to support the personal nature of the film’s plotline. See it for yourself below.



 New Iron Man 3 Image Shows Battle Damaged Tony Stark


The above photo certainly calls to mind the opening moment from the film’s trailer, which shows a worn-out Stark sprawled out on the snow, apparently after some epic battle. It’s possible that this scene (assuming, of course, that this still is even from that particular segment of the film) is part of the final battle, but it could also serve as a mid-film defeat for Iron Man, wherein he must then regroup to take on The Mandarin on his own terms.

Regardless of its context, this image underscores the darker (but not too serious) tone that fans are expecting from Iron Man 3 - especially in the wake of Stark’s bid for self-sacrifice in the final act of The Avengers. Notice in particular the somber, reflective expression on the hero’s face, as if he has just suffered some deep personal failure. Could this be following a top-secret character death, or perhaps the kidnapping of Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), as has been rumored?

As the Iron Man 3 trailer’s voice-over said, it indeed looks like “nothing’s been the same since New York,” at least where Stark is concerned. After the overall disappointment of Iron Man 2 and the phenomenal success of The Avengers, Iron Man 3 carries the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (“Phase Two”) on its shoulders. Thus far, it appears more than capable of handling that burden with ease.

Iron Man 3 blasts into theaters on May 3, 2013.

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  1. cough dark knight rises cough

    • …was a disappointing movie…

    • ^Cough not really cough^

      • cough cough cough

        • But seriously everything we have heard about this version of The Mandarin sounds like a mirror copy of Nolan’s Ra’s al Ghul. Since when was The Mandarin a false prophet?

          • how is the mandarin acting like a false prophet?
            from wikipedia: In religion, a prophet is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and to speak for them, serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people.

            where did this take place in the trailer? every time (nearly) there is an article about IM3, you bring up this weird comparison.

            • Obviously I didn’t mean in the religious sense. Duh lol. But this Mandarin is sending a message (like a prophet) that heroes aren’t who they say they are all because it serves his greater purpose, not because he may actually believe it. You get that from the trailer when he talks about his teachings being misconstrued as terrorism.

              Plus if you have read any of the interviews, they have stated similiar things about his chara ter and his faux message. Pearce has stated that his character is the brains, the other dude (Bones something) is the muscle and Kingsley is the mouthpiece. Hence, false prophet.

        • The Dark Knight was simply too good (practically flawless) for TDKR to live up to.

          Now for Iron Man 3, its predecessor was not so good, while the producers cant take many risks with this one, it leaves this film with a sense of hopefulness. Because Iron Man 2 wasn’t as good as Iron Man 1, Iron Man 3 will most likely wow us all with this new direction they are taking with Tony Stark. He will be grounded and more humbled by the end of this film. I expect great things. As should the rest of the fans of this genre of cinema.

        • You guys should see someone. I think you’re all coming down with something.

          • Oh crap! Is it contagiou- *COUGH*- us? NOOO-*COUGH*-OOOOO-*COUGH*-OOOO!!!

      • then how do you explain its multiple gapping plotholes?

        • Because he is (the god d*mn) Batman. Plus despite it’s faults (which are few) the films is so incredibly ambitious that it’s quite easy to over look it’s minor flaws. Yes, Talia’s death scene was weak and Bane’s death was a bit anti-climatic (even though it took two high powered cannons to stop him) the film is easily one of the best of the year and a fantasitc end to a spectacular trilogy. Bazinga!

          • You have to agree that TDK was too good for TDKR’s to match, right?

            • Well the great thing about the trilogy is thatthere three different type of films. A adventure film of self discovery, a crime thriller and a finally a war epic. Anyone who was looking for something TDK like was sure to be disappointed.

            • Even on its own merits TDKR was still disappointing, IMO. The only redeeming qualities was Anne Hatheway and Tom Hardy’s portrayols.

          • JUST THE LAME ENDING where batman was CLEARLT flying the “bat” with 5 seconds left before a nuclear explosion, other than that MAJOR PLOT HOLE i’d give it a 6 out of 10 not even close to TDK and almost as good as Batman begins! THIS MOVIE IM3 will BLOW TDKR out of the water almost like that nuclear explosion SHOULD have killed batman with him being anywhere within 7 miles of the blast, AT NO POINT was there any indication that he was flying anything but the “bat” at the 5 sec. mark… yes I know the auto pilot was fixed but that DOES NOT explain that last 20 sec of the film!!!
            +++++ this is an IM3 thread NOT THE DAMN DARK KNIGHT so please stop comparing every movie to that half assed movie, if you want to compare to a gREAT movie then at least go for the Avengers

            • You’re just upset that you only have one GOOD IM movie and not a great trilogy. I honestly can’t stand IM; RDJ bores me to death with his “humor.” I could barely finish the first one and won’t bother with the second since everyone says its so bad.

              • @EggU. “You’re just upset that you only have one GOOD IM movie and not a great trilogy”. Actually Egg, to correct your quote it’s one GREAT Iron Man movie,one GOOD Iron Man sequel, & one crappy 1st & 3rd chapter of a VERY OVERRATED trilogy. Just saying that’s all.

              • sorry Egg, you’re way in the minority here…..

            • @slappy
              It’s clear that you didn’t like TDKR, so what? It’s your opinion; move along.

            • Dude the dark knight rises is opened ended, and its ur opinion, like my opinion I like Iron Man 2 better, wanna know why? BECAUSE I DONT READ COMICS AND DONT CARE ABOUT VILLIANS, STORY, AND ALL THAT, JUST SIT AND ENJOY THE MOVIE! And guess what, this movie was inspired by The dark knight, thats why everyones comparing it. And all 3 dark knights were better then the avengers. The avengers is the highest mistakened movie of 2012, which meens they clearly didnt think it would be worthy of getting everything perfect, yea the dark knight rises had mistakes too, but not even near as much, and the dark knight trilogy got better each time with mistakes, which i doubt avengers will do, because avengers 2 probly wont even live up to avengers – which is sad because the avengers sucked – yea my opinion, u gonna say urs, i say mine.

          • Not really a “bazinga” moment :| … but I agree, the flaws in TDKR are easy to overlook since the movie was just so damn good!

            • UGHH I LOVED the 1st 2 batman movies. Did NOT like the last that much at all really.

              Loved Iron man 1, Iron man 2 mehh. Hopefully 3 is great.

              Honest opinion.

          • Minor flaws…. that is the understatement of the century. Dark Knight Rises was the worst batman movie I’ve seen in a while. People need to realize that Nolan drop the ball on the “epic” conclusion to his trilogy. IM3, on the other hand looks like it’s shaping up to be the exact opposite. Kudos to Shane Black so far.

            • it’s when people say things like “people need to realize that…” starts all the flame wars. have an opinion, but don’t insist everyone agree with it. ain’t gonna happen. just sayin’.

            • ur opinion dude. And it was epic, just sit down and watch the movie open-minded, dont think about batman begins or the dark knight and it’s really epic! I know it sounds weird to do, but if ur gonna think, ur not gonna enjoy the movie, give it another shot with an open mind, that means pause it when u have something to do, dont miss a second of it, dont critise it while it is playing, dont do anything like that, and ull enjoy it.

        • gaping? gapping is something totally different.

        • Plotholes affect the plot, if you say gapping quincedences or dispensing of belief then you would be correct

        • I’m a bigger Alien fan than Batman. Any movie with far less plot holes than Prometheus is a win in my book. What a let down.

      • It was a little though.

        • Hey, not a huge follower of the Avengers although I loved the film nonetheless, but is there ANY chance they’ll include Spider-Man?

          I thought TASM was a great movie as well and enjoyed what they did with the character. Having Spider-Man team up with the Avengers would be amazing (no pun intended).

          • Not now. SONY owns the Spider-Man franchise not MARVEL.

  2. The first rule of Fight Club is you do NOT talk about Fight Club.

    • I agree completely with you there. It was a great movie despite the flaws, it concluded the trilogy in an epic and outstanding form.

  3. Looks awesome!

  4. So is wasp in the movie or not?

    • Just a rumor at the moment man personally I hope so because I love ant-man and the more ant-man related things I see in the movie the more excited I’ll probably get. Lol

  5. Glad to see a marvel hero with some damage it should up the anti.

  6. The Dark Knight Trilogy vs. Iron Man Films

    Batman Begins…O.K. but not great
    The Dark Knight…Classic
    The Dark Knight Rises…Good but also not great

    Iron Man…Great but not a classic
    Iron Man 2…Good but not great
    Iron Man 3…Will be better than TDKR

    • cant u at least say u think it will be better then TDKR? Whats wrong with TDKR, its better, just watch it again, dont think just shut up, sit still and watch.

  7. Really excited for iron man 3 I think it will improve on iron man 2

  8. honestly I am not surprised about the armor getting famaged, would not be surprised if it got destroyed, AS in the comics the silver centurion armor (which he fought Iron Monger in, IN the comics) got destroyed by firepower! now what ought to be curious is if we get to see another armor or two from the comics that we havent gotten to see yet! like say the silver centurion armor for that matter, but who knows!

    • A nasty thing that famage. Nothing worse than famaging your new techno duds. (^-^)

  9. So…. why did this one image of Iron Man spark a debate about The Dark Knight Rises?

    • Because Dark Knight fans are accusing MARVEL of copying that film by making this one.

    • Because Marvel-movie fanboys don’t realize all their movies are all show with no substance, and will bash TDKR to make themselves feel better.

      • Lol that’s so true. If u watched the avengers which is a lot of fun dnt get me wrong but I just couldn’t take it seriously. I just wasnt on the edge of my seat because they were so clean, polished and untouchable and not to mention the humor which was really overused even in the most serious situations. The villan looked so fake with that costume and his army didn’t look menacing at all. But dnt get me wrong it was a great popcorn movie

      • That’s a pretty extreme opinion and a rash generalization. I personally loved Iron Man and Avengers, and I enjoyed Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Cap very much. While they were certainly very different from the Nolan Batman trilogy, I wouldn’t say they were all “style over substance.” Rather, they were a more light and comic-booky take on superheroes.

        And honestly, it’s unclear who’s side The Boil (the guy with the first comment) is on, if any. He could be a “Nolanite” bashing Marvel for ripping off “Nolan’s style”. He could be a “Marvelite” upset that everything is being “Nolanized” (i.e. made darker). Or something else entirely.

        • I’m just sick of all the TDKR bashing. It was a fantastic movie on its own in addition to being the final link to Nolan’s Trilogy. Meanwhile no one talks trash about Avengers because it was “the perfect superhero movie/best CBM ever!” Please…

          Personally, the only Marvel studios movie I’ve truly enjoyed is Captain America.

          • I also loved TDKR, but it did have it’s flaws. Sometimes the bashing seems extreme, but very often the support for Nolan is also extreme, often irrationally, so we get escalation. (“We start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics.”)

            Avengers was also fantastic, but it too had it’s flaws. Overall it was a great family-friendly, funny, entertaining action flick, with great dialogue, pretty sweet action, and it successfully tied 4 franchises together. I personally think it was awesome, but a bit overrated. And don’t worry, there are plenty of people who didn’t like it at all.

          • “I’m just sick of all the TDKR bashing.”
            … so you decide to bash Marvel and The Avengers?
            You do realize that that makes you JUST as much of a fanboy troll as the people bashing TDKR, right?

            • This website needs a +1 or a Like/Dislike option. Until then, I +1 you, sir.

      • All you DC-fanboys need to realise that Nolans Batman was crap and too grounded in the real world and not enough comic book style was utilised. Nolan only has his version of Joker to be proud of. Burtons Batman was better. At least you guys will have another movie that might not suck with Man of Steel. DC has Batman as its only good movies since Superman I, II and III.

        • Nope. Burton’s Batman was terrible and did not do justice to the character. Batman went around killing thugs, Joker was just Jack Nicholson in a clown suit, Catwoman’s “origin” was lame (cats bitting her fingers?), Penguin was a ridiculusy radical departure from the original character because Burton likes twisting things like that. Watching them again shows how badly they’ve aged after the brilliant Dark Knight Trilogy.

          • Seriously guys? Neither interpretation is definitively better than the other. Burton had a more dark and gothic tone to his movies. Nolan had a more realistic and modern tone to his movies. Some people prefer the former, some people prefer the latter. But both are different but still valid interpretations of Batman.

            I feel like I’m at a preschool here…

            • You’re not the only one ezra, all this childish back-and-forth arguing over which franchise is “superior” really burns my toast.

              It’s like these kiddies can’t understand the concept of an “opinion” or that they’re allowed to like BOTH.

        • Right On Watchmen!

        • Wait. Did you say Superman III was a good movie?

          • I’m a big Superman fan & even I can’t agree with that one.

      • Egg, dude, chill……these are comicbook movies, they’re supposed to be fun.

    • Batman fans have been bitter ever since Avengers derailed the Dark Knight hype train earlier this year. Marvel launched the next big thing with The Avengers, while the Dark Knight, DC’s only successful franchise, ended on such an underwhelming note, imo. Avengers was so successful that DC is basically ripping it off wholesale with the Justice League movie. There’s even talk of creating a DC cinematic universe just like Marvel’s, meaning that the days of brooding solo acts like the Nolan trilogy might just become the thing of the past. Heck, even Fox is thinking about creating its own X-Men/Fantastic 4 shared cinematic universe. Simply put, Avengers is the game changer Batman fans wish The Dark Knight Rises could have been.

      • HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I love this comment Iron Patriot! Absolutely LOVE IT! I hope this shuts all of them up from now on.

      • Iron patriot is right on the money. Bitter batman fan is mad at game changer Avengers. Well said patriot!

  10. Maybe thats just the pic hey took after he fell and hurt himself.

    • But but but but The Dark Knight this and The Dark Knight that… but but but Christopher Nolan this and Oh EM GEE Christopher Nolan that!!!

    • It wasn’t meant to be a reply to yours. Sorry for that lol

  11. @Slappy…”The Dark Knight” is NOT some half assed movie, are you kidding mate or what? sorry but who the Hell is Ironman?? TDK trilogy absolutely smashes Ironman, and the new Superman film will kick Tony Stark to another galaxy! Ironman is lame, and dont get me started on Avengers, that movie is the definition of OVERATED!

    • But but but but The Dark Knight this and The Dark Knight that… but but but Christopher Nolan this and Oh EM GEE Christopher Nolan that!!!

  12. Watchmen83…You have no idea what your talking about, Nolans Batman was more true to certain comics ( Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, Long Halloween, Nightfall, No Mans Land etc) than Burtons ever were, it annoys me when people go on about this, they obviously havent read these comics before! IMO “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” are the two greatest superhero films of all time, with Superman77 at number 3, but with MOS coming out next year that could change everything..

    • But but but but The Dark Knight this and The Dark Knight that… but but but Christopher Nolan this and Oh EM GEE Christopher Nolan that!!! Im going to post this on everyones stupid comment from now on. Sorry Vic but they deserve it.

      • …that’s very mature of you. Glad we can have an honest and intellectual discussion here.

        • That “mature” discussion ended when Mr Chase started typing. I’m just re wording his statements so we can all understand him more clearly.

          • Ok, so two wrongs make a right. Good to know.

            • No, but 3 lefts do ;)

              • Nice.

                But seriously leathercheerio, just because there are some people here who like to bash other movies and profess their love for the own movie, albeit irrationally at times, doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their level. You seem like an intelligent guy.

                In the words of Charles Xavier, “We have it in us to be the better men.”

          • Actually it ended when you started spamming the same comment like a 12 year old.

            • That was my intention. To end his silliness. Thanks for clarifying.

      • Are you o.k. leather? You’re not coming down with something are you? I’m getting a little worried.

      • So… you’re implying that your comment ISN’T stupid?

  13. Wow…

    But anyways, looking forward to it because I admire the approach Marvel has taken. It has clearly been outlined how to bring all these superheroes together as part of a long term plan and for this and the balls to bring in Joss Whedon (who more than deserved his shot at something this big), a guy who existed mainly in cult circles despite his obvious talents, I offer nothing but praise and my money come release times. I’m not going to lie and say comic book/graphic novel movies are my thing, but the success of phase one has taken it out of the corner of my eye and into full view.

    The sad thing is, anything DC do now with regards to the Justice League will fall into the accusatory category of reaction or plagiarism (even if it doesn’t subscribe to either). It will just be the general opinion of the movie going public that use the cinema as a night out (as opposed to, I assume, people like us that take our love for movies seriously enough to look deeper). My fear is everything about the JL will be rushed and that the Nolan trilogy was so completely isolated towards one man’s vision of a story that is has actually put the whole idea of how do to this project coherently into a corner.

    Hope I am wrong of course. The DC characters deserve fitting cinema.

    Anyways, I apologise for the post. You can get back to fighting each other.

    • +1

    • Aside from JL being rushed (which I’m sure it won’t be), I couldn’t agree more!

      And BTW, I don’t think you need to apologize for having the only intelligent comment on this thread (some of these guys/trolls probably don’t even know what an apology is ;)).

      • Okay, I have to give credit to ezra’s comments too. They’ve all been logical and intelligent. So, not the “only” one…

        • “I don’t think you need to apologize for having the only intelligent comment on this thread”. The only “intelligent” comment? Really?! I don’t want to get into some kind of long dragged out discussion/argument with you that may become pointless in the long run. However, I don’t remember anyone apointing you judge,jury,& ultimate decider of what classifies as intellectual conversation. If people feel passionate enough to air out their grievances for something they love by debating people who oppose against it then you have no right to judge how they feel,think,or get across their points of view based on those or any topics for that matter. I just wanted to get that off my chest, but I mean no disrespect of any kind.

        • Ha, thanks bro.

  14. Iron Patriot… “The Dark Knight” was the game changer NOT that kiddies flick Avengers, I like how you left out TDK and only mentioned “Rises”, kind of a big one to leave out dont you think? how many films now are inspired by Nolans Batman films, they all want to be “Dark and Gritty” like TDK, the Skyfall director even said it himself, Mate the Avengers might have brought in some cash but the film itself bored the life out of me, what a load of rubbish! so overated its unreal, no substance at all, just mindless action, Marvel always goes on how wonderful their movie universe is, but The Dark Knight Trilogy is better than all of them! and you just wait for Superman!, that could even be better than TDK trilogy, so DC are not going too badly at the moment, more films will come including Justice League, and when it comes to the bread and butter(Comics and Animation) DC is light years infront of Marvel, no contest.

  15. So in other words the Dark Knight begat any other comic movie.

  16. I am wondering if this suit gets badly damaged since it seems to be a constant thing with these movies and the Mark 9 will be shown.

  17. No need to shout.

  18. Please use your indoor voice

  19. And also, this is the third post on this thread that someone had said “you all need to realize”.

    Jeffro had a good reply earlier, and I’m gonna reiterate what he said. It is very difficult to have an open and engaging discussion when you start off with “you all need to realize that…” That phrase implies that your opinion is fact, and everyone needs to agree with it, rather than the truth, which is your opinion is your opinion, and it is ok for others to disagree with it.

    Debate 101 here, guys.

    • Hey ezra, can you read my comment?

  20. so man… gotta love this discussion about IRON MAN 3 right? haha quit arguing about batman everybody. I think the phrase “to each his own” would apply here dont ya think?

  21. @Everyone – I didn’t think I’d ever have to tell people to calm down on a post about an image of Iron Man. I’ve had to remove a dozen inappropriate comments.

    Let’s all take a step back and a deep breathe please. I’d prefer not to shut the comments down.

    Paul Young – Moderator

      • @Broadway – I edited your comment before it went live because the word you chose would have come off as inflammatory and I’m trying to calm this thread down – not heat it back up.


        Paul Young – Screen Rant

  22. great pic except for the fact that there is nothing on his neck…..

  23. stop comparing fn movies together. Nolan wasnt the first to go in that approach he did a very good job but batman and iron man is two different things. they both have their own taste to them. there is no copying of anythign its a damn genre. where do think Nolan got it? oh im going to make my movie more dark and serious, he didnt get it from thin air. it was the first for a superhero which was good movies but he didnt come up w the s***.