Ben Kingsley Talks The Mandarin in ‘Iron Man 3′

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iron man 3 mandarin ben kingsley Ben Kingsley Talks The Mandarin in Iron Man 3

Warning: The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Iron Man 3!

Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is officially underway, and so far it’s been a success, thanks to Iron Man 3. Co-writer and director Shane Black was given the unenviable task of following up filmmaker Joss Whedon’s Avengers home run; however, with help from cast members Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle, the Lethal Weapon screenwriter has delivered a superhero movie that’s pleased most critics (read our review) and passed the half-billion mark at the worldwide box office after just a few weeks.

That said, if there’s one aspect of Iron Man 3 that’s prompted more grumbling than praise in general, it’s Black and co-writer Drew Pearce’s take on The Mandarin, as played by Oscar-winner Sir Ben Kingsley. The film’s version of Tony Stark’s famous nemesis – whose appearance in the MCU has been teased since the first Iron Man - is controversial, for reasons that will require us to divulge some pivotal Iron Man 3 plot points, in order to properly discuss and analyze.

We’re now entering SPOILER territory for Iron Man 3. You’ve been warned…

iron man 3 poster ben kingsley Ben Kingsley Talks The Mandarin in Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 introduces The Mandarin as an Osama bin Laden-type figurehead in the Ten Rings. The same terrorist organization was also responsible for ambushing and kidnapping Tony in Afghanistan – when it made a secret pact with Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) that helped the latter in his (failed) power grab at Stark Industries – back during the first Iron Man cinematic installment.

However, in the third Iron Man movie, it’s Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) head Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), who turns out to be the secret puppet master – having recruited a loopy British actor to play the Mandarin in a series of broadcasts, where the (fake) terrorist takes credit for “bombings” around the U.S. In reality, though, these explosions are due to malfunctioning patients in A.I.M. and scientist Maya Hansen’s (Rebecca Hall) Extremis program.

Kingsley, in an interview with The Huffington Post last week, answered the sticky question about whether or not he would’ve still accepted the Mandarin role had the Iron Man 3 script not featured the aforementioned twist, as follows:

“Totally. Because the way that [screenplay writer] Drew [Pearce] and Shane constructed those political broadcasts, they’re very well thought through. The attack on Western iconography, cultural values, historical context of imperialism — all that weaponry at his command to manipulate and terrify his viewers with these broadcasts with which he interrupts the airwaves were very compelling indeed. I forgot all about the twist until I got to it in the script. I just read it page by page. And I totally would have accepted The Mandarin as The Mandarin, actually.”

As far as controversy or back lash against the film’s version of The Mandarin goes, Kingsley isn’t too worried:

“… It doesn’t enter my thinking at all. It may be a lot to do with the fact that I was a Shakespeare actor for 15 years and played roles that everybody in the audience knew. Some members of the audience even knew the lines of the character. My training is to inhabit a very famous character like Hamlet and make him surprising. So I’m kind of used to that approach to work: Make it fresh, you know? Make it surprising.”

mandarin iron man 3 Ben Kingsley Talks The Mandarin in Iron Man 3

The negative response to Iron Man 3‘s version of The Mandarin can be attributed to the following problems (in my humble opinion, naturally):

  • Black’s film, as Kingsley mentioned, sets up the antagonist as a foil to Tony Stark; that is, his flamboyant costume mocks racial and cultural stereotypes – see: the Mandarin character in his most infamous comic book form – and feels as much like “armor” as one of Tony’s Iron Man suits. However, rather than give a nuanced motivation and backstory to the person behind the Mandarin facade, the movie takes the “safe” route and makes him a foolish proxy for an evil U.S. businessman/scientist.
  • Iron Man 3 aims to, but falls short of bringing things full circle back to the first Iron Man. By comparison, the source material – the “Extremis” comic book mini-series – better deals with the unresolved issues setup by previous Iron Man movies and The Avengers - by having Tony seek redemption for his past as a weapons manufacturer, reach a deeper understanding of his Iron Man identity, and deal with life in a post-Avengers initiative world.
  • If both the Mandarin and the Ten Rings were real threats that Tony helped to create in the past, it might’ve allowed Black’s movie to be more satisfying as both an Iron Man standalone film and a trilogy conclusion. However, Killian’s personal conflict with Tony not only prevents that from happening, it’s also less compelling; not to mention, his storyline is more than a bit too similar to Jim Carrey as The Riddler in Batman Forever (for its own good, that is).


So, how about it – what did YOU think of The Mandarin in Iron Man 3? Let us know in the comments section!


Iron Man 3 is now playing in theaters around the world.

Source: The Huffington Post

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  2. What everybody needs to freaking understand, stuff in comics changes all the time and there are different twist and plots. Do you want the same damn stuff all the time. SO like the comics, these comic movies aim to do something different and to have their own story

    • Digimass…

      Yes, but can’t these comic movies do different WELL? IM3 did NOT.

      • IM3 was a great movie.

        • IM3 would have to stare a hole into the upper reaches of our atmosphere to get even the merest glimpse of a great movie.

          It was crap.

          • Not to the majority of the audience.

            • I can’t speak for their bad taste…only my own higher standards.

              • Good thing a lot of people don’t care for your higher standards.

                • I’ll bet you wrote that with a straight face. Sad.

                  • Whatever.

                    • Yep :D

                    • IM3 was utter garbage.

                  • I didn’t like the movie either. But, I don’t like your smug attitude. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean that your opinion on it is sacrosanct. It isn’t, btw.

                    • I’ll remember to remind you, Justin, next time you dislike something and feel the need to complain about it (to “rant”, one could say) that you should not because your attitude is inappropriate to the given topic. I will remind you that it is smug to give your reasons (as I have several times) and that it is rude to respond to those who offer THEIR opinions as you are your own…most often in response to another’s snide and/or absolutist comments.

                      You have brought me to the light. Thank you. I WILL do the same for you…

              • @Archaeon

                just can agree with u !
                Watched it last nite and was really disappoints by it !
                It’s a soso movie,with really good actors !

      • Obviously, the majority of people do not agree with you. I’ve been working at AMC theaters for 5 months now, Iron Man 3 is the first time I’ve seen an audience applause after a movie. Now why would they do that if they thought it was terrible? Not only that, but they were willing to sit through almost 30 min. of credits for a small 5 min. cameo scene with Bruce
        Banner. So how does that equate to the movie being bad? Ironman 3 is bad, in your opinion. But not in many movie goers opinions.

        • James…

          That’s great that at the particular theater where you work, the audience of the particular show you witnessed/attended liked the movie. I can’t speak about them, as I was not there. I can only talk in terms of what happened at the showing I attended at the specific theater in which I sat. The whole audience seemed highly put off by the time the credits rolled.

          BTW, speaking of the credits, yes, people stayed to watch the Banner scene…did they clap AFTER that? At the theater I was at, those of us who stayed for it left (at least according to the facial expressions, grumblings, and out-loud cursing I observed) even MORE disappointed.

          You’re right that MY theater experience was of the majority…I’m just as doubtful that, in the long run, YOURS will have been either.

          I stand by EVERYTHING I’ve said about IM3…I never claimed mine was the only opinion, bit it IS what I believe about the movie.

          • Sigh…”was NOT of the majority”

    • IM3 was crap. and tony stark as jason bourne? gimme a f#%king break! and the mandarin twist, wtf? If i was in the USA, i’d buy a sniper rifle and pop SHane Black and RDJ in the kneecaps. maybe someone should do that.

  3. What if Nolan would’ve given Bane from The Dark Knight Rises the same treatment that Black gave Mandarin? THAT would’ve been bad. Personally, I don’t know if Marvel can pull off big-scale villains as well as DC can (with some exceptions, of course).

    • Actually I felt Bane was a theatrical distraction from the real villain. The audience realizes by the end that Bane was just being the menacing face but Talia was the actually the child that escapes the prison and the strong mind behind the plan. I liked that instead of trying to compete to be the better movie villain (after Dark Knight and Skyfall) they said lets just have fun with it. Which is what you expect from an Iron Man movie.

  4. The people who are mad about this twist just wanted another Heath Ledger Joker. And as much as I loved Nolan’s portrayal of an “agent of chaos” that’s not the proper foil for Iron Man. Tony Stark isn’t a character centered around order and justice (like batman). He’s a character who learned to use his gifts correctly. That makes a mad scientist character (who uses their gifts incorrectly) a much better foil than just a crazy terrorist. And that’s why the mandarin wasn’t the real villain of this film.

    • I wish this was facebook and I could click like. These were my feelings exactly on the character.

    • “That makes a mad scientist character (who uses their gifts incorrectly) a much better foil than just a crazy terrorist.”

      the source material would disagree with you.

    • That was actually really well said…

  5. I was really hoping for an actual comic villain to show up in iron man where 1 and 2 failed I hoped for an all out battle with mandarin instead of a bunch of pumped up nobodies. How cool would it have been if mandarin survived and teamed up with thanos in avengers 2! I guess hoping for infinte gauntlet is too much with spiderman who belongs in avengers. And x men and ff4 thrown in there also disney is ruining franchise for profitabilty. Maybe they wont screw up star wars. Worst sequel ever!

  6. Mwrvel: Shane Black ..your Fire !
    S. Black: why?
    Marvel: because of your lame Mandarin.

  7. Marvel: Shane Black ..your Fire !
    S. Black: why?
    Marvel: because of your lame Mandarin.

  8. Iron Man 3 was the worst marvel movie of phase 1 & 2. I was incredibly disappointed that they decided to go off script with the comic book versions of iron man plots and characters in this movie. Nothing about the movie fit or made sense in the marvel universe or iron man movies of phase 1. The worst part for me though was Shane Black turning Mandarin into a Joke instead of using him as he should have an arch nemesis for iron man. It’s one thing to all of a sudden treat all of his suits like their made of Aluminum when he was taking a pounding in avengers from characters like Thor…but him thinking it’s a clever twist to make mandarin a joke was an awful decision. Aldrich Killian breathing fire and not dying until pepper detonates a small arms explosion is what we get instead? Pathetic! At least Thor 2 seems to have created a conflict post avengers that makes sense in the universe. Iron man should have had a much more personal conflict with the mandarin. One where I’m not wondering why in the world nick fury and shield or any other avengers aren’t being called in to protect the president. Horrible film hope Thor 2 gets phase 2 back on track!

    • Very beautifully stated, Project Mjolnir…

      • No it wasn’t.

        • Yes, it was.

          • Nope.

            • Yep.

              Really, alex? Are you five? Go bother someone else.

        • The story was patheitic. The characters were pathetic. The dialogue was pathetic. The action was pathetic. 15 minutes into the movie and I wanted to leave. The rest of Phase 2 and 3 better not continue in this fashion.

          Right now, I personally feel like Disney/Marvel thinks that no matter what kind of garbage they pump out, us fans will flock regardless. As a long time movie AND comic book fanatic, I’ve been waiting for these movies to be made my whole life. But honestly, I don’t want these movies made if they’re gonna be made horribly.

          • In your opinion, stop saying “us” fans since a lot of people love these movies. If you can’t separate the movie universe with the comic books then you might as well stop seeing any comic book movies.

            • ***I meant superhero movies not comic book.

    • It was a highly entertaining film packed with witty humor, high action sequences, character inner conflict and amazing special effects. ..worrying about comic Mandarin and comparing to DC and batman villains is a waste of time…. going to see a film with open minds and being diverted so that you allow yourself to escape into another world is key. Also btw…Avengers was the worst out of the marvel cinematic universe. ..boring one liners and thunder stealing between multiple lead actors…mistakes galore… plus actor changes for bruce banner…a krappy substitute. ..ugh anyway…you wanna talk about a weak villian…lets talk about loki…

      • Yikes.

        • Do you have to answer to every comment that liked the film? Cause you come off like a jerk the way you answer them.

          • Clearly, I have not responded to EVERY comment made in favor of the film, but I HAVE to quite a few. You’ll, of course, notice that I have had people “offer” their similar responses to me. You will, I’m certain, be as judgmental (as “fair”) when seeing others do exactly the same thing on other threads…right?

            Anything else, Van Dyne?

          • LMBO!!! :D

    • It was a highly entertaining film packed with witty humor, high action sequences, character inner conflict and amazing special effects. ..worrying about comic Mandarin and comparing to DC and batman villains is a waste of time…. going to see a film with open minds and being diverted so that you allow yourself to escape into another world is key. Also btw…Avengers was the worst out of the marvel cinematic universe. ..boring one liners and thunder stealing between multiple lead actors…mistakes galore… plus actor changes for bruce banner…a terrible substitute. ..ugh anyway…you wanna talk about a weak villain…lets talk about loki…

      • Double yikes.

    • I believe Shield is only used for super-villain threats, which the “The Mandarin” was not, he was just a normal guy with a following of terrorists. If he has super powers then then Shield would act. They’re too busy worrying about aliens and Gods attacking. Although I supposed Capt. America might have wanted to fight ” The Mandarin” but who knows what he’ up to. We wont know until Winter Soldier.

  9. “I make the character surprising.”
    No, you made him disappointing.

    • ^This

      • ^X2

  10. The twist was funny. They movie was still good. The mandarin still exists in the comics. Life goes on. I will agree that it was a weird choice for marvel, and maybe not the best route for the character, but Damn it was suprising, funny, and worked just fine for the movie.

  11. I just finished watching IM3 about and hour ago. Did I like it?(don’t know yet) Disappointed? (yes) Confused? (yes). Will I go and watch it tomorrow again? (no) Unlike IM1, IM2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Sky Fall, Prometheus (5 times), GI Joe Retaliation, Oblivion… What was wrong with it? Everything… No connection to Phase 2. Crap acting. s*** plot twists. Post credit scene??? Crap… Okay. It was crap.

    • Yep…Except for the acting, I agree.

  12. The biggest threat to Iron Man in this movie was way too much screen time and dialog for the “cute kid.”

    Otherwise I liked it. Way to go Marvel. They made a hit and apparently teed off the fans.

  13. My problem with the movie is that it was a very good story about Tony Stark. But totally not an Iron Man movie. It felt more like a drama than it did an action flick. Too much cgi on the action that actually did happen. As for the mandarin… I can kinda see how Marvel didn’t go with the whole finding the ten rings on an wrecked alien spacecraft story, but still that is who the mandarin is and if I remember correctly other than the logo that popped up on the video feed, there was not one scene or mention of these rings. Just the stupid marble things that Killian would roll. If you are going to build up the ten rings so much in the first movie, why totally neglect them when they are the center of the movie? At least get a tenth of the mandarin’s origin in the movie and I would have been satisfied instead of what I saw.

    • “I am Iron Man.”

      Tony is Iron Man.

      That is what I liked about the movie. It had a lot of Tony making do. Even when he had the armor he would have to deal with only parts of it, it not working, or him quickly ejecting himself. I liked the scene where he directed the armor to go onto the Mandarin (Aldrich). To me it constantly demonstrated that nobody can use the Iron Man armor as effectively as Tony Stark.

  14. the seriousness with which people are expressing their hatred of IM3 is hilarious, the main argument is that they(downy, black, marvel, et al) took a huge steaming dump on the source material. kofi’s outrage on the podcast was pretty brutal. what gets me is why people cant leave their preconceived notions about comic book characters at the door when going to see a film version. people praised nolan for his version of batman, even though it is FAR removed from the source material as far as that character’s universe in the comics is concerned. another example, Kubrics The Shining. if you have read Kings book, you know that there is TONS of stuff changed for the film. (i saw the movie before i read the book btw…book is MUCH better, as always in Kings case)my point is this. let it go. The mandarin was not an asian guy in THIS iteration.
    someone on one of the other hate spewing threads said that the film cheated by doing the twist because there wasnt a hint of it coming in the film. that is wrong. tony made the comment about “high theater” while looking at jarvis’s crime scene recreation. (another BIG departure from the comics. Jarvis was an actual person, reduced to an a.i. voice. where are the cries of foul play with that?) so there’s your hint. sorry you missed it.
    Can screenrant make it possible to reply to threads via email? it would be so handy, because i follow the discussions thru e-mail and cant access the site at work and dont have time to get on the computer every night.just a thought.

    • ^This

  15. Movie wasnt even that great. i liked it but didnt love it. They wasted such a great actor. This mvoie could have been epic. If it reaches the billion dollar mark, it will only be because of little kids wanting to see Tony Stark in his suit for like 5 minutes in 3D and because of drooling Marvel fangirls who are in total denial that the film wasnt great. LOL

    • Just because you hate the movie doesn’t mean everyone does.

      • Just because you LIKE the movie doesn’t mean everyone does, Daffy.

        • Why did you bother to repeat what I said? I know you hate the movie since you like to blab about it of how much it sucks to anyone who liked it.

          • Why are YOU calling people doofuses? Maybe you should calm down about a sub par movie?

            • I only called this guy a doofus because he pretty much insulted kids and girls for liking a movie that he hates.

              • Actually, he was very specific in the group(s) he put down: One criticism/bit of praise of Marvel movies, in fact, has been that they are geared toward younger tastes, as opposed to other time in the sub-genre. Further, he did not insult girls…he criticized “fangirls”, like those who metaphorically wear blinders, focusing on how “hot” Tony (or Edward or Jacob or…) is, or even more broadly those of BOTH sexes who are sure they’re always right about their particular obsession and think opposing viewpoints are OBVIOUSLY misguided.

                So, um…no.

                • I hate auto-correct.

                  “other FILMS in the sub-genre”

                • Me? a doofus? coming from the guy attacking me over a sub par movie! LOL. Nowhere did i state that i hated the movie your intelligence!(: I liked it, but didnt love it was what i stated. The movie was not great, just admit it, you liked it but doesnt mean it was great. and by “fangirls” i meant FANBOYS, but i like to say fangirls just so i can grind their gears hahaha. and i did not insult kids either “doofus”! i just stated thats the only reason they went to go see it! am i right or am i right? I love marvel but i hate how they have to dumb down everything to make it appeal to little kids. They pretty much took a s**t on Mandarin! They should have never made him a caucasian, they should have made him a foreigner, and Killian should have stayed as another villain instead of being the Mandarin. and thanks Archaeon for having my back! +1 Much appreciated.

                  • No problem…He had no right to call you a name like some tantrum-throwing four year old…and I happen to agree with a number of the points you made.

                    • True ! haha. well thanks anyways.
                      Finally, someone else that agrees with me! Everytime some criticizes a Marvel movie you instantly get attacked by drooling fangirls! Its unfair.

              • @Daffy – Opinions (strong or otherwise) are fine – name calling is not. Doofus isn’t the worst name I’ve seen people use on here but it wasn’t needed in your comment to make your point.

                Paul Young – Moderator

  16. This would have been perfect if they just used a DIFFERENT character name from the comics. Iron Man has plenty of villains to choose from, why did they pick his BIGGEST villain to do this twist?

    I loved the twist with the Mandarin really just being an actor and an image for Tony to go after (a distraction from the real threat) but why did they do this with The Mandarin? Even if they didn’t do the twist, he was still really far off from the comic version.

    Point is, the whole twist with the villain would have been perfectly fine if they didn’t use the Mandarin name, they should have done this with a different character.

  17. Look, I’m not a “fan boy”, but I do like my Super Heroes. I don’t even posses any comics of them, except Alien and Predator comics. Someone commented that we should leave our “preconceived notions” about the comic book characters at the door. WTF? Marvel and Co. are the ones that planted, fed and cared for those notions through 6 films. IM3? Blatantly not part of that. SHIELD? Were they on holiday? Any law enforcement agencies for that matter? The Mandarin plot twist was finding out that THANOS is actually desperate porn addict controlled by the Wayans Brothers. BS I tell you. This movie proofed that “the suit maketh the man” because he got his ass handed to him on a platter plenty of times in the end. thanks Pepper Potts for saving the day. And thanks War Machine for running away like a b**** and leaving your dear friend to die by himself. Shane Black? You are a #$%@. Green Lantern, hell, even Super girl, out ranks this movie. In my opinion, of course. I just hope that THOR 2 is better…

    • Your comment couldn’t be taken seriously anymore once you said the Green Lantern and Supergirl movies outranks this movie.

  18. I can agree that the Mandarin plot twist may not have been the best approach for the character, but it surprised me, they milked their new version of the character for what it was worth. As a comics fan I know this is totally different from what the character is actually like, but I still enjoyed the movie for being entertaining, funny, and dramatic. I can understand why some people didn’t like it but please, don’t bash the people who did.

  19. What were people expecting that they are now so outraged?

    It looked to me like he was going to be a terrorists with lots of weaponry along with a crazy attitude. But I wasn’t expecting him to actually have any super powers.

    • I was simply expecting a GOOD film. I did NOT get it. The whole Mandarin flip Was a relatively minor part of that disappointment.

  20. IMO im3 still didn’t touch on the mandarin which works because they still haven’t introduced magic yet….so after the dr.strange movie wen the rules of magic r explained then u can fulfill a Tru mandarin movie…I feel like this mandarin was an Easter egg to a future universe and a possible im4 villain rdj or not…I didn’t like how compromised the iron patriot armor was, very reflective of im2 again and how easily Rhodey was neutralized ….the movie did it for me and I was excited for a Shane black rdj iron kiss kiss man bang bang….this movie will last the test of time and by the time the blu ray comes out the fanboys who were pissed at Osama mandarin will prolly subside….phase 2 off to a great start

  21. IMO im3 still didn’t touch on the mandarin which works because they still haven’t introduced magic yet….so after the dr.strange movie wen the rules of magic r explained then u can fulfill a Tru mandarin movie…I feel like this mandarin was an Easter egg to a future universe and a possible im4 villain rdj or not…I didn’t like how compromised the iron patriot armor was, very reflective of im2 again and how easily Rhodey was neutralized ….the movie did it for me and I was excited for a Shane black rdj iron kiss kiss man bang bang….this movie will last the test of time

  22. Just seen IM3 and it was a damn good movie. I thought it quite strange that at first they were portraying mandarin as a terrorist. I story of someone impersonating the mandarin. But that doesnt mean the real mandarin doesnt exist. It just give the world of Iron Man much bigger. Its a good chance the mandarin will appear later, and maybe in the Dr. Strange film.

  23. I liked Mazer Rackham’s rendition of Mandarin. I liked it a lot. Ben Kingsley is a genius. I laughed like crazy when Tony Stark drove these two bimbos into the bathroom and they went “ohmygawd” :)))

    The rest of the movie may have been so-so, but nobody dare criticize Kingsley’s Mandarin!

    To conclude, I enjoyed the movie. But please don’t go in having big expectations. AND Gwyneth Paltrow kicks @$$!

  24. Shane Black basically took a dump on 30 years of Iron Man and superhero mythos in general. Every (good) hero has an arch-nemesis that supposed to be his/her antithesis. If Tony Stark is science and technology the Mandarin would answer with magic and mysticism (something out of MCU Iron Man’s scope of experience). Instead Black answered with a lame ass plot twist and wasted Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce in one swoop.

  25. @alex

    The thing you must realize is this movie was great for Audiences… not fans.
    Example The Simpsons movie is number 100 all time at the box office… Terrible movie. You can’t base everything on numbers my friend.

  26. To those of us OLD enough to grow up watching Ironman fight The Mandarin, I equate this movie to George Lucas botching the last 3 star wars.

    The Mandarin was an incredibly formidable foe that gave Ironman fits, and he was turned into a squabbling dork who drank bud and was hooked on drugs.

    Imagine if Heath Ledger’s Joker followed the same path.


  27. OMG!!!! i love how you noticed it’s eerily similar to Batman Forever… i was going to write a whole spiel about that.

  28. I was disappointed. In my opinion, the movie was no longer grounded in the reality (scifi, if you will) as were the first two films (even though the second was as underwhelming as the third for other reasons). I was not a fan of the fire breathing and so forth. I was also disappointed in the reveal of the mandarin. The character had massive potential with both the backstory and the actor portraying him and was changed to fit into a politically correct script as not to offend the Orient (and it’s consumer base), not that it’s offensive at all, and to make this underwhelming “new take” on the character insincere. To be honest, I do not know enough about the iron man comics and his history with the mandarin but I can be sure that they were not done justice. Another point I make is my disappointment in the marketing for the film. I don’t want to sound like my grandpa when talking about every other movie but every good part of iron man 3 was in the trailers. On top of that, the parts of the mandarin in the trailers (which were awesome) were misleading and proved to very much affect my final opinion on the take of the character by Black.

    Lastly,, does anyone else see the connections between the spurned would-be partners in iron man 3 and the incredibles (Killian and Syndrome)? That kind of character development is okay in a cartoon but come on.

  29. I feel that I’m the only one that wasn’t surprised by the mandarin being a fake. The first scene where the Mandarin came into Killian’s place to do his performance, and the fact that the movie put so much emphasis on Killian, I figured out there that the Mandarin was just a front for Killian.

    I admit, that I was not aware of the Mandarin’s history in the Iron Man comics, as I never read them, so perhaps I was a bit more open minded in how the plot would lay out. But I was very disappointed with the movie, as there were so many holes in the plot that it was more unbelievable than a mad man with 10 magic rings.

    I will admit that I did enjoy the overall humor of the film, but to me it destroyed the Iron Man series as a action film.