‘Iron Man 3′, ‘Man of Steel’, ‘The Wolverine’ – Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?

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Iron Man 3 vs Man of Steel vs Wolverine discussion reviews 2013 Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine   Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?

We here at Screen Rant enjoy a good summer of big superhero movies, and though we walk away with our own opinions (which you can read in our movie review section), we’re also interested to hear from YOU. While RED 2R.I.P.D., Kick-Ass 2 and 2 Guns are all technically “comic book movies” releasing in summer 2013, we’re keeping our eye on the big three in question:  Marvel’s Iron Man 3, Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel and Fox’s The Wolverine

Read on for a quick breakdown of each film, and then vote in our poll at the bottom of the post to help rank your favorite superhero flick as the top-dog of the summer!

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Spoilers Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine   Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?


Worldwide Box Office Earnings: $1.2 Billion

Strengths: Iron Man 3 was of course buoyed by the massive success of The Avengers – but having star Robert Downey Jr. (the most bankable face in the Marvel Studios brand) front and center certainly didn’t hurt prospects. Iron Man 3 was definitely a big, thick, slice of summer fun, with Marvel Studios getting a little bit more generous with the budget and more bold with their filmmaking, allowing a great deal of creative control to rest in the hands of director Shane Black. The result was a Marvel movie that was a departure from the formulaic films of “Phase One,” an experiment that resulted in a huge pile of  box office earnings.

WeaknessesIron Man 3 was a bit “out there” for a lot of viewers; Shane Black’s approach to the material – and the BIG liberties he took with the mythos and characters – didn’t fit within the range of a lot of people’s expectations for a “superhero movie.” Some view that as the film’s greatest asset; but just as many others feel like Marvel Phase Two started off on a bad foot, as did the entire 2013 summer superhero movie season.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel Suit Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine   Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?


Worldwide Box Office Earnings: $644 million

StrengthsMan of Steel was tasked with re-introducing Superman on film to a whole new (and very different) generation than those raised on the Richard Donner classic. All debate about the movie’s quality aside, director Zack Snyder and star Henry Cavill at least managed to accomplish that lofty goal, and for better or worse, there is a new Superman in town. In addition, Man of Steel featured some of the best super-powered action ever put to screen, and  with a Batman vs. Superman sequel on the way, this property has never been hotter.

WeaknessesMan of Steel was a pretty divisive film amongst fans and critics alike, and didn’t reach the billion-dollar stratosphere of Iron Man 3. Some tag the new Superman and his world as clunky and joyless – and Supes did admittedly cause a TON of collateral damage to populated areas before snapping General Zod’s neck. MoS was a grittier, more somber and rougher vision of the classic character – and for a lot of fans, that was a deal-breaker.

The Wolverine

the wolverine Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine   Which Superhero Movie Was the Best?


Worldwide Box Office Earnings: $156 million* (film has just released in theaters)

Strengths: The talent of director James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma) really showed in the neo-Noir style of Wolverine’s adventure in Japan. Star Hugh Jackman was better (and buffer) than ever in his sixth outing as the character, and the film was probably the best exploration of Logan’s character that we’ve seen yet. And with The Wolverine kicking-off an expanded X-Men movie universe, there’s plenty of incentive for fans to see this flick.

WeaknessesThe Wolverine is a great character film; unfortunately, pretty much every “superhero” element wedged introduced into the movie (Yukio and Viper’s mutant powers, the mecha Silver Samurai, healing factor theft) is as silly and half-cooked as they come (seriously Viper, stop spitting on everybody!). In short: The Wolverine is a good piece of cinema, but only an average-level superhero actioner.

Which superhero movie of summer 2013 was YOUR favorite? Vote in our poll below!

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Iron Man 3Man of Steel and The Wolverine are all now in theaters.

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  1. I’m going to say Wolverine, Man of Steel and then Iron Man 3.

    IM3 was just terrible. Really, really aweful.

    • Amen to that.

    • IM3 was not aweful or terrible, it was just average. I think its the easy thing to do is say that because of some people reaction to a d-list villian in marvel. All three big superhero were dissapointing. All three were just good/average films period.

      • If Mandarin is a D-list villain, then my name is Oswald That Ends Wald

        And it’s not.

        Mandarin is supposed to be the arch nemesis of Iron Man.

        • In the marvel world, yes the mandarin is D-list. He is important to iron man but most people could look past it because he is a sterotype character. Even if he stayed the same way,him without the magical rings, is no different than bane without venom.

          • Villains are what make the movie interesting. These are the guys challenging our hero’s. The Villain has to be credible.

            What Shane Black and Marvel did with IM3 and The Mandarin was nothing short of blasphemy.

            And no…The Mandarin is not a D-list Villain. WTF? Seriously.

            Marvel had a chance to make a truly, terrifying, OBL-esque villain and chose to go the “Safe Route” instead.

            Imagine a villain just as intelligent as Tony Stark and just as committed to the opposite of what Tony Stark stands for.

            That was the plot that was sold to us and not what we actually received.

            The IM3 movie was Terrible. Have I said that before?

            • Once again, mandarin is D-list!!! Please name a significant event he was involved in that didn’t surround iron man. He is important to iron man of course but in the marvel universe he is no where near a heavy hitter villan. IM3 was once again a average movie. It had flaws and could have been better but aweful? Do you not remember movies like batman and robin? ghost rider 2? i can go on.

              • It’s a freaking IRON MAN Movie dude.

                How is this not getting through to you?

                I’m not sure how Mandarin not being involved in any additional Marvel Universe storylines has anything to do with what we are discussing.

                Mandarin is an IRON MAN Villain AND important to Iron man…so thank you for proving my point for me.

                The movie was aweful. Sorry, but it was.

            • Right on! The mandarin is not a d list villian. Shows how little shane black and the buffoons that help him cannibilize the character know.

              • I’m glad to see such passionate mandarin fans. Once again if he has no significance in any other events besides iron man, that would mean he is a d-list villain in the marvel universe. You say IM3 is horrible but find it funny how it has a 7.6 on imdb and Man of Steel is 7.7

  2. I have to say Supes for me and I have never been a fan of his all that much. Disappointed with Iron Man 3 because of the Mandarin treatment and Wolverine deserves better, I hate those chico stick bone claws! Very dumb decision to do that.

    • Jesus Christ… get over it. They put a brilliant twist on a 3rd-tier villain. Did you hate Bane in TDKR? If you didn’t then your criticism is invalid. The last 20 minutes of MoS was repetitive, mindless noise.

      • But…

        Bane was an idiot in TDKR. Detonate the bomb, Batman suffers because he can do nothing about it. Why not detonate it when the gigantic flaming Bat signal appeared? Makes no sense

      • Brilliant? That’s a first time I’ve ever heard someone say that about that twist. The main reason I was personally disappointed was because of the way The Mandarin was hyped up all over the place and then… nothing.

        Also what do you mean by the last 20 minutes of MoS being repetitive? Are you talking about the final fight between Zod and Supes? If so, that only lasts a little over 5 minutes.

      • too many spaceships in mos…I wanted to see supes not independence day 2 mixed with green lantern…smh
        Im3 is my pick I love their take on extremis

      • Not getting over it but calm down neanderthal,that was the weakest twist ever. A waste of a good villain that everyone was mislead to see. And Bane shouldn’t be the same height as Batman… get a freaking casting director who can get the right people to fill a role.

        • Bane was an oscar worthy performance IMO. Bane was fantastic and Tom Hardy and Nolan did an exceptional job making him not only terrifying, but also sympathetic.

          TDKR was probaly one of the best movies of all time, from beginning to end.

          I’m sorry, but The Mandarin shouldn’t even be uttered in the same sentence with Bane.

          And no…I won’t get over IM3 but feel free to stop posting caveman.

      • Ha the last 20 minutes, whatever dude. MOS blew im3 out of the water. You’re the one who needs to get over it,

  3. Man of Steel, then tie between Iron Man 3 and the Wolverine, I love them equally.

  4. Man of Steel. No question. The Wolverine at 2. What is this Iron Man 3?

  5. Iron Man 3, Wolverine, Man of Steel

    • +1,000,000

      • -1,000,002

      • – one million dollars.

    • I don’t get all the MOS love. Wolverine, IM3 (very close second), and MOS in a distant third.

      Thanks for offering a different opinion Kyle.

  6. I would say Man of Steel was the best. I haven’t been really fond of Superman movies before but this one was so great. (I’ve always enjoyed Supes in the Justice League setting before).

    Iron Man 3 was okay, in my opinion. But the Mandarin.. bleh.

    The Wolverine was really cool and all, but the 3rd act of the film was slippery.

  7. I would have to say Man of Steel was the better but that’s not saying a lot considering it wasn’t amazing in itself. Plus the competition was not even league worthy. IM3 was the biggest let down of the year and the only thing the Wolverine had going for it is that nobody had high expectations. IM3 and Wolverine were complete embarrassments and wastes of time as a movie goer and Heart breaking as a Fan. Why is it after Whedons Avengers set a new and much needed standard for these films does one find himself 90’s style slop in these two films. I may as well went to the Phantom or the Shadow, because the premise and thought into those two films far exceeded these last two. Mystery Men was a better film than these two put together. Get it together Marvel/Fox, Money always gets made but your legacy is forever tarnished.

  8. MOS for me.

    If you counted Flashpoint, I would’ve voted for that. Picked it up late Tuesday and I loved it, gave me a lot of insight towards The Flash.

  9. My order of these three films are as such:

    Man of Steel
    The Wolverine
    Iron Man 3

    And Iron Man 3 is a very distant third as the writing in that film was so child like. But coming from Disney I guess that shouldn’t have been a surprise to me.

  10. Wolverine

    But in all honesty, they were all disappointments.

  11. Iron Man 3 is my pick. I would put Man Of Steel ahead of Wolverine.

  12. I gotta choose Man of Steel in the end with The Wolverine in second. Haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet though but I haven’t really enjoyed very many of the Marvel movies apart from Iron Man 1 and The Avengers.

    The Wolverine was a great movie, it just fell apart a bit in the 3rd act, it felt like any other comic book movie. The first 2 acts I thoroughly enjoyed though, that was the Wolverine movie I was waiting for. The fight scenes were fantastic as well. Did anyone notice how the fight scene with the ninjas and arrows were cut from the movie? I was excited for that part since they showed it in just about every trailer. Maybe they’ll include it in that unrated edition Mangold was talking about the other day.

    The movie had it’s fair share of comedic scenes but didn’t over do it. It was done perfectly in my opinion since it didn’t feel like it was trying to be funny, instead it’s just how Logan is. Also the mid-credit scene, simply awesome.

    Man of Steel I thought was simply good after the first viewing but after watching it a second time, I put it up with one of my favorites. While it didn’t reach it’s full potential in my opinion, it did offer a whole lot to the viewer. The first act, while choppy (damn pacing issues), it felt like a coming of age tale of some sorts than floored it once it entered the 3rd act with intense action. It may have over did the action a bit (I felt the world engine fight could’ve been done a bit differently), it was still pretty exhilarating. The part where Clark flies up into the world engine’s gravity beam was amazing as well as the fight in Smallville. Hopefully they use the secondary characters a bit more for the sequel and fix the pacing issues.

  13. It was easily “Iron Man 3,” then “The Wolverine,” then “Man of Steel”.

    MOS had good actors, some interesting visuals and ideas – and that’s about it. The script was a joke, the last hour insufferably long and tedious, and the tone relentlessly dour. Such a disappointment – saw it once and I’ve no real desire to go back. That’s saying something as it was probably the top of my most anticipated of the year list.

    WOLVERINE worked because everyone was expecting the worst. What we got was half-decent when it avoided the comic elements, and just plain ordinary when it didn’t. At least it had emotion, something MOS seemed oddly lacking in.

    IRON MAN 3 on the other hand was inspired. It actually took some big risks and on the whole was incredibly divisive. As someone who is much more a Shane Black fan than a comic fan though, I was with it all the way. Easily my favorite of the three “Iron Man” films and of this Summer.

  14. Man of Steel for me. To me the “flaws” in that movie weren’t flaws at all. Everyone was expecting Superman but he wasn’t Superman yet. We got to see the elements that would shape him into the man he would one day become. Iron Man 3 was a disappointment. Not just because of the Mandarin. The ending was so badly handled. Was this Iron Man 3 or Pepper Pots the movie?

    • Hmm I know the non-flaws you are talking about. People were very fixated on that when really, there was one answer for it all. He was Superman for literally only 2 days and was the first time he was fighting with all he’s got.

      • Exactly. He hasn’t even had a week to actually start being Superman, he basically took the suit in order to confront Zod. Of course he’s not going to know how to control himself yet. And I think that’s something Batman might teach him in the future.

      • +1

    • Thats true Superman wasnt really Superman yet, I mean the man just learned how to fly a few does ago. But my order Goes Man of Steel, then Iron Man 3. I havent seen the Wolverine yet

  15. IM3

    I haven’t seen Wolverine yet and Man of Steel was terrible.

  16. I would put MOS in 1st with IM3 in a close 2nd.. Wolverine was great but pales in comparison to either of the others imo.

  17. I would say that even though all of these films had flaws, Iron Man 3 is the best. IM3 is a good movie and is better than 2 but not as good as avengers or iron man 1. It suceeds as a popcorn flick with action scenes and RDJ doing his liners. However, I thought the middle act was slow with the emotions not fully conveying and the kid was pretty annoying.

    Man of Steel had its moments but really came off as a disappointment. The first half of the film was flawed in the sense that 1., We’ve seen this before aka Not so Amazing Spiderman and 2., the emotions don’t fully convey. The tornado scene is just an excuse for a cgi scene. What was wrong with Pa Kent’s original death? Just like in Amazing Spiderman, they focused on the love interest a bit too much. But at least the first half tried to develop character. The second half went downhill with no character development, only spectacle that felt ripped off of transformers and all those disaster films. I can at least understand the reason why Superman made his decision at the end but what underplayed the emotion is the carnage superman caused fighting zod. Considering Nolan produced this, I came off disappointed.

    Wolverine stands far closer to Iron Man 3 than Man of Steel although for opposite reasons. It plays very well as a character piece, exploring his emotions and struggles. However, the final act brought the film down with wolverine getting beat up. This was after Wolverine regained his immorality. Wasn’t he far stronger in the x men trilogy. Still, its far better than Wolverine Origins and X Men 3.

    Overall, not as strong as last year.

  18. Man Of Steel. It gets better with repeat viewings too. And in memory.
    Succeeding so well in a bloodbath summer environment proves how
    good it really is and I wonder what its overall numbers would be
    had it been, for example, released when IM3 was instead of
    that film and in that more favorable competitive climate.

    Iron Man 3 is a film I could never see again and diminishes in memory.
    I did like Downy. That’s about it. I thought the script was terrible.

    The Wolverine I have not seen. I am worn out with that character.
    Not sure when it all happened, maybe after X-Men 3, but I’m done.

    • +1

    • Man of Steel also got very divisive reviews. Several honest reviews and also several very…questionable reviews. In the end, I enjoyed it, it got money and now a sequel so the reviews don’t bother me all that much.

      I found the Wolverine great. While the third act may have turned me off a bit, the first 2 acts and Hugh Jackman’s performance sold me.

      • The illegitimate reviews Man Of Steel garnered did impact the box office.
        After the initial weekend or two is when these reviews do their damage.
        At a 4th of July party I was surprised how many people whom I would
        have thought had seen it did not and all to a man cited “bad reviews”.

        • I noticed the exact the same thing. A couple of my friends mentioned they didn’t see it because of bad reviews as well. I asked what some of the reviews said and they pretty much summed it up by saying it’s not a Superman movie. Ah well, things happen. I’m sure now everything has cooled down, people will be a bit more accepting when the sequel arrives.

        • @Rocco
          Funny you mention 4th of July, I had a similar experience:

          My cousin-in-law, who is now more into comics because of comic book movies (his favorite is Batman) hadn’t seen the movie because of the reviews. When I told him I saw it – his first response was –

          “It sucked, right? RT has it at less than 60?”

          I encouraged him to go see it, even offered to take him and pay for it. He eventually did, and texted me when he left the theatre –

          “So the internet is a liar”

          LOL. Yeah, pretty much.

          • lmao nice story.

          • Great story, Good Doctor. “The Internet is a liar”, too funny.

            I had a somewhat similar story twisting my brother-in-law’s arm
            to go see it and afterward he said he would never trust reviews.
            He loved it along with his wife, my sister, who thought is was great.

          • ““So the internet is a liar””

            Apparently the internet is a liar after all according to the poll results above showing MoS 67%.

            • LOL. Brilliant.

  19. I haven’t seen “The Wolverine” yet, but I’m guessing that will be my #1 choice. I really liked “Man of Steel” but I know I need to see it again and I know there was a lot of cool stuff that they intentionally held back on for the sequel.

  20. Despicable Me 2… Gru beat them all:

    [i]”Lipstick Taser!”[/i]

  21. MoS, The Wolverine, Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 wasn’t ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, I actually liked it better than Captain America (I really didn’t like that movie). I’ll still pick it up on blu-ray, I, again, didn’t think it was that bad, although The Mandarin was lame. I think all the problems that movie had can fall directly on Marvel’s decision to scapegoat Jon Faverau because of Iron Man 2 (which I actually really enjoyed) and replace him with Shane Black, whose only big movie was Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang in the 90’s. Faverau wasn’t even to blame for the supposed “tragedy” that was IM2. Marvel took his script and messed with it to shoehorn the Avengers into the movie. MoS was great, save for the illogical scene with the random priest. The Wolverine was good, but would’ve been much better R. I’ll pick up the unrated blu-ray upon release.

  22. It just doesnt matter. Thor is on the way!

  23. MAN OF STEEL hands down, i was jipped by IM3!!, haven’t seen Wolvie yet but you seen one xmen movie you seen’em all

  24. none of these movies are bad but they fail to meet expectations.

    im starting to understand as a grown cinema viewer that most comic book heros, arcs, backstory etc.. they just don’t work on screen.

    im hoping bats vs supes can change my thought cause as of now I think it will be awfully difficult to show that a man can stand toe to toe with a god on screen.

    • They work with the right people.

      They just aren’t getting the right people, whoever they may be.

  25. I didn’t particularly Love any of these movies. I thought they were all kind of OK. Summer 2013 Has yet to deliver a Flawless Blockbuster. I’m holding out hope for Elysium!!

  26. As much as i liked the wolverine i had to go Man of Steel as the best, We finally got to see supes throw a punch

    • IM3 can dig it self a grave and sit in it

  27. How silly…..

    I can almost hear all the DC fans Googling “How to delete cookies” so they can just vote over and over and over again for that pile of garbage, Man of Steel. That still doesn’t make Man of Steel better, or even good, fellas.

    It’s Iron Man 3 as the best superhero movie this year, thus far,(until Thor 2 comes out), by a mile no matter how this silly vote turns out. Wolverine is a distant second.

    • Just because your choice is not the choice of others and is losing the vote doesn’t mesn anything underhanded is going on. I like Marvel movies, but to me IM3 was disappointing.

    • Man, respect people’s opinions. You’re opinion is worth just as much as others so treat it like that and don’t knock others down.

      • Funny sentiment coming from a guy who’s convinced that Disney bought reviewers to pan Man of Steel…

        • Never said that man.

        • I remember the conversation you’re talking about though, just wasn’t me. I didn’t even reply to the convo either I don’t think.

        • @ Bladeseeker

          In ColdSc’s defense, it wasn’t him that said Disney paid off movie critics to pan and blast MoS, it was the Yo-Yo up above, Dr. Mindbender that said that stupid thing. Dr. Mindbender always has stupid things like that to say.

          ColdSc had nothing to do with those ridiculous remarks.

          • Go ahead and provide a strong argument for why that’s ridiculous.

            If you can’t get past “it just is” than you don’t have a say in the matter.

            I stand firmly and strongly behind those statements. You will never convince me that MoS plummeted to 57% without a level of dishonesty at play.

            • Eh, I don’t believe it at all. I highly doubt a huge company like Disney and Marvel, who are ahead of the game, would go out of their way to pay a couple of critics to give one movie a bad review. There’s also a pretty huge chance for that one critic to out Disney saying he was paid off. That happens, Disney gets one giant hit and I’m sure they’re smart enough to know that. People can also say, they may have made the critic sign a contract or something, Disney will definitely get a bigger hit than the critic if the person outs Disney.

              • @ Bro Yeah, that’s where I’m at.

                @ ColdSc

                I’ve speculated that it’s a possibility, and have also speculated that if that is not a factor at all then it could be a combination of a couple of other things.

                • Really? I find it so hard to believe. Eh, it’s a done deal anyways. Man of Steel did great in the box office and has moderately good ratings every where else apart from Rotten Tomatoes so I won’t be freaking out over it. Plus we’ve got a sequel. Now let’s see how that turns out.

                  • The sequel will be a hit, and people will FINALLY (two years to late) be realizing what a brilliant gem Man Of Steel is.

                    • ha I mean two years too late.

              • No, it does benefit Disney to do such. I wouldn’t suggest the idea if the idea didn’t make sense.

                If you have a competitor make a product that is noticeably different than yours, the last idea that you want out there is that your competitors product is better. If the idea that your competitors’ product is better is strongly supported, that’s going to cost you money from people deciding the other side over your side.

                It would also be a good idea to help influence people to not see one movie, when you have a movie releasing the following week.

                Why didn’t they do it for Wolverine? Less impactful, not necessary.

                I’m not basing this theory on nonsense y’know, I’m basing it on the fact that 57% (even though it brings delight to the Marvelites) screams something extremely shady.

                • I don’t know about paying critics, but I have to agree that there is something very strange about that RT score. RT even had someone come out and say that the score didn’t make sense.

                  • I don’t think it’s strange of any sort. It’s just the critics being biased over a comic book movie. It’s happened before, it happened again.

              • MOS wasn’t terrible im3 was get your facts str8.

                And while we’re talking about this issue. Why would it be impossible for disney to do this? It has happened all through out time. Just look at samsung. They hard coded the s4 so the benchmark tests would give a uber fast result. They are a multinational billion dollar company, and yet they paid people to give bad customer reviews of their competitors phones. It happens all the time and will never stop if there is big bucks at stake.

                To think that this type of behavior doesn’t go on is to live in a world of unicorns and rainbows, that is to say not in reality.

                The only way of knowing any punches are being thrown below the belt is to either have a whistle blower or by accident. The latter is caused by stupidity. While the former is caused by guilt. That’s why it barely ever sees the light of day.

                Don’t get fooled. These companies are greedy, they will do whatever it takes to make gains. But don’t think for one second that any of these studios are above not doing it.

                • Every so often, I am encouraged by the fact that perhaps the world isn’t completely populated by idiots who ignore what is smack dab in-front of their face.

                • Every so often, I am encouraged by the fact that perhaps the world is not completely populated by those who choose to ignore what is smack dab in-front of their face…

                  • ^^^^ and that is a s**t comment. I take it back.

                    I’m out before I cause more damage… peace.

                    *tips martini glass*



                    • Now you got me wanting a dirty, and I’m stuck at work. Thanks a lot Doc. Great now my hands are starting to shake. You’re the best bender.

    • +1

    • Im sorry for a “superhero” movie I don’t see how IM3 is the best; they ruined an iconic villain, who they teased in the first movie. I probably would have liked IM3 better if they never mentioned the mandarin in it. Again this was what was the best Superhero movies, IM3 didn’t feel like a superhero movie, it just felt like “Kiss Kiss lethal weapon” with the ironman suit thrown into it. The wolverine would have been number 1 if it wasn’t for a few scenes: where wolverine gets cuts completely through by a normal blade; I’m sorry but no normal blade can cut through an adamantium spine, also the silver samurai is never able to cut through wolvie’s adamantium claws, I’m not saying MoS was perfect but it barely edged out wolverine to be the best Superhero movie of the summer so far.

      • I thought the silver samurai made sense, it was able to cut through Wolverine’s claws because it was made out of adamantium.

        Plus The Wolverine may have been the best X-Men film for me if, like you said, some of the scenes were altered a bit. It gave in to the whole comic book vibe near the end, but the first 2 acts were great.

        • yea true, thats why i don’t hate the wolverine lol cause the changes were minor, unlike IM3; man what pissed me off was that they hyped up the mandarin so much before releasing the film and they end up totally ruining the mandarin character.

    • These are bold accusations you post. Sounds like you’re the only BUTT hurt fanboi here. MOS ftw. So sit on it.

      • The comment above was for John.

  28. Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Wolverine

    you should have waited with vote ’til after thor though 😉

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