Iron Man 3: New Iron Legion Armor Designs Revealed? [Updated]

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New Iron Man 3 Heartbreaker Armor Iron Man 3: New Iron Legion Armor Designs Revealed? [Updated]

With just over two months left before Iron Man 3 kicks off the 2013 summer movie season, we’re learning more and more about the first chapter of Marvel’s movie universe “Phase Two” on a daily basis. From new posters to leaked concept art, to a Super Bowl ad and new trailer on the way, excitement and expectations are high for the first post-Avengers film from Marvel Studios.

Iron Man 3 not only aims to take Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark to a darker, more personal and emotional place, but it also promises to raise the bar on the action front. With today’s news, we have a much clearer picture of how director Shane Black aims to accomplish this.

CBM got their hands on another never-before-seen piece of Iron Man concept art, dubbed the “Heartbreaker.” Similar to how the Space Suit concept art matches the Funko “Deep Space Armor” bobblehead toy, the below suit design also matches tie-in merchandise we’ve seen before.

[Click to Enlarge]

Iron Man 3 Heartbreaker Armor 570x886 Iron Man 3: New Iron Legion Armor Designs Revealed? [Updated]

Note the colors and bulkier armor on the helmet, limbs and chest, highlighted by a larger and brighter uni-beam. Familiar? Read on if you’re okay knowing potential spoilers.
















A similar design can be seen on the leaked LEGO set images, specifically the final “showdown” between Stark and the Mandarin (see below). Could this be the new armor Stark wears in the film’s final battle?

LEGO Iron Man 3 Mandarin 570x509 Iron Man 3: New Iron Legion Armor Designs Revealed? [Updated]

We’ve already seen in the images, the posters and the official Iron Man 3 trailer that Stark’s new Extremis suit that appeared at Comic-Con gets heavily battle-damaged, possibly destroyed even, at some point in the film. Perhaps what’s depicted above is what Stark constructs and wears after. You’d have to be crazy to assume Stark won’t get more than one new suit in Iron Man 3. He’s already had seven up until this point and this film aims to up the ante.

By the end of Iron Man 2, Stark had discovered a new element to power his suit, and we got the see the Mark VI in action, easily identified by its triangular chest light. Stark upgrades to the Mark VII – a suit he can summon via wristbands – in the final act of The Avengers, and in Iron Man 3, upgrades again to the golden Extremis armor which he can control with his mind, piece by piece, as demonstrated in the Comic-Con footage and trailer.

From the rumors, the toys and a description of the second Iron Man 3 trailer releasing next week, Stark not only changes his own duds in the threequel, but he crafts himself an army, an Iron Legion, as name-dropped in the Iron Man 3 prelude comics. Take a look at the below image a user of the SHH forums posted two weeks ago from he claims to be the Hasbro Assemblers toys, an Iron Man 3 toy line featuring multiple armored suits with interchangeable parts, an idea that matches the rumored explanation for why Stark’s golden armor is designated the Mark XLVII (47).

[Click to Enlarge]

Iron Man 3 Armor Designs Iron Legion 570x427 Iron Man 3: New Iron Legion Armor Designs Revealed? [Updated]

Notice anything familiar? The bottom right design is the Heartbreaker armor, and with that, we’ve come full circle. All of the toys, rumors and even the latest trailer description all hint that this could very well be a design Stark wears, or at least builds (for Pepper Potts?) and these other designs in the image above could be Stark’s “boys,” a name he reportedly gives to them. We may just see them flying into action with Stark and Rhodey’s (Don Cheadle) Iron Patriot suit.

[Update: New Iron Man 3 poster spotted in theaters & officially released by Yahoo!  - check out the extra Iron Legion suits flying in the background!]

Iron Man 3 Iron Legion Poster Official 570x845 Iron Man 3: New Iron Legion Armor Designs Revealed? [Updated]

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Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Stephanie Szostak, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


Sources: CBM, SHH Forums, Marvel, Tumblr, Yahoo

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    Looks amazing, cant wait to see it in action. also the chest piece is massive and the arc reactor is bigger so do you think we will finally see a massive unibeam? hope so.

    • Don’t know. Right now, it’s leaked concept art matching leaked toy art matching more leaked LEGO toy ;)

      • Damn Rob, YOU ARE DA MAN… I love the hall of armors pic! I cannot wait for this movie

      • As far as I know…

        That armor will be the one Stark wears in the final battle with the Mandarin.

        • According to the LEGO that’s what it seems.

    • I think the unibeam was already revealed in the first movie when he is fighting Obadia Stain in his suit.

      • The unibeam has been in every movie Iron Man has been in (Iron Man 1&2, Avengers). He said “massive unibeam” meaning huge, stronger-than-normal.

  2. oooh awesome!
    I’m a bit apprehensive about the final showdown, but I hope it turns out amazing.. I can’t wait for this movie!!!

  3. One word: AWSOME!!!!

  4. I’m going to see the whole movie before it even comes out. I’m going to have to stop looking at these leaked bits.

    Armor looks great!

  5. One word: AWSOME!!!

    • Which might have slightly more impact if spelled correctly…

      • Or spelt, even…

        • @ jack & Jas
          You are correct!! I saw that after I sent it.
          I blame fat fingers!

          (that’s a little better)

        • Lol, ‘spelled’ is correct

          • If you insist…

            • “Spelled” and “spelt” are both correct.

  6. “CBM got their hands on another never-before-seen piece of Iron Man concept art.”
    And they were “asked” to remove that picture by the production company. So either SR will be “asked” to remove it as well, or the guys over at CBM are full of sh*t.

    • Remember the Funko Space Armor bobblehead? They sent me an email pretty quick asking politely to take it down.

      • So that CBM poster is full of sh*t, just as I thought. Sometimes it seems to me that they´re doing this to appear more important than they really are.

  7. I have been waiting almost a year for them to release the comic con “Extremis suit up”.. any where to check it out or even if it will be in the new trailer coming out in 2 weeks???? Mwahz.

  8. I am liking what I’m seeing about IM3 so far.

    What I really want to know (and I won’t dislike the movie if it’s not in there) is whether Mandarin will have his power rings, and how they will interpret that for the film if they are in there.

    • Last we heard on that, they’re just rings, symbolic for The Mandarin, but no alien/magic nature behind them.

      I wrote a thing a while back on how they COULD have done that and tied it to Fin Fang Foom and some of the upcoming space-based films.

      • In that pic of the Mandarin, there´s some dragons carved in the stone wall that look a bit like FFF. But it´s probably just a little easter egg to please the fans.

        • Doubtful, they just look like Chinese-style dragons. Unless we’re talking about different carvings, any similarity to Kakaranatharan space dragons living or dead is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

    • What I really want to know is how they will make Ben Kingsley a believable chinese half-breed.

      • They’re not…..

  9. I have hada feeling the that the extremis armor isnt the final…. for weeks. Still have my fingers crossed for my favorite suits

    • They sure as hell better not give the ugly creamy beige armor too much screen time!

      • Which armor is that? Are you talking about the gold one or a different one I don’t know about?

        • We haven’t seen a golden armor. What we have seen is an ugly, mostly beige armor with very few red that has been dubbed the Extremis armor.

          • I think your eyes are failing.
            The armor your’e describing is gold color, it’s just not super shiny like chrome. It’s a more matted finish.

            • My eyes are fine, thank you. It has nothing to do with the metallic shininess. Watch Iron Man 1 again: THAT is gold color. You’ll notice it is more of a warm yellow than this Extremis armor beige tint.

              • Yes, your eyes are fine. But the new armor won´t look beige in the final movie, as seen in the trailer. The pics of the “beige” armor you´ve seen are “un-touched” pics without any effects on them. If you remember the first set pics of the first movie, you might notice that those pics looked like Downey is wearing a plastic armor (which it actually was), but in the finished film, it looked like actual metal.

                • I guess we’ll have to wait and see… but as it is, yeah, it looks too much like plastic.

              • Oh I get it, you think all metallics look the same, so if one material looks different from the next that means it is different.

  10. Excited for this movie. It looks good! I think this is the final design for the armor. And plus, if they have this, the space one, and the hulkbuster, this movie will be better than kick-ass!

  11. Tony Stark won’t need the Avengers anymore after this army is built. Maybe we’ll see the Iron Legion army face off against an army of extremis cyborgs lead by Mandarin.

  12. I wonder if the mandarin dies at the end of this movie?? He seems like a character that could last a movie or two, but then again so did the Red Skull.

    Hey Rob…….any news on RDJ showing up in any future Iron Man movies, or his new marvel deal yet?

  13. 1st) my damn keyboard is giving me problems (thats why there is a spelling problem)
    2nd) I DID read it and it talks about if he DOESN’T play the character.
    I NEVER SAID HE does not want to play the character, because I know he wants to! they sort of imply that he gets a MoNSTER sum for every movie but that 50mil has been in his contract since IM 1

    Rob Keyes talked about that in an earlier aricle and even said that RDJ DOES NOT want anyone else to ever be Tony Stark and to look for a contract to possibly being reached this summer for future movies Mostly small parts in other feaure CBM’s


    • 1) no one said anything about your spelling.

      2) When you say “this article about RDJ NOT plying iron man in the future” you’re implying a specific thing. So don’t get all up in arms when people assume that’s what you meant. Your statement implies that he might not play Stark later on, when the article generally goes in the opposite direction: overall the article is about how he wants to keep going.

      • +1

  14. I may be getting ahead of myself, BUT.. why do there have to be a thousand suits in every movie? It’s fun to watch, but its not original. Whether Stark is destroying other suits, or fighting along side them, it gets old. I thought Obadiah Stane was enough in the first movie and even that was a lame climatic fight. They better deliver if this movie just gonna rely on these Mark suits.

    • Its a pull over from the comics. Tony makes the upgrades and modifications as he needs them, and about every suit has a couple variants, I mean the original tin-man got painted gold for a while. and then over time he built up a couple of specialized armors on the side. However it wasnt till about the early ninties or late 80s that all his old armors got destroyed, so he built up a lot of specialized armors that you would see every once and a while, then have the continualy changing main line. so a couple suits every movie is normal. building up a bunch of suits, now usualy that is caused in the aftermath of a crisis(like aliens attacking new york)

    • What Mando said. It’s one of the foundational pillars of Iron Man…he’s always improving things and finding new solutions to problems. On top of that, the fans love seeing new designs and new toys in each issue. it’s only natural that they’d put good stuff from the comics into the movies.

      • The only time he went wrong was when he tried to make the classic suit more expressive and he put a Nose on it! seriously, a NOSE, not one of his greatest ideas, luckily it didnt last long and hasnt appeared again. On the upside, you could deffinately see the anger in that mask

      • I will agree with you that I enjoy seeing the new suits. I just hope the climax isn’t suit vs. suit. It gets to repetitive!

    • @Trey, Kevin Feige, and Shane Black have chosen not to do the whole “armor” v.s. “armor” again this time around, they’ve done it twice and this is what they themselves personally said. I’m sure Rob Keys can find the article and release the statement made by Feige. Rest assured you’ll be seing some interesting characters(not wearing armor) going up against Iron Man/Men.

      • Good to hear. If they do an Iron Man 4 after Avengers 2, they’ll be able to go crazy with a huge bad guy since the Marvel universe is expanding farther and farther by then.

      • Yup. And if the LEGO sets are anything to go by, Mandarin has some crazy tank thing, lol.

        Although Stark will come across enemy armored peeps. Coldblood, Extremis-Killian (as another toy hints), etc.

        We’ll just have to wait and see – I like not knowing those deets :)

  15. Looks great but not sure how they’re going to cram all these suits into one movie ;)

  16. Building a legion, anyone else worried we’ll soon see Ultron?

    • Worried? Can’t wait for Ultron to make his appearance. He’s one of the best if not the best Avengers villain. Probably the most well known Avengers villain too. And his story is intertwined with many Avengers characters lives.

      • This is why I’m hoping we see Ultron as the main villain for Avengers 2 with Ant-Man brought into SHIELD custody as its creator and given the choice of either a lifetime in their prison with all proof of his existence erased or work for them as an agent.

        That way, we got a way into Phase 3 (Avengers 2 into Ant-Man) that makes a little sense, the team fight a bigger threat than each other/Chitauri invasion but more importantly, Thanos himself won’t have to get his hands dirty until Avengers 3.

        • Isn’t Thanos already supposed to be the villain in Avengers 2? Also, since Hank Pym created Ultron, it seems unlikely he’ll make an appearance before Ant-Man.

          • Movei fans and websites have been theorizing about which films Thanos will show up in for so long that now some people believe it’s already determined or announced, case in point here. Nothing has been said about Avengers 2 by the people making the movies except Joss, who said he wanted to get more into the depth of characters, not necessarily more explosions.

          • Ultron most certainly won’t make an appearance before Pyms; I can see Tony’s Iron Legion forming the basis of Ultron’s army in Avengers 3 however. (Perhaps through the joint efforts of Stark, Banner and Pym.)

  17. Look out! The Mandarin has a can-opener!!!

  18. wasn’t a huge fan of the previous iron man movies – they moved a bit slow for me. but i find myself pretty excited about this third installment. can’t wait to check it out.

  19. I really hope that Lego set with the weird tank thing isn’t in fact what happens.

    I’m still pulling for the rings. It’s just so much more interesting to me than him just using some tank or another armor like the last two movies.

    That Legion Armor is awesome looking though. Kind of reminds me a bit of the one from the Ultimate Comics early on.

  20. All this looks great. The second suit on the top left kind of looks like the space armour that leaked a few days back. Excited

  21. Here’s to hoping this movie will build off The Avengers momentum and be the best Iron Man yet!

  22. I can see this being the basis of an eventual Hulkbuster suit; I wouldn’t put it beyond the realms of possibility that an MCU Hulkbuster Iron Man would be significantly smaller than it’s comic book counterpart…

  23. Y’know, we just had Loki wielding the Mind Gem in the Avengers so I wouldn’t rule out Mandarin’s rings staying true to the source material.

    • There is some evidence that Loki was using the mind gem (blue staff weapon, mind control) but Loki’s weapon was specifically said in dialogue to be powered by tesseract energy. Seems likely that the mind gem is in the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s Vault, but it is possible that it’s out in the world & that’s what we in Avengers. I’m not inclined to think that was the Mind gem personally.

  24. dont get me wrong…i like ironman but yall shouldnt get your hopes up. looking back at IM1&2 The fight secenes were weak and short smdh espically war machines sorry butt missles(that was too hyped upmaybe it was a joke idk nor care) but im ready to see this movie but im not hyped for it.

    • Wut?

    • Jon Favreau was wary about relying too much on big explosive action scenes or effects. He’s more about character development and used action and FX is smaller doses where they were most effective. That’s Favreau’s style…think about his other writing & directing work.

      Shane Black will have differences just because he’s a different director with different sensibilities, I mean he wrote Lethal Weapon and has been involved in lots of action-oriented films. Just based on these things I think we can expect a bigger & louder experience in IM3.

  25. What I’d like to see is……. “PROTON CANNON!!!!!!” This movie would be the PERFECT one to introduce THAT weapon.

    • The Ghostbusters already have proton cannons. That vehicle thing there with Mandarin in it is FIN FANG FOOM!!!

      • Nerd-out moment here,
        Proton Cannon is from Marvel vs. Capcom, it’s one of Iron Man’s big attacks
        Proton Pack is from Ghostbusters.

        Whew got that out of my system!

  26. imo, that new poster is epic in every way possible. I took a closer look at it and it seems like almost all the concept arts that leaked were on point. Cant lie, this movie is gonna be dope :)

  27. Anybody notice how his right arm in the poster kinda looks like Luke’s arm at the end of Empire?

  28. They should make a iron man 4 were he goes up against a dark god named luther who absorbs energy to survive. tony creates a bulk galaxy suit that can power up in space. And they should make a movie named supreme titans where marvels avengers, and dcomics justice league comes together in one smash hit staring robert downey jr.