‘Iron Man 3′ Adds Another Villain; Jon Favreau Returning as Happy Hogan

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With big names like Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, James Badge Dale and Rebecca Hall joining returning series veterans Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Don Cheadle, Iron Man 3 is shaping up to be a promising new entry in the popular film series. By comparison, it seems almost trivial that obscure actor Ashley Hamilton is apparently in talks to play equally obscure Iron Man villain, Firepower. Then again, it’s unclear how, exactly, this character fits into the larger story line  based on the Iron Man “Extremis” storyline, leaving open the possibility that Firepower will, in fact, play a pivotal role.

In other Iron Man 3 news: Former franchise helmer Jon Favreau confirmed on Twitter that – while he won’t be directing the threequel – he will be returning to the franchise as Tony Stark’s bodyguard, Happy Hogan.

Ashley Hamilton is probably best known for playing recurring character Cole Deschanel on the soap opera series Sunset Beach in 1997, before being replaced by actor Eddie Cibrian. Hamilton also earned attention for his brief marriage to actress Shannen Doherty, which ended in divorce after only five months. None of this exactly recommends him for the role of a super villain in an A-list Hollywood production. In fact, the closest he’s come to that was playing a bad guy in the family comedy sequel Beethoven’s 2nd, back in 1993. A big reason for Hamilton’s possible involvement in Iron Man 3 likely has to do with the fact that, according to Variety, Robert Downey, Jr. is a close friend.

Firepower is an experimental battle suit much like Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor. It was originally designed and worn by Jack Taggert for the purpose of defeating the superhero, and has more recently been seen in the service of Iron Man nemesis The Mandarin.

THe Mandarin Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 Adds Another Villain; Jon Favreau Returning as Happy Hogan

A more recent version of The Mandarin

If nothing else, the presence of Firepower indicates a certain level of deviation from Warren Ellis’ six-issue Iron Man: Extremis comic book series, which reportedly provides much of the basis for Iron Man 3‘s plot (Firepower wasn’t in Ellis’ version). Of course, Shane Black and company never claimed to be making a direct adaptation of Extremis, which would be difficult to pull off without earning an R-rating, given the storyline’s often brutal, graphic violence. All that’s really known is that the film will incorporate certain elements from Ellis’ series, and possibly subsequent stories featuring the titular nanotechnology.

Sources close to the production still maintain that Ben Kingsley will NOT be playing The Mandarin, no matter how much fans of the comics may want him to. Kingsley WOULD be a perfect fit (despite not being part-Chinese), and the Mandarin DOES unleash the Extremis technology in a more recent storyline, but the actor has apparently already signed on for a different role in the film.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled for release on May 3rd, 2013.

Sources: Variety

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  1. Wow, Mandarin is Iron Man’s greatest villain. If he truly isn’t playing Mandarin, the studio truly f***** up.

    • At first most people said Avengers would suck without Norton as the Hulk. We see how that turned out. I like this new news.

        • Oh, please. Mark Ruffalo owned the role, and blew Ed Norton off the screen. The best onscreen Hulk of all time. The biggest shock of the film, and the one most talked about.

          gl with that..


          • I am a huge Norton fan, and I completely agree that Ruffalo owned the role and IS the Hulk whereas Norton PLAYED the Hulk. I was quite pleasantly surprised!

          • maybe in your mind buddy. i never heard people RAVING about mark ruffalo’s hulk. sure he walked away from the role with a few more fans, but I’m pretty sure people were just awestruck by the movie in general, and that elevated the appeal of mark as the hulk. im sorry, but he didnt blow my mind in that movie. DEFINITELY NOT the biggest shock of the film. honestly when i first found out he was hulk, i was like “oh please…”. but he didnt do half bad. i still think nolan was a better. people like you piss me off because you talk as if it was the general consensus. its YOUR opinion buddy. dont say things like “the biggest shock of the film, and the one most talked about” because that is CLEARLY a load of bullsh*t.

        • Ugh… sure man.

        • I’m with ya. Ruffalo walking around like a whiny, cowardly pansy. All he did was b**** about “the other guy” while passive-aggressively threatening to murder everyone that came across his path. Ed Norton is a AAA actor and Mark Ruffalo should stick with C-list romcoms where he belongs.

          • Not only was Mark Ruffalo the best Bruce Banner, his facial features look more like the Hulk. Norton is a fine actor, but also deserves mention as the Most Often Miscast Actor, as his turn as Banner/Hulk showed.

          • That’s the entire point to the character. Bruce Banner is mild mannered and very passive, while the Hulk is aggressive and out of control. The introvert/extrovert relationship Stan Lee created was essential to the depth of the character, and an aspect hardly highlighted in The Incredible Hulk, despite how good the movie was. Edward Norton is a great actor, and the Incredible Hulk was a great movie, but Mark Ruffalo just fits better.

        • The rest of the Avengers was good… Except Captain America.

    • Correction…Mandarin is TRULY Iron Man’s greatest villian. Truly.

  2. I dont think we need to see The Mandrin in this one exactly, but they absolutely need to hint to his involement and have him pulling the strings from the shadows, then bring him fully back for 4. As for Fire Power, I am hoping that he is going to be cannon Fodder and It will be an opening scene with Tony making short work of him and him possibly coming back in 4 improved and under the mandrins control. As far as Fav goes it wouldnt be Iron man with out Happy Hogan

      • Me either, Mongoose, me either.

      • I dont beleive they are going to go with him being a Cyborg, in Extremis he doesnt become a cyborg, the nanites allows him to control and interact with computers. This also allows him to have a quicker response time while wearing his armor. I mean, I agree that i dont want to see the armor coming out of his skin. However, him being able to bond to him armor with a skin that secretes from his body might be cool though.

        • As well as being able to control computers, hack in satelites and view through them, hack cell phones and other stuff as well…

          You know, kinda like a cyborg could do.

          • Yeah, a Tony Stark with superpowers is not the Tony Stark I wanna see.
            He’s supposed to be a man (emphasis on the MAN), in an armored suit. That’s the whole appeal. Turning him into a cyborg-esque character is alienating.

          • A cyborg would be part man and part machine, which by the way, Tony could already be considered. I mean the thing that powers his suit also keeps his heart beating they are connected. Making them one, The only thing that could negate that would be that the suit has Jarvis in it which is an AI. So unless they ditch Jarvis which I cant see happening im not worried about it. That said Marvel has earned my trust to deliver and im sure they will get it done. The only wild card IMO is Shane Black, yes he has proven he is a great writer, no doubt, and I loved Kiss kiss Bang Bang, but this is a whole other ball game folks, so I will continue to keep the faith and Make Mine Marvel, cause lets face it DC only has its animation and Batman and thats coming to a close. They Blew Green Lantern, Superman is a “God I hope its Good”, and if rumours are true we have a Rock lead LOBO. hmmmm, REALLY DC

  3. I was hoping IM3 would involve a new type of Villain as oppose to villians in suits, so hopefully ‘Firepower’ isnt a major character

    • He isn’t. The article I’m sure this article is based off of says Firepower is a minor player. Seems kind of a waste to even have him imho.

    • It will, Mallen should be the Main Bad guy. Mallen takes the original Extremis drug and uses it on himself, which allows him to have super power, Extremis was a serum used to recreate a version of the super soldier serum. Tony then alters it and uses it on himself when he is mortally wounded fighting Mallen.

  4. I somewhat wish they would reveal a little more about Happy’s background in the movies. I know they sort of hinted at it in Iron Man 2 but Happy had a fascinating back-story in the comics, I wish they’d touch on that a bit more.

  5. Would be interesting if it was a mash up with Extremis and Armor Wars.

      • I completely agree. I’m super stoked for both of these films. I think we need to petition that Marvel comes out with a movie every 6 weeks. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. :)

        • lol if only. Here’s something I want that I don’t think is unreasonable though. Disney bought Marvel. Where are the animation films? They have exactly zilcho that compares to Warner/DC’s direct to dvd stuff, or Young Justice. C’mon Disney. The only decent marvel cartoons I’ve seen are the anime ones, and Tales of Asgard and Planet Hulk are “eh”. All of the others are pathetic compared to DC’s.

          In this day and age, where the Avengers are now TOTALLY famous, we get that terrible Avengers cartoon. C’mon Disney, you don’t think the fans and a lot of outside new fans would absolutely eat up some serious high end animation? DC’s been smokin ya’s for years now! :D


          • i know, right?

          • All of the marvel animated movies are from Lionsgate. I read on wikipedia that they had a six picture deal with them. I think Tales of Asgard was the last in the deal.

            Now that the window is open, they should be flooding us with movies! :)

            • This is extremely encouraging news!


          • Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? “terrible”? – that show is great! – most fans are VERY upset that Marvel’s cancelling it.
            The only “terrible” marvel cartoon on at the moment is Ultimate Spider-Man *shivers* – man that show sucks.

            I do agree though, in terms of animation DC is WAY ahead of the competition (i.e. Marvel) IMO>

            • I think he was referring to animated movies as opposed to tv shows.

              • Oh no, he, meaning me, CLEARLY stated the Avengers series as well. Its atrocious, unwatchable cheese.

                Young Justice is 500 times better, and I could care less about nearly every character in it. It’s just the quality of animation, writing, and presentation that makes it a must watch.

                The Avengers series, by comparison, has my 2 favorite comic characters of all time, but it’s so terribly animated and presented that it literally makes my stomach churn and swirl.

                If you enjoy it, cool! I wish I could.

                B, who’s waiting for Disney to make a real cartoon. I mean, it’s DISNEY!! lol

                • The only thing about Avengers: EMH that’s bad is the animation.
                  The stories, writing and most of the voice cast is excellent.

                  If you don’t like it, then that’s fine, but don’t bash a fan favorite series as if it’s complete rubbish.

                  • Alright, tell ya what mate. I am downloading the last several episodes right now in 720p. They just adapted a sliver of Simonsons’ Thor so I’ll check it out again.

                    I’ll post later.


                • ok in my opinion, i loved how avengers earths mightiest heroes really grasped the point of the avengers at onetime being divided and doing their own things, hence why they chose “forever fight as one” as the theme song (kick ass theme song btw, freaking love it!!!) i am going to be really bummed when the cancel it.

            • I agree that DC is kicking Marvels butts in the animation dept. However the comment about Earths mightiest Heroes being crap is insane, story waize its hitting on all cylinders, if you dont like the animation fine, but story wise it kills young justice, young justice I will admit has gotten extremely good now that they have started to bring in their stories inline with Dc lore, im not saying their faithful, because they are far from itbut still way better then season one. The art is top notch though. Back to Avengers how can someone knock the show unless they arent watching it, I mean come on the last three episodes have had Beta Ray Bill and the Surta Storyline, Korvac and the Gaurdians of the Galaxy with Rocket Racoon, and Secret Invasion has started. How can anyone say that show sucks. If you want to see sucky Ultimate Spiderman is trash, that show straight up blows. Oh yeah and Avengers had Heroes for Hire, show is great !

              • Because it does. lol

                Young Justice has been building all along, and it’s a wonderful must watch. It’s the second best cartoon on tv atm, right behind the Legend Of Korra, which absolutely destroys everything.

                Again, see above. If you enjoy it, cool! I wish I could.


                • Another thing, you are now defending The Avengers cartoon simply because of characters that appeared on it? Yeah, cool! Too bad it’s terrible! lol I wish I didn’t get distracted by production values in this medium. It’s akin to liking Batman so much that you can sit through Batman Forever and saying it RULES just because Two Face appeared lol.

                  lol, watch Young Justice again. From the beginning. The WHOLE thing is a build. Has been from the pilot onward. It also takes place on a legit 52 world, btw, in case you want to start talking about true to comics again lol.


                  • No im defending story, which As I stated has been solid, and I get you dont like the show , cool I gave Young Justice its due and said it has gotten much better , really building is what your going with though on YJ,the show switched gears because of the complaints it was getting story wise. Avengers art style is highly criticized as well and to each their own, I can except that but like I said, story wise and scripts on the other hand is hands down much better in the Avengers. if you gave the Avengers the Art of Young Justice we wouldn’t even be discussing this, but you also said the Anime Marvel shows where good, no they where not, again they look good but the stories are horrible. Art Style is not the end all be all, story is the foundation that everything is built on. Again just IMO, Oh and I do Like Young justice very much, great show, finally they have some substance, even though last episode sucked except the part with Cheshire and Red and the baby saved the episode for me.

                    • oh yeah I agree Legend of Kora is amazing, great story and art style, perfect combo. I also caught the First Episode of Tron Uprising, and I have to say not bad at all. looking forward to the season starting in June

                    • I gave it another shot tonight. Clancy Brown is really cool, but the majority of the voice acting, the dialogue, and even the sound design is pathetically cheesy. The animation is a joke, but I bet I would have loved it if I were 7-10 years old. I watched 6 in a row tonight, and I’m still waiting to see one really decent episode. It’s for kids, period.

                      Don’t tell me you watched those Marvel Animes in english, did you? That’s a whole other bag. Complain all you want about them “not being good”, they are literally the closest thing to decent animation I have ever seen from Marvel characters, unless we go back to Pryde of the X Men, which STILL looks amazing. Too bad Pryde was terrible in every other way, but a nearly 30 year old 1 shot backup Saturday morning pilot looks 10 times better than everything Marvel has now, and that’s just pathetic.

                      Tron was surprisingly good.

                      Korra is absolutely amazing.

                      One day I hope I can see Marvel cartoons on that level. Until then, I’ll stick to the live action films.


                    • The Marvel animes were typical animes. Large breasted women, schoolgirls, tentacles, long drawn out explanations during catastrophic events. The stories were cheesy (Yinsen’s alive? c’mon) and obvious from the get go.
                      Avengers: EMH is WAY too kiddy / Americanized. Add some adult themes and then we’ll talk. The art is bad, but the stories are true to the books.
                      YJ is starting to get it right.
                      Sorry, but Marvel Animes, in English or Japanese, were just bad.

  6. If Kingsley does turn out to be the Mandarian, wouldn’t this make 3 villains for the film?

  7. What is all this talk about Ben Kingsley being great to play the Mandarin? Is anyone a fan of comics and good movies? Has anyone seen Kingsleys movies and do you really think he would make a good mandarin? I think the first thing you have to look at is his look he just doesn’t look like the mandarin and based on his acting would make a better side kick or guy that runs the business while Mandarin pulls the strings not the Mandarin himself. I think they should get someone relatively new that looks more like the Mandarin character and can project what the Mandarin is like in the comics. I mean I’m not sure about anyone else but Mickey Rourke didn’t really make Iron Man 2 any good IR2 was kind of disapointing.

    • 4 actually…if u include Mallen I’m worried it might turn out like Spiderman 3 with too much going on

  8. I want to see Hulkbuster aromor!

  9. I’m glad Favreau will be back.
    I know it’s a small role and it could have easily been written out but often it’s the little things that I enjoy in big blockbuster movies.
    Also to be completely honest when I 1st read Ashley Hamilton my 1st thoughts were who is she? And what villain role can this woman play? Ooops! ;)

    • Me too :] I wish he was still directing though :{

    • I thought the same thing with Ashley. I was like, OH! Eye candy… WRONG!! :)

  10. Just hope that this doesnt end up like spidey 3 with all these villains

  11. isn’t fav also (co)producing this?

  12. Might seem like a waste to have Firepower but then again, none of us know the script so it could turn out to be a major turning point for Stark. Who knows, maybe Firepower gives Tony a reason to mature a little as a person (remember, in Avengers we saw a little hint at Tony losing something but that still wasn’t someone he truly cared about like Pepper, Rhodes or even Hogan even if he was upset enough to agree to fight as part of the Initiative).

    We may be pleasantly surprised.

    I also have a feeling that Kingsley is being set up to be a fake Mandarin (in other words, the more the studio says he isn’t, the more we think he is and then come the end of the movie, the REAL Mandarin is shown).

  13. Another new villain I’ve never heard about? hm :(

    Great to hear about Favreou reprising his role though (last I heard, he’s also producing it and has had some input into the creative decisions). It just goes to show, those rumors about there being bad blood between Marvel and its directors was just that: RUMORS – untrue ones at that.

    Still not convinced about IM3 though, it’s starting to shape up into something very unshapely IMO ;)

  14. This is great news Jack Taggert could be Mandarins henchmen…(hopefully).
    Also Jack Taggert is black (just saying), so the question is who will it

  15. I do agree with one of the commenters above about Kingsly and the more I thing about it the less I want to see him as the Mandrin, I would much rather see someone like Chow young Fat, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa,or Daniel Dae Kim. Any one of those three would be better suited for the role

    • right cause there all Asians but in some way sir Ben Kingsley looks a bit Asian and besides I`m sure the makeup group will make him look Asian. I like him as an Actor I think he`s a good choice…personally !

    • You can’t deny that Sir Kingsley looks a little Asian though (i believe one of his parents is Asian).
      For all we know, they’ll change the character’s origin and he won’t even be Chinese… he’ll probably be depicted as a Middle-Eastern gentleman.

      Plus, they need a NAME for this movie (just like Bridges or Rourke).
      I for one, have never heard of any of those actors you mentioned…

      • wow , you haven’t heard of any the actors I named really, ok well , I didnt say i wouldn’t have picked Kingsley as Mandarin because he isn’t asian, that could concern me less, Hemdale in Thor isn’t black in the comics , and personally I didn’t care one bit a great performance is all i care about. However, I feel that the aforementioned actors would be better fits IMO. as far as the Actors I mentioned Fat, did a few movies, , Crouching Tiger, the killer, Pirates of the Caribbean etc . Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, he was in Mortal Kombat, Pearl Harbor,and many more.
        Daniel Dae Kim, know mostly from lost and Hawaii 5o. Lastly Ken Watanabe, Batman Begins, the last Samauri, Inception etc. All great actors and all a great match for The Mandarin

        • That’s surprising, I’ve watched almost all those movies you mentioned, but I never remembered those guys’ names.
          You’re right, some of them would have been a great choice to play Mandarin (not so sure about Watanabe though), but I still think Kingsley will do a great job.

  16. I beg to differ I mean Bridges was great in Iron Man 1 but Rourke not so much in Iron Man 2 and kind of ruined the movie for me. Sometimes getting a well known actor actually ruins the movie (expecially if it’s Kingsley). The Mandarin is such an important character in the Iron Man comics that they really need to get someone that looks like him and can bring out who he is in the comics. The best movies I’ve seen especially when they come to comics are the ones that stay the truest to the source material expecially when it comes to a Marvel Comic.

    • “Sometimes getting a well known actor actually ruins the movie (expecially if it’s Kingsley).”

      I can’t believe they haven’t even started to FILM the damn thing and an actor’s performance is already being criticized… that’s just crazy.

  17. As long as we don’t see Jack Frost, Unicorn, or Puppet Master I’m fine. Those are very old Iron Man villains by the way.

  18. No, next we’re going to get Blizzard(jack frost), Radio Active Man, and Living Laser. ;)LOL!

  19. OK, one more time: Listen, Marvel. We the fans, who pay your bills, want to see one thing more than anything else, and that is IRON MAN VERSUS MANDARIN, in all his ring-weilding, Chinese-appearing Fu Manchu-looking glory, in a big big big battle! It is not racial discrimination, profiling, or anything else. In the original comics, this was Mandarin as much as Martin Luther kKng was black! Now if you don’t deliver this, alot of people are gonna be upset, and it may fare no better than IM#2.

    • REJOICE!!

      • IMDb is often wrong, by the way, just sayin, and they clearly state that The Mandarin, is rumoured to be the villian.

  20. I think I’m more excited for Man of Steel than I am for this, which is surprising because I’m more of a Marvel fan. I just can’t get excited for what could be the final IM movie and yet there’s still no Mandarin :(. They’re not even doing the Extremis storyline justice by not having Mallen I just hope we don’t have another spidermane final judgement until I see some actual footage 3 on our hands or even worse XM3 with the directorial changes. Either way I’ll reserv

    • Mallen by name may not be in it but Im pretty sure that Guy Pearce, who is playing Killian, is actually Mallen just with a different name.

      • you may be right but if that’s the case we might have another spiderman 3 on our hands

    • I was thinking something similar, this is what, villian #3. Villian oversaturation was a major part of what ruined SM3( that and the musical numbers).

  21. The problem with Mandarin is that he’s outdated. Iron Man fought Communists back in the Silver Age, so an enemy from China made sense back then, but today, China is one of our main trade partners and we owe it trillions of dollars in debt. Plus, his magic alien rings don’t fit with the technology-only aspects of the Iron Man films.

    The only way he would work in a movie is if he were a rival Chinese businessman out to topple his competition and become the most powerful tycoon in Asia. Stark tries to expand into China, thus earning his wrath.

    • Actually the rings are not magic, they are alien technology. Oh, by the way he is a terroist, and a criminal warlord, his Nationality is irrelavent. Also the ten rings, his organization, has already been established in the first movie. The way it would also would work is that the Mandarin is trying to aquire the extremis serum, he hires Mallen to retrive it from the company making during the heist things go bad when Iron man comes on the scene to stop them. Mallen injects himself with the serum, and develops super powers and basically goes insane. In the process of stopping Mallen Tony is mortally wounded by Mallen and redesigns the extremis serum and uses it on himself allowing him to interact with computers and his armor quicker.

  22. Times like this I *almost* wish I read comic…have no idea what anyone is talking about. Anyway, descriptions of characters/plot points sound very nice so far…

  23. I watched the The Avengers and it was AWESOME! I like them all but the Hulk/Bruce Banner STANDOUT among the rest. Mark Ruffalo did an AMAZING job and he gave JUSTICE to Hulk/Bruce Banner compared to the other 2 Hulk movies. Marvel and Disney made an EXCELLENT decision for giving the role to Mark Ruffalo. We NEED a new Hulk movie of Mark Ruffalo! WE NEED MORE!

  24. I’m not a Marvel fan of any depth, but here’s what I’m worried about. This is the third Iron Man movie where the “villian” uses very similar technology to Tony’s to fight Tony. In the original, Obadiah uses a suit built by the lab. In 2, he fights drones (along with War Machine, another IM clone) based on Iron Man tech. In this one, we see an Iron Man clone painted like Captain America?

    Not to put to fine a point on this, but the last Hulk movie had the Abomination (a Hulk like creature).

    Just asking for a little creativity in the story telling.

  25. muy buena pelicula amigo gras por el aporte y la info

  26. WHY IS MALLEN NOT IN THIS? He was crucial to the Extremis storyline, being he was the main villain that made it… and used it on himself. Why oh why did Marvel leave him out?

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