‘Iron Man 3′ Japanese Trailer: More Story Hints and Footage

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The Marvel hype machine is up-and-running for Iron Man 3, following the official trailer premiere two months ago. Since then, intriguing promotional images and rumors about which comic superheroes could make their live-action debut in the film have kept the fire burning.

Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige has been doing his part to help, praising Sir Ben Kingsley’s ‘chilling’ performance as The Mandarin and promising that Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) new adventure won’t aim to be the same mix of big thrills and self-aware humor that The Avengers is; rather, it’s going to be (and I quote) “different and fresh” and not too serious, despite what the trailer might have you believe.

One aspect that Feige has emphasized over and over is the IM3 script (co-written by director Shane Black) metaphorically takes Stark ‘back to the cave’ where he was imprisoned in the first film (and forged the prototype for his Iron Man suit). Hence, Tony is forced to rely solely on his own wits to survive – rather than being bailed out by a deus ex machina, like the new element he magically discovered in Iron Man 2 – and part of that means wrestling with his near-death experience in The Avengers (after watching an entire alien fleet obliterated in space).

iron man 3 trailer132 570x242 Iron Man 3 Japanese Trailer: More Story Hints and Footage

The new Japanese trailer suggests Stark’s quest begins as follows:

  1. He starts advancing the Iron Man technology even further and fully commits to his relationship with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow).
  2. The Mandarin launches an attack on Tony’s seaside mansion, with Pepper being kidnapped (?) and our hero surviving in his ‘Extremis’ prototype armor.
  3. Tony destroys his other IM suits – to prevent them from falling into terrorist hands – and must (literally) rebuild his superhero identity from scratch.

In summation: it sounds as though the Stark Manor set piece (which was unveiled as far back as Comic-Con 2012) is the opening act set piece for Iron Man 3. That’s in keeping with the best Marvel Movie Universe installments to date, where a world-shattering event kicks the plot into motion (see: the opening minutes of Iron Man and Avengers). A bit formulaic, perhaps, but effective nonetheless.

Iron Man 3 Broken Mask Official 570x237 Iron Man 3 Japanese Trailer: More Story Hints and Footage

Moreover, this would be the most succinct approach to establishing the basis for Tony’s personal journey and making it transparent that the stakes have been raised. Of course, it’s possible the film will open with Stark’s home being reduced to rubble – before flashing-back to the events that preceded it (a la Iron Man) – or allows the proceedings to unfold in a linear fashion. The former option seems the more poetic route, as it very much mirrors the first film; however, that could also prompt complaints that IM3 isn’t as “different and fresh” as we’ve been told.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section.


Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black, based on a script he co-wrote with Drew Pearce. It stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015.

Source: Walt Disney

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  1. I may be more excited for this movie than any other comic book movie since The Dark Knight. I’m a huge Shane Black fan and him & RDJ are great together. I don’t trust the marketing, with them trying to play on TDKR or something, I just trust those involved with this film.

    • And I trust major studios to include product placement in their films.

    • what are you talking about? the ONLY people comparing this to TDKR is the internet… no one at marvel said anything about that film and have even said his isnt a dark serious film as everyone on the internet has said.

      • Yeah…the US trailers are NOTHING like the TDKR trailers at all…
        And the ONLY people comparing it is the INTERNET??? Who else is there anymore? Sorry, but I stopped watch Entertainment Tonight in ’94

        • funny guy, arnt you… well buddy if marvel said its going to be like the dark knight then i suppose these comments are worthy but they didnt so these comments are just stupid.

          • I specifically said THE MARKETING!!! I never said, nor do I think the movie will be anything like TDKR…I’m only referring to the trailers being edited to appear that way!!!
            Geeze, actually READ something before you comment…

            • U mad bro???

    • I trust no one. If it’s bad, it’s bad. If it’s good, it’s good. I’m not going to lay down my trust for 2 people on a major list of cast and crew to determine if the movie is good or not

      • I’m not some guy shouting “this IS gonna be EPIC!!!!” Like we see all the time. Its perfectly acceptable to be excited about a film who’s writer/director has a resumé I enjoy.

        • Are you guys in the same office?

          • He works across the street, but we share a driveway; flows caramel onto cookie, when we all know you need to cascade caramel onto cookie!!!

            • LOL! I’m sorry but cranium your comment is laughable, you. obviously know nothing of cookies and caramel. you’re just a phoney, a big fat phoney

              • Well, that’s…like…your opinion, man

              • You are out of your element, Cranium!!!!

  2. I am not a Nolan fanboy, but this sounds REALLY similar to TDKR. Focusing more on Tony Stark’s story, metaphorically taking Stark back to the cave he was imprisoned in, having to regain the strength with being only a human, etc.

    However, Batman and Iron Man have always been extremely similar. So I guess it works

    • I agree. The first trailer seemed almost gratuitously dark, like they were just punting in the direction of the TDKR trailers – not saying that going a little darker isn’t wrong here (in fact I think it can fit quite well) but it’s not enough to just have it be all broody.

      Part of the reason why the TDKR trailers were better at conveying the tone and mood of the film was also because plenty of people were legitimately expecting Bruce Wayne to die. Stark doesn’t have to be in real danger, necessarily, but there’s gotta be something that *really* feels at stake here if any of us are gonna take this approach seriously.

      I like this trailer better than the first one though. Although the Mandarin’s voice (in contrast to how he looks) still feels kinda weird to me.

      • Even if they wanted to make people think Tony Stark was in real danger, they couldn’t because we all know hes going to be back in Avengers 2

        • Do we?

          • Yes.

          • Yes we do ;)

            • As far as I know, not a single actor has signed for Avengers 2 yet.

              • Didn’t Scarjo sign on for $20 million?

              • It’s common sense. He may die IN Avengers 2, but not before it. Marvel knows thats their big money maker

                • As Joss Whedon has been described as the “architect” of phase 2, I think its entirelly possible that any character, no matter how important or fan-loved, could be knocked off. Joss loves killing people lol. But I thinks its safe to assume they wont remove a huge draw like RDJ as Iron Man before Avengers 2.

                  • Oh, it’s possible, but considering they already pulled the near death experience card with Iron Man in The Avengers (w/emotional fallout to come in Iron Man 3), killing him off for real in Avengers 2 would look too much like The Boy Who Cried Wolf or Chicken Little. If a major character is going to die in Avengers 2, look to someone other than Iron Man.

                    • Yup exactly :) I don’t even know why they bothered with that scene to be honest, it would’ve been cooler and less of a predictable cop-out if they’d just have him get the missile out of range, then confidently fly back through the portal at the last second like a badass.

                    • the thing is, is that if they want to go down the route of having the Marvel Civil War movie, then they shouldnt be killing off the main cast including Ironman yet. maybe nick fury but not Ironman sincehe is the one to take over the Avengers initiative

                  • While Whedon may have bought a lot more autonomy after getting Avengers done so well, I’m still pretty sure Marvel will have a LOT of rules for him to follow (i.e. the same rules which were responsible for the lousier parts of Avengers) and you can bet that RDJ, as a big money-spinning character, won’t be killed off. That’d be like killing off Jack Sparrow (although I personally wouldn’t mind that happening).

              • Scapegoat, actually EVERY marvel actor/actress signed on for multiple movie deals, Ruffalo 6 movies, RDJ 4-5 movies, renner, scarjo, 3-5 movies, captain america? Duh cant remember his name off hand, 5 -6 movies SO THEY ARE ALL SIGNED ON FOR MULTIPLE MOVIES!!! Samuel L jackson, 9 movies, and maria hill, 5 movies I think, as she will take over as director of SHIELD once fury’s done!!!

    • I think the similarities between Batman and Iron Man are extremely superficial.

      • But the similarities between what we’ve seen and heard so far and TDKR are pretty much taking the same path

        • Even if that’s true how each character reacts to his circumstances will force wildly divergent storylines.

          • Hopefully thats how it will go, God only knows these days with films

    • That’s weird, because Iron Man was losing his fortune and building himself back up from nothing decades before anybody ever heard of Christopher Nolan.

  3. The only new things is that he blows his suits up but some people already thought that.

  4. EXCELSIOR! :)

  5. Yeah this will be nothing like any Batman movie. Something to expect from this movie, than I seen in Nolan’s films are a little humor.

    • That’s just a typical character preference, it has nothing to do with Nolan. Batman is not a happy go lucky wise cracker. He’s dark, brooding, and serious.

      • Somebody must have forgotten to tell Adam West about it…

  6. People comparing IM3 to TDKR? Oh sure, because Batman is the only character to get his ass beat and come back and end up beating the foe who bested him earlier. Puhleassssse, this film will be nothing like TDKR unless you just want it to look like it.

    • How do you know? Was it good?

    • sounds just like rocky 1 & 2!

  7. I think the mansion blow up scene should be about 15 minutes into the movie. Pepper gets captured and then Tony goes on a quest to find her and The Mandarin (as it says in the synopsis)and then the action begins in act 3.

  8. I think he’s summoning his armor at 0:39

  9. I dont think we are seeing the extremis armour. This manual armour assembly and control attempt has been shown too often to be the twist to the armours story in this film.

    I suspect this is merely a continuation of the control/command technique we saw at the end of the Avengers.

    I suspect the movie climax ends with the TRUE extremis armour being inserted into Tony.

  10. There are definitely similarities between what we know/saw of IM3 so far and TDKR… and IMO that’s a good thing since TDKR was awesome!

    BUT, IM3 isn’t “copying” TDKR in any way if that’s what some people are thinking. Unless Shane Black and the other writers who helped pen the script for IM3 got a chance to sneak into Nolan’s study and read “Magnus Rex”, then it’s impossible, seeing as this movie started production before TDKR even came out.

  11. Why are the japanese trailers always so much better!?

    • Thats a matter of opinion. I happen like the last official trailer better myself. More screen shots and more information to extract from it.

  12. I don’t care if it is like TDKR, i liked that movie so why not. But i think that in the end it will not even be very much like that movie, but a more light-hearted adventure, the same way the past two IM movies were

  13. To anyone saying that IM3 is going to be too much like TDKR, I say TDKR is too much like The Empire Strikes Back.


    • lol

  14. Is that Pepper’s hands holding the wrecked Iron Man helmet?

    • Yes.

  15. Why does everything need to be compared to TDKR !?!
    This is a Marvel Movie ! I’m more interested in how it links into The Avengers & what other heroes may be showing up along the way.
    When it comes to ‘gritty’ superhero movies – just remember Robo-Cop beat everyone to it back in the 80′s – way before the Batman movie’s !

    • Thank you.

    • It’s different if you have a storyline that doesn’t oddly resemble TDKR, but so far, thats how it looks. There is absolutely no excuse for ANY superhero franchise to not adapt the hundreds of comic book storylines that many people love and cherish. That goes for all superheroes

      • A hero is beaten, nearly killed, and trapped but uses his inginuity to escape a prison in a foreign land to return home and set everything right. Major plot point of Dark Knight Rises. But also of the first Iron Man. It looks like IM3 is cotinuing on with themes and ideas presented in the first movie. Taking the character full circle. Iron Man was beaten down only to rise up long before the Dark Knight Rises. If you look hard enough, any movie can be similar to any other movie.

  16. Ooo forward to this greatly

  17. Which is the movie about the eccentric billionaire that that uses his fortune to design a suit and fight crime? I’ll be more specific: which is the one where its his deceased father’s company? Sorry, the one where he’s imprisoned in a third world country, then decides to become a superhero? His only friends are his assistant and a black guy?Which is it!?

    • Excellent Post Cranium!
      You almost got me with the “his only friends are his assistant & a black guy” line and I was like..

      damn… I wish he had left it open-ended, then I remembered Morgan Freeman and I was like..


      great post! made my day!

      • Praise from Caesar

    • HA! That is a cruel truth, I applaud you for this

    • *Clap clap*

  18. This trailer alone is better than Iron Man 2 in its entirety!
    Supposedly, IM3 wont have any “phase 2″ Easter eggs; which is kind of a drag. I’m sure this will be the best solo marvel film yet, but those eggs were the icing on the cake!

  19. it feels like Tony pressed a button or something, and then all the armors blew up, i think Tony destroyed the armors himself, except for Mark 47, to prevent Mandarin from getting his technology. Anyone else have the same thought?

    • Trust your feelings, young Skywalker

    • You’re Brilliant.

  20. Captain America could be killed off but not Iron Man. And if everyone loved TDKR what’s wrong with Marvel making their films darker or more serious/dramatic? Imo this is a stellar approach. I like my heroes serious not tongue in cheek sarcastic. But then again im probably the only person who didn’t like Hulk slamming Loki on the ground.

    • yep steverogers you are the only person that did not like that scene but then again you are HOPEFULLY correct about capn being killed off because his character and his first solo movie was the worst of the phase 1!! I hate WWII movies, I have had to see them my whole life and now I had to see another one!!! UGHHH I pray CA-WS will be better because the WWII theme is way played out I dont care whos origin story it was, it was gay!! AND THE HULK BEATING DOWN LOKI WAS A CLASSIC SCENE of the HULK taking out a “PUNY GOD”

  21. You forgot the scene with A younger tony stark and pepper Potts it may be the scene they were filming that is supposed to be a flashback to 2000.

  22. I have no idea why people keep comparing it to TDKR. It makes no sense to me. IM3 is maybe taking back Tony to a similar situation that he was in in the first movie. Having no support system and having to rely on his own skills, only this time Pepper’s life will be on stake too and not just his own. That’s how it looks like so far.
    But it’s not “oh it will be more serious, so it’s gonna be like TDKR”.
    Why is serious tone=TDKR? IM3 cannot touch more emotional or serious tones without turning into TDKR? Come on!

    Just because TDKR was so “new” and Nolan’s approach was so very different it does not mean that suddenly everyone is copying it.
    Besides IM3 started production way before the final Batman movie came out.

    There were plenty of other darker toned superhero movies (or superhero-like movie), I don’t know why people are bringing up Batman again and again.
    Someone mentioned Robocop in one of the comments. So there’s that.

    Plus yeah, nobody at Marvel said that it will be “darker like Nolan”, only that it will be a bit more serious, because Tony was effected by the events of the Avengers and that he will be in a worse personal situation than ever and this time he won’t have much help.

    I heard the “It’s gonna be like TDKR” comment way too many times now.

    • So you don’t see the side by side comparisons between the trailers? Even the broken masks in the snow?

      I don’t think people are saying that the film itself will actually be like TDKR, but that the studio is marketing it the same tone,, despite the cast & crew assuring us its nothing like TDKR.

      I think we can all agree that advertising team behind films like these are usually a bunch of morons. We have to take what we see in the trailer & compare it to what people like Shane Black have said.

      Not comparing the actual film to TDKR, but definitely comparing the trailers.

  23. I wouldn’t mind IM3 beginning with a flashback. It would make sense if it is doing that whole full-circle thing I heard about with the ten rings. I’m really lookong forward to the film.

  24. Looking forward to this