‘Iron Man 3′ Rumor: ‘Iron Patriot’ Armor is Actually War Machine

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Iron Man 3 War Machine Iron Patriot Detriot Steel Iron Man 3 Rumor: Iron Patriot Armor is Actually War Machine

Seeing is believing – but the problem with set photos is you sometimes don’t quite know what you’re seeing. This is certainly the case with comic book movies, where any photo of costumes, make-up, or even generic-looking motion capture suits can spark all kinds of specious guesswork and deduction. Hey, we’re totally guilty of it: after all, pitching your own guesses and/or wishes is half the fun of comic book films, right?

News has been coming fast about production on Marvel’s Iron Man 3, and one of the biggest pot-stirrers were set photos that revealed (what appeared to be) the Iron Patriot or Detroit Steel armor, presumably worn by actor James Badge Dale, who will star as a villain (one of several).  However, new rumors indicate that the old rumors were not quite accurate. Scroll down for details.

Latino Review has been dropping Marvel movie exclusives like rain, and this latest one claims that the Iron Patriot speculation was wrong: the armor in the set photos is allegedly War Machine (the armor worn by Rhodey (Don Cheadle) in Iron Man 2). War Machine has apparently gotten a new paint job, courtesy of Uncle Sam; the caucasain man who was pictured inside the armor is reportedly just a stunt double for Cheadle. Ah, the magic of the movies…

Rumor has it, the scene in question involves the Vice President taking a flight to China, and War Machine presumably acting as his guard. Iron Man 3 will partially be set in China - not to mention rumors that Ben Kingsley’s villain character will be based on The Mandarin, a comic book villain also based in China.

As LR points out, we are now in a post-superhero world of Marvel Movies, and the game has thusly changed. It’ll be interesting to see how the filmmakers of Captain America 2 and Thor 2 also tackle this new narrative thread.

James Badge Dale as Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 Rumor: Iron Patriot Armor is Actually War Machine

This new explanation makes a lot of sense for several reasons: One, the armor design looks like War Machine with the bulky guns and launchers. Moreover, a new suit of armor did seem out of place, since Iron Man 3‘s plot involves a nanotech virus that transforms people into cyborgs. In the “Extremis” comic book story the film is based on, the whole idea is that something more efficient and dangerous than the Iron Man armor comes into play: So new armored characters/villains would be a bit counterproductive.

As production on the “Phase 2 Marvel Films” continues, there are sure to be plenty of other rumors, false-guesses and misconstrued details to go along with the great discussion and speculation. We’ll try to help keep the fact separated from the fiction.

Check out this recent report on Iron Man 3 Details and Villains for more info.

Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3, 2013.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. That makes a decent amount of sense. So if there is ever a situation where we could consider a Dark Avengers storyline, Osborn can just take the suit from the air force

    • I like it!

    • How about we just don’t consider a Dark Avengers storyline? There are literally hundreds of stories more worthy of adaptation before having to dig into the pile of crap that was Dark Avengers.

  2. ah I don’t know…I don’t actually think that this will have a large bearing on the overall plot as it is anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was done almost on purpose to get everybody speculating about this and not focussing too much on the main plot of the story.

    • I agree…If I were a studio exec, I would probably want some type of diversion tactic like this to “get the dogs off of my scent” (for lack of a better analogy)…

  3. While that’s cute and all, the biggest problem I have with all this is THAT is not War Machine’s iconic paint job (silver/grey/black) and it does pretty much rip off the Iron Patriot’s look.

    Now if they had wanted to add something to make him “American”, a simple flag on the left chest would have sufficed or some other small nod that didn’t completely usurp War Machine’s look.

    • Perhaps the studio is trying to make us all disagree and argue about it when its just a diversion?

      I admit it works for me, because I am super excited about seeing this movie.

  4. Though I dont like that they gave War Machine a paint job and new look, it would make some sense that The Vice President wouldnt want a body guard that screams War if he was going for a Diplomatic reason. Again that doesnt mean that the War Machine Armor has been moth balled, but Rodey may have a second suit, The Iron Patriot. Lol maybe its like active Camo, the War Machine armor can put up, like changing its colors for different battle situations or PR work.

  5. Well, I suppose it makes sense. Since War Machine works for the American government, they wouldn’t want him to look like a harbinger of death.

  6. I’m surprised no one’s mentioned that this could be a new, government-built suit in the wake of their time autopsying the Mark II in IM2. They’d have plenty of time to engineer a War Machine Mark II and would likely want it even more in the wake of THE AVENGERS.

    • To clarify, I meant “new…suit” in terms of it being a second iteration of War Machine. The costume parts seen on this guy seem to match up with War Machine almost perfectly.

      • But it was explained in IM2 that the technology needed to power the suits (Stark’s arc reactor tech) is years ahead of anything that could be built by other scientists.
        Plus, during the autopsy scene in IM2, Rhodey took out the power core and hid in his bag so that no one could study it…

        And I seriously doubt Stark would let the military use his designs to build the suits since that pretty much goes against everything he stands for.

        • …and then Anton Vanko built his own prototype arc reactors and put them in the “Hammeroids” and his own not-Crimson-Dynamo armor, giving Hammer and the military an ample supply of batteries to pop into their potential new toy.

          • Except they were all not only blown up, they were the source of the self destructs…in all cases, Hammeroids & Whiplash-ish.

            • Exactly… plus, in the comic book tie in (Fury’s Big Week) it was explained that when Black Widow infiltrated the Hammer Industries base to take down Vanko, she downloaded all their files onto a flashdrive and then wiped out their entire system (i.e. there are no files left that could be used as a reference to build the arc reactor…)

              You have to give Marvel the credit they deserve: they do pay attention to detail…

              • So if we assume that the government doesn’t have an IM army at their disposal, what would be the reason to paint WM like Iron Patriot? To tick off Cap?

                • I guess we’ll find out soon…

        • I relly love this avenger . and i was watch iron man , iron man 2 and such a lovelly good think i really waiting too see iron man 3 on 3 may 2013 thanks..

  7. Lol they sed this was jus a rumor n u all fall for it. Honestly, if it is Rhodey, mayb hes jus goin under a diff name to conceal his identity to the public. The Iron Patriot.

    • I really can’t stand people who use texting jargon to make a post on a blog. Makes you sound like you’re not a very bright person who doesn’t know how to spell or accurately compose a sentence.

    • English is appreciated. Here I’ve fixed this up for you.

      LOL, they said this was just a rumor and you all fall for it. Honestly, if it is Rhodey, maybe he’s just going under a different name to conceal his identity to the public, the Iron Patriot.

  8. War Machine, with that paint job, could cameo in Captain America 2. I like that they are using the Iron Patriot’s look so Sony can’t rip that character’s rights away.

    • “Rip the character’s rights away?”

      I don’t get it. Sony and the other studios that have bought some of the Marvel IPs have a CLEARLY defined roster from which to work from and cannot use any other Marvel owned characters w/o their permission.

      • Sony bought the rights to all things Spiderman. Iron Patriot is Norman Osborn a.k.a Green Goblin Sr. So I’m guessing Iron Patriot belongs to Sony.

        • Actually it’s not all things Spider-Man. For instance Sony doesn’t even own The Rhino or The Vulture nor do they own all things Osborne, only the character itself, Green Goblin versions and the son.

          So while Marvel can’t use the Osborne name or Oscorp, they most certainly can use the Iron patriot armor in some other fashion.

      • I was thinking that it’s a toss up since one company owns the rights to Osborne and the other owns Iron Man’s rights. Of course, I’m not a movie executive or a copyright lawyer so I don’t know who owns what.

  9. this is actually my favorite armor!! stark wore it in memory of captain america!

  10. I agree with Mongoose (surprise, surprise ;))
    That isn’t how War Machine looks like at all – and if they really wanted to make him look more patriotic, then a flag or an emblem would have done the trick just fine.
    Marvel Studios has gone creative with some of the costumes/suits before, but if this rumor is true, then that’s just pretty much butchering the classic WM look (and getting rid of the cool silver/grey militarized armor to parade around in a flashy USO-esque paint job? – that doesn’t seem like something which Rodey would do IMO)

    Sorry, but I don’t buy this.
    With all these huge (rumor based) bombs that ‘Latino Review’ keeps dropping lately, I’m starting to think that they might just be making some of this stuff up to get more viewers… it’s a lot more likely than the studio doing all of this just to keep us “off their scent”.

    • Well said. At this point I don’t believe it. I’ll wait till a trailer before I form any opinions.

    • The first shots we saw were all head-less and I even thought they could just be doctored pics of the regular Iron Man suit. Now we have heads and attached weaponry but a tripod in front of it (to possibly block any creative seams, maybe – notice where the bulk of the tripod hardware is). I don’t believe squat on the internet anymore, as it is, lol.

    • Yeah, actually The Avenger is my younger alter ego :D

    • I agree with the post somewhere up there saying that now they have the suit in play, at some point the government will get their hands on it and begin their spin on a Civil War. They have already been alluding to it in the IM & the Avengers movie, with the world council and senate hearings. At some point, you will see a bad guy, possibly a Dark Avengers story, and the leader will be wearing the IP armor. It’s just a matter of time. IMO it is going to take a while, but the wait will be worth it.

      Most likely, someone will take over the world, if not the universe (Thanos?) and the World Council will bail on the Avengers and SHIELD again. Or the Skrulls will invade & set things up the way they do in the books.

  11. I think the paint scheme is a little over the top for war machine. I like the original colors and hope this is not permanent but rather a temperary change in color. IMO a simple badge of the us flag on each ARM would of been a better look allowing WM to maintain its original color.

    • Too much is being made about Rhodey wearing the IP colors. If he is flying a diplomatic security, it makes sense to have him in a recognizable American suit. Especially if the Mandarin has his goons all over the place. If so, wouldn’t they be worried he might be mistaken for an enemy?? It is actually pretty smart.

  12. Marvel has done a pretty good job on keeping Classic looking costumes, besides Hawkeye’s, but there is no way they’re going to destroy the classic look of War Machine. If they do, I will have my doubts about this Phase 2.

  13. These Marvel Phases to their films gets me as giddy as I was reading my first Marvel comic all those years ago.

    Phase 1 was freaking great (Iron Man 2 not withstanding)

    I’m looking forward to Phase 2 twice as much.

    • Phase 2: Black Panther

      • My thoughts as well. Fingers and toes CROSSED!!!!! :)

  14. War Machine better make an appearance in Avengers 2 if not im gonna be pissed. I hope there is a scene where Tony Stark recruits Rhodes to the Avenger Anitiative Then we can have these avengers appear in Avengers 2:

    Iron Man
    War Machine
    Hawk Eye
    Black Widow
    Captain America
    Ant Man
    The Wasp
    Black Panther

    • I disagree with having him on the team (an appearance would be cool though)
      Why should there be two Iron Mans in the same team? It just seems like a waste of space IMO.
      1. Tony Stark has more purpose since he’s smarter.
      2. Stark’s suit is more advanced so he’s stronger.
      3. Having War Machine just be there would make Rhodey look useless in comparison.
      4. The costs of doing the CGI for another armored avenger would be unnecessary.
      5. With an extra hero like WM, it will start to get too easy for The Avengers – and good-plot-101 is to never give the good guys TOO much power because then things get boring.
      6. In the comics, WM was almost never part of the Avengers (West-Coast Avengers excluded)
      7. WM has always been a military guy… I say keep him in the military.

      • I know you said West Coast not included, but Rhodey took over for IM while he was in rehab. This lets them move on if RDJ ever quits or demands too much. They could have Rhodey take over for a movie or two, and when Stark gets back as another character, they can make a joke about how the alcohol or the rehab knocked him down a peg or two. Hope it doesn’t come to that but they have options with Rhodey as WM or IM.

        • You’re talking about REPLACEMENT thought…
          ‘Sam Worthington’ was talking about having TWO Iron Mans on the same team.

          • Nice that Marvel has a back-up plan in case RDjr ever decides to bail on an Avengers movie, though (not that he would, I can’t see him doing that.)

            • I hope that is their backup plan, but ultimately I hope it never comes to RDJ leaving.

              That’s true, Avengers, I agree that both on the same team would be overkill. I guess they could always split into the 3000 different teams they have going on now & have WM be a Secret Avenger. Don’t get me wrong, the more Avengers comics the better for me, I’m just saying there are a crap-load of teams.

              Bringing up the Secret Avengers just makes me think about how badly I want Moon Knight on the big screen. He could be a big draw most definitely.

  15. I dont know why you guys always insist that Ant-man should be in Avengers (even though he is one of the original members). His appearance as Ant-man would be too corny. He should be introduced as his original self Dr.Henry Pym. It’s important if you want the appearance of Ultron and Vision.

    • Having been a huge Marvel, especially Avengers, fan for about 20 years, I have mixed feelings on this. I definitely want Pym in the mix but I think they need to be smart about the way they do it. Looking at it from an outsider point of view, Ant Man just sounds dumb. But, he is a great character and possibly one of the deepest. I think they should intro him via a SHIELD story where the focus is on him, but it’s not called Ant Man. He can still have his Pym particles (obviously) & even communicate with insects. Just don’t call him Ant Man unless Stark or Hawkeye does it in a passing joke.

      You also need Wasp, Janet, but do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have her flying around like a little fairy shooting stinger blasts at the enemies. They need to think long and hard about how to intro her.

      Bottom line, you can have fun with the characters but don’t have them be a joke. Only hardcore fans will see the individual movies.

  16. I hope he comes with Captain America shield, I do have the action figure at home.

  17. (Materializes) The. Iron. Patriot. ……YAWN…….SMH (Dematerializes)

  18. (Materializes) The. Iron. Patriot….SMH (Dematerializes)

  19. How about this for speculation? Maybe Steve Rogers is in Ironman3?

  20. If this rumor is true I think Tony and Rhodey will have a spat and not be friends over this War Machine deal with the US military. Then at the end Rhodey finds out the US government is using the Extremis virus on their soldiers (Coldblood-7) and run to Tony to give him a heads up and apologise. After Rhodey and Tony are buds again Tony shows him the new improved War Machine suit he made for Rhodey. Just my thoughts.

  21. Hank Pym is the Earth’s Scientist Supreme…and he made Ultron. I’d rather see Ant-Man converted into a villain rather than…what? A reallt smart shield agent?
    Marvel is too worried about making 6 year olds happy and need to remember their properties have been around for 50, 60, 70 years. No need to dumb it down for new audiences

  22. Sweetness I can’t wait!

  23. I’m curious as to how they’ll make the tech-virus believable. Ugh, why isn’t Terrence Howard returning as Rhodey? Don Cheadle looks too old for this. Isn’t he shorter than RDJ?

  24. Wow, Disney is making Marvel stuff retarded. Sigh, Captain America was cool in the 1940s, not he is lame. Wonder how many other lame characters Disney will think are good ideas for movies.

  25. So I’m guessing this was supposed to be some sort of knod to Iron Patriot without actually being the Iron Patriot? Look at it. It’s way too similar to be a coincidence. Botched easter egg?

  26. Iron Patriot…no lie, its sad that we won’t be able to the Golden Guardian on the big screen…the effects for him would be incredible…Marvel fans tend to dislike him, but it could work…at least the void…

  27. I think War Machine should appear in Avengers 2, but only as supporting character. Perhaps Tony is in communication with Rhodey throughout the film. I could see the Avengers 2 playing out something like this… Thanos goes to Asgard, fights with Odin, steals the infinity gauntlet, frees the Red Skull from prison (replaces Loki as his number 2), brings another army to earth, Thor travels to earth to warn Nick Fury, Avengers Assemble: Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Hulk, Thor, (cameo by Wasp, War Machine, Ultron). Avengers fight Thanos’ army, War Machine appears to help Iron Man, Thanos kills one of them (probably Hawkeye most likely), criples Iron Man, Red Skull escapes, Thanos pounded by Hulk and Thor, but still too strong. Pym reveals Ultron, Thor delivers death-blow to Thanos. Ultron goes awhol, kills Pym. Wasp takes his place on the team in the next film. PHASE 3: War Machine stand alone film (as Iron Man recovers), Captain America 3 (Red Skull as villain), Hulk 2, (others). Avengers in film 3 would then be: Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Wasp, Black Widow (unless she resigns because of Hawkeye’s death), Vision (to oppose Ultron – the main villain).

    THE FOLLOWING would NEVER happen because of film rights but in the Avengers 2 it would be sweet if FOX allowed Wolverine to be included. Could make a deal for X-men 4 to involve Cable as the main villain, at the end of the movie Wolverine gets thrown through a dimensional warp tossing him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of the town or city where the Hulk happens to be keeping a low profile. Wolverine wanders into town confused, angry makes a scene, Bruce Banner gets caught in the middle of his scene and turns into the Hulk and fights Wolverine, Wolverine gets recruited when the Avengers go to round up the Hulk for the battle with Thanos. Of course he would refuse until he meats Captain America and they become friends because of their experiences in WWII. Wolverine allowed to be used only in Avengers Films. (Again, I know this would NEVER happen but still fun to think about). What you guys think of my idea?

  28. Iron Patriot is war machine in iron man 3, check the marvel website for 4 pictures of iron man 3. In the picture of iron patriot you see james rhodes on the armor in small lettres