‘Iron Man 3′: Don Cheadle On War Machine & Iron Man’s Relationship and Big Action Sequences

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don cheadle iron man image Iron Man 3: Don Cheadle On War Machine & Iron Mans Relationship and Big Action Sequences

Fans of the Iron Man franchise are looking forward to seeing what director Shane Black will bring to the third installment. We brought you the news that The Hulk would not appear in Iron Man 3 earlier this week, as well as a bit of what Black and Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige had to say about the story and scope of the threequel.

We also had the opportunity to hear a bit from War Machine himself, Don Cheadle, during the Marvel press line at Comic-Con 2012, about what we can expect to see from his character in Iron Man 3.

When asked if Iron Man 3 will offer a bit more in terms of character development for War Machine, Cheadle intimated that he would, indeed, be playing a far larger role.

“Everything is happening for War Machine. His suit goes through a couple of iterations and developments and gets kind of a makeover.”

As to the suit, it seems that the costume itself is becoming more cumbersome for the actor to bear.

“It’s getting more uncomfortable. I think there is an inverse logic to that but it seems to be happening.”

When I asked him directly if he would indeed be donning the “Patriot Suit” seen in recent set photos, he responded coyly:

“I’m wearing some suits yes. I can’t give it all away but I have to put metal on.”


As to the action in the film, Black (the scribe behind the Lethal Weapon franchise), as we know, has written some tremendous and indelible action sequences over the years, and Cheadle indicates that we can, as anticipated, look forward to some elaborate set pieces in Iron Man 3.

“I know when I read the script there were scenes where I said ‘how are they going to do that?’ So it’s exciting to see those things put together.”

iron man 2 promo 2 war machine robert downey jr don cheadle Iron Man 3: Don Cheadle On War Machine & Iron Mans Relationship and Big Action Sequences

His relationship with Iron Man/Tony Stark also seems as if it will be given a bit more attention this go-round.

“He gets to branch out a little bit more in this movie but the main component of this character is his relationship with Tony. That gets a little bit more expansive in this one too. As Shane (Black) is fond of saying we have a private sector Iron Man with Tony and now we have a military Iron Man with War Machine, and I like the suit envy that they have with each other and the professional jealousy that goes back to friendship. We keep exploring that stuff and this movie is also kind of wall-to-wall action, so it definitely rivals the other two.”

As expected, Iron Man 3, by all indications, will have a far more grounded and realistic tone than some of the other films in the Marvel universe.

“I think this film is a little bit grittier. The villains aren’t all wearing costumes. So you’re dealing with human beings and I think that always makes it a little more of a touchstone to reality than when the sky opens up and people come out of it with swords. That’s great too, but this is just a little bit different.”

Finally, Cheadle, as most people do, credits Robert Downey Jr. with the success of the Iron Man franchise.

“I think it’s that man at the center of it, Robert Downey Jr., he’s obviously a really strong actor and when you bring that into a franchise like this I think it gives a level of veracity and a level of groundedness so it doesn’t feel like some flighty ephemeral thing. It’s like ‘oh, that’s a real person inside of there and a person with real issues.’ I think that contrast when you see that guy flying around and blowing things up, it makes it more grounded.”

Look for Iron Man 3 in theaters on May 3, 2013.

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  1. I am looking so forward to this film. I think they will get everything right with Iron Man 3!

  2. Do you think Don will also get the extrmis technology put in him too?

  3. Well…I hope FINALLY and it looks like a yes,that IRON MAN 3 will be darker and IRON MAN will be doing more than flying around for 45 minutes and shooting his repulsors….Damn I thought he had Super Human Strength enabled by the armor also,,Maybe we can see him just plain WALK yeah…thats right…I said walk!..through a hot zone and just plain KICK ASS that would be a change.

    • Well I’m did stand toe to toe with Thor in Avengers. He took both full hammer blows AND a lightning blast. he also knocked Thor into next week a couple times.

      • ack, my spell checker turned “IM” into “I’m” ><

      • Yeah Your Right…And it was very impressive to see IM fighting THOR…Thats what I’m saying..and the Hellicarrier save scene was a fresh change too …actually showing us how he can use TECH,,STRENGTH and core Armor Stamina in that part. Marvel Universe has IRON MANs POWER GRID and it shows CLASS 100 STRENGTH so thats What?,,80 tons Plus..he can lift at Max power…I’m just saying lets see some of that onscreen..What do you say Mongoose? Throw some cars around and stuff.

        • you know people complained when they showed the Hulk using powers Bill Bigsby didnt have lol? Seriously, I loved seeing the Hulk jump miles and run along that mountain side(that movie had it fails as well) but I like all the depictions of it but to me the first showed some real Hulk powers that i personally always liked when the comic writers used. Even the him growning in size the more angrier he got. I mean the guy is infinitely powerful and absorbing energy like a sponge…..but everyone hated it and was not familiar with anything but “Hulk Smash” and green body paint.

          My point is this. It is what it is. What do you want really? and Who should he fight that he could do more/less against than they show in his 2 movies and Avengers?(that arent just plain reusing the same scene)? IM fighting Thor was actually pretty quick and meaningless to me and with powerful characters many a shot would be a kill/lights-out shot so fights have to be done tastefully. I dont know if this is in opposition to you dude/dudette but my favorite parts featuring Iron Man in Avengers were during the last battle in Avengers. Flying, blasting, assisting. Iron Man never really has been one for doing Karate :P. IDK, seems like your asking for more boxing in a damn good Rocky movie and if the lack of “fighting” is the thing youre complaining about, you probably should just go watch boxing cause there has to be more to a GOOD movie than that lol…in this realm I’de suggest a Iron man video game or cartoon where you know there is gonna be a fight every few minutes. but even then whats enough for you? thats not just fan candy with no content?

  4. I’m looking forward to this as much as the next guy, I understand where your coming from Pat you want to see some real iron man action, well I think this one can guarantee you that if they’ve got a ton of rouges in this it’s gonna be hard to just get by by walking. This’ll be sick.

  5. So, that’s kinda confirmation that War Machine will be wearing the “Iron Patriot” armor? If that’s the case, I’m not too happy…
    Still, very cool interview.

    • I don’t think he’ll be wearing that the whole film, I believe a previous article said it was more of a showy thing for the government before the real action starts, think Captain America’s felt (or whatever material that was) costume with the wings in TFA. Drives home the plot point of him being controlled by the government while offering a small nod to the comics. I’m fine with that (assuming the speculation is correct).

  6. I am so ready for this movie. Iron man has always been my favorite character in these marvel movies (Might change if they ever make a new hulk film). Idk how i feel about it being more grittier. I guess it will be ok as long as Tony stark still has his humor, which is one of the reasons Iron man is so awesome in my opinion. I like for the hero to crack a joke every once in a while

  7. looks like a great post-avengers movie

  8. If you think of the star-power and acting talent of Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheadle, it could be argued that Iron Man franchise had planned, at least at some point since signing Don Cheadle, to use dramatic chops of both actors and turn this into the Iron Man/War Machine show in a future movie while using some of the more dramatic Iron Man story lines like when Tony slips back into alcoholism and Rhodes becomes Iron Man…hell, even end one movie like that so that in the next he reclaims his mantle. I’ve never read much of the War Machine comics in his solo runs but understand that he is an intrical part of the Iron Man mythos. It just seems like it could be a strong enough lead in for a (cough cough) Avengers West Coast Movie/Show/toon-etc-(think Ant Man;) and eventual War Machine movie double dipping the Iron Man and ensemble cast fans. I also read that Paltrow is wanting out(side note: as is, Portman from Thor franchise) so maybe the love stories/female supporting cast are being reduced in MCU for now. As I write this I realize some of this may even be happening in IM3 and Marvel’s planned phases unbeknownst to us

    • Re: the rumors of Paltrow wanting out… That’s all based on an article from eonline in which she JOKES about “getting old for this s**t”. Watch the video, she’s clearly laughing as she says it, which means she is totally kidding. Besides, RDJ can totally talk her into staying. After all, he silvertongued Whedon into writing Pepper into The Avengers in the first place.


    • This might be a pretty upside down idea, but what if they had a West Coast Avengers team with Wasp, Goliath (Hank Pym), Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch? And used the heroes we have already seen as the East Coast Avengers?

  9. I’m a big iron man and war machine fan; actually probably a bigger fan of the latter. I like the character in the sense of his take no prisoners attitude, at least in the comics. In the beginning, I didn’t think terrence Howard or Cheadle really captured that fire, but the more I saw cheadle, especially with the armor, I was like ok, he’s got it. And given their both both great actors, am really looking forward to this film. I would want more action than iron man 2 had; i think the last scene with them fighting side by side was great but just not enough in the movie. I hope rhodes puts on the armor that looks like the one in the comics. wouldn’t mind a homage to his classic black/white look.