‘Iron Man 3′ Special IMAX Poster Revealed; Kevin Feige Discusses Tony’s Trauma [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Check out a new Iron Man 3 Featurette as well!

Marvel executive Kevin Feige has worked as a producer on just about every Marvel Studios movie released in the 21st century, and is effectively the spider at the centre of the Marvel movie web. He is in charge of keeping continuity in line across all of the films that take place in the same universe, including Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man, and the respective sequels to all of those, along with future releases Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.

Therefore, while Shane Black and Drew Pearce put together the screenplay for Iron Man 3, and Black directed the film, Kevin Feige is tasked with overseeing Tony’s cross-franchise character arc – a subject he has opened up about in some recent press interviews.

In an interview with the LA Times, Feige discussed Tony’s character development and the hardships that he will go through in Iron Man 3 (which actually led to Robert Downey Jr. sustaining a real-life injury during filming). The trailers for the film have given us a glimpse at some devastating disasters that lie in wait for the smooth-talking billionaire superhero, and Feige asserts that the new challenges Tony faces will stack up against the fallout he’s already experiencing from the events of The Avengers.

“He’s experienced things now that frankly was a wake-up call. You don’t have gamma-powered strength that anger can bring about. You don’t have super-soldier serum flowing through your veins. You’re not a thunder god from Asgard. You’re just a guy. And Tony doesn’t necessarily like to be reminded of those kinds of things because he likes to be at the top of the food chain.

“Where we meet Tony, he wants to be in that suit all the time, and he wants a lot of suits around him. And just as we sort of learn that’s his issue, we blow them all up and take him out of that comfort zone.

“We wanted to take Tony to a place that he hadn’t been since the first half of the first ‘Iron Man’ film, which is, essentially, by himself without his money, without his toys, without his gadgets, with just his mind, his intellect. We wanted to do that in a big climactic fashion by literally taking away everything that is near and dear to him, as symbolized in that mansion crumbling down into the Pacific.”

Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 Special IMAX Poster Revealed; Kevin Feige Discusses Tonys Trauma [UPDATED]

With Tony’s mansion goes his workshop, his collection of inventions, that Jackson Pollock painting and the invaluable aid of JARVIS. Pepper Potts , who Tony has decided is “the one thing I can’t live without,” will also come under great threat from his enemies, though it’s been heavily inferred that she might not need protecting as much as Tony believes.

The interplay of Tony’s reaction to the attack on New York and the fresh attack on his home certainly sounds like it will provide an interesting way to shake up the character and force him to rely on his superpowered intellect, rather than his money and gadgets. It also provides an easy opportunity to exposit the events of The Avengers for audience members who haven’t seen the movie, and to explain the absence of the other Earth-based superheroes during the Mandarin’s assault.



Iron Man 3 is out on general release from Friday May 3rd, and fans who attend a midnight showing at IMAX theaters will also receive this free poster, designed by comic book artist Jock (The Losers, Hellblazer). The poster is the last in the IMAX 12:01 series, which has included creative and unconventional posters for films like Real Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Frankenweenie. It’s an incredible shame that IMAX and Mondo are ending the 12:01 series – though they’ve promised something special will replace the posters at future IMAX releases.

iron man 3 imax 1201 poster 570x814 Iron Man 3 Special IMAX Poster Revealed; Kevin Feige Discusses Tonys Trauma [UPDATED]

The poster depicts Iron Man with his “boys”: an Iron Legion consisting of all the additional armors that he’s put together, who will provide backup for Iron Man and War Machine as they face off against the Mandarin. Who needs the Avengers when you can make your own friends?


Iron Man 3 is out in theaters on May 3, 2013.

Source: LA Times

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  1. I want the movie already.

  2. The stinger is up on YouTube if you’re interested.

  3. The TV spots are all the way up to # 14 now on youtube.
    There is also a B roll behind the scenes and also a Mexican language version of the whole house attack scene (which may be the same as what reviewers saw some months ago).

    • *spanish haha

      • My bad.
        I meant to say a video that appears to have been released in Mexico.

        • BTW if any of you haven’t seen the TV spots beyond #8 you are really missing out.

  4. Can’t wait for thursday, that’s all I’m saying.

  5. I am really disappointed by the cut in the script that Disney made, Either way should be a good film

  6. Nice I already have my 1201 tickets for IMAX! Looking forward to this guy hanging on my wall in my house! Wife may make take one down but depends how big it is lol

    • I also already have my IMAX tickets for the midnight show. Looking forward to watching the Thor TDW trailer on the big screen :D

      • Vader

        I loved the Thor trailer and can’t wait to see it on a IMAX screen! That and iron man itself. I’m excited for it! Was yours nearly sold out? My IMAX is sold out now but when I got my tickets they only had like 12 seats in the 1201 left

        • Mighty Avenger

          The Thor trailer was awesome and I also can’t wait to watch it in IMAX. The 12:01 showings for IM3 here are sold out. I picked up my IMAX tickets as soon as they went up for purchase.

  7. @ Trey: what cut to the script?


      Shane black said that disney cut a large portion of his script that handles Tony’s acloholism.

      • I’d just as soon not see the alcoholism part of this story. It’s loaded enough as it is, and if they go the Demon In A Bottle (pt2) route, I’d rather see that be a movie unto itself, where an enemy pushes Tony to drink himself out of his business, rather than shoehorned into the Mandarin story. They had a chance in Iron Man 2 and they blew it big time (“in my defense, I was dying”)… shallow, very shallow.

  8. So No RDJ for Avengers 2? I mean I would be fine with , Iron Patriot taking over as the new lead but come on. I haven’t heard any news as of late on his contract status.

  9. Can screenrant ban the troll completely?

    • They already have my brotha..SCREEN RANT IS NOW TROLL FFFRRRREEEEE!!!

      • @Golden

        Thank god! haha i unfortunately read what he said and I hope it isn’t tru. I’m still guna see the movie

  10. Oh and has anybody else heard about this?? Now I realize why the two theaters I went to last week for iron man 3 tickets had stopped selling them and told me they didn’t know when or if the tickets would even go on sale for the entire opening weekend of may 3rd-5th.


    • Yep correct both AMC and Regal cinemas are in a dispute, disney wants to much money.

      • That stinks; plus they say even Cinemark theaters have halted the purchase of iron man 3 tickets. Oh well I guess everyone wants more money than normal lol. Does anyone on this site know how it usually works, with regards to movie theaters and production companies splitting the profits they make from box office revenue?

        • I movie theater gets 1% of all box office revenue. Atleast thats how it is at the theater I work at. That is why concessions prices are so high. Theaters also must purchase the rights to play each movie.

          • Wow. So the movie theaters clearly get a smaller amount, plus they’re spending money to play the movies to begin wit. And DISNEY wants more money from them?? ouch

  11. I saw the midnight session last night.

    The film is sensational. Marvel has raised the bar on their films once again.

  12. The blood is the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The picture makes it look like his Chili is working, and his Beano isn’t.

  14. cant wait 00:01 screening of iron man 3 for me here in the uk woo hoo

  15. Shouldn’t the sofa break under the weight of the armor when Iron Man’s sitting on it (picture above)? Or at least, shouldn’t the cushion shag (unless it’s made of wood or something)?

  16. big fan of marvel comics can’t wait for it

  17. Just got back from seeing the film, easily one of the best Marvel films so far. It was really really good. Cant wait to go see it again.

  18. I don’t get it, if this is after the Avengers, why nobody is helping him from the team or S.H.I.E.L.D they better explain The Avengers absence.