Iron Man 3: Heartbreaker & Igor Armor Suits Officially Unveiled [Updated]

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With the Hall of Armor – as we know it from Iron Man 1 & 2 - destroyed during the Mandarin’s helicopter attack on Tony Stark’s mansion and the new gold-plated Mark 42 armor battle damaged, Stark’s arsenal of armored suits becomes limited to what he built in the months following the Battle of New York. Fortunately for Stark, his obsession had him building dozens of suits while Pepper Potts ran his company.

As a result, during his time of need in fighting the forces of The Mandarin, Stark is able to summon a small army of Iron Man suits, known to Marvel Comics fans as the Iron Legion for the biggest action sequence Marvel Studios has produced to date. At this point it seems likely that every suit from the Iron Man comics will appear in some variation in Iron Man 3.

Images of tie-in merchandise and leaked concept aside, Marvel movie fans got their first official glimpse at some of the entirely new armor suits debuting in Iron Man 3 with the poster released four weeks ago, followed by their onscreen debut in the new trailer.

Marvel Studios is now using social media to engage fans and have them answer movie trivia with the ‘Iron Man 3: Armor Unlock’ app, and the rewards – depending on which geographical region has the most correct answers from users – are an exclusive first look at the new armor suits. It began yesterday where the “Shotgun” (Mark 40 Hyper Velocity Suit) and “Silver Centurion” (Mark 33 Enhanced Energy Suit) were unveiled and today, the “Igor” (Mark 38 Heavy Lifting Suit) and the “Heartbreaker” (Mark 17 Artillery Level RT Suit):

The app also teased silhouette designs of the two armor suits to be unveiled tomorrow, the Mark 35 and Mark 39. The 35 seems to represent the white Deep Space armor that was the cause for many rumors and speculation surrounding a possible connection to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Who needs the help of Earth’s Mightiest when you have Igor on your side? Click here to see the Mark 33 & Mark 40.

The blue color of the Igor/Brute/Hulkbuster armor is an unexpected surprise, considering the leaked concept art featured the large suit sporting the classic hot rod red and gold colors, and its grand appearance in the latest full Iron Man 3 trailer was slightly masked in the darkness of night.

The Heartbreaker armor, on the other hand, matches the slick artwork perfectly, giant arc reactor included.

Hungry for spoilers and details?

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Stephanie Szostak, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes which official armor is your favorite!

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  1. Heartbreaker is only mark 17? Man…I was hoping it’d be mark 43. The big bad step above, the secrete weapon, etc. I mean it just looked so bada**. Gruff looking face plate, big bada** arc reactor/unibeam. Oh well maybe it’ll still blast the crap outta everything anyway…and maybe they’ll follow up with something even better to boot.

  2. Thank you Rob, I just posted in a previous article that people needed to stop calling the “Igor” armor the “Hulkbuster”. It’s more than likely inspired by the Hulk but it’s not the “Hulkbuster” by any means.

  3. They are going to break the record for toy ties-ins at this rate…..

    • Ya no kidding… and I kinda want them all.

      That is, is Toy Biz was making them instead of Hasbro.

      • Toy Biz messed up as many sculpts as they got right. The Archangel released by Hasbro in the last couple of weeks is far superior to the version put out by Toy Biz (and it has nothing to do with the level of technology involved…obviously, the Hasbro line is newer). Toy Biz was great for the sheer variety of figures; the articulation and and overall quality was definitely hit-or-miss. Granted, Hasbro has had its share of flubs and stinkers too, but I just found Toy Biz to be overrated.

  4. Is that Heartbreaker armor also the one Tony wears in the recent Iron Man comics? It looks similar

    • Depends on how “recent”. He’s been switching up a whole lot lately. But yes, I think there was one almost exactly like it, or extremely similar, in a story line from as far back as October.

      • I’m thinking the one from Marvel NOW line. The recent one has Tony stranded on an alien planet and fighting in a colosseum. The armor looks similar, although the eyes are different.

  5. Hey Rob –
    Are you guys looking at updating your armor guide with these 4 unveiled sets? I really liked the guide you had and it would be cool to see this info put into the guide as it’s unveiled!

    • Absolutely!

      I also have a few other pics to add here.

      • Under the new Heartbreaker caption you put MARK 18, but the picture itself says MARK 17.

        Just a heads up.

        • Whoops. Thanks!

  6. Man that igor suit is freaking sick!! Before all this marketing man of steel was my most anticipated for the summer but idk I’m getting super pumped with all these suit reveals the heartbreaker is my favorite he’s worn during te movies. Freaking awesome!

  7. The Igor armor looks like “Snapping Iron Turtle Man”.

  8. Are you guys working on a guide that includes every suit, or should I start making one myself?

    • I am :)

  9. These all look great. I think it’s impossible to make an Iron Man suit that looks bad.

  10. Oh these armours are plain awesome and hey since the “Igor” armour is not the “Hulkbuster” after all, those who did not like the design can relax.

    I am excited to see the rest of the Iron Legion. Seriously, I’ve been telling since I first heard that there will be IM3 that Tony needs a suit army and here we are. It’s like Marvel makes all my dreams come true!

    April 25 come soon!!

    • My guess is the specific reason they changed the color scheme from the Hot Rod Red into blue is to distinguish it from the Hulkbuster. They don’t want people thinking of this as Hulkbuster, so paint it a completely different color.

  11. I was hoping that Igor Armor was actually Hulkbuster Armor… But then it’s revealed that it’s different.

  12. So if it’s been confirmed that the Igor armor isn’ttt supposed to be some studio-variation of the Hulk-Buster armor, then does that mean we won’t be getting any Hulk-Buster? Because i would love to see it show up some time at least in this movie, if not maybe in the future as part of Avengers Two or Phase Three or something along those lines

    • Well, there’s no Hulk in this movie so the Hulkbuster can come in the future.

  13. Hulkbuster or Brute sounds so much cooler than Igor. But, I don’t care. The suit still looks freaking epic!

    But guys, it clearly IS the Hulkbuster armor, they just changed the name (probobaly because when Tony makes it in the film he doesn’t have the intent on using it to fight the Hulk). But it’s still obviously at least a variation of the Hulkbuster armor from the comics.

    And the Heart Breaker armor looks great too! I get more and more excited for this film every day :)

    • But it’s NOT the Hulkbuster. One of the big distinguishing factors is the rounded helmet like Juggernaut so that Hulk couldn’t rip the head off the suit…

  14. I think Mark 35 will be the Aquatic suit! somewhere I read that he uses an aquatic suit to retrieve stuff after the mandarin blows up his house!! I think it was one of the articles on here!

    • Wasn’t the Aquatic Suit used in IM2 where he was welding underwater – just before getting Stark Enterprises up & running green?

      • That was a seen in aengers and no that was just the Armor from IM@ before it got banged up in Avengers

      • that was actually the beginning of the avengers, and this is more of a DEEP WATER AQUATIC SUIT! the one in the avengers is just the regular Mark 6 I think or Mark 7 whichever, it was just the regular suit!!!

  15. They copied the MARK 38 from Warhammer 40k Terminator armour…

  16. Where is the Schumacher armor? The one with nipples? :)

  17. m happy its not dubed ‘hulkbuster’ just because as awesome as it is its not the hulkbuster. im happy with this and maybe we can see the armor we all know. not a varitation.

    the silver centurian is true to the comic so there is not reason for the hulkbuster not to be.

  18. Why is all the iron man 3 news always “suit” related on this site? Surely the quality of the actual film is more important apposed iron man’s asthetics?

    • Now that just seems like a baseless claim to me. How about looking beyond the last two articles before you suggest that.

      • There’s been more than an couple of articles over the last few months regarding suits/armour/iron mans appearance, I just don’t understand the level of fascination here and that’s coming from a self confessed comic book / movie geek. But enjoy your suits by all means!

        • Well, that’s fair enough. I mean when that’s a main focus/concept of the main character and the movie itself its hard not to mention it in any form in any article pertaining to the movie in any way (and there’s just so da*n many suits in this one).

          I feel that the number of articles pertaining to plot details and what tone the movie is gonna take outweighs all the “suit” articles though. I mean in the last few months there’s only really been one huge article I believe was based on educated speculation. The recent ones are important news-wise because they’re actually based on something concrete since they’ve been “official” reveals.

          I don’t think its a fascination per se but just the most news worthy material being released to promote the movie at the moment.

        • That’s like asking why star trek nerds buy blueprint books of fictional spaceships. It’s interesting, it’s the focus of the films & comics, it’s a huge part of Tony Stark’s life. It’s the very definition of geek…being really “into” the details and the “how it works.”

  19. “Iron Legion” would be a BADASS name for a band!

  20. Or “Legion Of Iron”. :)

  21. I love the FB post that points to this page. The comments are hilarious. “HEY THATS NOT THE HULKBUSTER!” Duh, it says it’s not right in the FB post.

  22. Can igor fly in the game?