Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

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Iron Man 3 Trailer Logo Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

Prepare to let the speculation over the Marvel movie universe’s future run rampant. With Iron Man 3 the first of the post-Avengers films, how it will lay the foundations for the rest of Marvel’s cosmic properties has been a question asked by most fans of late.

Rumors have recently surfaced of Iron Man 3‘s final moments leading directly into the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), and the newest leaked concept art from the film promises not just a deep-space-expedition for Tony Stark, but much, much more.

Most of the speculation has been tied to the white and grey-themed Space Armor, leaked through Iron Man 3‘s accompanying toy lines (it’s not the only leak, either). The newest concept art leaked (courtesy of CBM) offers a peek at the stellar armor that isn’t fan made, but claims to be pulled from the film directly. On top of the Space Armor, a new design for a live-action Hulkbuster Armor presumably planned for Iron Man 3 has also arrived.

Whether both designs were scrapped, or Marvel is exceptionally skilled at keeping secrets, the designs speak for themselves:

Iron Man 3 Space Armor Concept Art Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

The Space Armor is more than expected to be seen at some point in the film, since there’s enough smoke to believe fire is brewing somewhere. How it will relate to the plot, and whether it was merely planned but ultimately cut are questions that only Marvel and Disney can answer (they won’t). At this point, there’s little else to say besides this armor being a slick design that we’d be more than happy to see in the films at some point.

The Hulkbuster Armor has our attention for far more reasons, not the least of which being the complete lack of any evidence that the Hulk will be appearing on screen soon, let alone this summer. Have a look at the new take on the classic armor below:


Iron Man 3 Hulkbuster Concept Art 570x746 Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

The fact that there is no sign of Hulkbuster – or the crazed rage monster after which it’s named – appearing in Iron Man 3 can be taken one of two ways: either disappointment at the idea that the Hulk won’t be included in the proceedings, or a statement that Iron Man 3 doesn’t need to feature the character, after Mark Ruffalo’s performance as Dr. Banner/Hulk was one of the most widely- praised aspects of The Avengers’ team-up. More praised than Marvel may have expected, perhaps?

Given Marvel’s decision to use Iron Man 2 as the first major building block of the larger Avengers universe, it would make sense they’d attempt to do the same with Iron Man 3. But fans were lukewarm about Tony Stark’s franchise being used in the past, and Marvel has apparently learned their lesson.

With the second crop of Marvel movies well underway, perhaps the studio has decided that each film is best left to stand on its own, at least until the potentially-cosmic Avengers 2. Or perhaps even more promising, Marvel may not be so convinced that the days of Hulk-based properties are completely over.

World War Hulk vs Iron Man Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

Much has been made of the rumors of “World War Hulk” or “Planet Hulk” being adapted into live-action films, possibly even after Thanos is dealt with in ‘Phase Three.’ We won’t say that this leaked concept art lends any particular credence to Marvel’s plans a decade down the road, but they’ve certainly shown that they’ve got a plan. Who knows: comic book fans might see a hunched-over Hulkbuster after all.

For the moment, we’d take these leaked concept designs as little more than a sign of what Marvel may have been considering in Iron Man 3‘s early stages of development. The Space Armor design holds more water, but with a Hulk-less immediate future being supported by nearly everyone involved at the studio, the odds of seeing the Hulkbuster Armor anytime soon are particularly slim.

So what do you think of the designs? Do they fit at home in the live-action universe than their comic book counterparts, or do you wish these armors stick to their original versions (if we see them at all)? Most importantly, does anyone know a good chiropractor Tony can visit after extended sessions in that Hulkbuster get-up?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013.


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Source: CBM

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  1. I’d say Tony needs the dome-headed Hulkbuster suit because it would protect against impacts better and would prevent Hulk from ripping his head off too easily with the absence of a neck. I don’t think Tony needs to be hunched over either. He’s a man, not a monster like Hulk.

    • e could be hunched over to try and stop the hulk riping his head of (somehow)

    • So at the end of Avengers Tony Stark drives off into the sunset with Bruce Banner and a few months later concept art from Iron Man 3 of Hulk Buster armor leaks? Yes, the Hulk will definitely not be in Iron Man 3.

  2. The Space armor is tight. Good color distribution and such. The Hulk Buster Armor looks like early concept, bringing the beast and such.

  3. Loving the space armor… that Hulkbuster concept on the other hand, reminds me of my pet turtle :/
    The Hulk buster armor should look similar to this:

    • One big pet turtle.

      What is its name? Gamera?

  4. If they take Iron Man into space they totally have to rip off Dead Space at some point and pit him against some scary mutated space monsters on a dereclict space ship. I’m sure he can dish some “strategic dismemberment” with his arm lasers. :D

    • Ironically, Warhammer’s Space Hulk game was doing that long before Dead Space (I just though it was ironic because it has words from both suits in its name :P).

  5. I’m feeling the hulk buster suit could be a prototype that gets blown up when Starks’s house gets blown apart in the Iron man 3 trailer!!!

    • I was thinking the same. Or at least it’s hanging in his workshop as a prototype/Easter egg

  6. hulkbuster looks retarded.

    • Hulk buster looks stupid but it can protect him from his head getting smashed or pulled off from the Hulk

  7. I really dig the Space Armour, the Hulkbuster needs some work though, maybe it’s a prototype.

    I really want Tony to be in GotG, so I am very supportive of the cosmic get-up. :)

  8. Could we see the space armour in a post credits scene perhaps? Something that leads right into Guardians of the Galaxy?

    • If Tony’s deep space suit can make warp jumps like Nova bcuz Guardians will be taking place in another galaxy. Gunn confirmed Guardians to be in a different Galaxy. Therefore Tony would need to have found away to create warp jumps and that doesn’t seem likely if he’s been working on the Extremis suit and we see his lab get blown up in Iron Man 3.

  9. As much as I would like to think the Hulkbuster will be used for Hulkbusting in the near future, I don’t think that is the case. We should all keep in mind that there are 40 suits that Tony builds between the Mark VII and the Mark 47. These two suits are most likely two of those 40. With the rumors of an army of telepathically controlled Iron Man suits, it would only make sense to have some of the comic’s most popular and famous suits to appear in cameos in battle. I may be right, I may be wrong, but either way, I am really excited to see these on screen.

  10. I think the Hulk Buster is hunched over too much. But I could see it making a cameo in Tony’s line up of Iron Man suits just to tickle the fanboy fancy.

  11. this is just a wild, unfounded, speculation idle fantasy stab in the dark here but what if the second concept isn’t the hulkbuster suit at all?

    with Thanos being teased at the end of Avengers as the new villain and no hint that the Hulk will be appearing as anything other than a team player in the future, there doesn’t seem to be any set up that would necessitate Stark building that suit of armor. unless of course he does it as a “just in case” precaution, which means at most we might see it as an easter egg in the suit room.

    but how about a Thaonsbuster suit? If Thanos is seen (in some small way, maybe via exposition from some other cosmic being warning of “a power unlike anything previously encountered”) in IM3,GOG and Thor TDW as a building, imminent and very powerful threat to not only Earth, but the galaxy at large Stark might come to the conclusion that he needs to bring some much heavier artillery to the front for a showdown with the mad titan.

    so he proceeds to create a suit using the Hulk as a model, being the jade giant is the strongest one there is in the hopes that it will be enough should he ever have to take on Thanos esp. one on one.

    I know it really doesn’t matter, but I thought I would just throw that out there.

  12. The two armors look great. I wondered if Hulkbuster armor is hunchbacked or is bent over.

  13. Hulkbusters neck is too long, other than that, I like it.

  14. Hulkbuster armour just looks unwearable by a human. I lol’ed at the chiropractor comment at the end of the article. If it were upright it would look way better. Space suit looks cool.

    Kinda think we might see the Hulkbuster armour as a little easter egg somewhere in the film, otherwise why would that concept art exist? Will definitely be fun if it happens.

  15. Maybe the Hulkbuster suit wasn’t designed so much for the purpose of having to take Hulk on in a real fight so much as it was to give someone for Hulk to spar with. As far as we know, there isn’t anyone else on Earth for Hulk that is on his level of strength and durability to train with, so Stark builds a suit just for that purpose. To prepare both Hulk and Ironman to take on a potential enemy that is as powerful or more so than Hulk.

    • What about abomination?n He is a very good sparing for the Hulk! In the last film he was quite good and inteligent. Thor wasn’t bad either and even in Thing is owned by Fox, they could make some sparing behind the scenes :)

  16. I Love the Hulk buster armor. I would love to see The Leader controlling the Hulk and makeing him fight his friends, then somehow as banner he can use his mind and not be controlled by Leader, then ending the fight threw intelligents as his friends beat The Leaders army of Mutants.

  17. The hulk buster looks like a ninja turle in an iron man suit

  18. “We won’t say that this leaked concept art lends any particular credence to Marvel’s plans a decade down the road, but they’ve certainly shown that they’ve got a plan. ”

    Isn’t that just a great statement to hear fom a superhero movie making company, that they have “a plan”?

    Are you listening WB/DC??


    Very cool concepts, very cool. If the Hulk shows up in this movie, (which I doubt), that would just b awesome. Keep up the good work Marvel!!!!!!

  19. What if…..this is an armor that Tony has made for Banner? It expands with the Hulk as he grows. I mean the way it hunched over what if it is the Hulk inside armor? It doesnt really show scale, so maybe it is a close up to throw us off. How cool would Hulk inside IronMan armor be?

  20. Iron Man has nothing to fear from the Hulk. The freaking BLACK WIDOW took a backhand from the Hulk, tossing her into a wall, and all she did was limp for five minutes. Maybe Stark should build some BLACK WIDOW armor. Then, he could actually BEAT the Hulk.
    Seriously though, with some more detail, I think this armor could look pretty cool. Especially if they added some different colors here and there. The Hulkbuster armor in the comics looked kind of bloated and cheesy, in my opinion.

  21. Space armorial looks cool. Don’t need any hulkbuster armorial.

  22. Supposed to say “armor “

  23. Went to a special event passholder preview of Oz tonight at Disney World. They showed us the newest, unreleased trailer for Iron Man 3. There are a LOT if IM suits in it, and Hulkbuster is one of them! (or at least one of the suits is VERY identical to it.) I wasn’t too excited about IM3 due to my dislike of IM2, but after this trailer, I’m stoked!

    • hmmmm, realy? I wonder when they will release that trailer? with oz perhaps? also did you see any of these armors?
      Silver centurion
      Hydro(yes he still needs this one, his suit only has limited oxygen reserves and doesnt work well underwater)
      and of course the classic armor
      why the classic armor? its still more flexible and lighter than his modern armor, and has a smaller electronic signature, and can be operated without AI

      • also for those of you wondering, the possibility of multiple various suits, is that in the comics, all his armors were destroyed to keep them from falling into enemy hands, so he makes a new central suit, then builds multiple new specialized suits, so hydro armor is actualy kinda likely

      • Not sure if any of those are in there. It’s a very quick cut scene to a bunch of different armor suits (either remote controlled or with people in them) coming to Stark and Rhodey’s aid. The hulkbuster suit gets its own shot busting through a wall, so I could make that one out. They didn’t say when the trailer would be released, but I’m assuming it will come out with Oz or earlier.

  24. The concept of the Hulkbuster isn’t bad in itself, it’s just that… It’s too Quasimodo for me (the Iron(huncch)man of Notre-Dame?) Except for it the armor look pretty cool. Besides! Give me an “Iron Man Buster”!! Why there isn’t such a thing in the Marvel Universe Everybody is prepared in case someone goes rogue, what about the possibility the irom man armor is controlled by someone and Tony Stark isn’t capable of fighting? Or even controlled himself to fight against his friends? We need an Irom Man buster! And no, War Machine is no match against Iron Man we all know that.

  25. You have to look at a Hulkbuster armor in such as a Smaller boxer going up against a brawler.

    You lower your stance and work inside to negate the punches of the brawler, and you weaken him to the point where you move outside.

    With the Hulk, you would have to deliver damage to him on a constant and consistent basis, you are not going to kill him but you deliver the right punch, you can knock him out. That is what the Hulkbuster is designed to do, not go toe to toe with Hulk for extended period, but last long enough to get one concentrated blow in, under the chin.

  26. The hulkbuster armor should look exactly like the one in Iron Man Armored Adventures [Nicktoons]

  27. Rumors say Ironman goes into space. Pepper Potts say goodby.

  28. I really like both design and color scheme of the space armor alot. While the hulkbuster armor not so much.

  29. The Hulk Buster armor is shown briefly in the Iron Man 3 trailer. I’m thinking Tony doesn’t design this armor to fight the Hulk. I’m thinking it was just based on him.