Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

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Iron Man 3 Trailer Logo Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

Prepare to let the speculation over the Marvel movie universe’s future run rampant. With Iron Man 3 the first of the post-Avengers films, how it will lay the foundations for the rest of Marvel’s cosmic properties has been a question asked by most fans of late.

Rumors have recently surfaced of Iron Man 3‘s final moments leading directly into the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), and the newest leaked concept art from the film promises not just a deep-space-expedition for Tony Stark, but much, much more.

Most of the speculation has been tied to the white and grey-themed Space Armor, leaked through Iron Man 3‘s accompanying toy lines (it’s not the only leak, either). The newest concept art leaked (courtesy of CBM) offers a peek at the stellar armor that isn’t fan made, but claims to be pulled from the film directly. On top of the Space Armor, a new design for a live-action Hulkbuster Armor presumably planned for Iron Man 3 has also arrived.

Whether both designs were scrapped, or Marvel is exceptionally skilled at keeping secrets, the designs speak for themselves:

Iron Man 3 Space Armor Concept Art Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

The Space Armor is more than expected to be seen at some point in the film, since there’s enough smoke to believe fire is brewing somewhere. How it will relate to the plot, and whether it was merely planned but ultimately cut are questions that only Marvel and Disney can answer (they won’t). At this point, there’s little else to say besides this armor being a slick design that we’d be more than happy to see in the films at some point.

The Hulkbuster Armor has our attention for far more reasons, not the least of which being the complete lack of any evidence that the Hulk will be appearing on screen soon, let alone this summer. Have a look at the new take on the classic armor below:


Iron Man 3 Hulkbuster Concept Art 570x746 Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

The fact that there is no sign of Hulkbuster – or the crazed rage monster after which it’s named – appearing in Iron Man 3 can be taken one of two ways: either disappointment at the idea that the Hulk won’t be included in the proceedings, or a statement that Iron Man 3 doesn’t need to feature the character, after Mark Ruffalo’s performance as Dr. Banner/Hulk was one of the most widely- praised aspects of The Avengers’ team-up. More praised than Marvel may have expected, perhaps?

Given Marvel’s decision to use Iron Man 2 as the first major building block of the larger Avengers universe, it would make sense they’d attempt to do the same with Iron Man 3. But fans were lukewarm about Tony Stark’s franchise being used in the past, and Marvel has apparently learned their lesson.

With the second crop of Marvel movies well underway, perhaps the studio has decided that each film is best left to stand on its own, at least until the potentially-cosmic Avengers 2. Or perhaps even more promising, Marvel may not be so convinced that the days of Hulk-based properties are completely over.

World War Hulk vs Iron Man Iron Man 3: Hulkbuster & Space Armor Concept Art Leaked

Much has been made of the rumors of “World War Hulk” or “Planet Hulk” being adapted into live-action films, possibly even after Thanos is dealt with in ‘Phase Three.’ We won’t say that this leaked concept art lends any particular credence to Marvel’s plans a decade down the road, but they’ve certainly shown that they’ve got a plan. Who knows: comic book fans might see a hunched-over Hulkbuster after all.

For the moment, we’d take these leaked concept designs as little more than a sign of what Marvel may have been considering in Iron Man 3‘s early stages of development. The Space Armor design holds more water, but with a Hulk-less immediate future being supported by nearly everyone involved at the studio, the odds of seeing the Hulkbuster Armor anytime soon are particularly slim.

So what do you think of the designs? Do they fit at home in the live-action universe than their comic book counterparts, or do you wish these armors stick to their original versions (if we see them at all)? Most importantly, does anyone know a good chiropractor Tony can visit after extended sessions in that Hulkbuster get-up?

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013.

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Source: CBM

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  1. I dig the space armor, not so much that version of the Hulkbuster. I wonder if it could be art for merchandise?

    • I could see a LOT of people buying it, but I’d still prefer a…chunkier, heavier style. And I just don’t get the hunchback.

      • it looks like what toad would wear if he had armour

        • LoL Bowser buster armor

      • yeah i’m not so sure about the hunchback either, how does Tony fit in there? If he’s just inside the torso it would make sense to just remove the head completely. But hey it’s just a concept

      • I agree, I dont much get the hunchback part? but it ould be cool just to see any version of a hulkbuster suit in the back groud of a scene or a mention of it by tony stark! Kinda like the shield in the other 2 IM movies, IT GOT PPL EXCITED! we knew at some point that there would be a CA movie (or at the very least hoped)
        Seeing a hulkbuster in the background would just show tht tony realizes the need to have something that can keep up with the hulk, since NOW he has seen the hulk up cose and personal he would know what he would need to build…. even if it was an un-finished version of it to getPPL EXCITED that we just might see theneed for a ulkbuster suit or even a planet hulk movie (That Marvel is acknowledging the fans WANT TO SEE MORE OF Roffalo as The Hulk)

        • My thoughts as well. I’d love to see it, even if it goes through a redesign before they actually use it. The hunch back look is weirdly comic booky in a way that doesn’t suit the realism of the films. It seems implausible that this is the best shape, and since the films are making Tony Stark seem kinda plausible, this is a step backwards to the source material’s absurdity. Of course the real (artistic) reason for it is to mimick the look of Hulk, I assume, which is just rather silly. Space suit looks awesome.

      • Yeah, Tony would have to hunch over to wear that.

      • This sounds suspiciously like a person trying to trick us all into an advertisement for their own profit… Or is it just a bizarre non sequitur from a concerned, and genuinely amazed-by-the-free-money fellow citizen? I manage to resist this fish hook somehow, and return to the conversation.

    • same. the hulkbuster armor looks like a Quasimodo version of iron man.

      • actualy, thats from a game, however it is closer to the classic comic suits. Also, I am sorry but I just realized that the main reason the changed the head is because for some bizarre reason they want all of the heads to look the same XD sorry studios, that doesnt work, Iron man has had many heads through out the years, and I have several I prefer over the movie one. like the modular armor’s. or the silver centurions. or the retro armor. Or the 60’s avengers horned facemask armor. or even the one that had bullet like indents, but I am not the biggest fan of the movie one

      • Haw! Looks loke Ironman-Juggenaut…!

    • I agree: Space good, Hulk bad.

      • Hulk not bad, Hulk good, Hulk Smash.

        • Especially Puny God

          • Too many syllable! Hulk tongue hurt! So angry!

    • Last time I saw images like this they ended up in the films, but who knows?

      MODERATOR- I’ve seen a thread devolve into typo complaints and bickering recently, so I thought I’d point out your second to last sentence. Not exactly what you meant to say. I’ll try to get over it though. Thanks for the cool article!

  2. love that space armour, hulkbuster… looks a bit hunchback XD. dont see how that could be comfy for tony. would like to see a different version of it.

  3. i was just thinking… what if we see the hulkbuster in IM3 just foreshadowing what they will do to the hulk. they know the hulk is dangerous so what if tony is building the armour im preperation or fear of him turning against them. obviously nothing will be siad or done till the avengers 2. that would just be a little teaser

    • Yeah, like in the background at least. I’d be okay with that, and only fans would really get it…if the design was a bit closer to the comic book, that is đŸ˜‰

    • I like it! Though the presumption that Tony is secretly creating an anti Hulk weapon because he is specifically anticipating a battle with Hulk may be too much to assume. For one thing, the prototype may only be a precaution or a Hulk – inspired design that wasn’t intended to beat him? Also, considering their Avengers bonding, I would like to either have the project be a collaboration, or the result of as-yet-untold pieces of story between the two guys. A few scenes of flashback someday could easily tell either of those stories and I’d be happy. (I don’t know the original story of this armor, but of course I have been hoping to see it for years).

  4. what the hell did they do to the hulkbuster armoe??? lol, it looks like it should be the hunchback of notre dame armor lmao…

    • *armor

    • Well, there is that hall of armors rumor, we could see it there

    • The hunchback of Notre Dame does ring a bell…

  5. WEll, I could see them needing the hulkbuster against firepower, however, he is not nessecarily THAT powerful…. this leaves me to hope their might be another interesting suit in the movie. However if the rumors are true, then it will be in the end of IM3

  6. Yeah I’m not digging the Hulkbuster armor either but the space armor is pretty awesome.

  7. Oh my god, i’m gonna spunk in my pants!!!

    • I think yer in the wrong site. Or maybe I’m just not a hard core enough fan?

  8. The space armor looks pretty damn cool but the hulkbuster’s design seems like it would be pretty uncomfortable for Tony Stark. Maybe if they redesigned an up-right version

  9. Well, they did kinda foreshadow the Hulkbuster being a requirement in future during The Avengers.

    People saw Tony and Bruce as buddies joking around but I saw it as Tony trying to stay on his good side and figure him out.

    • Yeah I agree. It was as if he was observing him, seeing what makes him tick.

      • You buys seem to imply a low quality of character from Tony. All this calculating observation and staying on Hulks good side not only discounts T’s attempts to agitate him, but also implies that he is being utterly false to Banner, whereas I believe that the opposite is true. I felt that their relationship and bonding was genuine, organic and believable. Probably the best part of the film. Otherwise I agree.

        • Dont get me wrong, I also feel like their bonding was genuine, but I also felt like Tony was trying to figure him out a bit.

          • Definitely! At this point I think the coolest thing they can do with either character is to figure out what to do with this weird new friendship. If I heard that Stark was lined up to play a big role in a Hulk film I’d be cool with it. I don’t want him stealing spotlight, but those two are really interesting together…

    • Agree… Tony is a smart man, he has his own way in figuring out things. Eventhough I’m certain he felt that he could relate with Banner, hence the buddy-buddy thingy (which is one of my favorite part of the movie), it’s clear that he’s also taking precautionary way to turn Hulk into a good Hulk, that could be useful for the team. I’m sure the Hulkbuster thing would be one of that advance calculation of his as well.

    • I doubt it, starks no batman.

  10. Like most, not so much a fan of that interpretation of the Hulkbuster armor. I just looks like a bulkier version of his regular suit, whereas the comic version looks more like a tank and could take a beating.

  11. is it a hulkbuster or a Quasimodo suit for haloween?

  12. Planet Hulk, Planet Hulk, Planet Hulk etc etc etc…

  13. Space Suit = AWESOME Hulkbuster = Not so much… Hopefully Marvel/Disney leaked these images on purpose to test fan reactions. Disney is a pretty smart thinking corporation; not like the rich, Old School, Harry Flugelman types out there.

    • Flugelman?! Isn’t that from 3 Amigos? Classic! Phil Hartman: “Take the amigos clothes!”

  14. I really wondered to know what the Hulkbuster suit would look like since its my favorite. After seeing that I’m disappointed. What the [frick] is up with that head? The whole point of the Hulkbuster’s shape and size was to protect Tony’s head and limbs from the Hulk yanking them off. This is just… *sigh*

    Space armor looks sweet.

  15. Space armor is cool!

  16. I’m guessing that the Hulkbuster is similar to the Iron Monger suit, meaning that it’s big enough to have a cockpit instead of being a man-sized suit.

    • That was my thinking, as well, and my only logical reason for the hunch would be if a very large weapon or ensemble of weapons might pop up the back and be over his head.

  17. Hulkbuster looks weird. I think the head should be the traditional dome style fixed into the suit, that way, it’d be more difficult for Hulk to get his arm around the head. With the head sticking out like that, Hulk could just rip it off.

  18. I thought the space armor was black but this is cool.
    Winter Fresh.

  19. The space armor needs a gimmick. How about swappable weapons that can attach to each limb? In bright colors?
    And people need to KNOW it’s a space suit. Make it all while and puffy looking, like a real space suit. And make the head shaped like a rocket ship, just to hammer it home.
    And he should ride a motorbike, too. Motorbikes are in.
    And isn’t the name Iron Man kind of passe? Gotta be something better to call him. Maybe with exotic foreign words. And some made up ones!

  20. First reaction to Hulkbuster Armor was much like most of yours but it is growing on me. Just because the pic of it is hunchbacked, the mid section looks to adjust and move and be able to become more erect and upright, thus removing the hunchback look. Now I think both armors are pretty cool. Hope they make the movie.

  21. I think both those armors look f’in sweet! He had Bruce banner help him develop armor in case.

  22. Has anyone thought that maybe Tony is inside the hulk buster armor and about to run at something or maybe bracing himself? That would explain the hunched over look. In fact, it looks almost identical to many pics you see of the Hulk when he’s standing around. Hes always kinda hunched over. Even check out the last picture. Hulk is hunched over. I’m guessing that he would look different if he was standing straight up. Don’t think I’ve ever used the word hunched this many times in my life….

  23. The problem for me with the Hulkbuster is probably the pose that, yes, made him looks too much like Quasimodo haha. The design is good though, and I can’t wait to see whether both of this will be featured in the movie or not (read as: bring back buddy Banner for Tony!!)

  24. Both are probably concept art, we’ll probably slightly or drastically see different versions on screen.

  25. The Hulk-Buster looks like it was made for the Hunchback of Notre Dame lol XD

  26. Just throwing this out there…I have a feeling that the Hulkbuster stands upright, but at the moment is mimicking a stance that the hulk normally makes.

  27. Space armor looks kind of cool. I do not think Guardians should be made, not with racoon ranger and talking chia-pet tree included, anyways, as that will cheapen the seriousness of The Avengers. I do not think they should do planet Hulk or WW Hulk, either. Hulk needs to just be a supporting character. I would rather see a concentration of working towards including Kang, Ultron, and Skrulls into the Avengers movies in the near future, as well as Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch.

    • “cheapen the seriousness of The Avengers” It’s cool to have an Asgardian frost giant who wields a magic stick to command a space army, but if a tree or raccoon talks that does it huh?
      I don’t mind some form of Hulk movie, as long as it isn’t as ridiculous as planet hulk and ww hulk.
      Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Skrulls, that’s FF and therefore FOX. It gets fuzzy with quicksilver and scarlett witch. They aren’t exactly X-men property, even though they are both mutants and their dad is Magneto.
      But dude… where have you been? Edgar Wright is directing your Hank Pym movie and it’s due out for phase III.

  28. I’m lovin the armor