No Hulk in ‘Iron Man 3’ Says Kevin Feige

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hulk iron man No Hulk in Iron Man 3’ Says Kevin Feige

Fans will always have their own favorites in an ensemble property, but one of the most resounding successes of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers was the film’s depiction of The Hulk. A particularly popular aspect of Banner’s storyline was the relationship between Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man and Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Many have wondered if that friendship dynamic will continue to evolve in Iron Man 3. Screen Rant had the opportunity to participate in the press line for the film this past weekend at Comic-Con 2012 where Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige confirmed that we would not be seeing The Hulk in the third installment of the Iron Man franchise.

When we quipped that the last time we had seen The Hulk and Iron Man (in Avengers) they were heading off into the sunset together, Feige joked back:

“I think he was just dropping Bruce off at the Port Authority [bus station].”

But when asked directly if we will see The Hulk make an appearance in Iron Man 3, Feige simply said: “No.”

As to the track they have taken with this film, many fans will be pleased to know that it will indeed be a standalone story and will not become over-bloated in an attempt to tie the itself into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe – a problem which derailed Iron Man 2 quite a bit.

Here is what Feige had to say about the story structure:

“The trick is to not let it get complicated. If you’re a fan of the comics than you’ll know that continuity in the comics can be really interesting and really fun and it can also start to crush under its own weight. ‘Iron Man 3’ is a direct move to prevent that from happening. So it is very much a (director) Shane Black/Tony Stark story.”

Iron Man 3 Panel at Comic Con 2012 No Hulk in Iron Man 3’ Says Kevin Feige

Shane Black, RDJ, Don Cheadle, Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau at Comic-Con 2012

Black followed up by saying that he cherishes the opportunity to make an Iron Man film that stands on its own, and can, as such, be more grounded in our real-world environment.

“You ever see the Spider-Man/Hobgoblin arch – I don’t know if you’re familiar with that – it got so continuity heavy that it just collapsed under its own weight. We’d love to be able to do a couple of one-offs where we realize that we can do ‘Cap,’ we can do ‘Thor’ we can do these sort of stand-alone movies that are just as engaging and in some ways just as big as ‘The Avengers’. Then we can rely on ‘The Avengers’ as a tentpole worth coming back to. So I love that we’re doing a stand-alone ‘Iron Man’ movie because it gets to be more real-world with no aliens.”

Black is, of course, the scribe behind one of our most beloved action franchises: Lethal Weapon. When asked if it was liberating for him to step behind the camera and take control of the visual construction of the film’s signature action sequences, he replied:

“It is liberating because you get a degree of compliance on the part of any director in terms of being able to show what you wrote but not always the feel. They don’t always convey it in the way you intended. So this way I can talk with the actor and I can talk with the stunt coordinator and we can get everything just right in terms of what kind of a feeling it’s supposed to leave you with. Having that degree of control is why I decided I wanted to direct instead of just write.”

Look for Iron Man 3 in theatres on May 3, 2013.

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  1. aww o well at least we will get to see em together again in avengers 2

  2. I want to see Ruffalo get a shot at another solo Hulk film.

  3. Bummer.

    But he didn’t say no to banner.

    • My thoughts exactly, no hulk buuut there is no reason banner could not have a small cameo

  4. Considering the line-up we know about, I agree that adding Hulk would be a bit on the overkill side.

    • i agree. We already have Iron Man, War Machine, Coldblood, Firepower, Mandarin, and Aldrich Killian.

  5. There is already too much cross-pollination of Marvel productions.
    Marvel is missing the obvious which is because of Mark Ruffalo’s
    breakout performance Hulk has earned its own standalone film.

  6. Who’s to say Banner doesn’t appear in IM3 during post credits?

  7. Ive heard rumors about andrew garfield comming out since disney and sony had a little deal for the avengers and hopefully make it big! Im more excited to hope for peter parker than hulk im sorry to all the fans but thats just me

  8. There has been a bunch of articles about all these superhero movies that should be made. My question is, why is no one talking about the Hulk?

  9. I’m glad The Hulk won’t be in iron Man 3. the last thing we do need is the standalone movies to become oversaturated with guest “Heros”. Like others have mentioned, I do want to see a 3rd hulk movie with Mark in the part. They finally got him right in The avengers. The Hulk has a lot of cool villians…and if they can do with Hulk…what they gave us of him in The avengers…it wouldd be the biggest Hulk movie.

  10. I’m assuming we still need to see what happened to The Leader from the first Hulk movie (I refuse to acknowledge the existence of that Ang Lee mess)

    • According to a prequel comic to the Avengers, he’s on custody of SHIELD

      and there no problm ignoring Ang Lee Movie, after all Ang Lee Hulk is not canon to the MCU

  11. I careless for this, looking forward to see different Marvel characters give the Green fellow a break

  12. I think that they chose not to include Hulk because of his overwhelming success of his presence in The Avengers. “Iron Man 3″ is called “Iron Man 3″ for a reason. It’s about Iron Man! Although Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark has nothing to fear from the big green fighting machine in terms of screen presence, he deserves to have his own movie sequel. He is not only the coolest Avenger because he created himself, but he also emerged as one of the leaders. Hulk had THE COOLEST SCENES in The Avengers. From Hulk smashing everything in existence, to blindsiding Thor in the face, this guy is too big of a character to share a movie with one other character, even if the duo would be a great combination of technological and biological marvels fighting together.

  13. I want a new Hulk movie! The Leader and Doc Samson were both in the last one. Lets see them in action. Have Hulk talk, too! What happened to the TV show? Is that idea gone too?

  14. I actually like what I’m hearing here.
    They need to go back to Iron Man 1, not Iron Man 2 if you know what I mean.
    As a fan of the continuity, I love all the hints and cameos, but they can be “over-kill” if there’s too much stuff going on (Iron Man 2 being a prime example)
    That said, I am sad to hear that Ruffalo won’t make an appearance. He was amazing in The Avengers and I hope we do get to see him again at some point.

    • I know I’m in the minority, but I liked IM2. I really don’t think it wa too “bloated”. I enjoy being able to connect the dots. It was 2 good villains, Tony’s collapse into alcoholism and fame, and the spawn of War Machine. Wish the end fight would have been a little longer and better, but that’s my only big complaint.

  15. Considering how The Hulk was received by fans and critics a like I’m kind of surprised that we won’t be seeing him again any time soon. I’m not saying he should have had his own film again, it’s been done already so that’s fine but still a bit disappointing.
    I’m willing to give Marvel some faith because Phase 1 worked pretty well but I don’t think I’m the only one who’s scratching their heads at what’s coming next.
    And before I get flamed for only saying Phase 1 worked pretty well what I’m talking about the lead in films, not The Avengers. TA was both loved by critics and most importantly fans and a record breaking smash. And it deserved to be, it was absolutely amazing.
    A couple of the lead in films did drop the ball though mainly IM2 and Thor…

    • Really? Thor was one of my favourites.

    • I agree,that Iron Man 2 was pretty horrible,but Thor wasn’t bad,it was just OK,but better then Cap,imo.

      Hulk needs his own movie,but I would rather see Hulk like the Norton Hulk that while he was an unstoppable monster,he still had a sense of humanity.I know that I’m in the minority on this,but I think that Whedon’s Hulk was a bit of a joke.He was nothing more than an overgrown,totally unhinged green giant ape,with no real character.He was nothing more than a cheap plot device that was treated as comic relief.

      Go back to the previous version,or just say the hell with it,and do Mr. Fix-it.

      • just curious – what part of the norton hulk did you find humanity?

        • Well let’s see,in the first encounter in the factory,all Hulk wanted was to be left alone,and not rage out,but was provoked by Blonsky and his team.

          When Hulk escaped with Betty Ross in the mountains,Hulk was there to protect her,even though it was only lightning strikes that he thought was a threat.

          In the final battle when the helo was on fire,even though he was fighting for his life against The Abomination,his only concern was to save Betty from being killed.

          Yeah,I’d say that he had more humanity than the newest version.

      • U have got to be kidding!!! Ruffalo killed it as the HULK and while i did like nortons hulk it was NOWHERE NEAR what Ruffalo did with the character of BB/HULK. Marvel would be crazy to not add a sequel or hulk standalone movie and they know it too! We will see Ruffalo play the hulk either b4 the avengers 2 or after but they(Marvel) love to make money and after Ruffalos performance and how EVERYoNE but you loved his interpretation, THEY WILL MAKE ANOTHER HULK..

        • So where did I say that Ruffalo was bad as the Hulk? Oh yeah,I didn’t.

          I liked Ruffalo as Banner,but Whedon’s interpretation of The Hulk was light years different from the previous version,And I didn’t like it.He was nothing more than a guard dog that was let off of his chain.

          When I’m referring to Norton’s Hulk,I’m talking about Loius Leterrier’s
          Hulk,a more fleshed out version of the monster,with human elements underneath the rage.Sorry,but Joss just didn’t capture that in his version.He just made him into a wild beast that was a plot device and a comic element.

  16. after credits scene in IM3:

    Someone comes to his door at his posh pad-its Hank Pym,his old college roomie who just happens to need a place to stay…
    Tony offers Banner’s room saying “yeah its a bit messy,smells like jock strap but hey no worries..just like college..right?”
    Pym: “so where’s this banner fella? I don’t want to be woken in the middle of the night by some pissed off green guy..”
    tony: “oh he comes and goes when he wants…kinda the fringe benefit of being on this team..also he’s always working or…playing..or something…anyway, you can crash here,plus use the what you want just do me one favor(hinting on something in the past), if you create or make anything that may cause just a bit of havoc-can you let me know first? i’m still rebuilding Manhattan and harlem, the last thing i need is to have to rebuild my house-but seriously chicks love the place,don’t screw it up-no probs like in college right?”
    Pym: “c’mon now i’ve changed-for the better-trust me…”
    and as Tony smiles and turns away out the room…camera pans down to Pym’s belongings..and among his books, are draft plans of a robot….

  17. to me it’s ok that there not putting hulk in iron man 3 because it’s a bit to much, still I’m wondering when is the incredible hulk going to have his debut he’s only had the one with abomination, plus what happens to abomination anyways well I’m just trying to say is spiderman has had 3 movies and iron man with his third coming out what about hulk man were is his movies his last standalone was in 2008 that was four years ago

    • The Hulk should definitely get his own solo movie. Hulk / Bruce Banner has always been my favorite Marvel character and we do need to find out what happened to the Abomination and Samuel Sterns (as I remember Hulk just left the Abomination dazed on the floor in the 2008 film) plus the Leader could work as a villain for the second film.

      Looking forward to Iron Man 3, with Shane Black writing and directing, should be a good ‘un. A Hank Pym cameo in the post credits scene would be interesting as well, as his involvement will no doubt involve Ultron at some point in the future, who could be a villain in Avengers 3.

  18. awww man! bruce banner and tony stark would of had an epic bromance. ow well at least we will see them together in avenger 2! woooo!

  19. I didn’t necessarily have to see the Hulk appear in IM 3, but it would have been very cool to see the Banner/Stark friendship carry over.

  20. Banner will be in im3 im sure if it . At the most . A cameo.. I cant see hulk showig up atall. Its already been confirmed . No hulk . But banner will have some role. i guess even tony speaking about him

  21. There seems to be a shot of hulks leg in the IM3 trailer. I would at least put my money on Banner on having a cameo. I live in Durham, NC and IM3 was shooting a few miles away at a lab in Cary. A close friend works in the same office area and saw Ruffalo on set in Banner-esque costume.