How ‘Iron Man 3′ May Help Launch ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor Art How Iron Man 3 May Help Launch Guardians of the Galaxy

A year and half ago we posed the question of whether or not Marvel Studios was going to delve into the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe after The Avengers. Rumors and reports combined with Easter eggs in the films released up until that point in time – along with certain happenings in Marvel Comics – strongly hinted that Guardians of the Galaxy was on the way, and Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige officially confirmed it at Comic-Con in the summer.

But little did we know that Marvel Studios may go cosmic immediately after The Avengers as fans prepare for Iron Man 3 and the beginning of Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe.

With Thor: The Dark World releasing this fall and promising to explore more of the nine realms and the culture of the many otherworldly Marvel races, it seemed the obvious choice to serve as a lead-in of sorts to next year’s introduction of the space-faring Guardians of the Galaxy, especially since Iron Man 3 promises to be more “grounded.” But moviegoers may actually get their first introduction, or at least a tease, of the Guardians as early as this May when Robert Downey Jr. suits up once again as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark.

What? Why? How?

Rumors from a few months ago have been rekindled thanks to some choice words by Robert Downey Jr. given in an exclusive interview with EW, and combined with the leak of an Iron Man 3 toy image featuring a Deep Space Suit, speculation and sources of Latino-Review lead us to believe Tony Stark will be going into space in Iron Man 3 to meet Earth’s first line of defense. Not only that, but Stark may appear in Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

Let’s examine the five pieces of evidence.

Marvel NOW Guardians of the Galaxy 001Cover 570x864 How Iron Man 3 May Help Launch Guardians of the Galaxy

1. Marvel NOW!

The first and most obvious clue is in the books, with Iron Man joining the Guardians of the Galaxy roster next month. The genius Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning in 2008 (following Annihilation & Annihilation: Conquest) lasted 25 issues before Marvel Comics put an oddly timed end to it in 2010, only to have them show up in Avengers Assemble after The Avengers film hit theaters in the summer. The Guardians of the Galaxy return in February with a new look and some roster changes, highlighted by Tony Stark joining the team for the Marvel NOW! relaunch of the series by Brian Michael Bendis.

Bendis said the following about the new series in a Liveblog Q&A:

“It’s also a great place for you to hop on and see why we’re excited for these characters to be in a movie and why it’s as good a franchise as Marvel has.”

“Iron Man joins the team right from the get go, which is exciting and show that the Guardians are really the cosmic Avengers.”

Why would Tony Stark leave The Avengers and his other Earthly responsibilities to head into space? Bendis explains on

It’s more about that he’s a futurist, and he’s an explorer, and he’s a scientist, and an adventurer. You could certainty see Tony getting to a place in his mind where number one, he needs a vacation more than anyone on the planet. But number two, more like a working vacation, and thinking, you know what, I kind of hit a ceiling with my technology. I want to go out and explore some new stuff and see things from a new perspective, and really look at the Earth from a new perspective, and come back and see if that doesn’t help him break past whatever ceiling he’s hit with his work.And plus, we’re going to have some fun with Tony trying to live out his William Shatner/Captain Kirk space-girl fantasies. So Tony will come out here to be part of the Guardians, to explore the ideas that the Guardians had put in his head during AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, that the Earth is a very important part of the cosmic civilization for the next generation. So Tony literally needs to go out and look at it from their point of view to see what he can do to help. And so he gets to have space adventures, he gets to live the William Shatner/Captain Kirk, he gets to explore, he gets to invent, and Tony gets to see the world from a different perspective.

When Tony’s with the Avengers, he’s always top dog, alpha male, he’s always kind of in charge. Here, he’s going to be a fish way out of water. Even though he’s been to outer space a few times, this is living in outer space, which is a completely different thing. And basically living on a pirate ship!

Perhaps at the end of The Avengers, Tony Stark got more than a look into deep space, but a look into his future and the endless possibilities his technical prowess could open his life to explore. Such a drastic departure for the Iron Man norm would certainly offer a new and unexplored character journey for Robert Downey Jr. to play with, should he choose to lock in long-term with Marvel Studios.


Continue to page 2 for Robert Downey Jr.’s hint and the Iron Man 3 ‘Deep Space Suit’ toy…


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  1. I assume Iron Man going into space will be the post-credits scene in Iron Man 3 if Latino Review is correct.

    I really love that Marvel and Feige are taking big risks, even if they’re calculated risks.

    • Risks are a good thing, Phase 2 and 3 are gonna be big. I can’t wait for this movie!

  2. Don’t you just love rumors folks? Keeps you on your toes.

    • That they do :)

  3. That would help explain why Iron Man isn’t around to help Thor or Cap in their movies.

    • Cap yes, but I don’t think he knows how to get to Asgard

      • Well I think there’s some action that’s supposed to take place on Earth in Thor 2. :)

  4. Wow all nine realms in the new Thor? That would be simply amazing!

  5. oh yes! I had a mild nerdgasm seeing that little toy on twitter :D for my all fan needs I could always use MORE of Robert, lets be honest. but really, it’ll be just great if they keep connecting the new movies as well as they did the Phase 1 ones!

  6. Oh my!I feel like the nineties all over again. I love how Marvel is taking on some risky moves. So exited..

  7. I think it would be great also for GOTG marketing, if Stark/Downey Jr is on it. I mean is it just end teaser in Iron man 3 or he will have small part in Guardians movie. I think this would be good for people who really dont know cosmic-side of the Marvel universe and characters. I also believe this could be something that Robert Downey Jr likes, because he said he wants to change Tony Stark etc.

  8. I think it would be interesting if this was to pan out. I mean near the end of The Avengers we saw the look on Tony’s face in space when he sent that nuke off. It’s that look you get when you would see Earth from the Moon for the first time. Im glad kevin Feige & Marvel are taking risks still like this. I do look forward to GOTG more little more now after this news.

  9. He has had a dozen or so space armor over the years, another one isnt that questionable, but you never know….

  10. Oh man, this is going to be awesome! I’m down with this idea, what better way to introduce new lesser-known characters than to put the poster boy in it. Still hoping for an Ant Man set up though.

  11. Why no news on the Gamora casting? I guess the Marvel Cinematic Universe facebook page isn’t official.

    • There’s not one legit piece of news about Gamora yet. A certain posted a totally fake article yesterday before taking it down, but nothing yet.

        • WHAT?!?! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          that better be a fake story because she is TERRIBLE, and she’d make a horrible Gamora!
          and the only person Gamora should be making out with is Adam! Go Team Warlock! lol

          • No way man, the best bf she ever had was with the Human Rocket. Greatest cosmic couple.

  12. if he’s going off into space like that things don’t look so good for Pepper’s survival. :(

    • i have a feeling that pepper is gonna be the major death in ironman3

    • She’s the CEO of Stark Industries.. Who’s going to run the company when Tony’s in space? I think the big death, as much as I hate to say it is going to be Happy Hogan.. I think his run is over!

  13. I don’t think Pepper makes it through this next movie. I’d be surprised if she she doesn’t die at some point and then Tony takes off into outer space at the end. Or something to that effect.

  14. I love these types of articles. Unlike other sites where they’re just reporting on the picture of the toy, ScreenRant is doing a full-on analysis of the possibility of IM going into space/the future of the Marvel movies. Awesome job Rob!

    If this happens, it’ll certainly be interesting to see. Personally, I’m still hoping for something a little simpler than that (Stark & Pym working on Ultron), but I can’t say that seeing IM in space wouldn’t be mind blowingly amazing.

    Only three more months till we find out for sure! :D

    • I was totally thinking this as I was reading this. Screen rant is so awesome and its my movie website of choice!

      • Thanks Kyle!

      • It’s also mine, I literally don’t ever check any other site since I found SR.

    • Thanks! It did keep up up past 3AM, looking back on all the old happenings related to this.

      • @Rob, Yeah, I noticed that you didn’t post much reports yesterday and I was wondering what the hold up was. I had a feeling it was gonna be Guardians related too. Now we see why you had an epic hold up. Well done! All the other sites to post about this cameo did a poor job with the evidence and weren’t convincing. You on the other hand did a great detailed report, awesome work!

    • except that pretty much the same article is on Collider…

      I hope the news is true though as I’m a massive GotG fan. I’m still worried how close to the source the movie’s gonna be. And I’m worried about this new Bendis version of the guardians, because as we all know, Brian Michael Bendis is the Michael Bay of Marvel Comics.

      And that’s not a bobble head BTW.

  15. I really don’t know much about GOTG but I gotta say its the least exciting one to me and that’s only cause I know nothing about it. Still gonna check it out Marvels done well so far!

  16. Iron Man in Guardians would help draw in an audience because the appeal of GoG is questionable at best at the moment. And if it works in the books, why wouldn’t it work in the movies? Is RDJ interested in signing another 5 picture deal, however? And what would Tony in GoG mean for the Iron Man franchise? Perhaps 3 is enough for solo journeys of our Iron Clad Hero and we should just see him in team settings?

  17. Personally, I’d be okay not getting solo Iron Man movies after the third one. I’d love to see a 9 picture deal that was either cameos and appearances in Team movies.

    • I do like me some Iron Man! I would not mind another _ picture deal, maybe hecould do both, cameos in some and 1 or 2 more IM movies? I dont see why that cant be done!

  18. Good article but point #2 could also be referring to SHIELD and the helicarrier.

    • @Tristan, Exactly what I was thinking bcuz there isn’t an atmosphere in space. SHIELD’s Helicarrier is the only thing in Earth’s atmosphere that you will rarely see grounded. Really, never grounded; unless they need to do an emergency landing.

  19. I know this is kind of off topic but does anybody know if the Mandarin will have his rings? I don’t remember reading this anywhere.

    • He will have rings (if you pause the trailer, you should be able to see them), but I doubt they’ll be the rings from the comics (where each one grants the user a specific power).

      • I.e. less destructive, and more decorative ;)
        (That’s just my educated guess though)

      • Thanks guys

    • Yeap, the rings were showcased in the Iron Man 3 trailer and Comic-Con footage. They’re not magical or alien though.

      • I forgot all about the trailer lol.

  20. His company could be consulting on the project that launches Star Lord into the Guardians lap. A nod like the map in IM2.

  21. @ Rob

    “Either way, expect an announcement this summer of Robert Downey Jr.’s contract extension with Marvel.”

    Any more details on this Rob?

    • Soon.

      • okay. Looking forward to it.

        Thanks Rob, and great job on the article by the way!

        • Thanks! :)

  22. Rob great job putting together all the connective tissue others reported it but you did a great job sorting out all the hints and clues…

    I assume Tony somewhere in Iron Man 3 is going to mention oxygenation or a prototype suit to Jarvis and then a button scene where Tony’s at Stark Tower and he gets in a suit and just fly’s up into space would be awesome and a great way to kick off Phase 2…

    I hope if all this is true he doesn’t completely overshadow Guardians of the Galaxy as a standalone movie because RDJ’s presents can overshadow but I’m sure he will give a much needed bump to an unknown property, hopefully he’s at the end in a fun scene with Tony Stark & Rocket Raccoon(“Hey is that a Raccoon”) to lead to Avengers would be cool..

    In this movie you already have a big cast with 5 team members like StarLord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, & Groot, the villain Thanos & if the rumors are true the potential for Nova, Adam Warlock & now Iron Man that is one packed movie; I hope it works cause I want it to work…

    • Thanks!

      And yeap, LR pointed out that their scoop is for the post-credits scenes.

  23. @ Rob

    “Either way, expect an announcement this summer of Robert Downey Jr.’s contract extension with Marvel.”

    Any more details on this?

    • Sorry for the double post, it said it didn’t go through!

  24. JARVIS had a line hinting at the possibility of visiting other planets in the first Iron Man film.

    • Ah yes.. Check that out! Those guys over at Marvel are good…

      “Tony Stark: Attitude control is a little sluggish above 15,000 meters, I’m guessing icing is the probable cause.

      Jarvis: A very astute observation, sir. Perhaps, if you intend to visit other planets, we should improve the exosystems.”

  25. If IM or Stark are in GotG, I’m all in. That is a brillent plan to make GotG an interesting movie for all fans.

  26. My theory: In the avengers sequel, i think the avengers & the guardians will team up to battle thanos. That would make sense since the guardians will have full knowledge on the enemy. Then people will get used to nova, groot, star-lord, etc by the time their solo rolls around.

    • Guardians is the last Phase 2 movie before Avengers 2.

  27. Rob, this was a great article. I hadn’t heard about a lot of this stuff!

    Personally, I think this is an incredible idea. Normally I would be worried they’re stuffing to many characters into the film, like in Iron Man 2, but my problem with that film was how uninteresting the scenes with Nick Fury/Black Widow were. The exposition scene in the donut/coffee shop thing made me roll my eyes 20 times.

    Tony going into space, and meeting the Guardians would add something to the film we haven’t seen in an Iron Man movie yet. It would really seperate it from the first two films. Just imagine a scene where Tony meets Rocket Raccoon.

    Plus, this would be a great way to sell the audience on a GotG film. Robert Downey Jr. can make anything likeable. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Iron Man 3 was his last solo film. After that, keep him in The Avengers and GotG films.

    • Thanks Jay!

  28. Personally I’d prefer if stark didnt Jin the gaurdians in the movies I’d rather him retire or something but make it a really important and special scene when he does

  29. I think Tony in Guardians of the Galaxy would be EPIC! I did not think of this happening, but now I want it badly! It would be amazing!!

    All the things said here make sense, especially Stark wanting to go to space to explore new technologies and just new… everything.

    We’ll see what happens in IM3, but after the “extremis makeover”, of course he would want to go bigger. He would have reached the top of Earth’s tech with that.

    My mind is blown just from the possibility of this happening.

    Yes please Iron Man in the Guardians!!!

    • @scyllaya, lol sounds like you will love the new Marvel NOW! Guardians, coming this February.