How ‘Iron Man 3′ May Help Launch ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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iron man main How Iron Man 3 May Help Launch Guardians of the Galaxy

2. Robert Downey Jr.

The next clue came today from part two of a five-part Entertainment Weekly interview with Robert Downey Jr. and is a little more subtle. In addressing the possibility of cameo appearances of Stark’s friends from The Avengers, RDJ answered the question first by explaining that Iron Man 3 needs to acknowledge that this is a post-Avengers world but at the same time find an interesting way to focus on Tony Stark’s personal journey. He followed that up with this:

“But we can’t help it — everywhere you look now in every Marvel movie there are opportunities where certain new pals of his could be useful. So they’re in the atmosphere, so to speak, but I wouldn’t expect to see them on the ground in this one.”

Very choice words in “atmosphere, so to speak” and not seeing “them on the ground.” On its own, it may not be much, but combining with the other evidence and rumors, and knowing RDJ’s tendency to say or tease things he’s not supposed to (see: Avengers premiere), this could be a major hint that he’s referring to Stark’s soon-to-be space friends.

3. The “Deep Space Suit”

Toy manufacturer Funko released some images they weren’t supposed to for their upcoming Iron Man 3 line of tie-in merchandise, including the following image which was suspiciously removed from their site (note: the four other armor designs are all confirmed to be in the film):

[Image removed at the request of Funko]

Now why would Iron Man have a Deep Space Suit, we wonder?

For the normal action figure lines, Iron Man 1 & 2 (and most comic book movie tie-in merchandise) had armor designs and villains not from the actual film, but this isn’t your typical action figure line and seems to be specially designed bobble heads for the actual armor suits from the film.

The armor design depicted in the bobble head pays slight tribute to the first space suit Tony Stark designed in the comics back in 1981 (Iron Man #141), with the chest light taking the same pentagonal shape instead of the circles and triangles we’ve seen in the film armors thus far.

Continue to page 3 for the latest Guardians/Iron Man 3 rumor and another old hint…

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  1. This new rumour of Iron Man cameo in Guardians of Galaxy along with Thanos as Avengers 2 villain only seems to lead Avengers 2 towards an inter-galactic battle climax…which we have already seen in Avengers…not exciting news…


    • @ Anubhav

      Yea you totally know what you’re talking about…

    • avengers had an intergalactic battle but it was kinda stuck in new york. this time around it could actually be up in space and potentially more epic. thats the difference here man.

    • we really didnt see an “inter-galactic battle climax”. Only a galactic battle ON THE STREETS OF NEW York.


    • This is the first time I am seeing the galaxy defined as between 34th and 59th streets.

      Did not know I was Doing intergalactic travel daily for the past 3 years. Awesome.

  2. Pre-Guardians, Pete has a ship named, “Ship” which has an AI. It could be that in the MCU, Tony builds the ship in space. The ship could be some background side project throughout the movie and then after the credits we see some unknown astronaut steal the ship. They don’t have to reveal the astronaut’s face cuz you know, they haven’t cast Pete yet.

    At the end of Thor 2 we can see Thanos come to Earth and blow up a car; Drax then is born.

    • Yeah, Thanos comes to Earth just to blow up a car and then leaves, he is so mischeivess

      • lol well that’s how Arthur Douglas becomes Drax. At the end credits scene for Thor 2, we can have Thanos’ ship enter Earth’s atmosphere to survey the area. We don’t need to see the ship leave Earth or the people in the car. The ship descends to some remote desert area and with one car driving down a lone road. Thanos blows up the car to leave no witnesses. That’s pretty much what happens in the comic book.

        • and he abducts his daughter, then it gets personal…. well kinda he was dead, but things are a little complicated

          • I wonder if they’ll go that deep in the story. I can see Drax believing Thanos killed Moondragon. Then if they make a squeal, they reveal that she is still alive. Or they don’t wait on that and just do that in the upcoming movie.

            If they cast a wrestler for Drax, hopefully it’ll be the dumb Drax. However I’d rather see the smart Drax.

  3. My idea? After Tony dropped the missle off into space and seeing outerspace for all its glory and mystery, he becomes anxious and builds the suit and goes off into space and finds the threat of Thanos and the Guardians

  4. Doesn’t Tony Stark become head of SHIELD?

    • NO, Maria Hill becomes the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the comics of course, but if Sam Jackson is only gonna fulfill his 9 pic deal, He is getting close to that now! unless he signs on for more, but now that they have intro’d MH I assume he is on his last 3 films or so

      • Tony does become director of SHIELD after the Civil War

        • If that becomes true they want to kill Captain America like in civil war story line

  5. Good article. I’m totally on board with Iron Man going cosmic. He’s been to space in Avengers, he’s high tech and his armor is almost a space suit anyway right?

  6. this is the most exciting news YET from Phase 2, this is only gonna get better as we start to see who fills out the cast of GOTG.
    any news on that yet @Rob Keyes?
    This is gonna be EPIC

    • Just the rumors, but surprisingly no casting reports in the last week or so. We’ll find out a ton on Guardians, Cap 2 and X-Men: DOFP very soon as they all enter production soon.

  7. don’t care for Iron Man 3 at all but if it’s going to include something regarding GotG than I’ll def think about looking into it.

  8. in reality, the most this ‘iron man in space’ mongering will amount to is a 1.5 minute post credits scene.

    damn you marvel!

  9. When do you suppose we will see Carol Danvers?

  10. What I gathered from the first Iron Man 3 trailer was that after the events of the Avengers film, Tony feels less significant. He understands that there is a huge world out there he didnt even know about. That there are things that are bigger than him. He questions his existence after looking at the bigger picture. Its put him into a funk where he needs to know what his place in the world is and what else is out there. I think after the events of IM3, maybe in the end credits sequence after some type of tragedy (Happy or Pepper being killed), he decides to journey into outter space and comes across…THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Great article by the way Rob.

    • I honestly could not see him leaving pepper behind in the event that Happy is the “big” death! The ONLY way I see him feeling like he has nothing left here is that pepper either dies or he leaves her because he does not want anything to happen to her and feels he needs to “get away” from the situation and goes to space!
      I have felt that she (pepper potts) was gonna die ever since Gweneth Paltrow said that she was not sure if pepper would appear in Avengers 2! That to me just spelled out peppers death because there is NO way she would leave tony’s side after everything they have been thru, so the best way to get rid of her chacter and a good story line was to have her killed by a bad guy.

    • Stay tuned for more on this. I wouldn’t count on that entirely.

      • I guess you’ve been asking around? :)

  11. And then maybe Avengers 3 will be about rescuing Tony Stark and fighting Thanos! And maybe there’ll be epic space battles between huge fleets of massive capital ships and cruisers firing blue lasers and missiles! Where the eff are the space battles in movies nowadays?!!

  12. Nice article Rob – the evidence approach works for me.
    HOWEVER….I’m pretty sure Kevin Feige didn’t say ‘Social Supreme’. LOL!

    The Eye of Agamotto doesn’t do Facebook!

  13. This seems to all lead up to the Infinity Gauntlet in which all of the Marvel Universe fights Thanos. My favorite comic book of all time of course.

    • not possible though.

      cant include FF, X-Men, ect.

      may be plausiable to have Ultron and Thanos in AV3 fighting The Avengers.


      no spiderman doe.


      Joss talked about rotating the roster for A2. so maybe no Black Window, no Hawkeye, enter Falcon and Ant-Man/Wasp(?).

  14. Well, another factor in favor. The villain in Guardians of the Galaxy is Basil Sandhurst, aks, the Controller. The Controller is an Iron Man villain. Now, it’s possible that they completely revamp the Controller (see the Mandarin).