‘Iron Man 3′ Featurette Focuses on Happy, Rhodey, Pepper & More

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The term ‘bigger and better’ gets thrown around quite a bit, but Iron Man 3 is putting all the pieces into place to make the claim an accurate one. New suits, new love interests, and new antagonists all promise a finale bigger than The Avengers. And with the techno-virus-fuelled footsoldiers of the devious but still mysterious Mandarin, Tony’s going to need to rely on dozens of suits of armor to stand a chance.

But what about the people surrounding the Iron Man: his friends, confidants, and loved ones? Those characters take center stage in the newest Iron Man 3 featurette released from Marvel, with a few new clips of the film included to keep speculation going strong.

As the first follow-up film to The Avengers (2012), IM3 will be the first chance of seeing the impact that film’s events had on their favorite heroes; and believe us, they have had an effect. Loki’s attack on New York City has left Tony a changed man, so if there was any doubt that Marvel would be making previous films ‘required viewing’ going forward, they should be put to rest.

iron man 33 Iron Man 3 Featurette Focuses on Happy, Rhodey, Pepper & More

One thing this look behind-the-scenes emphasizes that hasn’t been seen in previous trailers or set photos is the role being played by Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau). Specifically, the additional footage here proves that he may be needed for more than just comic relief this time around (perhaps a result of Favreau being no longer needed to direct.

The head of Tony Stark’s personal security has been a light task to this point (Stark is a superhero, after all) but with the stakes raised for both Tony and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), Happy may end up holding either of their lives in his hands. Especially when Tony fins himself without the Iron Man armor. For starters, it’s his job to keep an eye on the relationship between Dr. Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and Pepper, the nature of which is still a bit of a mystery.

There’s no secret that Killian will play a central role as the mind behind the Extremis Virus (despite Pearce claiming otherwise in the past), but his plan for Pepper isn’t clear. Is it romantic? Professional? Or all part of some villainous plot? As Paltrow notes in the video, it was Robert Downey, Jr.’s insistence that has her playing a larger role in Iron Man 3, with Keven Feige now going so far as to say the movie is “all about” Pepper Potts.

Iron Man 3 Pepper Potts Importance Iron Man 3 Featurette Focuses on Happy, Rhodey, Pepper & More

Whether that’s the most reliable assessment or not, anyone who has been keeping up with the movie’s trailers and TV spots knows she’s getting to do things fans only wished she would. We still don’t know how Pepper factors into the Extremis storyline, but given Downey, Jr.’s enthusiasm for her character sharing a larger bulk of the film, it seems likely that the relationship between the two is what he finds, to use his words, “the most emotionally satisfying” of the three films.

It didn’t take long to realize that IM3 would be once again featuring Tony and his cohort Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes (Don Cheadle) doing their best verbal sparring, so it’s no surprise to hear that the two will be playing off one another throughout. That being said, Rhodey has long since proven his potency in combat – in the films themselves, not just comic book fans familiar with his career as War Machine.

After acquiring a set of Iron Man armor in Iron Man 2 and piloting it himself without hesitation, it only seemed right to see him receive a new paint job and moniker as Iron Man 3‘s ‘Iron Patriot.’ Again, trailers have regularly depicted Tony and Rhodey unarmored, so perhaps both will need to come to terms with the fact that their powers don’t originate in machinery.

Don Cheadle Iron Patriot Armor Official Iron Man 3 Featurette Focuses on Happy, Rhodey, Pepper & More

The next extended look at Iron Man 3 will come at this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. There’s been no word on which aspects of the film will take the spotlight, or if anything truly ‘new’ will be shown off. But rest assured we’ll keep you updated once that video drops.

For now, take a look at MTV’s sneak peek:

What Shane Black has in store for all the cast – and how their characters may motivate Tony’s lust for revenge – remains to be seen. Which characters are you most interested in seeing? And most importantly, do you buy Downey, Jr.’s claim that Iron Man 3 will be the high point of the series?

Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3, 2013

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Source: Marvel, MTV

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  1. Cool. This looks like one of the videos I pointed out last night.

  2. Also on youtube checkout “iron man 3 – international tv spot (hd) robert downey jr.” For a little more new footage.

  3. Jon Favreau not being able to direct Iron Man 3 is probably because after the stint Marvel Studios did with Iron Man 2(making it an Avengers trailer for 2 hours) Marvel Studios pissed him off big time and put him off from IM3.

    As soon as Shane Black got on board? He came right back on as executive producer. You guys may not know but Shane Black helped A LOT on Iron Man 1 for giving a lot of advice to RDJ + Favreau during filming.

    These are the reasons why this movie may be great: it’s a Shane Black movie.

    • @ foot dive

      Favreau is the one who give advice and help in making some good scene in Iron man 3. Not shane black give advice about Iron Man .

      • You should re-read what I’ve said. Like. Really. I was referring to Favreau coming back to Iron Man 3 as Executive Producer not Shane Black. It’s already known that Shane Black is the director of Iron Man 3.

    • It’s because he wanted to direct Moonrise Kingdom. not because of anything involving Marvel.

  4. EXCELSIOR! :)

  5. Almost here!

  6. This movie will be fantastic!!! This could very well be the best Marvel movie yet! I can’t wait for this to come out!!!

  7. anyone notice that when tony and rhody are on the crane, tony is wearing an aim shirt?

    • Actually we noticed that months ago when the first trailers were shown!
      Sorry but you have contributed nothing…. lol, but yes that has been pointed out numerous times

      • well la de da… sorry I havent scrutinized the videos that much… I never saw anyone post about it at all…

        • damn dude I figured since we are reading about CBM and all that you could take a joke, I did write LOL, you or BAWB below need to just chillax!!
          IT IS OLD NEWS but I was just messin with ya, really Next time just relax and realize it is NOT personal, I also said SORRY, so its ok dude IM S-O-R-R-Y JUST JOKING!!

      • “Sorry but you have contributed nothing….”

        Wow, that is the most rude thing to say, even if that is old news for some. I never noticed it until now either.

        • i caught the sarcasm, i didn’t think it was rude to be rude, but it’s hard to infer tone from print

  8. what i’m curious about is the run-time. has there been any word on that yet?

    • There is one major problem with marvel. We don’t feel that heroes are really in danger.
      We know what is going to happen in Im3. End is almost same as avenger.

      • @ Grewal

        Never in danger? Really??
        You mean like agent Phil Coulson?

        • @ stark

          U really think death of a character like Phil show any danger?
          Yes. It make some emotional touch to story. And he is not a hero of movie.

        • Zing. And what a dumb thing to say too… He says Marvel movies have that problem, right. As if you watch TDKR and say to yourself… “yeah, he’s never gonna climb out of that pit, Bane wins.”

          • Dang it, that Zing was for you Stark.

          • @ Mindbender

            I am fan of Iron Man.
            We know that Batman come out of prison and defeat Bane because Batman is hero and bane is villain. But question is How?
            full situation is oppose to Batman. That is danger.

            In marvel movies we never feel that situation is totally oppose to heroes, sometimes that situation come but for very less interval of time.
            Did u ever feel that situation situation in avenger?
            Or maybe u r not a fan of Superhero and any other movie , except suspense movies.

  9. This movie is going to be amazing. As for comments being made about the franchise being cartoonish (given the source material), this looks like a serious take on Tony. I like that — consequence.

  10. I also love emotional fallout, which there seems to be quite a bit of.

  11. Happy gets his own suit. do people not pay attention to trailers and news articles?