Early ‘Iron Man 3′ Reviews – A Strong Beginning for Marvel’s Phase 2

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Iron Man 3 Trailer Official Early Iron Man 3 Reviews   A Strong Beginning for Marvels Phase 2

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Your average moviegoer in the U.S. won’t get to see Iron Man 3 in theaters for another week, but the movie has already begun opening across the pond and, thus, reviews have started trickling in. So, what do those professional film critics and the major movie bloggers think about co-writer/director Shane Black and star Robert Downey Jr.’s Marvel movie (the first released since The Avengers)?

We’ve rounded up excerpts from a handful of early Iron Man 3 reviews, which were published by some of the best-known and well-trusted entertainment sites around the Internet; needless to say, they speak for themselves.

For the full reviews, click on the respective links below (NOTE: These excerpts are all SPOILER-FREE):



The third time is neither a particular charm nor the kiss of death for Marvel Studios’ robust “Iron Man” series, which has changed studios (from Paramount to Disney) and directors (Shane Black subbing for Jon Favreau) but otherwise toyed little with the formula that has so far generated more than $1.2 billion in global ticket sales. The inevitable franchise fatigue ― plus a markedly unmemorable villain ― may account for the feeling that “Iron Man 3” is more perfunctory and workmanlike than its two predecessors, but this solid production still delivers more than enough of what fans expect to earn its weight in box office metal.


Too long gone from the film scene, Black, who made his mark with the initial Lethal Weapon script, takes this assignment both very seriously and not seriously at all, which is entirely in tune with the glib determination Downey has always brought to the role of Tony Stark… the well-chosen cast members respond in kind with virtually palpable glee… Looking, if anything, younger than he did in his last couple of spins for Marvel, Downey is at his superhero genius best here… Cinematographer John Toll and production designer Bill Brzeski add class to the generic proceedings, Brian Tyler’s ultra-energetic score doesn’t grate the way soundtracks for such films often do and the special and visual effects are tops when they count.

Iron Man 3 Pepper Potts Armor Early Iron Man 3 Reviews   A Strong Beginning for Marvels Phase 2

Gwyneth Paltrow in ‘Iron Man 3′


['Iron Man 3' is] a superhero flick with smarts, depth and a marvellously mischievous sense of fun When Shane Black was first announced as writer-director, there were doubts from fans due to his perceived lack of experience in the genre. But once again Marvel has been proved right, their left-field choice resulting in a comic-book movie that expertly melds action, comedy and drama to become the finest Iron Man movie yet.

The Playlist

… [It's] the inventiveness of the film that’s probably its best feature; there are plenty of surprises in store, smart reversals and plot twists that are a reminder that summer blockbusters don’t necessarily have to stick to formula, even if they’re as factory-assembled as ['Iron Man 3']… With this being the third summer in four to feature a movie starring Tony Stark, it’s not surprising that at times, the film does feel more like an episode of a particularly expensive TV show rather than a movie. But for all the film’s flaws, Black brings enough to the table that it’s far from a chore, and if this level of ingenuity and surprise can be maintained, there’ll be no need for Tony to hang up his Iron Man helmet any time soon.

Time Out London

Calling ‘Iron Man 3’ a mixed bag doesn’t really do justice to the heady peaks and interminable troughs in this scrappy but overwhelmingly likeable superhero sequel… Despite his unimpeachable screenwriting CV, this is only Black’s second film as a director… and it shows. When he’s in his element Black delivers the goods in style… But he seems out of his depth during the larger set pieces… The result is a film which never settles into a comfortable groove. It tries to be an angsty ‘Dark Knight’-style game changer, an ’80’s-throwback action romp, a nudge-wink pastiche and a CG-fuelled spectacular. It’s undeniably entertaining – and worth seeing for Kingsley alone – with the misfires never fully overshadowing the moments of glory. But in the wake of the triumph of ‘The Avengers’, ‘Iron Man 3’ still feels like something of a disappointment.

Iron Man 3 Preview Tony Stark and Rhodey 570x308 Early Iron Man 3 Reviews   A Strong Beginning for Marvels Phase 2

Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle in ‘Iron Man 3′


… Pleasingly, Iron Man 3 ticks every box. Just as Joss Whedon pepped up ['The Avengers'] with his unique brand of jocosity, here, despite the sci-fi trimmings and goliath budget, it feels like Black’s been given carte blanche by Marvel to do his thing. The result is a swinging caper with wit, balls, heart and exploding baubles. It’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with a lot of extra bang. And, by some distance, the Man In The Can’s best solo outing so far… Black proves the perfect blacksmith, forging smart new tech and scenarios for the swaggering super-genius. If this does turn out to be Downey Jr.’s final solo outing, it’s a very strong exit.


What surprised and satisfied me most about “Iron Man Three” is just how thematically tight it is… It’s almost shocking how much of a Shane Black film this is. I expected him to play around a little but within something that felt like pretty much every other Marvel movie. Instead, I recognize that this is firmly set within the Marvel universe, but the story and the voice in which it’s told? Unmistakable. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” fans in particular are going to find themselves howling at the film’s framing device and at a few twists and turns in the detective elements of the story. The result of this particular creative alchemy is a film that suggests they are still just starting to figure out what to do with this character, and I sincerely hope that the final credit of the film, “Tony Stark Will Return,” is not just an empty promise.


After taking this character on for the fourth time now, Robert Downey Jr. continues to create a layered individual who is trying to deal with the awesome nature of what he has become. The references to THE AVENGERS are especially well played here without becoming a crutch or relying on the previous film… When Shane Black was first announced as the new director in the series, it seemed to be an intriguing, yet questionable choice. Happily the director brings out some of the intensity that he did with some of his earlier scripts including LETHAL WEAPON and KISS KISS BANG BANG (which he directed as well)… As dramatic and dark as it can get, it never loses the humor which has become an important factor in the Marvel Universe…  In every way, this latest chapter is one of the best Marvel features to date. Tony Stark’s latest adventure is an enthusiastically exciting ride that never loses its humor or its edge.

Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man 3 Early Iron Man 3 Reviews   A Strong Beginning for Marvels Phase 2

So, in summation:

  • Iron Man 3 doesn’t reinvent the (iron?) wheel, but it’s a definite improvement on Iron Man 2 (and maybe the best Iron Man movie yet, depending on who you ask).
  • This feels like a Shane Black action movie, in the best ways possible.
  • There are imperfections in every department (tone, character development, action), but ultimately the good far outweighs the bad.

Iron Man 3 is currently holding a 93% Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, after 46 reviews and counting. Thus, it’s probably safe to say: Marvel’s Phase 2 is off to an excellent start, as far as quality goes (no doubt, box office success is a sure thing).

517670639 cv1 620 439 Early Iron Man 3 Reviews   A Strong Beginning for Marvels Phase 2


Look for Screen Rant‘s official Iron Man 3 review when the film opens in (U.S.) theaters on May 3rd, 2013!

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  1. Can I watch this already?

    • The feeling’s mutual, my friend.

    • If you want to pay for airfare and hotel.

      Mandarin is the villain! Scotty sees a big fish!

      • WHAT?! NOOOOOOOO!!! (Pictured Thor as I wrote that)

  2. Radio 1 gave it four stars. Apparently Ben Kingsley is quite terrifying and any twists in the plot are no real surprise. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Well I just got back from seeing it.

      I’m pretty disappointed TBH. No spoilers, but the tone seemed off and the first half was a bit choppy. I didn’t find Tony’s dialouge as funny as it should be. And I hate when they do lots and lots of cool tech designs and then completely waste it. There are some great bits though, Rhodey was great if a little wasted.

      I can’t really explain more without ruining anything. My brother, neice, sister in law all really enjoyed it though. Maybe I’m too fussy, but I enjoyed both G.I.Joe films, so I ‘m not sure I qualify for too fussy.

  3. Guys, I saw it a few hours ago and it’s awesome.

    The only disappointment for me was the post-credits scene but it was kind of amusing. Looking forward to Thor: TDW now to continue Phase 2.

    • Maybe Thor :TDW will have a better post credit scene hopefully.

      • @rome

        That reminds me, I purposefully avoided the Thor trailer on SR cause I wanted to see it on the big screen for the first time.

        Unfortunately, the only comic book trailer we got was the second Man Of Steel trailer (not the more recent one) and we also pretty much got to see the entire tank sequence from Fast & Furious 6.

        Disappointed but I’m glad I can see it on this site to make up for that.

    • Saw it midnight last night. It’s a very weird movie in a lot of ways but likely best of the three. I loved it

      • Was pretty good, get what you mean about weird :-)

    • Did it tease avengers 2?

      • IM 3′s post-credit? No.

    • I think people are disappointed with the post-credit because it doesn’t feature anything for the next movies… but I do feel one thing about it: it sums up the movie in a perfect whole, it’s the true finish of the start of the movie. And in a way it’s also hinting for a certain Doctor in the future…

    • Yes, the Schwarma-eating post-credit scene in Avengers was disappointing; they all looked like miserable cows chewing a blah-tasting cud, and this post-credit scene as I understand it is not much better.

      • I wouldn’t call the shawarma scene disappointing, as nearly everyone expected just one credits scene. Getting two was a surprise. Besides, we got an epic look at Marvel’s next villain, so another big scene would have ruined that.

  4. From what I’ve read about this movie, spoilers included, it seems like it would be a good film for general audiences and just an ok one for people who know about the comics.

    • Well I have read comics, Extremis included, and I really enjoyed Iron Man 3. I’m one of those that think this maybe is best Iron Man movie yet, even with its flaws.

    • I have read the comics and (sadly through comicbook fans who seem to think that since they didnt enjoy the movie they would spoil it for everyone) spoilers. I think they add up perfectly… kudos to Shane Black and Drew Pearce for that

    • for the people who do follow the MCU and know some about the comics (me) its kind of a let down, but i’ll see the film and put my opinion on it. I’m sure I’m going to love/hate this film. Even though I really like Shane Black and Robert, as well as Sir Ben.

  5. I knew months ago that I was going to pay for the full IMAX/3D ticket price. The only question now is: Should I go to the midnight screening?

    • Can you even get opening night tickets?

  6. The story is meh, but the action scene should be watch in 3D. i’m looking forward to watch it (again) this saturday, this time 3D. if i can, imax

  7. From what I’m reading and from I’m hearing from friends overseas that have seen this movie, it’s the best movie Marvel has ever produced, even better than The Avengers. May 3rd cannot come fast enough. :)

    • Well, in my view, Avengers wasn’t a very good movie at all and was the weakest of the Phase One movies so I can see where IM3 would easily better it.

      That’s not a slight on IM3 at all, it was a great movie and made up for the long, boring and meandering scenes we got in IM2.

      • Dazz the token contrarian. That schtick is old.

        • Cave-ish Man, the token troll. The schtick is old.

          How am I being a contrarian? Am I not allowed to have my own opinions now? Is this Nineteen Eighty Four? Will Big Brother punish me for (God forbid) disliking a movie?

          F outta here…

          • Will Big Brother punish me for (God forbid) disliking a movie?………………….

            Maybe…if its one of their movies you don’t like……..

      • @dazz, really enjoyed this. Iron man 2 was OMG boring!!! This was a lot better

      • “Avengers was weakest Phase One movie”
        Seriously? Do you and and 2 other people on Earth feel this way?

        • I wanted my money back after seeing avengers. Thought it was terrible

        • Like 50 people responded to that comment… which is all that is about. Quit taking the bait kids…

          • @Dr Mindbender

            Was my comment “the bait” because I really wasn’t troll baiting at all if that’s what you’re implying. I genuinely didn’t like The Avengers, just like I didn’t like any of the Godfather movies and saw Citizen Kane for the first time a few weeks ago and also didn’t enjoy that one.

            I can guarantee there are movies I love (examples; Robocop, Commando, Ghostbusters, Dredd, What Dreams May Come) that a lot of you would hate but hey, I’m not gonna claim you’re all trolling because of it. I’d just take it as people having different opinions, which I respect.

            Not everyone has to love the same things you know. The world would be boring if that were the case.

      • Avengers rules the drool-school, ya tool! It made me geek ’til I squeek!

    • @Stark In your defence, it seems you’re really an Iron man/Marvel fan. It’s a good movie, not perfect, just good. Has some flaws but still good

    • I’m sorry to say Stark that IMO it reall, really isn’t. :(

  8. I’ve seen it a few hours ago and it was awesome it does have a “moment” that may annoy alot of people incl. me!

    • If you mean “the twist”,
      It had me pissed!

      • yeah, me too! that effin’ Trevor.. argh!

  9. All i can say is what a movie tho the post credit scene wasnt really worth the wait

    • Matter of opinion I guess. I found it rather good and.. fitting. Maybe people expect too much from those scenes now as in past Marvel used them to foreshadow Phase 1 so strongly and obviously?

      • I honestly expected better because one half of it never impressed me much in a previous movie so I would’ve preferred something more along the lines of the Guardians speculation.

        Then again, considering the ending of this movie….seemed more fitting as you said considering but it just wasn’t worth waiting through the credits.

        • I think Guardians foreshadow in IM 3 would have felt off, at least when I think about it. I can see it happening in Thor’s after credits tho, more in that movies wheelhouse after all.

          For me IM 3′s post credits was worth of wait and loved how fitting it was.

        • +1

          This is starting to sound like the Shwarma scene (which I felt was not funny in any sense of the word, my theater audience would agree as well)

          • “Joke” scene on top of Phase 2 foreshadowing wasn’t enough for audience? Rolf.

            • No, they just didn’t think it was funny. Half the people who saw it don’t care about superheroes, they went because it was a trend. No one laughed; that is considered a bad joke.

              Shocking. Marvel wasn’t funny for once…

              • @Tovarisc

                The shawarma scene was added to the movie AFTER I’d seen it on UK release and after watching a DVD copy of the movie and fast forwarding the credits to get to it, all it seemed to me was like a little nod to a throwaway line that we really didn’t need.

                It’d be like someone saying something that was mildly amusing considering the situation and then someone says “Hey, lets turn that into a movie scene!” and it just doesn’t work out.

                The IM3 post-credits scene would’ve been great at the end of the movie BEFORE the credits to bring it full circle and let you know why Stark did the voiceover at the beginning of the movie. As a post-credits scene in the vein of previous Marvel movies, it was a total letdown and could’ve easily been replaced by a nod to the next installment in Phase 2, like Mjolnir was in IM2.

                I sat there with a third of the people who I’ve seen regularly attend all the Marvel movies in theatres since my first one (Iron Man 2) but even they sat there looking confused as to who Tony was talking to until near the end of the scene when someone realised.

                It was like the Evil Dead post-credits scene in the way it really didn’t do anything for the main movie’s plot but at the same time, ED’s post-credit was a nice bit of fanservice and IM3′s was pretty underwhelming and a bit of a cop out.

                • So basically people expected something like Rocket Raccoon winking and nudging and doing some crazy sh*t, but when they got scene that was very fitting for movie as a whole they got disappointed.

                  Talk about too high expectations from post-cred scenes. They really went too “HYPE HYPER!” -route with them in Phase 1 and now people except more epic post-cred scenes when, just how I think them, they are more like small nudges into Marvel universe etc.

                • A better post-credits scene would have been introducing a nefarious plot brewing by someone like Kang, or Hank Pym inventing a formula to make him grow into Giant-Man/Goliath.

                  • So “Do foreshadowing and HYPE sh*t out of Phase 2 or don’t do post-creds!” -exceptions at full swing.

  10. It’s especially satisfying when high expectations are fulfilled and
    I expect, to add another expectation, that’s what we’ll get here.

  11. Oh, well I wonder what you mean by that….. (-_-)….. Yes, I wonder.

  12. Reviews have been coming in since April 19th. Keep up, Screen Rant.

  13. I will be going into this film with low expectations because its not a film that appeal to me. Every review I have read stated that their at least one joke in each scene which isn’t what I want. That many jokes can result in misfires and a lack of emotion. Much like Coulson’s death IMO. Either way I will look forward to the performances and action peices

    • Trey, don’t worry about it.

      The “joke in every scene” is basically because RDJ is a very funny guy and that’s what he brings to the table as Stark too. The scenes aren’t intentionally funny, it’s just that the writers get to show Stark as a funny, smart-mouthed and quick-witted guy. We all know someone that just can’t help being funny all the time and Stark is that guy in this movie.

      It really doesn’t distract from the scenes like it would in a movie that’s written to be a comedy but doesn’t turn out very funny.

      • I understand that but iron man 2 had the same quick witted tony, iron man 1 did as well and did the avengers. From what I hear they don’t explore the tormenting enough and the trailer deceived the tone of the film. I wanted a dark struggling iron man but we will see

        • The thing for me is Iron man 1 felt fresh because how tony acted. Now its just trying to teach an old dog new tricks but it ends up resorting to its comfort zone. Luckily Thor 2 seems to be far different than its predecessor (but I have been fooled before)

          • Ok, well to help you out, Tony is at his lowest point as Marvel have said for months.

            Other characters point out his apparent health and he’s incredibly troubled throughout the movie. I’m sure you’ve seen the clip posted on SR where he gives his home address out of anger. If so, that is just the tip of the emotional iceberg Tony is traveling on.

  14. I hope this turns out well. I want “Iron Man 3″ to get rid of the bad taste “The Avengers” left in my mouth.

    • Oh wow ACW you didn’t like the avengers? I am in no way criticizing you or wanted to start a heated debate just something I didn’t know about you. I have my own viewpoints that are probably similar to yours lol

      • Let me put it this way: I felt “The Avengers” was a slap to the face in many things I didn’t have to go looking for. I don’t think it relies far too much on one time jokes as well

        • Whoops.

          *I think, not I don’t think

          • @ACW

            I agree.

            Avengers tried too hard to be funny and you can tell it was a Whedon script because he made Black Widow a strong female character but the male members of the team really seemed one note and flat with the Stark/Banner scenes feeling forced, Banner not impressing me at all compared to the Norton version, Hulk may as well have not been there because he made zero impact.

            Honestly, the only parts of The Avengers that I enjoyed were Stark’s insult to Thor (“Dost thou mother know you weareth her drapes?”) and the Thanos cameo at the end.

            The rest…..I dunno, just didn’t do it for me and I got bored early into my second viewing of it.

            I know some people will jump all over me with immature insults just because I didn’t enjoy their “FAVE MOVIE EVA!!” but I’ve just never been a fan of anything Whedon’s done because all of his work just seems weak and poorly written.

            Good director, possibly, he has a good eye for things visually but keep him away from writing (same for Zack Snyder too). I never liked Buffy, Angel, Firefly or any of the Whedon written X-Men comics and Avengers was another thing to add to the “Disappointed By Whedon” pile.

            • Even with its flaws, it was far more entertaining than TDKR… Nolan’s Contractual Obligation Movie was a steaming pile of sh*t.

              • I found much more entertainment in TDKR than in Avengers. That’s not saying much on either side, but at least I could sit through TDKR without groaning or rolling my eyes every other scene

                • I agree. For me TDKR is a good repeated viewing movie. Avengers, not so much.

                  • @ACW and Rizzle


                    As I’ve said before, second viewing of The Avengers I was bored early on and zoned out because I just couldn’t reconnect so I skipped until the Thanos part, skipped further to see the shawarma scene (which I was disappointed with) and really don’t wish to see the movie ever again.

                    TDKR on the other hand gave me goosebumps throughout the first viewing and the second viewing seemed just as awesome as the first. I’ve since seen it another two more times and really love it as the 3rd best movie of 2012 (behind Dredd and Life Of Pi).

                    It’s not because of a ridiculous “Marvel vs DC” thing, it’s just that no matter how much money a movie makes and how many sheep you have trolling someone who doesn’t like it, not everyone shares the same opinion and in my opinion, Avengers was just as weak as the rest of Whedon’s creative output.

                    Some people love everything he does, that’s fine, I don’t. Some people just have to accept that not everyone is gonna love The Avengers as a movie.

                    I mean, in comic books, I find Captain America and Thor to be two of the most boring characters to read but the movies make them interesting. Others love the characters in the comic books but hate the movie versions.

              • Personnally, I didn’t like TDKR that much either, but my main criticism is about the villain. Not Bane himself, nor the story, but the League of Shadows. There’s a truckload of villains in the Batman universe. As for the LofS, they came (twice), they tried (again) and they failed… again… NEXT!

                • @sjd

                  Nolan wanted realism and therefore said that he couldn’t fit characters like The Penguin in because he didn’t know how to make it work in his version of Gotham. He’d have been just another mob boss like Falcone.

                  As for the League….the second time it was Talia in control so just like a new boss taking over a company and wanting to make a push back into the market, she did the same wanting to fulfil her father’s goals.

                  That’s what makes people successful, they try, they fail and they try again. That was the whole point with the Dark Knight movies. Alfred Pennyworth even said so in Batman Begins during the “Why do we fall?” speech.

                  Stark has tried, failed and tried again in all three of his movies so far, gonna complain about that too?

                  The lack of villains from the gallery is also due to the realism (although we did sort of get a version of Man-Bat in Begins when Crane was sprayed with his own hallucinogen).

                  I did hope we’d see Michael Fassbender as The Riddler but it ended as a trilogy so there we are.

                  • Michael Fassbender as the riddler? not a bad choice but I always saw Paul Bettany in that role.

                  • @Dazz
                    I’m sorry you took my opinion as a complaint. I only mean to express myself because the people the good people at ScreenRant gives us that priviledge. I don’t mean to ruffle some feathers or give anybody a history lesson here, I just give my honest two cents, that’s all, all while inserting a joke or two whenever I can. :)
                    The thing I wanted to express by my last comment is that I REALLLLLY wanted to see Nolan’s take on Penguin or Riddler in the third Batman (even heard about Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing Cobblepot – Cool! – and just like you, I believe Fassbender would have made an interesting riddler), even see Selina Kyle refered to as Catwoman in the movie, which everybody can say, she clearly was.
                    But yes, I do indeed understand your “getting back up” idea and respect it (palms together, lightly bowing).
                    If they do decide to reeboot batman, I want to see a more updated realistic take on other Batman vilains, and not those flamboyant takes Shoemacher did.
                    But this is IronMan’s post!……. Peace out!

            • “I know some people will jump all over me with immature insults just because I didn’t enjoy their “FAVE MOVIE EVA!!””

              Ironically that was a really immature thing to say.

              • @Chris Fawkes

                How so?

            • @Dazz:
              Or maybe they are just tired of your constant bashing of a good movie. Why is it good? Because its a movie and movies are subjective. Most people like it, it made tons of money. Therefore it’s a good movie. You are allowed your opinion. But stop acting all uppity when others offer their opinion in return. Ive lost count of the threads you have been in where you have bashed and hated on The Avengers. You are not always right, your opinion is not fact. If you don’t want rebuttals, stay off the Internet.
              Just as a side note, personally, I feel your biggest hang up with the Avengers, was, it was written and directed by Whedon, a guy you hate, who not only had the nerve to touch a property you love, but did a damn good job while doing it. You most likely went into Avengers hating it. This of course is my opinion, and I welcome discussions from others on this topic.

              • I think you are incorrect by saying because it made a lot of money and a lot of people like it its a good film. “good” is an opinionated word, you should have said The Avengers is a successful film. Which is something even someone who didn’t like it would be wrong in disagreeing with.

              • @acathla – the whole reason that anyone makes the “avengers sucked” comment is to fish for TDKR support because they are still in denial over it being mediocre at best, (and flat out bad when you compare it to it’s predecessors). It’s sad, and it’s extremely transparent.

                Someone made the “Nolan’s Contractual Agreement Movie” comment above and they are spot on. Am I the only one that remembers Nolan saying he never wanted to do the third movie in the first place? He was quoted pre-production saying something along the lines “how many trilogies do you know where the third film is the best film? I feel like we have already done our best.”

                That you did sir, that you did. As far as I’m concerned, there are only two Batman movies… and I’m just going to act like TDKR never happened.

                Now… bring on Superman and a shared DC Universe.

                • @Dr Mindbender

                  Also wrong.

                  I don’t say Avengers sucked to “fish for TDKR support”. I say it sucked because in my opinion, it just wasn’t that good (I’d reserve “that sucked” for teen gross out comedies though because they really are scraping the barrel).

                  As I’ve probably said before, my fave comic book movie of 2012 was Dredd. I don’t even know why you have to bring in the “Marvel vs DC” thing because I said in a comment last night that my lack of enjoyment of The Avengers isn’t anything to do with that.

                  I mean, I have slightly more Marvel graphic novels and comic books than DC ones and love both companies equally so where you got that “fishing” thing from, I have no idea.

                  I mean, if I was fishing for anything or wanting to troll, I’d probably say that GI Joe sucked just to get you to comment but I won’t because I’m not like that. Look to Cave-ish Man for the immature trolling, not me.

                  (By the way, I liked the first GI Joe movie and had the animated movie on VHS as a kid but genuinely didn’t like the comic books or action figures. I preferred M.A.S.K. and only had the GI Joe animated movie because my mother used to buy me a VHS tape every month and assumed I might like that one, which I didn’t much.)

                  • You can say GI Joe sucked all you want and I’ll be right there to support you.

                    To me, you come off as a contrarian hipster. Your comments on how the Hulk could be taken out of the Avengers and you wouldn’t notice is testament to that.

                    There is a HUGE difference between having a different opinion and then offering a valid explanation to why you feel that way, and having a different opinion just for the sake of having a different opinion.

                    Never once have I “attacked” you for having a different opinion… I’m well aware that there are different opinions and everyone is entitled to their own…. but your arguments for WHY you have a different opinion are weak or don’t exist at all… which is why you come off as a contrarian hipster.

                    • If he has a different opinion, whether it be slightly different in reasons than yours or not, it shouldn’t matter.

                      As I have said, it is not saying much on either side because I don’t think either film was NEAR it’s full potential, but I did find more entertainment in TDKR than The Avengers. And I have stated SEVERAL reasons as to why I, ME MYSELF AND I, think The Avengers is not as good. Its not by a landslide, but there are several reasons

              • @acathla

                Wrong on all counts.

                I’m never uppity about anything, I’m just tired of people bashing those who didn’t like something and act like they should be shot for disliking it.

                Movies that make lots of money mean they’re good movies? Not really. Meet The Spartans made a ton of money and that movie sucked. Look up other examples, it’s not that hard.

                Honestly, before the movie came out, I never paid much attention to The Avengers as a comic book. My first exposure to them was through a monthly comic book thing in the UK that has 60 books featuring stories like Avengers Disassembled and The Dark Phoenix Saga.

                I went into the movie hoping to be blown away because I’d enjoyed the other Phase One movies so again, you’re wrong on me walking into it wanting to hate it. I didn’t even know Whedon was writing it until after the movie had ended and I saw his name in the credits and thought “Ahh, that explains it then”.

                In fact, there isn’t a single movie that I’ve seen throughout my lifetime so far that I’ve went into determined to hate it. I go in all wide eyed and full of enthusiasm and if a movie works for me, great, if it doesn’t then it just doesn’t.

                Just sickens me when sheep bleat on when something they like is commented on negatively and posting things like we’ve seen in this comment section so far, including your own assumptions, none of which are true in the slightest.

                As much as I don’t like Whedon’s work, I’m excited about Avengers 2 and hopeful that it’s a whole lot better than the first one.

            • the hulk had no impact????

    • Maybe someone at the concession stand at the theater spit in your popcorn???

  15. seriously is there even a point of saying that? it may not be a spoiler a but pointing them in the right direction is just as bad. Just say nothing

    • the only thing that i know is that… i effin’ hate Trevor!!

      • i hate trevor! the stage actor! played by sir ben..

        man da rin is only a character created by kill ian.. it was him all along demmit…

        while wat ching the man sion scene, i still hoped that man da rin is just acting…still believing he’s still the major anta gonist of the film.. argh!!!! *fanboy rage mode*

        • are you serious dude?! HE SAID NO SPOILERS!!

          • Can screenrant ban Spoilerman like right now?!?!?!?!?! Just like they had to ban troll a few days ago???? Cuz clearly it states at the top of the comment section “PLEASE DO NOT POST ‘IRON MAN 3′ OR ‘STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS’ SPOILERS!”

          • What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you have anything better to do?

          • go home, your father is waiting for his nightly fellating

        • Is your life that sad and pathetic, that you have to resort to such juvenile acts to justify your existence? Such an immature cretin. I hope Screenrant bans you and everyone like you.

          Apologies ScreenRant for attacking a fellow member. Not my style but he just ruined one of four of my most anticipated movies of the year. Not to mention going against your request.

  16. dont worry people, its amazing and it makes up completely for IM2… its fantastic and i cant decide between this and IM1.

    • also, i just literally got back from watching it XD.

  17. It’s a very enjoyable Superhero movie and certainly better than Iron Man 2 but not as good as the first one! Those who know the Extremis storyline from the comics are probably going to be disappointed! I also feel like it’s more of a Tony Stark movie than an Iron Man movie!

    • Thats what made the first one so good, the character development from cocky businessmen to a more *humble* person that then has an iron suit was amazing.

    • @Marvin

      I loved the Extremis comic book and wasn’t disappointed at all with the version we got in this movie.

      And yeah, it is more of a Stark movie but that’s why it was so good. The best superhero stories deal more with the actual people than the superheroic persona (examples….Dark Knight Trilogy, IM1 and 3, The Amazing Spider-Man and a whole host of others, not just in movies but comic books).

      The Incredible Hulk worked so brilliantly because Ed Norton played the perfect Banner, full of worry, paranoia, showing the human reaction to the inhuman situation he was in.

      I guess that’s why I also prefer Norton’s Banner because he played it how I expect Banner to be while Ruffalo’s was too cocky and almost arrogant in the way he spoke and conducted himself in comparison.

      • Lemme get this straight, Norton is humble… and Ruffalo is cocky?

        You just like saying the opposite of what you read don’t you… just to get a response…

        …damn it, it worked again!!

        • @Dr Mindbender

          Nope. I call it how I see it. Ruffalo’s Banner seemed way too cocky and smarmy for a guy supposedly in hiding and paranoid about changing again considering the character had spent an entire movie scared of it and trying to do everything possible to maintain a semblance of “normal”.

          I honestly think you’re the one trolling me because it seems every time I make a genuine opinion, there you are to bait me into responding again.

          I’m done with you now troll.

          • Your so called “genuine opinions” are nothing more than reversing popular opinion.

            The consensus on the Avengers is that the Hulk made that movie, yet here you are asserting that you can take the Hulk out of the Avengers and you wouldn’t notice.

            Same with Norton and Ruffalo. The consensus on Norton is that he has a cocky demeanor,(it’s that snarky sneer he has, it turns up in all his roles) while Ruffalo appears more humble. That was stated in review after review after review when comparing the two Banners.

            Yet, here you go again, just reversing the popular opinion and calling it your genuine opinion.

            Just so you know, there are plenty of us out there who see right through your comments… so you can continue to assert your “opinion” and by doing so have less and less readers take anything that you say seriously.

  18. Hope its not Skyfall-good…you cant trust Rotten Tomatoes too much.

    • :l

    • @Hola

      What do you mean by “Skyfall good”?

      A great movie that was criminally overlooked come awards season (well, at least as far as the US awards shows)? A movie with a protagonist having a personal vendetta after an incident involving people he cares about and risking it all to stop a charismatic and well acted antagonist?

      Is that what you meant?

      • +1

        While “Skyfall” is no masterpiece among other films, it is certainly a highly respected film in the Bond legacy.

        The ultimate crime of Daniel Craig’s run so far is the fact that “Casino Royale” didn’t earn any awareness from major award shows. That is arguably one of the most faithful adaptions of an Ian Fleming 007 story AND a fantastic usage of a balanced modernization

        • Skyfall is indeed a great bond film I wouldn’t say its a masterpiece I for one prefer Casino Royale which in my opinion is a more cohesive, exciting story.

          • Didn’t I just say that? lol :)

      • Maybe he is just expressing his opinion and doesn’t need people jumping all over him for not loving their ” FAV MOVIE EVA!”?

  19. im a mandarin fans, and i hate it!

  20. I get the feeling based on those reviews (and from what I’ve read about the plot) that I’m going to be disappointed in how they have portrayed The Mandarin. Good or not, if he is nothing more than a high tech villain, I will not be a happy camper. The Mandarin should be wielding the 10 rings of power as JUST that.

    We will see.

  21. YAWN…Superman will blow it away, I hope this is the end of Ironman now.

    • …and the one trick, DC pandering, pony rides again. HEEYA!

  22. I was mildly disappointed with IM3!

    Didnt know where the post credit scene was going.

    I suppose the story was the only way to end the Iron Man series but i think they could have done better.

    Ben Kingsley is awesome as The Mandarin!


  23. Music on trailers sounds great, action looks good, the “big twist” really angers me, but overall sounds like the biggest winner among a number of films on my list to watch this year. I certainly will buy the DVD, sight unseen (I avoid this and other movies in the theaters, with a lot of gritting of my teeth and trying to resist the temptation to go) just because I know it will be great and I will definitely be purchasing it. I hope waiting and saving my theater money until the DVD comes out is worth wetting my pants in expectation, tho!

  24. He needed to be full of zapping rings!

  25. It was better than the Avengers which I loved.

    I think the balance of story, humor and Starks personal journey were perfect. The twist was pure gold.

    • Twist being golden is very debatable. For me it ruined a lot from otherwise excellent movie. For me it made all hype fall to its face and then got kicked to nuts couple times.

  26. I swear people are hating on IM3 for the sake of hating. I went to go see it it will my form (which is like a sort of class) and everybody loved loved it. It was absolutely spectacular. Everything about it was amazing. The story, the dialogue and the characters. The armours look sweet, the action is beautiful to watch and the dynamic and relationships between the characters is perfect. Although the twist might annoy some people, and I’ll tell you all something now. I know ill get alot of sh*t for this but If your not a comic book purist and your open to interpretation Mandarin a a villian is up here with Heath Ledger’s Joker. I won’t reveal to much but I will tell you he was one scary mofo. IM3 is the best of the lot and is on par with The Avengers, an excellent start for phase 3 and I can’t wait for Thor: The Dark World.

  27. I Saw It … It´s Too Bad, Even Worse Than Iron Man 2

  28. Just watched it and all I could think about what: So this is what Nolan tried to do with TDKR…Anyways, it’s a bit slow at the beginning, then it build up the momentum just to drop the ball and then save the movie in the last 30 min. Tony felt too cartoonish at some points, but still it was the Tony we all love…A must see though, for the whole Phase 2 purpose.

    • I don’t see it, when did Nolan ever want to use comedic one-liners and a buddy cop esc background in TDKR. There is no comparison both movies are extremely different they just rely on a thematic element in the story that they weren’t even the first to use.

  29. I went to go see it it will my form (which is like a sort of class) and everybody loved it. It was absolutely spectacular. Everything about it was amazing. The story, the dialogue and the characters. The suits look sweet, the action is beautiful to watch and the dynamic and relationships between the characters is perfect. Although the twist might annoy some people, we all personaly thought it was clever and surprising and I’ll tell you all something now. I know ill get alot of hate for this but If your not a comic book purist and your open to interpretation (eg Bane, The Joker) Mandarin as a villian is up here with Heath Ledger’s Joker. I won’t reveal to much but I will tell you he was one scary mofo. IM3 is the best of the lot and is on par with The Avengers, an excellent start for phase 3 and I can’t wait for Thor: The Dark World. Don’t let people’s negative opinions stop you from watching this awesome movie.