Marvel Considering Shane Black to Direct ‘Iron Man 3′ [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 24th, 2013 at 9:45 am,

iron man 3 director writer Marvel Considering Shane Black to Direct Iron Man 3 [Updated]

[Update: Shane Black has officially been offered the Iron Man 3 director’s chair. Check out our update.]

Jon Favreau surprised the fans and media when he announced that he would not be directing Iron Man 3. Instead, Favreau explained that he would be focusing his time on Disney’s Magic Kingdom film adaptation, but staying with Marvel in a producer role for The Avengers.

Who could step in to handle the trilogy-closing installment of the big budget Iron Man film franchise and take charge of a powerful cast including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson and undoubtedly, many more stars? According to the latest reports, it could be writer/actor/director Shane Black, who we didn’t initially include in our proposed list of potential Iron Man 3 directors.

While some already show concern for the film due to Favreau’s departure, which some speculate has to do with Marvel’s forceful hand about characters and story of Iron Man 3, the major saving grace of Shane Black directing – should he be chosen – is that he’s worked with star Robert Downey Jr. before. Black wrote and directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the amazing, yet underrated action-comedy which helped re-launch the career of Downey Jr.

The report explains that Black is but one of the candidates Marvel Studios is looking at, but if he climbs on board he would likely help pen the script as well as taking the director’s chair. Black is most well-known for his work on all four films of the Lethal Weapon franchise but his only directorial gig to date was with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Black’s work consists of action-comedy-thrillers which meshes well with the lighter tone of the Iron Man franchise and his previous experience working with Robert Downey Jr. should help him be a legitimate top contender for the job.  The studio took a chance with Favreau when they chose him to handle the first Iron Man and I’m for the idea of giving that same chance to Shane Black.

Who else do you think Marvel is considering for the job?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4, 2012 and Iron Man 3 is currently scheduled for release May 3rd, 2013.

Source: THR

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  1. I’m perfectly fine with another director. IMO, IM2 was trash, and this film needs a new direction.

    • Why make another movie and take time away from the Avengers movie??? The new direction is bringing the 4 or more together for the sole purpose of making all these movies. The only reason 2 was made I think was to fill the time between making Thor and Cap.

      • It’s not taking anything away from The Avengers. It’ll be released a year AFTER The Avengers. IM2 was just made to give the film a 2 hour commercial, and insert small amounts of Iron Man 2. At least that’s how I saw it.

  2. Does this mean Jon Favreau will not be in Ironman 3 as Happy?

    • Good question. Although it’s a much lower time commitment to have a supporting role in a film than it is to direct it, so I’d say it’s a possibility.


      • I bet he’d come back. Like you said, it wouldn’t take much time. They can reduce the scenes to just a few days worth of shooting.

      • im not sure in two of the interviews I read he states his problem wasn’t so much with Marvel and Disney as it was with Robert Downy Jr. The Better Question is he contracted to appear in any other movies

    • That Happy character is what helped ruin Iron Man 2 for me.

      • Tony, are you kidding? Hogan was always a big part in the IM history. He even used to be Iron Man for a while. How exactly did he ruin IM2 for you? He had only two or three scenes.

        • I would suspect watching the man make an ass of himself during every scene he was in was part of it…

          I liked the movie, but the that one scene where Black Widow takes down a truckload of guards while he was fighting 1, was very, very boring. A one note joke that was dragged out waaayyy to long

          • Loved Black Widow in this movie — and I mean this one scene in particular. Given the choice between a Nick Fury AoS, War Machine, or Black Widow spin-off, based on this movie, I’d vote for the Black Widow (and I hope they’d let Scarlett keep the part)!

  3. Never seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but I’ve heard good things. I am sure they can get someone in there that can make it work. Maybe it’s this guy.

    • @ Evan: It’s really good. The chemistry between all the characters is great… especial Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer.

  4. Well I am looking forward to the Mandarin to wrap up this trilogy.

    • Agent 0,

      Yeah, that was the original plan… I don’t remember, but I don’t recall seeing any hint of a Mandarin influence in the second film, was there? Disappointing.


      • Isn’t the ten rings a foreshadowing of The Mandarin, or is that just a “tribute” to the fans?

      • Yeah, I think there was supposed to hints in Iron Man 2, but they got cut out. Like, the novelization has Vanko get the fakes passes and such to get at Tony at the race track from a guy who is revealed to be an agent of the Ten Rings. Not sure if that was just stuff made for the novelization, but it would have been a nice touch to put it in at least.

        • Who wrote the novel? If it was Peter David, it was just a gimmick for the fans. He included Henry Pym in the Spider-Man 2 novelization.

          • It was by a guy named Alexander Irvine. I could have sworn I saw some comment about the guy who handed Vanko the stuff in the movie and how he was called The Mongolian in the credits as some sort of reference.

            • I think I remember Favreau saying something about this in the audio commentary on the DVD. But I´m not sure right now…

        • In the dvd commentary Jon talked about it being cut out of the movie.

  5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a great underrated movie so I’m excited Shane Black is taking the helm this time.

    So is he fighting Mandarin this time? I’d rather they go with Fin Fang Foom and make the movie uber campy.

    • @ fencerbender

      uber campy?…… um, well if the books were like that, then I say let’s go for it, but since they’re not and never have been, let’s hope it never goes that way.

      Instead of a dramatic, action packed weapon of mass destruction super hero, I guess we have the stigma attached coming from “Iron Man 2″ that he’s a funny wise cracking man in a tin suit.

      I don’t mind Shane Black as long as he doesn’t over do it in the jokes department.

      As far as villains go, I would rather see Iron Man’s greatest foe The Mandarin. :-)

      • My bet is that, after the Avengers movie, IM 3 will be a lot more serious than IM 2.

        • Well, it’s hard to imagine the film could be any lamer than IM2.

          • I’d be interested to read the original script for IM2 before the studio got their grubby little hands on it. I imagine it was quite different. A more contained story.
            Because there are elements in the movie that work, Rourke’s character and Rockwell’s. There was a good film there once, but The Avengers takes priorety.

            • Rourke’s character was WEAK. He was your cliched revenge crazed character, but we see very little of his hatred for Stark. He only fights Tony in two brief scenes,and gets his but whoped. He comes off more as a push-over than a threat.

      • I personally would nt like the Mandarin in it, Id rather see them go with a version of Armor Wars, bring in the Ghost and Have Stark go renegade about his tech being used as weapons, I think that is a better fit after 2. The Tech is out there and Tony has to reclaim his tech that is being stolen out from under him , while in the process fighting to keep his company from being Taken over by Hammer industries or Stane (no one is truely dead in comics) and they could use Ezekiel Stane his son , who later makes his own version of the Iron Monger.

        • Armor Wars? Really? I think we´ve seen enough of Iron Man kicking the crap out of guys in armors, drones and whatnot…

          • I’m with you on this one Scapegoat, I’m sick to death of seeing IM beat up and shoot things that look sorta like him.

        • @”The Tech is out there and Tony has to reclaim his tech that is being stolen out from under him”

          Umm, that sounds almost exactly like the firs movie. I want the Mandarin so we can get something new to the series. The first two just featured Iron Man fighting a bigger version of his armor. The Mandarin could bring in some mystical elements.

          • But modern comic book movies tend to stay away from any of the mystical/supernatural/fantastical stuff don’t they? I would like to see some more of it myself.

            • Well, I’ve never an Iron Man comic in my life, so I don’t know. But I’ve seen the cartoon lol.

              • The problem with Iron Man is that he doesnt have a very good rouges gallery, certainly not many that could do well on the big scree. Maybe they should borrow a villain from another Marvel franchise…

                • Marvel should get the cinematic rights back for Dr. Doom.

                  I was always a fan of Doom vs. Stark battles.

                  • Great. Iron Man battles another dude in an armor.

                • lol you guys kill me, really Iron man has a pretty extensive Rouges Gallery, but most of them are armored.
                  Absynthe Beetle Black Knight II
                  Blacklash Blizzard I Blizzard II
                  Chemistro III Circuit Breaker Controller
                  Count Nefaria Crimson Dynamo I Crimson Dynamo II
                  Crimson Dynamo III Crimson Dynamo V Crimson Dynamo VI
                  Crusher II Doctor Demonicus Doctor Strange II
                  Ezekiel Stane Fin Fang Foom Firebrand I
                  Firebrand III Firepower Force
                  Gargantus Ghost Iron Monger I
                  Justin Hammer Kala Living Laser
                  Lucifer Machinesmith Mad Pharaoh
                  Madame Masque Mandarin Melter
                  Midas I Obadiah Stane Phantom
                  Punisher Radioactive Man Raiders
                  Spymaster Sunset Bain Thundersword
                  Tiberius Stone Titanium Man I Titanium Man II
                  Ultimo Ultron Unicorn
                  Vibro Whiplash Whiplash IV

                  • Wow Loco Lobo 73, that’s a great list. :-)

                  • Extensive maybe, but also rubbish. I’d say half of that list are people in armoured suits, while another 40% are too ridiculous or just not cool enough.

                    • DSB I’m a massive Iron Man fan he’s in my top 3 at time he’s number two depending on how the comics is writing wise at that point. I’ve been reading for a long time.

                      That said your correct about IM’s rogues. He has tons of bad guys more than most. Sadly most of his rogues are fairly uninteresting. I think it’s kind of the point though. Alot of comics like to show off how fantastic the bad guys are but IM has always been about Iron Man and how fantastic of a character he truly is. He really only has about 3 note worthy respectable rogues. I cringe every time someone says Fing Fang Foom lol. Not only the name, but the character or lack there of all together. It would be so campy to see it appear in a film. It works in the comics, but not every thing in comics translates well to film.

                      The only Rogues that have not been used already that are worth using are Mandarin and and Ultron. Now on the surface Ultron may seem like more of the same, but beyond the surface it’s a fantastic character.

                      One thing I had thought should happen in Avenger and IM3 is that since Avengers comes out first Tony Stark and Shield could team up to create a weapon (Ultron) to help them defeat the big threat of the film. Then for IM3 Tony has to stop the self aware weapon he created that is hell bent on the destruction of the world or possibly him.

                      One thing I’ve been angry about the past two films is that Iron Man hasn’t been even semi heroic. Yes he’s a bit selfish and egotistical. However, he’s a bit of an attention whore and still heroic though that’s part of the reason why. Whats bugged me about the films is he’s not saving the city at all he’s just saving hims self. The Rogues are just going after Tony not the city and he’s just defending him self not being a hero not saving the city. Every one has this personal connection and simply wants to destroy Tony. The third film needs to be about a bad guy doing bad things and Iron Man needs to try to stop him to save others not just him self.

                    • I wouldn’t mind seeing IM fight Ghost.. though that might be too similar to The Vision.. super easy to do on film though!

            • the problem with that is Ironman doesnt take on Mystism that much in fact very rarely with the exception of the Mandrin and a couple of others, thats not Tony’s thing he takes on the techno guys and leaves the mystism for guys like DR Strange. Oh and by the way the Mandrin isnt Mystism , his rings are made from Alien Tech , read a freaking comic book guys

            • Not really DSB. :-)

              Even though I have stopped buying Iron Man, I’ve got around 300 issues and I noticed some recent issues at the comic book store I frequent with Dr Strange as part of the story arc.

          • um no Stane was selling weapons , Armor Wars is about his suits tech being stolen and used and it is one of the most popular Iron man story arcs, like Man in the bottle. all of which run parrell to what has already been laid out from the first two movies. Armor Wars also Makes Iron man an out law and he is hunted by Shield and the Avengers and it actually one of the big fights that takes place between Captain America and Ironman. This is classic comic book stuff here guys. My last statement would be this what would anyone else want to fight with Tony about exactly , Supervillians Like Starks want his tech hence the reason most of his Rouges are Tech villians.
            Notice super powered heros take on super powered bad guys,
            Guys like Batman take on the non powered badguys for most part
            ghost rider/ Dr strange the mystic.

            • Once again, that sounds ALMOST (as in not exactly, but fairly close) to the plot of the first film. Actually, if you think about it, Stane was SORT OF (once again not exactly, but fairly close) stealing from Tony.

  6. Well he es not a bad writer/director, but is not my best pic either, if marvel pick him fot IM3 I just hope the comedy no to be so excesive since it was to me the main reason that IM2 didnt succeed as much as IM1, personally they shold get Hawk Ostby and mark fergus back to make the script, and my favorate director to replace Jon is Joe Carnahan (A-Team, Smokin Aces)

  7. They can get peewee herman to direct it for all I care, just as long as its a quality movie. That, of course means it has to be better than IM2, which was just “filler”. IM2 was just IM without the origin, and a little more cheesy comedy. It was good, but it wasn’t great like IM. It slipped a little. Looking forward to it.

  8. Ok I’m not that well informed on the Ironman rogues gallery, but wasn’t the Mandarin the the bald headed terrorist leader in the first film?

    • Apparently not. He’s not the big leader of the whole thing or at least that was the intention.

    • I was under the impression he was too.

  9. Funny thing is I am more excited about Shane added as a writer than a director. Honestly and I know I will get bashed for this but big budget action movies relying on cgi just about direct themselves with few exceptions (insert nolan fan boys). On the other hand big budget action films with awesome effects and SOLID ENTERTAINING dialogue and story are rare. After Kiss Kiss bang bang Shane has an advantage over most directors even the opening credits of that film were cool. That being said I hope this doesn’t detract him from his rumored work on Doc Savage Man of Bronze. I am really chomping at the bit for that one.

  10. Nice! I just bought “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” this weekend on Blu Ray(and got yelled at by the wife because we already had it on DVD, whatever). That movie cemented RDJ as one of my favorite actors and I look forward to the two working together again. IM3 should be a lot better because it won’t have to worry about tying the Marvel Movie universe together like IM2 had to(and probably why Mr. Favreau called it quites).

  11. Iron Man I – Great movie. Blew my socks off
    Iron Man II – Mediocre. I want my money back

    Bring on a new Director and Screenwriter for Iron Man III

  12. Brilliant choice!

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my all time favourite films, it’s genius.

  13. I dont have a problem with Black taking over but IM 2 wasnt really Favreaus fault.
    The studio turned it into a prequel for The Avengers .

  14. Can we hope for a scene where Nick Fury recruits Gay Perry? :) Excellent movie – RDJ, Val Kilmer & Michelle Monaghan all gave some of their best performances.

    • It was easily Kilmer’s best performance! I love that movie, gonna watch it tonight!

      • I’d rank it in his top three performances, I think. It’s evidence he needs to do more of that type comedy. Enjoy it! I’ll definitely be watching it again soon.

        • He definitely should do more comedy, he seems to have a knack for it, he’s too old for action roles these days. I actually liked him as Batman.

  15. Shane Black isn’t proven. But then again Disney seems to pick directors that are unproven and inexpensive so they don’t have to share the profits which I’m ok with since none of the other hundreds of artists working on the film participate in profit sharing.

  16. Did anyone else read that Loki will feature in The Avengers? Apparently this has now been confirmed.

  17. While he is a better fit and IMO the best fit for Deadpool it’s a great choice and I’m excited to see his take if he is official.

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang is an amazing film IMO one of the best period it also feature RDJ and has a similar style of humore to the first IM only a little more intelligent. IMO he is far more skilled than Fav.

  18. This is great news! Like others have said, you can’t really blame Favreau for studio interference in “Iron Man 2″ but fresh blood won’t hurt. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is just phenomenal… I don’t know a single person who didn’t like it. This is one studio call I’m not going to have a problem with.

  19. Iron Man 3

    In a bid to take over the economic world, Chinese magnate and infamous criminal, The Mandarin steals the STARK technology and build the monstrous Dragon armored robot, Fin Fang Foom! Iron Man must call in all his allies to defeat the beast from the east and the rings of power!

    Hey it’s a possible blurb. Can anyone add to this fantastic but probable synopsis?

  20. I’m kinda bummed by this news. If shane black ends up directing IM3 then that means the Deathnote movie loses its (possibly) only chance of having a writer/director with a brain that might have actually done that material justice. IM3 will make 300 mil domestic box office regardless of who directs it. I know this is selfish of me but i m hoping shane doesn’t get it so he can go back to Deathnote.

    Or at least have him do a complete re-write of the Deathnote script first.

    • SHANE BLACK IS A GENIUS!!!! THe man has one bad movie under his belt. (Last Action Hero) He is the brilliant mind behind all the Lethal Weapons, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and the brilliant Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Downey JR and him have a great working past and if he gets the chance to make IM3 it will be the best one. Doubt me check out his movies and you will agree.

      • I found Last Action Hero pretty good for what it was. A comedy poking fun at action heroes on the silver screen.

        So much love for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, looks like I’m gonna have to find myself a copy.

  21. This could be really good! Shane has proven he knows how to drive the Downey Machine.. I’d love to see what he can do to this story! This also suggests there is more to work with on the Iron Man plot. I have truly loved the last two Iron Man motion-pictures but even at the suggestion of the first sequel I was wondering ‘what else can they do?’ I am not an Iron Man fanboy. Spidey had a gazillion fantastic enemies.. Iron Man’s enemies are all new to me.

  22. Downward spiral?

  23. What Marvel does here is critical – they HAVE to break their third-movie curse




    Screwed the pooch on all of them and they need to break that record.

  24. Is this Kiss Kiss Bang Bang movie really that great? I’m only asking because I’ve never seen it before and am getting rather curious from everyone talking about it.

    • If you enjoy movies that deal with more serious drama and have some reality based, funny situations…yes. I think it’s somewhere between Payback and Get Shorty with much better acting and believable scenarios.

  25. This is great news! I was hoping that Shane Black would write the screenplay for the “Heroes for Hire” movie. The problems with Iron Man 2 were not having a solid script, too much quirky dialogue, not enough emphasis on the movie itself and an ani-clamatic end. If there’s anything that IM3 would need would be an incredible script, some phenomenal action, DEMON IN A BOTTLE, and An EPIC ENDING. Shane Black is the man to bring all of this so I’m stoked!

  26. I would step in and direct it !!

  27. I wish Favreau would have finished up the trilogy, but Shane Black is an interesting choice. Could be cool.

  28. After all these glowing reviews for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I have put it on my Amazon rental list and will watch it this weekend. This had better be as good as you all say, or I will release Kahless on yer butts! :-D